Red Right Hook

It's an old story, the usual set up. When you need to beat the hell out of something, or need it poisoned or need some black operations done that don't exactly read well in the headlines, you hire shadowrunners. And in Denver, you hire runners from a select pool. Something about the water of Denver creates 'heroes', other wise known as the terminal unemployment.

Annie and Kassandra get calls from contacts that know they work well in the darker sides of the shadows. The meet is matrix side, a private chatroom on a private server labeled 'Hot and Sensual Chat with Mature Human Women'.

There's a fetish for anything. A pass word is provided, the password being 'Pontiac'.

Silk considers the call, making one herself. A response comes in, data and cash transferred. Soon, the newly disguised Silk program hits the 'trix, heading towards the private chatroom. The icon is, well, a hourglass-shaped female icon in a red dress, with a blond wig on. Never trust a decker not to take things literally. She keys the password, attempting to gain access into the server.

Annie arrives as well, pretty much on time according to the atomic clock. Her icon strolls into the node and offers the password when she is queried.

The room looks like a frat house.

Seated in the middle of the frat house, is a prim looking, female formed icon that looks like a woman in her mid 40s, that 'cougar' age that's some how in vogue every 30 years with songs sung about it. When a guy in his fourties hits on a chick, it's just 'a guy hitting on a chick'. Make it a chick, and suddenly she's a predator.

Culture. Go figure.

"Come in. Sit down. I apologize for the nature of the room, but I felt playing out of type was safer for everyone involved."

Silk scans the node as she enters, finding a seat and settling in, one hand moving to push the virtual wig back into place. She says, "Ah, it is not a problem. I have been in far worse places." She pauses, "I have an acquaintance that I will have to tell about this, however. He collects these sort of meeting places."

Annie comes in, sits down and takes a few moments to check out the node architecture. She chuckles, "Yeah, definitely an interesting choice."

"Lets cut through the glad handing, chitchat and smalltalk, ladies. There is a warehouse, owned by a particular group, and there is within that warehouse, a bottling plant for purified water. It is my desire that you affect a particular portion of the assembly. You must not be seen, must not be noticed and you must not affect the output; only what is being out put."

"Pure stealth, modify what is being bottled. Alright." Silk says, "Any other clarifications? I am in, as well."

Annie cocks her head slightly, "Sounds like an interesting job in these days and times.", she looks over at Kass and then back to the potential employer, "Is there something about this job that would make our particular skillsets more likely to succeed than your average B&E or electronic specialist?"

"The Red Cross Society of North America relies more on good will, than specific security measures beyond the norm. They do however, employ basic warding and a platinum contract with Knight Errant. THe onsite security consists of a team of Knight Errant officers who pull overtime shifts here. The team consists of one Sargent and 4 officers at any given time."

Silk glances to Annie's icon, then back to the Johnson, "All right. Are we being supplied with whatever change is being made, or is this something that exists on site?"

Annie leans back in her virtual chair and waits to hear the answer to Kass's question.

"YOu will be provided with an ingredient to add to their production process via a dead drop. THe pay for this mission is 50,000 Nuyen."

"It sounds like all is in order then. Do you have a contact point for confirmation of success on this mission?" Silk leans forward in her seat, the icon's resolution not as good as many you see on the Matrix.

"Yes, sounds reasonable.", Annie adds a moment later, "You need this done tonight I assume?"

"Meet back in this room once you have completed the mission. A program will be awaiting you. And, yes."

Kassandra sends a PM to Annie with a meet point, rising swiftly, "We'll be in touch." Her icon heads for the 'exit', derezzing from a hard disconnect seconds later.

Annie nods in agreement, accepts the PM from Kass, and doesn't even bother having her icon get up. She simply derezzes as well, vanishing abruptly from the node. A few moments later Annie pops the plug from her 'jack and packs up the gear that would be most useful for a run of this type. Soon enough she is on the way to the meet with Kassandra.

Kassandra is moving as well, selecting clothing and gear for the mission and having it set up and ready for her, on the road within 10 minutes of the private message. En route she checks the location of the warehouse, sending out calls for information along the way.

Silk COntacts Sexyguy069

«OOC» Kassandra says, "Information from SexyGuy069: information on the warehouse, schematics, whatever he can get me in the next hour. Just recon, dont get into a fight."
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 1 for "Hey deckerboy. do some work.":
2 2 3 3 3 3 5 10

Sexyguy069 Reports back: I'm not gonna be all psycho stalker here, but uh… why do you want information on the Red Cross?

Silk says: I have a number of clients interested in helping them. Apparently they are having security issues, so we are looking into it.

«OOC» Annie says, "I will check the basic maps of the area. Get a security rating for the area…what sort of other businesses are nearby/adjacent…"
«OOC» Samuel says, "Sec rating is B."

Sexyguy069: … Good enough for me. Okay. So. The Red Cross. They have a large warehouse and office complex on the corner of Wooten and E. Platte in the UCAS Colorado Springs. Security is technologically middle of the road, but competent and consistent. KE gets a tax write off for donating services.

Kassandra slides into an average diner in an average part of the UCAS, just another in a long line of places to stop and eat. She sends a paycode to SexyGuy069, "Thanks for the help, omae. Stay safe and drink a lot of fluids."

SG069: Slot that. I'm in New York.

Silk : "Gah. You may want antibotics, then." She snickers and hangs up.

Kassandra steps into Denny's, looking around for the elderly woman she knows as Annie.

Annie arrives at the Denny's a few moment after Kassandra does. She fits in pretty well with the average crowd that frequents these places.

Kassandra orders a coffee to go, heading towards Annie, "Hey. You ready to roll?"

Annie nods to Kass and holds the door open for her to pass, then heads on out to the Bison. Soon afterward the two elves are safely ensconced inside for their planning session and motoring on their way to Colorado City.

Kassandra transfers her bags to the Bison and settles in for the drive, sipping her coffee, "Alright. It's a standard place, nothing special from what I understand. Off-duty Kay E picking up some extra cred on the side. Nothing special, I imagine. Cameras, wards, locks."

Annie nods, "I took a look at the area, standard B class security rating for an industrial area. It's damn good pay if everything turns out as it appears on the surface."

The emphasis, of course, is on the IF.

Kassandra snorts indelicately, "It never does. I have no doubt something will go pear-shaped." She considers, "So. Standard look-see on the place, eyes and astral, then paint by numbers infiltration, get the stuff into wherever it goes, go home?"

Annie grins wryly at the snort and nods, "Sounds good to me. We should be home in time to get a good night sleep and watch the morning news tridcast."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Denver Border Crossings + Task Pool: 1 for "Excuse us, coming through":
2 2 3 3 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Denver Border Crossings + Task Pool: 1 for "Excuse us, coming through, karma reroll":
2 3 4 4 5 8
«OOC» Kassandra says, "stand"
«OOC» Samuel says, "Legal or illegal crossing?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 1 for "1-3 legal, 4-6 not":
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Legal"

The border crossing is a nice, simple one. You get some smiles from the boys in blue as you hit the UCAS sector, then the ride is long, annoying, but smooth and without incident.

Physically speaking, it's a sprawling warehouse, painted white, with a small yard (fenced in) where it's emergency response roach-coaches and a few big rigs are kept. While one may expect this place to be buzzing wiht activity, right now… it looks almost mothballed. Like nothing has been happening here.

The building appears to be under surveillance from several concealed cameras on poles. There is a single vehicle parked near the side door, marked with Knight Errant Colors. A squad car. Its engine is warm, probably run in the last 20 minutes or so for a while. Likely used for round-a-bouts of the property.

Silk watches the building as the Bison does its business. She frowns, eyes going to … aha. Cameras. And there, right on cue, is the Boys in Blue. She chuckles faintly, shaking her head, and silently noting to herself to make another check out to Jason for his class on KE's usual tactics. She takes it slow, backtracking over what she has already done and making notes, verifying everything she already found out, making sure there isn't anything else lurking.

This is clearly, the light duty OT for senior officers.

Annie projects astral and does a quick and quiet recon of the property. She is mainly out looking for wards, ward strengths, patrolling spirits or mages. She also takes a moment or two to assense any officers that are outside of wards and checking for any dogs or other guard animals that might be quartered in the fenced areas.

The wards are a security grade of Kepler-6, which is more than reasonable. More than likely, the warding is also a donation of services as well. Spiritual security appears to be limited to that ward, which encompasses the building as a whole.

Right now, a patrol of two officers is actually leaving the building. They step outside, one of them lighting a cigarette, taking a moment while they step over to the car.

«OOC» Annie says, "Any of the officers overly cybered or magically active?"
«OOC» Samuel says, "Assense em ;)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Aura Reading vs TN 4 for "Comp Roll - Aura Reading":
2 2 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Aura Reading":
2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 8 11 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Aura Reading Officer 2":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 7 = 4 Successes

The first officer, the older of the two, appears to have some sort of bioware about his joints, while the second has some kind of work done to his eyes and hands.

«OOC» Annie says, "About when do they return to the vechicle? Kass estimated the vehicle engine had been off for 20 minutes earlier…how long after that are they doing the patrol."

The men get in the vehicle, and do a circuit of the building. They stop, checking each door and window, tapping a small electronic device to an receiver in the wall. If you had to guess, its a 20 minute trip around the building, then 40 minutes in side, then on the hour, 20 minutes outside.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 8 (rating) for "Comp skill":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics.chip) for "Search search search for the signal":
1 1 1 2 4
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Damn defective korean shit."

… Not so much.

«OOC» Kassandra says, "We have time, I'll try again."
«OOC» Samuel nods.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 8 (rating) for "Comp skill":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics.chip) for "Search search search for the signal":
1 1 1 2 3
«OOC» Kassandra 0.0
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics.chip) for "Search search search for the signal, karma reroll 2/11":
3 3 5 5 5
«OOC» Annie says, "Ah well. :)"
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Yeah, ok. well. we didnt want to hear it anyway. :P"

«OOC» Kassandra nods. Ok. Before we go in, I'll plot out the arcs of the cameras (taking into account if they move) and find the holes. We'll look for the door closest to where we need to be at, and secondary concern of which one is in the arc of the least cameras, unless we have observed any other obvious holes that are better exploited.
«OOC» Samuel says, "Gimmie a sec systems roll"

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence for "No security systems skill, default. I do have security procedures.":
1 4 4 5 5 5 11 14
«OOC» Annie says, "I will do some aerial sweeps with the Bisons drones, make sure there aren't any airborn drones loitering in the area."
«OOC» Annie says, "Bisons sensors…not drones"
«OOC» Samuel nods. gimmie a sensors check
«OOC» Annie says, "That is my perception with a sensor comp roll right?"
You paged Kassandra with 'There won't be any doors that are not vidded, and the windows are not designed to open from the outside. Likely you will have to take a chance at being seen or otherwise negate a camera.'.
«OOC» Samuel nods.

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence + 3 (bison sensor comp) for "Full Spectrum check for surveillance dronez":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 8 11

There appears to be a selection of traffic drones that patrol up and down Platt Avenue, running east west here, but none appear to be directly on the building itself. Again, every indication is that security here is a sort of afterthought, designed to keep drug addicts out.

Kassandra runs the math, quick sketching out the angles of the cameras. "Ok. We're going to need to spoof the cameras if we dont want to be seen."
Kassandra adds, "Or go in through the roof or an airduct."

Annie takes a look at the camera angles, "Okay…can we spoof one in particular to give us a clear angle?"

Kassandra circles one of the doors with the stylus, creating a red circle. "This one right here. It is closest to where we need to go, fastest to get in and out. They are all equally covered, it looks like. The Knights know how to put up poles with cameras, if nothing else."

Annie nods to Kass, "I can likely spoof one camera at a time pretty easily. It's going to be a severe distraction to me while I am doing it though."

Kassandra nods, "We'll have to work fast then. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes to crack the lock and get us inside." She adds a note to the corner of what she is working on, "Passkey?" She circles it and highlights it, sending it to her notepad. "Alright. Let's do it."

Annie nods to Kass and hops out of the Bison, then waits for the other elf to exit before sending the vehicle off on it's 'casual' patrol path. Her armor shimmers as she activates the Ruthenium systems, and then the mage vanishes from view.

Sadly, Silk is without ruthenium at the moment. Damned riots. She does it the old fashioned way, moving through the shadows and with cover, keeping out of the arc of the cameras until Annie does her thing.

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 10 vs TN 4 for "Trid Phantasm":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 7 8 15 29 = 10 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "Resist 4D Drain. Need 6 Successes with Trauma Damper":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 5 8 9 10 14 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 2 - 5 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Resist 4D Drain. Need 6 Successes with Trauma Damper kp 1/21":
2 2 3 3 5 8 10 13 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Stealth for "Stealth!":
2 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "Dressed for Success, hiding in shadows.":
1 3 3 3 11

One foot in front of the other, slow and steady. Silk slips along the shadows, pausing every so often to listen, to look, sweeping with thermographics as well as her own natural vision before continuing. She stays low, using cover to distort her silhouette and break up her form.

Annie sneaks along with Kass, leaning heavily on the strong ruthenium properties of her armor rather than her own innate ability. When the camera she needs to spoof comes into view, she narrows her eyes as she develops the illusion in her minds eye and then projects it toward the camera. The air around the camera shimmers for the barest moment, and then all seems normal once more.

T-39 Minutes.

It's a parking lot. If there are cars, Silk will use them for cover without touching them or otherwise getting too close, as paranoid people have proximity alarms. She instead uses their shadow and form to break up where she is, doing her best sneakiness to move towards the waiting facility.

Annie watches the spoofed camera for another moment before continuing toward the entrance door. She takes her own cue from watching Silk who is ahead of her…when stealthing a sure fire way to success is to put your feet in the same spots as someone much better than yourself.

Silk glances to the camera, sliding across the parking lot towards the door and producing the little tools she needs to crack the case and spoof the lock. She takes it as a given that Annie is around and doing her part, closing her eyes for a second to center herself, letting the borrowed skills flood her system. She lets out a quiet breath before starting in on the case.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics Br.chip) vs TN 7 for "Crack the case, BR/Test, Base time 60 seconds.":
3 3 4 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics.chip) vs TN 5 for "run a bypass, Electronics Test, Microvision goggles, Base time 60 seconds.":
1 2 3 4 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics Br.chip) vs TN 7 for "Replace the case, BR/Test, Base time 60 seconds.":
2 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (electronics Br.chip) vs TN 7 for "Replace the case, BR/Test, Base time 60 seconds., karma reroll KP 3/11":
1 4 4 4 15 = 1 Success

T-35 Minutes, Lock is bypassed.

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Any sort of sensors on the door to detect it opening?"

Silk is not fast on the locks, she isn't a thief by trade. She lets the memories and skills of the person she has borrowed them from guide her, occasionally complaining under her breath in a faint Brooklyn accent, running a bypass. She balks a moment, refitting the case and having to reposition herself, one of the screws stripping as she works to replace it. She fills the hole with quick-setting epoxy and resets the screw. That done, she checks for the sensor Breeze questioned about.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence + 2 (KE.procedures) for "Sensor on door?":
1 2 3 3 4 4 4 7 7 11

Knight Errant Standard Procedures would have a magnetic contact sensor on the inside of the door. However, these are Securitech Locks, a subsidiary of Novatech, not Ares. You do not spot any immediate sensors on the outside.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra transduces, "Looks clear, as far as I can see."

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Affirmative. Proceeding."

«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 1 for " Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 1 for " Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 1 for " Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 1 for " Mystery":

Kassandra will go to open the door, her skillsoft system switching to offensive measures, bringing up her combat programs. She selects one, letting the methods and abilities selected fill her mind and reflexes as she moves low, almost immediately moving to the left as she opens the door, clearing the way for Breeze. Her hands are free of weapons, eyes seeking targets or problems.

«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 1 for "door":
The door does not appear, upon being opened, to be obviously alarmed beyond the maglock system.

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls 14 (init grade x 2) vs TN 6 for "Spoof the Ward":
1 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 8 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls 14 (init grade x 2) - 1 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Spoof the Ward kp 2/21":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 5 5 5 11 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls 14 (init grade x 2) - 3 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Spoof the Ward kp 4/21":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls 14 (init grade x 2) - 3 (successes) vs TN 6 for "Spoof the Ward kp 7/21":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 9 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 6 vs TN 7 for "Go wardy go!":
2 2 2 3 5 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Samuel says, "Joo spoof."
«OOC» Samuel says, "pose it"

Annie waits for Kass to glide inside, then switches to astral perception for a moment to verify the ward boundaries before proceeding in after the Fixer. The air ripples for the barest moment in a near transluscent rainbow pattern as Annie passes through. As soon as she is inside, she visually checks her own assigned quarters before reporting in.

As before, you are in a supply ware house, surrounded by big racks about a story and a half high, holding goods of all mannor needed for disaster recovery. You are in the 'tent' section'.

Silk starts forward, not getting cocky. Slow enough to check for problems, fast enough to get the job done. She heads for where the machinery for the bottling should be, the liquid they are to deliver strapped across her back in a matte-black bag, secured for transport and silence. She waits, listening, before setting out, shifting between thermographics and regular vision with a tense of her jaw, triggering the switch.

She moves along the racks, heading for whichever of the exits from this area she anticipates being the correct one from the information she has.

Nearer the back (east) of the warehouse, is the bottling area. It's easy to spot, given massive water pipes running along the roof with flow markers on the exterior.

Annie creeps along as well, also switching through various visual and aural modes. She takes her cues from Kassandra, still trusting more in the other elfs stealth ability over her own.

«OOC» Samuel says, "Intelligence checks"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence for "Thermo, Elven Low Light":
1 2 2 2 4 5 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence for "Lowlight, Thermal, Hearing Amp, Hi/low freq":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence for "Lowlight, Thermal, Hearing Amp, Hi/low freq kp 8/21":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 8

One thing Annie will hear immediately upon moving in to the further recesses of the building, is the whine of motion sensors ultrasonic emissions. They arn't near you, probably actually around the water pumps. Kassandra will actually spot them, 2 of them, one to either side, of the massive purification system (Which looks like a big steam engine, more than anything else.

Silk freezes a moment, holding up a fist. She crouches down, looking over the emitters and the purification system, considering her options.

Annie stops abruptly when Kassandra does, crouching down quietly and waiting to see what the next move is.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Ultrasonic emitters next to the machine. Trying to see how much of a gap we have."

Silk checks the entryway for more detectors before moving closer, looking for an unobstructed way to get the tank where it needs to go. In the corner of her vision, the countdown to when the guards should be back ticks down.


The emitters are positioned to have the best vantages, obviously. There is probably an angle to move in if you crawl under the machine, length wise. Alternately, there is Annie's emitter/detector.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Ok. Either I crawl or you can try to spoof the emitters. Thoughts?"

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "I am open to either. I have never put my gear to the test yet though. We still have plenty of time at the moment."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra considers, "Well, I can try going underneath. If that doesn't work, we have the spoof. If the spoof fails, we won't have the second option." With that, she looks for a good spot to try to the crawl-around-on-the-floor bit, silently happy that she doesn't have to contend with Johan or some of the other men who would no doubt have a lot to say about this.

«OOC» Samuel says, "Gimmie a stealth check, silk."
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am sneaky!":
1 1 3 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am sneaky!, karma reroll 4/11":
3 4 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am sneaky!, karma reroll 6/11":
5 5 9 14 15

«OOC» Samuel says, "Okay. You manage to not set off the sensors while sensually crawling under the massive metaphor for patriarchal domination."
«OOC» Samuel says, "some poses.".

Annie remains crouched down while Silk begins her floor routine. Her helmet pans back and forth as all of her augmented senses methodically check for any potential issues. «Good luck», she subvocalizes over the comm.

Kassandra slips the canister off her back, setting it lightly down on the ground. She eyes the machine before sliding along on the floor, taking a breath and holding it, sliding the bagged tank along with her. She holds back a sneeze at some of the dust, grunting and making her way beneath the machine with a number of wriggles and gasps. The elf thinks to herself, "I gotta get back in the gym!" She pauses several times, making sure she is on the right path before continuing, hopefully coming out at the right place.

«OOC» Samuel says, "Roll me Electronics BR, as a default, TN 6. Additionally, a stelath check to place this thing some place no ones gonna notice"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (BR.Electronics.Chip) vs TN 6 for "Default to BR Water Purification Giant Penis Machine":
1 2 3 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "Hide the tank. You cant see it!":
1 1 2 4 1
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence for "Check!":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Intelligence for "Check! kp 9/21":
1 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 8 9 10

Annie hears the distinct tap… tap… tap.. of an old cop doing an interior check. Probably a left foot limp.

Silk wriggles into position, working to install the tank. The angle she has to work with isn't the best, but she makes do with what she can. She rolls over, working on installing whatever this wonderful liquid in the tank is, careful not to puncture it and find out firsthand. She connects the tank, pulling it back under the machine and securing it, rolling the matte bag up to take with her.

The job done, she'll start to crawl back out, eyes casting back to check her work.

Annie remains motionless, praying that her ruthenium gear doesn't choose now to suddenly glitch and begin displaying flashing Nuka Cola ads. «Stay frosty. Sounds like we've got a pensioner doing an internal sweep.», she subvocializes to her partner.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra clicks the mic once, keeping radio-silent. She freezes, doing an impression of a piece of floor.

Floor tiles, like Kassandra, have to be laid to be effective.

«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 5 for "Officer Oldman":
1 2 3 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Samuel (#799) rolls 5 for "Officer Oldman, KP 1/5":
2 3 4 5 17
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Gah!"

Sargent Oldman does his rounds in the warehouse, his mag-light held in his hands. He whistles as he works, his stride, slow though it is, is in pace with with his whistling. It's an old westerny kind of tune.

Annie seems to hold her breath, her eyes watching the officers progress nervously. It would sort of suck to have the whole operation go south because one doddering old breeder tripped over her in the dark.

Kassandra stays still, listening for Officer Oldman, breathing shallowly.

The old man comes over to the massive purification. "Yeah… I'm at the Erection." Says he, one hand reaching down to adjust himself. "Ya know, I love the money, but this is perhaps the most boring fucking job I've ever done. It beats the wall in Chi-town, but eh. Anyway, This is oldman, heading back."

Annie doesn't swallow, doesn't even breathe. Just let the old guy go back to the security room and dive back into his tasty pastries.

Silk waits, as quiet as a mouse about to get eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger. Of course, if I were that mouse I'd scream, but most mice don't. Regardless, she is pretty quiet.

Sgt. Oldman closes the door behind him, the sound echoing in the cavernous building.

Silk gives the man a few seconds to get out of earshot before sliding and wriggling her way out from underneath the machinery, still working as silently as she can. Once out, she will disturb the dust and otherwise distort the fact that someone may have gone underneath here.

Annie finally manages to breathe again, then turns her attention back to Silk and waits for her to extract herself so this evening can finally end.

T-20 Minutes

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Ok. Done."

Kassandra starts back towards the way they came in, following the same path, making the same careful retreat as she did her approach.

Annie acknowledges Silk with a click of her own mic, then falls in behind for the slow careful trip out and back home.

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Stealth for "Stealth!":
2 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am Captain Sneakipants!":
3 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am Captain Sneakipants!, karma 7/11":
1 1 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "I am Captain Sneakipants!, karma 9/11":
2 3 5 7 9

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Spell is still in place?"

Commlink-Breeze> Annie says, "Aye."

Silk asks a question via transduction, pausing at the door for the answer. That in place, she opens it the absolute minimum she can before slipping out, casting a glance around before setting out, working to ninja her way out of the area and back to the RV.

«Auto-Judge[]» Annie (#5398) rolls Stealth for "Stealth again.":
1 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Stealth for "Sneak sneak sneak across the parking lot":
1 3 3 5 10

Slow in, slow out. Silk skulks across the parking lot as quickly as she can without drawing attention to herself, keeping an eye out for the inevitable guard or giant beaver or whatever will fuck things up at this juncture.

Outside, in Sand Creek (Which is actually only about 400 feet away…), The Giant Beavers are otherwise occupied.

Annie continues sneaking along, still following along in Kass's footsteps. One hand drops down to her RCD and the signal goes out to the Bison to meet them at the predetermined extraction location. «Okay, our ride should be on the way.», she comments over the comm. She refrains from adding anything about 'How this job went off without a hitch'. No need to jinx things at the 11th fucking hour.

The Bison pulls up where expected, just as the old cop and his young partner exit the building, to move to the cruiser on their around-about.

Silk likewise keeps any jubulant tone out of her mental voice, «Aye». She heads towards the extraction point, climbing in without comment. Kassandra will find a seat and wait, almost holding her breath. Did they do it?

Annie climbs in as well, strapping herself firmly into her command chair and instructing the Bison to head home. There is a soft hiss as the helmet seals are broken and she drops it into the adjacent seat. She still refrains from comment. The job ain't over til the Johnson pays the money and the cred clears.

And thats it. That -completes- the run. Without complication. Without someone shooting you. Without the Giant Beavers of Sand Creek eating your leg. The Meet with the J is made, accounts are transfered.

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