Soviet Legacy

The Call

Johny stands in the middle of a holotank. A variety of windows are around him, all open to show different video feeds, locations, maps, or tag-clouds of associated data. He reaches one hand out, touching, then turning a window like a cube to change its channel. He turns to it fully, rotating it. He opens it, one side of it opening like a hinged door. He then reaches in, turning the cube inside out for yet more protocols.

A moment is spent as he flips through pictures.

Silk: Her image as she lounges in a pool, bikini top dripping water, a laugh on her face.
Slither: Clad in a white dress, a coy smile as one hand holds a golden apple. Seven: A massive troll torso, naked and sweating, with a Question-mark where the head should be.

Johny taps each image, highlighting the names as comcalls open up in new windows that appear next to the images.

Silk: Meet me at Duchettes Field. Destination: Abakazistan. Personell: Slither, Seven(*).

Slither: Join Silk at Duchettes Airfield, Ute Sector. Foreign deployment.

Seven: You want work. I have work. You want to run with the 'big dogs'? Heres your collar. Duchettes Airfield, 2100 hours. Come dressed for travel. This is a non-local offer. - J Wulfson

Lilith gets the call. Immediately showers, changes, grabs her canvas gear back and rolls out. She grabs a taxi and heads out to the airport.

Julian shows up a half hour early, driving a beat-up white bulldog van that looks like it's seen better days. He follows directions until he finds a parking spot, then pushes open the door and hops out. He closes the door behind him and moves around to the back. Opening the rear doors, he hauls out two gigantic dufflebags that might have accommodated a small human with a modicum of comfort. He closes the doors, then hefts his bags, hauling them over to the muster area.

Silk gets the commcall, one hand moving lazily to silence the cooking show she is watching in order to listen. She sends her standard 'I got the call, inbound' electronic message, moving to get ready. She rushes around, taking a moment to make other preparations before packing the car with several selections of gear and heading towards Duchettes Field.

Upon arriving at Duchettes field, what one finds is not exactly what one may think of when one thinks of 'big dogs'.

No private jet. No sleek sports cars. No wine and tea. Instead, it's a dirt strip in the middle of no where, with an ancient looking DC-3 ( sitting on the packed earth. No other vehicles are present.

Just an old man, currently pounding on the left wing's aileron with a sledge hammer and bitching up a storm in every language currently spoken in North America.

McDonnal Douglas DC-3

Lilith pulls up her balaclava as she wanders over to the plane, bag slung over one shoulder. She nods politely to Kassandra, then nods her head to the plane with a faint smile.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Disguise (Set Persona) + 2 (Disguise Background) + Task Pool: 3 for "+6 for disgusise stuff.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence vs TN 17 (to Johny):
2 3 4 4 5 5 7 7 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence vs TN 17 (to Johny) for "Oh yeah?":
1 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

Silk slips out of her car, eyes going to the DC-3 and the old timer working on it. She raises an eyebrow, one hand lanquidly tossing her sunglasses back onto the front seat. She considers for a moment before nodding to Lilith, stepping forward with one waved hand to call out, "Excuse me, neighbor. I'm looking for a friend of mine, I was wondering if you might have seen him? A southern boy, tend to cuss a lot?"

Lilith snorts as she ambles up. "Aye, and an ugly bugger too."

Julian steps up to the plane, joining the others gathered, giving them little more then a nod as he sets one bag down, fishing in his pocket for something.

One more strike by the wiry old man and the hammer slams the plane. The Flap though, slides… then SLAMS in to position wiht a heavy clank. "HOOO HOOOOOOOO!" Says the old man, resting on the hammer now, looking down at the women. "Johnny boy done did say he was gunna send me a lotta tastey today, and boy howdy! Boy done did send me a lot of tastey. Lemme see yer titties. Just once. Come on… do an old man a favor…"

Silk glances to Lilith, "I'll let you field this one." She smirks ever so faintly.

Julian finally retrieves what he was after, a foil-wrapped energy bar. He goes to work unwrapping it, tilting his goggled head up to the old man, watching him as he takes a big bite and starts to chew. He turns to Silk and Lilith and shrugs. He swallows and then speaks. "Don't look at me… I'm wearing a plated vest."

Lilith gives the old man a close look, then arches her brow as she leans back. She thought…naw, not him. "Oh, thank you, miss." She eyes the old fella again. "No." The back to Kass with a faint smile. "See? Easy."

The Old Timer with the hammer shrugs. "Yeah.. He done said you'd done say that, too. Must know yall. Anyway, get on the damn plane. Stow your gear and don't be expecten no peanuts!" He starts to walk back down the wing to the Fusiliage.

Lilith laughs a bit and shoulders her bag, shaking her head as she meanders to the plan and starts to climb in.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "It's not him, but…oh, Johnny boy is always up to something."

Silk remarks on the way to her car, the hood popping open. "Ah, he knows us all right." She snags the pair of bags in there, one leather gym-sized bag and the other a military grade duffle bag. She grunts, slamming the trunk and moving to get onto the plane.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Of course."

Lilith grabs a book out of her bag before zipping it shut and stowing it. "Hey, old timer, how long's the flight."

Julian helps Lilith and Kass in, in a gentlemanly fashion, if they request the help afterwards tossing his own bags in and climbing in smoothly. He finds a place to settle in and takes another bite of granola bar before reaching out to grab one of his bigs, unizipping it and rooting around inside.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Mmm."

From inside the plane, the old timer calls out… "It's about 10 hours fr'm here ta Minnesota, at the speed this ol bitch will do." Says man as he moves in to the cockpit. "But you know what I like best about this ol pile of aluminum?"

Lilith grins at the man as she takes a seat, buckling in. "Aye, what?"

Silk seems to manage her bags fine, stowing them with care and a faint nod of 'thanks' to Julian. Her gear stowed and tied down, she'll hit a seat as well, one hand moving to sweep her armoured duster aside. "That you can carry a house in here?"

Julian keeps his seat, biting down another mouthful of granola bar before he pulls out his radio and a small handheld device with a n antenna sticking out. He hooks the gear together, and settles the headset over his head. He watches the other three talking as he fiddles with the settings and dials on his rig.

The massive internal combustion radial engines sputter to life, throwing off a roar that simply cannot be described in its intensity. "ITS THAT I CAN'T HEAR YALL BITCHEN BOUT THE NOISE ON ACCOUNTA THEM RADIALS IS SO DAMN LOUD!"

Lilith drops her book in a flash and grabs her ears. She just manages to flip the pilot off, shouting some unheard curse.

Silk winces at the noise, looking around the area for ear protection as the noise begins to become unbearable. She keeps her hands over her ears as she searches, giving the cockpit area a foul look.

It will become apparent that there are, in the backs of the seats in front of where you sit, there are head phones with sound dampneing cushions on them.

Julian doesn't seem the least bit bothered by the noise, still fiddling with the dials. He looks over to the two ladies, reaching to one of the seats he sits near and grabbing the cushioned headphones off the rack, handing it across to whichever lady grabs it first.

Lilith searches, gropes, and frantically discovers the headphones and slams them on over her ears. Well before Julian manages it. And then she sighs with relief, closing her eyes.

Silk will take the headphones from Julian, sliding them on quickly and sinking back in her seat. Funny, funny man. She straps into her seat, shaking her head with both relief from the noise and irritation.

Lilith scowls at the plane, pilot, but does give Julian a polite nod for his offer of help. She then grabs her book off the floor and attempts to peer out the nearest port hole.

Julian bites and swallows the last of his granola bar, shoving the wrapping back into his pocket, then makes himself comfy. With the goggles on, it's tough to tell if his eyes are open or not, but his thumb hovers over the handheld device, pressing a button every so often.

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls 12 for "Radio Frequency Browsing":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 8 22

Radio frequencies appear to be alive with random civilian chatter.

The Briefing

A fold-down view screen does what its designed to do, appearing in to view and coming to life. Look! It's Johnny!

The earphones spark to life with noise of their own, sounding like the 2066 remake of Simple Man by SunderCreed. A Confederate flag waves in the background.

"Now now. Don't bitch too much. It ain't a stripclub."

Lilith grunts and pays attention. "Yes, yes, of course. Lovely show here, Johnny."

Silk doesn't respond, simply pulling her jacket around her a little more and getting as comfortable as she can. A tiny almost invisible datacable trails out of her hair from behind her right ear and down into her jacket.

Julian straightens up as the screen appears, and he jabs a few buttons on his Scanner, tuning into the plane's comm channel, eager to listen to an inflight briefing. Or perhaps a remake of Smoky and the Bandit?

"Okay fucknuts. Is Seven on the headphones? If he ain't, throw some at him. It's a closed network, cause I don't much care for evesdroppers."

Silk shrugs, looking over to Julian and pointing at the headphones and then the screen with Johny's cute visage.

Johny is rather dashing.

Julian looks increasingly more confused, then nodding as Silk points, yanking his own radio off and grabbing a pair of phones off the rack, settling them down onto his head.

Lilith chuckles dryly. "He's on now. What's up, sir?"

The plane starts to taxi down the runway, all rumble and tumble and bounce. The screen shudders with each gopher hole it rolls over. "Well. Seven. Glad you could make it. Silk, Slither, looking as beautiful as always. Brass tacks. This job is artifact retrieval. The Cold War Era of 70 years ago was a time of immense secrets and projects. Most world governments were researching the occult, UFO's and anything else that could possibly provide a tactical advantage. The US version of this program, was called Magestic-12. The Russians had a program too, called Uvazheniem. It translates roughly to 'Faithfully'. The mission may be dangerous. The mission will pay [Under Review]. This mission may get you shot, killed or otherwise woundinated."

He pauses, reaching off screen for a pack of cigarettes. "Speak now if you're not on it, so Parker can land the plane in Teluride to kick one of your asses off it."

Lilith shrugs. "Any mission could get us shot. I'm good for this one."

Silk frowns, although whether it is the gopher holes, the thought of being killed, the location of the run, or the payout that has her discomforted is hard to tell. She nods once, "I'll stay in." Her voice is level, or as level as it can be in this claptrap, "Provided we aren't flying all the way there in this death trap. I am not certain my nerves can take an ocean landing."

Julian nods his head. "Never been to Russia." He shrugs. "First time for everything."

"You are not flying all the way there in this death trap, but frankly… private jets get noticed and I don't particularly want to arrange commercial flights every tiem we need to travel." Says Johny. "Alright. You will change planes in Salt Lake City. The job is not actually in Russia though. From here out, this is my operation, with all secrecy and confidentiality I would expect. Ladies, when the briefings done, you can explain that to Seven, or toss him out the airplane, whichever is required."

Lilith smiles sweetly at Seven, then turns her attention back to Johnny. "All right. What else you got for us?"

Julian nods and continues listening to the breifing, waiting for the tactical details.

Silk crosses her arms a bit, nodding to the screen, "Of course, that makes sense." She closes her eyes a moment, perhaps praying that the plane gets off the ground and doesn't decide to eat the ground. Her eyes flutter back open, "We understand, yes."

"Alright." Says the johny on the screen. "In 1949, in the ruins of Stalingrad, an underground chamber was located in which there appeared to be a burial complex that predated the Soviet Empire, much less the city of Stalingrad. Warm, Dry, it stood out from the dank and cold surrounding areas. The engineers sent to investigate by Stalin could not figure out why it was warm and dry. We now know it was probably magically related. Thats what brings us in. These here."

The Spaulders of Asarensch

"These are an artifact labeled in the Archives as the Spaulders of Asarensch. They are linked to a late 4th world empire that rivaled Thera for power in the far shores of the Black Sea."

Lilith interest peeks, and she looks at the spaulders closely. "Mmmm. Rivaled Thera? They were good, then." She taps her fingers on the arm rests. "What's up with these spaulders, then?"

Julian turns and looks at Lilith with a sort of 'What the heck are you talking about' expression, then just nods.

Silk mmms, listening to the briefing, her eyes flicking over the possible artifact. She doesn't interupt, however, letting the briefing continue.

"The Spaulders were, according to lore, something akin to Chalybs, another artifact my clients are actively seeking." Says Johny. "Theres some support for a link between them, as some sort of pre-peak 4th world set that was scattered. It's being researched. In the mean time, a datafile recently recovered from a Soviet Era data-core referenced these spaulders as contained in a depository outside of Gudauta, Azkhabaistan, the former Russian Socialist Republic of Georgia. There was a lot of instability in this area, and with the collapse of the Soviet State in the early 1990s, a lot was just forgotten. I've reason to suspect that there is a depository for Uvazheniem called Uz-43… Your mission is to locate, breach and recover."

Lilith nods, listening carefully. "Aye. Security issues?"

Julian nods his head. "Weapons free?" He asks simply, pulling the other bag to him and unzipping it.

Silk listens, glancing to the others as they ask their questions. She looks back to the screen before speaking, if she is going to.

The screen-Johny nods. "This is a matter of stealth, until its no longer a matter for stealth. If I have this information packate…" He gestures vaguely. "Someone else, like the Atlantien Foundation might. And they, as you know, are quite… rabid about such issues."

Lilith wrinkles her nose. "People can never learn to share…what else are you able to tell us?"

Julian nods. "I read you…" With that information he begins to check clips and such, still listening.

"Alright, so maximum stealth as much as we can, stay away from the other kids." Silk nods quietly, "Any restrictions on actions if/when our cover or angle is blown?"

"Don't make me hire more runners to rescue you, and if you get arrested, don't expect me to bail you out. SO if you get hot, make sure the situation is left cold."

"Five by five, boss." Silk nods.

Lilith listens quietly, nodding as well.

Julian reaches into one bag and pulls out… A light machine gun. He grabs a small cleaning kit from another bag, opening it and going to work. The ladies in the plane with him can see the pinup painted on the side, like an old airplane pinup. She's in a short blue dress, giving a salute. Betty Sue is her name. "I understand, I'll load for Dual Duty"

The plane wings its way noisily across the Rocky Mountains. Anyone looking out the window will notice you never exactly rise above 500 feet off the ground. The old man is a canyon runner, keeping his plane slow and low. Modern planes can't really do this given their higher stall speeds.

"Any final questions runners, or can I get back to the serious business of dropping a nut in this fine lady of negotiable virtue who's company I have procured for the evening?"

Julian shakes his head. "I'm good to go, sir."

Lilith arches a brow and she smiles. "I don't believe so, sir."

Silk glances at the squad support weapon that Seven is cleaning then back to Lilith, and then to Screen Johny. "Retrieve. We have a RV point and time?"

Julian looks over to Kassandra. "Appropriate, I think, that most of the gear I'm going to be using I bought from /you/" He grins.

"On the ground in-country, you'll be directed to a local contact. He'll have have the data on local extraction. Likely, you'll be chartering a flight out to Ankara."

Silk nods once to Julian's remark, looking back to the screen as Johny gives more data. "Right. We'll be in touch and try not to die."

Lilith listens, makes a note.

Johny puffs his cigarette, looking to each of the runners, from his screen. "I hope someone speaks the local flavors of Russian."

Julian finishes with the machine gun, then reaches into another bag, grabbing out a sniper rifle with a very nasty Naginata-shaped bayonet on the tip. He gives it the same treatment, a thorough cleaning.

Lilith smiles faintly and nods. "I've got some Russian, yes."

Kassandra says in Russian, "I'll do my best. With luck, it won't be much more difficult than translating the corn pone you Southern boys speak."

Julian shrugs. "No, but if we meet some deaf guy…" Julian says in Sign Language, "I'll be all over it"

Johny's lips purse in mock annoyance. "A'ight. Yall sons of bitchs get mah spaulders." Says Johnny then, as a pair of female arms reach in from off screen, to trace along his jawline with feminine hands.. "I gots ta go."

Lilith snorts. "I see Celia's still…keeping him company. Good for her."

Julian looks up. "Drek… too late…" He looks to Silk. "How pissed would he be if we called him back?"

Lilith settles back in the seat with her book. She just smiles to herself.

Silk mentions, "He'd probably dock our pay."

Julian shakes his head. "Well… Guess I'll just take my assault rifle with me… might come in handy." He seems unhappy with that, but he shrugs and begins to check and load clips of various size.


Lilith calls Viktor Davion

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) has the Contact Viktor Davion with the following information:

Contact Name: Viktor Davion
Level: 1
Type: arms dealer
GM Note: Viktor is an Ares Arms dealer who works in his boyhood home of Vladivostock. With the recent move of Yamatetsu to the Russian city there has been a call for Corporate freelancers of all sorts. Though Viktor works with Ares he has been known to indulge in shadow operations from time to time. He also makes a good nuyen acting as a Johnson and turning some surplus weapons into profit.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4 for "Calling Viktor":
2 5 7 8 10 = 4 Successes

It's 3AM in Vladivostock. But it's the city that never sleeps. Sort of. Viktor rolls out of bed, grunting. The number is… DeWinter? He slaps the phone, routing the call to speakers. "DeWinter." he greets, the russian of his accent coming out strongly. "What is it, darling.. what can Viktor do for you?"

Lilith smiles gently at the screen, speaking in softly accented Russian. "Viktor, my dear. I am sorry for calling you at such a late hour, but I need some help. A little inquiry, if you will."

"Of course… yes yes. What is it that Viktor can do for Ms. Dewinter today? Get to the point, so I can get back to sleep."

Lilith speaks quickly. "I need to know about…" she thinks for a moment. "…Georgia. Gudauta, Azkhabaistan, to be precise. Any nasty politics going on there right now, anyone been snooping around, any weapons being moved around there in paticular."

"Ahh. The old home-country. Nasty place, now. Pretty, but… depopulated and devistated. A lot of the Iranians who were displaced by Tehran, moved and settled there. It's created chaos with the locals and the Georgians. When the Japanese launched the micro-wave relay satnet back in the 20s, a massive drop in oil and natural gas demand, brought a huge reduction in volume for the pipelines that were the bedrock of its economy… so… between VITAS, job loss and strife… the place was all but abandoned. It's a no-mans land now. Kind of like Somalia back in the turn of the century. Just there, contained but festering."

Lilith sighs. "Unfortunate. Anyone roaming around right now?" She smiles a bit. "I mean, you obviously do well in your business, you must have your fingers in many different pies."

"Oh, I do a brisk business in small arms there. AK-97s mostly, but the occasional anti-tank weapon… MOstly, I deal in bulk to some of the local distributors. Do you need a referral? I would dye your hair, if you are going there. The Iranians have always loved red hair…"

Lilith laughs softly. "My hair is already reddish, but I suppose I could touch it up a bit. You liked the length, as I recall…" She smiles again. "No unusual orders of late? No other outsiders coming in?"

"Ahh, no, lovie. Not make it more red. Make it darker. Blacker. Fit in more. Else, you may find yourself on a slow boat to servitude in some Pasha's house."

Lilith expression freezes a moment before she smiles. "Ahh, I will take that into account, darling. You are being so protective of me, I'm touched…do you not have anything else for me? Any other interesting tidbits?"

"No, dear. Now happy hunting. I'm back to bed."

Lilith blows him a kiss. "Good night, luv. Have a wonderful sleep."

Kassandra Contacts Ocean

Contact Name: Ocean
Level: 2
Type: fixer
GM Note: Sara Ocean is a fixer who doesn't specialize. Instead, she offers all sorts of wares, jobs, and information in exchange for the same, or cash, whichever the client has. While they have a new relationship, they are working hard together to accentuate their similar styles and make a great deal of money together.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4 for "Ocean, R2 Fixer contact":
1 1 2 2 4 4 9 = 3 Successes

Sara answers the phone. "Ocean. You want it, I got it. If I ain't got it, you probably don't want it."

"Ocean, it's Silk. I'm looking for a little information, if I could. I have a client looking for some things in Georgia, Russian not CAS, and they are concerned that some crazy Atlantis Foundation people are after them. I was wondering if you could give me a hand with that, your sources are always so much better than mine."

"Ocean, it's Silk. I'm looking for a little information, if I could. I have a client looking for some things in Georgia, Russian not CAS, and they are concerned that some crazy Atlantis Foundation people are after them. I was wondering if you could give me a hand with that, your sources are always so much better than mine."

"Well, some things came up, you know how that is. I decided I didn't want to keep meeting arms brokers in seedy bars and dark alleyways. I've got enough money and toys for the moment, although you never can tell. Might just be my old age talking."

"Old age hell. You're half my age and twice as smart. You met a guy. Baby, don't throw your career away from a -man-. Trust me. It's a bad investment. They get old, fat and lose their charms." She chuckles then, some papers ruffling in the background. "Okay. Atlantien Foundation. They have some digs on Crimea, some out near Ekron Airbase in Israel… a bunch of digs in Turkey and the Islands… and… Huh. They recently opened an office in Gudauta."

"Oh, I'll do my best not to throw anything away for any man, not a one of them would have me." Silk listens, chuckling softly. She nods, "Crimea, eh? Damn, see, that is just where these guys were interested. Well, I'll let them know about that and the others, .. you said Turkey and Gudauta? Hm. Well, they'll have to change their plans. I'll see if I can get them to head to Ireland instead, there are nice digs there. But thanks, I appreciate the advice and the intel. I'll send the funds the usual way, scan?"

"I scan. We're loosing one of the finest, Silk, I wish you'd reconcider."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) spends 5000 nuyen for "Intel+tip for Ocean".

Kassandra says "Ah, you are too sweet. I'll think about it, maybe something will come up I can't resist."

"I'll see if I can find something. Alright. I'm out."
End Transmission

Silk hangs up as well, sending money via one of her slush funds to one of Ocean's unlisted accounts.

Continued Discussions

Julian speaks up finally. "Ok Ladies… here's the scan." He taps the sniper rifle to his left. "This… is my quiet gun. I use it to keep discrete." He taps the LMG on his right. "/This/… is my loud gun. I use it when drek hits the fan." He looks up at both of the ladies. "/You're/ job is to tell me when that happens. Until I get the signal to go off the chain…" He taps the rifle again. "…I keep nice and quiet." He taps the bag. "There is an assault rifle in here too, but I don't know if I'll be packing it."

Lilith just gives Julian a look. "As you say, sir." She smiles briefly. "We appreciate the help." She then gets out her pocsec and begins to tap out information. "Anyways, my lad says the area has been left for dead, so it's not in a good way at the moment. Lots of Iranians floating around."

Silk listens to Julian discuss his guns, nodding. "Right. With luck, we won't be shooting anyone. My friend tells me that there is a new branch office for the Atlantian Foundation in where we want to be. That means we will have company, which is bad. That also means that they may be able to indirectly provide intelligence to us, which is good."

Julian nods. "You think they'll speak local tongue, or English?" He reaches into the bag and pulls out an Ares Alpha which he begins to checkup, loading minigrenades into the underbarrel launcher.

Lilith shrugs. "Local. They'll probably have a smattering of Russian, English, Turkish…Greek too, possibly."

Lilith nods. "That reminds me, I was told to dye my hair a smidge darker. Apparently the local Iranians have a thing for red."
Lilith says "I may have to grab some hair dye before we hop over."

Silk pauses at Lilith's statement, then nods quietly. "It would be best, yes. You should find a scarf as well, at least."

Julian shakes his head. "Damn…" He begins fiddling with the radio he'd been setting up. "No, it's not that. I was hoping they'd speak English so I'd know what to look for while I'm trying to isolate their comm frequency." He finally unplugs the scanner he'd been using and passes it over. "Here, you at least speak the language, you'll understand what's going."

Lilith nods to kassandra. "Sure. I've no issue covering up my white ass."

Julian reaches into a bag and passes over a Comm Jammer. "…And when you find it, we can have some fun with them."

Looking at the scanner, Silk asks, "Who are you trying to listen to? There are some .. there *were* some several hundred different factions and groups last time I was in the region. Unless someone is just randomly talking about our finding, we're going to hear a lot of things that are off our goal." She smiles faintly and hands the jammer and scanner back. "Let's see what the local has to say before we blank out half the region and draw attention."

Lilith chuckles and nods, and settles back for a nap while they're in flight.

Julian shrugs. "If were going to have competition, I fully intend to cheat." He nods to her and takes the gear back, slipping it back into the bag, beginning to pack his readied weapons away again, preparing to land.

"I have no problem with cheating. Let's find out the game first." Silk smiles thinly and will settle back for the flight, spending her time pulling down matrix files regarding the region, news stories and the like.

«OOC» Johny will give Kass +2 dice of complimentary 'area knowledge' for her quick research while in transit. NO, you can't do it now too. She came up with it ;)

The Landing in Gudauta.

The flight change happens in a small airport outside of Salt Lake City. The DC-3 is traded for a sleek suborbital charter flight. One of the bonuses to working for an organization with deep pockets? You can do things like this. The flight to Ankara is a smooth one, taking about 6 hours to cross North America, the Atlantic and then the whole of Europe without stopping. It's nice.

The landing in Ankara is short, with the runners taking a smaller turbo-prop plane in to Sukhumi, the regional nexus of trade. A former shipping town, it lost its fortunes hard with the collapse of international oil trade.

The turboprop flight in to Gudauta comes in low over the water, skimming the waves. The coast line is a depressing thing. Imagine all the pictures you've seen of rotting, rusted ships in old Russian harbors and imagine it's not just a singular thing. But every old town and all along the coast, abandoned ships, both commercial and military. Towns much the same way. The reality is most of this resource poor and logistically challenged area existed for the purpose of trade that no longer exists.

The plane puts down on a small dirt field outside of town. What was once a thriving town of 30,000 people now supports maybe half that, none of them dooing too well. So the plane actually draws some attention as it lands…

Lilith eyes crack open. Her hair is braided tight and bound, covered by a black hajib. The headcovering works for her, as it keeps the hair out of her eyes and provides warmth. She grabs her bag, makes sure her guns are in their holsters, her whip is at her hip…gloves, check…yup, already to go.

Silk rises when the plane lands, securing her somewhat gauzy veil and headscarf, dressed in a flowing robe atop her 'working' clothing. She will gather her belongings without a fuss, moving to depart.

Before the runners have landed, Silk will have drilled into them a primary, secondary, and tertiary radio channel as well as three specific fallback points (to be determined as I need them).

Lilith is also wearing a loose robe over her snug body suit, black, simple, with a sash around her waist.

Julian gets decked out in local garb. "Hmmmm… looks like my Alpha will come in handy after all…" He grabs a clip of AV and a clip of APDS, slapping them both in the breech and priming the gun, Then shrugging it over his shoulder and lets it hang by the strap. He shrugs on the long robe over top of it, then wraps something around his head as is custom. His black goggles cover his eyes like always. He grabs his two bags and follows the ladies wherever they go.

«OOC» Johny says, "Everyone who did background checks or legwork on the mission, give me an intel check"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence + 1 (Area.know.comp) for "Legwork, background work, area knowledge":
1 3 3 5 5 5 7 9 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
3 5 7 10 21

In the broadest strokes, this is the sort of area where Julian could carry an assault rifle and not look horribly out of place. Two women arriving from out of the area on a plane, with a bodyguard (The troll) not carrying -would- look sort of out of place.

Lilith is glad the robes hide her pistols, and the whip.

Silk departs from the plane, eyes casting around for their local guide quizzically.

Enter Sasha

Upon getting off the plane, the group is met by a young man, perhaps 16 years of age. He's got an AK-97 cradled in one hand, a cigarette in his lips, a bandoleer of ammunition across one shoulder and it looks, on first glance, like two fingers on his left hand are missing. "You are silk?" ASks the boy of not Silk, but Julian. "Funny name for man."


Lilith hangs back, a step or two behind Julian, and keeps her eyes low.

He looks to be ethnic Georgian, maybe Azbek. Hard to tell. Not Russian nor Persian.

Julian follows Silk, looking around himself. Eyes sharp for trouble, and ocassionally skewing downward to his robe to make sure his rifle doesn't bulge under his robe. He is looking around when addressed, and he turns to the kid. "No, that would be her." He nods to Silk, and then lets his hand fall to his side, trying get a grip on his robe without appearing too obvious about it.

Lilith mentally forehead slaps, but continues to quietly observe.

Silk keeps her gaze lowered herself, moving within the robes as if she had worn them all her life. The fixer listens to the young man address Julian, waiting there patiently as the men talk and she is indicated. She will make no motions to draw attention to herself, containing herself and simply being.

Lilith is also glad she covered her face, but if she looks up, pale, bright blue eyes will stare out from between the strips of black cotton.

Sasha quirks a weary eyebrow, looking from Julian to Silk… "No. I am told I will be escorting powerful one named Silk. You. You are silk. Have two wives, plane… nice gun. Yes." he eyes Julian then. "Silk will not do." He says, standing up and shifting the gun in his hands. "You now…" He glances to the women again,t hen back to Julian. "Ruslan.. Roos-lahn… Yes. This much better name than Silk."

Lilith murmurs quietly, innocently, tugging slightly on Julian's robes like a modest little wife. "H-husband? Is everything all right?" Just a hint of caution in her tone to him.

Silk's expression, or what can be seen of her eyes above the veil, stays studiously blank, as if she cannot follow the language the men are speaking. She will wait, quietly, keeping her gaze demurely down.

Julian cants his head to one side as he watches the boy. "Look kid, I'm whoever you want… let's just get outta the street." He looks around a bit. "Ruslan works just fine for me." He turns to Lilith as she calls him her husband. Good thing about the goggles, they hide the sudden widening of the troll's eyes. "Hus…?" He starts in a confused voice, but then stops. "Uh… Yeah… Everything is fine. Ruslan's got you handled baby girl…" He turns to the kid. "Yeah, I'm uh… your contact." He drops his bag and lifts his robe enough to unsling his rifle and wear it out in plain view. "That's much better… now let's beat feet, eh?" He turns to the ladies. "Shall we…wives?" The last word was said with hestitaion, but a definite tone of amusement.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith murmurs subcomm. "Gods."

The boy grunts then. "Good. Robe looks fagotty though." He says, turning for the car he drives. It's hard to call it a car. It's a -frame- to be sure, with tires, and an engine mostly contained in what used to be fenders and a hood, and there are seats. But no doors, no windshield, the barest hints of a dash-board and so forth. It looks like someone took an air-chizel to all the soft parts of the car. "Come. My car. Is nice, no?"

Lilith bobs her head meekly, probably just the nice little foreign import…Ruslan…picked up for a second wife. She grabs his bag and hefts it, following the menfolk to the car, silent.

Silk's expression doesn't change an iota, giving little clue to what she might be thinking. She still looks a bit confused around the eyes, but dutifully follows along with the bags she has been selected to carry.

Julian tosses his bags into the frame, turning to the kid. "They don't mind trolls here do they? I was just trying to blend in…" He waits for the reply before his next move. "Might as well be a Lamourghini, kid." He offers to help the ladies up into the vehicle. "Alright wives, let's not keep the kid with the assualt rifle waiting."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 4 for "WTF is Lamb or ginni?":
1 3 4 5

The guy with the missing fingers raises an eyebrow as Julian patters along. "Blend in? Meh. You are…" He pauses a moment, taking the cigarette from his lips before, in perfect american accent, says; "TROG!" He grins then. "Good no? I practice. Trog is -strong-. Not smart, but strong is good!"

Silk puts her bags into the back of the vehicle, climbing up and sitting upon them. It isn't like there is much else place to put anything. She folds her hands in her lap and looks around carefully.

Lilith nods, letting Julian guide her into her seat. She makes sure not to show more then an ankle…turning her head a moment as she catches the words of the kid, Sasha. Bright blue eyes blink at him, her expression covered by the veil, and then she quickly lowers her eyes and meekly sits, hands in her lap.

Julian laughs aloud at that, a long gruff laugh. He reaches out and claps the kid good naturedly on the shoulder. "You're all right, Kid." He reaches down. "Ok, enough of this then…" He reaches down and pulls off the robe, folding it and setting it aside. He nods to the gun. "Nice gun, kid…" He taps his Ares. "I prefer the Alpha, but a good AK will be with you till the day you die." He smiles, showing pointed teeth to the boy. "So, I'm Ruslan, who are you?" He asks the kid.

"Sasha." Answers the kid as he puts the car in gear through a complex series of gear shiftings and cursing in russian, punctuated by hitting the car with the butt of his rifle. "Alpha is shit! Ammunition is hard to find. I like AK-97. Plentiful. Can use for wrench, can opener, jack-stand and door-knocker. Very good gun!"

Her hands move quickly and carefully to hold on for dear life. While she hasn't been in *this* car, she has been in a number of ones just like it, and Silk has seen too many people fall out, get bounced out, and so forth.

Lilith grabs onto what bits of the car she can, holding on tightly and keeping her eyes open for trouble.

Julian shakes his head and chuckles. "Yeah yeah… we'll hit the range and see who wins eh?" He leans over and nods to the bag. "If you're good, I'll show you the machinegun and then sniper rifle." He chats with the kid as the ride continues.

The trip in to town is a short one. The half-car-thing bounces down the road with NO shock absorbing power whatso ever. It's like riding on a pogo-stick, with the wrong end jammed in your ass. "Machine Gun? What is that like? You know russian word for?"
Lilith leans over to quietly chat with her fellow wife.

Kassandra tilts her head as Lilith says something to her. It is hard to say if she answered.

Lilith waves her hand around, indicating how drab and run down the place is, no shops probably…

Silk nods simply.

Lilith nods in return and is silent, once again holding on for dear life.

Julian shakes his head. "Naw, my Russian is rusty… but imagine a machine as that AK's older, pissed-off brother." He turns to check on his wives. "You ok, wives?"

Lilith nods meekly, robes and other parts of her bouncing under the robes. Her hajib slips a bit, revealing a strand or two of dark hair, with just the faintest hints of red.

Silk looks blank, but nods when Lilith does.

The man laughs, slapping what passes for a dashboard with his two-fingered hand. "Hah! So! Ruslan, TROG with two wives, big gun and nice plane. Why come to little Guduta?"

Julian shrugs. "I got tired of the cold weather in Athabaskan… decided I needed some warmth before I turned into a Trollsicle" He chuckles. "I thought I'd bring my wives here for some shopping, get them some cold weather clothing." He nods to the hand. "What about you, Sasha? You been fighting alligators or…scorpons… or whatever they have out here?"

The car comes to a halt then, the driver looking to Ruslan then. "Shopping. Maybe Ruslan… make funny joke. Maybe Americanski Trog… think Gudauta… is funny… Maybe… Maybe Ruslan is… not friend to Sasha. Maybe Ruslan should think before he speak, yes?"

Lilith doesn't say a word and just keeps her eyes down.

Sasha is no ganger. He's no two bit hood. He's got the look, the bearing, of someone who has been fighting most of his life, and isn't afraid of death in the classic sense. He's not just fluffing up for the girls, as it were.

Silk keeps her eyes down, still meek and not understanding English. Mentally, she selects one of the faintly glowing icons in her field of vision, sending the correct neural-pathway signal to activate a piece of ware.

Julian shakes his head. "No… No Sasha, that's not it at all… it's just that…" He turns to glance at his "wives" then moves in to whisper something to Sasha. When he's sure the women can't here him. "I /told/ them I'd take them shopping… but I really don't want to. If they know I'm not gonna take them, they'll talk my ear off… just go with it, eh? Help me out?" He leans back and observes loudly. "Uh…

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "If he gets shot, I'm not hauling his sorry ass back to Denver."

Lilith murmurs something to her fellow wife.

Complications of Communication

«OOC» Johny says, "Gimmie a charisma check, big guy."
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Charisma:
1 3
«OOC» Johny says, "Do you wish to karma?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Charisma for "KP1/7":
2 7
«OOC» Julian says, "I'll take it"
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 4 for "Is the big trog making a joke? Is he really insulting such an economically depressed and war torn region? Will Lassie get Timmy out of the well?":
2 3 10 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 6 vs TN 2 for "Reaction":
1 2 2 5 5 10 = 5 Successes
«OOC» Johny says, "Julian, roll reaction, TN 4 please"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 = 4 Successes
«OOC» Johny says, "Do you wish to Karma?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Reaction - 4 vs TN 4 for "kp 2/7":
1 1 2 4 4 4 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Johny says, "YOu are not 'Surprised' and may spend Combat pool normally."

THe two fingered boy slides a Mugatto 9mm Pistol smoothly from his left side holster, with his right hand. The gun cocks in mid motion, a sign of a smartgun. Sasha points the gun to Ruslan then. "This is Mugatto High Power Tactical Pistol. Like your Thunderbolt. I am going to be abundantly clear here, Ruslan. This pistol will remove your head at this distance. You have just given me a load of your American Bullshit, as the Trids say and it smells. I am going to put my gun away now and finish driving you to town. On the way there? I suggest you consider what you have said, how you have said it, and why I am pointing a gun at you for it."

Julian makes no offensive or defensive move, considering the gun in his face. "Look kid, I'll level with you… I'm way outta my league here. I'm like you, I'm a soldier, not a talker." He shakes his head. "I'm sorry I offended you, that wasn't my intention, I'm just not good with people, ya know?" He nods the AK. "Tell you what… as a peace offering, why don't I give you a clip's worth of Anti Vehicle rounds for that thing?" He smiles. "Just promise you wont use it on me, yeah?" His voice is completely genuine.

Sasha sighs, inwardly. He places the pistol back in its holster. "Which of you ladies is the brains of this particular operation?" He asks, putting the 'vehicle' back in gear.

"I am. If we are ready to continue, I'd rather not have a scene out in public." Silk speaks softly, her voice carrying an actual Arabic accent rather than the North American neutral that she normally uses in Denver.

Lilith grunts and finally raises her eyes, dropping the facade to glance at the boy. She doesn't say anything, her blue eyes now cold and hard, but she tilts her head to Kass.

Julian sinks back into his chair, now going silent himself.

Sasha's Place.

"Da." Says Sasha then, gritting his teeth. It is only a short ride later, on the outskirts of the near-ghost town, when Sasha pulls the vehicle in to a small apartment building built like a block with a central court yard. "Get things. Leave nothing in car. Cannot protect car at night." he says, gesturing up wards in to the building. "We go inside. Night time, not fun time."

Lilith nods, and slips out, tossing Julian his bag with a shake of her head.

Silk says nothing for the rest of the trip, maintaining the disguise. She'll collect her things and move to follow Sasha.

Julian grabs the robe and puts it over his shoulder, grabbing his bags and following the group. "Yeah… let's do that." he says dejectedly.

The boy leads them up stairs, past a few chained gates that he unlocks and then rechains. "This is my building. People leave me alone." he says, by way of explanation. "I mined the outside. This, is the only save way in."

Lilith just nods as she follows.

Silk pays careful attention to the way they came in and the steps the boy makes, committing them to memory.

Julian follows the group, watching the corners and hallways. He is silent, thankfully.

"This place, Gudauta…. It was not always like this." he says, after he gets in to his fairly Spartan apartment. "Once, it was very beautiful. My grand-father used to tell me of the old Soviets. He taught me english. But now, it is nothing. Nothing at all. Forgotten by the middle east, forgotten by Moscow." The apartment has very few amenities, but one of them, is a satellite phone hooked to a hand crank generator and a laptop style computer to connect to it. Probably how he got the job.

Lilith speaks softly, her Brit voice carefully modulated. "A shame." She glances around the room, noting the exit.

Silk nods carefully, listening to Sasha's comments, logging the way he talks, the way he moves and thinks for later use if necessary. She finds a place out of the way to put her bags, looking back to Sasha afterwards. "You are our guide." It isn't a question.

"Da. Hired by the one called Siddarta Ganja on Ankara exchange, who hire for man named Geist in Rome, who hire for man named Nacht in Denver. Sasha. That is me."

Julian finds a place to set his bags down, examining the apartment, continuing to keep his mouth shut. He leans against one wall and watches the conversation.

The woman nods, "Did Nacht leave us some sort of information or further orders?" Silk asks, adding, "And we do thank you for your assistance in this."

Sasha reaches in to a drawer, pulling out a piece of paper. "This. It is addressed to 'the prettiest one'. Nacht is very odd man."

Lilith murmurs softly. "A regular servant of Eris."

Silk nods quietly, reaching out and taking the paper. "He has an interesting way with words." She'll scan the document quickly, looking to see what the boss has to say.

Lilith leaves her facial cover on, watching the woman. She arches a brow, questioning.

Julian reaches into a pocket, fishing out a granola bar. He begins unwrapping it as he watches Silk handle the talking, much to his releif.

You paged Kassandra with '

"Bombora Airfield"

"Find Vasily Nureno in town. Ex Air Force Commander in Russian Military. Approximately 80 years old. He will have more information."'.

The paper is quickly folded and slid inside her robe, "When can you take us to Bombora Airfield?" Silk still hasn't removed the veil, though the material is sheer enough for her words to travel unimpeeded.

"Bombora?" Asks Sasha, looking over to Silk now. He steps over to the window, unhitching his belt. A moment later, his zipper comes down and he urinates out the window. "Thats a bad place. Very bad. Are you sure you want to go there?"

The elf turns her head, watching the other part of the room. "Yes. We will go there." She doesn't comment on the relativeness of bad in this city or country, instead making her words a statement of fact; not a command, not a directive, a simple explanation of what they are getting paid to do.

Lilith likewise turns her gaze. "It's work, aye."

Julian hears the words "bad place" and looks suddenly excited, reaching down to unzip one of the bags with his free hand. The other brings the granola bar to his lips where he grips it in his teeth and tears the foil. He rummages around in his bag as he takes the first big bite from the granola bar."

Sasha zips up, thinking it over. "Depends on what part you want to go to. It's a huge base, used to be Soviet, then it was local, then Neo-Sov… then local.. now it's… its the main base of a group of islamo-militants. Iranians who are trying to get planes to fly. They have been buying a lot of weapons. Me? I am taking this job to get out of here, before they succeed."

Lilith bobs her head, crossing her arms in her sleeves. "May you have success." She then turns her gaze back to Kass.

Julian looks up and considers. "What's the exchange rate from Nuyen to local currency?" He asks after swallowing a mouthful of granola. He pulls what looks like a girdle out of the bag.

Silk nods to that, starting to speak and then pausing when Julian asks his question. She quiets, gaze travelling to the floor.

The boy looks to Julian. "Nuyen. Bah! Hard currency here. Euro or Rubles, better still, bullets and bread."

Julian nods and reaches into the bag again, grabbing a box of granola bars that came right from the Stuffer shack. He holds it up. "Will this help?"

Silk glances between Julian and Sasha, looking up from the floor. She remarks quietly, "I need to get into town. I have to meet someone."

Lilith nods, just waiting now.

Sasha glances at the Granola bars. "Those? MEh. Not a sheep, not 50 pounds of grain. Still, they are worth something." he looks to Silk then. "Wait for tomorrow. Sunup, we go in to town. There are arabs looking to impose law on everyone, who travel by night and make life hard. We stay here. Then, in the morning, we go."

Julian tosses them across the room to Sasha. "I only have nuyen on me, sorry…" He bites another mouthful of granola bar and begins strapping and cliping the girdle looking thing to his torso.

Silk consults her internal clock and nods simply, moving to sink down on the floor next to her bags. She'll open one and dig inside, coming up with a banana. "Then we rest and go out tomorrow. We'll find our other contact and get briefed."

Sasha catches the box, raising an eyebrow. "Whats this for?" he asks, but still takes one of the bars out to open it.

Lilith moves to sit protectively near Silk. She plops down her own bag and grabs some kind of food bar out of it, then murmurs softly to the woman.

Julian looks up. "To make up for my little brain vomit earlier… I'm sorry." He shrugs and nods to them. "Maybe that'll help you get clear." He looks back down to his bag, pulling out a max-gyro rig and beginning to shrug it on.

Sasha eyes the hardware Julian's putting on… "You sleep in that?"

Lilith takes a bit of her food bar and rummages around in her bag for a thin blanket, an extra shirt to use as a pillow.

Murmuring to Lilith, Silk adjusts her robe, her back against the wall, her belongings around her like a chair. "We'll sleep in shifts. No offense to you, Sasha, but it is something that I have grown used to, breathing." She nods to Lilith, "I'll take first shift. Sleep." With that, she starts peeling the banana.

Lilith grunts and nods, giving Sasha a glance, nodding to Julian. She lies down…facing the room. Keeping close to Kassandra.

Sasha nods. "Aye-Okay." Says he, with a thumbs up. "I sleep now."

Julian nods. "I have, on occasion…" He locks the Gyro into place then reaches down into the bag again. "It reminds me I need to pony up the dough for a Sleep Regulator." He lifts from the bag… Betty Sue. "/This/, Sasha, is a Machinegun." He keeps it at an angle to keep the pinup painting low-key, then sets it back on the bag. "That goes on this…" He taps the Max gyro rig. "…and when things go south, it gets angry."

Lilith shifts, getting comfortable, and murmurs sleepily to Kass before quickly dropping off.

Julian sets his machinegun down and fishes his sniper rifle out of the bag. "What do you use for long guns round here, Sasha? Dragonov?"

"Long gun? Rifle? Kalisnikov's, mostly. This is not a place where good guns go, Ruslan."

Silk's eyes travel between the men as they discuss guns, quietly breaking off pieces of the banana and sliding them under her veil. She chews, letting the conversation flow as she eats.

Julian nods. "I know, you work with what you got…" He shrugs. "And my real name is Julian." he grins. "Or at least that's what my ID says." He chuckles and begins to examine the gun. "What's the range on one of those Kalisnikovs?"

He shrugs. "About 400 meters… A newer one or one with good sights, can hit up to a half kilometer."

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Rifles Background for "Finally a relevant knowskills":
2 2 3 3

Sasha moves to a section of floor, setting his rifle down. He starts to disassemble it, piece by piece, cleaning each component carefully with a rag and oiling it with what looks to be vegetable oil. "It is a good gun. Very good."

Julian waves the oil off. "Hang on… that junk is too thick, it'll throw off the spin." He rummages in his pack and comes up with a small bottle of gun oil, handing it over. "Try this…" He nods to the AK. "How many notches in the stock?"

Sasha looks to Julian. "Notches?" He asks curiously, taking the gun oil. He sniffs it, then passes it back. "No. This works. And I have steady supply."

Silk digs in her bag, producing a small pill bottle and a zippered plastic bag. She'll drop the peel into the bag and seal it up, dropping it in her bag. The bottle will be opened, a few pills shaken out. The bottle will be exchanged for a half-litre metal flash. She'll down the pills with a gulp from the flash before putting that away as well.

"It is a very good gun. They don't see much use in Denver, but then people are more interested in electronics and flash than something that stays together in bad circumstances."

Julian nods. "Yeah… some shooters will cut a notch in their stocks for every man it kills." He takes the oil back and drops it into the bag. He turns to Silk as she speaks, then nods. "It's definitely a reliable gun… the Colt never caught on so widely." He shrugs. "Still, a man takes care of his gun, really good care… it'll last for ever." He nods to the AK. "Not sure if it'll fit, but I have some high-calibre ammo in my bag…" He begins to rummage for it.

Sasha looks to Julian for a long moment… "Notches. Seems… like…" he gestures vaguely then, reaching for the stock. "Cock-waving." He shrugs, fitting the stock to the body. "And a waste of a good stock. I have killed. I do not choose to memorialize it."

Julian nods. "It's not about boasting, it's about…" He shakes his head. "Nevermind." He finshes his check and sets the rifle aside.
Silk hms, zipping her bag back up for the moment, watching the conversation again. She nods to Sasha's commentary, "It is a common passtime in the shadows in the States, in the League. It gives them something to talk about in the bar."

Sasha continues to clean his gun. "So. What are you looking for? Russian gold? Nuclear materials? Forgotten Georgian Hoard?"

Julian reaches into the bag and rummages around, finally coming up with a small ammo tin. He looks to Silk, letting her feild the question.

"I wish I knew. Nacht's letter says someone in town will give me a code that will contain the information. He enjoys his little scavenger hunts." Silk shrugs, seeming to dismiss the problem.

The boy looks to Kassandra then. "No. You are… not that stupid. You don't come all the way around the world for nothing. But…. not my job to know."

Silk nods her head, "Exactly." She holds her gaze for a moment, adding quietly, "It is no offense to you, Sasha, it is a matter of my employer's desires. He prefers 'operational security'; if I tell you, then it not only puts him in danger, us in danger, but you in danger."

Julian starts loading a couple of Assault Rifle clips, saying nothing more.

"Secrets. They are important." Says Sasha, agreeing then. "Secrets keep me alive. They keep people from coming here and trying to kill me. They fear what they do not know."

Julian nods his head. "You do much up close work with that?" He nods to the AK. "Hand to hand range?" He shrugs. "Not the most ideal range, but it happens right?"

"I try to avoid fighting." He says simply. "I lost my hand to close fighting. I only have so many more fingers. Nearly died from the infection."

Julian nods. "You practice much? I could show you a couple tricks for if things get too close?" He shrugs. "Might save the other fingers in a pinch?"

Silk looks through her other bag before zipping it back up, apparently satisfied that nothing was damaged in fight. She looks between the two men talking shop before digging in her first bag again, coming up with an orange.

Sasha reassembles his rifle then, with smooth, forceful strokes. "Perhaps. But you are trog. Very large. You know how to fight like human?" He asks, moving over to a desk. "If you go to Bomboro… I have something for you…"

Julian shrugs. "Well, I could show you a few tricks that will even the odds." He nods to the AK. "I'll bet with a bayonet on the tip of that, you'd do ok… I could show you a few basic manuevers, some things to practice?" He shrugs. "Up to you, Sasha…" He watches the boy moving towards the desk.

Eschewing a knife, the small woman starts peeling the orange carefully. Silk watches Sasha wander to the desk, her gaze on him as he travels. She produces a cloth, carefully sectioning the orange, her fingers moving nimbly while she watches.

"Bayonet means I have failed to shoot my enemy and I should probably be running away. BUt I will see what you teach, if we have time before you take your money and leave." Says the boy as he pulls a book off a shelf near the desk. "This, very good. Keep me alive several times."

Julian nods. "I'll show you some of the Krav Maga I picked up from an old friend." He watches, trying to get a look at the book.

Air Base Bombada Revealed

Another quickseal bag is produced and half the sectioned fruit is placed inside. Silk seals up the bag, replacing it carefully in her bag before snagging one of the remaining sections and popping it in her mouth, hand moving under her veil swiftly. She glances to the book Sasha produces.

Sasha returns to where Julian and Silk are, then sits down. It's a blank book of paper, is what it seems, but it's filled inside, with sketches. Buildings, people, plants, cars, all hand drawn and with a good hand. "This." he offers, turning it to a page that lables, in color, an air base.

Bombada AirBase

Hands sticky with orange juice, Silk leans in to look, whistling softly. "That is excellent work, very nice rendering. You are an artist?" The woman sits back and considers what she saw of the map, nodding, "That will be most helpful."

"I was." He says, then holds up the hand thats only got two fingers left on it. "Not any more."

Silk nods, not speaking. There really isn't much that can be said about it.

Julian whistles appreciatively. "Wow… you got some kinda talent here…" He turns to the boy and nods. "Tell me something, Sasha… if you leave this place, where will you go?"

"America." He answers with the time honored answer of people fleeing shitholes for 500 years now. "I hear a man can make a living there with his skill."

Julian nods and asks Sasha. "You got a pen, or something to write with?"

Sasha eyes Julian. "You flew halfway around the world, and did not bring a pen?"

Julian shrugs. "Didn't think I'd be writing anything in a book…" He nods to the book of drawing. "May I?" He asks

Another bite vanishes from the cloth as Silk continues to munch, quietly keeping to herself as the two men interact.

"What do you want to write? This is not a note book for scribbling a womans comm-number." Though he has probably done that.

Julian shakes his head. "What I'm going to write you is an honor contract that I like to call an IOU…"

He quirks a brow then. "Why?"

Julian shrugs. "I only have 10 grand on me, and it's not enough… a good quality cyberhand goes for 20k at least." He nods to Silk. "I'll just have Nacht do a little redirection on part of my fee for this run."

Silk blinks slowly at the mention of such things as IOUs and cyberhands. She stays very quiet now, trying to blend into the woodwork.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 4 for "Cyberhand. For that much money, I COULD JUST FUCKING MOVE TO AMERICA.":
2 3 3 4

Sasha just stares at Julian now. "Cyber… hand. Are you…" He shakes his head, closing the book and turning back to the desk. "You are… very strange."

Julian blinks a few times, evidenced by the twitching of the muslces around the dark goggles. "It's… so you can draw again?" He looks over Silk, hoping for backup, then back to Sasha. "Did I say something wrong? Again?" He shakes his head. "Ya know, I'm pretty tired, I should try to get some sleep." He says in a tone of slight exasperation.

Silk is clearly staying out of this one, finishing the last of her dinner before pulling out a wetnap to clean off her fingers, returning the wetcloth and the little cloth she sectioned her fruit on into yet another sealable bag. She fusses around, making sure things are packed neatly.

Sasha looks back to Julian… "You are like… puppy, Julian." He says, holding up his hands. "all paws. You want me to like you. You work very hard at that. But if I had 40,000 nuyen, I could just -move to America-, and then try and get a hand there when and iff I need. Fourty Thousand Nuyen is a -fortune here-, Julian…"

Julian blows a long sigh. "Look I'm just trying to help…" He looks up at Sasha and shrugs. "Guns and Gear, it's all I know… and out here, none of that is the same. It's like I speak the right language but the words mean something different" He looks down at his gear around him, and a look of almost regret is on his face until he looks back up. "I'm just trying to do the best I can with what I know, which out here is Jack and Drek." He shakes his head. "Ya know what? I think I'll just shut my mouth and try to get a nap." He adjusts his position to make himself more comfortable.

Sasha chuckles, looking at Julian. "Whole other world, I hear people say. We are not in Kansas, yes?" He asks, turning to glance at Silk, then Julian. He puts the book away. "Sometimes, I watch flatvid movie-disk on the computer. Helps to remember that world is much larger than this town. This ghost."

Her voice quiet, Silk remarks, "Just a different way of living here; things are different than even the worst parts of some of the sprawls in North America. It's just not something that you can easily compare." The woman shrugs, "It was a culture shock when I moved."

Julian nods and gestures. "Exactly… I feel like Dorothy in Oz, and it's damned disconcerting." He relaxes. "Well, when you make it to America, Denver is nice if you don't mind the cold." He grins. "Course out here, I get the feeling your well aware what winter is." He chuckles himself, then looks over to Silk. "Moved from where?" He grins and turns to Sasha. "There is a popular myth in Denver that Silk here is a dragon." he turns back to her.

Sasha eyes Silk now, hard. "Dragon. You are dragon? Like Aden?" Funny how when not in North America, the first dragon to come to mind is not the president, but the destroyer.

"Nyet, not like Aden." Silk shrugs, "As for moving, I've lived overseas before. In many places, it is as if you are not even in the same world. The petty things people squabble about in the Warrens .. over a block of turf .. is meaningless here. People talk about survival in Denver as if they were truly put out .. but they really have no idea how things are."

Julian nods. "Apparently not" he settles into silence now.

He leans forward then, peering at the burqa clad woman… "You… -are- a dragon…" He seems awestruck. "Men come through here last week, talking about dragons."

The veiled woman tilts her head, "What were they saying, these men?" Silk watches Sasha carefully.

"Greeks. They came by sea." Says Sasha then. "They work for… Atlantian Foundation. We make a big joke, because we are far from anywhere atlantis could be." Says Sasha then. "They pay money though, for tour of area. I show them the hills, then the mines… then the old ships."

Julian sleeps fitfully until his shift, other then a few mumblings about "Romans" When he wakes for the last shift, he goes about quietly prepping his arsenal and laying out and checklisting his gear. Breakfast is another foil-wrapped bar, eaten while the others rest.

Silk will sleep on the conversation, letting Lilith take her shift. The elven woman sleeps fully clothed, fully robed, a pistol in her hand. She will rest until they wake her.

Lils shift

Lilith is sitting, a silent figure in simpler, less feminine robes then Kassandra's. She kneels in the seiza position, appearing…unarmed…pale eyes staring out across the room, occasionally drifting towards the young man. Quietly observant.

The man, it would be disingenuous to call him a boy, sits in a chair the lights behind him blanked out, looking out a window. His AK-97 rests across his lap as he watches. He won't speak unless spoken too, but he does notice the woman coming closer. He looks to her, no real expression, until he looks back out the window. It's the middle of the night, and he should be sleeping, but he's not.

Lilith just watches the boy for another moment, eyes blank and face unseen behind her veil. But things have shifted when she slept, the unfamiliar fabric pinching a little. She sits again, when she notes he's looking outside, and then quietly removes her veil, her hajib. Not immodestly, but her head needs to breathe, she needs to adjust things so they don't fall apart. A soft sigh as a tumble of very, very dark, dark red brown hair falls down, she wipes her face with her veil. She then begins to roll her hair back up again, watching the man. A soft curse from her lips as she searches for a pin

Sliding a hand in to his jacket, he pulls out a long straight pin. Probably in the lining of his coat. Its good to keep universal tools in sight. "Catch." He says, flipping it, back end first, to Lilith. "I want it back."

Lilith easily catches it between two long, pale fingers. In this light, her white skin almost seems to glow now that her face is uncovered. Her hair falls down again, and she nods to Sasha before rolling it rather expertly up again. "Thank you." Soft words, hard eyes. "I make a poor Easterner. White women do not often have to restrict themselves to such a degree."

"You don't either." Says he, looking over to her. "Unless you want to go unnoticed. Mind, with the troll… that is harder than one might think. Stay out of south town, stay near the north side, and russian norms hold strong. The south side, nearer the air base though.. cover yourself."

Lilith nods, shrugs. "I have learned to when to keep my peace. Silence is golden, invisibility divine." A faint smile on her cold, angular face as the black hajib wraps around her head again, the white glow disappearing as her face is again covered. "It is also cold. The veil helps."

Sasha nods, thinking that over. He looks back to the window. "Coal is expensive." He says, one hand idly moving to rest on the butt of his rifle. "Did you want something, English?"

Lilith watches the boy, again just eyes and black cloth. "No. Did you?"

"To get paid." he says, voice echoing in the room as he looks out the window.

Lilith gaze is unwavering, but not too direct. "Then you shall be. How close are you to immigrating out of here?" Soft words again. "The troll's idealistic gestures aside. I caught some as I fell asleep."

"This job. And then I have enough to go. You should sleep. I will take watch."

Lilith nods, but remains upright, knees in front of her, arms wrapped around them. "Come to Denver. You will have help there." She shrugs, and then looks to Julian, her nose wrinkling under the veil. "He will awake soon and take watch as well." She nudges the troll, and then curls up by Kassandra again.

The Next Day

The sun is about a half hour from peaking over the eastern mountains, the sky a healthy shade of bruise-purple when Sasha uses some of the precious coal to start a small fire in the stove… Water in the kettle, it helps to wake up.

Silk will wake up and take care of various business, eating the rest of the orange she had sliced up last night. She considers the room, looking to Sasha. "You said that you had taken some of these Atlantis people on a tour. Just one, or did they come back for a revisit to one of the spots later?"

Lilith is just sitting silent again, nibbling on her food bar.

Julian is hunched over the stove, blowing a bit to stoke the fire. He's not good with people, but he knows how to keep a fire going. When it's going nice and hot, he retreats back to his corner to continue his gear checking.

"Da, both." Says Sasha, nodding to Julian. "Thank you." He murmurs to the Troll, putting his hands out to absorb some of the warmth then. "Atlantis people. THey visit the mines in the hills, old bunker not far from airbase, and the dead ships. Later, they come back to Mines and Bunker, but ignore ships."

Lilith murmurs quietly, then. "What do you know of the mines and the bunker?"

Julian begins stuffing his pockets with electronic devices, filling another with a few spare clips. He smooths out the folds of a ruth cloak, pressing one side to check the battery charge, assuring it's full.

The Gellpack registers 55.6 Minutes of charge available.

Silk waits to see if Sasha answers Lilith, hands digging in her own bag as she considers and then extracates her little flash of juice, taking a few gulps. The robed elf considers, mentioning to the room at large. "We need to go into the town and meet our contact."

"The mines shut down nearly a hundred years ago. Used to pull coal and iron, but they never did well. Old men say they were there just to give people something to do. Bunker… I do not know much about it. Old Soviet markings, set in to side of a canyon wall. We did not go in."

Lilith nods, then turns her gaze to Silk. "Aye."

Julian sets the cloak aside, perking up as Silk explains the need to go into town. Julian nods and stands, examine the long robes and wondering if they would sufficiently cover his larger gun. He hefts the machinegun, settling it onto the Max-Gyro rig, locking it into place and then swinging the rig into an unready position. He leans down, long arms snatching the robe and he begins to slide it on over his head.

Silk nods to Sasha and Lilith both, eyes going to Seven as he attempts to put a robe over the gyro and gun. She blinks and then says to Sasha, "Right. I need to find an ex-Russian Military Commander, around 80 years old. Last name Nureno." She considers, "He has information we need to continue this, and our paychecks depend on meeting him. Is he familiar?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 for "Is old man Vasily familiar?":
1 1 2 3 5

Sasha eyes Silk then, thinking that over. "SaggyMan." Says he then, offering a nod. "He begs in the square just south of deadfleet mooring. Take.. maybe hour to get there."

The robed woman nods to that, "We leave in five then." Silk rises from the floor gracefully, hands moving to smooth out her robes as she does so. "We'll want to be at least moderately discreet, as there are going to be eyes on us. Minimal conflict if we can avoid it. If we get separated, meet at retreat position Delta." (repose)

Lilith rises to her feet as well, nodding silently to Silk.

Julian tries to pull the robe down over the gun, but gives it up as a loss and pulls the robe up enough to unhook the gun. He settles it back into the duffle, then settles the robe over the gyro rig, trying to adjust the fit so it wont look /too/ ridiculous. Finally he grabs his assault rifle and slings it over his shoulder. The sniper rifle he settles back into the duffle, and then he's packed. He takes up the bags and nods to the others.

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Stealth:
1 3 4 4 4 17

Sasha shakes his head. "15. I have yet to have my morning tea." He says, reaching for a box of herbs. Probably local picked and self dried, more an infusion than a proper tea. "Breakfast is most important meal of the day!"

Lilith watches him a moment. "Would you mind if I prepared the tea?" She asks softly. "I have some tea with me as well. Didn't think I'd get a chance to use it."

Silk adjusts, "Fifteen it is." She sinks back down, beginning to move little items from her bags, slipping them under her robe and out of sight.

Julian nods and sets his bags back down. He pulls out his comm gear now, getting it connected and ready as the tea is brewed.

There are a few things in life you will not get a man to pass up on. And his morning equivalent of coffee is one of them. He eyes Lilith then… "You have -coffee-?" He asks, the tone of his voice rising, the barest trace of hopefulness reaching in to it. Westerners… prepared. Oh god, coffee…

Lilith blinks a little, and then you can tell she is smiling. "A little ground, yes. If you have hot water and a clean rag I can do what I can. And real tea as well, orange pekoe in fact."

Julian shakes his head. "A rag? You don't want to brew coffee through a rag…" He unzips one bag, rummages around in it and pulls out a small white foil-wrapped square with the logo of a ritzy hotel in Denver. "Here… I can't stand the stuff, but I thought it might come in handy someday." He tosses the foil package across towards Sasha. Inside is a single cup's worth of coffee grounds in a self-contained filter. He pulls out the rest of the "kit" A mini toothbrush, a bar of soap, and some shampoo conditioner. "You think you can use any of this stuff, Sasha?"

Silk busies herself with getting ready and waiting for everyone to drink their breakfast and be ready to move out. She doesn't speak to the others as they get coffee, tea, or whatever ready, clearly looking to get out on the road.

Okay. Now Julian has Sasha's complete and total attention. The package is caught by Sasha, who clearly is looking to ignore the 'single brew' instructions. Then the soaps and the shampoo.. "How much?" He asks, narrowing his eyes.. "For all."

Lilith chuckles as she rummages through her bag. Out comes another, small foil and vacuum sealed bag. She wanders over to Sasha. "Safe passage?" She quietly suggests, looking to Julian as she tosses the pack to Sasha. One careful scoop per cup, the tiny bag has perhaps a few days worth.

Julian shrugs. "Let's trade… you get the kit, and I get the drawing you did of the airfield. Free recon work is always a welcome head start." He holds the kit out to him.

Lilith nods.

Sasha thinks that over. "Okay." he says, moving to his books then. He pulls the book out then looks around for a string… he takes a peice of twine and places it in his mouth, chewing it.

The little clock in her right side of her visual range counting down, Silk continues to check out her gear, some pieces staying in the bag, others finding places on her robe clad body. She takes the now much less full smaller bag and places it inside the larger, pulling the drawstring and securing the clasps.

Lilith begins to get the water ready. It doesn't take too long to boil, and she arranges the mug, the filter, carefully arranges everything…soon the rich, warm scent of crushed and percolating coffee fills the room

Julian nods and trades the kit over to Sasha, watching the man chew on the string. When the book or page is delivered, he will spend time examining the drawing in detail, committing it to memory.

To make a very long story involving a man making love to a coffee cup short, Sasha takes a moment to savor the coffee, experiencing every sip, every drop of the liquid. Like a man who hasn't had coffee in years but dearly loves it. "This is good!" Actually, its crap, but he doesn't know the difference. "I like coffee."

Lilith eyes smile a bit. "As you say. I could make it in the Turkic or Arab style as well." She carefully puts away the remainding grinds, and then moves to make sure she's ready.

The robe-clad Silk will spend the last few minutes they are there pacing quietly, pushing her bag to the side. "We will come back here afterwards, yes?" She twists a few times, making sure the items she has on her body are not rattling, jarring, or wiggling too much. No noise, no problems.

Sasha finishes the coffee, then carefully spreads the used grounds out on a flat surface, so they will dry and be useful again later. "We go now. North, thirty minutes, cross river at Dubrinko Bridge, be ready to pay toll.. and then 20 minutes to Deadfleet. Yes."
He then adds to Silk : Yes.

Lilith idly pats her waist, checking something, nodding to herself. Waiting.

"What is the standard toll?" Silk asks.

Julian grins. "Well then your gonna love America…" He takes up his bag again, ready to follow everyone back to the vehicle. "Oh, we're coming back here?" He drops his bags again. "Might as well just leave my spare gear here, then."

Sasha spat out the string, it should be noted, laying it across the interior spine of the book where the page with the airbase is. He closes the book before coffee, then after coffee, easily removes the page along the now moistened line. "Airbase. Coffee. Good trade."

He then answers Silk… "One in a hundred fold of what is carried, or whatever they like, if you have nothing."

Considering that, Silk nods quietly. She glances over the group and motions, "Let's do this then, we are burning daylight." The woman lets out a little breath, sinking back into character. She mentally selects certain images before her, sending the mental triggers to activate various bits of ware.

Lilith will silently follow Silk, darting her eyes about the surroundings now and then.

Julian considers that for a moment. "I have some nuyen, but I don't know if they will accept that." He looks back down at the bags, then shrugs. "Better safe then bleeding." He reaches down and hefts the bags again, nodding to Silk. "After you."

The Bridge over the River Styx

Silk will actually let Sasha go first, it's his minefield and defenses, after all, and while she took great pains to check it yesterday, paranoid people do weird things.

A few minutes later, everyone is on the truckcarthingthatmoves, traveling away from the mans house. He's driving, in so much as sort of pointing an accelerating, then trying to steer with no power steering and an extra half ton of people in the truck. "SO!" He asks then, the wind in his hair and a cigarette in his lips. "What is story today? You wives to troll, or Troll is bag-man for women, or… women are mine?" He asks with a grin.

Julian shrugs his shoulders. "Whatever let's someone /else/ do the talking, I vote for /that/" He leans back a bit.

Lilith just arches a brow and glances to Julian before speaking to Sasha. "Perhaps the troll is our bag man, then, or we are your…wives." She says flatly. "You live here, after all."

Silk's eyes go vague a moment as she considers and rejects any number of options. "How bad is the situation in the city with regard to radical fundamentalists?"

"River splits. Arabs stay south, Russians north. I live in no-mans land between two. Dangerous, but rent is cheap!" Says Sasha.

Lilith murmurs. "Which part of the city will we find this man, again?"

Julian stays quiet and enjoys the ride. Bagmen aren't paid to talk, after all.

Silk says, "Right. So Slither, you are the principle. Seven is the bag man. I'm the translator, and Sasha is the guide. We are here looking into something, and you don't have to be overly specific about what it is. People's immaginations are your greatest asset in any lie; it will fill in the gaps with a story better than you could have prepared. If the Atlantians are here, they likely have some whites with their group so we shouldn't stand out overly much."

Lilith nods. "Aye."

Julian nods. "Good, I like this plan already."

Sasha nods to Silk as they come around the corner. Clearing the scrum of mostly abandoned, husks of buildings, the rickety dubrinko bridge swings in to view. Its really being generous to call it a bridge; but it looks like it might be able to take the weight of the vehicle and the people riding in it. "Now. What you giving the men on the bridge?" Asks the driver, puffing on the cigarette again. "We not carrying cargo… they will want toll."

Dubrinko Crossing

Lilith closes her eyes a little. She seems to be thinking something over rather seriously.

"Hard currency or trade, no doubt, yes?" Silk nods, "I've a few things I can offer over, depending on what they ask for. Slither, be ready to play off whatever I give you." She glances to the group, mentally running calculations based off the region and what she has already seen.

Lilith chuckles faintly and nods.

Julian rummages around in his Magic Murderbag once again, withdrawing a cardboard canister of individually wrapped spicy meat sticks bearing the brand name Bronco Joe. "Think they'll like Bronco Joes?"

"Da." Says Sasha, making a show of pointing to the bridge, and gesturing to Silk as though explaining to her the toll process. At the front of the bridge, there are three men with a black Toyota SUV that has seen better days. But they all appear to be well armed.

«OOC» Lilith says, "Arab or Russian?"
«OOC» Blindside says, "Give me a perception check."
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
3 3 4 9 11
«OOC» Lilith says, "whoo"
«OOC» Blindside says, "They look caucasian"
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence Check":
1 1 3 3 3 4 4 5
«OOC» Blindside says, "Kass can't quite tell. Maybe the suns in her eyes"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 3 4 7
«OOC» Julian says, "That was to get an idea of what kind of guns their packing"

Julian will note the ever popular AK-97. Each man is also carrying a standard sidearm of what looks to be a local glock-rippof and one of them has a pair of grenades on his vest.

Lilith tilts her head to Kassandra, just watching the men with eyes that now appear wide and wary.

Silk digs in her satchel, considering some of the trade goods that she brought with her and otherwise acquired in Turkey on their stop there. She glances to the bridge but can't make out the men, her eyes adapted for nighttime travel rather than day. She murmurs, "Everyone be ice, da? No one does anything until I give the command or they start shooting."

Lilith nods. "Da, madam."

Julian nods. "Roger Dodger"

Sasha nods to Silk, shaking his head and pantomiming being exasperated. He glowers hard at Lilith, then puts the truck in gear, rolling it twords the bridge. He slows, about 20 feet in front of the SUV, but is waved forward. He stops next to the SUV.

"What do you have Sasha?" ASks one man, the conversation in Russian.

"I have you know. Job. I am tourguide. This one.." He gestures to Silk. "Is that ones.." A gesture to Lilith.. "Translator."

"Who is the big man?"

Lilith lower her eyes meekly at Sasha's glare.

Julian straightens up a bit, making no move to touch his gun, just going on full alert like a good bagman. Black plasteel eyes regard the border guards, but he doesn't speak.

Silk nods to Sasha's exasperation, speaking in heavily accented English, "He say we have to stop here, this is … toll bridge, yes?" She nods, listening to the Russian and waiting to see what she has to tell her mistress. Silk was speaking to Lilith there.

Lilith nods to Kassandra. "All right." Her own voice is very delicate, soft and British, and she patiently waits, hands in lap and eyes down.

Two of the men, the ones not talking, move to take flanking positions around the vehicle the players are riding in. Anyone with training will recognize it as a standard containment and coverage; very military. "Toll Bridge." Says the man who steps closer, his AK-97 in his arms but pointed down, a finger inside the trigger guard. He upnods to Silk then, gesturing to Lilith.

"Why you come to Guduata, mmm? What do you have for a toll?" He speaks in russian still. "Ask her this."

Silk keeps her hands where they can be seen, nodding to the man and looking at Lilith, speaking in English again, "He want to know why you come here, what you have for toll? This standard, miss." She chatters to Lilith, looking to the men with guns. While keeping still and not looking like more than what she is, she will watch their eyes as she and Lilith converse in English, seeing how much they seem to pick up.

Julian watches the two men flank the vehicle, keeping nice and still otherwise.

Lilith nods to Kass, darting her eyes to the men, then back to the translator. "I see." Her voice quiet. "We have some food for trade, and we come on business. We are seeking something."

The 'communicator' looks to Silk, as if waiting for a translation.

Silk nods to the miss, looking back to the 'communicator', her words coming out in accented Russian. "We have come here to pick up some provisions. The Miss has business here, she is on a quest for something that has passed through here." She waits, her hands still in sight.

THat draws the interest of the man, and he puts one foot up on the tire of the truck, bending to lean on his knee wiht an elbow. "What sort of thing is she seeking? Maybe we can help, for a price… We see a lot."

Lilith looks to Silk, blinking.

Julian pivots a bit in his seat to keep the close man in his line of sight. The move is meant to look casual.

Silk glances to Lilith, most of her expression hidden by veils and the like. Her voice takes on a slightly greedy tone as she confesses in Russian, "She is close-mouthed about it, but I heard her talking about Zulfiqar." She nods as she speaks, "They say the sword of Ali has passed this way perhaps 10 days ago. The Miss is looking into this."

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 for "The what of whatywhat you arab bitch?":
1 1 3 10 15
«OOC» Blindside says, "…"
«OOC» Lilith says, "What…does that mean? :)"

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 for "Mystery":
3 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 for "Mystery":
3 3 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 for "Mystery":
1 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 for "Mystery":
1 3 4 8


The man eyes Silk for a long moment, then looks to the others. He gives them a nod, and they step closer. "You seek the blade of the Second Imam. You say it has passed through here? Is this what those other Elves were seeking?" He asks, his voice raising in pitch. "Ask her!"

Lilith shifts in her robes, eyes widening at the man's tone. She tilts her head at Silk and her eyes give the indication she's frightened.

"Yes, of course!" Turning, Silk switches from Russian to English, "Miss, they ask if the Blade of the second Imam has passed through here, if that is what we seek, if that is what the Elves were looking for?" She begs, "Please Miss, tell them the truth, tell them!"

Julian notices the change in the mood of the close man, and now he is on alert for real. His hands don't move yet, though…

The man narrows his eyes, looking to Lilith now. The others move to more weapons-ready positions.

Lilith shakes a little and nods, her voice tense. "Yes, yes of course! I…I don't want a lot of trouble. We've been trying to find it for some time, and those blasted Elves have too!"

In Russian, "She says yes, the blade is reputed to come here, it drew the Elves in. They have been dogging us for many weeks now, always in the way. We aren't looking for trouble, sir, please."

Julian the shift of the men is the second to last alert. With a mental command and an acompanying warm tingling sensation is his arm, the Smartink comes online silently, waiting to link with the rifle and feed targetting and ammo data to his brain.

Silk looks to Lilith, eyes wide above her veil after she speaks, looking troubled.

Lilith nods briskly to her translator, trying to look not as worried. Her eyes dart to the two men, once or twice, while she waits.

«OOC» Blindside says, "Everyone make perception checks."
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 3 5
«OOC» Lilith kicks the dice
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence Check":
1 2 2 2 3 4 4 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence for "Vis/Aud, Mods on sheet":
2 2 4 4 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence + 6 for "Smell":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 14.

The conversation is a blistering paced one. The men, Russian speakers, though Armenians by ethnicity, have a rapid fire staccato conversation in which there is pointing and shouting. It seems they are very angry at something, though, it does not APPEAR to be you guys. One of them stomps over to the truck, flinging the door open.

The conversation seems to revolve around the Island People and not being paid enough for what they are doing.

Lilith shivers a bit, leaning closer to Kassandra as if to seek comfort, staring at the angry men.

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Willpower:
2 3 5 5 5 11
«OOC» Julian says, "whew"
«OOC» Lilith says, "What was that for?"
«OOC» Julian says, "for not going ballistic :)"
«OOC» Lilith says, "Well. Good."

Silk stays quiet, letting the nice men with guns argue and fuss staying very still. She is just a simple translator and not paid to get shot.

Julian moves as the man stomps over. For a moment, the hand strays towards the grip of the rifle, and for a breif moment Julian prepares for the gates of Hell to be flung open… but when the man only opens the door, the gesture continues into a chin scratch.

The men continue to talk while there one is on the trucks radio, chattering rapidly in Armenian. A few phonetics in other languages slip in, like 'Atlantis' and 'Frag'.

Silk listens, staying where she is, processing as much data as she can. She doesn't do anything that would tip the guards back against them.

Lilith is just sitting there, tense, ready, just a poor little white woman in over her head.

Julian recognizes a few words in the machinegun conversation, and the ones he's hearing are not helping his tension. He keeps himself in check though, like a coiled spring.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Charisma:
1 3 3 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Charisma:
1 1
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 12 for "Charisma":
1 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 10 10 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Mystery":
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Mystery":

There seems to be a negotiation underway with the man on the radio. He's shouting back and forth with someone on the other end. Then he gets quiet, appraising in his demenour… then he looks at the truck… And Silk. Silk catches and holds his attention. Then, he waves them through. "Radik wants to see them. Let them through."

Lilith lets out a bit of a slow breath. Ok. Not out of the woods yet, but hey, we're not shot.


Yeah. That part.

Silk stays still, watching the chatter and then the looks. She considers the looks, the name that they spoke. She stays still, however, hands still up.

The Communicator comes forward again, talking to Sasha and Silk. "You are to go in to town. Sasha, you will take them to Radik. He wishes to speak with your clients. Safe Passage to town. Nothing more."

Julian relaxes a bit. Safe passage was safe passage. But his eyes keep sharp watch. Just because they haven't opened fire doesn't mean they can be trusted.

Lilith looks to Kassandra, tilting her head between the men and the truck. "What did they say?" Her voice very quiet, meek, almost a whisper.

Silk translates from Russian to English for Lilith, "Miss, they say we go to town, we see Radik. He wants to see us. They give safe passage to town." She shrugs apologetically, having nothing more to translate.

Lilith nods, then bows her head to the men. "Thank you, sirs." She touches her lips with her hand, then her forehead, in the traditional gesture.

The truck is moved out of the way, letting the rickety truck travel over the Rickety bridge. More than once or twice, it's a relative fear the bridge will collapse or the truck will get stuck in a hole in the wooden slats. But, after about 5 minutes of slow, steady driving at a pace you could walk faster, you make it to the other side, about 500 feet from the makeshift walls of Gudauta.

Julian flexes his fingers, shutting down the smartlink. "Radik? Anyone we know?" He turns to Sasha. "Should I still be worried?"

Gudauta Proper

Lilith rotates her neck, letting out another sigh. "Eris." She keeps her eyes on their surrondings.

Waiting till they are clear, "Ok. We are in a new situation now, and that can be trouble .. although I think that it might be worse for our Elven friends." Silk lets out a quiet breath. "Slither, I suggest you be ready to talk, because I;kk bet you something shiney that Radik understands, if not speaks, English."

Julian looks around. "How much time do we have until we make it to our destination?" He reaches into a bag and pulls out a scanner, waiting for the reply.

Lilith nods quickly. "Of course. How shiney?" She makes a short, dry joke. "Recommendations, Silk?"


Silk shrugs, asking Sasha, "What do you know of Radik?"

Sasha murmurs… "Radik speaks very good english. He is… ah… he is warlord of north Gudauta. He is from Minsk, and came with several men. He has connections to the outside world, with a matrix connection in his home, satellite dish and such. He is wealthy and buys loyalty. He holds the Arabs south of the river and he is loved for it."

Julian considers something for a few moments, then headshakes and puts the device back into the bag. "A warlord who speaks English… maybe I'll manage to /not/ horribly offend him."

Lilith nods, thinking. "Sounds like some of the men I used to work with." She snorts. "What is his temperament? What does he like?"

"Wonderful. Vory?" Silk frowns under her veil, the wheels spinning. She absently memorizes their path in, eyes flicking to the walls, defenses, guards. All of it factors into her decision-making process, working to create escape paths and other choices that they may need later.

"Vory.. No. Ex Military, from what I understand. He is very regimented. He rounds up men from the street work on some project out side of town, digging. AS to his attitude, he is very short-haired. Unafraid of killing to make his point. But, he is reasonable to those who are reasonable with him."

Julian watches the scenery go by, falling back into silence. He tears open the carton of meatsticks and pulls one out. Unwrapping it, he takes a bite of one. He certainly does eat a lot. He puts the carton back into his bag and wolfs down the meatstick

Lilith nods. "Mm. How is his attitude to women? Traditional or not?"

"Define traditional." Says Sasha, driving the car slowly along the dirt roads of the town. Once, they were paved, but give some place 20 years of no new pavement, and you have gravel. Ten years later, you have rocky dirt.

Silk nods, taking it in. She glances to Seven and his meatsticks before remarking quietly, "Ok. If things go bad, and they just might, Seven your job is to extract Slither from the site by any means necessary and fall back to the alternate sites. This guy might just want to know about the sword, and that is fine. He may decide that he is smitten with Slither and then we might have a problem."

"Expect to be disarmed, too, at least partially." She thinks, reaching inside her veil to detach the data cable and let it spool down, killing her radio.

Lilith shrugs. "Does he view woman as subservient, silent, meek? Or is he used to Westerners? Will he be offended to have to deal with a female?"

Julian nods. "Roger Dodger… will there be MAD scanners?"

Lilith nods to Silk as well. "If he is smitten with me, I have no issue with dealing with advances. If I have to sleep with him to get us out safely, so much the better." Lilith tone is perfectly deadpan. Practical.

"Dunno. If he has all the other toys he may have MADS, or he may just have us stripped down to our undies. You never can tell with people. I knew an arms dealer that only would meet in a hot tub with naked people. He said it helped him think." She shakes her head, "I am not worried about you getting a date, Lilith, I am more worried about explaining to my boss why you are part of a harem."

Julian nods. "If we're lucky, he won't… in which case he can strip me down to whatever he wants… I'm just full of suprises." He flexes the fingers of both hands, as if to demonstrate.

Lilith snorts quietly. "Indeed. Perhaps I've seen too many old movies." She waves it off. "I'm not entirely interested in getting stuck, so."

Silk snorts, "Entirely?"

Lilith bites back a sardonic laugh. "Goodness no."

Julian nods his head. "Like I said, Silk… you say the word, I get down to business…"

"Aye aye. Alright, game faces people." Silk glances to Sasha and waits for him to lead them to Radik.

Lilith nods. Closes her eyes and gives herself a moment to meditate.

Sasha eyes lilith for a moment, then smirks as he drives down the city's roads. "He is as traditional as any military man from western Russia is, which is to say, his bodyguard is a woman."

Lilith just chuckles a bit.

Julian leans forward a bit. "Oh, then we're all set… I'll just put the moves on her and we'll call it a day." He gives a mocking grin and relaxes again.

Silk nods, still processing information. She stays quiet, thinking and plotting.

Radik has tea.

Turning a corner again, the compound of Colonel Duncan Radik comes in to view. It's a tall Pre-Awakening structure with the monolithic architecture that died with an empire that collapsed. Moscow calls itself soviet today, but they don't know jack compared to the old Stalin and Breshnev days, and this building? This is jack.

220D-023-003.JPEG 35_soviet.jpg
Colonel Duncan Radik Radik's compound
Former Soviet Embassy

Lilith fingers tap along her knee. She could use a cigarette. "How lovely."

Julian whistles as he takes in the building. "My god…I've seen buildings like this in old Trideo Documentaries… I had no idea they still exist." He looks up with an expression of wonder.

Silk considers the building, the area, looking up and down the streets as they move this way. She looks for guards, the height of the fence, cameras, monowire, landmines, dogs, cats, owlbears, and anything else that might become significant on a fast escape.

«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 (intelligence) + 3 (Sec.procedures):
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 8 8
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 4 (SUT) + 1 for "Small Unit Tactics":
1 2 4 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence + 2 for "Security Procedures":
2 3 5 7 8 8 11

Julian: The building, if it follows normal protocols for such issues, is blast reinforced and likely has bulletproof windows. It's bulk is steel-reinforced concrete with a steel central core. While not a fortress, it would take direct action to breach and not simply a stray round.

Kassandra and Lilith: It's not a fortress, but it is guarded by, that you can see, roughly 10 men who seem competent in their behaviors and actions. Overlapping fields of fire, a lack of cover as you approach the building, several fences to slow down most direct assaults. It's a former embassy of an aggressive, warlike empire. It's very defensible.

Lilith watches the building impassively. "Bloody castle, it is."

Julian nods. "They sure knew how to build them… Of course if I had to hold off the Germans, I would build something like this too, probably." He grins

Silk frowns, looking it over thoughtfully. She nods, "I like castles. People believe they are impregnable and don't take all the precautions they otherwise should. There are some exploits that may be here we can work with, if necessary."

Lilith nods, idly running her fingers over her knee again. "Sappers."

Sasha comments… "He has power plant in basement. Is a lot of his power, that. Provides electricity to weatlhy in exchange for support."

He then clarifies.. "Nuclear."

Lilith pauses. Just a moment. "Well well. How well maintained is it? I'd rather not have mutant babies someday."

Julian nods towards the building. "Well…if it's code, it'll have bulletproof windows and pretty thick doors. The walls will be steelcore." He forms a fist for a moment. "Tough…but not as tough as you see on bunkers built in the last 10 years." He shakes his head. "Still, this is gonna get pretty interesting." He disembarks with the rest.

Silk simply nods, just watching now, taking it all in.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5:
1 2 4 4 5

Sasha shrugs. "Mutants?" He eyes her tail. "Too late, English." Says he as he moves on. He points out to Julian… "Ruslan, look. Dog tracks. He use dogs that have.. dogs that breathe fire. Watch out if need."

Julian grimaces. "Hellhounds, we call em… nasty."

Lilith blinks, tilting her head. Tail isn't that obvious, but eh, it twitches sometimes. "Hellhounds? Hm."

The truck approaches the gate now, with two men stepping forward to bar it, Ares Alpha's held at the read. "Step out of the vehicle." States one of the men in a surprisingly American Accent. Maybe Atlantic Seaboard. "Slowly."

Silk will slide of the vehicle in a wisk of robes, keeping her hands where they can be seen. She stays at the side of the vehicle until otherwise directed.

Lilith keeps her eyes wary, raising her hands as she slips out the car. The tail, underneath her robes, is also useful for keeping things in place for a lady and her skirts.

"Robes off!" Says the lead man, the gun held up to shoulder length, looking down the barrel of the gun, slightly crouched. Men who have been trained, and not just by local guerrilla fighters. There's some clear military here. "I SAID TAKE THEM OFF!"

Julian grabs a handful of robe and pulls the garment off over his head, draping it over one arm and returning to his non-threatening pose.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1 for "Mystery. 6+ is bad.":

Silk glances to the gunmen and nods, hands moving to undo the various clasps of her robes, letting it fall to her feet. She does not remove the hair covering nor the veil across her face. Beneath she is wearing simple Western garb: a cotton-synthetic pair of stretchy pants, a longsleeved grey t-shirt with a darker grey vest over top of that.

When Julian goes to take off his robe over head, two more men slide out of an access way, it looks like they came up from underground, guns at the level. More than one of the men is distracted by Silk's obvious force of character and charisma. She's not a bad looker, either.

Lilith stops. Looks at him. Shrugs, and slowly, easily, begins to unwrap her sash. Still locking gazes with the man. Unbuttoning the front of her garb. No, she's not doing anything *obvious* like that, but some things you just can't help. By the time the buttons hit her waistline, she shifts her shoulders, and her robe easily slides off. And underneath, just the top of a form fitting suit, a loose skirt that runs from her waist to her knees, legs visible. Tail twitching at her waist, her head and face still covered.

When Lilith reveals her underclothes, such as they are, one man moves forward, but is stopped by the commander, the one talking, with a fist to the shoulder, grabbing uniform. The grabbed man steps back as the grabber steps forward. "Masks off! Do it!" The gun dips slightly as the gun stays level with the mans line of sight.

Exit Sasha

Julian continues to hold his arms at his side, having no mask to remove. His rifle continues to hang limp at his side.

Lilith just stares at him, eyes little blank chips of pale blue ice. Another shrug, and with a tug the hajib and veil are removed, unfortunately allowing her hair to tumble downwards in a loose wave. She tosses the pin back to Sasha.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 for "uhho":
1 1 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 for "uhho":
3 3 4 4 7 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 for "uhho":
1 3 4 7 9 17
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 for "uhho":
3 3 4 4 5 8
«OOC» Lilith says, "It wasn't deliberate! :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5:
1 2 2 2 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5:
1 1 2 2 10
«OOC» Blindside says, "Hold."
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 2 for "Assault rifles. Close range, Smartlink, target not moving.":
1 3 3 3 4 8 = 5 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "9M base, +2 for XX. Stages up to 11D"
«OOC» Lilith :(
«OOC» Lilith says, "Who's getting shot?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 3 vs TN 8 for "Sasha's body and armor.":
2 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 3 vs TN 8 for "Sasha's body and armor. Karma 1/5":
2 2 7 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Julian says, "!!!!!"
«OOC» Lilith says, "!!!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 3 vs TN 8 for "Sasha's body and armor. Karma 3/5":
1 4 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Lilith says, "Nooooo!"
«OOC» Julian says, "Oh it is SO on"
«OOC» Blindside says, "This action will take place, then you can init if you choose."

Silk considers this, eyes flicking to the guns. She doesn't let any reaction to the possible insult come to her face, reaching up carefully to remove her veil and hajib, her hair spilling down onto her shoulders. She doesn't make any extra gestures or movements, letting the bits of cloth fall where they may.

When the woman tosses the pin to Sasha, Sasha reaches to catch it, like any man would. However, of the three guards, there's one who's a little on the trigger happy side. He's had a long week. His wife left him, his daughter is dating an ork and his 401k just tanked like the Kursk. When the pin goes live, his wired reflexes go in to overdrive. "GRENADE!"

The others snap in to combat stances, but don't see a grenade, One almost fires, but doesn't. The other two arn't even worried. But old Mikail is stressed. His gun targets Sasha, the three round burst slamming out in quick stacatto report. The first bullet hits him in the gut, puncturing his intestine, maybe perforating a kidney. The second hits higher up, just under the left nipple, ripping through a lung without so much as slowing down and exiting out the back, spraying Kassandra with blood from the wound.

The third catches him in the neck, blowing out half of the meatus of the area.

Sasha stumbles back, one boot then the other, his hands coming up to touch his body… and then he crumples like a ragdoll.

«OOC» Blindside says, "You may init if you wish. I will warn before you do: This is a very bad position you are in. Combat -will- go poorly for you."
«OOC» Julian says, "Yeah, plus Silk didn't say the magic word, so I'm out"
«OOC» KassGM says, "I will not init, I will take one action."
«OOC» Blindside says, "Julian, Lilith?"
«OOC» Lilith will just make one pose
«OOC» Julian says, "nope"
«OOC» Julian says, "just posing"
«OOC» Blindside nods. Reactionary posing then.

Lilith gasps as she watches. For a moment, as she turns to watch, time moves in slow motion, like a frozen slush. Her eyes just seem to…die a little. Her expression twists, her body tenses, then slumps back. And then in another instant, every thing flows faster and faster and snaps back into place, along with her expression. Frozen.

Julian eyebulges. "Bloody frag!" He yells as the gunshots go off. He turns a bit, but his arms are still to their sides. "Sasha!" He gives Lilith a withering glance, then looks between her, Kass, and the rest. "Medic!" He bellows.

Silk takes the bloodspray in stride as it isnt the most important thing going on right now. She simply stays where she is, hands at her head as she was removing her veil and hajib. She clasps her hands behind her head and stands stock still, neither moving or speaking. Blood drips from her shirt, her face as the man who drove them here dies a bad death on the ground, his dreams lost.

Lilith idly, but slowly and carefully, wipes an extra drop of blood off her cheek. She turns back to face the rifles. She doesn't see Julian. She doesn't see the body. No reactions. Not causing trouble.

"HOLD!" Shouts the 'leader' how had been approaching Lilith… "WEAPONS FUCKING HOLD!" He snarls, quickly stepping back to have both the shooter and the group in his LOS. "What the fuck was that, Arkady?"

"She threw something! I thought it was a grenade!"

"Fuck fuck fuck FUCK Arkady!"

Julian shakes his head. "Oh Sasha…" He turns back to his original positionand waits for the 'Leader' to get his men in line.

Sasha bleeds out on the cold ground, looking up to Kassanda, surprise in his eyes for the moment, his body convulsing is it tries to compensate for the massive trauma that has taken place. His words come burbling, the sort of thing that says he's drowning in his own blood. Irony; he's bleeding to death and drowning in that selfsame blood. "T.. Ty kras… Krasivaya…" (You are Pretty)

And then he stops convulsing.

Silk neither moves nor speaks, hands still behind her head. She simply watches and waits, eyes on the gunmen. She reviews the path they took to get here.

Julian just shakes his head again, holding his waiting stance. They'll be time enough for greiving when the killing's done.

Lilith continues to just stand there, staring unnervingly at the lead gunmen. Hands clenched. Drip. Drip.

Silk simply waits, processing the words from the dying man, letting them fall into her head. She doesn't react visibly, his lifeblood clinging to her clothing and soaking in, dripping from her face and giving her a different sort of veil.

The radios the men carry come alive with english. "What the hells going on down there?"

"Sorry Colonel, we had.. an incident with Arkady."

"Is anyone hurt?"

"Sasha, the boy from southtown who is their guide. He is… He's gone."

"I see. Any other injuries?" The voice on the other side of the radio has a certain gravitas to it, a sort of roughness that is all the same cultured for it.

"No sir."

"Kill Arkady, send the guests in."

Lilith speaks softly. "May I?" Clearly indicating Arkady.

"Wait, WHAT?" Asks Arkady. "Come on guys… Hey… hey… Guys…" He says, starting to edge back away from the group.

Julian shrugs and lowers his hands a bit once it becomes clear that he's not in imminent danger of becoming a walking pile of moldy swiss cheese. He nods to the "leader" of the advance party and begins to follow the man.

Silk speaks, directing it at Lilith. "Stay out of it."

Lilith looks to Silk, tilting her head curiously. "Why? He's dead anyways. I'm saving them the trouble." Her tone is very casual, almost light.

The elven fixer simply stares at Lilith, repeating "Stay. out. of. it." She doesn't raise her voice, she doesn't put any anger to her words, the syllables coming with exact neutrality.

As a matter of fact, Lilith will not be allowed to kill Arkady. The leader points at two of the men closer to Kassandra. They snap their rifles up, firing bursts at Arkady as he tries to turn and run. It's not pretty and the mans armor holds up well for what it is; But it doesn't stop the bullets and he falls face first on the ground, twitching. He took mostly lower torso and limb wounds. He's probably going to twitch for a long while.

The radio clicks back on. "Very good. I do not tolerate rudeness. It is very rude to shoot guests."

Julian shakes his head. "Because we got a job to do, and taking another life aint gonna bring Sasha's back, so let's just be on with it, shall we?" He speaks, the longest sentence since hopping in the vehicle this morning. Speaking of which. "Shall I leave my bags in the truck?" Good thing he brought his gear with him.

Lilith looks at Silk again, matching Kass's gaze with her own. Nothing there. She looks back to Arkady and seems to smile a little, watching the twitching. She continues to watch the twitching, doesn't hear Julian, she just moves on after the leader if it's time to head in.

Silk glances to the closest guard after they end Arkady and moves to follow them to the building. She doesn't speak, tho she will let her hands fall to her side, keeping them clear of her body.

Lilith begins to hum, very softly, just under her breath. It's a light, sweet tune, echoing eerily off the cement walls, the towering edifice to the cruel fist of a cold empire, the fences and around the guns, drifting gently on the cold air.

The group is lead, very quietly, by three guards and the leader (Whom we shall call Sean), to the main building. A short walk through the building leads to a central elevator core. The building, it should be noted, is heated. "Look." Says Sean, his English perfect. "That was fucked up, and for what its worth, I'm sorry. We'll get you a new guide if we gotta."

Lilith tilts her head and looks at Sean. Surprisingly, the words seem to have some slight effect, and she stops the humming. A brisk nod in return.

Assuming he isn't disarmed, Julian leaves the Ares dangling from the strap over his shoulder. Better that then make any sort of move to touch the weapon, even to move or adjust it. He falls back into silence. Etiquette and Protocol are quite out of his arena when surrounded by this many men with guns. He does however examine every inch of the building he can see. At first it's for tactical purposes, but after a bit it becomes an examination of architecture and design. "This is some kinda doss…" He mumbles to himself.

Yes; You were disarmed. We are going to gloss over that part.

Silk nods to Sean, "It happens, and it was unfortunate." She doesn't otherwise remark on it, keeping her hands at her side except once to wipe blood from her face. She is armed, as such, with a small fighting knife at the small of her back. She doesn't seem to be otherwise inclined for chitchat.

The elevator opens, letting the people in. And its highly suggested you enter. The leader enters with you, the other two breaking off for the stairs. The elevator goes up, slowly. It's not an express, but you can see it ticking off floors in russian numerals.

Lilith slips in. Hands free, just being totally calm and waiting.

Julian looks somewhat…disappointed… for just a moment, but the expression passes as the cage ascends.

Silk will enter, of course, having given away the knife to the guards who asked for their weapons. She waits patiently, watching the numbers tick by

Tea with Radik

The doors open on the topmost level of the building, a large, expansive office that would do a bond villain proud. Standing up from behind a desk, is a dignified looking older man. "Welcome. I am Colonel Duncan Radik. I am so very sorry for the discomforture you experianced on the way in. I hope it won't sour our relationship."

Julian finds a nice place to stand out of the way so that the ladies can do the talking. Julian prefers a spot near one of the guards that escorted them up.

Silk steps into the office, mindful of the amount of blood on her clothing. She nods to the Colonel as she moves out of the elevator, "It is unfortunate, but these things happen in tense situations. It was not your fault and your men have otherwise been exceptional. We will not hold it against you."

"My bridge guard tells me that you and your people are looking for something?" Asks the man of Lilith now. "Something rather spectacular…"

Lilith glances to Silk, then to the older Russian gentleman. She quirks a brow. Not a bad looker. Her initial burst of…temper…slowly cooling, she bows her head. "Heaven forbid, sir." Her face is hard, unsmiling, but not unpleasant. "It was primarily my mistake. But one must learn a hard lesson for a simple thing, out here….yes, we are." She nods her head again to the man.

Lilith thinks for a moment, lacing bloody fingers together. She doesn't notice the self inflicted circles cut into her own palms. "The Sword of the Second Imam."

Julian reaches up to scratch his chin idly, watching the conversation.

Silk lets Lilith deal with Radik, keeping quiet. She waits as the other two speak, taking the moment to scan the office.

"I see." Says the man as he steps around the desk. "Can I get you a drink? Something to eat perhaps? I know the restaruants here are less than desirable… but I have a small kitchen. Please. Come."

Julian perks up. Food? It /has/ been about 15 minutes since he's stuffed anything down his massive trog throat. He follows Lilith's and Kassandra's lead

Lilith smiles, her expression softening just enough. "A drink would be very welcome, but you will understand if I myself have lost some appetite." She looks to Kassandra. "Do you need to wash up?"

Silk will follow towards the kitchen, letting her gaze roam the office, the path to the kitchen. She glances to Lilth and shakes her head, "No." She doesn't elaborate on that, nodding to their host, "Water would be fine, thank you."

Lilith nods, following their host.

He leads the group in to a small dining area, mostly just a 'walled off' area of the main floor. Food is laid out, some cheeses, some meats, a selection of vegetable dishes. "Now. This sword. It seems rather interesting. What group do you represent? A rival to the Atlantian Foundation?"

Lilith smiles at the man, then turns her gaze to the food and idly brushes a thick strand of hair behind her ear. "Maybe we are. Maybe it is a personal interest of mine. I love to collect antiquities."

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence + 6 for "Checking that the food isn't /tainted/":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 8 10

Julian wanders over to the food table, keeping quiet. He grabs a few items from the tray, placing them on a plate then carrying it over to his place next to the guard.

Moving towards the table, Silk looks over the various items laid out, nodding carefully. She turns her attention to Lilith and their hosts conversation, her hands still at her sides.

"Allow me to be succinct, Ms." he says simply, stepping around the table. "I am not in the industry of being -coy-. As apologetic as I am as to the disposition of your man outside, do not mistake my civility for stupidity. The Atlantian Foundaiton has been paying me handsomely to provide defense for them, but not on this level of cultural or historical significance. A few statues, a few coins, I don't care. But an item that could unite all of Islam?"

Julian pops a few meat cubes into his mouth, chewing slowly. "Whoa… this is delicious." He comments after swallowing. He follows it up with some cheese.

Silk glances to Lilith as their host lays it on the line. She considers a moment, watching the taller woman to see what her response will be, eyes drifting to the Colonel as he lets some of their current operations out.

Lilith nods, the coy smile easily dropping. She gives Julian an annoyed look before speaking again to Radik. "Of course. This is indeed a great matter, and you must understand if I am…overcautious." She looks to Silk, arching an eyebrow in question.

Lilith looks back to Radik. "An item that will unite all of Islam. They have a right to their religion as much as anyone else, as my Western ideals teach, but out here? Is such a thing truely desireable?"

Silk gives Lilith no clues, simply watching and listening to the conversation. She glances to see how Radik takes this information, eyes going back to searching for clues about the man in his office, a sort of home away from home.

The man eyes her for a long moment. "I don't -care- for your western liberal philosophy. But lets start with the simple things." Says the man as he reaches for a cube of cheese, popping it in his mouth. "Lets start with the basics. A while ago, I introduced myself as Colonel Duncan Radik." He smiles, and its not a nice smile.

"It is polite to introduce yourself in return."

Julian raises a hand in return. "Julian Caesar" He says simply. "And you're a wonderful host…" He looks at some white and orange cheese. "What is this stuff? It's delicious."

Lilith nods. "It was rude of me. I am called Lana Schneider."

"Colby." Answers Duncan, without breaking stride.

Silk glances back from watching the room, remarking quietly, "Kalila." She hmms softly.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 8 for "Kalila… thats an interesting name.":
2 2 2 3 5 5 8 9

"Good. Good. Now that we have some mutual level of civility. Tell me what you know. Tell me who sent you, and tell me why I should not call the atlantian Foundation as per my agreement with them. I am a reasonable man." He says, picking up and biting in to a cherry tomato.

Julian pops the cube of Colby into his mouth, pairs it with a pepperoni cube and starts to chew, mmmmmming as he moves towards one of the guards. "Want some?" He offers his plate towards him.

Lilith walks with the Russian, moving easily in her body suit. "As you ask, sir." She pauses for a moment, thoughtful. "Our employers are rivals to the Atlanteans, and they have a keen interest in keeping the sword out of their hands. We do not trust that their motivations towards acquiring the sacred weapon are entirely beneficial towards us…or you, no doubt, if you struggle so hard to keep the Arabs out of your realm." SHe nods to Silk. "As to by whom we are actually employed…perhaps my companion is a better person to answer that."

Silk rubs her eyes with a sigh, absently peeling drying blood from her face. She remarks quietly, "Names are insignificant in this matter. The person who hired us was a blind for another blind for another. His name, should you require it, was Abraham Davidson who goes by the street handle of Arclight in Memphis and most of the CAS."

"Thank you, Ms. Schneider." Lilith ceases to exist to the man then as Duncan turns his attention to Kassandra. "Kalila. What an unusual name. Very pretty. Please, have something to eat. Come and eat." When she starts talking, he listens politely, curiously. "Interesting. What does this Mr. Davidson wish with such a relic?"

Lilith silently slips to the side, content to now wait and watch.

Julian pops another few morsels into his mouth and chews quietly.

Silk will move closer to the table and absently picks up a piece of cheese. She spreads her hands, "Who is to say? There is rumour that he is collector of things from another realm, another time. There are those that believes he covets such items for the price they can bring on the market. I personally believe he has an issue with some of the other groups gathering such items of power, be it magical, political, or social, and is doing his level best to disrupt the playing field."

"I see." Says Duncan as he picks up a small bit of cucumber. "And. To my second question; Why I should not be calling the Foundation? I am a reasonable man, and they pay me reasonably well."

"But not very well?" Kalila smiles faintly. "The Foundation is interested in keeping their secrets. I daresay they would not be happy to find out that you know about this anymore than finding out we are here." She smiles again, shrugging. "As for the rest, my employer is not an ungenerous individual. I am sure that there may be some .. reasonable .. way around this."

Lilith just listens to them talk.

"I am sure there is." Says Duncan, thinking that over. "Now lets talk seriously. You want a priceless relic. The Foundation has been doing -strenuous- work here in the area. They are bringing in heavy equipment next week, agreed to fund the dredging of the harbor. That, will make this area wealthy again."

He looks to Kassandra then. "What can -you- do?"

Julian moves back over towards the food table, listening to the convo continue as he stuffs his face.

Kalila shakes her head, "At the moment? At the moment we are investigating the merest hint of a rumour, albeit with the Foundation here and willing to dedicate that sort of manpower is sure to bring interest to the area. All I can do is pass the word along, Colonel. I am but a middleman in this endevour. My pay is to take her from point A to point B and report back."

Lilith smiles a bit.

Julian pops another meat cube into his mouth. "I'm the bag man."

"I see." Says he then, looking them over. "I will be sending one of my own with you from here forward. To ensure no further remarkable situations develop and to replace your… ah… guide." Says Duncan, moving back in to his office now. "Jackson, send Amaranth up."

The 'leader' of the soldiers offers a nod, calling quietly in to his radio.

Kalila shrugs, "If you wish. We won't be here long."

THe Elevator dings quietly, chiming off the floors as the elevator rises.
Kalila follows the man back into his office, looking to the elevator as it opens. She sighs a bit, looking down at the bloodsoaked shirt.

Lilith follows them, moving quietly.
Julian follows the crowd, not giving up his plate.

The elevator dings open, and a blond woman with severe features emerges. Presumably his bodyguard. She's dressed in reddish-brown leathers, the sort of skintight outfit you have to be poured in to, and yet she moves like it was simply skin.

"Ahh. Amaranth." Says Duncan.

The woman nods, no verbal answer given.

"Ms. Kalila.. This is Amaranth, one of my best agents. She will go with you to ensure nothing untword happens."


Lilith eyes the outfit. Flash. But, effective, as she herself knows. Her current outfit is perhaps a bit of a simplification of the same, form fitting black armour as opposed to red leather, but back home…be careful of that one.

Kalila watches the woman move, eyes tracking over her form, her outfit, her attitude. She glances back to Duncan, nodding. "As you wish. As I said, we will not be here long. Our guide, sadly, had some of the information we needed." She gives a little shrug as if it isn't important any longer..

Julian waves at Amaranth with a quick "Hi" between mouthfuls of ham and colby.

Lilith just shakes her head at Julian. She focuses her eyes back towards the woman in red, then Silk.

Amaranth steps to the side then. Duncan gestures then to the exit. "Well, be on your way. I will be receiving regular updates from Amaranth. If she's mysteriously incapacitated, I will be very annoyed."

"Yes. Employers have a way of being annoyed when that happens. Mine has the exact same quirk." Kalila smiles a little smile, heading towards the elevator as well.

Julian looks around a bit as the group seems to be leaving. He quickly tosses the rest of the meat and cheese into his mouth and then tosses the plate into a trashcan. He chews quickly and swallows. "Thanks for the spread, Colonel."

Kalila waits for the elevator to go down, not addressing Amaranth or anyone else.

Lilith slimps in behind Kalila. Black and dark red to Amaranth's red and blonde…she checks her palms, shrugs, and tears off a bit of her "skirt" to make quick bandages for her hands.

The ride down is, shall we say, awkward. The group is shown back to Sasha's truck-thing, which still sits next to the pool of blood where Sasha was not long ago. His body is gone. Arkady's however is not. He's off to the side, managed to crawl in to some grass where he moans quietly.

Lilith eyes light up, perhaps a touch inhumanely. She seems…pleased for a moment, then ignores the body. Focus on Silk and her surrondings.

If her clothing is still there, Kalila will quickly redress before heading to the driver's side of the vehicle.

The robes and such are stacked neatly on the 'hood' of the truck.

Kalila does her best to redress, making sure that any bloodstains are as minimized as possible. Afterwards, she slips into the driver's seat, murmuring to others, "Shall we?"

Julian opens his bags and looks around inside to make sure everything is still there, then he hops into his shotgun seat and settles in, shrugging his rifle back over his shoulder.

Lilith grabs her robe, sash, easily dressed. She simply coils her hair around her head and slips the hajib over it…she uses Sasha's pin.

Amaranth slides in to the seat where Kassandra would have been sitting, were she not getting in to the drivers seat. She is silent, simply looking at her nails.

Lilith nods and then hops into the back.

Leaving Las Vegas

Kalila starts up the vehicle, heading along the route they had previously come. She glances to the blond, "Where are the main drinking places on this side of the river?"

"Do you wish a bar, or a fountain?" She asks, not looking up from her nails. "It depends on what you are looking for."

"I am looking for some people. It was indicated they would be near the bars near the square just south of the deadfleet mooring."
Kalila says, moving the vehicle away from the compound.

"Ahh. Says Amaranth then. "You will wish to go to Gudauta Square. It is near to Deadfleet Mooring and is due south by a quarter click. It is the marketplace."

Kalila nods, sending the car that direction with a few quick movements. "Thank you. We shant be long and then you can be back to your business. Our apologies for the inconvenience."

Lilith just holds on as the vehicle bounces along.

Julian checks that no one has fiddled with his gun, then relaxes into his seat. "Suppose there won't be time for me to sample the local brew, eh?" He chuckles as the vehicle rumbles along.

Amaranth says nothing. She sits in the back and watches the scenery as it were. Kassandra brings the truck up and over a rise, and it is suddenly exceedingly clear why its called Deadfleet Mooring. WHat looks like the entire Soviet Black Sea Fleet is in the harbor. Literally in, not floating. Ships of every shape and size have rusted throgh and sit on the bottom, with superstructures above the water. SOme are turned on their side, some have capsized entirely. It is a sea of rust. It probably poisons fishing for miles around.

Lilith watches the scene impassively. Shame, really.

Kalila will spare the boats a look before finding a likely place to park the vehicle, scanning the streets to see what is a proper place that won't result in it being gone when they come out. "Actually, you three should be able to get a drink and check out the market. I won't be long."

"I will be going with you." Says the blond woman.

Lilith finally seems to come to some sort of life. She flickers her gaze to Silk as the other woman speaks.
Julian shrugs. "Sorry boss, but I don't think I'd get paid if I left you to fend for yourself and you got yourself geeked." He shakes his head. "I'm going with you."

Kalila starts to answer the blond before Julian speaks and then cuts off. She sits there for a moment and says quietly, "I *hate* repeating myself. I really do. It's a bad personality quirk of mine. So, one more time. You three are going to go to the market and I am going to meet a very twitchy person who isn't interested in a crowd scene. If that isn't acceptable to everyone here, we can go drop you off," she remarks to the blond, "and the rest of us will head back to the nice plane and go home. It don't matter much to me, I get paid either way."

«OOC» Blindside says, "Cha test, Silk."
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 12 for "Charisma Test":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 12 for "Charisma Test, karma reroll":
1 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 9 9
«OOC» Blindside says, "Assy ;)"
«OOC» KassGM says, "stand"
«OOC» Blindside nods.
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 vs TN 9:
2 2 3 10 = 1 Success

Lilith nods to Silk. "Understood." She says simply. Never protested in the first place.

"I do not like repeating myself either." Says Amaranth, glancing over to Lilith and Julian. "I will be going with you. They, may do as they like."

Julian considers for a moment, then shrugs. "All right… long as it's clear this was her call, not mine." He nods to Lilith. "C'mon, I'll buy you a drink, you probably need it." He turns to Amar. "Will they take nuyen out here?"

Lilith ignores Julian for the moment. "Hold." Is all she says to him. Waiting on Amaranth and Silk.
The car slows, then Kalila starts making the necessary motions towards turning around to head back.

Amaranth rolls her eyes. "Very well. Continue on your way."

Julian nods and gestures. "There, see? We can all just get along, and I'll buy you /both/ a drink. They must have pasable vodka at least, right?"

The vehicle rights and starts back in the direction of the market again. Kalila doesn't change her expression, what you can see of it, a whit.

Lilith pinches the bridge of her nose. "I will do as Kalila says. Ruslan?" She looks to Julian.

Kalila speaks quietly as she moves the vehicle to park. "I understand that your boss has a job for you to do, Amaranth, and as long as it doesn't interfere with the tasks I have, I have no problem with it." She spares a look to the blond, "However, I am not having my wheels spiked. If you want information, you can ask me."

Julian grins and nods. "Drinks are on me, ladies… I'll skip the wife part this time around."

Vasily Nureno

Gudauta Square is more oblong, really. Eastern Europeans are very bad at geometry it may seem. It stretches lazily along the harbor-front. A burned out Cathedral anchors the center, with the Deadfleet in the harbor as a backdrop. There's nothing colorful here, like in Denver. It's all muted shades of rust and sunbleached cloth. People mill about, doing what they do in the early afternoon. Theres an emphasis here on agricultural economics, but its sustenance level.

Several taverns, catering to different ethnicity, dot the square.

Lilith murmurs softly. "Hopefully there's a bar a white woman can walk into…"

Most everyone here is white. Ethnicity here is more 'Irish vs French' unless your an arab, and then you're down below the river.

Julian considers for a moment, looking down at his gun. "Should I leave my gun in the car, Amaranth?" He turns to Lilith and smiles. "Just show 'em some toe, they'll be thrilled."

Lilith eyes Julian. Shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "I'd recommend keeping your gun with you, Ruslan."

Amaranth looks at Julian for a moment. "Do you like the machine gun?" She asks, her english heavilly accented. "Then keep it with you or in secure location. "

The vehicle parked, Kalila will mention, "I'd not leave anything in the car you are planning to want later. I'll be surprised if it is here later." She'll snag her satchel and slide out, an eyeblink mental command shifting her software into a different configuration, eyes scanning the area. She slips a hand under her veil, reconnecting her comms. "Secondary frequency." She looks to the others, "Stay out of trouble."

Lilith nods to Silk. "Aye aye, ma'am." She looks to the bar, tilting her head at Julian for him to join her. She glances at Amaranth briefly, eyes blank, and just nods.

Amaranth settles down, back in the car. "I have no desire to drink, and Kalila does not wish my company. I will remain here."
Julian sighs. "Good to know…" He grabs his big dufflebags and nods to the pair. "Ok ladies, lead the way." He leans in quickly to whisper something in Lilith's ear." He turns back and eyebrow quirks, then shrugs. "Suit yourself." He turns back to Lilith. "Shall we, milady?"

Kalila will consider the vehicle and the blond in a moment and then just steps away, moving into the crowd and vanishing as much as she can, moving to blend in, to move with the grain of the crowd rather than against.

«OOC» Lilith says, "Is there a bar within eyeshot of the vehicle/Amaranth?"

Lilith glances to Amaranth. She gives the woman's outfit a critical look, then shrugs and…ignores Julian. She looks around for a bar.

«OOC» Blindside says, "Certainly. Within eye shot are several taverns with russian or slavic names (Somein Georgian or Azkbek) with names that translates to : "The Drunken Harlot", "The Speared Fish", "The Rusty Bottom", "Putins Legacy" and "Goodbye Cruel World.""

Julian follows in Lilith' wake.

Lilith drifts towards a building that appears to be called the Drunken Harlot.

Kalila finds a place up the block, some sort of clothing store, and will barter for clothing in her size. She will also use the opportunity to watch for the blond girl to get out of the car and follow.

«OOC» Blindside says, "Gimmie an intel check."
«OOC» Blindside says, "KAl"
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "I am watching you. Intelligence Check.":
1 1 3 3 3 7 7 9

Amaranth stays with the vehicle, her feet propped up on the dash board as she idly files her nails.

The Drunken Harlot is a fishermans bar. It's kind of place where scraggy men with scruffy beards and heavy coats drink hot spiced rum and lots of fermented fish. It smells, a lot, but its masked by the pall of cigarette smoke. A billards table is near the back where younger men shoot pool. The place is cramped, only a few tables.

Julian sniffs a bit and frowns. He is perfectly still for just a moment, then he speaks, his voice nasally, as if his nose is completely stuffed up. "Nice place…" He helps Lil find a seat if she wants one.

Lilith doesn't react much to the smell or the sights. She slips just into the doorway and off to the side, finding a battered table and a pair of chairs for herself and Julian. Back neither to the door or the bar, but angled enough to keep an eye on both. "Please, sir." She keeps her voice low and nods, meekly indicating he take a seat.

Julian nods and then sets his bag down. "What's the russian word for beer?" He asks her as he sits.

Lilith says in Russian, "Beer"

Lilith nods her head and murmurs the word to him.

Julian nods and raises his head, he holds up two fingers and calls out the word Lilith just mumbled to him, so it better be "beer" or things are going to get nasty. Then the turns back to Lilith. "How are you feeling?" He asks suddenly.
Lilith just looks at him, leaning her head in. "I am fine, Ruslan. The trip was just a little cold." She then whispers to him.

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence for "Default for Phsycology, are you /really/ fine?":
1 1 2 2 3 4

Julian nods and lowers his voice. "Good, I was worried after that whole thing with Sasha… I'm glad your ok." He looks back up and looks for his beers, idly wondering if there /is/ a waitstaff here.

Lilith murmurs again, whispering to him. "I will get the drinks, if you wish one, Ruslan." She keeps herself meek and quiet…probably some translator woman, or someone's new wife.

Julian shakes his head. "Naw… it's ok… stay put, don't let anyone touch you." He stands, and makes his way over towards the bar. "Uh yeah, uh… (insert repeating of Russian word here). Uh two." He holds up two fingers and reaches into a pocket to pull out a small fold of small denomination bills. "Nuyen?" He says as he seperates a few bills.

There is no waitstaff here, and to be sure, Julian is drawing a few looks from the older men, including the Bartender. The woman is drawing looks for other reasons. It may be better of the woman orders the drinks in this bar…

Lilith sighs and shakes her head. "Ruslan?" She waves him back over.
Julian returns to the table, a confused look on his face. "I don't think I'm saying it right…"

Lilith pats his hand like a good woman comforting her man. She keeps her voice low. "It's fine. You seem a bit…akward here. Let me." She bobs her head and then drifts over to the bar, speaking Russian fairly well. "What do you got to drink?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence for "Keeping a very close watch on Lilith":
1 1 3 4 5 9

Julian shrugs. "Yeah… ok…" He watches her move, keeping a close eye on the movements of the fisherman near her. "See if they accept Nuyen."

Lilith pauses in front of the Bartender, waiting.

The bartender will happily serve the pretty human woman, if with a few dirty looks to her boyfriend.

Lilith is glad her face is still covered. "Two beers, how much?" She raises two fingers, arching a brow.
Julian notices the dirty looks, turning to Lilith and looking more confused. "Do they not serve Trolls? I could step outside?"

Lilith just shakes her head at Julian, rolls her eyes, and then turns again to the Bartender.

Julian watches the eyeroll, quirking an eyebrow. "What?" He shakes his head, giving up. This is a truly strange land, this…Georgia…

Lilith glances at Julian again. She allows her eyes to defrost enough to indicate to him she's perhaps smiling under the veil. Back to the Bartender with a shrug, men, what can you do.

Julian sighs a bit, then leans over a bit to look out the window, trying to spot the Blonde in the jeep.

Lilith murmurs to Julian over the comm while she waits for the Bartender. "Everything all right…Ruslan?"

Julian replies on the chan, subvocalizing as he looks out the window. "Good to Go, Slither my Dear… just keeping tabs on the blond…" A pause and then. "For what it's worth, that suit would look so much better on /you/"

Jester has left.

Lilith comms back, deadpan. "Enjoy the mental image, then, and focus on the task at hand." She snorts. "As it stands, the suit is flash. She's either very very good, and not afraid, or not."

Julian replies back in a lighter tone. "Well, why don't we kill her and take her clothes, then we can /both/ find out if we're right."

Lilith sighs a bit. "No. Don't want to piss off the local boss."

Julian replies. "So we kill her /after/?"

Lilith comms back. "Enh, if she's a liability. I could really care less."

The bar is a quiet one, with just a sort of casual atmosphere. Men smoke, drink and otherwise try to forget that they life in a shit hole. It's the same story as Denver, just in a new, crappier location.

Kassandra is able to barter for some new clothing without major issue, though she is getting looks for her obvious traces of ethnicity.

Lilith finishes her comm calling, looking to the Bartender. "Beer?" Again, a soft question.

Kalila will take her new purchases, heading off in the general direction that she was told Saggyman would be. She keeps to herself, trying to stay out of the way, conscious of the general bias against her gender, her race, her species. She keeps her wits about her, eyes sharp for danger.

The lady will be served, should she have local currency. Nuyen are accepted, but only grudgingly. They can be traded to Raddik for local goods, but at an exhorborant exchange rate.

Julian continues to scope out the truck, then looks back to Lilith, watching her work.

Lilith watches the bartender for a moment, sighs. The pretty white woman gives him a smile, a shrug, and murmurs softly to him in Russian. "I've only got nuyen, my man forgot to exchange. He's getting hell tonight, but there's nothing else I can offer."

Amaranth is still in the truck, filing her nails. She's keeping people away from the truck, but does chat with a man in passing for a moment. They seem to know each other. A nod of her head is given to the Drunken Harlot and then off int he directly Kalila went.

«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence Check.":
1 1 2 3 4 4 5 9

Kalila will see a lot of beggars. Unlike the west, where the homeless come in all shapes and sizes, here they are almost to a man, the elderly. People who's families have been killed and have no support network. No, able bodied people who beg are quickly put to 'work', willing or no. A few of the beggers catch her eyes. One near the Cathedral, one near the single functioning dock, and finally one who doesn't even bother begging, so much as he sits in the center of the square with his head in his hands, a cap on the ground in front of him.

Julian adjusts his seat. "Whoa…" he comms to her. "Rowena has a friend… and she's singing like a canary. the booze may have to wait." he comms to Silk. "Got someone here who may have an interest in you…"

Kalila will work through the crowd, stopping every so often at this or that shop, looking around the market and in general just milling about. As she scans through the various beggers she will listen to the crowd, occasionally asking at stands where she purchases a trinket, a spice, whathaveyou, for 'Andre'. She will point at various beggers to indicate them, prying to see from the vendor is that is Andre, seeking to get the designation from them on who the various people are.

«OOC» Blindside says, "Gimmie a 'goodgodI'mprettyandsmellnice' roll."
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 12 for "Charisma Test for information.":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 12 for "Charisma Test for information., karma reroll":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 9
«OOC» KassGM says, "stand"

About the fourth stall she visits, Kalila will be told 'Andre? No, thats not Andre. Thats Vasily. Andre was impressed in to the work gang last month." The man being referenced is the one sitting near the docks.

Vasily Nureno, the 'Saggyman'

Kalila will sigh and excuse herself, nodding sadly about the fate of her friend. She will visit several other stalls and several of the beggers as well, leaving a trinket or food in their cups and bowls. She speaks to all of them before she gets to Vasily, trying to give the impression to the inevitable eyes and spies on her that ANYONE could have been her contact.

«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence Check":
1 2 3 3 5 8 11 11
<Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 3 4 5 15

The man talking to Amaranth moved in to the square and has started shadowing Kalalia. He does not appear to have been spotted by the woman, but Julian spots the spotter spotting the spottee.

Julian goes to the com. "Gonna have to take a raincheck on those drinks" He stands, hefting his bags. "I beleive our friend is here." He says aloud, then nods to the door and heads in it's direction.

Lilith groans and rolls her eyes. SHe gives the bartender a shrug and rolls her eyes. "Such is my life." She then picks up her skirts a little and, more slowly, moves after Julian, catching up on him to tug on his shirt. A brief whisper. "What's up? Don't just loud mouth and walk out into the street so boldly."

Moving to Vasily at the docks, Kalila will nod to him and move to put a few coins and a trinket she bought at one of the other shops, along with a small piece of cloth, into his bowl/cup. She speaks softly in Russian, "A piece of silk to keep you warm in the night." However, instead of using the Russian word for night she will substitute Nacht.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 1:

Julian replies to her quietly. "I'm sorry, but Silk's picked up a birddog… I need you to distract the blond…" He hands over his bags. "And I need you to take these…"

Lilith grunts as she takes the bags and bobs her head. Man goes off, woman has to take shit back to the car. "Of course." In a whisper, "Try to be subtle. Act like you're going to look at the market and try to exchange those damned nuyen."

Julian shakes his head and unzips one of the bags. "I have something better…" He reaches in… and pulls out a shimmering cloak with several small electronic devices attached. He tucks it under his jacket and looks around for an out of the way alley…

Lilith nods to the troll and then steps out of the bar, heaving the bags with her as she makes her way back to the jeep.

<Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Stealth:
2 2 4 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Stealth for "+12 For visual spotting":
1 3 3 4 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 (to KassGM) for "Secret Stealth roll for your tail.":
1 3 3 4 5 5 7
«OOC» Blindside says, "Gimmie an inte check to reaquire your target in a semi-croweded marketplace after stepping off to take a leak."
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 2 3 5 8

Julian steps up to the sidewalk, all casual-like, and when he gets a chance, he slips into a back alley. He works quickly, shrugging the cloak on and engaging the scanners… and Julian vanishes. He steps back out onto the street, careful to stay out of the way, avoid people, and watch his step so he doesn't make too much noise. He creeps along the street in the direction the blonde in the truck had pointed, his eyes scanning the crowds for the bird dog.

The troll steps, invisibly so, in to the crowd.. and his target is gone. Moved in to the distance, behind something, around something… lord only knows… but he's gone.

Lilith shifts her bags into the truck behind Amaranth. Otherwise, she spares the blonde nothing more then a glance.

The beggar on the ground, looks up to Kassandra now, old eyebrows lifting slightly, the force of the womans charisma taking him by force. "My god…" he mutters in Russian. "When he said he was sending… the best… I thought he told joke!"

Julian curses under his breath, but continues to move in the direction Kass has gone, now widening his search parameters to include the man /and/ Silk. Lucky him she's not in the same clothes. This is gonna get interesting. He continues along his path in what he remembers as Kass's direction, staying within sight of the Jeep, scanning the area.

Kalila nods quickly, "Not much time I am afraid, I imagine I have eyes on me as we speak. I hear you have something for me?" She treats this just like the other beggers she has talked to, almost down to the same motions.

"Information, in my head!" He says, struggling to get up now. "Damned sand-niggers are digging on my base! Ran me off!" He of course uses some Russian phrase just as insulting.

Not taking offense, Kalila nods, a flick of her eyes assessing the relative positions of people around her. She's been trained in various forms of watching and retrained by Nacht in recent months in surveillance and counter-surveillance. She uses that training now, listening to the old man as he rises.

Julian finds a corner to hide in, eyes scanning the crowd, kicking his visual magnification system to full zoom, then sweeping the area in thermographic mode to try and pickout possibly hidden folks.

«OOC» Blindside says, "Kass, Julian, fresh intchecks. +1/2 of surivellence related knowskills"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 4 7 7
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence check.":
2 2 3 4 5 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence check. karma reroll":
2 3 3 4 5 5 5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 for "Stealth of Mano":
1 1 2 3 4 5 8

Amaranth sits on the vehicle, all but ignoring Lilith. She's not really likable, but she's not supposed to be. She's here. Making sure someone from the team is as well.

The man Julian saw does not seem to be around. Or if he is, he's better at hiding than Julian is at seeing.

Kassandra however, with her recent lessons spots a tell. A man is standing near the edge of an alley, seeming to look over at her, his hand cricked behind his neck, like he's stretching. It's the sign of an amateur to cover a minor thing with an obvious thing. Had he simply been looking out in to the crowd in her direction, she may not have noticed him.

Julian doesn't move from his current spot until he has something to go on. Without being able to see the man, or Kass, he decides against wandering off alone. So he hunkers into a corner he thinks will keep him out of the way, and continues to watch…
Lilith doesn't sit, but stands, somewhat behind Amaranth, appearing to just casually be waiting as she leans on the truck. Eyes generally moving around.

Kalila offers a quiet profanity in Russian as she marks the man, waiting for the old man to get up. She mutters, "Predictable." She says to Vasily, "We *definately* have eyes on us, my friend."

Vasily makes it to his feet, a crutch coming from under his cloak. "A woman as pretty as you, should be used to eyes upon you. Heh ha!" He gestures to the alleyways beyond. "I am old, but not stupid. I remember tradecraft, ahh, the days of the KGB. Come, I show you a way…"

"No offense, no offense." Kalila apologizes, moving to follow the old man. "There are eyes and then there are the eyes of a predator."

«OOC» Blindside says, "Okay. Julian, give me a perception check again. Lil, the same."
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 5 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence for "Come on! Lemme see lemme see!!!":
1 2 3 4 5 7
«OOC» Lilith says, "hmm…"
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "kp 1/12":
3 5 5 10 10
«OOC» Lilith says, "stand"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Intelligence for "Come on! Lemme see lemme see!!! kp4/8?":
3 3 4 5 9 15
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 for "Intelligence Check":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 8

As Kassandra and the old man move through the crowd, headed for the far end of the marketplace, nearer to where the truck is, Julian catches sight of her. And using that massive trog brain of his, he looks beyond her, trailing his eyes over the crowd that trails and parts in her wake. And there he is. He's about 30 feet back, casually stopping here and there before rushing forward to close the gap… then stopping to look at a Duck-Sauce pan… then moving forward again.

Lilith notices, from behind, Amaranth tenses slightly, then looks to the area where Kassandra appears from just moments later. Like she knew she would be there.

Lilith eyes flicker over the woman. She shrugs, speaking casually. "So. When do you go back to the Colonel?"

Amaranth looks over her shoulder to lilith, raising an eyebrow.

Lilith looks back at her. "Do you speak English?" She watches, eyes appearing…pleasant…from between her veils.

Julian holds his position, reaching down to wrap his gunhand around the grip of his Alpha. He keeps his eyes on the shadow, keeping only enough watch on Kass and Old KGB Guy to know their path. As his inducion pad links with the guns systems, the ruth coating on the weapon engages, and it to becomes cloaked. He watches the trailing man, looking for any sign of aggressive action.

Kalila leads Vasily along, watching the various people moving up and down the street. She heads towards the truck, if that is where the old man is indeed headed, keeping silent unless he speaks to her.

The old man is not infact, headed for the truck. He gestures to an empty shop, its windows long ago borded up. He grunts, moving to the door with a a clip clop of his crutch. "Predators. Pheh. Thugs with delusions." Says he, tapping the door. "Open it, girl! Come. Come."

The man trailing Kassandra reaches in to his coat, pulling out a small hand held radio, seeming to speak in to it.

Kalila moves to open the door, pushing it aside for the man, eyes sweeping the interior quickly.

Lilith continues to try and distract Amaranth

Amaranth just looks back to her nails. Americans. They think they own the world. Feh.

Lilith blinks. She sighs. "Blasted country. At least the Russians know how to make a damn fine tea." British accent, for sure.

Julian holds his position, tensing as hand goes to pocket, his clocked assault rifle begins to rise towards his shoulder…but the sight of a radio stops it… He examines the building in more detail for a moment, then goes back to watching the man with the radio.

The interior of the building is dark, dank and without really any redeaming qualities. Vasily moves further in to the building, gesturing to the back. "One man, no time to call others, We move in to this building.." He taps his cane on an old book case. "Move this!"
Outside, the man, tries to move to the door, peering through it. He will be there in a moment unless stopped.

Moving to the book case, Kalila will move to slide or push it aside at the man's insistence, a flick of eyes to the door.

Julian goes to his comm. "Silk, you have a peeping tom." He subvocalizes, holding his position wishing he'd had that beer… he's kinda hungry.

A shadow darkens the light coming underneath the door from the outside as Kassandra slides the case. It's on a swivel-caster. Old, but operational. It slides open enough to reveal a small opening in to the next building. The back of the case has a handle for pulling it closed. "Come come…" says Vasily

Frowning, Kalila follows the man. She doesn't speak into her comm, but inside sends a single click of the mic. She moves to close the case behind them after they go through.

Lilith continues to watch Amaranth. Idly, she grabs a food bar out of a random pocket and begins to chew. Keeps her eyes moving.

The old man leads Kassandra through the second husk of a building, through a hall, down a bathroom and finally, to a door that leads to a back alley. "Now, lets get somewhere private. Better to avoid Towelheads and the Tower."

Kalila follows the old man, keeping an eye on things and in general being a shadow, walking where he walks and keeping track of all the little tricks for later theft.

Outside, the man at the door, talks in to his radio. Then, seeming to receive orders, steps back. He rushes the door, knocking it off its hinges with his shoulder, moving in to the room.

Julian moves after him as fast as he can go without bowling people over. "He's breached the outer door, moving to intercept." He moves towards the door, releasing his grip on the weapon… a gun, even suppressed, will be too loud…

«OOC» Blindside says, "Sure. Give me an athletics check, TN 5"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Athletics vs TN 5 for "Time for Jules to have some fun…":
1 3 3 5 10 11 = 3 Successes

The back alley is darker, its light obscured by the buildings it runs between. "Okay, he is busy now… we can get away. You have a vehicle?" Asks Vasily

"We do, although one of the Tower's people is sitting in it." Kalila replies with a shrug. "Our guide met an unfortunate end and the Colonel got .. interested .. in our cover story."

He looks back to Kassandra then. "Then -take care- of her." Says Vasily then. "Can't have them finding this! No no!"

Lilith fumbles around in her robe, sighs, and reaches into the truck to get out a cigarette, a lighter. She lights up, giving the back of Amaranth's head a scowl.

The back of amaranth's head is unimpressed.

Lilith thinks of all the creative things she could do with Amaranth's head.

Julian clears the crowds and ducks into the building, clearing the open hole as nimbly as he can, shaking his arms a bit so that his wrists are clear…

«OOC» Blindside says, "Stealth check, Mr. Running man"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Stealth for "Go Time!":
1 1 1 1 3 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 for "Intelligence of Mr. Mook":
1 1 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 for "Intelligence of Mr. Mook, KP 1/?":
1 1 4 10 11

Kalila considers that a moment. She remarks, "That is likely to put us firmly into a very accelerated timeframe for this, then, with additional forces against us. Is there a way to do this without bringing down just about everyone in the city on us?"

Lilith subcomms to Kass. "What's up?"

Lilith gets a single click back as a response.

The interior room is poorly lit, so the man has a flashlight out and is looking around the room, trying to see where the chick and the old man went. He cusses loudly in Russian, chattering in to the radio.

Amaranth looks over her shoulder suddenly, eyeing the madam with a harsh gaze.

Lilith simply draws in some smoke, blowing it out through her nostrils. She nods to Amaranth. Kass gets a single click back.

Julian stays a bit away from the man for a moment, subvocalizing. "Kill?" Just one single word, hoping the slight noise subvocalizing it will make will be lost among ambient noise.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 + 4 for "int + select sound filter.":
2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 for "Ultrasound":
1 2 2 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
2 3 3 4 11 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Lilith says, "stand"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 9 vs TN 4:
1 1 1 3 4 5 5 8 8 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 4 for "Krav Manga Rules, biotch":
1 1 3 3 10 16 21 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 4: cyber implant technology
3 4 4 4 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "Suit is impact armor, 3. Body check vs L damage":
2 3 3 5 9 9 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "She will suck up the damage. I will pose her attack, you can pose the result."
«OOC» Lilith says, "ok"

The woman takes the comcall, seated in the front seat. When the man continues to chatter in her ear, she flips up out of the seat, fulcruming her body before kicking outward, aiming for the center of Lilith's chest. It's time for a bitchfight!

Lilith snarls and the cigarette is forgotten as her claws come out. In a flash of steel and a gleaming razor's edge, like a cat's paw, she viciously slashes the leg aside, using her other hand to stab towards the woman's chest.

The woman takes the blow, a glancing one at the very best, leaving a scratch in her armor. In English, she growls… "Bitch!" And then lunges back in to the fray.

«OOC» Blindside nods. Okay. Then the guy is goign to fire blind.
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 10 for "Pistols, Blindfire":
3 4 5 7 9 14 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 10 for "Pistols, Blindfire shot two":
1 1 5 5 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 4:
3 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "second dodge":
1 1 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "You need two to be missed."
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "second dodge kp5/8":
2 10 = 1 Success

In the building, the man with the radio fires off to shots in to the darkness, attacking it with magic missile. Later, he's going to ask where the Cheatoes are. Lilith and Kassandra can hear the two rapid gunshots go off.

Lilith veil is torn aside in the beginning. She's smiling brightly, oh yes, and her eyes are brilliantly happy. "Thank you!" She laughs and launches herself towards the woman, registering the gunshots.

Waiting for Vasily to answer, Kalila's head turns at the sound of the gunshots. She sighs, "Of course. I left them alone too long." She reaches into a pocket and pulls the datacable out, spooling it up and connecting it behind her right ear. «What the hell?»

Lilith laughs as she comms back, in Elven. "Him. I did nothing. Amy here is on me arse."

«OOC» Julian says, "firing two bursts at him"
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Assault Rifles (Ares Alpha) + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Short range, Smartlink 2, RC8, burst fire, base damage 11s First Burst, APDS Ammo, Suppressed":
1 2 4 4 4 10 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Assault Rifles (Ares Alpha) + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Short range, Smartlink 2, RC8, burst fire, base damage 11s Second Burst, APDS Ammo, Suppressed":
1 2 2 2 4 4 = 5 Successes
«OOC» Julian says, "11d+2 for both"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 5 for "Dodge":
2 4 7 8 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 5 for "Dodge two":
1 4 5 9 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "11D+1 each"
«OOC» Julian nods
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "First shot":
1 2 3 4 9 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 1 - 2 vs TN 6 for "First shot KP 2/?":
1 2 2 3 = 0 Successe
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "Second Shot":
2 3 4 8 14 17 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 1 - 3 vs TN 6 for "Second Shot KP 3/?":
3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "Okay. Julian, pose your shots."
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "TOwnsfolk! Did he steal his wallet? I think he stole his wallet.":
1 1 3 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "TOwnsfolk! Did he steal his wallet? I think he stole his wallet.":
1 2 3 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "TOwnsfolk! Did he steal his wallet? I think he stole his wallet.":
1 3 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "TOwnsfolk! Did he steal his wallet? I think he stole his wallet.":
3 3 4 11 = 1 Success

If there will be cheatoes, they will be in whatever afterlife this man beleives in. Having given away the position with his gunshots, all bets are off, and the cloaked alpha comes out, and there are six muffled shots, two bursts of three. Julian is already moving towards the door, his eyes on the target as he begins to move out of the room. He keys his comm to reply…

Both women can hear the sudden opening of a weapon on near-full auto.

The attack from the rifle catches the man, sending him flinging backwards as the bullets rip him nearly in half, spraying his guts and entrails across the wall. He's down. He's dead. And he's not getting back up.

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 4 for "I gonna keeeeel you.":
1 3 3 3 4 5 10 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 + 3 vs TN 4 for "Bitch, please":
1 1 2 2 4 8 10 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 + 3 - 4 vs TN 4 for "kp 2/12":
1 2 3 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 4 for "kp 4/12":
1 2 4 5 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 3:
1 1 4 4 4 13 = 4 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "She will take the L wound (Phys). Her trauma dampener will eat the L, turning it to stun. She is at a +1 TN"

The woman whirls back around, her fists lashing out. She leaps off the truck, on to the ground to take the fight to the english woman. Her form is strong, but she's underestimating the brit.

Vasily pauses, looking to Kassandra. "Gun fire. This is not common in the market during the day. The Tower's men will be there soon, if not already. We must get away… Where is your vehicle?"

Julian steps out through the door and to the side, clearing the scene before people show up. He transmits. "The corporal set us up… get back to the truck, we're outta here." He releases his grip on the gun. Arm and Hammer was gonna get it… up close and personal style. He flexes the fingers of his hand, making sure his wrists are clear and he makes his way towards the truck.

Kalila drawls quietly, "In the middle of a fight, I believe." She indicates where it is with a wave of her hand, mentioning where the closest building was.

Lilith grins ferally, fangs now bared. When the woman again attacks her…Lil darts forward, turns on her ankle, and a wicked cut slashes the woman across the chest again. "Russian cunt. Must be some Polish blood in there." She smiles, speaking very casually.

Commlink-KassGM> KassGM says, "Why are we shooting people?"

Commlink-VII> Julian says, "The Corporal set us up… get back to the truck, we're outta here."

Kalila's voice over the comm is stripped of any emotion, a clear sign that she is transducing.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Will talk later, fighting now."

«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 5 for "Fuck me, ouch! No fair using blades, you cockney bitch!":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 8 9 10 16 = 4 Successes
«OOC» Julian nods, just tell me when to init
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 + Combat Pool: 5 - 4 vs TN 5 for "Fuck me, ouch! No fair using blades, you cockney bitch! Karma 1/5":
1 2 2 2 2 2 2 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 + Combat Pool: 5 - 5 vs TN 5 for "Fuck me, ouch! No fair using blades, you cockney bitch! Karma 3/5":
1 1 2 3 3 4 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 + 1 vs TN 4 for "I'm gonna cut you":
4 4 4 5 8 10 = 6 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "Her strenght is 5, matching your own. So its a 5M attack. Lil, subtract your impact armor from 5, roll your body at that TN"
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Body vs TN 4 for "Ow":
4 5 7 11 = 4 Successes

Amaranth. A rose by any other name. She reaches one hand up to wipe the blood from the cut across her cheek to the side, licking it off her fist now. She moves forward, a flurry of blows delivered to Lilith, most blocked, before one finally gets through, grabbing the womans head by the hair and ratcheting it down in to a knee that is swiftly moving upward.

Lilith. A demoness by any other name. Her delicate porcelain skin takes the blow and she makes as if to cry out, to slump under the blow…and then uses both hands to slash with sheer, violent delight across the woman's knees. "Please. Licking the blood? You watch too many movies, Polish mongrel."

Kalila sighs, digging to the bottom of her satchel and unzipping the compartment there. She comes up with a small pistol, eyeing the old man grimly. "Let's go."

«OOC» Lilith does not play nice.
«OOC» Blindside says, "Your attack lilith."
«OOC» Lilith says, "ok!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 4 for "Never try to fight with a Cockney girl who has a knife":
3 3 5 10 15 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Lilith says, "kp"
«OOC» Lilith says, "What it at after 4/12?"
«OOC» Blindside says, "5/12."
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 - 3 vs TN 4 for "kp 5/12":
2 3 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "It only goes up if you reroll more than once the same roll"
«OOC» Lilith says, "enh, stand"
«OOC» Blindside says, "For example, now it would be 7/12 ;)"
«OOC» Lilith says, "ok :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 5 for "Ow, my overies.":
2 2 3 3 4 5 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 5 for "Ow, my overies. KP 4/5":
2 3 3 3 5 5 5 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Lilith says, "dammit"
«OOC» Blindside says, "She counters, hits you."
«OOC» Blindside says, "5S wound. Soak it."
«OOC» Blindside says, "TN is four."
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Body vs TN 4:
2 4 4 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Body - 3 vs TN 4 for "kp 6/12, OW!":
2 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "NEW INIT PHASE."
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Initiative with a result of 15.
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Initiative with a result of 7.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Initiative with a result of 18.
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 2 for "+6":
3 8
«OOC» Blindside says, "Amaranth moves on a 15"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 5 for "Okay bitch. Now, let me show you how to wear leather.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 8 = 1 Success
«OOC» Blindside says, ".. Irony."
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 + Combat Pool: 2 - 1 vs TN 5 for "Okay bitch. Now, let me show you how to wear leather. KP 5/5":
1 1 1 3 3 3 4 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "I don't talk to Bond chicks.":
2 3 4 5 9 = 2 Successes

Kalila gestures to the old man, moving towards whatever exit there is out of this area, moving to edge the man back towards their ride home. She lets the sleeve of her shirt slide down to cover the gun, which only barely shows anyway. The elven woman mutters a mixture of profanity in Russian.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 - 2 vs TN 5 for " kp7/12":
2 9 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 3 for "M wound incoming! Shit!":
1 1 2 2 3 5 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "She will take an L wound, rolling it to stun with her trauma dampener."
«OOC» Blindside says, "2 boxes stun on her side."

Lilith smiles again as the woman makes another attack…she's got a healthy bruise forming somewhere on her body, but Lil goes again for a dirty trick, and this time darts one hand to the woman's eyes, the other again attacking her chest. "Bitch, please. Don't ever try that with a Cockney whore."

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "Gonna cut you s'more":
1 2 3 3 5 = 1 Success
«OOC» Lilith says, "8/12?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 - 1 vs TN 5 for "kp 8/12":
1 5 9 16 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 5 for "Ouch!":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "Okay. Thats an M wound phys."
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 3 for "Ouch":
2 2 3 4 4 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 7 vs TN 5 for "Attack!":
2 2 4 4 5 5 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "Uh oh":
4 5 11 15 17 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 3 for "Ouch!":
1 2 2 3 3 8 = 3 Successes

The battle between the women is titanic in its proportions! People all around are watching the two hot bitches tangle! The woman brings her leg around now, kicking hard at Lilith's knee, but missing, leaving her open to the blow the woman brings back.

Lilith just…smiles. The whole time, letting her blades dance through the air as she once agains sways. A dancer's step, and the blonde woman is again cut by the dark haired one, the foreigner seeming to play with her attacker like a cat swiping at a mouse.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Initiative with a result of 7.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Initiative with a result of 17.
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Initiative with a result of 14.
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 2 for "+5":
5 7
«OOC» Blindside says, "She will move on a 17"
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (Pistols) + 1 (Custom) + 1 (EA) + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Die.":
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 (Pistols) + 1 (Custom) + 1 (EA) + Combat Pool: 5 - 4 vs TN 4 for "Die. karma reroll 4/12":
1 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 = 7 Successes
«OOC» Kassandra says, "stand on 11"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "Dodge~":
1 2 2 4 5 7 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "9 successes. Weapon and ammo?"
«OOC» Kassandra says, "base damage 6L, uses highest armour rating."
«OOC» Kassandra says, "Weapon is Beretta Stiletto, HI-C ammo"
«OOC» Blindside nods. Stages up to 6D+1, she's got 5 ballistic.
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 vs TN 2 for "D+1 damage.":
1 1 2 5 5 9 = 4 Successes

Kalila steps around the corner with Vasily, eyes searching for the source of .. of course, right next to the car. She brings the gun up quickly, relying on skill rather than smartsystems to make the shot. Her right hand comes up to her left, holding the gun steady as she aims, firing a round at the woman in red. She doesn't make any sort of pithy comment.

The woman takes the shot in the shoulder, grunting and crying out in pain. She stumbles, realizing that the odds just changed. A lot.

«OOC» Blindside says, "New init ranking is her on a 11."
«OOC» Blindside says, "Julian."
«OOC» Julian says, "calling my shot, taking one action to aim"
«OOC» Blindside nods. So. +4 for running. +2 for partial cover (Lilith), called shot +2, SL 2 -2, Aimed, -1. Total is 4+4+2+2-2-1=9
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Assault Rifles (Ares Alpha) + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 9 for "Single shot at Amar, APDS":
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Assault Rifles (Ares Alpha) + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 9 for "Single shot at Amar, APDS KP6/8":
1 1 5 5 5 9 11 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Julian has to stand
«OOC» Blindside says, "She'll take the shot. Thats what.. APDS, 8M base, +1 for called shot, 8S base, +1 stage, 8D base."
«OOC» Julian says, "Yup"
«OOC» Lilith says, "Do I need to roll?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Blindside (#2329) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 5 for "Half of Ballistic.":
1 1 2 3 4 5 7 11 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Blindside says, "no, not yet."
«OOC» Blindside says, "She will take an S wound. One box is shunted to stun, 5 boxes to her. That puts her at D+3. Pose your shot. She's going down."

Julian comes around the corner, bringing his ghost rifle up. The targeting reticle in his feild of vision seeks out Amar, and a mental command sets the mechanism to single fire. He adjusts his aim to compensate for his movement, taking time to get a careful aim on the target… and with a squeeze there is a muffled gunshot, which will likely suprise the hell out of anyone nearby, who would hear a sharp noise and see a bullet materialize out of midair and cleave the air towards the vehicle. Lilith might even hear the slight whistling noise of a slug passing close to her, but it sails past her and finds it's target… the treasonous blond.

Lilith will certainly note the blood and brain matter now splattering her fine features…

Lilith just blinks as the blood and gore paint her face. Her only thought…thank goodness she closed her mouth. She tilts her head to watch the red leather fall, and wrinkles her nose, simply climbing into the truck. "I think she might've bruised a rib or something. Thanks, Silk, Ruslan."

Vasily raises an eyebrow. "That was a very nice shot, Miss." he mumbles, moving for the truck at his top speed, which is not very fast. He's pretty spry for an octogenarian. But he's still 80 years old.

Kalila moves towards the vehicle, brown eyes dark with irritation. She keeps the small pistol down next to her leg, casting a glance at the various onlookers. Nothing to be done about it now. She points at the downed blond and says to Lilith, "Put that in the car." No other words are spoken as she climbs in and starts the vehicle, a mental message sent to Seven, «<We are leaving.»>

Lilith nods and idly heaves the body into the back, and then since there's not a lot of space, rather obscenely has to sit on top of it. She doesn't seem to mind.

Julian materializes out of nowhere, at a dead run, arriving at the jeep very soon after. "The Colonel sent a man after you, the blonde told him right where you were." He helps the old man into the jeep, followed by Lilith who favors her side. Giving the quick exposition as he himself gets in. "The man kicked in the door of the building, I intercepted him." He keeps his gun at the ready. "He said something in his radio, and the Blonde apparently went nuts." He ejects his APDS clip and checks it before sliding it back in. He swivels as much as he can, switching over to AV ammo in case things got /really/ wild.

More than a few people have been drawn by the firearms, looking down the road. There is a bit of shouting in russian in the distance. It would probably be a good time to back south across the river…

Julian slams the clips of AV home and slides a round into the chamber. He twists a bit in his seat, facing towards the sound of the approaching vehicles. "Wonder what a concussion grenade will do to a moving vehicle…"

The vehicle in gear, Kalila starts back the direction they came. She speaks softly, "We need to recover our gear from the safehouse and be ready to move as quickly as possible. Now we've managed to draw attention and ire from another sector, which complicates matters."

Lilith casually sits on her pile of leather and looks behind her. She cracks her neck and makes sure she has a gun in hand. "How close are we to getting the hella out of here?"

Vasily cackles. "Where is your gear, pretty lady? The Tower is swift to anger, but you have plucked its rose!"

Julian nods. "If things get hot, just say the magic word…" He shoulders the rifle, eyes scanning the horizon." He grins at Vasily. "Hi there."

"Let's try *not* to shoot anything else for a little while. And our gear is back at Sasha's, on the other side of the bridge. Of course. That should prove entertaining." Kalila sighs tiredly, shaking her head.

Lilith nods to Kass and keeps her eyes scanning the landscape as it whizzes past. She nods politely to Vasily and flicks some villain off her shoulder.

Vasily smiles crookedly at the Troll, then reaches over to remove a line of sinue from Lilith's forehead. "You have pretty ladies, Big man!" Vasily then looks to KAssandra. "Bridge is not only way across. Could try to ford river, or could try to take a ferry.. one up river, ford, one down river, the ferry.."

Julian shakes his head. "They're not mine, friend… already jumped through that hoop."

Continued in Soviet Legacy Part 2
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