Car Painting

The meeting is called for by a man known as Falcone. One of the recent men to come in to Denver in the wake of the damage recently inflicted on the Ratto crew, he's looking ot make a name for himself.

The meeting takes place in the Castle Midevio Casino Complex, a massive themed casino and hotel complex that looks like a cross between Snow Whites Castle and a Renaissance Fair, only with more gambling.

In the small VIP cafe called 'The Painted Wench'.

It's a strip club, natch.

You are instructed by your contact (Chose one), to look for King Arthur.

Krasivy shows, dressed to fit the theme of the place. A snug fitting bodice and overskirt settled over a white chemise that makes it fairly modest by design. Black with gold trim over the white. Zsolt on one arm, she trails the scent of work like whore snuffling the floor for traces of novacoke on the morning after. A few questions, and directions lead the pair to the Wench, and Krasivy takes the lead, looking for a King.

Kassandra will show at the Midevio dressed in appropriate attire, in this case a black dress, stylish yet simple. She eyes the activity going on their, gaze straying over the various tables with a look of quiet greed and interest. Still, she keeps on her way towards the VIP room, giving a sour look at the activity inside. She sighs, shaking her head, and heads in to look for King Arthur, quietly praying that his sword is sheathed and not stuck in a stone .. or worse.

Falcone is far from a king, but he sits at a round table, a royal banner sitting behind him and it does give him a regal cast. Currently, there's a pair of nubile young thangs (One Amerind and one Caucasian) that are cavorting around on stage in something that can only be called a 'dance' because they are not -actually- having sex.

Well, not quite.

Zsolt seems content and relaxed at Kravisy's arm, letting her do all the work for him. Drifting behind her, his silvery eyes look over the entire scenery. A smile here, a smile there at various things that strike his fancy. Otherwise the white haired man with dark blue bobcat ears just minds his own business but looking entertained none the less. Upon the initial approach to Falcone, this 'King Arthur' he regards the man with a lopsided smirk. Eyes naturally roaming to the two nubile young women that shake their shit. Hard to turn down a show like that.

Krasivy spies the good King sitting on his throne and heads thataway, giving Zsolt a nudge with her elbow when he seems, er, to savor the visual delights of the Faux Lesbos on stage. A glance to Kassandra and she smiles, giving her a nod before focusing on the man and curtsying.

"Ten minutes should be more than needed." Krasivy says. "Zsolt can peek through, ahead, da? Not know word for crossing." she says regretfully, then thinks. "I can make friends, if need. Sun-shine can shoot…" she turns a questioning glance to Kassandra

Zsolt settles back into his seat and takes to staring out of the window, a faint nod of his head, "I can go into astral. Take peek, yes?" he glances briefly back to Krasivy and Sunshine. Silvery eyes look to regard Kassandra a bit longer. "You want guard or anyone killed or just.. asleep?"

Kassandra nods, considering the others, "I can fill in wherever is needed." She glances out the window at a street performer being accosted by the Star before answering, "No deaths if we can avoid it. Less problems that way, plus we aren't getting paid for that. Asleep is fine."
Kassandra ignores the dancers on the stage, focusing rather on the man than the activity in the room. She keeps her expression calm and neutral. She nods pleasantly to Krasivy and Zsolt before fixing her gaze on the 'King', waiting to be recognized by His Majesty.

Zsolt grunts, rubbing at his arm where Krasivy nudged him. Something softly spoken in Russian quickly but he looks down at Falcone. Silvery eyes glancing to Kassandra and Krasivy for a quick moment. Waiting on King Arthur to either ask them to sit or just start talking.

Falcone gestures to the others. "Come, sit. My name is Julian Falcone." His accent is east coast, possibly New York/Boston Metroplex, if you know such things. "You." He says, gesturing to Kassandra wiht a shot glass. "Have a rep and are respected." He then gestures to the other two, the russians. "You…. are jobbers. Expendable until you prove otherwise. Anyone has an issue, walk now."

Krasivy settles onto a seat at the invitation, leaving Zsolt to sink or swim on his own in making his choice. Skirts and layers are adjusted until they rest around her in a pleasing way. "Is pleasure to meet you, Mister Falcone." she greets, then tips her head, struggling to follow the slang. After a moment, she nods, gathering what she needs from the context.

Kassandra slides into a seat, giving Mr. Falcone her second best smile. She stays silent for the moment, watching this new man's interaction with the other two. She waves off a server who approaches her about refreshments, and pays scant attention to the floorshow.

Zsolt glances to Krasivy a moment, perhaps maybe this ones English isn't all that great. He takes a seat as offered, not seeming put off by being labled expendable. Only smiling, leaning back in his chair somewhat like a Gunslinger of some bygone day. Entwining his fingers that come to rest on his stomach. Twice peirced lower lip forcing a constant lopsided smile to be present on his face. Floorshow forgotten at the moment.

Falcone nods to the others as they seem to understand the nature of the relationship at hand. "Bella. So. Here's the nuts and bolts. Simple as this. What I'm offering is a simple thing. Pay's low, risk's probably about the same. I just can't be bothered to risk my own neck for it. A man has a car. I don't like it's paintjob. You are to fix this. You are not to destroy the vehicle aside from superficial changes, but you are to make the car as undesirable as possible for its current owner."

"What is…" Krasivy hesitates, looking for the right word. "Trick? No.. What is the … catch?" she offers, sounding hopeful that it's the right word for the situation. A glance to Zsolt, and she fusses with ehr skirts a little more before relaxing back, legs crossing neatly beneath the layers of fabric.
Kassandra nods to Krasivy's question, perhaps having the same thought in mind. She looks politely at Falcone, crossing one leg and folding her hands on the table.

Zsolt taps his finger at the bass line of the song being played that the dancers behind him move sultry to. Taken to nodding his head a little. "Also.." he finally speaks, tossing his hair out of his face a little so that it is not covering his eye fully. ".. vill owner of car be..mmm, present? Yes?" he asks, Russian accent painfully thick. Fresh off the boat is a good way to describe this one.

Falcone shrugs. "Look, I won't blow smoke up your ass, Ruski, but then, what am I hiring you for? If this was on the up and up, there's always Earl Shieb."

Krasivy frowns faintly, considering. "Maybe, misunderstand? Not care if.. up and up? Is wondering what is.. reason it is worth buying us." she says, giving a 'help me' sort of glance to Kassandra, hoping to not, you know, choke to death on her foot before the job is confirmed.

Kassandra nods to Krasivy, asking Falcone, "I believe what my compatriot is saying is, "What is the rest of the story?" She leans forward, remarking, "It sounds like a simple tag job you want on the car, which is what you hire gangers or even random homeless people for. Three runners, new or not, for something like this means that there is more to the story."

Falcone nods to Kassandra. "Well, thats always the kicker, isn't it?" he asks, a slight grin coming to his features." He reaches for a cigar, lighting it with a practiced ease. "Car's on a train, in a shipping container, coming in from Seattle. I want the work done in route."

Zsolt looks confused, probably not fully understanding 'American' slang that well still. "Sound like fun." he rumbles out, adjusting his seating now that he is honestly interested. Elbows coming to prop against the table.

Zsolt doesn't bother to try and understand at this point but since Krasivy chuckles, he gives a soft chuff as well. A glance over at Kassandra, watching her as she speaks a moment. Slowly he turns back to Falcone.

Krasivy's head tilts and then she nods, "Da, in." she says, then nodding towards Zsolt, signing him on as well.

Falcone nods, reaching in to his pocket. "Ye'r rep is strong, Silk. I know a guy who wknows another guy who says you got tits like sugar and a smile just as sweet." He pulls out a datachip, setting it on the table. "Train arrives in Denver in 2 days. It's held up in Boise on some bureaucratic work. In 2 hours, it rolls along the old Main Line. Make sure, somewhere along the way, the car becomes less than desirable, capiche?"

Kassandra eyes narrow ever so slightly, the emotional response there and gone in an eyeblink. She nods to Falcone, responding with, "De nada. It will be done."

"Panimayu" Zsolt says the Russian word for 'understand'. Unlinking his fingers, he looks ready to stand and get to work. Sniffing faintly with that lopsided grin on his face that has never left. Irritating to some. Cute to others.

Krasivy echoes Zsolt and nudges her chair back, inclining her head to Falcone and turning to Kassandra for guidance on where to meet next as she stands up. "Is pleasure do business, Mister Falcone." she intones with a smile.

Kassandra rises as well, leaning over to gather the chip and give Mr. Falcone a thrill. She nods, "We will be in touch, Mr. Falcone." The woman turns, nodding towards the others as she starts towards the door, her motion indicating they should follow. She slips the chip out of sight somewhere during that exchange.

Falcone nods to the others. "Good. Now get out and used the back doors."

Zsolt follows Kassandra out the back doors. Silvery eyes seeming to be stuck on her form. Looking back over his shoulder to Krasivy he smiles with a wink. Brushing away white hair from his face as other things take his attention away from just the Elven hottie before him.

A last nod and Krasivy falls in to bring up the rear, staying quiet for now and following Kassandra's lead on what to do next - no reason to risk seeming more of a newb than she must in front of her temporary employer.

Kassandra adjusts her path to aim towards the back door, leading the pair out and to the street beyond. She produces a cellphone at some point, making a brief call. By the time the trio makes it to the street, a limousine taxi will be waiting for them. Silk waits for the driver to open the door for them and slides inside, motioning for the others.

Zsolt chuckles a little bit at the limo-taxi as it pulls up, "Oh my." he says in English. "Very fancy, da?" he mentions back at Krasivy before he piles into the car. Adjusting his fur trimmed, loud parka when he settles into the car. Pulling out his cellphone, touching it's screen as he heads towards a few numbers there.

Zsolt chuckles a little bit at the limo-taxi as it pulls up, "Oh my." he says in English. "Very fancy, da?" he mentions back at Krasivy before he piles into the car. Adjusting his fur trimmed, loud parka when he settles into the car. Pulling out his cellphone, touching it's screen as he heads towards a few numbers there.


I am opening the floor to Legwork

Zsolt calls BTL Dealer Contact: Ralphie

«Plot» Zsolt says, " Calling up BTL Dealer Contact to see if he has ever heard of Falcone and if he has heard anything on the street through his contacts about the guy and this revenge tactic."

Contact for Zsolt (#9066)
Contact Name: Ralphie
Level: 1
Type: btl dealer
GM Note: Ralphie is a BTL Dealer that Zsolt has fallen into league with. While still new to Denver, Zsolt calls on Ralphie when he needs to make a sell that involves something more complicated than what Zsolt has at the current moment. Ralphie, being a BTL Dealer, also tends to know about more Underground movements with various Mafia types and Street hoodlums that purchase his 'stuff'.

«OOC» Falcone says, "Eti, TN 4 please"
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4 for "Talkin' to a drug dealer about Crimey things.":
1 3 4 4 = 2 Successes

"Falcone? Oh… Uh… He's not exactly new to town, but he keeps a pretty low profile. He is known to be connected to a few of the higher persons in the Denver Mob."

Krasivy contacts Thirteen

«Plot» Krasivy says, "I'll use Thirteen to see the what's what. She's an Otaku in Moscow. Pick up info on the train route - maybe there's some switching yards the train could get 'lost' in or some unseen ties to big people - 60k is a lot to deface a car."
«Auto-Judge[]» Krasivy (#8633) has the Contact Thirteen with the following information:

Contact for Krasivy (#8633)
Contact Name: Thirteen
Level: 1
Type: decker
GM Note: An Otaku in her prime, Thirteen has taken her age as a name. Next year she'll be Fourteen. She runs with a small band of others in an online gang that viciously, brutally strips nodes of data in hit-n-run drive bys. She's based out of Moscow, but the Trix is such a complicated beast, that getting around that fact is easy as pie - and the reason Krasivy is still in touch with her.

«OOC» Falcone says, "Eti, TN 4"
«Auto-Judge[]» Krasivy (#8633) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4:
2 3 3 4 4 4 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krasivy (#8633) rolls Etiquette - 3 vs TN 4 for "1/7 kp":
3 4 5 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Krasivy stands

13 is online and accepting instant messages.

Krasivy taptaptaps away at her pocsec. «Hey girlie, need a little help, if you've got the time.»

13: «Go for it. »

Krasivy uploads the info on the train, the route, the times and date. «See if you can make us a window of opportunity. Need short term access to car #45187-Delta. Think you can do it?»

«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 4:
1 2 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 4:
2 2 2 13

13: «<whats in it for me, dobrich?»>

Krasivy considers, then taps away for a moment. «The usual. Ten if you can make it work.»

«Plot» Krasivy says, "Sac'ing half my pay if 13 comes through"

13: «<I can get you a 10 minute delay at Mile Marker 392, inside the Sioux Nation, 10 miles west of Cheyenne. »>

Krasivy relays the information to the others and pauses, waiting for cnifirmation or denial from the others.

Kassandra will make a quick call, the limo heading off down the highway while the runners gather information. The limo taxi will slow to a stop to pick up munchies as well as a dwarf, likely at the same place. Silk tosses Skyler a nod and motions him into the limo.

She nods to Krasivy, reaching for one of the phones in her bag to do some supplemental work.

Zsolt sits there, next to Krasivy, not seeming to mind anything in the least. His hand reaching into his parka to idly pet at something. Almost like he has a creature hidden there. Otherwise he watches the streets and roads pass by along the way.

Skyler clambers into the limousine. He is, oddly enough, currently unaccompanied by a smoking pipe. "Hiya Silk! What's going on, dudette? Something about a graffiti thing?"

Krasivy gives a nod and sends the confirmation text to Thirteen, as well as a trixmail for her to route the payment information to.

Kassandra nods to Skyler, "That is pretty much the size of it." Silk makes introductions all around, excusing herself to make a quick call.

Skyler grins. "H'okay. I haven't done this sorta thing since I was a kid!"

Zsolt clears his throat as he watches the road pass by, "Beautiful? Don't you find it odd that a man would pay us so much to vandalize a car?" he asks her. Looking over to her, licking at his lips. A faint narrowing of his silver eyes, "I do not trust these Americans.". Pre-run jitters, sounds like it. Green horn. (Russian)

Kassandra calls SLot-n-Run

Contact for Kassandra (#9777) -
Contact Name: SlotnRun
Level: 2
Type: vehicle fixer
GM Note: Stephen, also known as Slot-n-Run, is a Specific Fixer that deals in vehicle aquisition. If it runs, swims, or flies he can get it for you, often still in one piece. Use the standard fixer statistics from SR3

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 2 vs TN 4 for "No pheromones via phone":
3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 = 8 Successes
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Stand."

Krasivy studies Skyler, then nods to Zsolt, responding in low tones. "It will be fine. You will scout ahead, I will back you with pets. I don't know what the others do." (Russian)

"Actually." Says Stephan… "I got this fucken old Union Pacific truck. It's a four by, capable of carrying a full work crew… and carries the special modifications that let it run on rails. I figure that should be interesting. I picked it up off a smuggler who used abandoned rails to get around until he dropped his load while he owed me too much."

Skyler looks at the two people speaking Russian and says, "Hiya! I'm Skyler Sunshine. What are your names?"

Zsolt looks like he was about to answer Krasivy with something else but he clears his throat when the Dwarf addresses him, "Zsolt." he says, reaching out to offer his hand to him. "Is pleasure."

"That sounds lovely, and just what we need. If you'd be a dear and get that ready for me, I'd appreciate it. In fact, I'd love to send you and Caroline on a trip. You've been working WAY too hard and I know you didn't get away for Christmas. It'd be like a second honeymoon, you know?" She glances to the others, pulling a small secretary out of her purse and checking her trixmail while talking, "How does a week in Hawai'i sound?"

"That would be lovely, silk. I'm sure Caroline, who's asleep, will be thrilled. The truck will be waiting in Cheyenne, at X place with Y folks that we worked with on Z run back in A time."

Skyler shakes the androgynous dude's hand and asks, "I don't mean to be rude, but are you a boy or a girl? It's kind of hard to tell these days and I don't want to say, like, "dude" when you're a dudette or vice-versa, Salt. Your name's pretty cool, though! Is there a Pepper?"

"Great! I'll put it at C place that we saw on D run. C U l8r!" Silk hangs up, remarking, "All right, we have transportation and a window. I'd say we need some disguises and we should be able to move pretty much unhindered .. unless you guys want to do the whole sneaky bit?"

Skyler is absolutely upbeat, nice, and happy; there's not a trace of sarcasm or insult in his voice.
"Krasivy." The russian woman says, looking Sunshine over again and then smiling faintly. "I can do minor tricks. Change clothes, that kid of thing."

Zsolt just smiles faintly, "Perhaps you can be Pepper, no?" he chuckles. "But I am very much man. Is common mistake." he shrugs faintly as if it doesn't bother him much at all. Probably used to it. "And the name is pronounce Zold-tuh. But I do not mind Salt. I need new nickname anyway."

Kassandra glances between the three. "Alright. We have a timeframe for this mission, a ride, a window of opportunity. All we have to do is get access to the train, do the deed, and get away."

Skyler smiles at Krasivy, and says her name very carefully, enunciating it—"Kras-iv-y," and then to Zsolt, "Zold-tuh." He watches their eyes to see if he got it right and when he does he fairly beams. "I could be Pepper, sure, if we get along real well! But I don't speak much Russian. I can speak some Nepali and Japanese, if that helps." Looking to them both he says, "I can only do a few tricks. I sneak around a lot, I can beat people up a bit, I'm kinda fast, but mostly, I can shoot the wings off of a butterfly at 300 meters with my bow." He shuts up when Silk starts talking, all ears. "Sounds good to me, Silk. I'm here for whatever you need me for!"

"Ten minutes should be more than needed." Krasivy says. "Zsolt can peek through, ahead, da? Not know word for crossing." she says regretfully, then thinks. "I can make friends, if need. Sun-shine can shoot…" she turns a questioning glance to Kassandra

Zsolt settles back into his seat and takes to staring out of the window, a faint nod of his head, "I can go into astral. Take peek, yes?" he glances briefly back to Krasivy and Sunshine. Silvery eyes look to regard Kassandra a bit longer. "You want guard or anyone killed or just.. asleep?"

Kassandra nods, considering the others, "I can fill in wherever is needed." She glances out the window at a street performer being accosted by the Star before answering, "No deaths if we can avoid it. Less problems that way, plus we aren't getting paid for that. Asleep is fine."

Zsolt nods his head faintly, not seeming bothered one way or another if they were to just be knocked out or killed outright. Reaching upwards, he scratches faintly at his dark eyebrow. "As you wish, dorogaya moya (my dear).", otherwise he resituates his jacket about him and settles in for the ride.

Krasivy smiles. "Can make many sleep." she says, looking between the three and relaxing back, enjoying the chance to before things get heated.

The Run

Kassandra motions the driver to take them to where people need to go, giving out numbers to everyone to hook up for the job.

Skyler cracks his neck and says, "I got my hammerhead arrows. I'm good to go!"

The Trip to Cheyanne takes a few hours, including the border checks and then the movement in to the Sioux Nation Proper. A few trains can be seen in the distance, moving freight a few hundred meters off the main interstate. The truck is everything its supposed to be; a strong, stout vehicle designed to run on rails or roads.

Kassandra picks up some supplies she sent through another avenue, meeting up with the others at the vehicle. Stowing her gear in the back of the truck, she'll slide into the driver's seat, pulling the keys out of the glovebox. "All right ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get this show on the road."

Time to 10 Minute Window: 45 minutes.

Skyler says "What sorta graffiti do you want done?"
Krasivy looks over at Zsolt and arches an eyebrow, offering a quirky kind of smile, then falls quiet, content to turn her attentions to what is outside. When Kass breaks the silence, she gives the woman and nod, looking to Zsolt. "You go peek?"

«Watchfor» Janie (#4136) just connected to the game.

Kassandra remarks, "The client was remarkably vague. He said he didn't care for the paintjob and wanted superficial changes to be made to it, but no lasting damage to it other than that." She shrugs, "I bought a variety of spraypaints and whatnot, have it in one of the bags in the back. I figure that we can tag the hell out of it and then bail."

Zsolt returns the smile at Krasivy, "You keep being bossy?" he counters playfully. Sniffing out a chuckle, waving out his hands before he looks forward, dipping his chin into his chest. Hands at his knees. A deep breath and a slow exhale as he moves his consciousness into the Astral Plane.

Krasivy leans in against Zsolt, dropping her voice. "I wouldn't be surprised if some fancy pants J is having us deface his own car so he can charge his corp to get the paint job redone, having his insurance pay for it. Or as an excuse to sue the train." (Russian)

Zsolt pages: Alrighty, gonna peek out, see what all baddies and goodies there are in the Astral.
You paged Zsolt with 'Okay. What and where are you looking for?'.
Zsolt pages: I am looking for any sort of security in place. Looking for how many workers and guards there are. Trying to tell how well guarded the place is and any places that could be useful as a fast get away.
You paged Zsolt with 'So you are looking for the train?'.
Zsolt pages: Yep. Train and its surrounding area. Body count and stuff.
Long distance to Zsolt: Falcone nods
«OOC» Falcone says, "Zsolt, make me a series of 4 perception checks"
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 4 4 17
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 4 4 4

Zsolt goes out and gets all astral on that trains ass. He sees… a train. One thing becomes apparent very quickly, the thing is mostly automated. The locomotives at the front have mirrored windows, preventing the astral mage from looking inside. There does not appear to be any obvious, external auras.
Whilst Zsolt does his astral recon, Silk is driving the vehicle ever closer to their target, zipping down the road and getting the feel for the vehicle. She watches the road, her hair tied back out of her face.

«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8:
2 2 3 5 23 = 1 Success
«OOC» Falcone says, "Whats that roll for?"
«OOC» Zsolt says, "Get back into my body while in a moving vehicle."

The Astral form of Zsolt moves back towards the car, settling into his body with a small jerk and an inhale, "Ugh.." he shakes his head as if that unsettled him. ".. what I saw is that train is.. what is word? Auto-mated? It have mirrored windows so I can no see inside. No signs of guard though." he frowns a little bit. "If we have time, when get closer, I can do again. Make double sure, dah?"

Skyler has, meanwhile, dedicated himself to sifting through the spraypaints. Mm. He likes painting, it's neat-o.

Krylon metalic gold! The huffers choice!

Kassandra nods to Zsolt, "We will do a second recon both astrally and physically before we make the attempt. If we get extraordinarily lucky, there won't be any problems."

Krasivy waits quietly near Zsolt, then smiles when he comes around. "Good news. No spirits then." she says with a smile, leans ba and relaxing. "Thirteen is good, she will come through, make train stop."

Zsolt reaches his hand up to rub at his silvery eyes with a faint scowl on his face. "I still suggest stealth. Is best in these situations, I feel." a look over to Kassandra, "I have better feeling of train knowing it is auto-mated. What if security alarmed? Mm? Are you good at disable?". Shifting in his seat, he casually leans against Krasivy. "I saw no spirits then, but, could change."

"I am not a bad hand at security systems, although they are not my speciality. Only real problem becomes if there are too many robotic forces. They tend to be a bit harder to defeat with soft measures." The elven fixer drives over a hump in the road, carefully pulling onto the rail tracks, the vehicle's special equipment gripping the metal rails. She engages the system and takes off towards their quarry.

Time to window: 30 minutes.

The rails are well maintained here, this being a main artery of traffic east to west. More than a few trains pass, on the main lines while you take the service line. These trains are massive things more than a hundred and fourty four cars long, or more than a mile by common measurements.

Krasivy checks her pocsec nervously, finally getting the jitters as go-time edges in closer and closer. She sticks some paste-on SubV patches against the sides of her throat, the pads perfectly blending with her skin - altered with magic some time ago to colormatch so well. "What channel?" she asks, holding up her transceiver, ready to drop in the sequence.

Zsolt clears his throat, "This simple cosmetic job, da? Break mirrors.. bust window… scratch paint.." he gestures to Skyler, "Have Pepper make porno art on hood?" he chuckles, casting a smile over at the Dwarf. He thinks about it a moment, "Maybe not break things.. make much noise or break and make fast get away.." he mutters with a frown, thinking. Gnawing on one of his lower lip rings as he see's the sheer size of these things in the physical.

Skyler says "I don't have a radio thingamajigie and I don't really know what channels. I'm kinda new to this whole thing." He frowns, seeming somewhat embarrassed. "Mostly I sneak.""

Kassandra answers quietly, the rail-modified truck zipping along quickly now. "Primary channel will be X, secondary will be Y, and fall-back will be Z." Silk rattles the channels off as they spool across her visual range, already stored and ready for the mission. She pats a pocket of her jacket, the almost invisible datacable connected to a jack behind her right ear, beneath her hair. "Way I see it, we get in close, have Zsolt check the train again astrally before we transfer over. Do the deed and get out, vanish." She motions to Skyler, "Green bag in the back has extras."

The Trip to the siding where the train will pull off for track maintenance, is uneventful. It's a wooded area, a light conifer forest of pines and some other such trees. Thick enough to prevent the easy driving of a truck through; your main egress will be back the way you came.

Skyler fishes through the bag and grabs a little transciever thingie and after dicking around with it for a while, he manages to sort the earpiece from the mouthpiece and get the channel thingie working. "Okay. I'm going to draw some peace symbols and an anarchy symbol. And maybe a Kilroy. And some flowers and a rainbow."

Krasivy sets the three sets of numbers into the memory on her commlink, double checks the encryption and makes sure the mic jack is seated tightly. The only other things she seems to have on her, really is a jammer and a bug scanner, both checked and put back in her pockets. "Dragon." she says softly, finishing her tinkering and falling quiet again.
Kassandra pulls the truck to a stop and off the rails if possible to hide it, otherwise just somewhere back out of the way. She'll recover her goggles from one of the bags she has, "This is about where your person said they could stop the train. We can watch from here, do the recon and then hit the target. How close do you want the train to be before you buzz it again, Zsolt?"

Time to Window: 10 minutes. Train is approximately 20 miles out.

Zsolt nods when his name and his appointed tasks will be. "What is Eee Tee Aay?" he asks for the time they have left before the window is open for them to get the job done. Clenching and unclenching his hand as if in expectation to slip Astrally once again. Reaching for the Green Bag to pull out the transceiver. Finding out quickly how to work it and inputting the desired channels. Settling the earpeice where it should be, "You should make logo for self." he explains, laying the peice of tech in his lap, "Smiley face Sunshine perhaps?". Pulling his mic towards his mouth, "Rasputin." he checks before saying to Kass, "I vas going to go now, actually. I can reach train before vehicle can." he shakes his hands out again and nods to himself. Gripping at his knees before a deep inhale is made then a slow, sighing exhale as his chin falls again. Out he goes.

Zsolt pages: Alright, going to do some heavy duty searching this time around. Making sure there is not going to be any little surprises. Searching for people, drones (if they are possible to see) any sort of messed up security system on the train. Keeping an eye out for surprises or things that could become a problem later on.

Krasivy watches the others and then chuckles softly, a faintly nervous sound. "Mim. On radio, called Mim." The Magnificent, Marvelous, Mad Madame Mim. A rubber band comes out of a pocket and she pulls her hair back, tying it into a quick and dirty bun to keep the locks out of her face.

«OOC» Falcone says, "Zsolt: When your astral, its actually very hard to perceive inanimate things on the normal plane. Drones for example, would be pretty dang hard to spot. The Astral is a realm of auras given by living creatures."
«OOC» Zsolt says, "Bah. No worries. Alright, looking for meat, anything with astral stuff."
«OOC» Zsolt nodnods, "I just would of figured some strange outlines. Nothing clear.I had always pictured drones and inanimate objects with no Essence values are just dark shadows or something yannow?
«OOC» Falcone says, "Imagine how hard it is to spot a drone in the sky in the meat world, In the astral world, I can only imagine it would be so much harder. I won't say no, but you're unlikely to succeed."

Commlink-Sunshine> Skyler says, "Check check one two three."

Kassandra piles out of the vehicle, snagging a bag and quickly pulling on clothing for the run as well as a jet-black faceplated helmet. Her voice sounds off over the comm, devoid of emotion and feeling, a clear sign that it is coming through a transducer (for those who know about these things). She starts checking the area for a good place to do the entry from as well as hide.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Online, five by five Sunshine, Mim."

Commlink - «Mim»: Krasivy says, "Da, is good."

Skyler pops out of the limousine and essentially tries to begin sneaking.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Small Unit Tactics + Task Pool: 1 for "Looking for good ambush and hiding spots.":
2 2 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Small Unit Tactics + Task Pool: 1 for "Looking for good ambush and hiding spots., karma reroll":
1 3 4 5 5
«OOC» Kassandra says, "stand"
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 4 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence for "Karma 1/4":
1 1 2 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Zsolt (#9066) rolls Intelligence for "Karma 2/4":
1 2 3 5 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 3 for "Mystery":
1 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 3 for "Mystery":
1 3 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 3 for "Mystery":
1 5 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 3 for "Mystery":
1 4 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Falcone (#799) rolls 3 for "Mystery":
2 4 5

Skyler gets out of the car and waits for instructions.

Krasivy slips out of the car, watching Zsolt's body for any signs of potential trouble.

Salt doesn't notice any spiritual activity, given that well, it's a train. Theres a lot more interesting things to defend with spirits, than a train. Thats what -riggers- are for.

«OOC» Krasivy says, "I'd like to use the Fashion spell to make my armored up clothing look like an inspector's jumpsuit - just tomake it all a bit moe authentic."

Kassandra stays behind the truck, the timecount clicking away in one corner of her visual range. She gears up in a slow-motion montage, the soundtrack from Commando and Rambo playing. Once done, she hunkers down, looking over the area while cycling through a variety of visual ranges. Satisfied her gear is working appropriately, she'll motion to the others, using some sticks and rocks to indicate various things around them as well as the train.

Skyler looks at Kassandra's little layout thingie curiously. He very carefully picks out a shiny pebble and puts it down by the location where he would be, pointing at it happily.

«OOC» Falcone says, "It should be noted, that magical security is rare. 1 in 1000 people are magical. MAybe 1 in ten of them are full magi (When you consider aspected magi, adepts, and people wiht talent who never train or learn of it) with actual training of a level to be, well, interesting. So, literally, combat magi are 1 in a hundred thousand, or maybe 1,800 in the entire UCAS."

Kassandra murmurs softly, "This is the train. This is the car we need to hit. This is us." Kassandra points out the various rocks and twigs, continuing, "We hit this here, check? From there, Sunshine moves into the car and does the deed. Mim and Salt secure here," indicating one side of the car they are going to hit, "and I'll cover here. No longer than six minutes on the train, period. It will take us sixty seconds to cover this ground, and sixty seconds back. That gives us two minutes for fuck ups. Everyone with me?"

Krasivy studies the visuals Kassandra brings to the table and nods a few times. "Yes." she says softly, brow furrowing a moment in thought. "Can you find me image of clothes for man fix train?"

Skyler nods. "Do you want me to start now and get a head start, Silk?"

Kassandra checks the timecount at the bottom of her visual range, snagging her secretary and making the necessary handshake to get into the trix. She'll spend a few minutes navigating a search for train repairmen jumpsuits before finding one that looks good, handing it over." She mentions to Skyler, "Let's wait till it slows from a hundred first and move as a team. Can't cover you if you are ahead of us."

The tracks start to hum very quietly.

Krasivy takes the image and studies it a moment, then thinks on her measurements and the cloth itself. A slow nod and she concentrates, the armored layers of clothing seeming to become fluid, molding themselves over her body in fair mimicry of the outfit - cut a little different to accommodate things like, say, tits. During the brief moments while the spell is brought to bear, her features shift, becoming more defined and beautiful, like the images of Aphrodite, or Venus, smooth and flawless - the Lover's mask.

Kassandra will scatter the diagram with one gloved hand, the featureless helmet regarding the tracks and the direction the train in coming from. « Look sharp. » With that, she hunkers down as out of sight as she can manage, steeling herself for the task ahead.

Zsolt waits there, silently, looking around and waiting for the others to finish their preparations. He remains low, quiet and where it is dark, making sure his pale hair is tucked cleaning under his dark clothing.

Skyler is all relaxed, taking deep breaths, focusing himself. He stows the paint cans in a manner so they won't clatter or make noise while he's sneaking and takes cover.

The sound of a trains air horn can be heard a few miles down the tracks, carrying over the tops of the trees.

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