Kass is sitting cross-legged on the floor in the middle of the study, Miss Maya half crawling and half rolling around near her. She has a book in hand, an actual physical book, and is carefully reading it and taking notes with pen and paper.

Lilith peeps her head in, pale blue eyes open wide and innocently. "G'day to ye all." Her voice soft, gentle with a hint of dead pan curiosity that makes you wonder if she's being serious or just playing along. Damn Brits. "'Ow's the li'l woman?"

Not surprised thanks to the warning from the house, Kass holds up a hand and finishes what she was writing before speaking. "Not too bad, she had a meeting at the hospital and so Maya and I are studying. How are you this morning?"

Lilith smiles gently. "I'm sorry to just drop by. I should've called ahead…but, I was driving back from practice, I was in the area, and I figured Ally was gone to work and you could use some company.”

"Not a problem at all, glad to have the company. Maya and I needed a break from staring at squiggly lines and diagrams for a bit." Kass carefully marks her place with a length of blue ribbon, closing the book and setting it and her notes aside. "Practice .. for guitar, singing, or something else?"

Lilith chuckles as she steps into the room. Since she's dressed down… "Well, something else. I've decided to take up the proud tradition of my heroic English past and learn the longbow." And on her back, the smooth, long curving outline of a bow, the round shape and feathers of a quiver full of arrows. "Don't worry, just a cheap plastic practice bow, and the arrows are blunted. But. I figure it could be handy for work. Silent, low tech, easy to use, and deadlier then a gun in the right circumstances."

"The longbow, eh? Not a bad choice, overall." Kass leans back, considering and stretching a bit. Maya burbles and is immediately picked up and held as the older elf translates the command for attention. "But yes, a very good choice for silent work, and oft better than a silenced gun in many situations. Modern armour isn't really well-designed to stop an arrow."

Lilith grins lazily as she shrugs off the bow, removing a blunted arrow from her quiver as she takes a seat opposite to the elves. "Oh, aye." Speaking perfectly normally with Kassandra, she lightly teases Maya's fingers with the feathered end of the stick. "Considering the speed at which a fully trained longbowman could fire, even back in Longshank's day, the bow could've and should've lasted longer then it did. I mean, good gods, in the Napoleonic era the silly buggers were struggling to load rifles that were unpredictable, noisy, and messy in under a *minute*. Bowman could fire off multiple shots to exceedingly devastating effect in less time then that."

The elven girl considers, then shrugs. "I imagine people were enamoured by the new and exciting. The gun *sounded* like a better idea, much like people today consider lasers all that, when really they aren't. People, as a species, are rather stupid." She eyes the arrow and then shrugs, "I'm not really built to use the longbow for any number of reasons, sadly. And then Ally would have more reason to make fun of me, I am sure."

Lilith chuckles faintly, letting the delicate feathers dance over Maya's grasping fingers. The little girl eyes them and burbles, waving tiny fists. "Well, the longbow is only one device. There's the short, the compound…compound is fierce as well. Crossbow is scary." She looks over at her friend, smiling. "And I doubt Ally could or would make fun of you for anything, Kass."

Laughing, Kass remarks, "You have no idea. She called me a squirrel the other day for climbing trees." The elf shrugs good naturedly, "Of course, she isn't being mean about it so I endure." She grins down at Maya, "You are too little to start shooting arrows, missy. I, on the other hand, have thought about crossbows in the past but .. guns were usually easier to find."

Lilith nods, chuckling a little. "Guns are. Nowadays, they are certainly easier to produce and manufacture ammo for…archery was more of an art, crafting arrows and launchers capable of skewering a man out of delicate sticks of wood takes some skill." She gently teases Maya's nose, causing an incredibly cute little sneeze as the baby then tries to grab the arrow. "And arrows are less expendable then bullets, which is good in a way. Makes you think more about taking a shot, pushes you to greater effort of skill. It's not as simple as simply pointing and shooting…and besides, a bullet is no where near as badass as a fire arrow."

"Very true. And nothing is more chilling than the guy next to you keeling over with feathers sticking out of his chest. The American Indians knew that, as do the Elven Nations." Kass wipes off Maya's mouth, shaking her head, "Silly." She continues, "I've thought about taking it up, like I said .. and I might in the future. Right now, I'm sort of hoping to not have to shoot anyone for a while. I'd be pretty happy not to, actually. Once I get my smartlink system removed, I'll need to work on some accuracy issues and the bow might be a good thing to develop patience and the like."

Lilith nods, now producing a giggle and burbling laughter from Maya as she teases the feathers around her chin. "It sounds like a marvelous plan. It's actually very peaceful, and certainly more enjoyable learning bow work in the woods then going down to a gritty, noisy firing range. It also helps develop the muscles in your arms…although, you'll have to strap down one breast." Lil taps her right boob. "For some women they get in the way of the draw. There's special leather pads you can get for it, though, so it's not a huge issue." She teases Maya some more, looking thoughtful. "Funny, though, that you're getting your system removed, it would be a very useful thing to keep."

Looking down at her chest, Kass raises an eyebrow, "That's be a hell of a strap and pad." She chuckles a bit and shrugs about the cyberware, "Oh, I am having everything removed, cybernetically speaking, as soon as Samuel is feeling better and has the time. It can be useful but .. I'd rather not have the ware in my body anymore."

Lilith nods, perhaps understanding the sentiment. "That's fair. I probably should get something installed soon." She speaks idly, concentrating more in the moment on amusing Maya with the teasing feathers, as the babe seems to be highly entertained.

"Something? What did you have in mind?" Kass asks, considering for a moment. "Hmmm .. in fact, did you ever get those upgrades installed? As I recall, those would make you fairly potent in a close combat engagement. Was there something else you planned on? Speed or strength augmentations?"

Lilith shrugs, making a face at Maya and inciting another burst of laughter. "Upgrades? Mmm….no, don't think I did. I wasn't really planning on getting anything else down at the moment, either. It's been awfully busy at the house and just generally."

Kass leans back, eyeing Lilith for a long moment. "House pretty much runs itself, you could spare an afternoon for the procedures. Between Samuel's talents as a surgeon and Ally's healing ability, you would be back on your feet in no time." She shrugs a little, "Up to you, of course, but the sooner you get them in the sooner you can get used to them. Some augments are .. difficult to get used to."

Lilith sighs a little, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I wasn't aware of the time it'd take to do the procedure, and with all that was going on I didn't want to bother Samuel or Ally. To be perfectly honest, the upgrades simply slipped my mind."

Nodding, Kass shrugs and toys with Maya's hair, cooing down at her. "It happens. I've been wanting to get this cyber removed for a while now, just never seem to have the time, or someone is shooting at us, or someone is on fire, or we are in Russia. Soon, tho, I am going to have to because it *has* to be out before the wedding."

Lilith nods. "Fair enough." For a moment, just a quick one, she shifts uneasily in her seat, thinking over the procedure…the moment passes, and she begins to tease Maya again. "I'm not sure when I'll get mine installed. Eventually. Maybe after the wedding."

"If you wish. It really doesn't take that long, maybe a few hours from start to finish. Modern knife less technology can do miracles, and magical healing makes downtime almost non-existence. At least, when you can get it. We are lucky with the Watchers, we have pretty much state of the art supplies and training."

Lilith shifts in her seat again. "As you say." She brings the arrow back, putting it away with a disappointed look from Maya. "If I get it done, I'd be glad to have Samuel or Ally there…heaven knows the upgrades have been lying around long enough."

Kass doesn't miss the if, eyebrows going up. "I am sure they'd like to be there, although I do have a few people I can call if you'd rather not bother them. We could schedule it for any downtime you have, even in the middle of the night." The elf watches Lilith intently now, fingers stroking Maya's hair and head.

Lilith looks over at Kass, with that same deadpan look of before. "Don't be silly, of course I'd want them there, but really. Middle of the night? Goodness, I wouldn't want anyone being bothered by having to do a surgery at that hour, even if I was available."

"It's no bother. Some of the best surgery takes place that late .. one of my doctor friends does all her best work then, she says, because there are less distractions." Kass shrugs, "Unless, of course, you'd rather just not get it done at all? There isn't any real rush, of course, the ware won't rot. But .. I'd hate for you to want or need it on a mission."

Lilith looks just a touch disgruntled. "There's no need to go on about it. Of course I want to get it done, whenever's convenient for the doctor really. It's too useful to just not do."

"Well, I doubt it is any bother for the doctors. Samuel is fairly open in his schedule when he is not healing, and Ally is too. My doctor contacts are always available for a little cred, so it is more a matter for your schedule, not theirs." Kass rocks Maya slowly, letting the girl play with her hair.

Lilith shrugs. "That's good." She fingers the edge of the chair. "Speaking of doctors, how's Ally's work going?" Not a subject change, nope, just an idle shift in topic.

Kass isn't that easy, no matter what Ally says, "It's going fine. She keeps busy and brings home the money for us to get kitties and clothes and live a normal life." The elf hmms, "In fact, I bet she could use a few hours observing surgery."

Lilith fiddles with the chair again. But her face is up, looking at Kass, not hiding anything, even smiling a little. "That's good to hear. Does she have some time scheduled at the hospital? I know she's a damn fine nurse, but it seems she's got more skills as a full on doctor."

"Mmm. A matter of some classwork and tests, really. We've been busy traveling and working and I am such a distraction, plus the little one being born, that she just needs to do some work. We have plans for that and then she'll be Doctor Cindel. But a nurse is a damned fine career, and a noble profession." Kass doesn't look distracted or dissuaded from the previous conversation; rather, she looks remarkably like she is giving Lil some line before reeling her in.

Lilith chuckles. "Doctor Cindel indeed. And I agree, nursing is a grand skill to have…been putting some time at the hospital myself, taking first aid and that. But. I'm glad she's so close to that ultimate goal, not that you could distract her too much." She winks. "Well. The wedding and the MD."

Surely Aladriel's ears must have been burning, because with all this talk of her, the house announces that she's on her way up to the house.

Kass starts to answer before her head goes up at the announcement. "Mommy's coming, Maya!" Kass looks remarkably happy, brushing hair from her face and turning more to see the doorway. She hmms to Lilith, remarking, "I think the wedding will come before the MD, but still. She'll be happy for less classes, probably."

Lilith smiles, watching the woman and the child's happiness. "Oh, no doubt. Less work, more fun with all of you…oh, goodie, she's here!" She brightens up a bit herself, tilting her head to the door.

"We can even ask her when her schedule is clear, maybe she can do the surgery for you in lieu of bothering Sam. He is so busy all the time." Kass, even in happiness, doesn't slip a step, clapping Maya's hands as they wait for Mommy.

Lilith snort, rolling her eyes. "I doubt she'd have the time." Doesn't miss either, chuckling as she watches Maya bounce and burble excitedly. "And I'd just as rather pay for another doc then bother Samuel right now…" her voice softens, just a touch, before she turns back to check on her bow, idly tweaking feather.

The house chimes in again that Aladriel is at the house. A few moments later the front door jingles and in come the mage to the foyer. "Where are my favorite elves?" she calls in singsong. "I bet they are in….the study!"

"In here, my love!" Kass's voice calls out, Maya's laughter following. The baby is happy, hearing her Mommy's voice and sitting in her Kassie's lap. The elves break off the dithering with Lil over the surgery, almost waiting with held breath for Ally to arrive.

Lilith chuckles softly to herself as she waits, getting out the bow to check the string.

Shedding her heavy jacket (because it is a VERY chilly day in Denver), Aladriel bounds into the study and sees two elves and a courtesan. Of course the elves are greeted first, with Ally heading right over to them for a hug. "Hello my dears!"

Lilith sits quietly by and just lets the other women hug and such.

Kassie and Maya are on the floor, a closed book of magic and a notepad nearby. Kassie holds out a hand to Aladriel, her eyes looking over the woman, drinking in the sight of her. She is much more relaxed and at ease the moment she hears Ally's voice, let alone seeing her. "How was your meeting?"

"Oh, it was just fine," Ally says with a smile as she finishes the hugging and such with her two favorite elves. "I think they thought with my absences and such from a little while ago that I was thinking about leaving. They threw more money at me to try and get me to stay," she says with a little laugh before her blue eyes fall upon Lilith. "Well good afternoon, Lili. Nice to see you out here again!"

Lilith smiles warmly at her friend, happier then she looks to see the young woman again. "Hello, Ally, and I'm very glad to be here again. How're you doing?"

"Woo! Congrats, love. Maya, did you hear? Mommy is making more money for us to spend!" Kassie giggles at the baby, quieting to listen to the conversation. Maya burbles at Ally, little hands waving.

Spotting little hands waving in the corner of her eye, Ally swoops in to snatch Maya out of Kassie's lap. She oofs, strains to lift the baby, and then dramatically crumbles onto her back, the babe atop her. "Ooooh Maya you're getting so big and heavy! I can't hardly lift you!"

Lilith rolls her eyes as she watches. "She's going to be utterly spoiled, you know." But she laughs still, unstringing her bow.

"Yes, she is. It will be wonderful." Kassie grins a bit, watching Ally and Maya bond and play, the smile growing. She darts a look at Lilith and a bit of mischief crosses her face, eyes narrowing faintly, "So, love, Lilith and I were *just* talking about you. It seems she is really desperate to get those upgrades installed, but doesn't want to be a burden."

Lilith shoots Kass a look, her face deadpan and her voice dead dry. "Not desperate, silly."

Ally ooooohs as she hears that and rolls with Maya so that both mother and child are laying on their bellies, looking at the courtesan. "Oh were you really? We can do that, can't we Maya? Do you want to help, hmm?" she asks the babe, tickling her along her back. "You're just getting the new razors that Kassie got you and then the other thing, right? The razors are extra easy, it's pretty much just replacing the edged parts themselves."

Lilith nods, shifting in her seat in such a fashion that could indicate the first beginnings of a very faint, hidden sense of unease. Or that she's just getting comfortable. "Aye, the razors and then the Smartlink stuff. I think they were Christmas gifts."

Kassie looks extraordinarily innocent, folding her hands in her lap and watching Maya and Aladriel, having done her part. She raises an eyebrow, "A Christmas gift? My, what a long time ago that was. That reminds me, I have to start looking for gifts again, don't we Maya? More shopping!"

Ally's eyebrows arch slightly as she looks to Lilith. "Oh wow you've taken a long time to get that taken care of," she points out, considering the woman. "How come you waited so long? As active as you are I would've thought you'd have wanted them as soon as possible!"

Lilith shrugs, crossing her legs. "Really, it just slipped my mind. I was so busy with the house and everything else I forgot, and then everyone else was always running around…" She speaks casually. Despite the fact that, when you think about it, for the normally fastidious Lil, waiting is kind of…well, strange to put it nicely. Especially for useful running and killing stuff.

"I imagine we could work something out pretty quickly, Lilith. I mean, we aren't running around *now* and your ladies can take care of things. Twas best done soon, I think, given the larger role you are taking on the team. Samuel would be most impressed, I think." Kass adds that last almost too casually, adding another weight to the conversation.

Lilith shoots Kass an almost dirty look. "Impressed with what?"

"Impressed about your new effectiveness in dangerous situations," Ally muses with a small smile as she looks between Kass and Lil, noticing the look the woman's throwing at the elf. "I'm missing something here," she announces, getting a little bit serious. And, rather cutely, Maya stops laughing too and looks almost accusingly at Lilith.

Nodding to what Aladriel says, Kassie remarks, "I think .. there is something going on. Lil has been dissembling all morning about the surgery, and that makes me wonder what is going on as well." She doesn't seem at all bothered by the look Lil gives her, her smile growing a bit. It's a game and she is enjoying it.

Lilith grunts under her breath, keeping her voice gently moderate. "There's nothing to miss, besides the apparent embarrassment over making a simple slip up and not getting gear installed sooner. I mean, it's not like it's that important, I've already got cut-y things in my hands." She rolls her eyes. "I'm not dissembling. Good lord. I'm just embarrassed with myself."

Ally hmms a bit and looks sideways at Maya. A few moments later the baby elf looks at her mother. Then Ally looks back to Lilith. "So we could just head to the hospital right now and get it taken care of?" she asks curiously.

Kass remarks quietly, "Lilith, I have seen you remember a client from months before, their drink preferences and their .. other inclinations .. it isn't like you to forget something that you *want* to remember."

Lilith opens her mouth, then shuts it. She's good…very good, actually. There is some tension there, some unease, but she's shifting the focus. Making it look like embarrassment. Awkwardness at being "found out", which is also suitable. A closer look though…the way her face smooths over, the way her eyes become hooded, she's hiding something. A touch of fear. "Oh gods. If you're really that insistent, sure, we'll go." She neatly, almost too neatly, glosses over Kass's statement.

"Okay then," Ally says with a little shrug, not going to try and pry the information out of Lilith at the moment. "Well, I'll schedule us a clinic time and we'll get in there and get it taken care of."

Lilith nods. "Will it be general or local anesthesia?"

Lil is good, but she isn't that good. Kass notes the body language, the flicker of fear, the way she has been uncomfortable throughout the conversation. She stays quiet, tho, letting Aladriel handle it. She's the nurse and almost doctor. Kass is the housewife.

"If it was just the hand razors, due to what's already there, I'd say local," Ally murmurs thoughtfully. "But since there are several things, I'll think we'll be putting you under. Gots to get in your head, after all."

Lilith nods, but her body still remains a little, just subtly tense. "Ah. How lovely." She's silent, then, for several long moments, idly glancing towards her hands, thinking. Finally she speaks, her voice low and and quiet. "Will Samuel be needed?"

"Well, needed is a tricky word," Ally says with a little chuckle. "Needed, probably not. Would he help and make it more efficient and cleaner? Sure. So I'll probably have him help. It'll be quick, though."

Kass lurks quietly, watching the two women talk. No baby in her hands, nothing to add to the conversation, she idly twirls a length of hair around a finger.

Lilith finally seems to relax at that, her body unwinding. "Ah." She says simply, then smiles a bit. "Thanks for the help…I really don't know how I'd repay you. I know this sort of surgery, with this sort of skill, is luckier then I deserve."

"Think nothing of it, Lil. Down the line you'll shoot something and hit it rather than me or Kassie, and that will be all the repayment I'll ask for," Ally says with a little giggle. She rises up to her knees, picks up Maya and the two quickly join Kass.

Grinning, Kass scoots closer to Ally when she joins her, nodding to the mage's words. "I think I am good enough to be in the operating theater and help out some. I can at least move tools around and wipe brows. It'll be neat."

Lilith laughs softly, idly glancing out towards the window… "That taken care of, I probably should head back to the house. Paperwork. Again." She makes a face, looks again…is that…what? Lilith straightens in her chair then vaults out, casting the curtain aside to peer outside. White. Lots and lots of white. "Oh my GODS MY CAR!!"

Looking to the window, Kassie remarks slowly, "It's snow, Lilith. We get it fairly commonly out here, even out till May." She shrugs, watching the flakes come down and taking the opportunity to steal a quick kiss from Ally.

Lilith twitches. "Oh gods oh gods oh gods I left the top down…" She begins to bolt towards the door. "Can I borrow a vehicle? I'll need to get home safely, if this gets worse I need to make sure the house is done up, the Shelby's not made for this weather…"

Kass motions towards the garage. "The van is out there, should have snow chains on it still. You are welcome to use it, but be careful. They won't plow out this way till much later in the day, if at all."

Lilith grunts and makes a face. "I'll gorram walk if I have to." She pauses to shoot the three girls a quick grin. "Thanks again, and keep well friends."

March 27, 2009

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