Pop Goes The Weasel

«Plot» Minos says, "This is a player-plot called "Pop Goes The Weasel". House rules in effect: maximum karma pool equal to the lowest karma pool of the characters present (11). No spiritbuster rounds allowed. Consent required (in other words, I may kill you, even if it's not terribly likely). Everyone agreed?"
«OOC» Johan says, "BUT MY AWESOME!!!! Of course I agree."
«Plot» Annie consents to all of the above pseudo legalese stuffage.
«Plot» Kassandra says, "I consent."
«Plot» Chaz says, "I consent to anything and everything that will happen as part of this."
«Plot» Minos says, "All right then, off we go…."

Through various means, you have all been contacted and brought into Carla Brooks' office. Carla Brooks is a vice president in the Draco Foundation and is primarily known as Dunkelzahn's former security adviser; she currently seems to work as a jack-of-all-trades troubleshooter for the Foundation primarily relating to will bequest troubleshooting. You're ushered into her office, where you are joined by Minos, who is wearing a formal kilt outfit. Excuses are provided for those who need them in order to get to this point, and a secretary offers you refreshments. The tall woman says, "Good afternoon, and thank you for coming."

Johan stands, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, obviously oggling the woman. It's sort of what he does. Who he is. He glances over his shoulder, to the door, waiting for Chaz to arrive. Johan would have been Chaz's point of contact on this one… He then turns back to oggling the boss woman. Good lord, she's 10 stacks of bad ass and hot. For once, it's not Silks' ass thats getting the work over.

Silk has made her way to the meeting, dressed for business. She doesn't seem to mind that Johan isn't oggling her; in fact, she seems otherwise distracted by something only she can see. She glances to the others and then back to Brooks, waving off the refreshments when offered.

Chaz makes his way into the office, dressed in a more of less corporate style look. Suit and tie, crisp cut, with his hair slicked back. Pretty much the only part that may set him away from being a normal suit would likely be the glowing white eyes. Well, you do have to try and look your best when making new friends, and he definitely tries to fit that role. Pausing at the door, he looks at those inside before taking a few steps in to join the others.

Annie arrives pretty much when she was requested, hobbling into the office with the aid of her staff. She absently waves off the woman bearing refreshments and appropriates a chair for her own use, preferably one along the wall or close to the windows. She offers pleasant nods of greeting as each person arrives and then turns her attention to Carla when it appears everyone is present.

"All right, I've got…let's see. Annie, Silk, Johan, and Chaz. And of course Minos, but his participation on this mission is going to be limited to whatever the rest of you require him for on this mission, if you do." She's not consulting any sort of pad or device; apparently she's got a good memory. She turns a display on and it looks like the 2060s version of a powerpoint presentation—trid-enabled. "All right," she continues, "we'll get straight to the brass tacks. You know we deal with the Will here, so let me get right to the part that this is in aid of." The screen switches to a paragraph of text:

"After much research and hundreds of bags of burned Nuke-and-Pop, I leave 20 million nuyen to the holder of the patent for the twentieth-century process that produced popcorn capable of being popped over an open flame (this dragon's method of choice). I believe it was called Speedy Pop, or Quick Pop, or something similar. The patent holder must use this money to renew the patent and resume production."

Johan corrects the dead dragon. "Jiffy."

Annie nods and shifts slightly as she crosses her boots at the ankles. "I remember the stuff…but I was never a big popcorn fan.", she comments after a moment.

"What ever happened to the classic smores? I mean, popcorn is good, but chocolate, marshmallows and ghrahm crackers…" Chaz says with a bit of a smile, "It's like a dentists best friend," he adds, hands cupped in front of him.
Kassandra pulls her attention to the power point display, sparing a glance to Johan when he corrects the J. She keeps her silence, apparently waiting to see how this plays out.

Brooks continues, "The name of the product was Jiffy Pop. We located the patent holderor rather, the descendant of the original patent holderquite some time ago. His name is Doctor Bernard Lee, and he is an Ares Macrotechnology citizen stationed in their Denver offices as a high-end researcher into ballistic physics; that is to say, he is the chief designer of some of their most cutting-edge high-velocity miniguns." The screen switches to a fuzzy file photo of the same man. "For various reasons, we did not approach him directly; that wasn't in our instructions. However, two years ago, he contacted us—via the Matrix. He'd worked out a deal with his bosses where he would continue to work for them, with the idea that he would eventually retire to the twenty-million Jiffy Pop business when his contract was up. So, at his instruction, we began construction on a factory…." (the slide switches to a building that's been under construction…forEVER…in the Warrens.)

Johan hahs! "See? I was right. Jiffy pop. My granddad used to talk about the shit like it was going out of style." He looks over to Annie for a moment, then back to the screen, absorbing the information as it comes at him.

Brooks continues, "Well, as you may've guessed, Doctor Lee's contract continues to renew and he hasn't been able to get out of Ares, although he wants to. He's worried they're going to keep him there indefinately as 'essential to their core business research practices' and he would very much like to enjoy his retirement. So your job is to get him out of Ares' hands. You'll be extracting him, AND his wife and daughter. The job is to get them away from the Ares security personnel who are watching him, and all three of them must survive."

Brooks asks, "I have more data, of course, but I'll open the floor for questions now."

Johan answers immediately… "wife and daughter. Ages, athletic capability, weight and height, please."

Chaz keeps his eyes focused on the slide being displayed for the photos and then the building, letting the information sink in, a slight smile coming to his face as the mission is dropped. He looks to the others, letting them begin their question and answer period.

Kassandra nods slowly, producing a pocket secretary from her purse and making a few notes. She remarks quietly, "Is there any other restrictions or limitations on this mission?"

Annie waits a few moments for answers to the questions on the floor before asking any of her own.

Brooks answers Johan first, by flipping through some slides. "Doctor Bernard Lee, age 57, in compliance with Ares physical fitness regimens for his age category, which is to say he's pretty fit for an old human." He is a relatively fit, distinguished-looking older man. Next picture. "Barbara Lee, age 34, smoker, Japanese teacher in the Ares tenth-grade school in the complex in Denver. No fitness regimen requirements established, but figure she's about average…she might slow you down a bit." Her picture depicts a very pretty woman in that hot-librarian sorta way. "Angelica Lee, aged 12, sixth grade, athletic, plays soccer, very studious. Dr. Lee assures us that his family is all on board with him on this one."

The girl is a typical, smiling corporate sproutling.

Brooks turns to Kassandra and says, "We'd prefer you don't cause too many permanent casualties, but there's no restrictions. Priority is on extracting all three; but if it comes down to it, the daughter must survive; she's his heir."

Johan grins slightly.. "Man likes to rob the cradle. I can respect that." He mutters, looking over the file. He's storing the information for later. He narrows his eyes, nodding to the woman. "Unreceptive extractions… are messy."

Kassandra jots down the information, making copious side-notes and drawing arrows between the entries. She frowns a moment, looking to the others as if waiting for other questions.

"Do we have any information of their schedules?" Chaz offers curiously, "Gives us a number of possible target zones, for either multiple simulatenous extractions or one masse job."

Annie considers for a moment and finally speaks up. "Is the target expecting extraction within a certain time window, and does the foundation have an existing line of communication with him?", she shrugs, "Also knowing whether ARes has any suspicions about a potential extraction, company men keeping an eye on him or his family could be useful."

Kassandra slips another question in, "You said you had more data?"

Brooks smiles at Chaz and says, "Good question." She turns to the screen and says, "The three are not often together out of the Ares complex -he's a highly valued corporate asset, dontchaknow. However, in (X TIME WHERE X=SPEED OF PLOT) days he's going to be transferred to Germany, which is one of the reasons this is so urgent in his mind -he doesn't know if he'll have the chance to return. Two possible lines of extraction come to mind, that he's communicated to us; you can also find or suggest other ones." She pauses to answer Annie and says, "He'd like to be extracted before he goes to Germany. We do not think that Ares has any suspicions about an *extraction imminent* situation, but we do know they guard him VERY carefully when he's outside of the compound. We can communicate with him over the Matrix, but it's very limited."

She turns back to Chaz and says, "In (X DAYS TIME), Dr. Lee and his family will be having a 'going away' dinner at his daughter's favorite restaurant," and at this she shudders and wrinkles her brow in distaste, "the Dunk E. Cheese; and no, we have nothing to do with them," the slide changes to a picture of a restaurant that has a front statue depicting an obviously-ripped-off-image of a dragon that looks like Dunkelzahn only in a big green hat holding a giant lollipop in one claw and a saxophone in the other. "—and we think that might be a good time to extract them; either on the way to the restaurant; at the restaurant; or on the way back. Another alternate possibility for extraction would be en route to the airport for their departure; they're going to have to travel to the Dunkelzahn International Airport to go; at the airport; or as a last ditch, on the ground in Germany."

Annie muses and then chuckles, "Or potentially conduct something of a shell game here. Let Ares think they got on the plane and that would give us several hours of flight time before they realized something was amiss.", she chuckles and looks over at Carla, "Sorry…my brain was given a puzzle and now it's switching to plot mode."

Johan glances to Annie… "You thinking what I'm thinkin?"

Chaz nods and smiles. "Ok, that's ten different possible extraction approaches," he says and pulls out a pocsec, starting to enter data into it. "Very good odds," he says and nods, looking at Annie. "That was one, though I was thinking of a Button, Button approach. Only problem is, I don't know if we'd be able to get enough people for that one in the time we have."

Kassandra murmurs, "We might want to keep our nefarious comments under wraps so as to not have Ms. Brooks have to deny anything we might say."

Annie shoots a quick grin to Chaz and Johan before switching back to meet-the-johnson mode. "Good. I assume we can get access to the personnel dossiers you have available. Also if you have the names and profiles of any potential Ares agents who would likely be assigned to something like this, that would be useful as well.", she comments after a moment and then adds, "But it sounds like it would be a challenge. What's being offered as compensation for full and partial extraction of the primaries?"

Johan leans over to Annie… "Shell games are fun. I like shell games, or as Mr. Chaz says.. Button games. Even better, I'm fairly certain you can look like a twelve year old, which in some countries, is a marketable skill…"

Chaz considers the comments and nods. "Problem is, in most of those countries, it's not the tweleve year old who makes the money," he adds softly. "He jots a few notes down on his pocsec and looks to the others, focusing more into the professional mode once again as best he can.

Brooks says, "Compensation is 35,000 =Y= per individual, up to five, or up to 70,000 =Y= in credit which can be used to obtain many things that the Draco Foundation has access to. This amount, especially the credit, is only available if you successfully extract Dr. Lee; one of the things he is doing for us to get us to bring you on as assets is providing us with some data he will be bringing out of Ares with him. If you manage to extract his wife and child, but not him, that's 25,000 =Y= per individual 'runner. If you just get the daughter it's 20,000 =Y=."

Johan hrms quietly. The numbers work… "And nothing, if we just grab the chick, I assume, as she's not actually part or party to the issue at hand." he says quietly. He runs a hand down his chin.. "Yeah. This can work."

"I can do pre-teen", Annie admits after a moment to Johan then switches her focus back to Brooks when the pay scale is explained. She simply nods her agreement to the offering and by extension her own acceptance of the job.

Kassandra stirs, keeping quiet for the most part. She raises an eyebrow at the conversation regarding 12 year olds, but instead says to Ms. Brooks, "35,000 for an extraction on short notice vs. Ares? That seems a little .. light." Kassandra cranks up the amperage of her smile, tapping the stylus against her datapad, remarking, "I am certain, given what we are going up against, we could work out something a little more mutually beneficial?"

Minos leans back and listens to the planning being made.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Negotiation + 4 (phero) for "Negotiation. Every success raises the value by 5% in our favor.":
2 2 2 3 3 3 5 5 8 9 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Minos (#5291) rolls 8 vs TN 8 for "Ms Brooks' negotiation abilities":
1 1 1 3 3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Negotiation + 4 (phero) - 3 vs TN 7 for "Negotiation. Every success raises the value by 5% in our favor, karma reroll 1/11":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 8 = 1 Success

Brooks pauses and considers, "I'll tell you what. I'll give you 45K each, 80K in gear if you get all three. The other numbers stay the same."

Johan glances at Kassandra as she works her mojo. The mojo is strong in this one, and it's not just her ass. Though, thats strong too. ONe of the benefits to working on the Watchers team, is the shower scenes. Cause, ya know, they happen.

Kassandra nods her thanks to Ms. Brooks, remarking, "I believe that is more than acceptable." She glances to the others, remarking, "I am, of course, in."

"I'm in. I always try for as many as six impossible things before breakfast," Chaz says with a smirk.

Brooks says, "Do you have any questions or other details you require? I'm afraid we do not have direct information on *particular* security personnel around him. That's because we don't want to alarm them. I will say that the usual detail for him is a minimum of two physical, one magically active, unknown number (if any) of spirits. His wife and daughter usually get one guard each. This is in normal situations; what will happen for this trip we do not know."

Johan wows quietly. "This guy gets executive level protection. Impressive. They REALLY want to keep him. Got any intel on the specific persons watching him? May be good to put pressure on their families. Nothing keeps me home with the blue flue like a man with a gun to my kids head."

Chaz looks at Johan and hmmms, considering for a moment. "So that's what Alzheimer is like. I didn't figure it had such a rapid onset," he mutters.

Brooks looks at Johan and then Chaz and then chuckles.

Annie grins slightly and waits to see if Brooks has any optical chips with the dossiers forthcoming.

Johan looks to Brooks. "Hey, you run enough shadowops, you don't take face value on things like that. Never hurts to ask."

Kassandra simply waits, continuing to make notes. She glances up as Johan covers old ground, saying nothing, her eyes travelling to Brooks and watching her body language.

"If there are no other questions…" she produces a datapad, "this has the data we have on the targets, the Dunk E. Cheese," she sounds like she throws up in her mouth a little bit when she says that, "and what he has told us about the normal patterns and such. I will leave you this office to plan in if you'd like."

Annie speaks up before Brooks leaves, "You never did hit my question about whether you had a line of communication to the target. One that we could potentially use if necessary."

Chaz nods to Johan and smirks at the reaction about the Dunk E. Cheese before going back to his datapad, a small spot of light illuminating the pad.

Brooks replies, "Oh, I thought I had. We have a means of getting messages to him, but it's difficult to keep it secret from the Ares deckers. We figure you can have one set of exchanges of data using our methods -you to him, a reply; you to him, and another reply. More than that and we are not prepared to risk our means of doing so as it may prove useful in the future; we'd also prefer you limit it to as few messages as necessary."

Annie hmms and nods, "Sounds reasonable. If there is a team of security deckers assigned to him like that, we probably need to severely limit our matrix activity with anything that might trip some of their keyword agents."

Chaz glances to Annie and smiles. "It's why you get them to tell you what you need to know, it's more fun that way, too."

Johan nods to annie, thinking that over. "Thank you for the job, Ms. brooks. YOu have a safe flight home."

Kassandra makes note of that, circling the information and making a few notes to the side. She otherwise stays quiet, letting the others discuss for the moment.

Brooks says, "Other questions, you can pass through Minos. GOod luck, team." She heads out.

Annie chuckles and shrugs, "I am still learning this matrix stuff", she seems about to go off on a 'In My Day' tirade but manages to hold it back as she takes a moment to stand and bid the Johnson farewell.

Johan contacts Kirk Douglas

<Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) has the Contact Dirk Kouglass with the following information:
Contact for Johan (#799)
Contact Name: Dirk Kouglass
Level: 1
Type: engineer
GM Note: Dirk Kouglass is an enterprising young engineer involved in building Ares Macrotech Facilties. He's brilliant but a little batty

«OOC» Johan says, "That is where you said our mark lived."
«OOC» Minos says, "correct, I was just making sure you and I were on the same page."
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4 for "HEY! Kirk!":
2 4 5 11 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Johan says, "Kirks home ;)"

Dirk Kouglass picks up the phone and says, "Kouglass, Blueprints."

Samuel Clemen's voice comes out smooth and pure. "Kirk, good to hear your voice. It's Clemens. How have you been?" He asks, glancing down at his watch. He makes the call out of earshot of everyone else, save maybe Annie or Kassandra.. "You catch the Dragons game? Sick nuns, yeah… Hey, is that offer for a facility tour still open? My daughter's doing economics in school, I figured I'd tap you, see if the offer was still open."

Kouglass says, "I lost 50 bucks on that game, man. As for the tour, yeah, I can get you tickets. What part did you want, the prospective-investor tour? Or the prospective-citizen tour? Or something else?"
Johan huhs quietly. "You know, the Prospective Citizen might be an interesting tact. That could be a lot of fun for Annie."

He replies, "Well, never figured you for it but if you think she'll enjoy it…I'll put you on the list. Tomorrow's a good day for it if you're interested."

Johan routes the call through his transducer, producing text for kassandra to read as he turns his pocksec to let her see the text.. "Yeah. TOmorrow's good. How about.. late lunch time. 130 good for you?"

Kassandra takes notes on the call between some calls and research she is working on, findng a seat to settle into as they roundtable on planning.

Kouglass says, "Sounds good to me. I'll just be there to greet you; I've work to do but I'll hook you up with Trisha, she's a good tour guide and doesn't do the hard-sell. See you then."

Johan offers a parting good bye, ending the call.

Johan turns to Kassandra and the others… "This will give us a chance to maybe see that security up close from a protected and innocuous position."

Kassandra nods, tapping a few icons, "You and your daughter, in any case," she remarks, adding, "Do we have an idea of what we want to do at this point, or are we just working to cover all the angles?"

Annie leans back comfortably in her chair and listens in on Samuels side of the conversation. "Who knows, an opportunity might present itself where I could swap places with the daughter and potentially extract her early.", she comments when he finally hangs up and adds, "But at the very least it might give me a chance to see if there are any spirits shadowing the targets."

Minos comments, "I think, given the time you have, you should probably eliminate which options you DON'T want to take and then evaluate the one or two you want to take to pick one that'll work."

"Are we going to try and grab them all together, or do we want to make seperate grabs?" Chaz offers, "If we go for the plane, we'll likely have to deal with known crew, but a few disguises, some knockout gas in the cabin, and we should solve that problem. The restaurant gives us a mix of tactical advantages and disavantages. So, unless we want innocents in the crossfire, we could sneak them out of the restaurant. We'd just need some prep time. In the facility, we're basically turning it into an Escape from the Rock. They control the playing field, we're contestants on 'Let's make a Steal'."

Johan thinks it over. "I think a single grab at the Dunky pizza joint is the best idea. If we grab one, then the security is going to ratchet up as the others become obvious extraction targets as well. I mean, frankly, thats what I'd do. We hit hard, either through stealth or through other means, and we fade. Simple."

Kassandra nods, "I was thinking of taking a friend to lunch and looking over the resturant and the lay of the land around it." She shrugs, "I get food and can do the job at the same time, so it is a double bonus."

Annie nods, "The Dunk place would be an ideal location, but as a bodyguard I would realize it. Places like that are a security nightmare."

"Ok. So, if we're doing it there, I'm thinking we could pull it off with a Down the Drain and a Button, Button, at least the father and daughter, though they would have to be pulled oof in fairly good timing. And we'd need to get a couple look-a-likes," Chaz replies.

Johan nods to Annie. "Yeah…." He looks to Chaz then, considering the other mans word. "Got some good points. How are you with disguise?" He asks curiously… "And… we can make it a nightmare for the security team as well. Lets book some birthday parties, everyone in the same outfits… and then get the extraction targets some shirts to match. Saw it in an old movie once… We switch places… they slip out."

Kassandra jots notes about this, underlining the part about same outfits, drawing a line off and noting 'Needlework' to the side. She glances to the others, listening, the stylus prepared.

Chaz nods and smiles. "Exactly, the Button, Button. The Down the Drain is a similar idea. Get someone to fake having to go to the bathroom, the security checks it out, then they send in the protected target to do their business. You have a fake wall, or something similar, swap them for a lookalike. And as for disguises, I am pretty good, got a few poly masks as well."

Minos says, "The problemfor the guardswith places like Dunk E Cheese is that it's always obvious, or at least traceable, as to who the security guards are. They can't afford to get too violent or too showy for fear of it reflecting on their employers."

Johan nods to Chaz. "Cool. I think between us, we can fake that family pretty well. I know Annie can do a magical mask to look like the girl, while me and you, Chaz, can do the father. Kassandra, I can make up to look like the mommy… Hats, shirts, an out of order stall.. we should be okay to go. What this depends on, is the quality of the security. Given that this guy isn't being let go to persue his popcorn empire, at 20,000,000 nuyen, I'm gonna assume they have executive level, which is to say, people who are our rough equals. That means we need to be on our toes. Serious toes. Minos, how do you feel about dressing up like a clown?"

Johan just smirks. It's a big, shit eating smirk.

Kassandra snickers quietly.

"Just remember to get the lines right. It's 'Gappy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Have a Dunk-diddly-unkly birthday, Insert name of child here," Chaz offers and smirks, looking at the others. "They got good Skee-ball."

Minos groans.

Annie grins and looks over at Chaz, "Sounds like you are a fan."

Johan nods to Chaz. "Goddamn, I havn't played skeeball in years. Not since some asshole kids with hockysticks tried to mug me."

Chaz looks at Johan and shrugs. "Well, I think they thought you were a famous female singer or something. Under the right light… I suppose I can see it, you do have a female chin and lips," he says with a smirk before looking at Annie.
"Twenty more tickets and I get a Grey Ghost Decoder Ring and Pill Dispenser."

Kassandra glances to the others, her expression blank. She shrugs, apparently not getting the joke. Instead, she works on a number of names for birthday parties, adding notes to the side on who to contact.

Johan admits… "It's my girlish figure."

Chaz hmmms, "There's one I was thinking of, but without a bug scanner, I can't guarantee we'll be able to pull it off."

Annie considers and then offers, "I can likely detect any tracking or surveillance bugs on our people."

Johan nods to Annie. "I'll be able to spot plants in the crowd or surivellence in the area. I would put a backup unit on this location given it's high risk."

"Ok, the Shadow Knows. It's a variation on the Clone scam," Chaz offers, "You've probably seen it in kid's shows and the soaps. Two identical people who look alike, how do you tell them apart. In the kid shows, they get into a scuffle so the cloud masks then being switched. Well, what about a quick electrical short cutting out all the lights for thirty seconds, and then send in the clones?"

Johan nods to the Chazmonster. "Something like that, but I'd prefer to do it simpler, like the bathroom or something like that. THey have manpower on us, five to defend three, its a fair bet they won't ever be directly alone. The distraction may be the best possible thing we can do."

Kassandra says, without looking up, "We will need several clean transports as well as someone standing by for overwatch if things go poorly."

Chaz nods and smiles to Johan. "Down the drain that'll get us one, maybe two. Presto Chango could work, but we'd need a flash crowd. Easy enough given your human resources department."

Annie nods, "If it were me, I would have two to three AOD trackers on each of the primaries as well as a Watcher to keep an eye on the auras.", she pauses and adds, "The simplest ward will stop a Watcher cold though. Maybe have a hedgehog or other signal acquisition gear on site to watch for and monitor unusual signals."
Minos replies to Kassandra, "The Foundation can provide clean transport. I don't know what requirements you have for overwatch, though."

Kassandra nods to Minos, "I was thinking of having a decker or two standing by to provide chaos in case we have to leave in a hurry. But that all depends on how we do things."

"If we can find the trackers fast enough, the Presto Chango would cut out the need for all the disguises. Have the target go walking under watch, suddenly a mass closes around them, amaking it hard to see from all sides, put new clothes on our target, have a twin in the crowd take off a layer to look exactly like the target and get back in the open. But any good security would likely push their way through quickly, if nothing else." Says CHaz

Kassandra offers, "I can get a bug scanner."

Johan lets the others offer their insights, now, looking to Minos and picturing him in an Unky Dunky constume. Oh, this will be so sweet.

Minos says "So, what exactly is it we're doing next?"

Chaz looks the others over before glancing at Annie. "Can you levitate multiple targets off the floor at once?"

Johan gestures to Kassandra… "She's gonna eat pizza nd play skeeball. I'm gonna go tour the facility, and try and arrange things so that I bump in to this guy's security detail. YOu, are gonna arrange to be the Unky Dunky that day at Dunky cheeze… and annies going with me tomorrow to the Ares Facility as my sexy, hot teenage daughter. She's gonna dress somewhat skimpy and slutty." Johan nods sagely.

"I am going to go have some pizza with a friend and organize some birthday parties. Call me with a time and day so I can coordinate. Also, whatever colour you want the shirts to be." Silk rises, clicking the secretary closed.

Minos says "I'm going to arrange to be the Unky Dunky? You have to be kidding me." He grumbles lowly. "This sucks.""

Annie answers Chaz, "I could likely do multiple targets simultaneously. It would not be easy…but doable."

«OOC» Annie says, "At this point, probably get floorplans of the restaurants, internal security arrangements (cameras etc). Cameras surrounding the building, area security rating, and possibly a way to temporarily disable panicbutton access. Maybe even activate fire alarms or assume control of any animatronic critters inside. Ways to create chaos. If the building has internal wireless comms, then maybe we could piggyback our op comms under theirs to camouflage them from Ares security"
«OOC» Minos says, "OK"
«OOC» Johan may do a sub run with Chaz to coop their internal securyt system as setup.
«OOC» Johan says, "Between the two of us we can handle that, to set up feeds and overrides."
«OOC» Minos says, "Getting floorplans and internal security arrangements of the restaurant is easy. It's a Dunk E. Cheese, it doesn't have a lot of internal security arrangements - typical "dont rob the cashier, make sure no one touches the kiddies in their special places" sorta thing."
«OOC» Johan says, "Log is accurate up to now: http://watchers.wikidot.com/pop-goes-the-weasel"
«OOC» Minos says, "er, sorry about the hyphens"
«OOC» Johan says, "Which means lots of cameras."
«OOC» Annie says, "Yeah…I went to a chuck e cheeses a couple of months ago. They had lots of cameras."
«OOC» Chaz looks at the levitate spell and wonders if you have to move objects in meter spacings.
«OOC» Johan says, "In specific, I want to duplicate the feed and route it to a monitor of our display so we can clearly map out the the blindspots, the hitch points and traffic flows."
«OOC» Annie says, "What exactly did you have in mind for levitate Chaz?"
«OOC» Minos says, "there aren't that many cameras. :) The matrix security is laughable around the host, you can get in and out without a problem, and you can map those things out, Johan. BUT! about four hours before the guy is supposed to arrive there, a pair of Ares deckers descends on the matrix there. This woulda been a scene if we had a decker but we don't."
«OOC» Chaz was thinking a little trifecta assuming security is at the table. Have a clumsy waiter spill some water and go to get maintenance. As they're going, levitate the targets slightly off the floor as a hidden charge electrifies the water. Likely the guards are not completely insulated from electricity.
«OOC» Minos says, "I'll letcha know what happens in the matrix when the time comes to the NPCs you get involved, it's a suspense and interest point."
«OOC» Johan nods.
«OOC» Minos says, "As for the building's internal wireless comms, there are, in fact, wireless comms in the place between the suited people and the waiters/waitresses and the maitre'd and the little glowy LED thingies they give you to let you know when your table is ready."
«OOC» Minos says, "The Dunk E. Cheese is located in one of Denver's many suburbs. Security is provided by Hard Corps, Inc., which is basically Knight Errant's little brother in that neighborhood."
«OOC» Minos says, "Estimated response time from HQ to restaurant is ~5 minutes, but…"
«OOC» Johan says, "Probably be higher response."
«OOC» Minos says, "Kass, make a Knight Errant Procedures roll please"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Knight Errant Procedures + Task Pool: 1:
2 4 5 5 10
«OOC» Johan says, "Better."
«OOC» Minos says, "You are aware that it is highly likely that, with Ares Megacorporate Executive Security on hand, the bodyguards will likely be extremely reluctant to have to call in a subsidiary's rent-a-cops to handle any mess."
«OOC» Kassandra nods and will pass that along.
«OOC» Minos says, "Moreover said rent-a-cops are unlikely to WANT to ride to the rescue because if the megacorp dudes buy it, then their hands are clean. :)"
<OOC» Minos says, "anything else I am missing?"
«OOC» Minos says, "stuff people want to do?"
«OOC» Kassandra will want those vehicles to be identical, as an aside.

«OOC» Minos says, "what kinda vehicles?"
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Big sedans or vans. Even if we dont use them, they can provide a distraction."
«OOC» Annie says, "I think we use our limited contact with the targets to coordinate wardrobes and give them limited instruction when the shit goes down"
«OOC» Chaz laughs and considers going in as a magician. Taking the girl as a volunteer to perform a magic trick and then using ruth and mirrors and the like, sneak her out to replace her. ;)
«OOC» Annie says, "I could do my transform trick again as well"
«OOC» Minos says, "done, Kass"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) has the Contact Needlepoint with the following information:
Contact for Kassandra (#9777)
Contact Name: Needlepoint
Level: 2
Type: clothing fixer
GM Note: Needlepoint is a fixer who specializes in clothing, costumes, and so forth. Whether it is a suit for a special occation or the latest security outfit that Renraku is sporting, Needlepoint is the person who will be able to set you up. Needlepoint is a human female who uses the Fixer archetype (Intelligence 5, Negotiation 7, Etiquette 6, Sewing 7, Fashion 5, other skills as needed). She can be counted on to be discreet, but at the ripe age of 60 she isnt above giving a runner a piece of her mind if they get too uppity, and many a smartass has been shocked at how fast she can use scissors for something other than cutting cloth.
«OOC» Johan says, "And now Chaz is david copperfield."
«OOC» Minos says, "someone explain to me please what exactly you are doing in the clothing/impersonation bit?"
«OOC» Johan says, "That, is an awesome specialized contact."
«OOC» Kassandra will coordinate with Needlepoint for the costumes/clothing requirements
«OOC» Chaz says, "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."
«OOC» Minos says, "yeah, about that, Needlepoint needs you to make an acquisition check to get a…Unky Dunky costume."
«OOC» Annie says, "Hopefully you are better at it than Bullwinkle"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 2 vs TN 4 for "Provide a Moo sized Uncle Dunkie suit":
1 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 8 = 5 Successes
«OOC» Minos says, "okay, he DOES NOT ask you what you want one for"

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