Big Beer Meets Big Balls

Sam winces as Eve-Chammy mentions Eve-Could-Park-A-Bus-In-Her-Twat. "Yes well. Chammy." He looks to Lilith, then Chammy. "CHammy, I need to have a conversation with Ms. DeWinter, but I will be around more. I've picked up an interesting item I think we could have some fun with. Give me a call, if you would?"

Lilith nods. "Fair and certainly wise." She looks to Sam with a wry grin. "Interesting item?" She nods to Chammy once more and heads towards the door.

Tailpipe slams the door open as she steps in, black cigar smoke congealing around her head as she blows it through her nose. Looking around for a moment she makes her way to the bar, heedless of the people that happen to be in the way by giving them a shove to clear her path. "Big beer is needing!" She says above the noise of the place as she finds a barseat and liberates it for herself.

Lilith stumbles as she's shoved on her way to the door.

Chammy nods, "Fair enough." She chuckles as she herself leaves quickly though. Because she definatly doesn't enjoy the LCS. Its just not her scene.

Samuel gets shoved, but doesn't move. Not one inch. Kind of odd for a human, pushed by a troll…He turns to Tailpipe, swiveling his head. "Excuse yourself, Miss."
Lilith shakes her head as she rights herself, her voice coldly polite. "It's quite all right, Mr.Clemens."

Bunny gets herself a fresh mug when the round on the house comes up. She glanced over, too, catching Kassandra's little salute. When her fresh mug of beer comes to her, she turns and lifts it just a little as if to return the salute.

Chammy leaves the Saloon through the swinging doors to the outside.
Chammy has left.

Kami is fortunate in that she's not in anyone's path. She does look up at that comment from Samuel, and then rolls her eyes a bit. This one, she would actually -agree- with the dick on. So she just turns and observes, her dark eyes sizing up the situation.

Tailpipe snorts as she passes him by, more of a snot from the green gob flecked with black from her cigar that rolls down from her nose.

Kassandra considers her surroundings once again. She lets loose a held breath as Joi exits (or at least goes to the potty). The elf shakes her head, looking clearly out of sorts. She rises from her seat before quickly retreating back onto it as people are shoved slash pushed aside, letting the crowd resettle itself. She slips off the stool again as voices rise and fall against the mistreatment.
Kassandra stands and leaves the bar.

Samuel reaches out one hand, letting himself free of Lilith as he does so. It snakes out, snatching Tailpipes wrist as she tries to move away. HIs voice never raises, never quite leaves a polite civil tone… "I said… excuse yourself.. -miss-."

Lilith sighs and lets her hands lie loose at her sides, waiting patiently.

"Chill, omae", Bunny calls from the bar. "Big gal was just in a hurry so she wouldn't miss the round on the house, is all. You'd bump me on your way if you were in a hurry to get free booze, too."

Tailpipe frowns at the unwanted grab. Usualy she's all for men grabbing what they want, but this time she was on her way to get a free beer and no one gets in the way of that. "Is doing nothing of sort, pinky. Be letting go or be hurting." She growls at the human with balls big enough to attempt such a thing, a cloud of foul cigar smoke blowing between her lips to envelope him.

Lilith rolls her eyes. "If you would, miss, I'd rather just let it go. He can be…stubborn."

Yeah. Kassandra takes that as a sign from on high that a change in location is more than merited. Her self-esteem has already taking a kicking this evening, no sense adding in physical damage as well. The woman steps around one patron, putting him in harm's way, and begins a slow but steady pace towards the exit; running is a sure way to draw attention.

Oy, trolls getting angry. Kami takes a deep breath.. not all that recommended in a place such as this, but she closes her eyes for just a moment before opening them and watching the situation unfold. Her hair is starting to buzz with static energy, lifting from the flesh just a touch…. nothing noticable unless one were like right in her personal space (or watching her astrally)..

Samuel holds his ground, his hand on her wrist. "It is ironic, -miss-, that I was just speaking on the futility of racism with the lady under the Unicorn Head. I am not in the mood for ignorance or spite, or to be denegrated for my sapiens sapiens genus. Now." HE says, not letting go of the wrist. "Apologize to the lady and myself for your rudeness, and we will be on our way, no harm, no foul. SHould you not accept this most civil route, we will discuss uncivil ones."

Lilith groans and pinches the bridge of her nose.

Lilith says "Ye gods, Alex, now of all times you had to depart."

Tailpipe gives her arm a strong pull to rip it from Sam's grasp even as her lips split into a wide grin. "Good. Is needing to work up good thirst for free beer." She rumbles while her other hand starts to reach into one of the bulging pockets of her vest, dislodging bits of trash and other detris that has found it's way into the seams of her top.

Lilith lets out a low, rumbling growl, and from her hands come ten shining steel razors. "Bitch, freeze." She glares pointedly at Tailpipe.

Samuel lets her pull away. He does not try to stop her from doing what she's doing, but he does speak in that same supernaturally calm voice. "Now now, Ms. DeWinter. She has not yet drawn a weapon. We should give her a chance to prove her good intentions. Perhaps she was drawing a business card by which to offer proper introductions. If she was not doing such a polite thing, I would council her to reconsider, because I will take that as a great insult and we shall have to escalate this matter from civil to uncivil, and uncivil strife is never a pleasent issue."
Kassandra groans inwardly, carefully stepping past another patron, another 'innocent' between her and any fighting. The door is tantilizingly in view, the realative safety of the Warrens waiting.
Samuel remains, his posture neutral, his smile never quite fading, his voice never raising…

Lilith simply watches closely, frozen in much the same position a waiting predator takes before pouncing. "As you would, Mr.Clemens." She doesn't change her posture.

Her words apparently ignored, Bunny just remains seated at the bar, drinking her beer. She has both feet off the stool's rung and on the floor now, though, and is watching the possible altercation… in case she needs to move.

Oh yes, Kami is definitely sitting with a devil on one shoulder, and a demon on the other at this point. She just rests one hand about her drink, and the other tracing a kanji-symbol on the tabletop while her eyes observe the floor show. Basically, she's ready to toss a spell or seven into the fray should the need arise.

Tailpipe 's hand pulls free of the pocket, along with more trash that was stored in there for some reason. Clasped within her meaty fingers is a very recognizable weapon…a hand grenade, and her thumb is in the pull ring to activate it disregarding the immediate issues of actually arming such a device in such close quarters proably wouldn't do her any good either. "Is thinking you owe me appoligy for taking from drinking time. Is not careing if keeb or pinky or short stuff. Is only caring you keeping me from beer!" Another cloud of the foul smoke billows out as she talks, the stub of the cigartip glowing red.

Lilith really does freeze this time.

A grenade… oh, modern grenades are electrically primed. Kami stops tracing her symbol then and there, wanting no spare arcs of energy seeping from her to the grenadier there. Yup, time to just start working on that armor spell.

At the sight of the grenade, Bunny gets up off her stool and moves around the side of the bar to get as much cover from the grenade blast as possible. One hand goes into her jacket, too, probably to grasp some kind of weapon.

Oh good, a grenade. Kassandra takes another cautious step, graciously giving ground to a few patrons who've never seen a troll blow up a bar up close before. The small elf winds her way closer to freedom.

Lilith slowly, slowly, starts to loosen, now tensing like a taught wire. Absolutely focused on Sam and the troll.

«Auto-Judge[]» Tailpipe (#3144) rolls Reaction vs TN 4 for "Mine!":
2 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls Reaction vs TN 6 for "Surprise!":
2 4 4 5 5 5 8 11 11 19 = 4 Successes
«OOC» Samuel has taken a +2 reaction mod, for th edifficulty of snatching a grenade she has a firm hold of without removing the pin.
«Auto-Judge[]» Bunny (#768) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 10 23 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Reaction vs TN 4 for "Just in case!":
1 1 5 7 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Reaction vs TN 4 for "I wanna run away!":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 11 = 4 Successes

Samuel contemplates the situation for a moment. His body posture doesn't shift, his eyes don't flicker to the grenade. No, no such tells are apparent. Just his torso shifting in to a blur of motion, his left hand snaking out with an almost inhuman dexterity. He slides forward, the grenade coming in to his hand and then not quite ripped, but more, maneuvered out of, her grip. He slides back to where he had been standing a foot or so away, holding the grenade as though it were a prop.

"This is a VERY dangerous toy. I think I'll be keeping it. Now. Apologize to the lady. We are now beyond -civil- discussion, but I do not wish violence."

«Auto-Judge[]» Tailpipe (#3144) rolls Intelligence for "Am I smart enough to realize how badly I'm outclassed?":
1 1 10

Lilith takes a step or two towards the troll, her hands now shaking.

Thistledown enters the Saloon from the Foyer, through the swinging doors.
Thistledown has arrived.

Slim takes a quick break, sitting on a stool behind the bar and lighting a fat cigar.

The scene for Thistledown: There seems to be some disturbance towards the center of the bar: Samuel is currently holding a grenade in one hand, with Lilith near his side. They seem to be facing down Tailpipe. Kami is at a table, Bunny is manuevering, Kassandra seems to be heading towards the exit

«Auto-Judge[]» Kami (#10217) rolls Magic + 3 vs TN 6:
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 10 = 1 Success

Tailpipe blinks and stands there for a moment, stunned at how readily the human managed to snatch the 'nade from her grip. The cigar sits limping on her lips before she clamps down on it, letting out a roar of rage and frustration. "Gimme that back! Just wanted beer and you gotta be stupid fucker wasting my time!" She says as she readily reaches for him, either to grab him or for the grenade, it's hard to tell when you are that big.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kami (#10217) rolls 1 vs TN 6:
2 = 0 Successes

Thistledown peers through the door, keeping most of his body outside.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kami (#10217) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 2 vs TN 4:
1 2 3 4 4 5 10 11 = 5 Successes

A different symbol is traced along the table as Kami reacts to the presence of the grenade. She can see the astral energy gathering and then reaches to her arm to touch her forearm.. the magic infusing the bracer under the longcoat she's wearing…

Samuel is not really interested in being grabbed, and lets face it, Tailpipe ain't the fasted car in the garage. Samuel steps back, palming the Grenade now. "No. You were rude. You shoved the lady and myself aside. I have been EXCEEDINGLY patient with your rudeness. I have been exceedingly patient with your threats. I offer you a final chance to rectify your poor behavior and deliver forthwith, an appology, least I find myself in the unenviable position to render you unconscious." A pause. "It means I will -beat you half to death-."

Gravedigger enters the Saloon from the Foyer, through the swinging doors.
Gravedigger has arrived.

Slim takes a quick break, sitting on a stool behind the bar and lighting a fat cigar.

Lilith hisses silently and while Tailpipe is thus distracted, slides those silvery shining blades next to her throat. "Or I could simply *squeeze* my hand."

Scene: Samuel and Lilith are standing near the front door with Tailpipe, an obvious altercation underway. Samuel has, oddly enough, a grenade.

Gravedigger enters, and giving a nod to the folks in the front, heads to the bar. Once he has his drinks (pitcher of beer and a fifth of Jack), he heads to the back of the bar, to one of the many shadowed corners. One that, coincidentally, affords him a decent view of the bar, but also presents a nice heavy object which to hide behind in case there's trouble.

Samuel does not bother to council Lilith otherwise. The troll drew a grenade. The gloves, as they were, are off.
Thistledown watches Gravedigger nonchalantly walk past the argument over the grenade with a slack-jaw stare.

Bunny is taking cover around one end of the bar… in case that grenade goes off. She has one hand inside her coat, too, probably on a weapon of some sort.

Kassandra continues to slowly make her way towards the exit. She keeps an eye on the grenade in Samuel's hand and the razors and the troll .. and then someone moves past and heads towards the corner. The elf blinks a few times. It has been a very, very odd night.

«Auto-Judge[]» Tailpipe (#3144) rolls Intelligence for "Ok. Things are getting ugly. Do I wise up, or do I get my ass completely owned?":
2 3 5

Lilith lets out a very soft, very quiet, laugh.

And now that the defenses are in place, Kami gets to her feet. She brushes off the seat of her pants/coke… "It seems that there are quite a variety of people with intellects below what can be considered… smart." she mutters as she passes by the conflagration on a buildup. "For my part, accept my apology Mr.. Clements is it?" Yes, she's talking to the guy holding the Grenade and doesn't seem to be very afraid of the situation. Then she turns to head for the exit herself.

Thistledown holds the door open for the ladies, keeping himself behind the door, showing he is both a gentleman and a coward.

Gravedigger pours himself a beer and a shot of JD. Flipping open a cellphone, he dials a number by hand, his other hand setting a small white noise generator on the table in front of him.

Samuel glances to Kami. "For simple discourse, apologies are always appreciated, but never required. I thank you." He glances back to Tailpipe. "Laying hands, insult and then pulling a grenade… well… all together different."

Lilith still has her hands very much around Tailpipe's throat. "Mm."

Tailpipe finaly stops her lunge, finding something rather sharp at her unprotected neck. It's obvious the troll is still filled with fury and outrage, but apparently something in that tiny little drug-addled brain has clicked. "Is giving back, then will give you appology." She mutters, fingers flexing hard enough to make her knuckles crack while the chewed butt of her cigar leaves black flecks of spent tobaco on her lips.

Lilith lets out a low, primal growl that she sometimes can do. When she's *upset*.

Samuel lets Lilith hold the troll, now that she's quieted down. "You are not…" Says he, stepping around her to hand the grenade to slim… "In a position by which you have the upper hand and thus, declare -conditions-. Now." He says, coming back to be in front of her, and in her view. "My name is Samuel. I am a gentleman and I have offered you -every- option to apologize. I offer you -one final chance-. If you do not accept it… I will leave you to Ms. DeWinters… tender… mercies."

Slim takes the grenade, tossing it in a basket of guns, knives and other such grenades he keeps under the counter.

It's sad that this is not as rare as one might think it should be.

Lilith body is trembling slightly. If Tailpipe cared to look, she'd find a gaze that chased men to the trees in the old days. But still…rationally cool and calculating.

Bunny's still back behind one side of the bar, but now that the grenade's put away, she's stood up — with her hand still in her coat as she watches what's going on.

Once she's said her piece, Kami simply turns her back on the situation and heads out the door. She hooks her thumbs in the waist of those tight leather pants and just shakes her head for the moment… giving Thistledown a sly little smile on the way out.

Kami leaves the Saloon through the swinging doors to the outside.
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Kassandra spares a faint smile for Thistledown, but the majority of her attention seems to be on the conflict. The immediate danger of high-velocity explosive fiery death seems to have dwindled; that said, the small elf seems to still be planning to leave, albeit a bit slower than some other patrons.

«Auto-Judge[]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Sorcery + 6 vs TN 3:
1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 10 = 7 Successes

Bunny starts for the door, too, after a moment more of watching. Her hand comes out of her coat, but she's clearly wary and tense.

«Auto-Judge[]» Tailpipe (#3144) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "I dunno":
3 4 7 = 1 Success

Thistledown says "Look, maybe if you apologized I could get inside and I'd be happy to buy a round for your trouble?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Drain and Headache resistance":
1 2 3 5 8 11 = 5 Successes

Tailpipe looks rather torn, looking like she'd rather tear the two apart with her bare hands than appologize for their assumed superiority to anyone else. But then Thistledown speaks up, and she apparently looses the will to fight, hanging her head a bit. "Is sorry. Not meaning to disturb yous. Just wanting drink, and you got all priggish. Is buying drink to make up for it?"

Thistledown says "No no…I'll buy the drinks. Least I could do for interrupting you all."

Samuel tilts his head now, gesturing with his eyes for Lilith to let go. "Be mindful of the little creatures at your feet, Miss." he says, stepping forward to offer her a hand. "We are not all cowards or weaklings, for our size."

Lilith almost shakes her head at Sam, but then as the…female…apologizes, she slowly loosens her grip, lets her hands fall away. She glares at the creature silently.

Bunny finally gets to the door and slips out.

Bunny leaves the Saloon through the swinging doors to the outside.
Bunny has left.

Thistledown smiles as Bunny goes past then enters the room fully saying "Now then, that's 3 drinks for you all, and 3 for me, sounds fair. What are you drinking?"
Lilith shakes her head. "No, but thank you for the offer."

Kassandra heads out into the cold Denver night air (or what passes for it) as the situation is defused.
Kassandra leaves the Saloon through the swinging doors to the outside.
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Thistledown says "Oh come now, I don't get all that many excuses to buy pretty ladies drinks, I'm sure they could find you a cup of water to sip at if nothing else. Please, let me buy you a drink."

Thistledown smiles and does puppy eyes.

Lilith keeps her eyes on the troll, unconciously moving between her and Sam. "Under the circumstances, perhaps it best that we leave quietly…Mr.Clemens?"

Tailpipe takes the hand reluctantly, and gives it a shake. She definatly isn't liking this, but apparently somethings convinced her to play ball for now. "Is needing drink now, definatly."

Samuel nods to Tailpipe then. "Go. Drink. Don't ever pull explosives unless you intend to die. Good -day-, Miss." With that, he turns, nodding to Lilith. "Let us be gone."

Thistledown says "Ahh well, 3 for you and 3 for me then, what can I get you?"

You leave the Last Chance Saloon for the Foyer.

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