Arc of the Convent

THe Meet

Calls. Everyone likes them. Calls mean people want to talk to you, and potentially pay you money to do interesting things to people you may or may not know, that they may or may not appreciate.

Johan is seated in a greasy spoon diner out near the Ute National Border (As opposed to simply the Ute sector of Denver), in the Ute Sector (Little distinctions matter). He's got a plate full of food in front of him, a glass of orange juice and an ash tray.

The Call that people received, indicated they should join him at STINKY PINKIES STOP AND SHOP GULP AND GUZZLE HUMP PALACE.

It's a truckstop with legal prostitution. Just Johan's kind of place. He's in the back booth of the restaurant, some truck stop iguana trying to convince him it would be the 'time of his life'.

Lilith stomps into the place, fitting in well with the general crowd, even for a female. She hunches herself down into her winter coat, pulling the collar up high around her face to fight against the lingering chill, and heads to the back booth.

Cash chuckles at the memo, shaking his head and mounting up in his Gaz-Willy Nomad. He parks in plain sight of the windows of the cafe, so he can see where he parked, before he heads inside, a wool cap pulled down low to cover his ears. He notes offhandedly, "I gotta steal one of their ashtrays.", lowly to himself, a collector of stolen truck stop ashtrays. As he heads for Sam's booth, he eyes the ashtrays on the table, hoping they have logos of such a noteworthy waypoint.

Annie arrives pretty much on time, in a far better mood than normal, since a truck stop means easy parking for her massive beast of a vehicle. She ignores the looks and propositions as she makes her way to the back booth and then slides in opposite Johan without waiting to be invited. "Classy place", she observes after a moment.

Lilith looks over the booth, the man, the truck stop girl. "Oi, moind if Oi 'ave a seat, guv?" Pleasant voice, little trashy, little wary.
The Iguana looks over at Annie, then back to johan, then to annie again. "Back off SLitch, he's mine."

Johan raises an eyebrow. "I like them older. Even older than you, girl." When Lilith approaches, he adds in.. "and younger. Younger than you." And when Cash approaches. "And I like them with penises. Bigger penises than yours." A heartbeats pause. "Shove off."

The Iguana has the good sense to stumble at least 3 feet away before the stream of expletives leaves her mouth. Johan seems non-plussed, reaching for his orange juice to take himself a sip.

Cash looks to Sam, raising an eyebrow, "You heartbreaker.", smirking as he waits to take a seat, letting the two ladies have preference, and not wanting to get caught on the inside of the booth, incase this is all an elaborate ambush.

Lilith smiles nicely at the girl, flipping her hair. "Sublte." She nods to Johan and slides into the booth opposite him, giving Cash a wink "Pleasure, guv. Thankee."

Annie ignores the hooker as she takes another moment to do a slow appraising sweep of the location, "Where do you find these places?", she chuckles and adds, "I mean, do you have a cadre of professionals that drive around town looking for seedy dives for you to entertain in?" The humor is evident in her voice, though she is apparently less than happy to discover the used condom that occupied the seat before she did.

Johan sets the orange juice down. He answers Annie, a slight smirk… "I spend my copious free time looking for them. Usual spookjobs stand out pretty good here." He says, taking a bite of 'english' muffin, a hard sort of tack bread that is neither english nor muffin, nor does it even contemplate the idea of spelling color with a u. "Okay. So. Old, Young, Penis-possessing. Here's the score. Bossman sent me a job through the usual channels. It pays 30k a head, plus all the free beer you can drink in a single hour. You can negotiate up to a blowjob, but its not from me, its from the lady who just left."

Lilith snickers quietly. "Weeell, let's determine wot's the job, eh?"

Cash comments, "Buh, I'll just take the Cash.", shaking his head, seemingly appalled by the notion of touching the iguanadon with a ten foot pole. He slips into a seat and rests his chin on his knuckles, "And do they have chicken fried steak here?", discreetly leaning over to the next table and palming the ashtray.

"So, thirty kay is my portion then.", Annie sums up fairly succinctly, "Decent pay for certain things. Not so good for others."

"The job's straightforward. There's a slitch on the shores of the Deschutes River, outside of Bend, in the Tir. She's a collector of artifacts and I've got reason to desire something she just added to her collection. It's currently on a transport from Seattle to Portland, then it will have to cross the country via heli to the estate it will be kept at. This woman is fairly wealthy, as cousin to Princes go."

Lilith nods slowly, getting out a cig and lighting up. "Aye? You want us to just run in and grab the good, or is there else ye want?"

Johan, cigarette in hand, comments… "Smokings a nasty habit."

Lilith blows smoke out her nose and grins. "'elp's me think, guv."

Cash asks, "Bigger than a breadbox?", pausing to light a cigarette as well, "And tell me about it. I quit until I moved back here.", rolling his eyes as he sucks in that first delicious dirty blast of air.

Annie considers the job outline, then nods slowly. "Do you specifically want the item taken from her house or is enroute an option for us?" She sighs and reaches into an inner coat pocket and pulls out a nasty looking hand-rolled stogie, something you would likely see hanging from the lips of Clint Eastwood in one of those old spaghetti westerns. She places it between her own lips and stokes it to life with the aid of a silver lighter and takes a few slow puffs before exhaling a cloud that slowly rolls across the table toward Johan.

Johan smirks as he gets the expected responses. "Bossman don't care how yall get the job done, in truth. He just wants the item of interest, which… is interesting." He says, pulling a single sheet of paper from his pocket. It's the sort of thing that looks like maybe he had his grocery list on it, kind of crinkled and worn. He puts it on the table, face down. And Breeze, you keep that up, A mans gonna think you're making a proposition."

Lilith eyes that slip of paper. She takes another drag, slowly blows it out. "Well 'en, guv, surely ye can give us a bit more details? Or is 'at al ye got?"

Cash takes a drag from his cigarette, sharply inhaling over his teeth, "Wish list job. Gotta love it. May I?", reaching for the paper curiously.

Johan gestures as if to say: Be my guest.

Annie chuckles and pulls the stogie from her lips and casually turns it over in her hands. "These nasty things drive those elves crazy.", she shrugs and returns it to her mouth as she adds, "Only thing that can make them sicker is ordering a prime rib extra bloody. Which I also happen to favor." She takes a moment to eye the paper, but waits for Cash to peruse it before looking at it herself. "You have a route into elfland, or is this a commercial airlines and customs sort of job?"

Cash takes the paper, turning it over, eyeing the information and committing it to biologicly enhanced photographic memory, the blessing that turns out to be more of a curse at times. He quickly turns it back over and returns it, face down to it/s point of origin, mulling over the details in his head.

Lilith laughs quietly to herself, listening to Annie. Listening and watching all of them, making mental notes. She grabs the slip of paper next, giving it a careful perusal.

Annie sits there quietly puffing on her stogie, waiting for the other runners to finish checking over the list before comandeering it for herself.


The paper is a simple enough thing. A drawing of a hammered steel circlet that would be worn by a lady. It does not look -ancient-, though it is certainly old. No Jewels, no fine inscriptions, no amazing work of art. It's simple enough, but solid and rugged.

"It's important that this artifact is recovered." Says Johan, crushing out his cigarette. Johan then addresses transport… "I can get you in. Fly the snake river low, land in Boise."

Lilith runs her finger in a circle over the drawing, before passing it over to Annie with a thoughtful look. "Hmm. 'oly Grail ain't much too look at oither, as I 'ere it." She grins, letting smoke drift out around her nose and mouth.

«OOC» Johan will give intelligence checks, for anyone who wants. Bonus dice for things like 'mideval artifacts'
«Auto-Judge[]» Cash (#1575) rolls Intelligence for "What do I know about this thing?":
1 2 2 3 3 4 7 8 10 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "Neat, a real crown":
1 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence for "Dice!":
1 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 7 7 14

Lilith: it's pretty. Cash: It's pretty, and probably about 500 years old, if not a little more. Annie: Everything else, but something of the curl at the end catches your eyes; it's probably French, but has a slight germanic feel. Probably alpine france, nearer the german border than spanish. The worksmanship is not upper class. This is probably something a villager may wear.

Cash notes, "It's old, probably iron age. Maybe Renaissance", rolling the cherry of his cigarette in the ashtray until it falls off. He curses under his break, going to relight it again.

Lilith nods, making a face. "Shoulda studied more in school. Oi'd have guessed it was summat like 'at."

Annie looks at the item and nods as she returns the list to the table for Johan, "Interesting piece of bling", she comments after a moment, "What's the rules of engagement on this op. Only this item? Or should we feel free to grab a bit more to hide the fact of what we were after?" She leans back in the booth and takes another puff on her stogie, "And who is the owner?", she adds after a moment.

Johan leans back, an eye casually scanning the room again. He does that every few seconds, but not obviously. "ROE state to grab the item. Collatoral damage isn't an issue, so long as the damage isn't against sentient who may take some brutal exception to the damage. Not White hat, but don't nuke Portland to recover this bauble. Owner is Sarath N'Dilihos Mcffee, Cousin to a minor prince by name of Sean Mcffee. He's an up and comer with the reformer sect, but he's politically impotent. The upper lords call him Token."

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Tir Tairngire Politics for "Who?":
1 2 5 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Elven Society for "Wha?":
2 2 4 4

Exactly as stated; a reformer pushing for greater democracy, but politically impotent. The woman however, is a socialite who managed to seize control of several industrial concerns in the Tir after the NAN succession and before the Tir Succession. She spends most of her time in Europe. She is known for fantastic parties and she all but owns the town of Bend.

Cash laughs, "Token.", shaking his head and puffing his cigarette, "Very well. I will stick to nerve gas and napalm, /this time/.", in an insincere tone. He asks the others, "I prefer not to kill people unless they make painstaking efforts to kill me. I'll go semi non-lethal, if no one objects.".

Lilith shrugs. "No worries, mate. Oi'm not much good at non lethal, but oi'm not much good at killin' much oither." She grins and blows out a smoke ring. "Me, Oi'm just a regular ol' social butterfly. But Oi can get certain things done.

Annie shrugs at Cash, "Unless death is a part of the mission, I much prefer letting the enemy waste valuable resources on their walking or crawling wounded. In short, fine with me." She thinks about things for a moment and then nods, "I recognize the name. If she is in town, then odds are there will be a party. Might be a good time to hit the place."

Cash notes, "Well, we gonna just let it arrive? If you could keep them distracted, it would be easy. I'm just glad it's not some giant stone obelisk or something.", turning to Johan, "It is the size on the paper right? This isn't like, some Aesir artifact, or they key component in an inter dimensional doorway the size of which we could walk though? Just to clarify….".

Lilith snorts quietly. "Oi can keep some busy, depends on what ye mean by busy." She grins and looks the paper over again. "If it arrives, where might it be?"

Johan shrugs. "Brother man…" He says leaning forward. "It's a fucking torc. A bit of jewelery. Beyond that, it could be the very key to.. uh… unlocking the Vatican vaults, teaching a dog to dance, getting Silverfox to suck cock or it might just be of personal merit. I don't know. But, I did hook you up with that there magical powerhouse." A gesture to annie.

Johan then pauses, as if referencing Silverfox back, looking to Cash. "We gotta talk about her later, bro."

Cash blinks a few times, looking slightly to the side of Johan as opposed to directly at him, tensing visibly, "That sounds like something you'd mention off to the side, not at the table with other people.", drumming his fingertips on the table. He notes, "I also don't like you talking about my girl's bedroom activities. It's unbecoming of a gentleman.", crossing his arms and staring out the window. You can almost smell cherry cobbler baking, and picture a CAS flag, waving in slow motion behind him.

Johan comments… "Good thing I'm no gentleman. I'm an asshole. We know this. You want gentlemanly behaviors… go see the old man. Me, I get shit done." Johan then pauses… "I didn't know like… yall were back in the rack. Sorry to ruffle your feathers."

Cash laughs, obviously somewhat offended, but disarmed by the clever choice of words and apology. He takes up his cigarette, "Well then, a treasure hunting we go. I don't believe we've discussed methods of travel?".

Lilith watches the two men, looking amused, but stubbing out her cigarette. "Aye."

Annie ignores the social interplay between Johan and Cash, instead appearing somewhat engrossed in the potential options this situation presents. "Might be easier to take it once it is in the owners hands. I hate to think of all the potential bullshit that could rain down on us if there is some variable we didn't count on while it was on the highway. All things considered, the owners house is probably the best option." She doesn't know who the hell Silverfox might be or if he sucks cock or not.

Johan explains then, moving back to business. "Helo from Denver to Salt Lake Autonomous Zone, then SLAZ to Ute-Boise. At the Ute Boise, you'll meet up with a rigger named Jetwash. She's done some work for the Found in the past. She'll get you in to Daisyeaterville in her T-Bird. Beyond that, it's up to yall."

Cash laughs, smiling big, "I know Jetwash. Hell I owe her 12 bucks from a bet. Didn't know she was still kickin`.", pausing for a second, "Did you say Salt Lake Autonomous Zone?", in a worried tone.

Lilith glances at the older man. "Wot's all this? Oi'm not a local, just learnin' the ropes." She leans back a bit. "Somethin' else we need to know 'bout?"

Johan nods to Cash. "Big place right to the west of us, full of Mormons, economic engine of the Ute Nation."

Annie sits back in the booth and pulls out her pocsec, tapping a few keys as the others continue talking around her.

Annie pages: Check a couple of the online Tir social rags…throw in a keyword of our targets name and see if she is in town or planning any big partays.
You paged Annie with 'Roll me computers+5'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Computers + 5 (to Johan) for "Checking for parties.":
2 2 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Computers + 5 (to Johan) for "Checking for parties. kp 1/20":
1 1 2 3 4 4
Annie pages: Hehe
Annie pages: Good thing this is not slated to be a slugfest…my dice are NOT on tonight
You paged Annie with 'So. Yeah. She's gonna be in town, and she's holding a gala at Pilot Butte, her main estate. The woman bought a dormant volcano cinder cone and lives on top of it.'.
Annie pages: When is the party and what sort of guest list is anticipated? Anyone major?
You paged Annie with 'Gaiatronics will have a few VP's there, a couple of other regional AA's. There will be a Renraku exec coming in from Seattle, as well as 2 Princes and many lower level functionaries.'.
You paged Annie with 'The theme is the 100 years war.'.
Annie pages: Oh, nice. When? 2-3 days from now?
You paged Annie with '4 days.'.

Cash nods, "I know, I just hate the place. Everyone looks the same, and it smells funny. They all stare at you with their deal-soul eyes.", rubbing his arms as if his skin were crawling.

Lilith blinks, makes a face. "Great, religious nuts. Gotta love tha geezers."

Johan shrugs, eyeing Cash. "You're welcome, Brohime, to arrange your own travel, but this is the route the old man has open at the moment."

Annie continues tapping on her pocsec and then stops as whatever she was looking for appears on the tiny screen. "Hmm, looks our mark is in town and is holding a party at her estate in four days. Pretty nice guest list too."

Lilith blinks and looks over at Annie. "Oh really."

Annie looks over at Johan, "I don't suppose you will need the thing before then. When is it due to arrive?"

Cash comments, "Not nessicary. I was simply noting my distaste for the region.", scanning over the interior of the restaurant before he looks back, noting to Annie, "Well, there's our in then.", with a grin.

Johan sips his orange juice then, offering Cash and the others a grin. "ASAP, but no specific rush. Any other questions, or can I continue my hunt for sleezy strip clubs, cheap women with loose morals or negotiable virtue…"

Lilith chuckles and nods. "Oi'll 'ave to look fer a foine dress then, won't Oi?"

Cash waves, "Feel free. I'm gonna go get laundry done and the like. When do we meet up to leave?".

Lilith looks over at Annie, arching an eyebrow. "Ma'am?"

Annie nods, "Assuming we can get an invite that is. I guess the theme is the Hundred Years War.", she slides the pocsec back into it's leather case on her belt, "No other questions that I can think of. On the surface it sounds fairly straight forward."

Johan nods to the others. "Your transport leaves from McCarron field in… 6 hours." With that, he starts for the door, leaving the check for the runners to handle.

Lilith gives the man a brisk nod in return, and immediately begins to run things through her head. Dress…check…transport…uh huh…

Johan pauses, to put a hand on Cash's shoulder, leaning down to murmur something in his ear.

Johan whispers "Yeah. My bad. I didn't know you were up the stuff again with Vix. We need to talk about that kid, Cassidy, soon."" to Cash.

Cash nods to Johan, his expression serious, "Sure thing.". He puts his finger to his nose and slips out, "I only have one hundred in cash on me. Not it.".

Lilith raises an eyebrow and sighs. "So much for chivalry."

Annie shrugs, "He will remember it when I don't have enough money to buy the bullets to save their skanky bill dodging asses.", she reaches over to the credstick reader attached to the table by a 3/4 in stainless steel chain and slots one of her credsticks to cover the bill. She then stands and offers a nod of farewell to Lilith before departing as well.

Legwork Phase

Lilith Contacts James Cullen (Social Fixer)

Contact for Lilith (#8983)
Contact Name: James Cully
Level: 3
Type: face
GM Note: The closest thing Lil has to a relative, or even a very close friend. He was a companion and lover in her old life, taught her on occaison, and even helped her move. He's a nice enough man, can be kind at times, but also somewhat callous or cynical towards life in general, and not afraid of or of using violence.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Etiquette + 2 (Contact Level) vs TN 4:
1 2 4 5 5 8 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 5:
2 2 2 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 5 for " Mystery":
1 1 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 5 for " Mystery 2":
1 1 3 5 11

James Cully was having a relaxing time when his phone rings in the middle of the night. The woman to the right, rolls over to face away from him. The woman to the left of him, snores on. THe woman nestled betwixt his legs, glances up to the man as he, without telling her to stop or otherwise indicate he cared, answers the phone.

"Hello Darling. How does the Mile high Club treat you?"

Lilith laughs, the cockney dip in her accent disappearing, the refined Londoner remerging. "James, luv, I'd feel terribly poor for waking you at this hour if I didn't know you were already up and shagging. I'm fine, thank you. And you must come by soon, my house is finally open." She purrs coyly over the phone. "Anyways, business. Do you know anything about a woman called Sarath N'Dilihos Mcffee, some Tir lass, and her cousin Sean, apparently a prince."

James sighs, tapping the woman below in the head. She recoils, giving him a reproachful look. He snaps twice, then gestures to the door with his thumb. He moves out of the bed then, over to his little office area. He sits down, with a sigh. "You always spoil my fun. And by the gods above, why is it that everyone feels the overwhelming urge to compensate for a lack of history by making up funny titles? I submit to you that they are in awe of British History and Culture and thus, emmulate us. Bloody elves…"

Lilith chuckles. "Oh, don't I know it darling. But be fair, they throw the most amazing little parties, and the fashion is par none." She idly browses her closets as she talks. "Now, don't be a fuss, I promise I'll give you an extra special treatment if you come to Denver for me to see the house, if you give me some information."

"I prefer cash." Says James then. "Love you though I do, I'm not flying to Denver for delights the likes of which I have previously sampled." He says, no rancor in his voice. He boots the computer, looking at the screen in the darkness… "Mcffee.. Mcfeee. Sounds familiar… Oh… here it is." Says he, narrowing his eyes. "She's a patron of the Atlantian Society, she owns stock in Proteus AG, Gaiatronics and some other lower teir companies. She took a bath on her Gunderson shares recently, with that companies troubles… SHe has a thing for funding cultural reclamation."

Lilith nods, running a finger down a velvet garment. "Bloody good for her…all right, I'll pay you, you heartless creature." No rancor in her voice either. "Anything else? Apparently she's acquired some neat little trinket, and she's throwing a party over my way in the next few days."

"Oh yes… the Arc of the Convent."

Lilith blinks. "Oh, that's a pretty little name, very cute. Gods." She sighs. "What can you tell me, darling?"

"It's supposedly a relic, from Joan of Arc. It's provenance is doubtful, as janie was burned as a heratic and not reversed until 30 years later. 30 years in medieval Europe is like a three centuries today. She supposedly dug it up in northern France."

Lilith shakes her head. "Tsk, tsk, that wasn't very nice. Poor Jeanie. Anything paticularily special about, anything magical?"

James shrugs. "I'm a social butterfly, baby, not a talismonger."

Lilith pouts, then laughs lightly over the phone. "As am I. If that's all, I'll send over some funds promptly, but I really wish you would come to Denver and visit too."
"Bugger you and your riots, dragons and all that toss."

Lilith sighs over the phone. "Oh James, you're so cruel to me. How much for the info."

"1000 should sooth Sarah's bruised ego and cervix."

Lilith says "Oh, sod her. 1000 it is, luv. Do drop me a line later."

The Call ends.

Cash calls the Confederator (Decker)

«Auto-Judge[]» Cash (#1575) has the Contact Confederator with the following information:
Contact for Cash (#1575)
Contact Name: Confederator
Level: 1
Type: decker contact
GM Note: This person Jon has only met in the matrix
«Auto-Judge[]» Cash (#1575) rolls Etiquette + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Cmon fucker! kp 30/31":
1 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 6 for "Mystery":
1 1 3 3 10 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 6 for "Mystery":
1 4 5 8 11 21
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 6 for "Mystery":
3 4 4 4 4 8

Trix Reply: Sat Imagery is hard to get for that area. It's on official Tir Blanklists. But I got something for you. Gonna cost you 15 to a secure account in the Caymans.

Reply -> 1500 or 15000?
Reply -
> 1500, Doofus.

Reply —-> Done! Stand and deliver!

Annie Contacts Xenon (Racer)

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Etiquette + 1 (contact) vs TN 4 for "Road tips?":
1 2 3 4 = 1 Success
«OOC» Johan says, "Xenon's level 2?"
«OOC» Annie says, "Oh…no…but he is sort of a specialized contact"
«OOC» Johan will allow it.

Xenon answers the phone, the sound of a metal grinder going off in the back ground. "Eeey! AIn't dis dat old broad who was in dat RV? Wicked chill. Whatcha need, silverhair?"

Annie chuckles, "Yeah, that was me. I was getting ready to do a road trip between Boise and Bend. I was hoping maybe you could suggest some road or travel tips for that stretch of highway.", she pauses a moment and adds, "I'm not going to be able to take my own rig, so I was wondering if you could maybe hook me up with someone local that I could put together some decent local transport."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 4 for "Mystery":
2 5 8 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 5 for "Mystery":
2 2 3 4 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 6 for "Mystery":
1 1 1 3 5 10

Xenon considers that for a long moment. "EY! PACO! Kill the grinder! I gotta phone call!" In the background, the grinder dies with a mournful whine. "Fucken inconsiderate ape-men." Mutters Xenon with a slight lips around his tusks. "Okay. So, You's looking to run the Rail. The shot from the Bordertown in to the heart of the Tir. Whatcha looking to run it for, cause it ain't exactly an unpopular road…"

Annie sighs, "I just need to get from point a to point b with a minimum of hassle from the locals. I'm not really hauling much that might be considered illegal beyond personal small arms and the like.", she takes a moment to look at her own map of the region, "And if you could suggest a route with the least resistance as far as patrols go, or perhaps a check station with someone that might be susceptible to a payoff or three.", she chuckles, "You know…standard smuggler fare."

There's the sound of a door closing, and then by god, an actual Rolodex being opened. "Yeah… In Boise, there's this guy who don't much care for the dandelion eaters, but 'aside from his white sheet wearing racist hypocrite religious fundie ass, he ain't so bad. In small doses. He runs a wreaken yard called Bozo's. Name'a Steve… Steve Sprague. He does mostly old trucks, but he may have something you can use. I ain't an expert on that area, but Steve, he is."

Annie taps the name into her pocsec and then punches a few more buttons to send off a hefty tip to Xenon, "Great. Really appreciate the assist.", she continues yammering on for a few minutes about whether Xenon is planning another Denver race et al. Just long enough to be polite, then hangs up.

Lilith contacts James. (Again)

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Etiquette + 2 vs TN 6:
4 4 4 5 7 8 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Lilith says, "kp"
«OOC» Johan says, "no need"
«OOC» Johan says, "You get him."
«OOC» Lilith says, "Oh, ok"
«OOC» Lilith says, "Thanks :)"

Lilith sighs a little as, on the suggestion from Annie, she places another call to James.

James answers the phone again. He sounds like he was actually asleep this time. "Unless.." He grumbles.. "You are an insanely gorgeous woman willing to do naughty things to me… or are on a direct line from god… you better hang up now."

Lilith sighs gracefully. "Oh, James, darling, I am so very, terribly sorry. I'll even let you use those cuffs you got me for my birthday that one year, and I'll pay you enormous amounts of money for the priviledge. I have another request, if it's quite all right."

«OOC» Johan says, "Roll your 'not pissing off your friend skill'"
«OOC» Johan says, "Which lets see…"
«OOC» Johan says, "will be charisma"
«OOC» Johan says, "TN 8"
«OOC» Lilith says, "Awww…"
«OOC» Lilith sighs, nods
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Charisma vs TN 8:
1 1 1 4 10 14 = 2 Successes

Lilith cooes very gently into phone to placate him. "Anything you want, darling…"

James stares at the phone for a long moment. He sighs then picks up the handset, killing the speaker phone. "Babe, you need to get one of those nice little wrist watches that tells you when its okay to call your friends in -fucking ENGLAND!-". He's annoyed, but nothing you;'ve not heard before… and really, its only slight. "What is it you need…"

Lilith sighs again, her voice gently sorrowful. "I know, luv, I know. I hate to do this to you. But, that party for that elf princess, could you maybe fadangle me some invites, or point me to someone who can?" She's geuninely displeased with herself, that much is certain. "It's for bloody business back here."

James taps a few keys on the pocsec he keeps near the bedtable. "You called me… for a party invitation. Fine. I can get you tickets, but I want 10 percent."

Lilith rubs her forehead. "Of course, James. Happily done."

Lilith says "3 tickets, it is"

"Good. Send me the money to my usual account and I'll trix ya the tickets. You may need to act like someone else for the night, as blanket invitations are hard to get… but misrouting someones real invitation is not so hard."

Lilith nods, gazing over her outfits again. "Mmm, well, if a note could be sent indicating who we will be replacing…there's myself, an old woman, and a man in his 30's, just to specify."

James grunts. "I'll do that. Now don't call me back for at least 4 more hours. I have a meeting with Vashon house tomorrow."

Lilith smiles into the phone, her voice still soft. "I shan't call you for a while, darling. I'll let you get your sleep."


THe tickets come in. They are the Tickets for Maricia Darvanbill, a Socialite from Amazonia. She is regrettably detained by a monsoon in Rio and unable to use the tickets now in your hands.

Lilith chuckles and makes the obligatory sacrifices and prayer to blessed Eris for the timing. She spends her time well, packing up a gown for the party, getting dressed, and packing away the proper items for what may arise.

Annie heads back to her shop and fires up the nanoforge. She spends close for four hours meticulously putting together a replica of the jewelry piece she saw the picture of. Once it is completed she activates the microscopic functions of her goggles and double-checks her handiwork, "Mmmm. Very nice if I do say so myself.", she chuckles as she places it into a padded case, "And I do usually." She only has a little over an hour to get ready, then she needs to be on her way to the departure point. She spends it field-stripping and reassembling her weapons and other techno gear. She's not worried about clothing…it's all only a fashion and makeover spell away.

Cash dials Annie on his Cel, having no idea what elven fashion is these days, just kicking distance from a mall on his route back to his house. He mumbles, "oh c`mon, answer.".

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Current Fashions:
3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Current Fashions for "kp 1":
1 2 11

Annie accepts the call, "Hey. Something come up", she inquires curiously.

Cash replies, "Hey, sorry to bug you. I am buying new clothes for this, what's in style in the tir these days? I havent been inside in a good 4 years.".

Annie chuckles, "Hey, don't stress it. I can fix you up once we get there. No sense blowing your profit on an outfit you will only wear once."

Cash laughs, "You're a doll! I'll owe ya one!", in a cheery tone. He asks, "Well then, nothing else to report. Travelling light so I just got to make a quick stop. Getting dropped off in a bit.".

"Part of my job", Annie replies after a moment, "I am on my way as well. I made a replica of this piece we are supposed to get. That way we can do a bait and swap if necessary."

Lilith thinks her dress is probably a little dowdy, compared to whats currently hot in the Tir's. It needs more craptastically expensive cloth and a big nametag thats hard to pronounce

Lilith sighs. She'll have to get something new when they hit Tir, shouldn't be too hard. She's got a bit more money then expected after the house payment…well, she'll see.

Cash crunches ice, "That quick? You're quite resourceful…. Nice idea too, beats the snatch and grab alternative.", noting that down in his mental scoreboard of people who aren't stupid.

Annie chuckles, "Thanks. I will see you there in a bit.", she waits for Cash's farewell response then drops the connection. She spends a few more minutes collecting various items that might be useful then heads out to the departure location.

Lilith makes sure everything is set, and heads out as well!

Mustang Two, Stallion, has been given a fresh paint job since that job in Aztlan not long ago. THats probably not that helpful in avoiding drones and radar., but it helps keep questions to a minimum. People don't look twice at an airtaxi, but an unmarked, black helicopter screams: SHADOWRUNNERS.

Now, it looks like Nephi Travel Charters Aerotaxi 032. It's sitting on the tarmac, and next to it, is Johan, smoking a cigarette next to a clear NO SMOKING sign.

Lilith snickers quietly to herself. She now looks, and sounds, very different then in the sleazy truck stop. Neat dress, neat hair, proper London accent. "Good afternoon, sir. A pleasure to see you again." She hefts a bag over her shoulder as she walks out onto the tarmac.

Cash gathers his gear, mainly just his silenced Ares Predator-III, a suit of FFBA, a camo fullshit, and a survival kit. This is travelling extremely light for him. He is dropped off at the airport by a kid who looks barely old enough to drive, carrying a green duffel bag, dressed simply in a sweater, green khakis and a black overcoat. He upnods to Johan, sidling up, "You know, you'd make a hell of a james dean impersonator.".

Johan eyes Cash for a long moment, a smirk coming to his lips. "Rebel without a clue, amigo, thats me. Get on board, we'll get our asses to the SLAZ, refuel, and head out to Potato-Town."

Annie heads on over to the aerotaxi and tosses her own olive drab dufflebag into the cargo bay. She then checks in with the others and the pilot before firmly strapping herself into her seat. She has no fear of flying per se. It crashing and blowing up that gets on her nerves.

Johan appears to be the Pilot. He moves up in to the cabin, doing the pre-flight checks. A good old meat-pilot, he does not appear to be a rigger. "So get comfortable. Our flight time to SLAZ is approximately an hour and a half, once we get up to speed. Chat, fuck, I don't care. There's cards in the pouch there."

Cash smirks, tossing his gear and stepping inside, "Ahh, air taxi. Good times.", wiggling into his seat, preparing his pocket secretary for hours of study and minesweeper.

Lilith snorts and pulls her skirts up, easily sliding into place and buckling in. "Mmm, well." She nods politely to Annie, getting out a book, then holding it out with a faint smile. "Distraction, madam?"

Annie shakes her head to indicate the negative to Liliths offer. "No thank you. Probably just going to try to catch up on some sleep.", she responds with a wry grin, "The flight should be relatively uneventful. In theory."

Johan powers up the turbines as the doors slide closed. Up in the front, he goes through a series of switchs, moving them in to the proper places. After the engine warms up some the clutch engages and starts to apply power to the rotors. They begin the rapid power-up process until, without warning, lift overcomes gravity and the bird lofts in to the air. "This is your captain speaking. I've turned on the no-smoking sign.." He's smoking as he says that… "And I ask that you put your seatbacks in ther full upright and locked position. Our flight time today will be 110 minutes, with scenic vistas of beautiful highway 70 visible for most of the way. If you look to your right, you'll see McCaron Airfield, the finest in Denver UCAS Civil aviation. To the left, you'll see your mother, who I fucked last night."

Cash is withdrawn and captivated by his simple "Click the boxes" game, face alight in the white-blue glow of the screen. He nods, "Uh-huh..", apparently not paying attention at the moment.

Lilith smiles softly in return, bowing her head. "In theory…ah, a quick question madam…." she blinks at Johan's raunchy comments, rolls her eyes, and continues. "I regrettably found my own Tir fashion item slightly inappropriate for the event we will be attending. If you could direct me to a proper shop when we arrive I'd be most grateful."

Johan plays the part of the experienced, prime of his life Shadowrunner to the hilt.

Annie looks over at Lilith and nods, "I can probably help by tailoring whatever you may have to conform nicely to the prevailing styles.", she shrugs, "It should not be much trouble at all." She chuckles at Johans commentary, "That's pretty scary considering my mother died of the VITAS plague 55 years ago."

Johan comments from the cockpit. "Nothing says loven like decomposition!" The aircraft banks smoothly, heading west in to the setting sun.

Lilith wrinkles her nose and starts to busy her nose in her book. "I can't ask you to fiddle over my dress, madam, but…" She gets out her pocsec and flicks it on, leaning over to show the older woman a picture of the dress. "How does it look? It may be easier to just buy something new."

Annie cocks her head slightly as she peers over at Lilith, "It's no trouble at all. I spent decades attending court and exactly this sort of hoity toity affair.", she shrugs, "If you would prefer to purchase something, I can certainly point you in the correct direction…but our mission budget is already being pushed to the limit. Purchasing a fifty kay dress just for a party would make you fit in, but destroy any hopes you have for making a profit on this endeavor."

Lilith chuckles and nods. "Point taken, but it would no doubt be profitable for me in the long run. However, I shall bow to your expertise, madam." She smiles. "I've attended a few royal functions myself, they can be rather…grand in tone."

A refueling in the SLAZ took a little longer than expected due to a broken pump truck, but 20 minutes later, you're back in the air, arcing through the snake river canyon in a helo. It's a beautiful thing, the sun's last rays casting long golden shadows across the rock, the occasional bird finding its life cut short by trying to dodge 'up' out of the choppers path.

Lilith idly glances out the window as another *paf* of feathers drifts down. She turns back to her book.

Annie zzzzzz's for most of the trip.

Cash is /still/ playing minesweeper, talk about a one track mind. Otherwise he's unnaturally still, and boring.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafts from the cabin most of the way. About 30 miles out from boise, the chopper comes up out of the canyon and the pilot starts the long stream of radio calls that start the process of coming in to a city shared by 3 nations. It's sort of like denver, only without anything interesting in it.

Lilith is currently reading The Prince. She giggles now and then.

Boise is kind of a ghost town. It exists mostly as a truck stop for trade traveling betwen the nations, and as the secondary port of entry for goods coming in to the Tir. The elves really have screwed their own economy by being so insular, and as you bank over the Tir section of town, it shows. The Salish and Sioux sectors are actually well managed and pretty, but the Tir is overgrown, less so kept and contains far fewer recently constructed buildings.

Lilith watches with idle interest, again taking mental notes. "Mmm. You think the elves would take better care of themselves."

Annie chuckles, "If God were gonna give the world an enema, he would insert it in Boise.", she shrugs and then answers a bit more seriously, "I don't think they care much for the place. If you are an Elf and get assigned in Boise, it's pretty much someone higher up saying 'Your career is dead Motherfucker'"

Cash tires of minesweeper, slipping his pocsec into his jacket. He notes, "Well, they're a young people. Their government doesn't have the same kind of resources as the old money. But they got an edge on magic and drek, and they're close to Seattle. If I were elvish, I'd live here." shrugging. He notes, "I think it's pretty easy to get business grants. I'd start a business and over time, a corporation.", sighing, "Man, the idea of living hundreds of years.".

Lilith has to bite back a laughing snort at Annie's remark. She nods to Cash. "I wouldn't think it'd be all fun and games."

"Young people hell!" calls Johan fron the front of the chopper. "You think the elves just invented a goddamn language in the space of a few years?"

Lilith idly turns back to her book. "Tolkien did."

Annie chuckles at some private joke and settles back into her seat, waiting to get her feet back on her blessed earth again.

"Congrad-ufucking-lations to Mr. Tolken." Comes the pilots commentary as the choppers wheels (Wheels, not skids, on this baby) on the tarmac.

Cash notes, "There are strong debates about the origins of sperethiel. If they did make it up on the fly, they did a damn good job. I happen to be fluent.", with a smirk. He notes, "I'm not good with formalities. I gained my wings in the streets.".

Lilith snickers quietly to herself and slides her book away. "I speak it as well, as a matter of convience. It is entirely possible they "made it up", however, it could be that is has its origins in the roots of the remergence of magic into the modern world." She smiles. "But, no doubt I am repeating commonly known information."

Annie shrugs, "There are lots of theories floating around. The world may never know the truth.", she leaves it at that and goes back to peering out the window.

Johan steps out of the cockpit now, a glance given to Annie as he opens the hatch to the outside world. "Alright, get your asses off the chopper. I'll be here for 3-4 days on some other business, so if I'm here when you get back, I'll give you a ride home."

Annie senses "Johan's brief expression seems to say: Kids. Hah!"

Lilith nods as she steps out, lifting her skirts and grabbing her bag as she hits the tarmac. "Thank you."

Annie exits the chopper and retrieves her duffle from the cargo area, slinging it comfortably over her left shoulder. "I've got a local contact that may be able to set us up for some transport to Bend."

Cash slips out, "Eh, I don't think it really matters. Still, it's an amazing world we live in. Could you imagine living at the turn of the century? Poor suckers never saw it coming.", shaking his head as he exits the chopper, taking a moment to stretch out and yawn, repeatedly. He grabs his bag, "Oh really?", looking over to Annie.

Standing with the chopper, JOhan unloads a bag of his own, slinging it over the shoulder

Annie chuckles and looks over at Cash, "It wasn't that bad. The worse thing about the turn of the century was the fucking anglos deciding the natural native American habitat was a barb-wire enclosure with machine gun nests overlooking it.", she nods however and doesn't expand on her feelings much more than that. Instead she switches back to the matter of transport, "Yeah…the guys name is Steve. A friend gave me his name as being reliable."

Cash nods, "Not a proud time for those of us with a sense of social equality.", shrugging, "So I bet you can get some good potato dishes in this town.", with a grin.

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