Who is Watching the Watchers

The call comes in to Johan's cell on an encrypted channel, this is unusual but not unheard of for your rare communications with the Draco handlers. The voice is round and artifically deep, it breathes with sythetic disharmony. "Please listen carefully. There isn't much time. We have recieved a tip that a vital interest to our antiquities enterprise is being extracted from the rooftop of 213 Colorado in the CAS sector, this point is dangerously close to the Atzlan border which has tightened recently due to the Cholera epidemic. Your mission is to counter the extraction and hold the target for three days,
until he can be safely released. We have been informed that the target was extracted by a small team of freelance operatives working under Dead Mike, a fixer from CAS. They should be considered armed, dangerous, and Sinless. Rules of engagement are at your descretion due lack of reciprocity. The extraction will occur within the hour."

Lilith is sitting at home, lounging on her bed with a cigarette in a holder in one hand, an old, old book of Chaucerian English in the other.

Lilith says in Middle English, "* * * * * * * * * * ***"

Jester explains to Lilith, sitting across from her in the room "Say what?"

Johan glances at his watch as the audio is transformed in to text, scrolling across his visual field. The Imagelink. Mission data and porn in one easy to use package. Johan rolls out of bed. He had been sleeping. He's missing so much sleep recently, what with the thoughts of hot lesbian sex keeping him up at night. He moves in to the computer room, quickly issuing verbal commands. The trid screen comes on, giving him a holographic display.

"Open: Assets$Denver$Active$Available, NewScreen: Open:Pizzahut"

The sound of faint computerized beeps are heard from where Kass is sprawled across the loveseat in Ally's room at the Apple, going over her notes on her datapad. The elven woman seems content, occationally looking over to make sure that Maya is sleeping soundly.

«OOC» Jester says, "Oddly Johan, the data isnt here, it looks like it was only sent to your phone. It must be a rush job, or the data just hasnt been entered into the system yet."

Lilith looks over at Jester and grins. "Imp. I'll speak as I like…how'd you find dinner, by the way?" Of course, she'd invited the tempting boy over for another talk and was nice enough to provide food as well.

Jester rubs his tummy and leans back "I know, that you know, that I know that you know how to take care of a man. So you know that I know I enjoyed it. But the question is, do you still wanna know what I think, now that you know I know."

Lilith laughs softly, blowing smoke in slow tendrils out of her nose as she sprawls on the bed, tail flicking idly. "Of course."

«OOC» Jester says, "However Johan, data on the grid location is plentiful, its run down, come commercial real estate, highly vacant, gangers for color."

Johan raises an eyebrow as the computer reports no data. He mutters something about insufficent brains to jumpstart a car in the higher ups. A common complaint with field operations. He uses hand gestures to wipe the screen. He reaches in, then opens his hands like a book, his communications protocols opening up. He highlights names he knows to be in Denver at the moment.




He pauses, eyeing the new asset he knows Minos wants to work with. HE taps it.


The Same message is sent to each of them: Meet me at Stinky Pinky's Choke and Puke Snooze and Stop. Johnny Reb. NWP:320243"

Aladriel is curled up on her bed at the moment, looking deep in thought. There are spell scrolls all about her, but she doesn't seem to be paying much attention to them. Instead she's got her own little datapad in her lap and seems to be drawing different things. "Too much, too much," she grumbles.

Jester arches his back as his ass begins to buzz "Woah!" he smirks, and stabs a hand in his pocket, paging through the menus expertly with his thumb. "Lil, is this what I think this is?!"

Lilith lazily curls around on the bed and grabs her own ringing pocsec. She flicks it and sighs. "It appears so. Excuse me a moment, I'll need to change." Stubbing out the cig in it's tray, she proceeds to the closet and without much modesty, promptly un and then redresses

A pinging alerts Kass that an incoming message has hit one of her priority phones. Only a few people have that number, and with that she is up and moving, looking questioning at Aladriel, "What's the matter, love?" She scoops up the phone, checking the message contained there. "God damnit. I will kill him, I swear to God." Kass looks to Ally, showing the message to her, "Can you believe the places he picks to meet? I mean, really. Would it kill him not to meet in places even rats don't go?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls 2 for "Stolen Car.":
1 5

Lilith mutters something in vibrantly colourful Cockney slang about donkey cocks and males of the Johan nature.

Johan leaves the computer then, instructing it to shut down and wipe memory. He heads down to the Midevio's parking lot. There, he gets the red Corvette he stole last week and slides in to it's drivers seat. Leather seats, full electronics suite, a V-12 engine. "Maybe I should buy one of these." He murmurs, lighting a cigartte as he backs out of the space. "Naw… cheaper to just keep stealin em."

Jester does the apache dance, circling around a chair, with knife hands and chanting quietly in the way the olds ones do…on the trid. Clearly, he has just spiked the football and made it to the big leagues, and its time to celebrate.

Lilith glances over her shoulder as she slides her jacket on and saunters to the door. Her tail snatches the boy by the wrist and tugs with surprising strength along behind her. "Stop dancing, me son, and come along."

"Know that stuff I asked you to get me? Just trying to figure you out what sort of stuff to keep with me. Doing weight stuff and its just getting heavy," Ally complains as she tinkers with her model of, well, herself. Thats when she's broken out of her concentration by Kassandra's yelling. "Whats the matter?" it is her turn to ask, and she blink-blinks as a message is put before her. "Ooooh……I've never been there, but it sounds pretty gross," she says with a wrinkle of her nose. Rolling out of bed, "Be dressed in…three minutes," she tells Kassandra, throwing off all her clothes, sans underwear. She does the sprint into FFBA.

Jester murmors queezily "Oh…oh thats not right." as he follows obediantly.

Johan makes his way to the Stinky Pinkeys, which is casually near the target, but not so near as to arrouse a spotters suspicions. Johan slides the car, at a full wheels-locked skid, around its own axis to park rear-end first in to the one parking space left in the front of the area. "Liiiiiiiike a love!" Says Jonny, hopping out of the car with his cigarette burnt down to the filter. "Fucktits." He mutters as he heads inside, mentally going over the data provided.

Lilith smiles sharply at the lad as she takes him out a back door, then dings Ally and Kass. "I'm calling a taxi. Ye comin'?" Her accent slips, easily shifting to her old world guttersnipe.

Kassandra grrrs and then is momentarily distracted as Ally starts throwing clothes around. She wails quietly, "That is SO unfair!" She is moving, however, snagging her own clothes and armor, starting to pull them on. Simple things, really, just jeans and a T, shouting towards the door, "We're on our way!" The elf digs through her overnight bags, pulling out some of what she needs. She'll collect the rest on the way or afterwards.

Stinky Pinky's is the worst sort of rathole. A former filling station, it's now a kind of cultural destination with 'americana' all over the walls, but only the America that has two teeth, both of them yellow, and a pinch of Chaw in the side of the cheek. People here don't wear shirts, or, rather, for the women, not enough of one. It's like a modern day hooters crossed with Applebees, crossed with an Exxon.

Johan has procured the rear booth by forcibly ejecting a guy sitting there with his girlfriend… He now waits for the others, eating the other guys fries. No remorse.

Johan spends his time, it should be noted, collecting data and calling a few contacts, getting floor plans, information on the surrounding buildings, tennants, security rating, who's the watch commander for Lone Star tonight, ect…

Its no trick getting into form-fitting armor with speed. That she does it is proof that Aladriel has *actually* practiced it. Often. More armor is thrown on, and then weapons: guns, tasers, staffs, little squishy stress balls. "Ready," Ally echos Kass, throwing on a jacket over it all as she hurries after the elf.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) has the Contact Watt-Erp with the following information:
-----> Contact for Johan (#799) <------
Contact Name: Watt-Erp
Level: 1
Type: ls decker
GM Note: A decker that works for Lone Star. First came into contact in an investigation into the White Phospherous
explosions at the Mile High Mall.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) has the Contact Arquette Sanchez with the following information:
-----> Contact for Johan (#799) <------
Contact Name: Arquette Sanchez
Level: 2
Type: ex-ls manager
GM Note: Arquette has been extracted by Samuel (for free) and owes him for uncovering who killed her husband. She is a
black woman in her early thirties and worked in evaluation

Lilith pays the cabbie extra to get them there quickly, and mutters Brit curses as she pays the man, exits the door, and slams the door behind her. She grins toothily at Kass, Ally, and Jes before heading into the diner. She spots Johan and grins nastily to herself as she heads over to him

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Etiquette vs TN 4 for "Watt":
1 2 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Etiquette + 1 vs TN 4 for "Arqette":
1 2 5 5 10 = 3 Successes

"Yes, four. On rotation. Till I call." Kass is all biz on the phone as the foursome makes their way to the meet, apparently calling one of her many contacts, "I'll pay extra. Let them know that if anything happens to that house, I will personally eat their faces off." Her voice is cold, precise, the words coming out as far less of a joking threat and more of a promise. "Cred is on its way." She snaps the phone closed, looking to the others. "Sorry bout that."

«OOC» Jester says, "Watt-Erp says your wasting your time with him, thats a dead zone, half the jackpoints in that area are dead or buzzy, why would he bother? But Arquette tells you that someone has "yenlocked" that block tonight. A code word meaning, the night watchman has been paid to keep patrol out for a few hours."

Long distance to (Lilith, Aladriel): Kassandra put four street sams on alert to watch the Apple while we are gone.

Lilith grins at Kass. "Yer a dear gal, Kass, but do ye have any idea what my girls would do to anyone breaking in? Whores are vicious, ugly cunts when they're pissed off." She slips rather too easily into the Cockney guttersnipe role.

Jester follows Lilith over, his lips planted shut to save him from error. His ears perked for listening.

Johan snaps his fingers, a sort of gesture that tells Lilith to shut-it. HE points to Ally, not looking up from his pocksec… "Astral recon and surviellence, here, now." he says, sliding the woman an address on a slip of paper.

Lilith looks sheepish as she slides into the booth.

«OOC» Jester says, "Data on the street location: 213 Colorado is part of a pair of medium sized office towers, 213 and 215, and three years ago 215 went off the grid completely during a seizmic anomoly. 213 is on the grid but its preportedly empty."

Johan continues to watch information scroll at a -prodigious- rate across his screen. He moves one hand in to his pocket, to pull out a WNG and place it on the table. He taps it, the hiss filling the area. "Got a call. Antiquities department has word of a hiest that is against our interests. Within the hour. Two blocks down, one to the right. Lone stars been paid off and will not be attending the party. We are to party crash and ensure the party stays on our terms."

Lilith nods. "Aye?"

Kassandra nods once, eyes travelling to the paper Jonny gives Ally before snapping back to the man at the fingersnap. She listens, asking, "How hard?"
She seems to imply 'How hard do we put these people down.'

"No ones going to complain if these people don't come back from the party." Says Johan, looking up for the first time, right to Kassandra. No movement wasted looking at the others. He knows exactly where they are, how they are sitting and what gear they are carrying. Ultrasound is a wonderful things. "They are considered Armed, Dangerous and SINless."

Lilith grunts. "Fair 'nough, guv. How armed and dangerous?"

Johan glances to Lilith then… "Enough for me to not consider leniency."

Jester looks across the faces, nodding where it would seem appropriate, but letting the heavy hitters work through this effeciently.

Lilith nods briskly. "Aye." She looks to Kass, questioning on her face.

Taking that in stride, Silk (not Kassandra or Kassy) asks, "We have a lay of the land? Anything else you need me to get rolling?" The elf's expression, attitude, even posture has changed as she slides back into the role, or at least tries to.

Ally is all business once she's in with Johan and the rest of the team. She didn't bat an eyelash in the car when Kassandra showed her Silk-side on the phone. And now, getting an address, she takes it, thinks about where it is, and nods. Putting sunglasses over her eyes to hide the fact that she'll soon be unconscious, Ally leans against Kassandra, propping herself up a little bit against the elf, before she throws her being out of her body and in to astral space, streaking towards the said location.

Johan exports a chip, passing it to Kassandra… "This is what I have so far. Local area security codes, cops will be offline. I'm on the fly here and I was asleep 10 minutes ago, having a very nice dream in which you, Silk, and Lilith, were doing very naughty things to parts of me who shall remain nameless but answer to 'Lord Phallius, the Spelunker of Depths Unplumbed.'" He looks to Jester then, an eyebrow raising. "You've heard the score. You know what people are doing. Whats the next step?"

Lilith chokes back a burst of mocking laughter and her face is oh so perfectly straight as she gets out a pocsec, tapping away as she runs some numbers.

«OOC» Jester says, "Unimpeaded by the real world, you fold the fourth dimension into the fifth and arrive in the Astral Plane. At the speed of thought, you arrive 213 Colorado, and find yourself looking into the usual grey mess of mundane charcoal sketched cityness. The building looks kinda like the letter A which was not described to you. Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice. Life is all around you in the usual places. Down the block gangers on the corner, around the back of another building, peacefully slumbering homeless. Etc."

Jester offers excitedly "We need astral and physical recon data to correlate the actual to the data provided in the op!" did this kid go to school for running? Jesus.

The chip is taken, slotted into a portable datareader. Rule Number 8: Never slot unknown chips into your own jacks. The elf starts scanning over the information Johnny has, eyes sweeping over the information. She raises an eyebrow, "This is crap. What is the object? How big is the object? Do we just shoot them all and rifle through their pockets?"

She bitches at Johan quietly before liberating one of the six cellphones on her body, a hell of feat considering she has Aladrial leaning on her. She dials a number from memory, making a call. "Ocean? This is Silk, I need data and I need it yesterday."

Johan's comment regarding Silk and Slither is met without even a smirk or arched eyebrow as Silk goes about biz.

Johan nods to JEster. "You're with me on physical Recon. Slither, you're with Silk, give us a firing position with good overlook. When Ally gets back from recon, que us in on commfreq 203.202 ENcryption KEy is Lord Phallius. Silk, there's a longeye in my trunk." He gestures to Jester. "Lets go, kid. I gotta get changed."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) has the Contact Ocean with the following information:
-----> Contact for Kassandra (#9777) <-----
Contact Name: Ocean
Level: 2
Type: fixer
GM Note: Sara Ocean is a fixer who doesn't specialize. Instead, she offers all sorts of wares, jobs, and information in exchange for the same, or cash, whichever the client has. While they have a new relationship, they are working hard together to accentuate their similar styles and make a great deal of money together.

Lilith nods to Johan, grins at Jester, and waits for Kass to be ready

«Plot» Kassandra says, "I'll be wanting to find out anything I can about the clowns Dead Mike hired."

Johan kicks a box, brightly colored, to JEster. "Go get changed."

«OOC» Jester says, "Silks contact tells her that theres movement in the shadows in the last 24 hours, Dead Mike is not in town at the moment, but it might be possible hes just facilitating from remote. 2 known runners where spotted at a meet with an unidentifed Johnson in a known Runner Haunt, money did change hands. Fixer wont give up the identity of the runners unless you can provide a reason strong enough to break the usual code of silence."

«OOC» Kassandra says, "Dont care about names. Rather have an idea of what their competancy is, any unusal things (vampire, no soul, all cyber, tougher than minos)"

Jester waggles his eyebrows at Lilith, as if to say goodbye but also convey his excitement over being picked to back up Johan. He follows quickly to assist the man in getting into his gear, like a good squire.

«OOC» Jester says, "Well let me put it this way Silk, I wouldn't send them to you for work."

Kassandra nods simply at Johan, phone pressed to one ear, Ally pressed to one side. She frowns, murmuring into the phone, "No, no, don't want names. Right. Right. Ok. Really? Alright. You too." She kills the phone, looking to Lil.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) spends 3000 nuyen for "Information from Ocean".

Lilith arches a brow. "How's it?"

Kassandra spares a look towards Aladriel. No blood, no obvious signs of distress. She looks back to Lilith, remarking, "Not the best news I've ever had, but we should have the element of surprise."

Aladriel travels the ground in the astral quickly. And since its not far, she's able to spend more time poking around every nook and cranny of the astral plane looking for things of interest. She spends several minutes to just be certain that she has not missed thing before she returns to her body, life returning to it as she sits up, blinking about for a moment before smiling. "No one here bos.." she starts, then bahs as Johan's not in sight.

Johan makes a call while moving in to the bathroom (No one -ever- goes in this places bathroom. Ever) to get changed. He waits for Jester to join him inside. Now JEster may wish he had not; theres a reason no one ever goes in this bathroom, and that reason is aroma. He sets the case down, gesturing to the box JEster has… "Thats a Hundred and some odd thousand nuyen suit. Don't get it dirty." He says, slithering in to his combat suit.

Lilith chuckles faintly. "Aye, ain't that always the way. Think I'll be find with me armor and guns, and do we need to grab anything else?"

"I'll collect the long gun out of the trunk, other than that just Phoenix to wake up. Don't want to leave her here without knowing where we went." Kass waits quietly, looking thoughtfully at the data before them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) has the Contact Jeremy Falloon with the following information:
-----> Contact for Johan (#799) <------
Contact Name: Jeremy Falloon
Level: 2
Type: ucas council rep
GM Note: Jeremy Faloon (UCAS Council Rep) - Jeremy is a fixture of Denver politics. He's held his position for 20 years and 3 lionizations now. He is the absolute head of the UCAS Government in the Denver FRFZ. He is not the sort of man to go out of his way to help people but he does remember favors paid him and will grease the wheels of government for the right price. He is a former member of the CIA and is well aquainted with the Shadow World.

«OOC» Jester says, "On top of what might be 215 colorado or 213, your just not sure, the tops of both buildings seem to be the same somehow, but not. Hard to interprit in the astral. Anyway, your pretty sure you see two living things on top of the building, but they are moving around, ducking back into the building, moving down a floor or two, back up. One human, one ork, neither is magicly active. At several points during you observation they just disappear in the maze of grey and black, its like tracing mice through holes in an old house."

«OOC» Johan says, "I want him to use his ability to get me a floorplan for the building"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Etiquette + 1 vs TN 4 for "JEremy, bro, friend, buddy dude.":
3 4 5 7 10 = 4 Successes

Jester strips down enough to where he can get the suit on "Your joking right, whats it made out of solid Ruthies?" he replies sarcasticly.

Johan nods to JEster. "Rating 12 sneaksuit. Now shut the fuck up kid, we got time wasting." He starts buckle his armor in to place, the hiss of environmental seals activating… The helmet comes out, mirrored black, and he settles that in to place with a hiss of steam. The suit shifts colors, moving through the full spectrum before fading in to the predator effect. "Come on."

«OOC» Jester says, "You have floor plans which include elevator and stair locations now. They are very simple but older office towers, two, identical, witch a skyway connecting them on the 35th floor. External elevator tracks, the usual security and safety for the time, circa 2030"

Johan transmits the data via headware radio and matrix connection (not decker class) to Silk.

Johan brings it up over his imagelink, immediately starting to plan how HE would break in to the building…

Jester activates his suit with a controlled giddyness, and follows quietly.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) has the Knowledge Skill Specialization Architecture (Infiltration) with the value '8'.

Beep Beep. Silk flips screens, checking the incoming data from Johan, showing the intel to Lilith while they wait on Aladriel.

Ally stretches as she gets familiar with her body again and bahs because some people are gone, but at least Kass is still there. Kass gets a smile from her and then she relays everything exciting that she saw in a quick comm burst.

Lilith nods as she looks it over. "Bless the man."

Johan stows his black bag, now empty, behind a false panel of the ceiling, before hoisting himself out the window. He, very neatly, spidermans to the top of the gas station, eyeing the rooftops around them. "Can you roof-top-run, kid, or you need something more kindergarten?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "On the roof, moving out for physical recon."

Commlink-Phoenix> Aladriel says, "Nothing too exciting. Nothing that jumped out at me and nothing magical. Two fellows on the upper level, human and ork. Only thing that stuck out to me."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Aye aye. Scouts?"

Kassandra snakes a datacable out of her jacket, connecting it to her jack just behind her right ear.

«OOC» Jester says, "Thats correct Ally, definately two guys at the top of the build running around like theyre busy and often disappearing from view."

«OOC» Johan says, "How tall is the building?"

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Team two moving out, heading for a nest. Keep us advised."

«OOC» Jester says, "The building and its twin, are 51 stories tall."

In their hayday, Colorado plaza was a pair of sleek narrowing office spires, with polished plastteel exterior and flush plate glass windows. Common architecture for the 2030's and somewhat out of date now. In the present 215 Colorado is a sight to see. Once of a pair of identicle medium height office towers, its fifty floors have leaned enough to one side to rest the building against its sister. The sister building has had a partial collapse due to the impact, and as a consequence, the lower 5 or so floors are filled with rubble. 215 colorado intersects its sister building at a near 45 degree angle, which may
be the 'A' shape Ally saw in her vision.

Lilith looks at the sagging buildings. "Fuck."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Bets that those bloody things will collapse when we're done?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Architecture (Infiltration) + Task Pool: 3 + 1 (Interior Design) - 1 (Just Kidding):
1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 10 20

«OOC» Jester says, "Well, due to sheer sides, and an inaccessable first 5 floors on the 213 building, the only way up 213 would be either to fly up there, shimmy up the maglev rails on the 213 building, or scale the 45 degree slow of 215."

Ally's smile is enough to shake her facade, her face softening while with the two women She smiles for a second, then slips back into the role

Motioning for the others to rise, Silk will lead them out, pausing only to stop to collect the rifle from the trunk of the stolen car; it isn't hard to figure out which one it is. She grunts with the effort of carrying the weight, asking Ally, "Phoenix, you said they were on X building, yes?" She shoulders the burden, moving with the other two women towards the area of conflict.

Brown eyes scan the surroundings, looking for the most advantageous spot to set up.

Johan transmits his observations to the other team members.

Jester looks along the same lines and faults as JOhan and wonders into the comm…

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Small Unit Tactics + Task Pool: 1 for "Lemme think.":
2 2 2 3 5

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "What are you thinking?"

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "I can fly up the blasted thing. I think."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "JEster, how good are you at running up a slope? I'm thinking we take the highway mother nature's pissed off sister, Aunty Sizemic, provided us."

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "I'm an adept, Nacht, I have suction cups on my feet and jet fuel for blood."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "I like you. I may keep you. Lets do this."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Nacht, we need a perimeter sweep. They have to have a vehicle somewhere."

Lilith turns to Ally and lifts her shirt a little. Just underneath one can see a hint of gold. "Phoenix, you scan this?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "10-4. I'm on it. JEster, Cut left, circle the back route. Keep in comm-contact."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Need aerial recon?"

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "We go around before we go up right?"

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "On it."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Keep ace-holes as ace-holes untill needed, Malius. And correct, Jester."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Aye aye"

Kassandra drags her burden over to likely cover, hunkering down and motioning to Phoenix and Slither, waiting for the good word on the recon.

Jester darts off, trailing his fringe dutifully.

Lilith hunches down with the other girls

Johan breaks off, his run not really changing in its cadence or tempo. He moves around the front of the building, a practiced eye sweeping over the vehicles that he might use for a quick gettaway, based on position, type, cargo space, ect…

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Intelligence + 3 (Surviellence techniques comp):
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 10

Ally lets Kassandra take the lead, unfortunately unable to add much assistance to Kassandra in lugging the heavy equipment, so she just keeps up and stays out of the way, to make sure that she doesn't get bumped by the rifle. Lilith's gold trinket gets a quick lookover by Ally and she whistles low. "Oooh now thats a nice toy," she compliments.

«OOC» Jester says, "On his way around, Johan sees some rigging dangling off the edge of the tipped over 215 tower, climbing gear, rope specifically. Probably used to get over the first story or so onto the sheer sloped side of the 45 degree angle."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Mark position, 5 meters due south of main corner of 215. Climbing gear located."

Kassandra unzips the cover over the rifle. Most people she'd check and doublecheck their work, but if Johnny says the gun is ready, it is ready. The elf starts putting the finishing touches on the massive weapon, her movements slow, careful, unerringly precise. She snaps the clip into place, panting a bit at the weight of the gun. She looks at the other two. "Gym membership," she deadpans, keeping the barrel of the weapon out of sight. The rifle is a massive thing, designed to sit on a bipod and look menacing.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra toggles her mic via transponder, not speaking.

Johan pauses, only a half hitch. 100 feet circular of the climbing gear, for likely vehicles they used for the ingress. Not that they will use them for the egress.

«OOC» Jester says, "The boys pass each other and complete the sweep."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 4 5 7 10

Lilith nods to Kass with a blank expression. "Hot."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 3 4 5 5

Commlink-Malus> Lilith dittoes on the mike

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "I dont see you Nacht, but I am sure I passed you by now."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Standing near the rigging gear. See it?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Check shadows. I can't fake a shadow, so spot a strong light source, orient yourself on it and observe the way shadows fall and where they shouldn't be falling. I'm currently casting a south-by-southwest shadow."

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "………Drek, ok yeah now I see it. Heh, kinda obvious?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Only if you're looking for it."

Kassandra touches Ally's shoulder, pointing at her eyes then at the buildings questioningly.

«OOC» Jester says, "I need perception from the ladies in the perch"

Lilith murmurs softly. "Hot air hangs like a dead man, from a white oak tree. People sit on porches, thinking of how things used to be. Dark night…it's a dark night." She seems to be humming slightly, orienting herself.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence for "Perception Check. I have Vision Mag 3, Thero, Elven Low Light":
1 1 1 2 2 4 9 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence for "Perception!":
3 3 4 5 7

Aladriel watches with interest as Kassandra unpacks the sniper rifle and gets it ready for use. She shakes her head a little bit, "That thing is…massive. I bet the things you hit with it don't need to be hit twice," she suggests to the elf as then turns her eyes to the building, considering it, listening in to the updates that reach her eardrums.

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence for "Perception…am smart":
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 5 9 10

«OOC» Jester says, "Lilith notes that the moon is full, and bright. Kass and Aladriel note that the moon is full and bright, and if they shift thier position slightly, it will backlight the top of 213 perfectly."

Lilith notes how pretty damn pretty the moon is to herself.

Lilith looks to Kass and Ally. "Well?"

"Only if I get lucky." She lays down, motioning to the other two to flatten out. She looks out, starting to track. The smartlink feeds data directly to the firing computer, tracking windage, barametric pressure, relative range, and so forth. An amber light shimmers in her field of view as she waits, mentioning, "Moon is bright. Anyone up there, we are going to see them." She waits a moment, telling Lil, "Now the hard part: we wait for Nacht and Jester to give the word, or for someone over there to get feisty. Phoenix, anything astral?"

Johan waits for Jester to get closer… "Okay. Now, lets head on up the wall. Wait here til I give the signal, then shimmy up. Pause in a crouch at the top and wait 5 seconds for any movement or incoming fire. Focus." He says, moving to the gear. He debates actually using it, but doesn't. Instead, he floats up, inspecting the anchors and whatnot for booby traps…

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Intelligence for "IS IT TEH SET UP BOMB?":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5

Lilith settles back on her haunches, eyeing the rooftop now that Kass points it out. "Aye, Silk…damme, it is open."

«OOC» Jester says, "You are POSITIVE there is no detonator hidden over the lip and attached to the other side of the rope."

Aladriel subconsciously touches the ring at her naval, mentally attuning herself to the focus lodged there, activating it in case she may need it. Backing up a few steps from the other two women, Aladriel brings online her otherworldly ability to shield herself and others from magical influence. A further thought and Aladriel extends outwards the radius of her protection, enveloping Kassandra, Lilith, and herself. "I'll send Sally up to take a quick look around." Mental contact is made with Ally's ally spirit, Sally, and the mage directs the spirit up towards the building for a look-see.

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Ropes are clear. COme up."

Johan unholsters one pistol and feeling it's weight. It links in to the smartlink, targeting reticules overlaying his vision, watching and holding the fort while Jester makes his way up the ropes, his eyes scanning up the side of the building.

Jester climbs the rope, lifting his slight body hand over hand, legs extended and motionless.

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "Coming up, dont shoot."

Lilith curls her tail like a belt around her waist to stop any extraneous movement.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith chuckles.

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "I'll try to avoid being twitchy."

«OOC» Jester says, "From her perch in the far planes, Sally passes with and through into Astral space, she glides willfully up the lenght of the building and gives a thorough look around, within moments she signals mentally that she is ready to report her findings."

«OOC» Aladriel communicates telepathically with Sally, so tells her to bring it. Real-time convo, yay!Sally, to Ally: Mistress, there are two men crawling up the building like -spiders- and one of them is of Parrot. The other is troubled and sick, with many dark lines. They are approaching the top of the dead mountain, where I saw two other men running around but they went inside a cave. They two have dark lines, and dangerous intentions."

Johan isn't sick. He's -perverted-.

«OOC» Jester says, "Kassandra, where is your focus?"

«OOC» Jester says, "re: vision mag"

Johan rises up from his crouch. "Okay. Now, to the top of the building. WE move out on my mark. We don't stop for anything. This is the most exposed portion of this run and I dislike being exposed, unless its to a woman." He says, setting his feet. "Mark." He says, then starts up the side of the building.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Athletics (Climbing) vs TN 2 for "Balance Augs rule.":
1 1 2 3 3 7 16 = 5 Successes

«OOC» Kassandra says, "In Ally's bellybutton. Oh! I am currently focused on the other roof, moving meter by meter until I see something interesting or find a likely entrance/exit point"

«OOC» Jester says, "Lilith roll me perception"

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
3 4 5 5 9

Commlink-«Phoenix»> Aladriel says, "Spider-crew, be advised, astral overwatch caught another glimpse of two atop building. They're going in and out."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Direction?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Astral, investigate directly. I smell a diversion."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Nacht, do I have permission to fire?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Negative. Weapons hold until contact determined."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Affirmative."

«OOC» Jester says, "Lilith, fifth wheeling it with the lovers, lets her eyes wander, and notices: One: One of the edges of 213 literaly overlooks the AZT border, though the checkpoint is another mile south."

«OOC» Jester says, "Aladriel, are your sense in the physical at the moment?"

«OOC» Aladriel says, "I suppose its relative. Pretty much the moment Johan would tell her to, she'd hop astral and go for an up-close. So…yes/no?"

«OOC» Jester says, "Ok gimmie perc then please"

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Heads up lads. One of the edges of 213 overlooks the AZT border, though the checkpoint is another mile south."

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence for "More perception":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 8 9

«OOC» Jester says, "Aladriel notices few roof tops over, maybe a half mile away, there is movement on another unrelated roof top."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "I would reccon, based on what we have, that they plan to base-jump away with their goods."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Jump to Azland? Good plan."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "It's what I would do."

Ally gives no warning that she's going astral, she just does so. And at the moment that she does, her ally spirit, Sally, manifests beside her body (as a monkey), and speaks quietly to Kassandra and Lilith. "Phoenix saw movement over a couple of rooftops, maybe a quarter to a half of a mile <direction>." For her part, the astral mage is booking it, at crazy speeds to the top of the building that Johan and Jester are running to, eyes all attuned to find out just who's up there already and just what they are doing.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra doesn't close her eyes, doesn't curse aloud. She keeps her eye on the ball, mentioning in the flat tone that the transducer has, "Phoenix spotted something about 800 meters off, on a roof. Investigating." The faintest muscle tenses in her back and the gritting of her teeth belies her concern.

Lilith murmurs softly, calming watching the rooftops, flexing her hands. "At ease, woman."

«OOC» Jester says, "Upon investigation, the far roof that seemed unrelated contains a man, who is using some ridiculous device and facing the general direction of the fallen tower. Whatever it is, it connects to both his eyes and is held up by bother hands, and its causing him to sway his head slowly left and right. Then, as if that wasnt weird enough, he lowers the thing and smears some kind of grey brick thing to the side of his head and murmors something like "I just saw the rope move about a thirty seconds ago.""

Johan dislikes the information he's getting. IT's fractured, it makes little sense. Whats the distraction, whats the real job… what facility is in this building that the Draco needs defended from mooks who leave their climbing gear hanging down? It's to obvious. To… simple. But they know the target was in this building. He doesn't stop, moving up the slope. Instead, he takes a short cut, rising in to the air at a meteoric 48 meters a turn, or about 16 meters a second…

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Private Channel(Silk): This reads wrong. I don't like it."

"I am at ease." Silk's voice is distant, the muscles still tight as she tracks across the way, the smartlink feeding information in at the speed of thought. The elf breaths slowly, letting the weapon do the work.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Private Channel (Nacht): Abort?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "PC(Silk): Negative. Our target is in this building. Our goal remains the same. I just dislike it. Either these people are RANK amatures or we're being led to think they are."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "I am airborne."

The two are hot-footing thier way up the side of the long sleek building, making good time and barely visible if only for thier rate of travel under the cloak of the Ruthbers. As they near the sheer lip they must scale to cover the last 20 feet to the roof of 213, Johan's image link springs to life. The call comes in as before, the encrypted channel, the modulated voice, convered into text it reads:

Situational Overrides have triggered based on adverse conditions. Abort the opp. Abort the opp. Abort the opp.

Johan comms back: Authenticate. He does not yet abort the op, but he does draw his second pistol as he, without having to climb, crests the top of the building.

The image link goes dead as the carrier is dropped on the inbound side. The top of the roof is moonlit, and empty, a soft wind blows cold air across your helmet.

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "I have an abort signal."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Abort mission."

Jester scales the lip, a few meters down, near the corner of the building.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Confirm, please?"

Johan growls quietly as he turns in the air, looking over his shoulder to where the other building is…

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "What?! Where we spotted?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Confirmed. Abort."

Commlink-Comlink-Jester» Jester says, "Thats drekking impossible…"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Not my call."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "This may have been a preparedness drill. It may have been a test. It may have been a number of things. I'm moving to investigate the second contact."

"Abort." Silk is alreadly sliding back as the signal is given, speaking aloud softly, "Sally, bring her back." She looks to Lilith, remarking in a quiet voice, "Let's get out of here. Something is wrong."

«OOC» Jester says, "Roll init!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Initiative with a result of 22.
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Initiative with a result of 7.
«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls Initiative with a result of 24.
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Initiative with a result of 19.

Lilith razors come out with a soft *sching* as she looks to Ally, and then nods to Kass.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Initiative with a result of 18.

Jester glances down the long climb to the bottom of the building from his perch, straddling the lip. He is in the process of dismounting the lip when from the roof side a lasso of strong black synthetic rope is slipped over his neck by a shadowy back lit figure now in view just behind him. Another figure pops up, from the lip, and sets a flashpack on the lip, triggering it and making his presence very obvious even from a distance.

«OOC» Johan says, "Can I fire before that flashpack is set off?"

«OOC» Jester says, "As its being set off, so if you dont "stop" him it will go off, but you arent yet affected by it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 2:
4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 2:
2 7

«OOC» Johan says, "Simple action, snap the faceshield down, run on HUD mode alone. protect myself from glare."

«OOC» Johan says, "Simple action, shoot the lassoman."

«OOC» Jester says, "assign and roll!"

«OOC» Jester says, "all rolls are open ended, do not assign tns to the rolling system."

«OOC» Jester says, "Cinderally your up next, what is your pleasure"

Johan sees what's about to come. He spins in the air, a snarl coming to his lips that echos across the commlink like the growl of a pissed off, angry, confused and ready-to-kill wolf. The HUD snaps in to place with a mental command even as the faceplate of the helmet snaps shut, sealing off the outside world. Ultrasound fills his world… and the silenced pistols in his hands speak for him.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Pistols (Colt Manhunter) + Combat Pool: 5 for "Shot 1, smartlinked. Ex Ex Ammo. 11M":
1 1 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Pistols (Colt Manhunter) + Combat Pool: 5 for "Shot 2, NOT smartlinked. Ex Ex Ammo. 11M":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 4 10 11 11 11

«OOC» Jester says, "Do you have lowlight?"

«OOC» Johan has ultrasound. No light mods.

«OOC» Jester says, "ultrasound, even better"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "CONTACT!"

«OOC» Aladriel says, "I'm a bit hindered at being astral, but should be on the rooftop. If anyone's up there who's astrally active (perceiving or dual-natured), they're gonna get a fight. Otherwise, back to body."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 8:
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 4:
4 4 5 9

«OOC» Jester says, "ammending your action to : free action dump visor, simple fire, simple fire"

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 5:
1 2 2 5 11

«OOC» Jester says, "Pose first shot dodged, second shot deals M wound."

«OOC» Jester says, "Aladriel, I am afraid there is no appearant astral or achored effect in view, my apologies :)"

«OOC» Aladriel says, "No big deal. Hightailing it back to my body to get back inside."

«OOC» Jester says, "You can have a simple action this round in the meat, what would you like to do?"

Not quite off guard, but off center due to switching perception modes so quickly, Johan's first shot is not as centered as he might want it to be. The silencer phuts in the darkness, a short burst of light from about 6 inches beyond where the barrel of the gun is, marking his location. He's moving as he fires, keeping himself form being a target. The shot goes wide as the target spins away, but the second shot hits solid, tracking better in the darkness as he gets his bearings. A solid hit that sends a blood spray out.

«OOC» Aladriel will cast Improved Invis on herself so that it can get locked to foci and she can prepare to mayhaps go upwards.

«OOC» Jester says, "ROll it and pose it, thats fine with me"

«OOC» Jester says, "Kass"

«OOC» Kassandra says, "Free: magnify. Simple: Ready weapon. Simple: Eliminate problem"

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Imp Invis F5":
1 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 9 11 17 = 8 Successes

«OOC» Aladriel makes it 6, prolly 1 BG count.

«OOC» Jester says, "Which of the two problems are you interested in, the one who just set off the flashpack, of the one who just hooked jester with a choker"

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "M drain resist":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 1 for "Odd flash, even other":

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "M drain resist….KP":
3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 9 10 13 = 5 Successes

«OOC» Kassandra says, "Guy on Jester"

Aladriel was astral: up on the top of the building as the fireworks begin. She doesn't hear the abort, she gets it, though, mentally from Sally. Hurtling back down to her body, she awakes with a start, flat on the ground. Not even bothering to push herself off the ground, she throws invisibility across herself.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 for "Barrett Sniper Rifle, base damage 14D, half ballistic armor to defend. Smartlink II, rangefinder":
1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 5:
3 3 4 4 4

«OOC» Jester says, "Please emit pasting your target, and include the fact that you pinpointed through the cover that was jester, really an excellent short on 8 dice."

The elf drops to the ground, her hands finding the rifle, still sitting on its bipod. She narrows her eyes, her reality, homing in on where she knew Johan and Jester to be. A form is there, hoisting something by a rope? Two spits of muzzleflash help illustrate where the ruthenium ends and the man begins. Silk lets out a long breath as she takes a millisecond to aim, the gun bucking against her shoulder. Oh sure, it is silenced, but that isn't really saying much to a fifty calibre weapon. She is still sighting as the brass flies up, time slowing in dialation as enhanced reflexes distort reality, her eyes seeking a new target with the round still in flight.

The man's head explodes in a shower of bones and brains, his life terminating as everything that was him vanishes from the nose up.

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Bingo."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Pop goes the bloody weasel"

As if on queue, the flash pack placed on the ledge triggers, turning the immediate area into a disco. From the far north, about 1 click away, two rocket boosters fire on the tips of helicopter propeller blades, and old trick for a fast spin up, the obvious sounds of a chopper roaring to life with brilliant turbo whines hissing into the otherwise quiet night sky. The fallen form on the roof lose his hand hold on jester, but the loop around his neck slinks closed as Jester falls free of the lip and dangles for a moment. It seems evident now what will come to pass in the next few moments, when the onlookers
collerate the loop….to the nearby antenna stand, and the chopper revving up in the distance.

«OOC» Johan says, "Distance to the Chopper?"

«OOC» Johan says, "And ID on make/model?"

«OOC» Jester says, ".63 miles, 1 kilometer"

Commlink-Malus> Lilith hisses. "The boy."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "They're after the boy"

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Vas?"

«OOC» Jester says, "non-military model, I dont know my SR choppers anymore, no guns no rockets, fast, bay style doors, seats 6."

«OOC» Kassandra says, "sounds like a dragon or stallion"

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Can you bust up the rope or the antenna there?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "New Target, Silk. That chopper needs to develop a lead allergy. I will remove the rooftop issues. phoenix, the guy on the building down the way needs a nap."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Arrange it."

Commlink-Silk> Kassandra says, "Yes."

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Maleus, rescue Jester before he strangles."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Air rescue?"

Commlink-«<Nacht»» Johan says, "Aff"

«OOC» Lilith says, "Ok. I'ma going to use my wee focus and fly up to snag your sorry ass :)"

«OOC» Jester says, "Woo! Pose it please"

«OOC» Jester says, "Jester on 14"

Jester claws at his neck, kicking and flailing his arms, mouth opening and closing as his eyes bulge. He never saw this coming, not in a million years.

Lilith springs to immediate life, and makes the sign of the cross before kissing her necklace…and floats in the air. With a thought, she speeds towards the almost dangling Jester. The first few meters are a little rough as she gets accustomed to flying, but necessity is the mother of invention. She focuses and clasps her arms to her sides, and bullet-lines to the boy.

«OOC» Johan will close, and fuckoing COCKPUNCH the other guy, but instead f the cock, its to the neck with my cyber hand. I intend on removing his neck on a blow-by.

«OOC» Jester says, "Assign them and roll!"

«OOC» Johan says, "My unarmed combat power is 11+1(Cyberarm)+1(Hardliner gloves)+1(Plastic Bonelacing)"
«OOC» Johan says, "For 14"

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Kung Fu + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Mothafucka needs to have a throat issue.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Kung Fu + Combat Pool: 3 - 4 (KP) vs TN 4 for "Mothafucka needs to have a throat issue. KP1":
1 2 4 5 5 8 = 4 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 8:
2 2 2 3 4 4 5 17
«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 4:
2 5 5 8

«OOC» Johan can and will karma until he's a bloody pile :)

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 5:
3 4 4 7 27

«OOC» Jester says, "You deal an M stun wound."

Johan drives himself foreward in the air, taking the lip of the building with one foot and propelling himself forward all the same. The speed he's moving means the Ruthenium can't keep up, giving Johan a predator effect in the air as he engages in some Wire Fu… A quick flurry of punches is delivered, one scoring through the other mans defense, striking with finger tips in to the others throat.

«OOC» Aladriel says, "Levitate to go towards where she saw the fellow on the far-distant rooftop."

«OOC» Jester says, "You can actually see the Helicoper spinning up, the little rockets are making a bright glowing ring as the prop spins up, like taking a stick from a campfire and spinning it in the air."

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Sorcery vs TN 5 for "Levitate, 12x3 M per turn":
3 3 3 7 7 8 14 17 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Drain M":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 5 5 5 10 11 = 6 Successes

«OOC» Jester says, "At the moment Johan's fistfight is seen a distance as lit by a strobe, so its probably pretty cool looking."

«Plot» Kassandra says, " You. The helicopter. Die. Simple to Aim, Simple to Fire. -2 TN Smartlink, -2 for Rangefinder at Extreme Range, -1 Aim. Base Damage 14D, APDS. Vehicle will take 7S base, no armor mods. Base Helo has 0 armor and body 4"

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 for "Barrett Sniper Rifle, base damage 14D, half ballistic armor to defend. Smartlink II, rangefinder":
1 1 1 3 4 5 5 10

Lilith flies? Kassandra's shooting things, and something has gone seriously wrong here. Well, Ally's going to just do what she's told. She's suddenly lifted into the air by her spell and races off towards the rooftop where she'd spied a fellow a little while ago. Since there's actually a helicopter soon to be in the air, Ally doesn't go straight up. She stays at or near street level as she heads towards that building from memory, before she starts gaining altitude.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 for "Barrett Sniper Rifle, base damage 14D, half ballistic armor to defend. Smartlink II, rangefinder, kamra reroll":
1 2 3 5 5 5 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 - 4 vs TN 4 for "Barrett Sniper Rifle, base damage 14D, half ballistic armor to defend. Smartlink II, rangefinder, kamra reroll":
1 1 4 4 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 7:
1 2 3 4 4 5 7
«OOC» Jester says, "Please pose your shot, and let me post reaction, I kinda anticipated this and wanted to do something special."

Things are getting complicated. Silk shifts her aim, the helicopters bright spinny blades drawing her attention as Nacht makes the call. Fine, she can do that too. The targetting computer screams all sorts of warnings at her as red lights flicker in her heads up display: OUT OF RANGE!. A mindblink shuts that off, shuts off all the distractions. The elf stares, fixing the shot in her mind before giving the command to fire. Another massive THOOM shakes the woman, a new bruise forming despite armour and padding. She grunts, absorbing the shock, the brass flicking up in the air.

In what has to be one of the fastest liftoffs in history, the Chopper takes to the sky by lifting straight up and then dipping its nose forward to head toward the plaze. As it crosses the lip of the building it was on and becomes backlit, the trailing V rig that was installed to pick up the evac target becomes plainly visible. The motor whines into a ROAR as several thousand horspower spring to life in what has to be a highly modified multimillion nuyen vehicle.

And then, as if someone walked into a room and turned off the light, the roar is absent. The chopper floats a few meters, tilts, and plummets into the alley its hovering above. Without much fanfaire, short of a noisy CRUNCH, it lodges betweem the two buildings and drags to a halt about 40 meters off the ground where it will undoubtedly stay for a long, long time.

«OOC» Jester says, "johan go ahead and roll dice plus any remaining pool"
«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Kung Fu + 1 (KP) for "STUTTER STOP COMBAT STRIKE!":
1 2 2 2 3 4 5 8

«OOC» Jester says, "Jester will be fine but conveniantly choked out to explain my absence in the post coital rp."

«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 6:
1 1 2 3 4 4
«OOC» Jester says, "no succ vrs your 3"
«Auto-Judge[]» Jester (#10296) rolls 5:
1 2 4 4 5

«OOC» Johan says, "S wound base."
«OOC» Jester says, "9 boxes stun"

Frame one: Johan pulled back to block a kick, two hands down in a scissor block.


Frame Two: A fist glances off Johan's dark face plate, his head twisted to the side.


Frame Three: Johan cocked back, his left hand dropped low.


Frame Four: Johan's left fist pointed straight up, a cold cock of an uppercut, his form silhouetted in the light..


Frame Five: The other guy's still in the air.


Frame Five: JOhan's not waiting for him to land as he rushes forward.

Jester pre-occupies himself with the dire seeming of his situation, but when decides to turn his eyes towards the heavens in an internal plea, his eyes track Lilith. He reachs his arms out to her, as his neck slips down and his arteries clamp, resting his hands on her shoulder limply with only the whites in his eyes showing when she finally releives the pressure in his neck.

The team disengages from here, meeting back at the RV Spot and then vanishing into the night, with Jester getting medical attention.

«OOC» Jester says, "Thanks for coming, thanks for playing. If your capturing the remaining foot soldier, drop me a mail, and we can DEFINATELY do some interrogation rp, really looking forward to that."

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