Number Crunching

The Meet

A mail was dropped to the elusive otaku's box. Meet him at the General Store. It's on the CAS grid, a retail outlet for people who are in to Civil War Recreation, a hobby thats really a lot more popular with there being an actual north and south again.

And in she pops, and she's in a brand new outfit too. Her Persona, now, appears a little more childlike than the last one, with wide eyes and no curves to speak of. She's wearing a conservative victorian dress, and the colors seem blanched out of her- she's not pale, she's in black and white. As she moves, she makes barely a whisper in the matrix, heading towards an inconspicious aisle neer the back of the virtual store, and eying the image catalogue of guns and bayonettes.

Trenchcoat is found looking over the matrix recreation of a 16 pound field cannon. When he sees the icon, though somewhat changed, he does not turn to face her. He lets her approach him, one glovedhand resting on the wooden wheel of the brass cannon.

Hitomi does soon spot Trenchcoat, and she ehads towards him, as she eyes the cannon, "Hmmm, amazing isn't it? Your average troll can put out the same force as one of these with his fists, these days." She comments, and then attempts a direct peer-ro-peer connection with TC. He'll get a little icon indicating that someone is trying to initiate a comccall with him, asking him if he wants to pick up.

TrenchCoat nods, his hat dipping to show the gesture. "It is an amazing progression of technology and it bespeaks the -regression- that preceeded it. Are you busy today?"

Hitomi shrugs her shoulder, "Not busy right now, though, who knwos what the future holds. I'm meeting a friend, who might have something for me to do…" she says coyly.

TrenchCoat smirks, but the expression is unseen on a featureless face. "Of course. I'm not offering much in the way of up front cash on this, but be assured… this is a matter of some importance despite the simple nature of the information I require. I would do this myself, but I must be assured that there is no trace of my passing. I am not, nor do I envision, becoming that good."

Hitomi nods her head then, and says, "It's nice not having to dirty your hands, yes… well, I suppose I can do it. Drop the details in my Mailbox."

TrenchCoat nods as he does so. "It's a location in the semi-rural UCAS zone, near the Sioux border. I need to know what vehicles have visited the location in the last month."

Hitomi nods her head, "I can get you a list of transponders, no problem. Is there anything else you wanted?" She asks her contact then, still ily fiddling with the catalogues infront of her, even if her mind is elsewhere

TrenchCoat nods. "Sift the data, find multiple visitors, people who linger. Then run their transponders against DMV databases. I need to know who's visiting and how long they stay. That done, I'll need the data. I'll sift it and maybe get back to you with a background check."

Hitomi nods her head then, "All sounds easy enough. Drop the exact location in my dropbox, and I can find the host and get started." She informs them then.

TrenchCoat nods, turning away to examine a general's outfit from the 1800s. After a moment, he rezzes out of existence.

Hitomi parts ways with Trenchcoat then, and looks up the host she's after in her drop box. No hesisttion, and she ehads on over to the place, pausing as she reaches the appropriate sector of the UCAS LTG. She glances around, "Well… which one, which one… Ah, there we are. Gridguide." She says, to herself, and then heads in through the visitor's lobby.

Gridguide's system is essentially a glowing map of Denver, showing current traffic patterns, detours, construction zones and so forth. Subsystems are shown as iconic buildings from the Denver Metroplex.

«Plot» Hitomi says, "Before anything else, I am going to use my Switching echo, to reduce Sensors to 4 and increase Masking to 10. This gives me a new detection factor of 10."

Hitomi eyes the grid for a few moments, and then nods her head. "First thing is first, time to go invisible." she comments. She draws a little black cloth from her pocket, and then ties it around her eyes 'blinding' her, but by the logic of a child, if she can't see you, you can't see her- her Icon becomes translucent, ethereal. Like a ghost in the machine.

IN Hitomi goes, slipping through a little gap in the host's invisible walls to access the maintenance section- the bit that most people don't see, behind the map of denver and into the belly of the beast.

Welcome to the Sewer system of Denver. The backend of the Gridlink system looks like the undercity, the wires and network of tunnels that keep the major metroplex operational.

Hitomi wanders along the host then, and glances around. She trails her fingers along one of the 'walls' "Where are you… I wonder?" She asks the Host, perhaps, or maybe just herself.

One of the dataterminals built in to the sewers comes to life, its screen showing a map of your location, a map of the files location, and the best route in between, like a helpful terminal at an airport may assist a traveler.

Hitomi gives the terminal a pat for being a good little thing, and then wanders towards the file she needs to access. She dissapears in a blink, since she's able to travel at the speed of thought, and all that, and re-appears at the desired location, like a spirit. She glances towards the file, then, despite her blindfold, and then slides her hand across it. "begone." she instructs, forcing the data-bomb sealed within the pages to dissapear, the book rumbles a little, and then relaxes, letting out a puff of smoke.

Hitomi opens up the file then, and frowns as everything is random pictures and nonesense. She sighs, and then she trails her fingers along the spine of the book, and says, "Reveal yourself to me…" and then with a flash of light, the Manual transforms into a Diary- with the information she was looking for.

Hitomi takes the book in one hand, and then tugs at it's spine, pulling, pulling until she manages to pull a second copy of the book right out of the first. She places the original back in place, and then she puts the book in her pocket, downloading it to her own private mainframe.

After downloading the data to her Mainframe, Hitomi glances around, content that her work was done here, she slips back out of the matrix, the way she came in, all the way back to her meat body. She opens her eyes, sitting in a chair at home.

After the necessary preparations are taken care of- bathroom, coffee, and some candy bars accrued, Hitomi goes to jack back in. This time, though, just to her local mainframe, separate from the matrix, prepared to settle in for a couple of hours of sifting and re-organizing to get what she needs out of the information.

«Plot» TrenchCoat says After a few hours, the information comes back. That location has only had 5 vehicles visit it in the last 5 months.
Additionally, two vehicles with inoperative transponders.

The UCAS DMV host is a faithful rerecation of the monotony and banality of DMV's the world over. People taking tickets with numbers, then approaching windows appropriately numbered. There is a large crowd of icons here, representing both civilians and civil servants.

When all that number crunching is over and done with, Hitomi is more than happy to get back into the matrix. Onwards and Upwards, as they say. She hurtles towards the Ucas DMV, seeing it as the most likely target since two of the registered transponders were based here. "Time to go invisible again…" hitomi murmurs, once more blinding herself to hide her form.

Hitomi wanders up to the lot of them and then… just walks right past the queues, heading to a door marked staff only, opening it, and stepping inside.

Welcome to the back rooms. The DMV is not the most urbane of places, and here, the UMS iconography dominates. It's simply a wasteland of a lack of imagination, but it is functional.

File Not Found.

Hitomi begins searching for the test and despite her best effort… file not found. "Hmm." She says, and then changes the search parameters a little, searching for a SAN, rather than the file. Maybe… Maybe….

SAN located. It's a simple doorway mounted in a blank wall. The Door is labeled 'Records department'. However, as Hitomi approaches it, she will become aware of a Probe-8 Icon that has just activated, turning from Inactive-grey to active-blue.

Hitomi walks towards the SAN, ignoring the IC following her, since it wasn't making any hostile moves. She tries to open the door, but it's locked, and she sighs. "Open." She commands it, and there is a rustle and a click as it unlocks.

It's the DMV. As Hitomi tries to log in to the next server, the Crippler wakes up and targets her. Some fed up programmer has custom sculpted the Crippler program. A stream of numbered tickets blow down the hall way, peppering then sticking, nicking Hitomi's icon and bleeding away her endurence.

Hitomi gives a little cry, as she is pelted by the incoming tickets- she hadn't been struck by an IC in a long time. Maybe she should go back to killing them on sight… nah. She steps throgh the door she just unlocked, and then closes it behind her, taking a breath.

The Records Department. An endless hallway of License Plates. They line the floor, the roof, both sides of the walls…

Now, it's license plates. The system takes only a moment to activate, and plates start flying off the walls, screaming for the intruder, slamming in to her.

Hitomi bring sup a forcefield of invisible force about herself which reflects most of the atttacks coming her way, and she hmphs. "Well, this is no fun at all." She comments then and takes a deep breath. She then says, "Die!" to the license plates. They don't do what she told them to, not dieing outright. But they do fracture. "Die!" she commands again, holding out her hand, but to no avail.

The license plates fade back as a cloud of electricity rolls in, seeming to part the plates. It roils furiously, circuitry visible imprinted on the clouds surface. It lashes out, sending bolts of lightening at Hitomi!

Hitomi gasps as her eyes open, and she yanks the plug from her head. She stumbles up, out of her seat, and into the bathroom. She grabs a box of painkillers, stuffs a couple down her throat, and then stumbles over to her bed. She collapses onto it, and curls up, clutching her head. She's going to be out of it for a while.

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