The Tide Rises

The Tide Rises.

Recently, Minos has been posting rumors in which he does spring cleaning in the warrens, humiliating street gangs. A plotline I am running has the Steel Tide starting to organize lower level gangs as vassals, setting up a warrens-wide power structure. They come calling to pay Minos a visit when he's in the Cybered Arms. The gangers are exceedingly powerful, but one must view this through the lense of a combined total of up to 2000 karma on the part of the PC's involved.

Janie takes a D wound for a fairly rash action she took, but does not lose magic and her ally spirit does not leave.

No one else was injured, despite the high potential for it. Frank and Minos brawl for a moment before they both realize they can't really hurt each other -at this moment-.

All the combat rolls have been removed. They arn't fun to look at, and either staff trusts the players involved to be responsible and truthful, or it doesn't, and any log showing those rolls is suspect anyway.

The Log

[ Shadowrun Denver ]
=======================> Denver Gangs: The Steel Tide <========================

THE NAME: The Steel Tide

FOCUS: This cybernetic and biomechanic emphasized street gang is different than most because they do not have any "set" turf. Everyone of the gang has been partially modified in one form or another. None of the other gangs really mess with the 'The Tide' more so out of fear of retaliation, and their main objective is not to interfere with other gangs, but to live on the edge of expensive combat drugs and tweaking their cyber enhanced bodies.

The group was founded bye four washed up runners that botched a big job in Dallas and relocated to Denver a few years ago. With their contacts and fixers burned out and no one wanting to touch them or do biz with them.. they turned to the gutters and the streets, where they could still rule by intimidation. Strung out these days on combat drugs, most of the gangs money goes into that, rather than any high grade cyber these days. But still, not the typcial gang, these guys can kick some ass if need be.

CRIMINAL ACTIVITY: They are a contrasting mix of illegal activity, as none of the members seem to rape, yet all of the members seem to have committed murder before. They have been known to deal in chips, guns, weapons, medical devices, and perform work at random times for certain corporations on a low level.

LEADER: Frank 'Steel' Blitz, a troll who is known to be gripping on to life with cold determination, and nothing else. It has been reported that he has implanted so much steel and organic material into his body that he should have died decades ago. Due to brain implants, he has been known to be up to par with some geniuses, thereby allowing him to control his gang with a hard fist. It is rumored that he was one of the first to ever receive the synaptic nerve accelerator and boosted reflexes mix.

COLORS: The entire gang wears armored jackets with a petrified wave of steel on the back. The colors of the wave are a gun-metal with dark blue streaks.


(Basically, this gang can teach players who abuse gangs that gangs are not as "flouncy" as they think. Also, they can be a neat RPing tool with admins or players.)

The Cybered Arms:

Kyo takes his drink and sips quite a bit about it. When he returns, "She made a big advertisement out of herself. She kept her power on— let too many denizens in. How many of them do you think would trade thier loyalty for a few quick creds so they dont have to be in the immediate war path?" The man shakes his head, "It made Tig's place a target for terrorist attacks to demoralize the undertown. She should have just turned her sign off like I did in E3. If you really want to help those people, making someone point a rocket launcher at your chest wont help any."

Minos says "Inasmuch as I am known for my RPG-attracting chest, I think it's best I stay out of it. Moreso because of the Foundation. We don't want to be caught in that backlash."

Vixen listens quietly and say's, "I think its all out of everyone's hands. But perhaps there's more to all this than meets the eye. Hopefully not too many Tinkers die though before the dust settles. The subject depresses her a bit.

The sounds of several motorcycles pulling to a stop can be heard from the outside. One of the regulars near the door glances outside. "Fucken steeltide…" he stands up, giving Keegan a nod. "I'moutta here, Keeg. You got tider's headen inside."

Cash pats Vixen on the shoulders, "I've actually been thinking. We need to think of a fallback point for the tinkers. Maybe we can get some tents and get something going down by the reservoir.".

Vixen growls, "Of course you do." She looks at Cash, "Who's idea was it to come out for a drink?" She likes Cash's idea a lot but right now she's thinking of gangers with a known rep. She glances over at Cash and Minos.

Kyo looks to Minos and tilts a head, "Foundation? Isnt that the same that Johan is in? They already have thier hand in it— they are doing just that, sport." The later is to Cash, "He is looking for a place to evac them— has some of my men helping as well. Looking towards old Tinker Town— or what they have restored. They can't stay in the subway, thats for sure."

Steel Tide's been damn quiet recently. No ones heard much from em. Word is they been rebuilding slowly in the last few months from some losses they took in a turf war with the Demolition Boyz. They had Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, They think Karl Kombatmage is a Pussy and theres rumor they took down Cinderblock to Organleg him.

Minos looks at Kyo and says, "No, Johan Wulfson isn't in the Foundation. It'd be fair to say that I'm the only person I know who works for the Draco Foundation directly."

Vixen slowly pushes back her jacket for easier access. She looks at Keeg and asks, "Need our backup chica?"

Cash lays his head on the bar, "Can I not have a damn drink in peace? I have tried to be a mecca of patience, but this is getting ridiculous… I still havent had to tell anyone "There's a new sherrif in town" yet, so the night's still looking up.", standing and finishing his beer.

Vixen smirks, "Karma."

Kyo motions a hand to Minos, "My mistake then. This isnt a war that is to be fought— simply salvaged. There is a point to Undertown, Alex. Its neutral ground— always has been, ever since Tinkertown. Its important to illicit trade in a smuggler's town. Take that away— and suddenly the gears just dont turn as smoothly." He smiles, "My perspective, at least." He looks past him to check on the distubance— then to Cash as well, "Oy. New Sherrif eh? Whats with you old legends returning form the woodwork. Makes me think something epic is inbound."

Keegan sighs, tossing her dishtowel down. "Frank's been nosing about recently, trying that same old shit. Either he wants to slot me, or he wants protection money. Damn thing is, Steel Tide ain't the mafia an' it aint some punty little gang."

Cash smirks to Kyo, "The old ways are wrong! The morlocks should befriend the humans.", winking jokingly as he listes to Keegan, waiting to see what her plans are.

Vixen gapes at Keegan. "Really. I know exactly how you feel." She commiserates with the barkeep.

Janie comes in from the anteroom
Janie has arrived.

Minos arches an eyebrow. "I'm glad to hear that there's still a reputation for good neutrality in Tinkertown; I hope it stays." He looks around at the gangers and says, "Oh. Is that it, Keegan? I am going to go and fuck them up, then. I've been hunting gangers, lately, and making them do community service. I'm going to beat them and make them clean your floors for you, and send them packing." He grins and turns around, standing up, and spinning out his walking stick into a telescoping staff.

Vixen chuckles softly, "Suppose we should help him?" She asks Cash with a smirk.

Kyo looks at Minos, "Why? We'd just take away any challenge he might have," he says to Vixen.

Keegan raises an eyebrow. Steel tide are not jokes, not the nice fluffy gangers people usually associate with such random cleanups. "Ah, Minos? Don't write no checks this bar can't cash."

Janie looks around as she comes back in. The cordon of overlarge goons outside already put her on alert, and as she sees Minos confront their leadership inside she decides to lean against the door just inside where she can deny any possible reinforcements while Minos handles them.

Cash shrugs, "I just feel like hitting someone, and have been waiting for a good excuse.", turning to follow the minotaur. He hops to bump elbows with the minotaur, noting, "Hope I don't cramp your style.", then turns at Keegan's commentary adding, "Sounds like we may need to go pay someone a visit after this to take care of any blowback."

Vixen gives Kyo look and chuckles, "And let him have -all- the fun?" At Keegan's words she sighs, "Best give him backup." She hops off the bar stool and asks, "How many coming in Janie?" As none of them have entered the bar yet.

Minos looks at Keegan and answers, "I got this. Cash is with me." He looks at Cash and says, "Remember my rules, Cash: no killing unless we absolutely have to, even if they fire RPGs at you."

Minos says "Cash is with me" with the same conviction others might say "God is on my side."

RPG's are a bit much for a gang, even the Steel Tide. Gangs with RPG's become military threats and get targeted by Fireteams for extermination. It's bad for business to be that high profile.

"Sure," Kyo says as he finds a nice place to lean against near Janie, "You do that."
Vixen hmphs, 'Oh yeah? Well I got Janie." With the kind of conviction of saying, "And God is a Woman."

Cash nods, "No objections, just my style. I'm not beating ass. I'm teaching people to fish.", cracking his augmented knuckles. He puffs up at the esteemed mention, glowing at the fact his reputation hasn't faded away.
Janie smirks at Vix. "About half a dozen or so standin' outside tryin' t'look intimidatin'." Her eyes shimmer silvery grey as she brings the back of her left hand up to her face, briefly touching the ring to her lips.

Mcaldy pushes open a sliding door and leaves.
Mcaldy has left.

Vixen pushes open a sliding door and leaves.
Vixen has left.

Janie pushes open a sliding door and leaves.
Janie has left.

Cash pushes open a sliding door and leaves.
Cash has left.

You move out of the bar

Warrens - Chambers and Smoky Hill

This portion of Chambers is rather run down and gritty. On the east side of the road an enourmous junk yard and entrance to the well known "Tinker Town". The west side of the road is mainly vacant lots in various states of disprepair and neglect, with Princess Di Park as the sole outstanding contradiction.

Minos walks from the Cybered Arms
Minos has arrived.

Minos comes out of the bar, I think, before anyone else, but you can correct me. He's spinning a long telescoping staff in his hands, and he surveys the area.

Kyo comes out last. Hes cool like that.

Outside, in front of the bar, a full 8 members (About half the gang) of Steel Tide are gathered, standing near their bikes. These arn't go-gang bikes, pussy little rice rockets or chromed up harleys. These are steel reinforced welded frame monsters with massive engines and the occasional plate of armor welded on. Sitting on one bike is the biggest human one might ever have the chance of meeting. He's about seven foot tall, with long blonde hair that comes to the middle of his back. It's dirty blonde, but blond. He's dressed in an armored jacket, a cigar clenched between his teeth, a cougar fine-blade currently being used to pick at some dirt beneath his finger nails.

"That the one?" Asks that man, to one next to him.

"Yeah Frank, thats the nigger trog that busted up the Revalers…"

Kassandra has just wandered out of Princess Di Park, having just completed some illegal activity, no doubt, or whatever it is the woman does at odd hours in dark places. The elf seems to be heading towards the only other point of interest on the block, the Cybered Arms.

Cash walks out with a smirk, arms crossed over his chest. He looks over the ganger, looking for any familiar faces before he chuckles at the All too tall human, asking, "Spirits, and people wonder what they feed /me/.", shaking his head.

"We /do/ wonder what they feed you," Kyo notes— finding a comfortable spot against the wall and breathing in some of the cold night air.

Minos smiles at the gangers and says in his clipped British accent, "I'll make you a deal, boys. Me and Cash here," he cocks a thumb, "we'll fight all of you. If we win, you clean this bar here inside and out, and then you go home and destroy all the BTLs you've been selling to the teens out at Karlson High. I've heard it's shit quality, too. If you win…you can part me out for organlegging."

Vixen ambles out of the bar and sighs as she surveys the gangers. Her eyes hard as rocks. She steps beside Cash assessing the dangers, the terrain, and tries to figure out how this is going to turn out. Especially since she aint supposed to kill them. They don't look like they are going to afford the same level of accommodations.

Ahh, racism too. And here Janie was worried these punks might have redeeming qualities of some kind. She leans against the bar wall as Minos issues his challenge. If they accept, well and good - and she'll keep herself to ensuring the agreement isn't reneged upon; if not…

Vixen doesn't feed Cash anything but breakfast of champions. His own picture on the box.

Hm. Gangers. Minos with a big stick. Oh, it's Vixen and Janie Guns and isn't that Kyo over there, and … Kassandra doesn't deviate her destination towards the bar, other than to none-so-casually slide her hand beneath her jacket, moving along what is passing for the sidewalk.

Frank raises one bushy eyebrow, pausing in the delicate cleaning of his carefully manicured nails, turning his gaze to Minos. "Slot you, and slot your deal, boy." Says the blond man as he kind of shrugs up from his leaned position to stand only a head shorter than the Minotaur. "You got a lot of balls, I'll give you that, waltzen in to the Sprawl with your fancy accent an your knightly ideals. But in the end, you're just gonna be a bullock." He flips the blade in his hand, letting the hilts weight rotate it in the air.

"But I'm a peaceable sort, and I know… well, I know that you just aint as -smart- as your betters, so I'm gonna give you a pass. You come over here… apologize nicely and shine my boots like a good boy.. and we may let you live, a little less masculine for it, but livin non the less."

«OOC» Mcaldy says, "Fair warning, these are -not- stock gangers, and your actions will consent you to the ramifications of the actions you take."
«OOC» Cash says, "agreed"
*-OOC-* Kyo is autoconsent, btw.
«OOC» Janie says, "So noted."

Cash shakes his head, approaching the gangers, "Well, you did your part omae, you tried to warn them.", turning to address Frank. He notes, "Just for that, I'm not gonna ask my girlfriend not to mop up your henchmen." turning up his nose a bit and smirking. He looks back to Vixen, "Ain't that right?", before looking back, not looking to get suckerpunched.

Minos looks at the others, and at the gangers, and says, "I really wouldn't want there to be too many people out here fighting, that's a lot of limbs you're going to be losing, boys." He pauses. "But if that's the way it is, that's the way it is. Mcaldy, I'm curious, have you ever been in prison?"

Janie really dislikes macho idiots waving a weapon around just to act intimidating. Her right hand flickers toward the concealed holster holding one of her guns, intent on knocking the knife right out of his hand.

Frank's no fool. As Leader of the Steel Tide, he makes a practice of keeping up to date on who's who in the shadow world. Bull likes sticks and brawls, Vixen likes martial arts, Janie… she likes guns. So when she twitches like she's going to draw, that cougar fine blade in his hands flips around in such a speed as to be in the air before she's even skinned the smokewagon. It arcs through the air, deadly as any arrow.

The throw is lethally accurate with murderous intent and /should/ have gone straight through Janie's chest and skewered her heart against the wall she was leaning on… But by the vagaries of luck and the fortunes of the deceptively light-looking armor she wears under that duster, it skids off, leaving a painful but shallow cut. Janie does look surprised, though - there aren't many people who can move faster than her.

"Now before we go any further cutie.." Says Frank. "Why don't you just rethink your whole 'show me how bad ass you are' strategy. Don't you fucken disrespect me and the tide by thinken we're some ork-town sons of soron pussies. I want to have a -discussion- with the trogg… and you just got on my less than gracious side. So step back and go get a beer if you value your skin."

The rest of the Tiders, draw a variety of guns, making it very, very clear that a gunfight is not in the favor of the 'heroes'.

Minos pauses and asks, "Hey Frank, you ever been in the prison down in Santa Fe?"

Minos removes the riot shield from his back, and puts it on his arm, just in case.

Frank looks back to Minos… "Can't say I have. Injuns and me don't cotten together. Did my time in Angola. Whats it to you?"

Minos says "Are you *sure* you've never been in the State Prison in Santa Fe?"

"I give respect t'those who earn it," Janie replies. "He has. Ye haven't." She has both guns out as well, now.
Kyo offers to Janie, "He may have something relevant to say— may mean something to Undertown as well." Then he makes a head motion to the wound in a 'how bad is it' antic.

Kassandra doesn't draw her gun — but then, she doesn't remove her hand from it either. Rather, the fixer known as Silk slows her walk, waiting to see how this turns out. She doesn't have a dog in this hunt yet, but the night is young. She cocks her head, watching the proceedings with interest.

Cash sighs heavily, reaching down to the holsters at his hips, not yet interjecting anything, but keeping himself at the ready, mental trigger activating his wired reflexes.

Frank sighs, almost looking put upon. "What would a brit trog like you know about an Injun Prison, in the first place? Clearly, you're trying to set up some clever or witty verbal trap or barb… but son… I ain't about that. So, why don't you just sidestep your funny little joke. I ain't interested."

Minos says "Because," he says, adrenaline pumping through his veins, "you sure look a lot like the boy I fucked when I was down there last. His teeth came out real easy. I'll bet yours do, too."

Dude Number Four. Jimmie Twitch. He's a lanky son of a bitch with wires for nerves and eyes that can't stop blinking. His guns, already up and active, bead in on Janie. The one who almost drew on Frank, then had the temerity to draw weapons in the face of the TIDE, baby.. The tide is unstoppable. The tide is rising. The reticules blink RED as locks are acheived and then its all hell breaking loose from the barrels of two guns. Rounds pierce the air and scream their fury to the gods of thunder, arcing for Janie.

Janie finds herself get fired on and moves with her customary speed. To her credit, it's /almost/ enough to dodge the first shot, which hits her right arm near the shoulder, rendering it useless but leaving her alive.

It's a pity the other three shots are right on target, really. They hammer into her and leave her in a crumpled heap on the ground.

Kyo sweeps in as Janie begins to fall— making sure the descent is one that does not end up in the ground. He does not miss a beat— dragging her to the door to Cybered Arms and into the antechamber to look into the administration of some first aid.

As her mistress falls to the ground, mortally injured, Athena is paralyzed momentarily by indecision - to go free, or to stay by Janie's side.

The bonds of friendship and Power and shared purpose win out - but as she can't assist in the fight, she streaks off through the Astral towards the home her mistress shares with May.

«Auto-Judge[TRUE]» Cash (#1575) rolls Intelligence:
2 4 5 5 5 23
«OOC» Cash says, "Wow"
«OOC» Mcaldy says, "Cash can immediately see… they are NOT drawing beads on people who arn't armed or attacking. Janie went down because she drew. Frank fired because minos charged. Frank threw the blade because Janie went for her guns."

As Minos charges, one of the other Steel Tiders, armed with a Shotgun, levels it and fires twice, doing no real damage to the cybertrogbull.

Cash crackes his knuckles, widening his eyes as the others start to jump in. He shouts, "Hey, wanna settle this the old fashioned way?", upnodding to one of the gangers.

Minos charges like a…bull through the massed firepower. Four shotgun rounds hit him in the shield and the body, but he just keeps on a'comin, and a'comin, soaking up firepower like a tampon in a thunderstorm. From over the riot shield his staff pops up and beans Frank in the head. Frank tries to avoid the shot, but he doesn't, not that it matters because the stick goes CLANG against his thick metal skull.

When Minos's staff connects to the Jaw of the tall human, you can almost HEAR the metal CLANG… He cracks his neck, rotating his skull back in to position with an… annoyed… look on his features. "You hit like a bitch, bitch."

Vixen growls, "Don't waste yer breath Cash. They don't know the meanin of honor. And are afraid to fight a girl with their fists.

Bullets! Janie Guns goes down hard in a blink of an eye, faster than Kassandra can even see. The fixer hits the ground, staying down and out of the way, at least for the time being. No sense being a target for no profit.

Frank takes the blow and brings the shotgun back around. He batters the shield aside, his strength evident as he does so, the barrel swinging in to position. Reticules go RED and two shells launch out to slam in to Minos.
BOOM! BOOM! The two rounds impact straight on Minos' breastbone, and his body jumps back a quarter-inch for each one. However, the minotaur is still standing there, unharmed.

Dude Four, Jimmy Twitch by name, has a set of chromed heavy pistols, both of them Thunderbolts. He holds them in a casual posture, his eyes alert. Everyones kind of watching the titanic clash in the center.

Minos drops his riot shield and staff/club because they're utterly useless and tries to punch Frank in the head.
The punch comes in, and even though he stands a good head shorter than the Troll, Frank takes the punch, rolling with it nicely. He comes back up, bringing a fist racheting up to return a blow.

Minos watches Frank come in to punch him, and blocks the blow; he kicks out to catch Frank in the thigh. The blow bounces off of his cyberleg, and Minos says, "…You hit like a girl, too, only girls have more accuracy."

Kassandra watches the fight. As the shooting has died off, she chances a look at the epic battle. The elf shakes her head, moving into a more or less sitting position for the moment.

Frank steps back, the shotgun coming back up to his hands. "YOu got a big mouth, Bull, I'll give ya that." He lets the gun bark off two rounds, expecting the same result. "Now. Stand yer ass down or we cut down your friends. We've been mighty damn polite so far, for what you did to the Revelers."

Minos pauses and looks around at the others. Turning back to Frank he says, "Are you proposing using them as hostages to get me to surrender?"

The others, lead by Jimmy Twitch(D4) bring their guns up, laser sights settling over Kassandra and some others who were watching. Frank chuckles, idly tossing the shotgun to another of the Tide'rs to reload. "No, Bull. I'm suggesting you stand your ass down and take this message to heart. You got big balls, and a big mouth… and you come in to the Sprawl like you own the place and know whats right for us. You roughed up some of thems that belong to me, and it's my job to make sure thems that belong to me… get some justice. Now… I'll take the blood on the ground for what it is. But you keep your bull nose out of our business down here unless you want to provide social order and community protection to everyone… and deal with the repercussions to your mighty fine friends and associates. This ain't a nice world. And I Ain't no nice man."

Kassandra hms at the laser dots on her, the guns pointed her way. She hadn't declared any allegiance to Minos, but is included in the 'hostages.' The elf keeps her expression a schooled neutral, but there isn't mistaking the emotion in her eyes.

Minos considers for a moment and replies, "Well, Frank," he says, "I wasn't aware you considered the gangs of Denver your 'turf'. Actually, I thought you could give a rat's ass about anyone but the Steel Tide." He takes a cigarette out of his jacket and lights it up, taking a drag. "You also seem to have a grand old time calling me a 'nigger trog', an insult I don't exactly take kindly to. And I don't think you can kill me, but you can kill my friends; on the other hand, I could leave you without a gang, even if I couldn't take you down. So what I'm seeing here is a Mexican standoff."

Frank pulls out a cigar, gesturing for Minos to toss him the light. "We got what we call here, is an Aztlan Standoff, I'll grant. But push come to shove, I think my boys will stand up better than you think. Lets accept that racism's an ugly thing, but it sure does piss off thems its aimed at." He chuckles slightly. "And the Revelars pay me dues. They get something for those dues. It's the way the world works. So. Take yours. Get them to a hospital. And don't step in my guacamole again, or I'll have to get a little better prepared for our next encounter. The Sprawl, ain't yours. Stop playing Superhero."

Minos tosses the gang leader a lighter. "Well, Frank, the Sprawl does not belong to me, that's true. However, there are some citizens of the Sprawl to whom I've taken a liking." He pauses. "Because of this, I've been cleaning up some of your more…rowdy 'clients'. I'll continue to do that. I expect your…"friends" to sell wire to other gangers and harass some folks, but if they don't stay out of the kiddie drugs biz and they don't keep a clear zone around the Cybered Arms and a few other places, well… I can't be responsible for their safety and, I would reccommend, you inform them of the same thing with regards to your protection. I don't want to start a war, here, Frank, and I'm willing to give you what you want to a degree. But you'll have to compromise or I'll get a little better prepared for our next encounter, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the resources behind me are a bit better than those behind you."

Kassandra keeps her hands in plain sight, not moving from where she is. Likewise, Cash keeps a firm hand on Vixen, who never takes kindly to this sort of thing.

Blindside lights the cigar then, glancing at Kassandra, then Vix and Cash… "Tell ya what." Says he, puffing the cigar to light. "You and yours. Later Tonight (Scene where appropriate). Me and Mine. We meet with Keegan and set up something of a neutral ground. YOu tell me who yours are… and we'll figure something out. Maybe a little dues, maybe a little give and take. I'm a reasonable man, and AP is expensive." He tosses the lighter back.

Frank lights the cigar then, glancing at Kassandra, then Vix and Cash… "Tell ya what." Says he, puffing the cigar to light. "You and yours. Later Tonight (Scene where appropriate). Me and Mine. We meet with Keegan and set up something of a neutral ground. YOu tell me who yours are… and we'll figure something out. Maybe a little dues, maybe a little give and take. I'm a reasonable man, and AP is expensive." He tosses the lighter back.

Minos catches the lighter and pauses refectively. "I've got one question. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I'd just like to confirm it. You with the spaghetti-eaters?"

Frank snorts derisively, puffing his cigar. "Fuck that. I answer to one man." He says, moving back for his bike. "And thats me." A pause as he looks back to Minos. "Holster em', boys… We got the message across."

Minos looks at Frank and says, "Fine. We'll talk later." He picks up his shield and staff and heads back towards the bar.

Kassandra relaxes when all the guns aren't pointing at her. The elf remains where she is, however, watching the Steel Tide roll.

[ Shadowrun Denver ]
===============================> Street Rumors <===============================
You receive word from Gunfight in the Warrens (Fri Dec 5 14:50:33 2008):

Holy Christ! Did you /see/ what went down last night, omae?

It was the baddest fight I've ever seen, and I saw Iron Mike Jones fight a two wendigo! See, the Steel Tide was out for blood last night, and chummer, the got it. Seems they were a little pissed at that minotaur, you know, the one what talks all British? Word is they didn' like him sticking his snout in the Warren's biz.

Things went south when the Big Bull, Cash (you know he is back in town, right???), that silverhaired Vixen chick, and Janie Guns all came out and faced down with the Tide. Big Man Frank was talking and all the sudden went and tossed a knife at Janie cause she was all about to draw on him. The Big Bull charged at Frank and just got fucking HAMMERED by gunshots, but kept going. This slot Jimmy Twitch outdrew Guns and blew her DOWN. I mean, fucking blood and gore everywhere.

The Bull and Frank went out it in this flurry of shotgun blasts and stickfighting before things simmered down and they had a smoke. Sort of a par-lay, if you know what I mean? Seems they are gonna have a big powwow tonight somewhere. I wish I could be a fly on the wall o'that meeting!

Posted by Kassandra (#9777) <

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