Bring Out Your Dead

Johny is standing in his living room, dressed to the nines. A black suit, a black fedora, a crimson red tie over a black shirt with silver lines shot through it. He's got a cigarette in his hands as he paces the room. Marcus allows each person in before getting them drinks as requested or required.

"Alright. This tonight? This is the big show, as shadow-politics go. So, full professionalism. No lovebird eyes, no sarcasm, no cutting commentary. Focus. Game faces. Cock jokes are left at home and everyone goes fully dressed." A glance to Kassandra. "Mores the pity

Lilith enters, looking about, takes a seat. She arches a brow at Sam. "Heaven forbid anything but strict professionalism."

Jester had a conversation with Johny earlier in the night, and was told to stay in the Penthouse and listen for his phone.

Minos arrives as Johny is speaking and says, "Fair enough, Johan. 'Ello, Lilith, Kassandra."

Lilith looks up and smiles warmly, but as per Sam's request, keeps the lovey eyes out of it. "Oi, Alex. I'm very glad to see you."

Kass nods quietly, perched across the room. She seems distracted by something or the other.

Johny gestures to Kassandra and Lil then. "Alex. Some background; About a month ago, We got a false flag through the Draco Foundation job-ticket system. I got an official request for defense against an extraction. I'm not sure how, and we're running it down. It turned out to be a trap for Jester here… we fought them off, took some prisoners. There was an interrogation which… wasn't it Lock? Lock Trap? Lock Step? Lock something… did not survive. He lead us to a Fixer named Cadaver who did the legwork on the mission."

Johny gestures, when he says 'Jester here' to the back room of the penthouse; where Jester will be staying.

Minos pauses. "You were running defense against an extraction, and were ambushed, and captured one of the ambushers, and he led you to a fixer named Cadaver. What sort of legwork, what involvement, did Cadaver have?"

Lilith nods slightly, pulling out a thin cigarello. She lights it and takes a soft, poised drag, listening.

"Lockstep. A crier." Kass murmurs from across the room, working on a glass of something vaguely reddish.

Lilith snorts under her breath.

Johny nods to Alex. "There was no extraction; Jester was the target from the start; the Extraction was just to call out Draco Defense forces as they surmised he was being sheltered by the Foundation. They did not know specifically about the watchers nor were they targeting a Watcher specifically. Cadaver was the Fixer who hired the runners to make the extraction on Jester. He's got some rep, a solid history. Tonight, we go to meet with him. I don't much anticipate combat… we're both too good for that. It may happen, but it will be spur of the moment, not premeditated. Everyone on the same page?"

Minos says "All right."

Lilith softly buffs her nails, blowing out a soft trail of smoke. "Aye aye. I'd be interested in meeting the man."

"Alright." Kass finishes off her beverage, walking it into the kitchen and waving off Marcus, "I got it."

Marcus smiles brightly.

Johan pulls out a cellphone, dashing off a quick text message. Incoming as agreed, +3 SecDet.

Lilith takes another draw. "I take it the dress code is formal? Where might we be meeting?"

Johny then removes the SIM chip from the phone before disconnecting the battery. The SIM Chip is then crushed between the fingertips of his right hand. "Dress loose, but respectable." He says simply.

Lilith nods, thinking to herself as she smokes.

"Where is the meet taking place?" Kass asks as she resurfaces from the kitchen.

Johny explains… "Dead drop secret location, with a series of blacked out vehicle rides in between. Pretty standard fair. I expect him to have jammers and spirits watching to make sure we are not tracked. Mind, I intend on having an ace hole."

Minos says "Which is?"

Johny gestures to Marcus. "Marcus will be airborne in Mustang Alpha, tracking us that way. Wards are sort of like Lead for Superman. If the car is warded, he will see it and be able to follow that. If the vehicle is not warded, he can see and follow that. With the helicopter on stand by, probably outside the range of Cadavers resources to track or see, well… we have airborne surveillance, spirits and magic at our hats."

Kass doesn't look pleased at all. The elven woman crosses her arms and leans against the wall. "Why are we letting them direct the nature of the meeting?"

Lilith nods, frowning a little. "That is a concern. Did the they pick the location?"

"Because we are better than them." Says Sam, sucking in on his cigarette. "And because we want what he has. Not the other way around. So we jump through his hoops to get the meeting, and maybe what we want. Quid Pro Quo. It's pretty standard trade craft."

Kassandra shrugs ever so slightly, "As you say. I am unfamiliar with your trade craft."

Minos says "What is it that we want from him exactly? The identities of who hired him? Anything else?"

Lilith nods to Sam, listening. Learning.

Johny nods to Minos. "Exactly so. We want to know who hired him. We want to follow the money. We are not going to have a nice fun chat. We are going to have a nice, hard, discussion in which if he doesn't give us what we want, we will end up bringing his entire organization down piece by bloody piece, and then? We mail those pieces to him one at a time, COD."

Lilith seems to perk up a bit at this. Oh, violence.

"When?" Kassandra shrugs, pushing off the wall.

Having initiated the meet earlier in the night Johny has insured the series of car rides and go betweens that keep the basement morgue you eventually find yourselves in relatively secure. Cell phone and satellite reception in this immediate area is being jammed expertly but emergency channel equipment such as Doc Wagon tags and 911 calls are not.

Exiting into the internal garage of whatever this building or complex of building are, leads into a series of dungeon-like golden brick halls which appear to be made out of something that isn't red clay.

The last group of hosts have all been large, masked, and impeccably dressed. Silently they lead you to a well lit room filled with large stainless steel-doored freezers. In this room the fluorescent lights hum and lightly flicker. There is a pervading stench of industrial strength cleaners and 'old-people'. You are lead toward one of the freezers, a large cold room with piss poor lighting and row after row of covered bodies on gurneys, still and silent. With aid of the wordless attendants you pass through a hidden door in the back into what appears to be a sizable and quite posh looking living space. Your silent companions drop away leaving you to fend for yourselves in a foyer with hallways leading in two directions. The door is ajar on a classic European study, which appears a likely meeting place. There is art every where, it seems to favor a particular sketch artish whos drawings litter the foyer and create a certain mood:

Johny, after the ride, does a full spectrum radio check, including wireless frequencies. He looks to Minos, making a 'no go' motion with his finger over his ear. "Care to return the favor, Minos?" He asks, sticking to call-signs now. "Look, Slither, his taste in artwork is positively -heartwarming-." Says Nacht as he moves further in, his cane tapping the ground as he moves, each strike a solid note of metal on concrete. He eyes the door, looking it over in minute detail before deciding if to step through.

Minos looks around curiously. "I must say, charming decor. Absolutely charming. Suitable location for a chap named "Cadaver", but I'm not entirely certain I'm comfortable with the artwork."
Lilith idly looks around, appreciating the decor, maybe not so much the scattered art work. She keeps her expression set; cool, calm, flat. Patiently waiting. "Oh, dear me, yes."

Minos says "Not to mention the foreshadowing and subtext."

Minos checks comms and shakes his head. "Nope. Dead."

Lilith snorts softly. "It's a good bit of flash, that." She eyes a particularity horrendous piece. "Well drawn, though."

Silk stays quiet, not bothering with the banter, wrapped in her jacket and looking around.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence + 3 (Security comps):
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 5 7 14

Lilith otherwise stands back and lets the big boys do what they do best.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence + 1 (Security) for "Looking around.":
1 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 4

There is a surprising lack of tech here, it looks like the majority of the security here is managed the old fashion way, secrets.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "What's all this then":
1 2 2 3 4

Johny nods to Minos, then the door. "* * * * * * * * * *" (Ancient Ork)

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Security Procedures for "What the heck, why not":
9 10 11

Lil isn't able to see much more, but is fairly confident there is minimal electronic security or surveillance here. While surveying, more art on the walls comes into view:

Minos says in Ancient Ork, "***"

Minos opens the door and has a look beyond it, making sure the coast is clear.

Lilith wrinkles her nose at the art work, but shrugs it off, looking between Johnny and Minos. She shrugs. "It's quiet here."

«OOC» Johny remembers the GM doesn't speak ancient ork.
«OOC» Johny says, "Johny nods to Minos, then the door. "Rooms clean enough looking. Would you care to preceed us?" (Ancient Ork)"
«OOC» Minos says, "and I just said Certainly"

Johny cracks his neck, letting the sound echo in the cool, dark space of the morgue.

Looking over the artwork, Silk doesn't seem either impressed or unimpressed. She simply waits, a mildly bored expression on her face as she scans the room, hands still in her jacket pockets. The elven woman has been fairly silent throughout the trip, replying only in short sentences or simple nods.

Passing into the study, the stench grows a bit stronger, the competition between the cleaning agents and the mysterious funk rages on in your nostrils. The room is setup quite classically, a large wooden desk at one end flanked by tall book cases filled with hard bound books. A high backed chair covered in pale brown leather rests empty behind the desk, and in front of it a myriad of plush chairs and a love seat bar witness to its majesty. There is a tray on the desk with a meal on it, set recently, or so it would appear but not yet touched. On one of the walls, two contrasting depictions of the Danse Macabre compete for your attention:

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "Dude. Really. What the fuck is that smell?":
1 4 4 5 8

Minos says, "No one in the room. I'll go in first."

Lilith is able to pull the trace amounts of powerful antiseptic cleaner staining the air, typically used in hospitals, the other half eludes her for the moment.

Minos turns on his internal air tank. The effect is sorta weird for people who are watching him because basically it looks like he's stopped breathing. He enters the room and has a good look around the place.

Lilith wanders in after Minos…she wrinkles her nose, suppressing a soft sneeze at the tingle from the powerful cleaners. Looking around the room, the art work…a bit of suspicion crosses into her mind, all the same. She remains calm.

Johny enters the room as well, looking around the room. "I'm going to be sorely disappointed if Mr. Cadaver has had us jump through his hoops, and we have, in good faith, simply to not show…"

Lilith simply nods.

Silk follows Johny to the doorway, looking around inside. She frowns, eyes traveling the room, the lack of other exits, etc. She stands in the doorway, turning to look both ways, into the room and out.

Lilith murmurs, almost under her breath. "I've got a dungeon, and aside from the art work, this place is giving *me* a bad vibe."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence + 2 (Chemistry) for "Do -I- recognize the scent?":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence + 2 (Chemistry) for "Do -I- recognize the scent?":
3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence + 3 (Chem) for "Scent?":
1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 9

Minos says "Hmmm."

«OOC» Jester says, "I need a knowledge skill role of something like: magical threats, paranormal animals, etc 6th world related obviously, from Kass or Johny"

Minos reaches into his shoulder bag and takes something out of it. He hands it to Johan. "Figure this out."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Magical Background + Task Pool: 3:
1 1 1 2 5 9 9 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291)'s Shoulder Pack (#3127) has the Voucher Item 7 Portable Gas Spectrometer (Rating 6) with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]—-
==========================> Item 7 on Shoulder Pack <==========================
Item Name: Portable Gas Spectrometer (Rating 6)
Item Type: ITEM
Quantity: 1
Fractional OK: No
Clonable: No
Players Can Link: No
Parent Item: 5
Created For: Minos (#5291)
Created By: Unknown
IC Location: Shoulder Bag

Lilith sniffs again, shakes her head. She looks to Minos and murmurs softly. "I don't *think* I smell blood under this."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Magical Background + Task Pool: 1:
5 5 7 10

Kass sniffs the air, shrugs.

Once in the room, the party can hear the distinct sound of someone approaching from outside the room down the long halls of tiled floor. The hard heels echo resoundingly closer. The sounds of humming drone toward you as a deep and rich baritone floods the halls outside. It would appear your host is on his way to you. Silk can see him as he rounds the corner, as her chosen perch lends her good line of sight. The man is tall and thin, perhaps almost seven feet tall, a wine bottle and flower of glasses are laced into each hand respectively. He appears to be singing to himself. He is dressed unmistakably in Mortimer.

Silk clicks her tongue, nodding towards the hallway.

Johny comments simply… "Ghoul rot." in two languages; Arabic and Ancient Orkish. They sound, interestingly enough, remarkably similar. He moves to the side of the room, his hands folding behind his back, his spine straight. Classic G-Man pose…

Lilith nods to Silk in turn, then to Johnny.

Minos stands looking at the Danse Macabre paintingthe colorful onebut his ears flick a bit as he hears the approaching footsteps.

Lilith gently drifts closer to Minos, out of the path and eye line of the door

The Gentleman approaches and politely excuses himself past Kassandra "Good evening, I hope you've not been waiting long, I found just the vintage I was looking for. This will insure that this is a night you will never forget." The man is divine, a Patrick Stewart of a man with clean shaven scalp and bright lively eyes. A scent of hygene and cologne wash over Kass as he passes her, and any female minds in the room are sure to wander well into the realms of 'I wonder…' and 'Wouldn't it be nice' if only for a split second. He sets the glasses on the desk and proceeds to open the wine. "You'll excuse me if I have my dinner while we talk. Its steak night…" he muses "I never miss steak night."

Silk's mind doesn't wander down those realms; she simply nods to the man as he passes by and goes back to looking down the hall and then back to the room.

Minos turns around slowly and says, quietly, "By no means would we wish to disturb your repast."

Lilith pushes her hood back a little to see better, briefly looking up at the man. She wonders nothing, knowing well the power of seduction, and besides. Minos is prettier. Her nostrils do flare, though, but she says nothing either, just watching him silently.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Draco Foundation Familiarity + Task Pool: 2:
2 2 3 5 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Task Pool: 1:

Johny tilts his head to the man in the Mortimer and the sense of wine. "Thank you for meeting with me. +" Asks he then, his nasal filters channeling much of the noxious bits of pheromones and the general skank of the room away from his olfactory nerves. "What is the vintage?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291) rolls Draco Foundation:
4 4 8 11

Johny narrows his eyes, looking then to the man… Then to Minos, to see if Minos recognizes the gentleman.

The Gentleman opens the bottle and offers it to Johny, allowing him to fill the glasses as he takes a seat behind the desk and pulls his tray of food closer.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls French Wines + Task Pool: 3 for "Maybe defaulting here…":
1 1 1 4 5 7 9

«OOC» Jester says, "Alas jonathan knows nothing about wine, lets call it a 60 dollar bottle and translate that into shadowrun standards. A step or two above table wine"

Lilith simply stands quietly, being polite and not interrupting the man's meal.

Minos says "Niles Hulsker," says Minos quietly in his deep British accent. "The man who would've been President Dunkelzahn's ambassador to Asamondo. What have you been doing since 2057, Mister Hulsker?"

Johny takes the bottle, looking it over. "Collecting top shelf wine." Says Sam, moving for some glasses.

The gentleman, Niles Hulsker explains as he cuts at his rough sinewy steak with a stabbing fork and a sharp knife "I've been indulging my more capitalist sensibilities, Mr. Michaels. Much like yourself."

Silk watches from the doorway, listening to the conversation.

Lilith folds her hands into her sleeves. "Indulging indeed. You have a magnificent set of rooms, if I may venture my humble opinion." Her own accent, also British, but softer and gentler then Minos' own.

Johny's accent is South Texas if there ever was one. When Minos establishes a personal relationship with Mr. Hulsker, Johny steps back with a nod to the Minotaur.

Niles bows his head gratefully to Lilith, "Your lovely companion by the door does not appear to share your enthusiasm."

Lilith shrugs at that.

"There was the little matter of being shot at by people working for you. It puts a damper on peoples enthusiasm, Mr. Huslker." Says Johny then, looking to him.

Lilith murmurs quietly. "Being assaulted often offends." Dry Brit wit, all the way.

Minos says "Well, your taste in hospitality is somewhat interesting. I am surprised, though, that you haven't set out food for everyone."

Silk doesn't bother to respond since the others already have, simply maintaining her watch.

«OOC» Jester says, "Would an established fixer know Silk to be Silk or would you prefer I not make that leap?"
«OOC» Kassandra is relatively well known, I think.

Niles returns after chewing a piece of rare succulent meat and swallowing. "Its a delicate dance isn't it?" his eyes wag toward the Danse Macabre "We make investments, we take risks. My little operation went bust, tits up. I know that you are hear for an eye, Hammurabi's lessons no doubt in Silk's mind." he considers "But I ask you, hasn't enough blood been shed?"

Johny simply straightens back up, setting the bottle down. He only touched the bottle with his right hand, his cyber hand with real skin. NO prints, no DNA. He glances to Minos, to see where he runs with the ball.

Minos says "Well, Mister Hulsker, we're not really here to attack you. We're interested in some answers of the sort that polite shadowrunners and established fixers are never supposed to ask nor answer. The information is of such a nature that a quid-pro-quo might be arranged."

Her gaze lazily settling on Niles, Silk raises an eyebrow. She doesn't speak.

Lilith settles back as well and she once again is silent, waiting and patiently watching.

Minos notices an errant thread on his shirt and plucks it away.

Niles reaches for a glass of wine, wetting his pallet. "Before I expose anything, it behooves me to ask what you would take in trade for the boy. Are you interested in an exchange?"

Johny's eyes, behind the shades, tighten. Those who know him may spot the little vein at the side of his temple throb just a slight bit more.

Lilith face shuts down abruptly. She just looks to the men.

Silk laughs, a genuine laugh of delight.

Minos says "I find the question insulting, Mister Hulsker. Were we prepared to exchange the boy, the identity of who wants him would be relatively unimportant, don't you think?"

Lilith is thinking to herself…he'sminehe'sminehe'sMINE. You can't trade MINE.

Hulsker seems somewhat befuddled. "So be it. Why you would encircle your necks with such an Albatross is troubling, but I am a man who can see reality." he sips wine. "Elvis Darwin is in high demand in certain tightly knit circles. Circles that cannot, at this time maneuver their resources around as effectively as need be, so I have very little to work with at the moment." he continues. "I could arrange a meet and greet for you, but you will certainly be asked the same question, and I fear exposing yourself to them would only pique their interest." he explains finally "Since the loss of my two constituents I have washed my hands of the matter."

Minos says "If you've washed your hands of the matter, then you can also wash your hands of us. Just let us know who they are and we'll take care of the rest."

Lilith just continues to quietly watch Hulsker.

Niles pulls a memopad across the desk and draws a pen from the interior of his jacket, standard tense millisecond as his hand reaches into his jacket applies. He scribbles down the word "Raptor." and a denver telephone number. "This is a messaging service he uses, I can't say whether he will answer or not. Hes very particular."

Minos takes the paper and arches an eyebrow. "That's all you have?"

Niles looks toward Minos "Information costs money Mr. Michaels, while I respect your attempts to strong arm me into revealing one of my oldest customers dossier, known haunts, and susceptibilities." he offers "He's been on the boy since the beginning, don't you know. The school was all his idea. Brilliant if you ask me."

Lilith voice carries softly, but clearly, through the room. "School?"

Minos shakes his head. "You misunderstand me, Mister Hulsker. This isn't a strongarm attempt. Those look different; I don't tend to wear a tie for those. This is a negotiating session wherein your valuable information is on the trading block."

Niles chooses Lilith this time, smiling to her as he explains "He never told you? How delightful."

Lilith smiles in return, a warmth that shines behind eyes of pale ice. "I've known him but a short while. Do explain."

Minos nods towards Lilith. "Of course, negotiation isn't my forte. I'm usually the muscle. Silk, Nacht, and Slither tend to handle that sort of thing." He looks to them as if passing a baton.

"Were this a strong arm session, Mr. Hulsker." Says Johny then. "We'd be in different clothing. If you'd like to schedule a strong arming session, please, discuss it with Ms. Slither. She's adept at such things and it will give me a chance to change clothing. I dislike stains."

Lilith just continues to smile. Charming, really.

Johny glances to Lilith, giving her a nod with his mighty fine hat. Which is visible. It's a change.

Silk spares the room a glance, then back to the hall. Then the room. You get the idea. She absently rolls her eyes at the mention of strong arming the man, leaning against the door frame.

Mr. Hulsker explains eagerly "Well I suppose the least I can do is slander the idiot a bit. The idol was taken from his family some years back, this is true. Done so by the boy himself. A long an sordid tale, but….I think I still have a copy…" he stands and glances across his library, "…the entire plot of it taken from the pages of this book." as he removes and slides a copy of 'Enders Game' across the table. "The boy was conned into thinking he was in a special school, under the nose of his parents he was trained to steal the idol. It took four years and many many thousands of nuyen."

Lilith nods. "Go on."

Niles retorts politely, as if countering her attempt to egg him on. "You may take the book with you, Ms…Slither was it?"

Lilith smiles. "I have many books, sir, I do not need more. Is that all you have to say? I would dearly love to hear more of your tale."

Johny is silent, willing to let Lilith run the line with this one.

Hulsker taps the cover of the book "It has much to say, much more than I do." he leans back "Don't neglect the margins, more is written than is said." he opens the book and slides the contact information into the cover, closing it once more.

Lilith doesn't take her eyes off him as she steps lightly to the book, her skirts rustling, picking it up. "I wonder at that, sir."

Those near the door sense a pervading stench and hear the sounds of movement muffled by metal and insulation.

Silk frowns, eyes peering outward. She snaps once.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence for "I got ten ways to fuck a man up with my pinky finger alone. Are you that man?":
1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "Don't make me cut a bitch":
1 3 5 7 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence for "Noisy critters.":
1 2 2 3 3 5 5 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291) rolls Intelligence + 5 for "I have super hearing!":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 8 8 8 10 10 10 16

Niles perks up a bit and explains "I really hate to cut this meeting short, but having said what I need to say, and feeding time approaching it behooves me to get you and your merry band about your way while I can still do so safely."

Lilith buffs her nails on her skirt. "Oh my. Whatever kind of pets do you have?"

Initial sounds seem to emanate from beyond the hidden door you first entered through, however even as he speaks other sounds echo down the tile hallways.

Niles stands and moves toward the door, beckoning the party to follow. Leading to steel rectangle that serves as the backside of the secret door, he instructs "Proceed as you did into the morgue. Do not tarry in the freezer, nor should you be especially noisy. The chemicals and temperature suppress most of their important senses of smell and taste but they hear quite well. The servants will ferry you to the car safely once you cross, and you can be on your way."

Minos says "Ghouls. Not many of them have Mister Hulsker's ability to retain so much of their humanity. Remember, it's a disease. Some of them are quite feral, their minds destroyed by the ravages of the Krieger strain." He looks to Hulsker, and adds: "For them, I think I might be their steak dinner.""

Johny eyes Hulsker then. Then Minos. Then the door. "We will be going. Thank you for your time."

Hulsker chuckles at Minos, shaking his head, the man has made an invalid assumption about his status. "Mr. Michaels, what an absurd thing you seem to think of me." he adds "We share a common obsession, not a common ancestry." he turns and heads down the hall.

Passing through into the dimly lit freezer, the cold air and dank stench assault your senses. The room is now filled with sounds, groans, moans, gnashing of teeth and the rustling of sheets. Writing under their sheets, the presumed humanoid forms twist and turn in restless repose threatening with each movement to rise and shed their cotton coverings. You are received on the other side by silent attendants and escorted to your blacked out Limo through the narrow halls of golden brick and fluorescent lighting. Once inside, the quiet journey gives you time to reflect. You are safely deposited to back to the drop point, and the night ends.

March 10, 2009

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