Hoka hey

The calls from Sam; It's not watchers biz. It's personal, on the side biz. Mostly white hatter bullshit. Something about a gang out in the soiux sector that knocked over a UCAS liquor store and shot an off duty cop. This is a little retribution. A little head kicking so they don't forget which side of the law to stay on…

Pay is 30k.

Timeline is immediate.

Threat rating of the gang: Meh.

The Target: Hoka Hey, a tribal go gang of Lakota braves.

It certainly sounds straightforward enough, and Janie trusts Samuel enough not to casually lie about a case like this, but a quick trix check on local news of the Sioux sector's easily enough done.

No news in the Sioux Sector, but there is a mention about Agent Tesdale of the UCAS FBI who was shot and critically wounded during a holdup. He was on vacation from the Deluth office. The gang, Hoka Hey, are mostly Lakota who come down to Denver for multi-nationalistic training. Most are between 16-19, and come from the wealthier families. They are expected to go on to join the SDF when they reach 20.

Vixen was at the dojo when the call came in. Bored enough out of her mind to be asleep in the middle of a dojo matt. Ask Janie. She was there. "I do not snore." The girl says as she offers Janie a ride. Her only question to Johan is "where you want us to meet up?" Janie can check the trix from her van.

The answer comes as simple as this: "THere is a datachip taped to the underside of 4th red table at the Loquacious Madman, a bar in X sector. All details I have or I think are pertinent are on it."

Janie winces as she checks the trix. "Th'guy they shot wasn't just a cop - he was a fed. Poor fragger was on holiday when a bunch o'punks hold up th'liquor store he's buyin' a drink at."

Vixen asks Janie if there's anything she needs to snag before she heads out over to the Locquacious. She likes that word and starts playing the game how many times you can use Loquacious in a sentence. She arrives at the bar scanning the parking lot and surrounding area before parking and heading inside. "Nice time for a loquacious drink." Vixen smirks. Hopefully having driven Janie batty by now.

Janie doesn't go into the Warrens with less than everything she needs to survive a gang war - not even when she's visiting friends or going to train at a dojo.

Kassandra gets the call and heads out, snagging one of her run packs along the way. She is very familiar with the Madman, doing a lot of work from there, and so has little trouble making her way inside. Once inside, the elf will pay her respects to a few of the regulars, moving towards the aforementioned table, on the lookout for whomever else she may be meeting.

Sure enough, using a little gummytac, there's a datachip under the 4th table. It slots in to a reader easily enough. It contains an address in the industrial sector of the Sioux partition, a former assembly plant for bobble-head dolls back before the sectoring of the city. It's been empty for 20 years.

"A lot o'th'Hokas tend t'be kids from wealthy families, gettin' th'rebellion out o'their system," Janie speaks up again. "Rumor has it th'SDF recruits from them. Either way, I don't think an all-out massacre's th'way t'go here…"

Vixen orders a beer and tips heavily for privacy as she moves to the table and notes Kassandra sitting there. "Yo chica." She slides into the table and waits her turn at the data. Sipping not inhaling her beer. She checks out the data and then passes the data to Janie. "So what you think Janie? Maybe we should call their parents for a pow wow." She smirks a bit then shrugs, "I'm all for scaring them straight? Maybe the dead guy can come back as a ghost." She chuckles, "Or we can conjure up the ghost of christmas future." She tugs an ear.

Kassandra finishes scanning the data, glancing to the other women. She stays quiet, listening to what the other two decide. The call was clear that it was more 'white hat' than she might otherwise take, but it was from Samuel so she is here.

Janie shakes her head. "I doubt scarin' 'em just with words is goin' t'have much effect," she replies. "We'll need t'remind them that they're not immortal first."

The job calls for making it very clear to the Hoka Hey that they stay on their side of the border. Very, decidedly clear in no uncertain terms. This can be as white or Grey hat as you like it to be. There are no requirements for bloodshed, but then, there's nothing forbidding it, or the outright slaughter of the gang.

Vixen nods, "Well lets go remind them that Sioux Sector is not for the faint at heart." She shrugs, "Take a looksie at the landscape first I guess." She grins looking at the three of them.

"Sounds fair enough. I can take the high ground, you two the low, and we'll either scare the crap out of them or …" Silk trails off, leaving it at that.

Janie nods. "Sounds do-able." She looks at the others. "I'm not expectin' we'll do this without any breakage, but I don't think an all-out massacre's goin' t'fix anythin' either."

She shrugs, then nods at Vixen. "Let's see what th'lay o'th'land is an'we'll make plans." She turns to Kassandra. "Ye have a comm?"

Kassandra nods, "I have several." The fixer flashes a smile, starting to rise, "Shall we?" With that, Silk gestures towards the exit.

Vixen is already heading that way. She heads towards the GMC, which resembles a loquacious rust bucket on wheels and clambers inside.

Janie nods and follows Vixen into the van.

«OOC» Kassandra will check with the Runways and see if they know anything about these kids, as they are both upper classish/well off. Also check with Ocean on anything going down in the area we are heading
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 1 (Runways):
1 3 3 3 4 4 9 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 2 (Ocean):
1 2 3 4 5 5 5 8 10

The Runways: "Like, Oh -my- god, total neo-tribal wanna be throwbacks to the day in which the white man oppressed the red man and drek like that. They roar around on ATV's and like to play with guns. Posers. No style, but I will say they have pretty bonnets."

Ocean: Actually, I just filled an order for one of their members. 10 manhunters, untraceable and a small stock of Ex Ex.

Kassandra finishes her calls, sending payment to Ocean and tickets to the next major concert in town to the Velvets. She'll contact Janie and Vixen with the information en route.

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Etiquette + 1 for "Mother Mercy":
1 3 3 4 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Etiquette for "Marcus.":
1 2 4 5 17
Long distance to Kassandra: Johan shakes his hsead

Janie pages: Asking Marcus if he knows of any magic users in that gang, or at least if they purchase magic-related stuff either from him or from people he knows.

"Tch.. these cubs. I swear. There is no hateful fool like a young one. Raised on propaganda and nationalism, they were. Don't mistake them for kids though… They are warriors. They are rabid. Gonna hurt someone bad soon." Says Mother Mercy.

"Sorry Janie, I just don't run in the circles they do. They get magical talesma, but its from up-state, Cheyanne and further in the Sioux Nation. They don't want 'the white mans' magic. Fraggers." Says marcus

Janie nods at Mercy. "Rabid dogs need t'be put down," she replies. "But I owe it t'myself t'at least give some o'them a chance. Thanks, Mercy; I'll be careful."

"Good t'know, Marcus. Thanks. We'll talk biz soon - Athena's due an upgrade or two an' I'll be needin' some materials. Take care."

Gang rumors are quiet. The Hoka Hey Boys don't roam the Warrens, and you don't find much at the supermarket talking to other chicks in line.

At Kassandras and Janie's intel she sighs, "Well nothin worse than kids with guns." She shrugs and swings by Narnia on her way out towards the warehouse. To pick up a few surprises. Then she drives straight towards the now defunct warehouse and then keys her comm: Where ya at Kass?

She drives past the warehouse without stopping but slow enough to get a good look.

Silk will gear up, heading towards the site on the chip. She heads out with her combat kit, looking for buildings with a good view of the warehouse and the surrounding area. «Looking for a sniper's nest, in case we need it. Unless you guys plan to engage them inside the building.»

The Warehouse is a 3 story affair, a former manufacturing plant that specialized bobble head dolls, the sort of crap you export to Japan and they buy for massive profit. All that changed 40 years ago when the city was partitioned though. Some recent improvements have been made, like putting plastic over the broken windows and maybe some doors put back on their hinges. Off to one side, a group of about 6 four wheel ATV's sit, each with a 6 foot whip antenna that has an eagle feather pinned to it.

Janie leans against the window, eyes half shut and a slouch hat concealing most of her features, obviously dozing and definitely not examining the vehicles or assensing the surroundings.

Commlink-Vixen> Vixen says, "Ohhhh nice rigs. Wouldn't mind making the go go gang, not be able to go go. She looks to see if there's easy access to the roof from the outside. She looks for obvious security. Cameras and the like. Or lookouts freezing their asses off outside the building. She taps Janie on the shoulder, 'Wakey wakey."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Welp. We can rig their rids to go boom, which should draw them out. Confront, demoralize, disperse."

The background clutter here is pretty intense, but its easy enough to see the exterior of the building isn't warded and there don't appear to be spirits hanging around.

Commlink-Janie> Janie says, "I'm awake. No obvious spirits, no wards that I c'n see."

Commlink-Vixen> Vixen says, "That's an idea Silk. I got a little something that can go big boom." You can almost hear a grin in that statement. "Definatly make them come out and play-yah."

Commlink-Janie> Janie says, "Saves me th'trouble o'callin' up a hearth spirit on th'inside. I like th'idea already."
Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Give me a few to get into position, which gives you time for your noisemaker."

Silk finishes coming, heading towards the building she has selected. She'll take the easy route up top, swinging clear of any trouble inside.

Silk manages to find, of all things, an ancient Doggy Diner. It's been closed down, for probably a hundred years. No, not kidding. But it has one of those old Doggy signs that was the head of a dog with a chefs hat on, back before Neon or LED took the stage from interestingly shaped signs. It's snout points at the warehouse and gives cover of 3 exits from the place, all the most likely exits to use in the event of a scramble. You can even point the rifle out the dogs nose.

Kassandra snickers, shaking her head. The woman works to get into position, a simple watch cap holding her hair back and keeping her brain warm. She wiggles into position, assembling the sniper rifle and setting up her nest, the barrel barely visible out of the doggie's nose. She cybernetically sets the sight, clicking her comm. The weapon warmly sends the tone to her combat computer, all systems green and ready.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Set."

Janie nods at Vixen. "Drop me off someplace concealed before ye deploy th'noisemaker an'I'll get th'spirit set t'go."

Vixen parks the van a few blocks away from the warehouse to get herself geared up and ready to rumble. She pulls a small duffel filled with an assortment of grenades into her lap. Some with blue tops, and some with red. She picks up two of the redtops and nods. She looks through the snow covered landscape and say's into her comm, "Probably go on foot and find some good ambushing cover. I'll be ruthed and engaging them up close and personal. Don't shoot blind."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Affirmative. Check all shots twice."

Vixen checks her battery pack and then turns on the ruth as she steps out of the van. Her gear ensconced about her person and then ghosts towards the warehouse. She keys her comm: Moving in. Her eyes remain peeled for unexpected surprises. Her senses on high alert. Once she's within sight of the Warehouse she'll find good cover from attack and her own grenade blast.

Out of sight of the warehouse, Janie stands in the streets, Athena perched on her shoulder as she summons her Power, calling on the spirit of these streets for aid in the coming battle.

Kassandra watches the others get into place, toggling the rifle back and forth from thermographic overlay to light amplification and back, playing overwatch for the sneakers. The weapon feeds data to her, relaying range and whatnot.

Vixen hears in stereo, with high def clarity. The others, not so much. But the distinctive sound of a Lakota war drum pounding inside the building. It rattles the soul, the deep thumping of skin stretched over bone.

Commlink-Vixen> Vixen says, "They are having some kind of drum ceremony. I say lets show them what beating a drum really means. All go for fireworks?"

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "In place and ready."

Vixen ghosts like a real ghost towards the warehouse ducking behind a car's back fender. Its at least 18m away from the ATV's. She doesn't want to get caught up in the blast zone. She waits for Janie to answer her all ready signal. She watches the warehouse with the silent gaze of a spirit hawk. The war drums rhythm pounding in her head.

Janie feels the atmosphere of the streets wrap around herself as the spirit answers her call, then moves out, dismissing Athena to the Astral to keep watch and alert her if any mages show up. She draws her guns but holds them down at her sides for now.

Kassandra hums the old Doggy Diner jingle tunelessly, watching and waiting. She cannot see the super duper hidden runners, but then, she isn't shooting at them either. The elf relaxes for the moment, waiting till go time.

Commlink-Vixen> Vixen says, "Ready for the fireworks Janie?"

Commlink-Janie> Janie says, "All points, Mustang. Let's dance."

Ping, Thunk. Ping. Thunk. Two hunks of iron death land neatly beneath the the ATV's. Dispersed in such a way so that one grenade will neatly take out three ATV's each. Vixen comms: Duck and cover. Then she follows her own advice. Then its just a matter of waiting. One…Two…Three… KABOOMMMMM!!!!! followed by a second even louder KABOOOOOM! Whooosh…all the oxygen gets sucked out of the blast zone and ATV's get blown to hell. Two of them literally tossed into the air like matchsticks. Its quite the display of raw explosive power. Vixen hunches down with her eyes closed and her breath catching. "Wow." Part of the front of the building gets riddled with flying ATV parts and a tire goes rolling down the street.

That forlorn, singular tire…

And then… the drums stop.

Well, that's certainly gotten their attention. Janie crouches by the wall, guns at the ready as she waits for the Hoka to come out.

Vixen moves like liquid silence then towards the warehouse crouched and at a quiet jog. She's ducks to the side of the building to watch two of the exits. She'll be there to deliver a bit of up close and personal retribution or move inside and confront the cowards if they decide to stay put.

It takes a moment, before someone, a silhouette obscured by the plastic over the windows, comes to a window and looks down. There's some REALLY PISSED OFF Shouting from inside before, quicker than you can say 'elf poser gang', 9 men and women come pouring out of the Hoka Hey's warehouse. Some have knives drawn, ones got a baseball bat, the rest have guns. Ones dressed in a war bonnet, three have 'war paint' and 2 are dead naked.

And all are bone, stark white.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Well. Maybe that is what Ambergilt meant by posers."

Commlink-Janie> Janie says, "Doesn't change th'objective, though - just th'potential fallout."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Call the ball, kids. This dog is making me hungry."

Athena reports she only sees one mage. Maybe. It's a lot of people to assense at once, but maybe one mage?

Janie mentally thanks Athena and ups the mage into her targeting priority list, then directs the spirit to use its Confusion power on the gangers before opening fire.

THe Mage would seem to be the War bonneted Rufus.

Janie's guns should be roaring. It's what happens in trid shows when the gunfighter opens up on the bad guys. Janie's guns, however, have perfectly functional silencers, so the only noise heard is a soft 'phut' noise — but suddenly Rufus' bonnet and head are missing, and Sarah goes down with a massive chest wound.

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, …Hey Moe! Silk looks over the interesting assortment of semi-ganger humanity that piles out of the warehouse. The elf breaths out, letting the rifle release the first round from the precision weapon, aiming at his protruding adam's apple. She starts selecting another little brave while the round is in the air.
Long distance to Vixen: Johan laughs. I was sort of wondering about that myself.

Vixen wonders a bit what happened to the no massacre needed mantra that Janie was preaching about earlier. She sighs and goes for the biggest badass of the bunch who is still standing. Her intention: take him down and command him to order his friends to drop their weapons or she'll tear out his heart and feed it to him while it still beats. Doen't take a rocket scientist to know that the group should be feeling vastly overpowered.

That would have been Nero. But his head just kind of rolled off. Mongo will do.

Vixen wades in and takes on Mongo. She underestimates him a bit and he gets a good punch in on her. Pure reflex and armor save the day.

Jared doesn't really -process- what just happened to Rufus, Sara and Nero. Instead, he leaps over the burning wreck of one of the ATV's, shouting HOKA HEY! He levels the shot gun, blasting at Janie with nails, a used condom and what looks to be paperclips.

Janie really doesn't like flechette weapons, from a philosophical stand point. They're almost useless against any armored target, but inflict grievous amounts of damage on unarmored targets, making them most effective at slaughtering civilians.

Right now, though, her dislike of flechette weapons is more practical, given that one of them peppered her duster and face with shards. No grievous injuries thanks to her duster's armor, but that cut above the eye is going to make it harder to aim soon.

Man, Susan's pissed. Her dad just bought her that ATV and she told him she was only riding it to school! How is she going to explain it being, well, blown up? That bitch, Vixen, is gonna pay! Gonna bleed. "RRAAAAAHBITCHDIE!" She screams in a most eloquent fashion.

Feels more than see's Susan come up behind her with the knife ready to stab her in the back. She grabs Susan wrist and twists it painfully. Not letting go yet…in a bit, that blade in her hand is gonna be embedded where the sun don't shine. Vixen's got two now engaged in combat. And the woman is happy about it!

Tyler raises the new Manhunter that Running Elk bought him, sighting along the barrel. One shot barks out, striking out for Janie.

Janie takes a hit right in the chest, and only luck and her armor keep it from ending her story then and there. She goes down, though.

Mark comes to a stop as Rufus's head disappears. Standing behind Rufus, he is sprayed by lots and lots of blood and gore. He turns and runs.

Jane, watching Nero go down, snarls, determined to scalp the slitch who just shot her friends down.

Hm. Things are getting dicey down there, with way too many people using firearms and her guys way too close. Silk takes her first shot, aiming for just to the left of the breastbone on Tyler. She doesn't bother to watch the round fly, automatically taking aim at Jared and letting fly a round. The faint tink-tink of brass is the only indication she is even firing, the weapon's action quiet, the gun's barrel equipped with a very nice silencer.

Tyler goes down missing a dinner plate sized section of his back, ripping out his lung and spilling most of his life fluids. Jared falls, his spinal cord severed before he even realizes that he is dead, a gout of dark blackish red fluid pouring out of his mouth, the shotgun hitting the ground and discharging harmlessly.

Chest wounds hurt like the blazes, but if there's one thing that Janie has learned, it's to focus through pain when needed - so when she sees Jane charging at her, she's able to lift her right hand and fire at the oncoming woman.

Tyler's shotgun covers the 'phut' sound of Janie's gun, and Jane's charge comes to an abrupt end when the round goes through her chest and lungs, exiting behind her shoulderblades.

Mongo does the most senseable thing he can do… He steps back, his hands held hi.. "DONT FRAGGEN KILL ME! I'M UNARMED!"

Meanwhile, Susan is not so forgiving. But then, she is out of actions.

Commlink-Janie> "Silk, hold fire unless one o'em tries anythin' else," Comes Janie's voice over the commlink as she painfully moves to a kneeling position.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra's voice drifts over the comm, transduced from the woman's mind, "Affirmative." Hm. The elf spots Marc running with a trail of piss leaking behind him. She snaps off a round behind the man before swinging back to cover the team.

Vixen decides she needs to end this NOW. She has hold of Susan's wrist in a deathgrip of pain and turns the blade slamming it into the woman's shoulder. Pushing her to the ground and holding there. Then she growls, "I suggest you take your wounded and your dead. You ever come back to the UCAS it better be in a body bag.".

The girl stumbles to the ground and Mongo, he just nods. A -lot-. "You got it… no UCAS! I got it! Really! Don't kill her!"

Vixen takes the knife from the girls shoulder and then backs off. Then turns and moves towards her fallen comrade. She keys the comm: Mission accomplished. Pack it up.

Vapor. Silk polices her brass, making a mental note to get a brass catcher. The elf vanishes into the night, the rifle disassembled and transferred across the border by her people, the woman making a different path, heading out to an early breakfast in the hills.

Vixen gets Janie to the van and then drives casually to Narnia. She checks the woman over to make sure she isn't gonna bleed to death before they arrive and then helps her to the house and down into the basement so she can remove bullet fragments in style.

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