There Can Be Only One
Denver - Saturday, December 06, 2008, 6:13 PM

From afar, The Shadow is attempting to keep his identity concealed. Part of the code. Voice Control, Facial Sculpting, Disguise (Active), and Acting (KS). In case you wanted rolls for any of that.

Long distance to The Shadow: Kassandra trusts it will be ok, although you may hve to roll if someone wants to pick at who youa re

Music occupies those in the arena as everyone finds their seats in the relative gloom, the lights focusing on the octogon

Deathwish steps out of the elevator doors as they close.

Deathwish has arrived.

Music occupies those in the arena as everyone finds their seats in the relative gloom, the lights focusing on the octogon more than anywhere else. The various songs played are designed to keep the crowd riled to a fever pitch, to focus everyone on the approaching violence and mayhem without driving them to destroy the building.

Ghost steps off the elevator and shuffles to the side, taking a moment to look around and take in the people around him, looking for poorly guarded ostentatious displays of wealth, and people he knows

Lilith drifts in, supposedly there as a…companion to Kyo. She's tall, serene, dress rustling as she moves forward, a beautiful highlight to the general rumble of the crowd. She smiles as she looks around, looking over the crowd with a gaze of general amusement, letting the roar and the music just flow over her.

Deathwish slips in behind Ghost, a cigarette holder clamped in his teeth. He mumbles incoherently to himself, hands in his pockets, packing along at the side of one of the bleachers.

Pulse steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Pulse has arrived.

Kassandra is dressed in her 'working' clothing, the dark grey longcoat allowing her to mix and match with all sorts of folks. She holds a position of interest here, having apparently taken a fairly large hand in negotiating things to make this happen. The elf moves through the crowd, nodding here, handshaking there, all the while keeping track of what is going on.

The crowd is rowdy, full of an assortment of the good, bad, and ugly of the Denver underworld. Little clusters and cliques break out all over, as mafioso sit in one area, differing gangs in yet another. A section up high houses an assortment of Yakuza, while various Ringers, Biker Gangs, Shadowrunners, slumming corpers, rock stars and reprobates, and the occational squatter all vie for their own place, filling in the blanks between power groups.

The marquee is fully illuminated, with blistering nova-hot designs programmed by some of the cities hottest digital artists flickering back and forth to distract and amuse the crowd.

Lilith snaps out a fan, idly blowing cooler air over her neck. She moves towards the higher class seating, the richer crowd, fitting in well with that crowd. She raises a hand and smiles charmingly at some Italian gentleman, searching for a comfortable place to sit.

Ghost eventually circulates through the crowd until he approaches mora, "'lo ….youse PR folk know your here?

The bookies are running bets fast and furious tonight in light of the level of competitors, with runners heading in and out of the arena proper, taking bets to sources unknown. Lights flicker where the bookies sit, with screens of data changing, realtime updates of what clients are betting both here and elsewhere.

Mora comes in with a large male orc shadowing her every movement, if some one gets to close to her with out the dark skined elf's permision they get told to back off "please Hestian I know Aiko told you to be protective of me but dont scare the people around here." Said with a soft Irish accent. She looks to Ghost "they were the ones that told me to come here."

There's a stirring in the crowd as two huge figures move into the zone: Mountains of Trogflesh, Grip and Fang arrive from the elevator, looking extremely uncomfortable in custom-tailored Armante suits. With them is a small gaggle of boxers from the Bare Knuckle gym, all likewise dressed up in their "sunday best."

But there's no sign of the Pulse himself. Perhaps he's already here… but their are rumors going around the crowd about gunshot wounds and battles with dragon-ladies, of kidnappings and sharp knives in back alleys. "Hey, didn't he get shot in the head last night?" One man wonders.

"I dunno. Hear he's given up since that 'taur knocked him to last week."

Lilith tilts her head, catching the whispers. She smiles to herself and looks over the room, trying to spot the big man.

"Refreshments" here consist of just about any vice you can think of: there are joygirls and boys making the rounds, as well as any number of dealers selling Bliss, pot, hash, chips, BTLS .. just about anything you may be looking for to alter you mood, to blur your senses, or to make you see things that no one else can. The open bar serves the usual refreshments as well as Cal Hots, beetles from Hong Kong, even blood and motor oil in case of 'special' clients.

Lilith stands for now, mingling like the gracious entertainer she is, drawing the gaze of corper and ganger alike as she smiles and laughs. She waves a hand for a server, calling for a glass of champagne. Not that she pays…there's a man or two willing to buy it for her, as usual.

Deathwish partakes of various refreshments, his cred flowing unsparingly. He replaces the cigarette with the dankest joint he can find, cracks a fingertip compartment for a bump of nova and settles into a slouch on the bleachers, as far to the back as he can get a spot.

Selene steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Selene has arrived.

Kassandra makes the rounds, jandering between social strata and power groups with deft ease. The fixer, known on the streets as Silk, seems to take the various patrons of the fight in stride. A string of average looking men come and go from her side, bringing her information it seems from various points in the arena; likely when the fighters arrive, the current betting situation, and so forth.

Security for this event seems to have been agreed upon ahead of time, with each little clique having their own security, and the 'house' security being provided by a number of able-looking bodies in black 'Arena Security' t-shirts — that is, if you could see the T-shirts clearly through body armour and the like. Still, many will compromise with arm bands with the same logo. They all look at least as competant as your average samurai, and spend their time lurking in strategic spots. No one -really- expects these fellows to do much if things get out of hand.

Ghost chuckles, "guess all publicity be good publicity right", i wish de bird girl woulda come down, but de d*mn bar keep her too busy fer anyting

Mora takes a seat as the ment to be scary looking Orc stands near her "I know I offered to help out at the pub but she said she dident need me."

Grip and Fang move down towards the front, finding a spot to open up. They appear to be waiting somebody, dressed all fancy. Fang hears a man spreading rumors and picks him up. "Da Boss is here," he says. "Ain't no bullet to his brain keep him down, an' aint nottin can make him quiet. Not after silk done talked sense back into him."

The rumors continue to spread. "So he -did- get shot last night. How did it miss the news?"

"Pauly gettin shot aint really news no more. Bet it was someone trying to keep him out of the fight."

The ring is set up and decorated, almost a replica of what you might find at a 'real' sporting event. The ropes for this

The ring is set up and decorated, almost a replica of what you might find at a 'real' sporting event. The ropes for this battle are black and white, with the turnbuckles in those colours as well.

Lilith bobs her head to an eager young corp boy…she laughs softly and pats him on the cheek, making some comment that his companions find hilarious. The boy all but pouts and the dance continues. ..she looks sharply over the Trolls, arching an eyebrow. Pauly got shot? Damme.

Ghost says "heh ….de big rock star slingin shots behind the bar ….place would get swamped wid yer screamin fans …den you really needs your orc boys"

Mora chuckles and shakes her head "na with all the shots I keep buy the lads there dont go to wild. I would have to put them to work in other ways then… be funny to watch them clean dishes."

Lilith nods and chuckles at something someone else says…idly, as a server passes by, she hands them a shimmering, ebony black rose from her bodice. A faint whisper, a nod directed to the two big trolls of Pauly's, a tip.

Silk dispatches runners to check on the fighters, making her way towards the bookies area with some difficulty, as the crowds are getting fairly wound up. The elf waves a hand at one of the runners, apparently not interested in whatever he is about to tell her. Instead, she sends the man back into the crowd on an errand.

Selene makes her way down to the ring, finding Grip and Fang keeping an open space. She squeezes through the last packed throng to find a place between the two well dressed trolls.

Deathwish maintains a stately recline, wisps of silvery smoke drifting from the corners of his lips as he puffs on the joint placed in the tip of his cigarette holder. His ebongy cyberdigits roll with boredom on the seat of the bleachers as he awaits some action, as it were.

Ghost grins, "she try to put me in dem rubber dishwasher gloves sumtim ….i always offer to go fetch her a kid from the 'rens be happy to do dat …

Mora shrugs "its not that bad really, just do it and get it done with. But then I love to cook and clean.. were you there on thanksgiving, I cooked a large meal for the bar."

Grip and Fang turn to Selene. Fang takes off his fedora. "Evening, boss-lady," he says, by far the more erudite of the two. "Pauly says weese to look after you. Been people stealin' women lately n' trying drek." He smiles.

Grip, on the other hand, recieves the ebony rose and looks confused. He lifts it up, turning it over in his hands.

He eats a petal and makes a face.

Lilith looks back over to the trolls and sighs.

Another rumor spreads. "Man, haven't -seen- pauly since he got shot. He's been sending Reed out on his buisness."

"Reed? Wasn't he boffing that witch in the Abyss the other night? Man, Pauly's gonna be pissed when he hears about that."

"I dunno. Reed's got an air around him… he scares me. Hear about that thing with the pregnant slitches…?"

Ghost says "not dis year …i had some work kep me tied up ..caught h*ll for dat too ….didna see why it were such a big deal, but robin gots funny ideas bout stuff like dat"

Selene smiles up.. way up at Grip, "Awww..Thanks guys. I'm sorry about the other night, Grip. You ok?"

Mora chuckles and nods "well she is a strange little bird."
The Shadow arrives after a time— appearing to come out of one of the less lit places in the Dome. He bears no apprentice— no lovely ladies at his side— no lackies to hold his things. From the look of his appearance, he travels light anyway. The dark-clad figure makes his way just to the arena without spending any time socializing on the way there.

The crowd is getting into the mood with the 2068 versions of songs in the vein of 'Eye of the Tiger'. Currently, MegaWar's 'Kill Them All and Make Them Die!' is playing; the troll death rock has the gangers fired up, at least, although several members of the Red Dragon Tong look less than thrilled.

Joygirls and boys ply their trade as the crowd stirs, waiting like a beast for the blood to spray.

Aladriel steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Aladriel has arrived.

Lilith shrugs to herself and moves towards a spot amidst the richer crowd, waving off some admirers, and finds a spot to sit. She's already seen Pauly…intrigued by the newcomer, she sits slightly more towards that side of the ring. Close enough to get a good view, not so close as to strain her neck or get blood on her dress.

Grip finishes eating the flower and looks at Selene. "What? Nah, it all right. Boss hits me in the head all the time. Lets Tasha hit me all the time. Once? Vixen broke my hand, cause I wouldnt let her up to see Boss in bath. Hurt." He smiles, and its notable that he's missing most of his teeth.

Selene grins up at Grip, and hops up on her tip toes, giving him a very chaste kiss on the cheek. "Good. Still feel a little bad about it."

The music starts to fade down, what little light there is in the main arena all but vanishing. The crowd doesn't hush; instead, they raise the volume, chanting for the fight to begin. The restlessness and waiting are almost over, fed by a lust for blood and violence that even the best trideo cannot duplicate.

Chipheads and dope fiends, sluts and gangers, runners and criminals alike, all prepare themselves for the main event.

Silk makes her way to the ring, snagging one of the ropes with a sure grip and pulling herself up. She surveys the arena with a knowing grin, climbing under the ropes.

Ghost looks up as the music announces the mysterious figure, he moves over to the bleachers reserving enough space for himself, mora, and her entourage

The music suddenly resumes with a thunderous boom of base and the Rocky IV Hit 'No Easy Way Out' starts playing. Sparks light across one of the entrances, and out steps The Pulse, sweat gleaming down his body. He looks… different. Still like himself, obviously, but… his features are more chiseled, his hair darker, his eyes… his eyes brighter, shining like bright stars. He seems to tower as he stalks to the ring alone, the crowd splitting for him. A fresh scar spiderwebs across his side, an obviously half-healed bullet wound, and there's a sharp scar right above his ear… but he's moving with no trouble, a stalking Lion walking towards his right place in the world.

Lilith sighs and wiggles a finger in her ear against the noise. Oi, crazy Yanks and their crazy "events",.

"Is it East versus West… or Man Versus man?" The sing croons.

Mora hmms "well at least its not one of my songs." said to her friend sitting next to her. But as the music starts her Orc body gaurd even looks like he will be paying attion to the match.

Just in time, Aladriel's squeezing her way through the crowd as the first of the fighters makes his way to the ring. She heads on towards ringside, which at this point is pretty well packed, making sure she has quite the job ahead of her in reaching her party.

Lilith idly lets her gaze look over the exciteable crowd…she spots Ally and smiles, waving a hand high so the girly girl can see her.

Silk watches both men on their way to the ring, twirling an obsidian credstick between her fingers. She waits for the men to gather in the ring before reaching for a hands-free headphone in her jacket pocket, pulling the device on. The music fades out, leaving a faint hum. The woman speaks, her words reverberating throughout.

"I'll keep this short for you fraggers." She holds up the stick, the lights catching the utter blackness of it, "This is what they are fighting for. This and a lot more. They are fighting for the claim of the baddest mother fucker this city has seen, the best hand to hand fighter in the plex. A lotta folks claim they are the Champ. Tonight .. Tonight we settle this once and for all."

The elf lets her hand drop, moving to exit the octagon.

The odds for tonight, for all you betters, is 1:1. This is the first annual battle. Pulse is well known, but as a boxer, not a pitfighter. The Shadow? Well, he is not known at all, but he looks like a bad mother.

Lilith raises her hand and calls over a bookie.

One of the bookies runners rush towards Lilith, eager to get the bid down before the fight begins.

Lilith bends her head to the bookie, murmuring quietly.

Deathwish lets out a cheer, now that action is in the ring. He's not here to gamble, simply spectating at the top of the bleachers. He shouts out, "Make him bleed!".

Lilith hands over a credstick to the bookie, along with a caution to remain discreet. She certainly doesn't tell anyone who's she's betting for.

The runner nods his head, moving with alacrity to the bookie station to put in the bet.

Pulse smiles grimly at Silk, then turns to the crowd, raising a fist. His boxers roar.

He pumps it again; they roar in reply. At least his people are loyal.
He turns back to the Shadow, and his eyes burn. There's a little bit of green at the edges, but just a little. He holds out his fists to the man, waist high, to put his hands against the others in a gesture of honor and respect.

Selene flags down a bookie, waving franticly because she's unwilling to give up her prime spot near the ring.

Antigone steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Antigone has arrived.

A bookie rushes to Selene, keeping an eye on the ring.

Thank goodness, Ally sees who she's looking for and with a destination in sight she is able to push, squeeze and manuever her way over towards Lilith. When she finally gets close enough, Ally slides in next to Lilith and smiles at the man that she kinda nudges aside in order to sit down. "So who'd you bet on?" she practically yells, just to be heard by the one right beside her.

Lilith lifts her gaze to the ring, a wicked look in her eyes and a laugh on her lips. She looks over to Ally and grins, shrugging. "I never kiss and tell, my dear girl."
Then another rumor rushes through the crowd. "Did you hear?" They say. "Pauly's not being sponsored by the mob."


"Yeah, word is, he refused Joey… -Tig- put up the money!"

The Shadow enters from one side of the octagon like smoke appears from a cigarette left burning by itself for a few minutes. The chainlink entrance in the fence closes behind him once inside— giving the available arena lighting to shine on his satin robe. The robe does not shine like the fabric should, but appears to consume the light— making him look like a black blur outside of his lower face and lips.
The lips mutely respond to the expression— holding out a fist. Then in his own tradition, a bow from the waist.

Selene exchanges a few quiet words and a credstick with the bookie.

Kassandra stalks away from the octagon, tossing the mic to one of her cronies. The elf finds a place up front to watch, in prime blood-splattering territory. Runners of all sorts move to and from the small woman, bringing word of what is going on, the current odds, any problems, and so on.

The Shadow's lips move, but nothing is said— for those accutely watching him.

Pulse Walks back to his… corner… of the Octagonal Ring, running his heavy-wrapped hands through his void-black hair. His pale skin shines in sharp contrast to the darker ninja, and his eyes are burning with a strange green light. He looks out over the crowd, standing alone, and his eyes briefly meet those of the Witch down in front. His lips move, but there is no sound… and as he turns to face his opponent, they move again.

Making her way out of the elevator, Tig allows ehrself to be checked over by what passes for security. Ignoring the vaguely lingering touches, she pushes through the crowd, some stepping out of her way, and some into it depending on sexual orientation and whether their significant other is watching or not. A quick question is asked, and an answer supplied, and she moves over to the ring, slipping people yen on the way and angling for the bookie, handing over a ten thousand yen stick, backing the Champ with more than just sponsorship.

"Oh, hmm, okay," Ally murmurs, considering. She reaches into her jacket and pulls out a credstick and goes off in search of a bookie, and it takes just a bit for one to happily take her money, after which she returns to Lilith.

Runners for the bookies are moving with speed. The Yak is tossing out money, and the mob. One gang is trying to bid on someone not even in the match, which is causing a bit of a hang-up. Still, while the fighters pose and preen, money is being transferred at alarming rates.

Lilith chuckles and settles back with a glass of champagne to enjoy the fight. "This'll be entertaining."

The red light comes on over the bookie station, indicating that all bets are closed. The windows close off with bars and blastglass, letting the men inside start getting everything set for payouts. The ref strides into the octagon, his zebra shirt clearing indicating his function. The bald man motions to the fighters to come to the center of the ring.

Selene bounces up and down on her toes, and pokes Grip, "hey.. Grip. Put me up on your shoulders, can't see good enough."

Pulse walks back to the center, feet heavy on the mat. His expression is unreadable: no cocky grin, no nervous smile, no grim stare. He looks at the bald man, then at the shadow.

More gratiutous sweat gleaming down his body. Mmmm.

The troll ascedes, lifting the little elf up and putting her on his shoulders. Fang looks lonely.

The Shadow approaches the center of the ring in a slow— graceful pace. He appears weightless— and without sound. A very nice contrast to the power that radiates from Pulse' approach. Only his lips are readable— but they remain neutral and cold.

Lilith crosses her legs as she watches. Chuckling to herself. "So, why'd you come by, Ally? I didn't think this was your scene." Another corper boy tries to wiggle to her side…she waves him off. "Having fun?"

Hot, sweaty boxing champ. That's the whole reason Tig bothered to put in an appearance. Mmm, Tasty! Most of the focus stays on the fight, but a few rumors circulate, linking Antigone's name to Ares, local sex rings, and dragons. course, as with most rumors, only part of them are true, if any.

The Ref speaks, his voice transmitted to the entire arena, "You boys know how this works, and I ain' gonna tell you what you already know. Now … let's get it on!"

The spry older man leaps back, making a slashing motion in the air. The crowd erupts into violent screaming and yelling for their favorite, cheering the men on.

"Why isn't Pauly being backed by the families?"

"I dunno. Doesn't make any sense."

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Initiative with a result of 8.
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Initiative with a result of 24.

From afar, to (Kassandra, Pulse): The Shadow rolls athletics test for dodge dice and make it appear Paulie has the initiative.

«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Athletics vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra):
1 3 3 4 5 5 8 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Centering vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra) for "Centering (Base: Stealth/Athletics)":
2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 = 8 Successes

Ally all around, surveying the crowd before the fight actually begins. She leans in to hear Lilith and then looks at the woman before replying back, again in a half-yell, "Trying to get out more, seemed like a fun sort of thing to be at," she tells her.

The Shadow stands where he is— evidentally not as fast as his appearance would dictate. His lips do move though— a prayer, a song— or possibly a memo. No one can appear to hear it, though. (Page if you would like to zero in on it please).

Lilith nods. She remains cool as always as the crowd roars, calmly sipping her champagne and watching the ring. Raising her voice to be heard clearly, she tilts her head to Ally. "Just in case, feel free to zap or do whatever you do to anyone punter who makes me spill me champagne."

Ghost adjusts his goggles to get a better view, letting others crowd the better seats, "i like pauly an all ….but you gots to watch out for those quiet ones …"

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Magic vs TN 4 (to The Shadow and Kassandra):
1 1 1 3 4 4 5 7 9 13 = 6 Successes

Lilith closes her eyes and listens to the few faint strains of sound she can hear coming from the shadowy man in the ring. Very nice, actually.

Mora nods to her friend as she watches the ring "I dont watch sports like this much as I prefer lesser liked sports like bowling."

Pulse Watches the shadow, and, respectfully, backs up a pace, slowly folding up into his stance, rising to the balls of his feet. Suddenly, he's no longer the heavy, plodding tank: as he rises, he seems to become almost lighter than air, moving back and forth… but as he draws his right hand back and starts to slowly corkscrew it around, he seems to bulge. Maybe its a trick of the light, but he almost seems to grow: become more powerful, more menacing. More green leaks ino his eyes.

Kassandra leans forward, watching the opening moments of the bout. Her eyes focus on the two men, noting their posture, their footwork, their psychology.

The crowd roars, with one rather violent gang (The Bloody Marys) banging on their seats and starting time honoured tradition of throwing things.

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Initiative with a result of 7.
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Initiative with a result of 25.

From her perch on Grip's shoulders, Selene has a fantastic unimpeded view of the fight. Emitting a piercing whistle, she cheers for the big dark haired man in the blue trunks.

The Shadow continues to stand where he is— a very quiet— solemn fighter. As Pulse powers up— the shady man nods his head. Now he finally drops down into a simple defensive stance.

Ghost looks at mora, "really bowlin? bet you has a lane installed on one of yer tour buses

«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Athletics vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra):
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Centering vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra) for "Centering (Base: Stealth/Athletics)":
1 2 3 3 3 4 7 9 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Athletics vs TN 2 (to The Shadow and Kassandra) for "monkey see, monkey do.":
2 2 4 5 5 5 = 6 Successes

Lilith takes another sip of champagne, twirling her glass. She watches the boxer swing…interesting. The Shadow move…well. This'll be fun.

Mora chuckles and shakes her head "thought about it, but luckly here in America there are allot of allys."
From afar, to (The Shadow, Kassandra): Pulse adds 3.

Antigone's ears lay back, the right one torn and healed, but unable to lay flat as the one to the left. When Pulse flexes and gets the blood to a muscle not between his legs, she gives an approving nod, familiar with the man's ways in the ring.

Ghost says "aint never seen you down to the rollin bones ….", he raises his voice, "Somebody HIT somebody already!""

Mora sighs "is this a staring match. And I been there I ran in to you and your girl friend once rember. She wanted you to hit on me."

Pulse starts to move around the ring, right fist still twirling as he keeps his left up. He circles around his rival, watching him as a lion watches its prey, or perhaps as the mongoose watches the cobra: patiently waiting for the coming clash, face still impassive. At last, he thinks he sees an opening and steps in, left hand extending in a lighting-swift jab towards the shadow's jaw.

If Ally heard Lili say something about 'zapping' someone who spills her champagne, she ignores it. Her eyes are locked on the two combatants and she finds herself cheering along with the rest when the first punch is thrown.

Ghost says "oi i completely forgot bout dat ….would it have werked? oh here we goes"

Mora wows at the guys speed, as she says "no rember I am a lesbian."

The Shadow's head stands where it is up until the end. The footwork at the distance that is covered becomes more difficult to gauge— and he uses it to shift his body out of the way of the strike. By inches. The sheer force of the strike blows a wind that takes the hood clear off— revealing the man's face. Stark white hair— one deep red eye with a scar across it and the other one as blue as frost. The jab does not leave his opponent open at all (thats the point of a jab) but…

Thistledown steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Thistledown has arrived.

Lilith eyes widen as she watches, and she claps politely. "Good show, I say, good show." She sets the empty glass aside. "Marvelous."

The crowd is rowdy, full of an assortment of the good, bad, and ugly of the Denver underworld. Little clusters and cliques break out all over, as mafioso sit in one area, differing gangs in yet another. A section up high houses an assortment of Yakuza, while various Ringers, Biker Gangs, Shadowrunners, slumming corpers, rock stars and reprobates, and the occational squatter all vie for their own place, filling in the blanks between power groups.

Ghost says "oi right ….elf, i keep forgettin …"

Mora looks right to Ghost "being elf doesnt mean you are gay."

Speaking of elves, Silk motions to one of the runners heading back and forth from her, whispering something into the man's ears. He takes off at a trot, winding his way up the bleachers towards one of the boxes. The woman goes back to watching the match, shaking her head at something.

Lilith looks over at Ally and grins, shouting to make herself heard. "Who do you favour? The odd fellow in black, or that lusty Sicilian?"

Selene overhears that comment and calls over to Lilith, "Half-Irish! Sicillian!"

The Shadow tests the waters out himself— letting a quick palm blaze not towards the man's face— but towards his chest. The robe itself snaps in the air— making the only sound the ninja has made all day.

Lilith shouts back. "OI, 'e makes bloody sense now! Bleedin' micks!"

Ally crinkles her nose a little bit and considers Lilith's question, pursing her lips. "I'm not sure. The one just looks like any other fighter, but the guy in black looks like he's got something up…" she stops as she hears Lilith corrected, looking up at the elf atop the troll.

Mora looks over to Lilith "oh Limey watch it." says the elf from Tir na nOg.

Thistledown takes a seat on the bleachers. (Place #1)

Lilith has a teasing grin on her face. She's busting balls, as Pulse likes to say.

At least half of the crowd roars. Several of the asian gangs and organizations seem to have claimed the silent fellow as their champion against the mutt boxer, yelling their approval in a mixture of Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, and Thai.

Antigone's tail twitches, doing it's best to stay away from the people. The pinstripe, corporate-casual suit standing out at the ringside. Staying to her place, she watches in silence, pheromones and scent gland coupling to leave the area nearest her smelling like cinnamon candies.

Pulse's body shifts at the man's breezy dodge, and his elbow drops to trap the breezy palm down as he pivots into a right-handed haymaker aimed right at the smaller figure's glowing eye. "Wanna play tag?" He growls, finally breaking his silence.

The arena is a cacophony of noise, with screaming, stomping, cursing and yelling the predominate forms of communication. The actions of the fight seem to amp up the volume, driving the crowd into a frenzy with each passing minute.

Ghost comments to mora, "yeah i heard a rumor like dat ….cant says i believe it …oh he is quick …"

The Shadow goes back on that one— completely floored as he is crushed in the face. The black figure lands square on his back— grinning. With a flick and graceful motion he kips back up to his feet, "Much better," he says in a raspy voice.

Lilith winces as the shadowy man takes a hit. "Oooh, hells. That was unpleasant."

Selene squeels at the action, "Get 'im Pulse. Take 'im down!" She rises, thighs squeezing the neck of her troll pedastal with excitment over the action.

«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Initiative with a result of 29.
«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Initiative with a result of 8.
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Centering vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra) for "Centering to reduce TN. Init grade— obscene.":
1 2 3 3 3 3 4 10 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Athletics vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra) for "Athletics test for dodge dice":
2 3 4 4 5 7 11 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Centering vs TN 2 (to Pulse and Kassandra) for "Centering to reduce TN. Init grade— obscene.":
1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 = 6 Successes

Mora crumples her face "wow when they hit they really hit hard." said a bit amazed as the trid never translate the punches that well.

Lilith claps again. "Bloody good show!"

Cringing as Pulse's fist crashes into the Shadow's face, flooring the dark-clad fighter, Ally shakes her head and starts to speak to Lilith…only to pause and then cheer when the Shadow hops right back onto his feet. She leans in to Lilith, "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … sparring … … …"

Pulse steps in with another punch even as the man flips up, a solid high-class left cross… expecting the man to weave away from the blow again.

Lilith blinks and looks over at the girl. She smiles. "… … the … … … … … the … …"
Kassandra chews on her bottom lip, watching the men fight. The elf's eyes follow the punches and blows, the dodges and weaves as best she can.

The crowd is on their feet in some places, with catcalls and screams for blood and death.

The Shadow steps into, towards the punch. It is a maneuver you rare see— as if you miss by milimeters, you just make the blow that much harder. In this case, the white-haired ninja does not get hit. He gets in close— and all that is left is a very low to the ground uppercut right to the big guy's chest. The crack is heard across the entire arena— like a troll with a baseball bat beatting down a halfer, "For the Honor," he says in Japanese as the strike lands.
If that wasn't bad enough, it is forceful enough to lift Paulie off of the ground similar to what occured when the ninja got cracked in the face moments ago. Only this is slightly higher— a good several meters up into the air.
The ninja goes from his crouching position back— up against the chainlink fence and climbs the verticle surface just by running up it. At a fair height he kicks off— grabbing what is left of Paulie's form and throwing it down into the arena. Hard.
Second later he lands— straight and stoic. (Japanese)

Lilith hisses under her breath. "Sweet holy fuck."

Pulse doesn't move.

Selene leans so far forward over Grip's head that she almost tips him over, and holds her breath while watching the big man on the floor of the ring..

A collective gasp is heard throughout the arena. That was NOT what people expected, or at least a good many of them. There are screams for Pulse to get up, with a number of 'connected fellows' on their feet waving their hands. Other places in the arena, they are on their feet as well, but cheering the stoic ninja on. "Hit him again!" may be heard in a mixture of languages.

Kassandra is impassive to the results, or at least outwardly seems so. The woman simply waits to see if the boxer rises, folding her hands in her lap. Indeed, that seems to be the general consensus.

From afar, to (Kassandra, The Shadow): Pulse is out of kp. now @ 6 phys.

Stunned silence from the ctagirl, and then Tig laughs. It hurts, pain flaring from a wound hidden beneath layers of armored clothing. Hundred and thirty five thousand yen down the pipe, and she's giggling. Reaching up, she slides two fingers along the brim of the fedora, ina 'check mate' kind of gesture. One Pulse, bought and paid for with his own failure.

Thistledown shifts to a slightly higher seat in the bleachers, clear of the press of the crowd.

Selene slides down Grip's body, landing lightly on her feet and shoving her way through the last 2 rows of people blocking her from the ring, and yells at Pulse, "Pauly.. Get up.. Pauly!"

Lilith covers her mouth with her hand. "Oh dear. I hope he's not dead…Ally, do you have a healing spell ready?"

Ghost says "oh dat is a noice move goin up like dat, aint as easy as he make it look"

The roar of the crowd grows, trying to, by sheer force of will, to force Pulse back onto his feet.

Arena Security moves to keep the push of the crowd badk from the ring, trying to let the fight finish without having half of Denver in there with them.

Mora nods with inagreament "well I am a lover not a fighter, but I know that was bloody impresive."

Blood starts leaking out of Pulse's ears and nose.

Selene pages: Assenses the boxer?

A lot of it.

The Shadow stands where he is— and does not give into the bloodthirty crowd's demands to turn Pulse into a gooey paste. This fight is over. His eyes scan out the crowds— looking for someone, or something. Leaning back he takes his hood, lips moving without a word again.

You paged Selene with 'He is injured, seriously, physically'.

Lilith looks a bit worried. "Ally?"

Ally watches, as surprised as anyone else with what just happened. Holy…wow. "I certainly hope he's okay, I'll try to get up there and check on him," she says, standing up to try and move towards the ring. It'd probably be easier to just run across peoples heads at this rate.

The ref moves forward to check on Pulse, keeping an eye on Shadow in case he decides to finish things once and for all. The man raises Pulse's arm once, letting it fall.

Selene scratches at the face of the damn so called security that tries to keep her away from the ring, "Let me in there, you fuck! NOW!"

Lilith nods. "Run, girl!" She looks up towards the ring, gazing towards Pulse, then the shadowy boxer, clearly shocked.

The ref raises the man's arm a second time, watching it fall to the mat.

The security guard reels, clearly not prepared for Selene to go all wildcat on him. Blood rushing down his face, the man falls back.

Turning away from the scene, Tig keeps laughing, a soft, low pitched sound that certainly can't bode well should Pulse wake up. A smirk settles on her lips and she moves through the crowd, not without difficulty, but certainly easier than some might, relying on ehr enhancements to see her through the press and towards the elevator.

Security works their hardest to keep everyone back, not wanting the fight to end on a forfeit.

Selene isn't big, and that serves her well in this case. She slips between the people directly in front of the fence door blocking the ring, opens it, and hops inside, where she rushes straight to Pulse.

Lilith bites her lip, watching the scene.

From afar, Selene plans to cast a heal on him. F5.

The Ref raises Pulse's arm a final time, holding it for several seconds before letting it fall back to the mat again. he frowns at Selene as she rushes the ring, rising and stepping away. He motions to the rising Silk, who, along with the head of the Bookies heads to the back to deliberate.

Pulse's skin is paling somewhat as blood flows into the ring freely, some now leaking out from his eyes, as well.

You paged Selene with 'Pose and do so'.

Lilith murmurs worriedly. "Oh sweet blessed Eris….Lord, watch over him."

Pushing her way through as well, Ally decides that tucking her head and just starting to elbow her way through is probably the best. She gets up to a wall of security and reaches into her jacket, pulling out a very official looking…ID. "I'm a doctor, let me get in there and take a look at him," she all but demands, and starts pushing to do just that, with the ID held before her as a weapon. Cause by force she's not going to be knocking any security guards down. Nope.

Selene shows the ref a catlike snarl and growls, "Back off." at him, before she places both hands on Pulse's chest, and begins a quiet chant.

Ghost frowns, "i seen dat girl do some hellah healin afore …him need to stop makin such a habit of needin it

The Shadow notably steps out of the way so that Selene and the ref can assess Pulse's condition. He raises a hand to the crowd and booms—like loudspeakers and raw magic, "Silence."

Mora looks to pulse lieing almost or probly dead "I wish I could do magic at moments like this."

Pulse goes silent.

Pulse lies. His bleeding makes noise.

The guard shrugs and lets Aladriel in as well, not knowing quite what to do and having trouble keeping geeked out stoned gangers out of the ring at the same time.

The booming voice quiets many of the crowd, although the next thousand or so seem inclined to keep on screaming and tossing shit.

The ref doesn't look overly plussed at Selene, moving to speak with Silk and the head bookie. The bookie seems inclined towards one result, pointing directly at Selene and making all sorts of ominious looking gestures, indicating the crowd. The ref simply nods.

«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 + 4 (Aid Power) + 1 (power focus) vs TN 8 for "+4 TN BG count f5 heal.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 + 4 (Aid Power) + 1 (power focus) - 1 vs TN 8 for "+4 TN BG count f5 heal. kp 1/18":
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 7 10 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 + 4 (Aid Power) + 1 (power focus) - 3 vs TN 8 for "+4 TN BG count f5 heal. kp 3/18":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 9 14 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Lilith phews
«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 + 4 (Aid Power) + 1 (power focus) - 5 vs TN 8 for "+4 TN BG count f5 heal. kp 6/18":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "S Drain":
2 2 2 3 3 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Selene (#609) rolls Willpower - 4 vs TN 3 for "S Drain kp 11/18":
1 2 9 = 1 Success

«Plot» Kassandra says, "Pulse is healed to L"

The Shadow's head turns towards the ref, Silk, and the bookie. He crosses his arms over his chest and asks a very simple question.

From afar, to (Pulse, Kassandra): The Shadow asks, "Is there a problem?"

Kassandra listens, chatting with the bookie and the ref.

The crowd is murmuring, and occationally tossing things. The rumour circulates, from various regions, that the fight may be called on account of DQ.

You paged (Pulse, The Shadow) with 'The bookie explains to The Shadow, "That biff jumped in the ring before the fight is over. This is a DQ." The ref looks unconvinced. Silk, for her part, is watching the crowd.'.

From afar, to (Pulse, Kassandra): The Shadow ah yay. Social skills time! Psychology, Etiquette, Negotiation (Default to Intim, sounds like a better way here), and Commanding Voice. Short version: I'd like to change his mind. :)

Dante steps out of the elevator doors as they close.
Dante has arrived.

«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Psychology (to Kassandra) for " KP":
4 5 7 10 11 14
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Etiquette (to Kassandra):
1 2 4 4 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Negotiation (to Kassandra):
1 1 2 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» The Shadow (#1574) rolls Negotiation (to Kassandra) for "KP":
1 3 3 4 5 8

Pulse is looking a little better on the floor. Maybe, if his bloody cousin had been here, he would have had the will to win.

Mora takes this as a good time to leave "ghost if you want to go bowling some time let me know."

Selene puts 2 fingers to her lips and whistles loudly for Grip and Fang, "Yo! You two get your asses in here and help me."

Mora goes home.
Mora has left.

The Shadow appears to have a few words with the bookie while the ref listens and Silk contains the crowds. He has a few short— and very direct things to say in this case.

Well she was able to get into the ring, and unfortunately too late to cast a spell to make things better. So Ally looks down at Pulse, sees him looking better and nods a bit. "He doesn't look terrible. He's going to have a headache for certain," she tells Selene. Then she goes over and crouches on the other side of Pulse and lays her fingertips on his hand, barely noticable. "Can spare him the insult of being carried out of here, he can walk himself out," she murmurs.

From afar, to (Pulse, Kassandra): The Shadow explains, "He was down— and confirmed by the ref before medical attention you failed to provide promptly arrived so he didnt die. Under your own rules, the fight is over with a KO— or would you really want to stain his honor. And mine."

Antigone nearly runs into Dante, pausing and inclining her head to him. "Dante. You cousin is expensive." she says, then giggles, clearly in high spirits despite the drama in the ring behind her and the blood all over the mats and Pulse.

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 4 (to Kassandra) for "F3 Awaken on Pulse":
1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 7 8 8 = 6 Successes

The bookie listens to something The Shadow has to say to him. He hesitates, teetering, and then falls on the side of sanity. He nods to Silk, who strides forward, microphone in hand once again, "The winner of this bout by a Knockout, is The Shadow. Let's hear it for the new Champion of Denver!" The woman indicates The Shadow with an outstretched hand, letting the crowd cheer him as they will. For her part, the woman steps back to avoid getting pelted with drinks

Lilith winces and then sighs in relief. "Oh, thank goodness. Dammit, Lucciano. You scared me."

Dante steps off the elevator, sliding a pocsec into his pocket. He is just looking up as he almost collides with Antigone. He gives a confused look. "He's what? Oh drek… I missed the fight, didn't I? Frag!" He mutters more curses under his breath, facepalming. He breaths a long sigh. "Listen, we need to talk… tonight… I have a run for you, and it can't wait. Let me get Pauly sorted, then can we talk?"

Almost immediately the bookie stations are under siege with various patrons waving betting tickets. Runners scamper here and there, bringing sticks out to some of the outlying areas.

"Pauly has his usual gaggle of over protective females around, he'll be fine. Almost got him disqualified, the stupid bints." Antigone says, still grinning. Then it fades. "A job? Tonight? Fuck. Let me see if my boys are up for it. Where you wanna meet?"

The Shadow raises his hand to the roaring crowd as he is named the victor. From there he turns to the administration— awaiting his prize pot.

Kassandra moves to pay off The Shadow, the security forming up a little better once the results are known, working to keep the rabble out.

Ghost smiles and lets people stream past him, keeping to himself moving to the back of the crowd, letting the excitement run its course. Yup, you gotta watch out for those quiet ones ….

Dante blinks and looks towards the ring. "Disqualified huh?" He sighs and pulls out his pocsec. "Your call, but time is of the essence… I can't guarantee this offer beyond 24 hours."

Pulse wakes up a little, dazed, but doesn't move except to rub some blood out of his eyes. Those watching him closely can only see disoriented shock on his face… and a thunderous look of heart-shattering loss.

Grip and Fang look to Selene, shaking their heads… "Sorry, boss-lady," Grip says. "But boss said he'd have our guts for garters iffen we went into the ring 'afore he woke up."

The Shadow takes the credstick in one hand. He slowly paces away— out of the octagon. With a simple graceful motion, he climbs atop the exterior— holding the device in his hand. "This is quite a lot of nuyen— and I have found the way to spend it," he says— voice changed completely. It is no longer a raspy asian voice. It is vaguely familiar ot some. "A message. A quarter million nuyen message. Hear it— and you may catch this stick— and walk home with more money than you have ever had at once," he says— lips moving from behind the hood as he waves the stick to the roaring audience.

In the ring, Ally is crouched by the fallen Pulse, her fingertips on his limp hand. Magic flows and a spell is cast. And when he awakens, Ally leans in close to speak to him for just a moment, and then she stands.
The crowd watches 'The Shadow' with attention, their eyes more on the waving credstick than the man himself. They roar, begging and asking for it, pleading, threatening…

Aladriel mutters to Pulse, "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … out … … … … … ten … you're going … … out. … … want … … …"

Lilith rises to her feet, looking greatly relieved at the events. She moves to the bookies, serenly gliding through the crowd…sharp, invisible jabs here and there make sure her way is clear. She tilts her head as the voice speaks, looks over her shoulder, vaguely surprised, but shrugs. As nice as the money would be, especially now, she'd rather not join a begging crowd, and heads to collect her other winnings.

Antigone nods to Dante, sending off a few text messages. Within moments she has a response. "Team of three, myself included…" her voice trails and she turns to look towards the ring, curious to see what her portion of the pot is going to be put to.

"To the fight," The Shadow continues, "and to the honor. For The Pulse. The best boxer Denver has ever known— and only man /still alive/ to lay a strike on 'The Shadow'." He waves it one more time— letting that sink in for a time before he tosses it out into the crowd.
At the apex of the throw the credstick explodes into tiny pebbles. All that money. Gone. And so it The Shadow. Where he once stood, now is no man.

A collective groan goes up as the money .. all that money! .. vanishes in a puff of smoke. Several in the crowd are angry, looking for the man known as The Shadow. Others howl, some laugh, and some even nod at the wisdom of the man. In the background, one indian troll is heard to murmur something about money being one of the White Man's greatest lies.

Lilith laughs to herself as she hears the groan of the crowd, and neatly finishes her business. She spins and heads back out, continuing to jab at crowders, and still vaguely annoyed her escort never showed.

Pulse looks at Aladriel for a moment, then staggers to his feet. He looks to where the shadow was. He grunts and turns away, eyes studying Selene for a moment, and then lowers his head.

Kyo comes out of the woodwork with a credstick in his hand. He twirls it between two fingers and fingers Lilith out in the crowd. "There you are," he says to her, "I've been looking for you."

Ghost chuckles at a private joke, staying in his dark corner

Lilith turns and sighs a bit, smiling faintly. "I thought we would attend together, sir. I was looking for you as well." SHe arches a brow. "Were you here for the fight?"

Silk, her business finished, looks out over the crowd. The elf revels in the moment, watching the movers and shakers in the shadows hustle and bustle at the end of the fight. Rumour has spread of the after-party, the location passing from person to person. Many have turned to leave, either to head to the party or to their own business, the night still young, Denver waiting for them.

Grip and Fang look nervous, but one looks nervously at Kyo. "Kyo. Boss don' look good." He says. "Never seen him beat like dat. Mind me never t' fight a shadow-person."

Selene smiles at Pulse, "can we go?"

Kyo nods his head to Lilith once, "Yes, I was. It was pretty boring. They spent most of the time staring. At least I won my bet. Always bet on black."

Pulse is on his feet and Ally's job in the ring is done. She reminds him, "Don't forget, not long," and then heads on out of the ring, into the throng of people milling about, working her way out. No money to go pick up, she heads towards where she last saw Lilith.

Lilith snorts and then chuckles. "And red?" She grins at him, cool in her scarlet gown.
You paged Laci with 'It will be at Z20 at the towers as soon as this is over'.

Antigone huh's faintly, then nods slightly. "Well played." she muses, then nudges Dante before starting out past him, moving stiffly before stepping into the elevator and being locked away in the steely box by the doors.

Kyo looks at the woman from the top to the bottom, "Red looks divine on you," he responds— changing the top altogether.

Antigone approaches the elevator doors, and they open, allowing them to enter the elevator.
Antigone has left.

Dante approaches the elevator doors, and they open, allowing them to enter the elevator.
Dante has left.

Pulse glances at Selene, tugging on her arm. "To the car," he says. "Give me a few minutes to recover, and…" he sighs. "We'll go to the party. I'll apologize to people for losing their money."

Selene nods to Pulse and heads out of the ring, glaring at anyone who thinks about getting too close.

Lilith chuckles and lifts her chin. "I'm glad you approve." She says dryly. "Now, there's an afterparty to attend. Are you going to go there with me now?"

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