Playtime Is Over

Playtime's Over

Oh YEAH! This is where the little Halfer's been LOOKING for! A club! A rave scene! A place where he looks halfway normal. He enters the place, his hair lighting up in to electric neon colors, his eyes sparking to match. Behind him, two small droids enter, keeping close to Blindside. They have been outfitted with little disco-balls mounted on their heads that radiate light in time with Blindsides hair. A portable rave machine.

"He bought a geriatric gigolo?" is Frankie's playfully confused reply.
Tanasen laughs. "Not quite as old as someone's car I won't mention, but damn near as fast, I'm sure."

Tasha pushes her way into the crowd, getting the bouncers at the door to clear her as a fighter. Head completely shaved, bic smooth, she heads for the cage with the bookies and looks for the person taking entrants for the cage fights.

Deathwish looks over to Tasha, calling out, "Oh, this chick is LOOKING for a fight! Ain'tcha?", smirking at the girl. He crosses his eyes, "Just call somebody out, this ain't a tournament tonight. No prizes, just glory.", with a shrug.

Frankie smirks at Tanasen and Selene, shrugging a little bit. "So that car actually runs, Tan?" inquires the troll.

Blindside steps on to the Dance floor, his little robotic entourage doing its best to stay out from other peoples feet. The Polychromatic Halfer would have a problem stepping on them; just getting his leg up that high would be an interesting position.

Tanasen gives a nod. "For the moment. It seems pretty well taken care of, but I still need to tear it apart and rebuild it, just to be sure. Never be too careful with an investment like that." He says with a smile. "It'll keep me busy until the big job I'm waiting on comes in next week."

Tasha wades over to Deathwish and then nods in understanding. Turning away from DW, she jumps up and snags the fencing, starting to scale it with a slow and steady pace, not bothering to be showy. When she gets to the top of the cage, she swings a leg over and looks the crowd over, seeking out likely targets.

Blindside is probably a shiny, swirling target made of color. Alas.

Ghostfist is probably a very large target made of huge.

Selene is dressed dark, in the dark, is not a target. Selene grins, "Well, you'll still have to take me for a ride when you get it all done."

Troll or dwarf, troll or dwarf? Quite the quandry. Tasha is straddling the top of the caged in ring for fighting, surveying the crowd and looking for some meat to cut up. The dwarf has obnoxious hair. Catching the eye of one of the bouncers, she points out the halfer in the crowd, lips curving into a smirk. Maybe he'll come, maybe he won't, but there's always trogger if he doesn't.

Tanasen smiles. "Gladly. Might have to have you over before then. Been wanting to talk to you about an idea or two I've had, and already discuessed with a few others. Hopefully be a good thing for you, too."

Selene chuckles, "Ideas? I like ideas… what sort of ideas?"

Blindside gets down with his bad self, looking sort of like Choda-boy on the dance floor, trying to cozy up to real women, but being shined on. It's hard being a halfer.

Tanasen looks around a moment, mainly to Frankie before he speaks again. "The kind that make us cash, using the skills we use best."

Coming into the club with a large, Trog-sized drink in his hand Begby is mindful of those smaller around him but just barely. People make their way as the large, hornless Troll moves through the thickening crowd. Pausing for any security that comes his way to inspect him to make sure he is clean.

Frankie tilts his head a bit. There's a short pause before the troll nods to Tanasen in an unspoken all clear. "That kind of idea is my favorite kind of idea, omae."

It takes the bouncer a bit to get to the multi-colored Rainbow Bright halfer. He stops and watches, then reaches to get Blindside's attention. "edge wants to see you in the ring. You going?" Simple and to the point.

Blindside doesn't stop dancing. Dancing. Dancing, he's a dancing machine, watch him get down! The droids however, chitter and chirp in a new cadence, which draws the Half'ers attention. "What?" He asks the Robots, before spotting the trog. "I never touched her! SHe's a lying whore!"

Selene grins at Tanasen, "ahh… those are the best ideas. There are things coming down the pike?"

Tanasen gives a nod. "Yep, I have a line on some big ticket work, and I'd rather have someone I can trust at my back, than some unknown crazy woman with a phosphorus fetish."

Tasha keeps to her perch, watching from a distance what the bouncer and the halfer do. Even so, she's also scoping out the fresh meat walking in the door. Trog is more her size, anyway, when it comes to chewing things up.

"Bitch up on the fence, she wants to fight you. Got the balls, omae?"

That confuses the Halfer, but he looks up and sees Tasha. She wants him? He gestures at himself, from across the room, then points back to Tasha… like, to confirm she wants him.

Selene laughs, "ohhh.. I remember her. What ever happened to her anyway, someone finally run her ass out of Denver, or put a bullet in her head on a run?"

Deathwish pumps up the crowd, calling out, "C‘mon, someone get in the ring! Afraid of a girl? Oh my!", laughing as he trapses around. He slugs down the rest of his multicolor drink, handing the empty to one of the bouncers with a groan. He states, "Get me another one, and this one, tell Hal not to stiff me on the vodka, or I’ll format his ass!".

"Guess I missed a good one," intones Frankie. He smiles cheerily at Tana and Selene, "But I could do with some work."

Tanasen shakes his head. "Crazy bitch is still around. Apparently under Starks Employ, though I haven't seen her recently. Last time I saw her was during that whole gang war thing was going on. Had a meeting, and she started threatening to shoot the people that showed up. I quickly disabused her of that notion when she so handily siloutted herself against a window."

Selene sighs, "sometimes Starks has no sense about who he employs."

Begby continues to move his way through the crowd, pausing here and there to take a scan at who all is here. A massive, thick hand reaching to pet back his mohawk that springs back to it's original shape. That must be some mega product he uses in that thing. Royal Trog Pomade: The strength you need to tame that mane!

Tasha points a calloused digit at Blindside, then crooks it in a 'come here' kind of way. This is followed by the taunting implication that she has bigger balls, given over by slapping her crotch. The club is, alas, too loud to hear each other, even if she were to scream for him.

Frankie shakes his head. "Dunno what Starks' deal is, but he switches between fraggin' ass and good guy way too fast for my liking."

Selene says "her rep isn't even that good. I mean, found 2 or 3 people that will say something kinda nice, but most of them say: wouldn't ever work with *that* again."

That brings a huge grin to the Halfer. He veritably puffs up at the invitation. He struts on over to where the ring is. Oh yeah! You know, Denver's not so bad. He's got some robots, he's got a place to park his rig, he's got a rep in the making on the racing circut… he did a successful shadowrun… and now a chick (Real one, no less) wants to dance with him! "Hey honey! Lets dance!"

Tanasen shrugs at Frankie and taps his nose. "Dude half fried his brains, it's amazing he functions at all these days. I half have a feeling these 'trips' he's been taking lately are less for business and more for detox." He shakes his head a bit and looks to Selene with a smile. "Anyways, it's high pay work, so even higher risk. But should be well worth it, and if we can come to an agreement, I'm sure I could finagle us a few more jobs as well. People are more willing to hire a team of people with a reliable record than a random collection of joes off the street."

Tasha smirks. Now there's a half-pint with balls. Waving him up, she swings her leg over the fence and starts to climb down on the inside of the cage. About two-thirds of the way down, she pushes off the fence and lands on the floor of the ring with a rather solid thump, weighing in at around two-fifty or so of toned muscle.

Selene nods, "that's true, and between us by now, we know a few reliable people. Easy to avoid the nutcases.. or at least, the problematic nutcases." she adds, thinking of one particular multiple personality disorder case who's surprisingly reliable.

Blindside steps in to the center of the ring, his little droids following. He waits until the music pauses, then starts to ramp up again before he launches in to his Trancey-hip-hop fusion dance style. He grins at Tasha. "I got fresh moves!"

Frankie nods a bit, casting a glance toward the cage at that solid *WHUMP*. He can barely hear it over the din of the club, but Ghostfist heard it. The troll frowns at the sight of the dwarf moving through the ring toward Tasha, looking back to Tana and Selene.

Tanasen says "But, if you are willing to discuss it when we have a bit more private a setting, I'm sure I can bring you up to speed. I'm sure you know the others as well, so we should all be fairly well set in whatever we have to do."

Selene shakes her head, "those little robots are going to get hurt accidently." Selene nods to Tanasen, "Of course. We could maybe meet tomorrow?"

Frankie nods, "I can do a meet tomorrow."

Begby moves closer to the ring, pausing only to reach into his jacket to pull out a cigar that he clenched in his wolfish teeth. Held at the corner of his mouth with one of those large tusks of his, he gnaws on it for now. while he pats himself down for a lighter. "Mega Man is gonna get tha' drek knocked out of him by tha slit licker." he rumbles out for the sake of anyone that happens to be near him. Finding his lighter, he sparks it up and idly sets the cherry of his cigar a glow. Plumage of smoke rising into the air around him.

Tasha smirks at Blindside. "Oh yeah? Why don't you come show me?" she taunts, perhaps nice at a distance, but, well, then she opened her mouth and let the nasty part show. This close, one can likely see the scars on her hands and forearms, and the two knives she carries on her hips.

Tanasen smiles at that. "Sounds like a done deal then. Come by in the afternoon to the Fist, and we'll talk in more detail then. For now, I'm just glowing from having snagged that car. Sure wish I could have gotten that railgun though. If nothing else to Impress Selene here." He says with a smirk and a wink to her.

Blindside continues to dance, making his way over to the other woman. Chicks with scars are cool. "You got some neat scars!" He calls out, never stopping his dancing. HE's not very good, given he's a halfer wiht the dexterity of a fire hydrant, but he has -heart-. The sort of enthusaism that comes with being utterly clueless that you're about to be eunuched. "I knew a chick with scars like those once! She said they were tribal, I think she was just fucked in the head!"

Selene giggles, "like I said, you'd impress me if you fired it standing up. And I would even heal up the cracked ribs. But I want to see someone fire that thing, without the tripod."

Tanasen looks at the time, the possible beating the dwarf is about to recieve and shakes his head. "For now, I gotta get going. It's getting late, and I've got plenty to do before this weekend!"

Selene smiles at Tanasen, "Ok, I'll drop by your place tomorrow night. See what we can work out. You want Pauly to know?"

Frankie nods and tips his head. "Take care, Tana."

Tanasen nods. "Yeah, if you would. He seemed rather preoccupied last I saw him, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him, about that or his car." He smiles as he stands. "I look forward to seeing you out there tomorow. Will even get you a ride in the car."

Selene grins at Tanasen, "Ok, I'll see if I can track him down. He's had long enough to pout."

"Wanna see how I got 'em?" Tasha growls, dropping a hand to her side and yanking the first blade her hand comes across from it's sheath. Dancing. Something she's good at. With a savage snarl, she lurches into motion, faster than she looks like she ought to be able to move, though far slower than any street sam worth their price would be. It's her usual brutal motion, moving in close, but the height difference is likely the worst factor for Blindside, the glittering, wavy edged knife moving in brutal sweep that's angled for face or throat.

Mafen's been in motion since he saw the situation start to unfold. He grabs the top of the fence, hopping it in an almost blurring motion before moving in behind Tasha, hand darting forward to grab the blade in his gloved hand — cybernetic fist taking the brunt of the impact. His muscles start to strain to pull the woman's strike backwards. "No need… for that…". The blade hovers just an inch or two away from delivering that fatal slash.

Deathwish widens his eyes as his attention goes back to the ring. He cries out, "Oh shit! Why do people keep doing this?", as he burst into a full run. He waves his arms over his head, "No live weapons! No live weapons!", screamed at the top of his lungs. But as previously indicated, good luck hearing him over all the noise.

Blood drips from the glove to the ringside. Not a lot of it though. Just about as much as you'd find in a skin-shaped glove around a mechanical hand.

Blindside was dancing. He was dancing and having a GREAT time. He had a chick that was not only dancing with him, but talking to him! And then, like, the Roboelf is out of NOwhere and is holding her. He looks about to protest, actually opening his mouth to say… "HEee…."

He sees the knife. He sees the woman's maddened look… He sees the Roboelf with the knife through the hand…

He promptly keels over and Vomits.

Begby roars out, along with the other bits of the crowd as the match is interrupted. Though unlike the others that cuss and hollar at the fact of not seeing bloodshed immediately, the hornless Trog is hollaring out the opposite. "Ya fraggin' slitch! Usin' a blade against an unarmed Halfer! Tha drekhead had no clue what was goin' on!" he downs more of his drink, the large cigar held with his other hand that does all the pointing.

[ Shadowrun Denver ]
===============================> Street Rumors <===============================
You receive word from CHROMEheads (Wed Dec 10 00:18:11 2008):

HOLY DREK! Did you see that?

That halfer with the lit-up hair? He was dancin at chrome and that fuckin ugly chick that is like Pulses shadow or something, like, tries to GUT him!

Now, ta be fair, the halfer did step in to the ring, but he looked like he didn't understand the situation, an was just dancen with his little robots cause the chick invited him in.

Anyway, out of nowhere, TerMafenator comes out of nowhere and defends the halfer! Little guy puked right there, on the floor while TerMafen and PsychoKnifeBeast fought it out! Fastest 2 seconds of my life!

Posted by Blindside (#2329) <

There's a two second span of utter stillness from the beefed up human woman. Surprised? Fuck yeah, but not one to let a bit of shifting sand under her feet bog her down. The knife through Mafen's hand is let go, and the one on her hip snatched it, pulled free. It /looks/ identical to the other one, like a twin. A careful eye would see the lack of diamond glitter on the edges, though. Without waiting to find out who it is, knowing the voice well enough, she pivots and draws back her arm, spinning into him and lashing out with the blade.

Blindside fumbles for his cellphone, trying to get the fuck out of the ring. Humiliated, covered in vomit and being chased by two little discoballheaded droids, he tries to run for the door.

Outside, there comes the -roar- of engines and the blast of a big-rig sized airhorn that all but shatters the windows of the cars near it.

The blade comes down with incredible force — slapping right into the edge of a carbon-titanium-ceramic alloy plate around the chest of the cyborg. But doesn't even come close to penetrating it, instead digging through the greatcoat surrounding him. From one shoulder to another, slash, the coat is essentially destroyed, bullet-proof armor cut through like ribbon. Mafen attempts a weak defense but soaks most of the damage, glaring at Tasha. "That's out of line. That's a very expensive coat."
The tatters fall to the ground. Mafen advances on Tasha.

"… Oh my fragging ghost. This is going to be epic."
Ghostfist stares, slackjawed, at the match in the ring. The troll takes a moment to try and recollect himself, but fails utterly. Instead he just stands and stares.

Mafen moves forward — he's really not that good of a fighter, why do you have to be when you have hands like a mack truck? Trying to get control of the situation, he closes in on Tasha's limbs with very dangerous force, knowing full she's tough enough to take it. But he's feints and holds can't seem to connect, the wiry fighter moving close on him in a way he can't seem to predict.

Tasha fights like a pitbull that's been bred for it, each motion a display of rippling muscles as she weaves and slips free of Mafen's attempts to clench - maybe lessons with Pauly have helped some. Quick to tire of playing defensively, she starts deflecting the cybernetic paws with her blade, the connections shearing off synthetic flesh and throwing up sparks from the sheer force of the impacts.

Blindside stops near the door. He can't do this. He can't punk out. He can't represent D-town like this… He looks down at the vomit covered FORD bling. Inside, something breaks, something snaps. No. He's a fucking SHADOWRUNNER. He's -blindside-. He's making a REP for himself. "Fuck that slitch." he says, one hand dipping in to his pocket to pull out a white baggy. A little is dipped on a finger and then snorted…

His shoulders shudder a little bit, as he reaches in to his belt and pulls out Morrissy Alta Heavy Pistol. "OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLS NO BITCH!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) uses 1 of item 6: Novacoke from gear (#9766).

Begby stands at the edge of the pit and gawks at what the woman tried to do. "Sneaky slitch.." he says grunt out, the cigar put back in between his teeth after a sip off his beverage is taken. "Grab 'er!" he drawls out. "C'mon man!" he snarls out with clenched teeth. Slapping the side of the cage, "You're goin' down, Thunder Cunt!"


Minos comes in and blinks a few times.

Blindside it should be noted, shoots his gun 'gangsta' style. Held up high and sideways.

Tasha doesn't see the shots coming in - she's occupied with trying to carve up a piece of Mafen. /Quite/ occupied. The first of the rounds fired by Blindside hits the meat of her left shoulder and ricochets off the bone and back out, digging a shallow hole through muscle and skin - not enough to really impede motion, but definitely enough to make the bitch bleed and distract her with the pain. "Mother fucker!"

Mafen is brawling with Tasha, getting his shit all cut to pieces, and then he hears the shots, proximity alarms going off as the gun is drawn and resounds so perfectly on ultrasound and the shots begin to be fired. He reacts instinctively — Tasha needs a lesson but you can't learn when you're dead — right hand jutting out across from the range of fire and just catching a round slamming for Tasha. The kinetic impact boots the hand into Tasha's face, but more like a slap than a punch, Mafen's body spinning to compensate and planting his left foot into the ground a large rotation later almost in slow motion.

Kassandra janders into the club, glancing around to see what the scoop is. She flattens against the nearest wall as the shooting starts. "Well, of course!" the elf exclaims.

It should be noted that right now, pointing at Tasha, mimicing Blindside, two small humanoid droids with discoballs for heads, are making 'pow pow pew pew' noises.

Yes. Really.

Hostile detected: Dwarf
Threat level: None

Weapon: Morrisey Alta
Mafen sends a mental signal to his automatic holster in his left leg, popping through a seam in the skin and, unfortunately as always, slicing open his pants on a breakaway seam. No, they're not hammer pants. As he rises to his feet again, he shakes his right hand, round not quite loosing itself for a few shakes until finally the flattened piece of metal starts to drop, and with his left hand he pulls the gun, beaming down on Blindside.

Begby turns from his position at the side of the pit. The sound of the gunfire sending people screaming and heading for cover except for the hornless, cigar smoking Trog who looks over calmly. Probably overconfident that is own protection is such that the bullets from the Halfers weapon just don't mean much to him. "Mega Man, back in action." he drawls out with a smile.

"THats right! POP POP POP! POPPA CAP IN YOUR ASS!" (in your ass! synthisize the drones). Then the gun Blindside's gesturing with becomes far to hot for his own good and he drops it. "MOTHAFUCKA!"

Oh shit! More guns! Tasha doesn't think about Mafen catching the bullet - she didn't know it was incoming, so focused on the fight itself. The only thing she knows is she got shot, and Mafen has a funky gun in his hand. Without thinking about it, she moves for the vulnerable spot on his leg where the panel popped open, thrusting her hand, along with the blade, into the exposed 'meat' of his cyberlimb.

The Drones reach for the tun, tossing it back between them. "Hot!" "Hot!" "Hot!" "Hot!" "Hot!" "Hot!" they intone in slightly off kilter synthesized voices, punctuating each toss.

Gun now gone… uh… Blindside blinks. He glances around and realizes he's so far out of his element he's on the wrong chart. He should be with Argon and Boron. Instead, he's with Kotex. "SMELL YA LATER!" He turns, running as halfers doo, his hair shifting every color of the rainbow as he does so. The drones run behind him, tossing the gun as they run behind him. It's almost comical, actually.

Mafen's screen suddenly goes red with warnings. His leg alerts him to about 45 different things at once and his stance drops, knife greatly interfering with the interactions. He twists around, "What the fuck? I just saved your life!"

«OOC» Blindside says, "In short: Tasha invited Blindside to fight. Blindisde thought he was being invited to dance. He got in the ring and started dancing. Tasha tried to gut him like a trout. Mafen materialized from the Nth demension and took the blow. Blindside puked and ran off. He got to the door and kinda snapped. He took a hit of Nova and came back poppping caps (With his little robots miming the popping of caps). Mafen drew a laser and shot Blind's pistol. Tasha then grudge-fucked Mafen in his open cyberholster."
«OOC» Blindside says, "Ta da."

"Bullshit." Tasha snarls, blinded by the fight and the anger for having been stymied so long by the plated man of doom. With a nasty wrench, she does her best to make the exit of the blade from Mafen's cyber-holster as 'pleasant' as it was going on. On the upside, she isn't going back to stance, yet.

And into this chaos steps an unsuspecting Gypsy. Velena neatly dodges the oncoming traffic of a halfer and two robots trailing behind him and blinks, "Scuzi." She steps to the side as they pass. Happily unaware of all the drama that happened before her timely entrance.

The cyberholster's main linkage is severed by the knife tooling around in his internal workings. His system runs diagnositics ceaselessly and deploys the nanite repair team, looking desperately for a way to compensate for the near leg-ruining injury. Fuck. He flips his eyelights on, pistol still in his left hand.

Deathwish cries out in terror as chaos erupts, "No! No damnit!", running up to the edge of the ring, but staying out of stabbing reach of the psycho-lady. He calls out to the two in the ring, "STOP! STOP DAMNIT!".

Even on Ghostfist's WTF-O-Meter, this registers as a high 'OMGWTFBBQ'. He gawks in a mixture of horror and confusion, whipping around to eyeball Blindside, one hand reaching under his long coat to grip the butt of an extendable baton, but the dwarf vamooses before he can do anything helpful.

Blindside is a rigger, not a fighter. He wants to be a lover, but people try to be all: SURPRISEKNIFEINTHEFACE and shit.

Deathwish's call is certainly registering in his senses, but Mafen is feeling more than he has in years at the moment, and ain't about to stop before justice is served. The cyborg elf is through playing around. Serious damage is serious cash to fix. He lowers his pistol at the knife fighter and fires a round directly into the arch of her foot, searing a dime-sized hole directly through it. "You've crossed the line, Tasha." He grabs the chain of the cage with his other hand, and just rips fence open and starts gimping with his messed-up leg directly in a bee-line for the door.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Even, Blindside backs over someones car. Odd, he doesn't.":

Deathwish screams with discontentment as he reaches down to rip off his left shoe, running after Mafen. He shouts, "Asshole!" as his cyberneticly augmented strength hurls a Nike Air basketball shoe at the fullborg, twirling in the air toward it's target.

The shoe impacts squarely into the small of the back of the cyborg — and doesn't seem to have any effect at all. He's almost to the panic room door, heading for the rear entrance. But he doesn't have authorization for that door…

Outside, there's the angry voice of a big rig in motion. Then the RENDING OF METAL as the back tires of a the big rig run up, over and then down a car… and then back over as the truck roars out of the parking lot.

From Outside—-> "HONDAS SUCK!"

Deathwish sweats out his hairgel, making an even angrier face as he catches wind of the fate of his honda.

Minos watches what's going on, taking in the situation. Crazy bitch with knife: check. Supersamurai with laser guns: check. Owner of location irritated at supersamurai with laser guns: check. Okay, so what does the Bull Boy Scout do in this situation? Attempt to defuse it. He moves in front of the door that Mafen's heading for, saying, "I think the owner might want a word with you, chummer."

Its interesting the things that happen in Denver that Velena NEVER sees. Even when it happens right in front of her nose. Like the tin man shooting the knife wielding insane woman. Didn't see it…she was busy dodging a rigger dwarf and two bots who are throwing a gun around indiscrimanately between them and trying not to get in there way. That takes up most of her attention. She turns to look around then and see's Minos confronting a cyborg.

Jesus Fucking Wept. Kassandra just wanted to come dance, maybe see a fight, get laid, go home. Why? Why does this happen to her? The elf dives for cover behind the nearest heavy structure, like a booth, a barbot, something. The woman watches the conflict with a look of half-amazement, half-irritation.

Bambi the Sex Bot gasps! "Duncy! You're all dirty! Come here… let bambi take care of you…"

Frankie pulls his hand free of his long coat, leaving the baton in its interior pocket. Instead the troll darts toward the ruined cage, his gaze intensifying as he tries to peer into Tasha's soul to see what's what with her injuries. The expression on his face tells the tale of his utter disgust with the background count in the club.

One second her foot was okay, and the next Mafen is running away. The dime sized hole is perfectly cauterized by the laser, and at first it just doesn't quite sink in what happened. And then she tries to take a step. Kinda stings a little. In the time it takes settles her weight and look down, then pain -slams- into her and she sways in place, gritting her teeth and snarling behind them, taken right the fuck out of the foot race with the neat trick of hobbling. (S wound, in the foot from a called shot by laser of doom(tm))

Begby was at the edge of the pit and not far from where Mafen had torn through to get out. Just the large Trog was just too darn slow to even attempt to try and snag the RoboLeafer9000. He lets out a hard snort when he processes what all just happened. "Slitches get stitches!" he hollars at her with a furious laugh and pointing a finger at her like a schoolyard bully. The Nelson Muntz of 2068 complete with a "Ha-ha!".

The cyborg elf glares at Minos, eyelights at full intensity. He knows he can't move the troll with brute force, and he knows police response is too quick to stop and chat. Unfortunately for Minos, he's down to one option. His other holster pops open and he quickdraws it, drawing into a bead to fire at Minos."

Minos says, "I don't think we need to involve—" as Mafen runs at him, drawing a second laser pistol from another hidden holster and simply gunning the minotaur down where he's standing.

[ Shadowrun Denver ]
===============================> Street Rumors <===============================
You receive word from More Chromers (Wed Dec 10 01:56:14 2008):

"Oh.. my god. So that Halver comes back in to CHROME and he's pissed! He was poppen caps at that ugly slitch Tasha, who tried to gut him. His little robots were all 'pew pew pew' running after him. The lil' halfer hit her, too. The Termafenator though, he took the second round right in the back.

Then shit got, uh, weird.

So the Termafenator pulls a gun OUT OF HIS LEG and shoots a fricken LASER beam at the half'ers gun, so the halfer drops it. But then Tasha like, grudge-fucks(c) the Termafenator's leg where his cyberholster opened, right? FUCKEN OUCH.

The Halfer runs out just as that Bullfragger walks in… and then Deathwish throws a shoe… and then Halfer backs over Deathwish's car in his bigrig… and Termafenator starts shooten ZOMGFUCKINGlasers at the Bull for no real apparent reason… and then the Bull straight falls down! Like, fucken BLAMMO…

What the fuck is with people in CHROME tonight?

Posted by Blindside (#2329) <

Commlink-Obelisk> Deathwish barks to his security teams, "Let him out! Get it outside!", cyberholsters ejecting a pair of Ruger Tbolts into his cyberhands. He eyes the club for any more gunmen, looking quite fed up with the situation.

Velena pauses as the fact that things are occurring here that could get ugly. She looks quickly back the way she came and seems uncertain as to what she should do. Not having a clue she simply stays where she is until circumstances warrant otherwise. There is no reason to interfere with the tin man who is attempting to kill Minos. The only possible action she would have is to disarm the cyborg, but that assumes she could move faster than the speed of light. She can't and so stays rooted to the spot until there is something she -can- do. She is after all here for a date. Not a fire fight. She's not dressed for a fight anyway. She is interested in that interesting man who threw his shoe…now that is *classy* Then the minotaur falls over dead and she gasps in not a little bit of horror and she starts to move forward to help him…but there's that…cyborg *THINGY* in her way. She does not recognize Mafen anymore.

The barbots all point to the front exit, stating in an eerie unison, "There seems to be a disturbance! Please exit calmly, using the front exits. Fire exits will be opening at the sides of the dance floors!", as the floors and runways light up with little arrows, directing the way out.

And then Velena has to keep from being trampled.

Kassandra keeps down as energy fire singes the air, the smell of cooking fur, plate armour, and blood filling the air. The elf keeps her head down, not willing to chance getting shot at the moment. She peeks around her cover, watching Minos hit the ground. The woman's eyes widen momentarily, marking the Mafen's path.

The cyborg steps across the fallen body of the minotaur, left leg dropping and sliding over his prone form, unable to be fully lifted up. He heads out the door, heading into the alleyway and climbing on his autonav-ready bike. He gives the mental command for it to get the hell away from there.

Well. Shit. Kassandra looks around the ruins of the club, areas of smoldering impact marks, melted pistol, and burning minotaur. The high-piercing scream of a DocWagon band and the screams of those trampled, knocked over, frightened, or pissed are the sounds nearby. The elf has hardly entered the club and it is like she hadn't even left Beruit.

Checking out the nearest exits, Tasha grabs her blades and sheaths them, then starts gimping towards the nearest of the exits, growling with each step and swaying dangerously with every step.

Deathwish runs for Minos, along with two bouncers, pulling out a medkit. He shouts to his men, "Don't move him! Make sure the Docwagon can get in! Clear the helipad!", kneeling at the minotaur's side. He scans him over with a bio monitor, "Holy drek… I think there is already a nanite system in place…", looking to make sure the wounds aren't worsening. He notes, "Cauterized…. I think he'll live.

Begby licks the inside of his mouth, sniffing as he looks around. "I smell.. hamboigas.." he mutters, sniffing again as he turns around to find Minos laying on the ground and not moving. A sip of his drink as he otherwise just watches people scramble here and there. No sense in adding to the frenzy of getting out, besides he has half a beer to finish.

Frankie, for his part, promptly does his best to melt into the crowd. He slinks toward the nearest non-DocWagon-blocked exit and tries to keep tabs on Tasha. Wouldn't do for her to die after surviving this ridiculous mess.

Kassandra sighs, watching the security clear the way for DocWagon. She eyes Minos for a long moment before heading out with the crowd, heading out into the night with the rest of the patrons.

Velena pushes her way through the crowd and only because she's incredibly agile is she finally able to reach the minotaurs side. She kneels down next to Minos and looks at Deathwish. Relief blooms in her face as she realizes the Minotaur is not actually dead. She sighs and stands moving out of the way to make room for emergency personnel.

Tasha keeps hobbling towards the nearest exit, not making a whole helluva lot of progress.

Minos lies there unconscious, before the door. His breathing stablizes and while he's still unconscious (and likely has some serious internal damage), he's not bleeding out.

A pudgy man enters the club, carrying a small bag which is obviously a medkit. "I heard there were injured people here," he explains to the doormen. Obviously, not a huge threat to secuity.

Begby calmly walks towards one of the exits, finishing up his beer as he goes along. Not paying attention as he walks and chugs and looks like he is about to collide with Tasha's hobbling form as he is too busy trying to get the last of his beer in his mouth…

Deathwish stays by Minos, cheering him on, "C`mon, atta boy!" watching his vitals begin to stabilize. He discreetly takes a blood sample from the floor with his medkit, storing it away with a sigh, "Fraggin` crazy daisy eater bastard…. Shooting a LASER in a club that is MOSTLY MIRROR!", groaning as he rolls back onto his butt and lights a cigarette, not caring if he gets Minos blood all over his white suit. He turns his attention to the doctor, shouting, "Over here!", eyeing the man curiously, looking for credentials.

Velena stands or rather hovers nearby trying to stay out of peoples way. Concern for the minotaur etched in her features.

J. Christian Hadley approaches the shouting man, a bundle of pudgy energy that barely stops in time. "I'm a doctor," he says, holding up a large placard on a line with his image and credentials: J CHRISTIAN HADLEY, DOCWAGON. Of course, looking at it closely, one would note that the credentials expired last year… but in the shadows, one cannot be picky.

Tasha draws up short to try and avoid a collision with Begby, not that she can get out of the way fast if that doesn't work in delaying the big bloke from crashing into her.

The sound of a VTOL Osprey landing outside can be heard through the doors.

Deathwish comments, "The patient is self stabilizing. I believe he has an implant that maintains his vitals.", not leaving the Minotaurs side, but not impeding the doctor. He is watching him like a hawk, as the credentials dont exactly seem reputable. He crosses his arms, "I'm not leaving him alone until he gets to the hospital, if it can be avoided. He's a valued patron.".

Begby bumps himself into Tasha, interrupting his drinking that he barely keeps contained in his mouth. Wiping at his lips with the back of his free hand. "Ey.. watch were yer goin'..Limpy McLimp Limp." he rumbles out, stepping to the side to toss his empty away.

Shortly after its landing, a genuine DocWagon team arrives through the front doors. Acting as if on a beaconwhich they arethey make a beeline through the crowd towards Minos, lugging around some medical equipment. They set to work around him, two guys standing at the perimeter; one asks Deathwish for a situation report, etcetera.

Tasha snarls with pain and glares at Begby, marking his features. "See you in a few weeks, prick. GOnna see you bleed." Yeah, she's busted up and gimping, and making death threats before she's even seen a doc.

Deathwish turns over the info on his biomonitor, "He's stable, I believe. Didn't lay a finger on him, you have his profile on record, right?", getting out of the way, puffing his cigarette nervously.

The EMTs say, "Yes, Alexander Michaels, SIN UCAS-05291 etcetera, Draco Foundation employee. Thanks for the brief; he appears stable, now the problem is just getting his heavy ass out of here." As he speaks, a couple of trolls with a giant portable bed come in and load Minos onto it.

Begby just chuckles, shaking his head. "Bold talk from a slitch who tried to gut a defenseless Halfer." he rumbles out with a smile on his face. "But I ain' here to aurgue that. I'm gonna be tha bigger man and -walk-… away… -walk-.." he says as he emphasizes the word with motions of him walking freely and not limping. Flipping Tasha off behind him as he makes his way towards the exit.

Tasha grits her teeth and shuffle-sliides after Begby. Now if she could just keep up and get him in range… Alas being hobbled and having a shorter stride means he gets away. This time.

Deathwish notes, "There have been suspicious characters impersonaing docwagon employees. I would like to accompany you to the hospital.", taking off his blood soaked jacket and throwing it over the side of the ring. He notes, "We try to take care of out clientelle, as much as we can.", sighing as he looks over the scene.

MedicGuy sez, "You can't travel in the Osprey, but you can follow us in your car, if you wish." He hands over some actual ID to Deathwish. It's genuine.
Velena sees that her evening out is ruined. Nothing she can do. She shakes her head a bit and then the gypsy turns to make her way out of the club. Next time…its dinner and a movie.

Begby slaps another leaving patron on the back. The ork looking half drunk and bleary, "That was fun, huh omae? What do you say we hit that -DANCE- club down the road?" he offers, barely glancing back over his shoulder as he notices Tasha is still trying her little heart out to get at him. Just a snarky grin appearing for a moment until he catches sight of Velena, "Oooh, hey momma.. lets say we go have some fun?" he asks the Gypsy woman as he abandoned the drunken Ork in favor of the Gypsy Queen here.

Deathwish sighs, "I'm out of a car, some crazy ass halfer wrecked it for no reason.", shaking his head. He notes, "I need to make a phone call.", eyeing the credentials. A quick phone call is made to an air taxi-service, then to a decker, tracing the numbers on the osprey in case of foul play.

Deathwish comments, "I'll have a ride coming in a moment.", still seeming steadfast in his following to the hospital.

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