The deckers, one more advanced and capable than the other, meet up in the Denver LTG, a small out of the way datastore called Supplemental Facts. It's a site that hosts nutritional data from various soft drinks and snack foods. It's usually visited by worried middle class mothers in tortious mode, so it's not likely to be drawing much attention. Trenchcoat is there, gazing at the info display for SNACKYCAKES.

The chameleon glides in shortly. Her chromatic features reflecting sculpted world around her. "Am I late?" Her voice has a slight metallic ping to it.

"For basic literacy, yes. I just watched four women try to compare nutritional data and get confused by the little symbol thats a slanted stick with a zero to either side of it, one on top, one below." TrenchCoat's own voice is a hollow thing, sounding like its coming from a speaker mounted down a hole.

The chameleon chuckles, "That one always confuses me too." She uploads a program or two and then say's, "So are you ready to dance?"

The hollow man chuckles, the sound, well, hollow. "Yes. First up…" He says, offering her a cord that slides out of his sleeve. "Silence protocols. We don't want to listened in on."

The chameleon looks at the cord and takes it between her glossy fingers and nods.

"First up… We hit the Sioux Nation and UCAS, diverting power in microfracture, to the CAS Power grid. Not enough to be noticed or outside of variable limits. Second, we hit the CAS grid and route that power, plus a little extra, down to Undertown. The Sioux will be the hardest, they're running an Orange 3 system."

"I'm… gonna let you take the sioux."

The chameleon nods, "Perfect."

Leehman Brothers Assembly Plant (Decommissioned)
Security Access Control Index Files Slave
Orange-3 7 8 8 7 7
Leehman Brothers Assembly Plant (Decommissioned)
Actions Taken By Host Result Notes Tally
Logon to host Chammy Orange-3 Success 10 Successes 0
Analyze Host Chammy Orange-3 Success 12 Successes +1 (1)
Locate Access Node Chammy Orange-3 Sucess 11 Successes +0(1)
Analyze Subsystem Chammy Subsystem-10 Success 9 Successes +0(1)
Locate File Chammy Subsystem-10 Success 12 Successes +0(1)
Decrypt File Chammy Subsystem-10 Success 11 Successes +0(1)
Edit File Chammy Subsystem-10 Success 11 Successes +0(1)
Graceful Log-off Chammy Subsystem-10 Success 10 Successes +3(4)
Result: Even though Chammy set off the Systems alarms, when it came around to
the computers turn, she was gone. Power routed to CAS sector.

The Chameleon zipps along the data stream until she gets to the Sioux Ftz. Easily slipping through the system. She locates the host. Leehman Brothers Assembly Plant. A hard hat is all she needs to slip past the security. The deception seems to work as the drone barely glances at her credentials. She finds the map to the system and spends some time analyzing the matrix.

She finds an elevator that will take her down to more interesting parts of the building. Where all the guts are. Then finds the subsystem and the hallway she walks down gleams. She finds the the subsytem and can see all the dangerous bits. She tiptoes around them not waking up the guard dogs and then she opens up a dusty book on a table. Been a while since anyone looked at these files.

She locates the file she wants, takes out a pencil from behind her ear and begins erasing a few digits. Then makes a few alterations. Once her work is done she blows returns the book to the shelf and smiles. On the way out she bumps into a pile of electronic gear which wakes up the whole house. But by the time the dogs get there they don't even find a rat.

Denver UCAS Power Grid 421 (Aurora)
Security Access Control Index Files Slave
Orange-8 12 12 11 12 15
Denver UCAS Power Grid 421 (Aurora)
Actions Taken By Host Result Notes Tally
Log-on to Host Chammy Orange-8 Success 8 Successes +1(1)
Analyze Host Chammy Orange-8 Success 6 Successes +1(2)
Locate Access Node Chammy Orange-8 Success 8 Successes +0(2)
Analyze SubSystem Chammy Subsystem-14 Success 3 Successes +0(2)
Locate File Chammy Subsystem-14 Success 6 Successes +0(2)
Decrypt File Chammy Subsystem-14 Success 6 Successes +0(2)
Edit File Chammy Subsystem-14 Success 5 Successes +3(5)
Graceful Log-off Chammy Subsystem-14 Success 4 Successes +1(6)
Result: Although again, Chammy set off alarms, she was able to
gracefully log out before the system could locate her.

This time The Chameleon doesn't have it all go her way. She logs onto the Denver UCAS powergrid 421 (North Aurora) and finds herself in a maze of wires leading everywhere.

The difficulty starts when she tries to analyze the complex subsystem. The map just keeps unfolding and unfolding till she thinks her program is stretched to its limit. She stamps her foot in irritation at how long it takes then finally she locates the access route.

She takes a tiny service elevator that leads to a door with a lightning bolt on it. She spends more time locating the file and uploads the decrpytion. More waiting. Chammy eyes the IC in the room. Her whip hisses at her feet as they begin to stir as soon as she begins to alter the file. Rerouting power to the UG all the while keeping an eye on that tar baby that's beginning to look a little hungry. She finishes quickly and then logs out before they get suspicious again.

She's sure that some poor drone got an hacking alert. But she's a ghost in the machine and she doesn't think they caught her scent. She arrives at Trenchcoats side and say's, "Sorry that took so long. However Mission Accomplished."

TrenchCoat glances at a non-existent watch on his hands. "Good. I'm glad. I can do the last one, or you can. HOw you feeling?"

Confederated Power and Light Substation 3 (Mississippi)
Security Access Control Index Files Slave
Orange-7 13 13 14 12 13
Confederated Power and Light Substation 3 (Mississippi)
Actions Taken By Host Result Notes Tally
Log-on to host Samuel Orange-7 Success 6 Successes +0(0)
Analyze Host Samuel Orange-7 Success 1 Success +1(1)
Locate Access Node Samuel Orange-7 Success 5 Successes +0(1)
Analyze Subsystem Samuel Subsystem 14 Success 2 Successes +0(1)
Locate File Samuel Subsystem 14 Success 3 Successes +0(1)
Decrypt File Samuel Subsystem 14 Success 3 Successes +0(1)
Edit File Samuel Subsystem 14 Success 4 Successes +2(3)
Graceful Log-off Samuel Subsystem 14 Success 5 Successes +0(3)
Result: As before, the security was triggered but could not find any evidence
of what triggered it. Ascribed to a glitch.

Call it a gift. But Sam's got overconfident written all over him as he takes off for the CAS grid. The Grid has that Antibellum feel you see in Gone With the Wind and other such movies of that era. Confederated Light And Power maintains Victorian era street lamps that line the street, representing the sub-nodes for power distribution.

Counting them off, Trenchcoat finds himself standing in front of the one he desires. The one with a faulty power regulator with enough juice flowing to do what he wants it to do. It also happens to be in the area of Undertown, real-world.

It takes only a moment as his little tool kit materializes from nowhere, and he pries off the access port to the wires inside the node. Once he's got it open, he stares at a mass, a tangle, veritable jungle of wires. He reaches for his tool kit, instinctively… but nothing comes. He blinks, looking again. Oh for fucks sake, his Analyze utility is gone! He's going to have to do this by hand! He can't back out now and look like a pussy in front of Chameleon.

This takes a while, all the time looking over his shoulder, sifting through each wire separately. There's so many of them and he's never exactly done this before. One by one, he marks them off. "No… not it… not it… eeny meeny miney moe… catch a tiger…" He's there for what seems an eternity before he spots the right wire, a red wire with the blue stripe, near the back. He reaches out, clamping a set of alligator clips to the wire, examining the system. "I have to fix this kit…"

Perspective shifts as he stands now, on the wire, a micron tall as he looks up and down the wiring conduit. Now to find the right electrical junction box. He pulls out a large magnifying glass, peering about the conduit's walls as he moves down the line, walking on the red wire with the blue stripe. He pauses, coming to a junction box marked with a massive thunderbolt and a 'no touch' symbol.

He shakes his head then, looking at it. He starts to examine its surface in detail, analyzing again by eyeball and hand, without the support of a program designed for it. He mutters as he comes almost immediately upon the system specs. Full of ice, but idle. He's not been detected yet. He sets about then, with the magnifying glass, looking for the right file.

It doesn't take long for him to find that file, as he opens up the junction box to stare at a massive bank of breaker switches, the kind one would pull down with both hands to send life in to Frankenstien. He examines the way they are positioned, starting to understand how this switch or that switch reroutes power. It takes a bit, but it all starts to make sense.

Reaching out his hands, he pulls one down, puts three up, turns the blue knob… and power flows back in to Tinkertown. Down the hall, outside of Trenchcoat's perception, a cleaning drone comes to full power, something in its programming bringing it to examine the area. By the time it comes to the power conduit, Trenchcoat has resealed it, removing his presence and trace, and even himself as he returns to chameleon.

TrenchCoat has a comical ball of sweat dripping off his hat. "This fragging deck doenst have any analyze software! That took for-fragging-ever!"

Chammy grins, "Oh? I have two." She winks and then nods, "Still it looks like there may be some celebrating in Tinker tonight."

TrenchCoat nods then. "One hopes. This won't provide all the power, but I've got generators to specific locations to feed power in. They will have full power for a few more days.."
Vixen nods, "Perhaps at one point we can put in a priority work order to restore Tinker to the grid more legitimately." She shrugs, "Or find a more permanent solution."

TrenchCoat shakes his head. "Undertown has been given the space to breath. From here out, kid… they do for themselves or they fall."

Vixen nods and smiles as she zips off to business of her own.


System Name
Security Access Control Index Files Slave
System Template
Actions Taken By Host Result Notes Tally
Log-on to host
Analyze Host
Locate Access Node
Analyze Subsystem
Locate File
Decrypt File
Edit File
Graceful Log-off
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