The other side
Alright. This is the mission. Johny gives everyone a call. The meet is at the Dripping Faucet, a strip club in the Pueblo Sector. It's the sort of place that young men go, not older, classier men, because here the women don't have a mote of art to what they do. They are just taken off their clothes and then you know, gyrating what they have in what are probably lewd fashions.

Johny's rented a booth, and there's an older stripper trying to talk him in to a lap dance when the ladies arive. "Look, Sarah, I know, but I'm -gay- hon!"

"Then why the HELL do you come in here?"

"To learn poledancing techniques," answers Jamileh as she arrives, a hand shoved into the front pocket of her jeans, "and pick up makeup tips. Strewth."

Lilith walks in slowly, idly taking in the scene. She's lost a fair bit of weight in the past month, finally returning from wherever she went off too. Almost scrawny, with the lean and rangy muscles from hard work rather then lack of food, losing a lot of her usual softness. But moving with a bit more confidence, hands in her pockets, not saying much but drifting quietly in Johny's general direction.

The car is parked in short order as Kassandra stares at the outside of the building. She checks her PDA twice and then the address, muttering to herself, "I have to get a new job." The elf consigns herself to her fate and pulls a heavy longcoat over her clothing. With a faint sigh the elven woman heads into the strip club, adding a pair of dark sunglasses and pulling up the hood on her jacket, draping her features in shadow.

Without much ado she'll head towards where Johny lurks. It isn't hard to find him in this sort of place.

Johny smiles to Sarah as Jam and the other women arrive. "The aussie got it in one, Sarah. NOw, my book clubs here."

Sarah just sort of glazes over, looking at the women here. All of them more attractive, younger and probably better in the sack than she. "I'm gonna talk to Tony about this. This ain't right, a fag readen books in a flesh joint."

"You do that." Says Johny then, sliding in to make more room for the ladies.

Jamileh gives Johny a thin smile as she calls to Sarah, "Oi, some of us aren't fags, you know. Just as an eff-why-eye," then slides into the booth beside Johny. "Crikey, I bloody love your taste in venues, Johan. Classy, classy, classy."

"S'a talent." He admits, looking to the other women now. Normally he'd be smoking, but he gave that up about three and a half months back. Instead, he drums the table with his finger tips. It's a debatable question which was more annoying.

Lilith smiles faintly, giving Johny a sharp glance, but not unpleasant, and gives Jami a curious, wary once over before sliding quietly into the booth. "Oh, isn't he always." Her tone bone dry and Brit as ever. She smiles a bit when Kassie enters. "Oi, miss."

Looking over the club the way one might the local garbage dump, Kassandra pulls on a pair of gloves on the off chance she might have to touch anything. Her expression, for those that can see into the shadows of her hood, seem to echo Jamileh's commentary as she nods to Lilith, "Good evening." With a faint look of distain she'll brush off a seat and settle in, folding her hands on the table.

"G'day there, Kass," Jamileh greets the elf before reaching for Johny's hand. To still it, if she can. "I'd ask for something to drink but I'm betting the beer here's Horse Piss Pale Ale. Or local. Same bloody thing."

Johny looks to Kassandra at the 'oi' from Jamileh. "ANd so…" He intones in a deep, sort of wiseman of the mountains voice. "It begins."

Lilith quirks a brow at the Aussie, snorting softly under her breath as Johny speaks. "What's up, guv?"

"Good evening," Kassandra remarks to Jamileh, lips twitching at Johny's comment and look. She'll refrain from making any further comment at the moment, as she is sure there will be ample opportunity later.

"Alright." Says Johny, putting a WNG on the table. "Malus, meet Wisp. Wisp, meet Malus. Mal, Wisp is a new player in town, but she's got some skills. Wisp, Mal is one of my friends that I work with a lot. She's solid enough." A pause. "You both know Silk."

Lilith bows her head to Johny, then to Wisp. "Good evening, miss." Her voice is still as genteel as ever, even if she looks a little…harder then she was. But the words come a little slowly. "Pleasure to meet ye. Johny, Silk, I am as glad as ever to see you again."

Wisp - Jamileh - proffers a hand to Malus and murmurs, "G'day then, good to meet ya," with a smile at Silk. Then she gets quiet again, to listen.

There is a faint chuckle from inside the hood as Silk remarks almost playfully to Lilith, "Now that can be taken any number of ways, can it not?" Her voice is faint, as if coming from far away, and nods again to Wisp. She turns her attention to Johny and mentions, "Alright. You've drug us to the STD capital of the sector, what is up?"

Lilith snorts softly under her breath as she shakes hands with Wisp, her grip soft but heavier then it appears to be. She turns to Silk next. "As I intended it, of course." There's a faint smile and she settles back again.

Johny quirks a brow. "It's only the STD-C if you plan on having sex with them." A glance to the girl currently on stage, a strung out young elf with less padding than you see on patio furniture. He shudders a bit, lookin back to the group. "Got a job. Came down the pipe. Theres a man traveling through Denver tonight. He's got a 1 night lay over. He leaves the airport, DIA, at 6 PM. He'll be staying in the downtown Raddison tonight, room 401. He has a breifcase. I need whats inside it."

Lilith nods. "Downtown's a bit of blur at the moment. The Raddison is a classier place, I take it?"

"Classier that this bloody place, at least," snorts Wisp before asking Johny, "Standard briefcase then, mate?"

"Standard businesses class faire. One room accommodations with a separate bathroom. It's not bad for a night, maybe two." Says JOhny then. "ANd yeah, I've met in back allies classier than this place."

"Restrictions?" Silk asks.

"None abnormal." Says Johny. "No trace, no evidence. Silk is field command on this, you two are going to follow her lead." He gestures to Mal and Wisp.

Jamileh nods readily. "Righto. Insertion, removal, departure, delivery, beer. Done."

Lilith nods. "Understood. Any security risks?"

Johny raises an eyebrow, an invitation for Lilith to clarify her question.

Lilith simply looks back. "Does he have a guard? Or is that too much?"

Silk leans back, her expression quiet a moment, contemplating. She glances to the other two and then back to Johny, hmming softly.

"I don't have any data on people traveling with him. He may have someone dispatched to him local for the lay over, but thats on the fly and my intel is 6 hours old."

Lilith nods. "All right."

Wisp gives Silk another glance but keeps her peace again, drumming her fingers on the table. That might be irritating.

Johny removes a chip from his pocket, placing it on the table near silk. "This is the mark. Private charter, Cross-203 for Quebec. Down here for engine problems and a storm front over the great lakes. He leaves at 9am tomorrow morning."

Silk looks at Jamileh's fingers. She looks at Johny. She looks at the fingers. She looks at Johny. She finally says, "What is the other shoe? Three of us for one briefcase is overkill."

Lilith looks over at the chip, then to Silk with a nod. "Aye, I was wondering about that."

"I'm not worried so much about the briefcase, if there are three of us," murmurs the Aussie, "so much as I am about the bloke holding it."

"The man, Dr. Amaury Gerard, is a magical theorist of some renown in the areas of astral travel, gateways and metaplanar access. The recent issues in the metaplanes, that I've only heard a little about, have brought him in and his ideas in to great demand. He is a practicing hermetic magic, with an initiation grade of at least 2, perhaps more."


Giving Johny a sour look, Silk slides the chip over and shakes her head. "All right. Anything else that we need to know before heading in? Payout?"

Lilith sighs a bit. "Lovely."

"Look, if you want me to slide you softball package deliveries, I can do that, but its an insult to your skill." Says Johny. "And admit it. You sort of like getting out of the house now and then. And I'm not sending you to… Abu Dhabi or Timbuktu or even maybe Vladivostok." He then shrugs. "Job pays 20k a head."

Wisp smirks faintly at Johny as he quotes price and details. "What's the fun in milkruns anyways? No bloody sense of adventure, miss," she remarks to Malus with a cheeky grin. Ah, the confidence of youth.

Silk tilts her head, "No, I am not asking for softball deliveries. I just need all the data up front to make an assessment of the situation." Her voice stays neutral in cadence, tone, and delivery. "And I don't worry about that. I don't go on those sorts of things anyway."

Lilith hums softly under her breath. "It sounds like it could be more difficult then it first appears, but…" She shrugs. "A job is a job."

Johny smiles at Kassandra. "Yeah, I know. And I'm not interested in sending you there. I'll handle that or shlef it off to… others." He glances back to everyone. "Any other questions?"

Lilith shakes her head. "I don't believe so."

"I trust Silk," Wisp states with a nod toward the elf, "so when she's good, I'm good."

"It's a doable job for the price." Silk rolls the chip around in her gloved hand and shrugs. "We'll have the case in your hands before the mark can leave."

Lilith idly taps her knee. "We heading out then?"

Johny stands up from the booth. "Not my problem anymore, ladies. Your mark lands in 90 minutes. From here… its yall." he offers Kassandra a bow of his head, then the others get a bit of a smile. "See you tomorrow."

Lilith stretches a bit in her seat and gives the man a brief smile in turn. "As you will, sir."

"Hooroo then, Johan," Wisp says with a smile before turning to look at the trio's lead. "Silk, what's first?"

Johny leaves the little WNG for Silk as he moves to depart.

"Recon the location, unless we want to try to hit him on the move which is usually harder." Silk slots the chip to see if it has anymore information that Johny was willing to part with.

Lilith rotates her neck. "I can make some calls, if needed, see if there's anyone out there with some useful information."

The chip shows what rental car company he's signed up with, that hes already booked a parking space in addition to the room. He's requested a D-N-D on the room, no wake up call. It gives the mans cell phone number as well.

Wisp gives Silk a nod in affirmation, then she rubs her jawline as she looks at Lilith, pensive.

Lilith keeps her expression flat, her voice soft. "It would be convenient if the man called for an escort, but I doubt we could be so lucky."

"Well. We have the bare bones of information .. it seems our J likes his information like he likes his strippers, floppy and sucky." Silk spins the PDA around so the other two can see it, shrugging. "Well, we have little to no restrictions on a magical target. He'll probably have some sort of bodyguard, be it elemental or physical. We don't HAVE to engage them, we want the briefcase."

Lilith taps her knee again. "Could we go in on a disguise? Maids or some such?"

At that, Wisp grins at Lilith and remarks, "I was thinking the same thing as Mistress Pommy here, and with respect to disguises, I'd just as soon not be seen. I can probably get to his room through the ventilation, if we have anything that could knock him out."

Silk listens to the pair, nodding slowly. "It sounds like you both have a good idea here. I can arrange for uniforms and the like, get you onto the scene. From there the pair of you can distract and remove the object, neh?"

"I'd say," Wisp comments with a look at Lilith, "Miss Pommy here can be pretty bloody distracting, unless our mark's more geared to boys."

"I'll run down some information on our target here while we look over the Raddison and get the uniforms and data together. You two will run the interior scene, I'll run exfil and cover. Sound good?"

Silk says that, spinning the PDA.

Lilith smiles a bit as she looks to Wisp, then arches a brow. "I have been out of that sort of game for a bit now, miss, but I thank you for your support." She bows her head to Silk. "It does sound like a plan. Maids are a more plausible excuse then a call girl or dancer, unless we know for sure he will ask for an "escort"."

"Good on ya then," Wisp says, nodding toward Silk, "though…are you seriously considering putting me in a bloody maid's costume?"
Lilith smirks a little. "One does as one has to, and as long as it is not completely repugnant to one's nature a little discomfort never hurt. I doubt we'd get stuck in anything as gauche as a french maid's lace."

Silk shrugs, "Or room service or whatever else we need to get you near the principle. I'm indifferent to whatever you guys want to disguise yourselves as, just let me know so I can prep it all." She laughs a little and shrugs, "In the end, whatever you can move in and are comfortable with is all that matters."

"I would prefer the vents," Wisp mutters, then grins. "Righto. Let's get to recon."

Lilith chuckles a little. "Indeed."

"Well, whichever disguise you pick will get you closer to some vents, no?" She rises, collecting the WNG and heading out.

Lilith slips out of the booth after her friend and follows Silk.

Jamileh follows, adding under her breath, "If this was Johny's way of getting us into some kink maid outfits, I'll rooting kill him myself."

Snickering, Silk will lead the others out to the van and set the autodrive for Downtown, starting on her legwork phone calls.


Lilith calls Willow

------------------------> Contact for Lilith (#8983) <-------------------------
Contact Name: Willow
Level: 1
Type: escort
GM Note: Willow is a professional escort, one who tends towards high-class clientele. She provides a vital link to various bits and pieces of information gleaned from her (and the other girls and boys) clients, as well as a way into a number of interesting parties and events; this is where the two met. This human female uses the Joygirl archetype (MJLBB Page 51) with the following modifications: Intelligence 6, Negotiation 5, High Society 6.

Willow answers the phone. "D'Rivea Fashion and Consulting Service, how can I direct your call?" Asks Willow's voice. Ahh, the life of a whore in a city where whoring isn't legal in every sector.

Lilith voice remains calm and quiet. "I'd like to speak with Willow, if I may? It's Mrs.DeWinter." Her tone is pleasant, calling a sister in the Profession but retaining the business like undertone.

"Hey Lil. Whats up?" Asks the woman then, dropping the pretense.

Lilith chuckles faintly. "Oh, the usual. Just got back from a little jaunt and wouldn't you know it, I've got paperwork galore." She ruffles some notes lately pulled from her pocket. "Keeping an eye on the whales, all that sort. Speaking of…you wouldn't happen to have any dirt on a new boy in town, would you? Lad's coming in tonight, a mage of some academic standing, or so I hear."

"Honey." Says the woman. "THis is Denver. I got boys coming in all day and night. You're gonna be a bit more specific in the hole for your fishing."

Lilith laughs softly again. "Excuse me. Let's see…" She hums a bit. "A Dr.Gerard. Hear of him?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 6 for "High Society":
1 1 1 2 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 4 for "General Whoredome.":
1 2 2 3

"I'm sorry Sugar, I'm drawing a blank on you. Maybe he's using an assumed name for any… ah… special purposes?"

Lilith snorts and then sighs. "Oh, damn, no, my information's solid on the name. As to purposes, one can only hope. We need a bit of variety down at the club. The gents are a nice lot, but…" She sighs again. "Sorry for troubling you, darling. Do come by the club sometime for a drink, we've got some rich Japs coming in next week for a party."

"I thought 'Japs' had gone out of style as a nominative, dahling. These days its much more socially acceptable to call them 'seismically challenged imperial capitalists'"

Lilith snorts. "Oh, that is creative. No, I've heard far worse and Jap or Japanese will do in a pinch. Thanks for the help."

She smiles, though it can't be seen on the phone. "Tah, dearheart."

Kassandra Calls Ocean

-----------------------> Contact for Kassandra (#9777) <-----------------------
Contact Name: Ocean
Level: 2
Type: fixer
GM Note: Sara Ocean is a fixer who doesn't specialize. Instead, she offers all sorts of wares, jobs, and information in exchange for the same, or cash, whichever the client has. While they have a new relationship, they are working hard together to accentuate their similar styles and make a great deal of money together.

«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 (skill) + 1 vs TN 4 for "Talk to me":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» KassGM (#10360) rolls 8 (skill) + 1 - 1 vs TN 4 for "Talk to me, karma reroll kp 1/17":
1 2 3 4 5 5 5 10 = 5 Successes

You get Sara JUST as she was calling you. "Okay. Silk, thats just creepy. I was just calling you to order some stuff. Creeeeeeeeeeepy."

Snickering, Silk says "Well we can kill two birds with one stone then, no? You shoot me the order, I'll shoot you a name I need a quick check on. No hardcore searches, just need some general data, habits, that sort of basic thing."

"Sure. Sure. What do you need? I've got a vat of Ice Cream, the latest Miama Heat trid season on chip… I'm not going anywhere."
"Wizzer named Dr. Amaury Gerard. Just need the basics really .. oooo. Ice cream and trideo. I hate having to be out working!"

"Cope." Says the woman, clearly enjoying a spoonful. "Okay. Let me see here…"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 6 for "Data sift":
1 2 2 3 3 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 6 for "Data sift KP 1 for level 2 contact":
1 2 2 5 9 10

Clackity clack. She still uses a keyboard, isn't that cute? She comes back a few minutes later. "Yeah, he's far from secret. he's about as out there as you can get, in terms of information security. What do you want?"

"The usual, really. Gay, straight, quirks, habits, weaknesses. I have a client who wants to know, as is always the case." Silk sits dreaming about ice cream and a warm blanket, sighing faintly.

"Straight, a bit of a womanizer. 4 marrages here and more than a few paternity suites. All quietly settled on the side. He's had a long term contract for research for both Ares and Cat-Co, and he's worth a pretty penny. He does… Huh. Thats locked down pretty tight, but its flagged as AStral Logistics. Thats kind of odd. ANyway. He's got … oh my god, Kass. He's got a profile on HotOrElf. I drek you not."

Long distance to Jamileh: Johny nods.

"Oh really? I need that addy too, I think my client will be VERY interested in that. Well, well, well. All of this sounds just what we needed." Silk hmms, watching the lights blur by as the van drives.

"Alright. I'm sending the details over now. Oh, he likes Mojitos…"

"Lovely. Mojitos and hot women, sounds like a great guy. You're a doll! And now I've gotta stop and get ice cream and .. do you want me to take your retainer off your order?"

"Yeah. I'm including the specs on that as well. Oh, shows starting. I gotta go doll."

"See ya!"

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