Pest Control Part One

Pest Control Part One

The Meet

Hitomi makes the call- two calls in fact, pretty much simultaniously. Youc an do that kind of thing when you're jacked in on pure DNI. She calls both jester and Janie, asking them to meet her in her private host on the matrix. Here, she waits. It's got a rather plain, but still custom, sculpted finish, designed to look like a house. The front room is ultra modern and almost entirely white, Hitomi is a stark contrast, Her Icon clad in black, as she waits for the others to arrive. Cerberus is curled up in front of a fire.

Shortly afterward, her security daemons notify Hitomi of an access request by Eastwood 3:16.

The host's security opens up to let Eastwood in.

Jester turtles his way in eventually, graffitied and mercilously hacked just on his way here by chance meetings with slobbering thirteen year olds surfing hot on thier Sony's. At the moment, he appears in the matrix as a Humbolt Squid with a pair of crutches and various logos and statements of complete ownership slathered across him. One of the creatures oversized looming eyes has been replaced by a 22 inch Saab Dynamit rim with a spinning cover, and behind him drags a string of simple virii and malware easily nulled by Hito's host defenses. "Sorry I'm late." he burbles. "I got…caught up."

Eastwood's iconography is clearly off the shelf, but a quality one - correct cloth physics and decent resolution. Nowhere near up to Hitomi's standards, but decent for a chat room. "Evening," he intones in his cowboy drawl. "I got your message; what's up?"

Hitomi nods her head at Jester then, and she gestures casually, resetting his Icon back to it's default, before all the graffiti. It's an easy thing to do when you're a superuser in your native host. "Alright, well, the reason i called you here." She comments, snapping, and causing a couple of screens to appear in midair- headliens about the 'Aurora Mauler' is this. I've done a little research into this subject, and I think it's something we should investigate. She explains to the two of them then, and she gestures the screens tot he side, bringing up some more, full of various tidbits of information she ahs found, "I think that he's actually more than one people… or maybe not people at all. Linked to a cult that's been springing up over the last few weeks. They're based in an abandoned church out in the warrens. it burned down a while back, but the basements survived. That's where I think they are." She comments to the other two then. "I won't lie to you, whoever has been doing this is fast, possibly cybered or magical. Which is why I think it's important we look into this."

The newly regenerated squid glances to Eastwood with its large round eye. It blinks a few time, making a barely audible squeegie noise. As if to gauge his reaction.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Etiquette for "I teach in the Aurora Academy. Do I remember hearing about this?":
     1 1 2 3 10
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Jester (#10296) rolls Etiquette for "I live on the streets, I hear stuff sometimes.":
     3 3 3 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Jester (#10296) rolls Street Rumors for "I live on the streets, I hear stuff sometimes.":
     4 4 5 9
You paged Janie with 'It's a very recent thing- several murders in the aurora warrens in the past few weeks. People being decapitated in semi-public 
areas but no witnesses.'.
You paged Janie with 'The cult is regarded by most as just another bunch of crazies, many different gangs have lsot a few members to it.'.
You paged Jester with 'A few chummers you know have been whispering about the murders, and about the cult, but accounts differ wildly. Some say 
that it's a dragon in metahuman form, and others say that it's ghouls.'.

Eastwood nods. "I heard talk about it in the Academy. Ambush decapitations. No witnesses despite semi-public areas."

Jester burbles as if through water, but its subtle and doesnt impeed the audio feed "Word on the street is its ghouls, but your prolly right. Ghouls don't waste food. These guys still had most a there flesh right?"

Eastwood then turns to study the headlines, each headline expanding into the full article once his attention falls on it.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Intelligence for "Any kind of pattern here? Certain correlation of types of victim, estimated times of death, 
day of week or or so etc...":
     2 3 4 4 5 9
You paged Janie with 'All the victims so far have been male, and died during the day. And all within a three mile radius of the church.'.

Hitomi nods her head, "Some of them had deep scores in their arms and backs, but hose that have been found were generally mussing their ehads- and rather mesily so. Doesn't look to be the work of a blade."

"All of 'em died near the church," Eastwood points out. "And so far, all of them were male… Wonder what's prompting the choice in targets…"

Jester wonders "We spend too much time on this turf its gonna be obvious, everyone around there probably knows to stay away from that Church by now right? We better be sneaky or they might get spooked."

"Several of the kills were gang members, and this is the Warrens we're talking about. If they decide we're involved in it somehow, we'll have a lynch mob on our hands."
Eastwood said that.

Hitomi shrugs, "I don't have any more data than I've presented here. Due to it's location in the warrens, it has a very low priority in media coverage and in law enforcement records." She explains to them, "What we have here is about the extent of what is available digitally. That's where you two come in. I'd like you to investigate the church, and possibly neutralize this threat."

Eastwood nods. "Can do."

Jester blinks squeekily "Yah sure, me too." he replies.

Eastwood looks over at the turtle. "Do you know how to get to the Aurora Academy?" he asks.

Hitomi nods her head, and she says, "Hopefully, this will just turn out to be a gorup of nutcase gangers. but due to the nature of the killings, I thought it would be best if we investigated it. I don't really know the extent of Jester's abilities, but right now, most of the team is out of comission, and I'm out of my league on this one. Janie is a powerful adept, though, so stick together and you'll be fine. I'll remain on retainer to collect any information you might gather, and to run searches for you. Otherwise, this is your show."

Jester nods to Eastwood "I can meet ya there….if I had any idea who you where."

"Off the grid most people know me as Janie," Eastwood replies.

Jester seems to understand "I met you at the Diner in the Draco Lobby."

Eastwood nods again, the icon not up to displaying obvious amusement. "Just a reminder that things in here are rarely what they seem…"

Jester replies in kind "Yah, when you meet me on the meat side, dont ask to see my beak..either."

Since she'll be going into the Warrens, Janie packs not only her own armor and guns, but a spare pair for Athena to use in a pinch. Before leaving the apartment, she also activates and empowers the sustaining focus in her ring.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Sorcery + 2 (Totem dice) + 4 (Athena) vs TN 6 for "Enhance Aim spell into power focus, F4. Need 4 successes.":
     1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 10 10 16    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Sorcery + 2 (Totem dice) + 4 (Athena) - 3 vs TN 6 for "Enhance Aim spell into power focus, F4. Need 4 successes.":
     1 1 1 3 3 4 4 4 4 9 17    = 2 Successes
<<Plot>> Janie says, "KP spent: 1/36."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Soaking M drain.":
     2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5    = 8 Successes
<<Plot>> Janie says, "No drain; focus live. -2 on all ranged combat tests where the target is within 32 meters."
<<Plot>> Janie says, "Ammo loadout: gel in clips, 2 spare clips with APDS in trenchcoat pockets."
<<Plot>> Jester says, " 4 clips of ammo, 2 gel, 2 normal, Ruth suit in voucher 11017, and armor in 9925 (secure jacked lined coat, forearm guards)"

With her preparations complete, Janie mounts her bike and drives to the Aurora to await Jester's arrival.

Click. With that Jester leaves the temporary safety of the host and logs off the terminal he was using. Grabbing a few things from his hovel and leaps onto the back of his Rapier on the 38th floor of the abandoned PLaza A building and rides down the bumpy stairs to the skyway, which connects to Plaza B. The only working elevator is here, and he takes it to the second floor and rides the makeshift ramp to the street level across the rubble piles that surround this delapidated building. In a puff of black smoke he rides toward Aurora on his aging rapier, whinning alone the quiet city streets.

By the time he arrives, a certain young redhead in a faded duster and slouch hat is leaning on her bike by the doors. "Glad ye could make it; any trouble gettin' here?"

Jester hops off his bike, kicking down the rusty stand and cutting the ignition. The bike sputters and coughs a few times before finally silencing. "I think I been here before. You teach here? Whataya teach?"

"Escrima," Janie replies.

Jester quirks his brow interrogatively.
Jester asks finally "What's Escrima?"

"It's from th'Philipines," Janie explains. "Both unarmed an'armed styles, primarily focusin' on paired short clubs."

Jester ohs quietly. "Is that how you make cred? Or just a hobby? I'm sorry, I just dont know much about you." he admits.

"Volunteer work, actually," Janie replies. "My most recent legal payin' job was doin' security f'r th'Magic Box."

<<Plot>> Hitomi says, "BG count is 2"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Centering vs TN 2 for "TN 8-8 from her grade.":
     1 4    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Centering - 1 vs TN 2 for " (KP 2/36)":
     3    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Conjuring + 2 (Athena) vs TN 7 for "Summoning F6 City Spirit, BGCount 1, -1 for centering against penalties.":
     1 3 3 3 5 7 9 10    = 3 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Charisma + 2 (Athena) vs TN 6 for "Soaking M drain.":
     1 1 3 3 3 4 4 16    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Charisma + 2 (Athena) - 1 (Success) vs TN 6 for "Soaking M drain. (KP 3/36)":
     1 1 1 3 3 4 4    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Charisma + 2 (Athena) - 1 (Success) vs TN 6 for "Soaking M drain. (KP 5/36)":
     2 3 3 4 4 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Charisma + 2 (Athena) - 1 (Success) vs TN 6 for "Soaking M drain. (KP 8/36)":
     2 3 3 3 4 4 8    = 1 Success

Once everyone is in position, Hitomi calls in.


Commlink-Hitomi> Hitomi says, "So, I've patched into your frequency from a gridguide tower. The matrix is patchy at best in the warrens, but I'll help where I can. You'll eb heading out to <Address here> which is the church. There's a direct road there over land, but rumor has it the basements might be connected to the sewer system if you'd rather take a l.ess direct rout."
Commlink-Hitomi> Hitomi says, "I'll try to get you a sewer map, and I'll mark on it the location of the church if you're going that rout."
Janie concentrates, calling on the genus loci to aid her and Jester in their efforts. Unfortunately, the Warrens have never been kind on the Astral senses, and a tendril of Power slips past her ability to contain it, slightly searing her nerves. She curses a few times as the spirit hovers beside her in the astral, silent and expectant.

Commlink-Mustang> "I've got the
Jester listens to his comm and nods, as if Hitomi was right there with them. "How far is it from here, you think?" but his conversation is broken to silence at the arrival of the spirit.
Commlink-Mustang> "Gangers or ghouls. Always fun to have choices," Janie mutters on the comm. "I'll take my chances with th'topside route."

Janie looks at Jester. "D'ye have any comm gear?" she asks.

Jester holds up his cellphone and shrugs? A loo of inadequacy starting to overcome him.

Janie sighs and pops open the seat of her bike, then fishes out a fairly sophisticated looking taccom unit. "Here. Hitomi's on th'second preprogrammed frequency," she instructs.

Jester flinches at the sigh, scowling when she turns her back to open the seat, eyes darting downward. As is she had just leaned down to tie his shoe.

Jester says "Thanks, I didn't know we needed these."

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "You ladies sending me into the muck, aint ya."

Commlink-Mustang> Janie shakes her head. "We're not splittin' up."

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "Oh good."

"Secure communication saves lives," Janie replies simply.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "How long will I need to nap?":
     1 2 2 2 4 5 9 10    = 4 Successes

Commlink-Mustang> Janie ponders, rubbing her forehead. "'Blue, Mustang. C'n ye get us current police reports on gang activity an'th'like around our destination?"

Commlink-Hitomi> Hitomi says, "Give me a few minutes."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Hitomi (#8620) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Digging up police reports, basic search, need 4+ successes":
     2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 11    = 10 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Hitomi (#8620) rolls Computers + Task Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Digging up satellite imagery, basic search, need 4+ successes":
     1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4    = 9 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Hitomi (#8620) rolls 1 for "Time Taken in minutes (Doing both searches simultaniously)":
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Hitomi (#8620) spends 110 nuyen for "Matrix Search".

Commlink-Mustang> Janie says, "Roger. Standin' by."

"An' now, we wait," Janie murmurs, then sits down by her bike in lotus.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Janie (#4136) rolls Willpower - 4 vs TN 3 for "Resting, KP 9/36)":
     2 4 8 10    = 3 Successes

Commlink-Hitomi> Hitomi says, "Alright, I got some police reports, and I've downlaoded a satellite image of the area, just a couple of months old. I've marked the attack locations on the image. You got a phone or pocket computer I can beam this down to?"

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "Uhhh, yes. Yes I do. 555 1212. Ok, I'm ready."

Commlink-Mustang> Janie says, "Transmit on th'secondary channel an'I'll load it from there."

Commlink-Hitomi> Hitomi sends down the info. it's only a couple of MP's worth, images aren't that big in the grand scheme of things.

Jester paginates through the tiny screen on his phone, the pictures not meaning much to him at the moment.
Janie loads it into her taccom, and from there into her PDA and shades.

All the attak locations are, as said, within the general area of the church. The church itself is a part of the warrens which was wracked with multiple fires and heavy civil disobedience during the eyar of the commet, and has never beenr ebuilt. There are no buildings taller than a story high still intact for about fifty meters in any direction of the church, which looks to have beent he epicenter of the fire.

Commlink-Mustang> Janie looks over the information as it scrolls down her shades' display. "Good work, Blue. We're on our way; we'll call again once we get to th'site."

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