The Harbormasters Wife Sec Run

The set up is as simple as this. The sound of helo-blades can be heard in the background, the howl of jet turbine engines counter pacing.

"This is a priority job! I need security feeds taken over on the downlow for a location in the Salish Shide Nation, just outside Vancouver. I have indications that the target is well defended physically and magically, so be on your toes! You have 5 minutes!" Johan is the one transmitting the message. It is authenticated.

Katral cracks his metaphysical knuckles. "Sounds like my kind of fun!" With that, his icon turns into a giant , almost shapeless blob, that starts seeping over towards the proper grids.

Hitomi nods her head, taking the form of Mononoke, and accepting the mission herself, "Five minutes is more than enough." She says then, and then she,. like Katral, adjusts her persona, shifting from her sensors to her masking programs.

«Plot» Hitomi says, "Masking +4 to 12, Sensors -4 to 8. new DF: (12+9)/2=11 (rounded up) +1 (Otaku Bonus) for DF 12"
«Plot» Katral says, "DF of 12 raised to DF of 15, Masking raised to 18 and evasion lowered to 4."

Hitomi's Side

Upon Receiving word from her contact that there was a job that needed doing, and double-time, Hitomi has taken to the task. She’s jacked into the matrix already, and immediately begins seeking out the host she needs to deck. First, up through the digital representation of the UCAS sector that is the UCAS grid, then the vast blue-white grid that is the Denver RTG.

From here, she pauses to take stock, turning her pale, ghostly features around, and observing all the numerous SANs connected to this grid, leading off to other ones. Quite suddenly, she hurtles towards one, passing through it after a moment and coming to land smoothly at the other side, passing down, from this RTG into the target LTG- Vancouver. She once more pauses to observe her surroundings.

Now, it’s time for the real action to begin, as she glides towards the host itself, blocked off on all sides by a high fence, she pushes at the gate, and it does not budge- the chain though rusted is still strong.

She closes her eyes then, and pushes against the gate once more, this time, she becomes ethereal as she does so, and passes between the wooden planks making it up, and emerging the other side- a host with the appearance of an old frontier town.

Now she’s in here, she glides along, barely disturbing the dust on the ground as she moves towards the local saloon, which she glides into. “Where is the one I seek?” she demands of the bartender, in a low, melancholy whisper. The bartender simply gives her a funny look, the icon programmed not to respond to such vague requests.

Hitomi tries again, she leans over the counter, mist billowing from her form, as she says, “Where is the slave- where is the slave I seek?” She asks, and this time he gives, opening his mouth, a bright light emerges, and then zips off, tracing the line to where Hitomi is going with a little trail of sparkles. She glides after it.

Finally, Hitomi’s search comes to an end, and she finds the slave she was looking for- a room resembling a firehouse that is full of little alarm bells. The light hits the one she was looking for, and then disappears. She reaches out and closes her eyes, opening her mind to try and see what this was all about. Sadly, though, her mind is not strong enough and the alarm remains silent.

Once more, Hitomi tries to seek out the intricacies of the alarm, and once more she fails. She sighs slightly, and shakes her head then, deciding she was going to have to go out on a limb and simply act this time.

Hitomi breathes an icy breath now, sending it towards the alarm, and she encases it in hard, white ice stopping anyone else form accessing it without the proper codes. But just then- she sees something. An IC observes her, in fact, a Deputy twirling his gun as he watches Hitomi.

“We don’ like strangers ‘n these parts, partner.” He says to her then, twirling his gun once more, Hitomi turns slowly towards him, and then she lets out a wail, her eyes opening wide, the pupils growing to envelope her whole eye, and he hair flailing out madly, surrounding him suffocating him. She drowns out his yells even as she drags him into the inky black abyss of her hair, leaving not a trace that he ever existed, while her eyes return to normal.

With the IC dispatched, Hitomi sends out her feelers, strands of hair extending out in all directions, seeking the sounds, and sights of a security Decker making the rounds. She’s unable to find such a thing, though, not within this node, so she decides to relax, folding out a chair, she settles into it for the waiting game.

And there she waits for orders.

Katral's Side.

Georgia Maritime Security
Georgia Maritime Security Main Grid
Security Access Control Index Files Slave
Red-8 15 16 17 14 14
Security Sheaf
Tally Response
3 Tar Baby-7
7 Probe-5 Armor
11 Killer-9 Expert Defense
13 Scout-7 with Blaster-7 Armor
17 Passive Alert
19 Probe-7 with Data Bomb-7
21 Active Alert
23 Killer-5 Expert Offense
25 Black Lethal-9
29 Black Judas-5
33 Evasion Crippler-9
Georgia Maritime Security Main Grid
Actions Utility Subsystem TN Notes Tally
Log-on to Host Deceive Access 5 10 Successes +0(0)
Analyze Host Analyze Control 8 4 Successes +0(0)
Validate Account Validate Control 10 3 Successes +0(0)
Logon to Node Deception Access 5 8 Successes +0(0)
Analyze Node Analyze Control 9 4 Successes +1(1)
Validate Account Validate Control 10 3 Successes +0(1)
Encrypt Slave Encrypt Slave 8 2 Successes +0(1)
Decrypt Slave Decrypt Slave 6 7 Successes +0(1)
Result: .

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