The Pirate's Life Decking 2

«Plot» Johny says, " I log in to the local RTG. The RTG is a green 3. There's no chance it's going to detect me in any appreciable format by the time I am done. My first action is redirect datatrail. The RGT is a very very open system and its control is an 8. My camo is a 3. TN is 5. After redirecting my datatrail, I upload 3 agents who will share my new datatrail, which indicates I am coming from the Matterhorn, Los Angeles. These agents are called The Infiltrator, the Validator and the Attacker. They will follow my lead."

«Plot» Johny says, " Validator and Trenchcoat at 1 tally on login

A nautical reality filter overlays the Matrix as Johny stands on the bridge of a submarine, red light and gauges surrounding him… blinking read outs vie for attention as the submarine sits quiet in the water. The vessel, the Hunter-Seeker called the USS Portland, a Los Angeles Class Attack Boat, has been lying in the calm waters off the shores of the sunken city of Orlando, Florida.


"Aye sir!" Calls the sonar man.

"Check our baffle trail. I don't want the Russians trailing back to our home port."

"Aye sir, dissapating the baffle trail on your mark."

"Mark." Says the commander, turning to the holographic display of the ocean around them.

"Baffles cleared sir. We are ready to proceed."

The Commander clasps his hands behind his back, nodding slowly. "Ship to ship laser-wave communications to the Infiltrator, the Validator and the Attacker. Transmit full ahead. Keep us below the thermal layers, so that we are harder to detect, but full ahead."

"Aye sir, transmitting full ahead, stay below the thermal levels."

«Plot» Johny says, " I have cut evasion by 1/2 to raise my masking by 1/2. My new detection factor is 12. Agents follow suit, moving to DF 13"

"Very good. Helmsman, take us in, all ahead full."

"All ahead full!" Reports the helmsman, pushing the yoke forward. It's odd, how a submarine is controlled; so like an aircraft, in three dimensions of movement. It's controls are just like an aircrafts yoke, with forward pushing the nose down, back pulling it up, rudder peddles that control yaw and thrust control in a lever to the side.

In the deep thermals of the Atlantic Ocean, the portland moves silently through the water, flanked by the smaller ships.

«Plot» Johny says, " Log on to host"

The ships insert in to the current well, sliding deeper in to the sunken city, without incident. The skyscrapers, once so far above the ground, now lie so deep under the waves, standing as canyon walls through which the fleet of Submarines glide.


"Aye Captain!"

«Plot» Johny says, " Analyze hosts"

"Give me a full reading on this area.. I want to know everything about it. Check for baffle trails, check for active or passive Sonar readings."

"Aye Captain, checking for threats and signatures."

The Captain looks back to the holodisplay, the gigantic geodesic dome of the former Epcot Center showing on the fuzzy display as a globe of interlacing lines, the ground a collection of clutter and the occasional recognizable landmark.

"Sir!" Says the Sonarman. "We've detected a weak signal… it just left the sector, and is no longer present."

"Excellent." Responds the Captain. "If it was a patrol, we have a window of opportunity in which they expect this quadrant to be clear. Set up the IFF Transponder system and patch the other ships in to it.

«Plot» Johny says, " Validate accounts"

"Aye sir. Launching IFF pods from forward torpedo tubes."

The ship shudders once, twice, then thrice as IFF pods are released with puffs of compressed air. The water comes alive with the whir of motors as the pods deploy, setting up a grid of safety in which the vessels can lurk and linger without danger.

The IFF transponders of the other vessels blink from Green, meaning ally to the Portland, to Red, meaning, a potentially hostile vessel, as their IFF's are synchronized with the network.

"Very good." Reports the Captain. "Infiltrator, Validator, Attacker, remain on station as per orders. Do not engage." Orders the captain, looking to the next level of business. "Send out the ROV, locate the target."

«Plot» Johny says, " Locate, Analyze, Decrypt Files"

"Launching ROV, Sir."

Again, a clanging sound as the vessel births a small counterpart, it zipping away in to the dark waters beyond. In short measure, it locates the icon it's searching for. A crippled communications station, it contains the codes and protocols for the local sensor network relay station… and that is the true target today.

Docking, the ROV initiates a decryption protocol, linking with the computer system of the station. In short order, it interfaces properly and is able to insert the codes required to initiate an uplink. The ROV undocks, preparing for its second task.

«Plot» Johny says, " Locate, Analyze, Edit Slave"

The main communications trunk line is easy enough to find, a fiber optic communications cable on the sea floor, running directly across the old Disney theme park. The ROV connects to it, quickly inserting the command lines in to the main program. Very quickly the ROV is able to insert the tap that diverts the data feed first to the Agent to allow it to be duplicated.

The feed is quickly confirmed by the Infiltrator…

"Sir! The Infiltrator reports that the feed is secure."

«Plot» Johny says, "Graceful Log Out

"Good. Take us out of here…"

And the Portland turns for home, engaging engines and leaving three ships behind to monitor the progress.

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