PTSD is Area Effect

A black corvette pulls to a stop outside, sliding in to the space recently vacated by a -very- happy man who's just spent far to much money on companionship. Out of it slides Johny Wulfson, a cigarette in his lips and a scowl on his features. Can't catch a break these days. Johny. Angry Johny, this is Jezebel in Hell. He steps through the door, the cigarette arcing through the air, flicked away to land in the ash-can near by.

Ally smiles a little bit, and it is a real smile, albeit faint. "That's *my* problem, if anything, Zoey. I care about people and trouble myself with them. And I'm not passing any judgement on your problems…I don't even know you. But I get concerned because even just tonight, you drifted into dangerous circles. And you are firmly a part of one with Mr. Lucciano. Thats why I worry. Because with what happened tonight… it's more luck than anything, by my guess, that you didn't get shot down. Isn't that kinda worrying for you?" Ally's back is to the door so she doesn't see Johny coming.

Jester enters the foyer from the door marked "private"
Jester has arrived.

Jester slips carefully through the door. As if he suspected there to be a gunwielding fixer on the farside of it.

Jester smiles to Zoey, carying the prevarication a bit farther "All better." to quell any concern that might have lingered. He thumbs up.

For the returning Jester, the scene is very similar as to before. Except the positioning has changed a bit. Zoey has started for the door and Aladriel has moved around her to stop the other woman from leaving. Ally has her back to the entrance of the building, and Johny is just coming through the door.

Zoey doesn't notice him yet just now, her focus on Ally. "I don't believe in luck, Ms," says Zoey simply. "I believe in heuristic evidence. A quantifiable, traceable event." Her eyes drift upwards, spotting Johny finally.. Her gaze flutters back to Jester a moment.. Forward again.. ".. Here, then, would be my quantifiable variable," she says in regards to the approaching man. Zoey folds her arms, bowing her head slightly. Idly, her thumb comes up to her lower lip, her head shakes.
To Ally, quietly. "Ever heard the saying, one must choose the lesser of two evils?" she asks, voice calm, her face contemplating.

Johny comes to a stop just inside the door. "Well." Says Johny then, tilting his head. "For once I get called here because there's a security issue, and it's one I don't mind dealing with. Hello Dr. Einhart, Dr. Cindel, Ms DePavia. Mr. Parrot-Man."

Silk pulls the napkin from her mouth, checking it. She frowns but doesn't reapply it; she continues watching, staying out of the conversation for the moment, the firearm still pressed against her thigh. She glances to Johny, nodding once. As he has arrived, she'll move towards the desk and the girl there.

Jester murmors "I just want it on the record, my name is not Elvis Parrot-man." he glances around for verification. "So desu?"

Johny tips his mighty fine invisible hat to Jester in Acknowledgment.

Ally's a bit startled, and yet… not surprised to hear Johny's voice. She looks to him as he comes in and smiles at him. Thats it, no words or anything for him. "I have," she tells Zoey, moving away from the door then, crossing in front of Zoey, a bit deeper into the foyer. Up to Jester: "Thats good. Elvis doesn't….quite fit you." Then she turns about, facing towards Johny and Zoey again.

Jester erupts in peels of melodic laughter descending into piggysnorts.

Silk stops at the desk, looking at the girl who works there. She brings up the gun, ejecting the clip with a metal command, working the slide back to eject the round currently up and ready. She places the gun gently on the desk, remarking, "Cecile? There will be a very angry bodyguard who lost this inside. He should be more careful." She turns away from the girl, looking at the door and the scene there as she starts back that direction.

Zoey looks up from her contemplating at Johny. "Mr. Wulfson," she responds to the greeting. "Mathamatics was never my best subject, Mr. Wulfson, but I would say the likihood of you being here at this exact moment is somewhere on the right of 'astronomical'. To what do I owe the honour 'tonight'?" she wonders, eyebrow raising. She's clearly unamused at this point. Though in retrospect, maybe should have seen it coming, really. She decides she doesn't care at this point.

"Crackerjack Timing." Answers Johny with a somewhat flippant air. He looks to Silk, then Ally. "I hold a security contract here. So when there was an issue with the patrons, I was called." He says, an honest if incomplete answer. "I hold a lot of contracts. My penthouse costs a lot. I overcharge my clients, but they get a lot for it."

Jester peanut galleries "I woulda never thought to say that." conceding elloquence to Zoe.

Jester takes a look at Ally since she's near.

Silk moves back to where she was, keeping her options open although she doesn't currently have a weapon in hand. She simply crosses her arms, waiting, watching.

Jester glances over Johan breifly, you needed to know this, its very crucial.
Ally's eyes are smiling at how Johny responds to Zoey. And still with him here, she doesn't speak. Letting him take over, as it were. The time isn't spent just twiddling her thumbs either. With Zoey's attention off of her, Ally looks at the woman in a much different way, the woman's blue eyes seeming to unfocus for just a few moments. Then with a blink, they are back to normal, and she looks sideways at Jester.

"Far be it from me to be a 'security issue' for you," she says, nodding her head toward the door. "I'll give credit where it's due to the security here however. They are quite thorough about their job.. Even including a psychologist who takes inordinately intimate interest in undesireables." This last sentence is treated almost as a question in it's intonation, directed at johny of course.
She eyes Ally. "All due respect."

«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Assensing Ms. Zoey":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 10 10 10 = 4 Successes

Julian enters the foyer from the outdoors

Silk's quiet voice cuts in behind that, "Better questions than bloodshed is our motto." Her tone indicates it was supposted to be a joke, albeit a very dry one.

Jester explains to Ally, as he would a child "Respect is the diametric opposite of Parrotman." but whom he is lampooning is obvious.

Johny holds up a hand, to pause Zoey. "Actually, it was about the entrance of Pulse and a dwarf racer in to the same zone of space. They have issues and I'm probably one of the few who can take Pulse in a fair fight if it came to it. YOu are just a pleasant bonus and surprise. Lets get something to drink, shall we?" He asks, gesturing back in to the club room, and probably to the private room beyond. "Since the Pulse is gone, I appear to have free time."

Julian pushes the door open and ducks into the club, straightening the fit of the sportcoat he wears to look presentable. The jacket is a bit tight, a few seams straining with his movements.

Johny is near the club room, with a small gaggle of people, apparently shooing them in to privacy for further discussion. He's got all the fly bitches.

Jester leans over to ask Aladriel a question.

Julian spots the small harem Johny has rounded up and is trying to wrangle, a grin forming as he lumbers over to the bar, ordering a glass of bourbon.

Ally leans her head a bit towards Jester, sensing him moving in to her. She listens and her eyes go wide and she spins around abruptly to look at him, looking absolutely mortified. "NO!" she gasps at him, her voice so loud that it just cuts through the foyer. She does not sound *angry*. She sound horrified.

Silk's head snaps towards Aladriel when she says no to Jester, her body already in motion as she heads that direction. The cowboy-hat clad small elven woman's eyes narrow with concern and irritation, hands balling into fists.

Jester eyes widen, hes utterly mortified, his dusky skin reddens.

Jester turns his head away roboticly, lips firmly sealed, eyes still wide as saucers.

"Oh?" Zoey asks, smirking.. "Well then, don't let me intrude upon your enjoyment among friends, I don't want to impose myself. I've caused everyone enough trouble already," she says. She doesn't sound sarcastic when she says this, however. More that she honestly felt her being here was simply going to be detrimental to the whole thing. She's more or less worn out her welcome here, she felt. Ally gets a.. look from her… Alright. "Perhaps I'll go finish off whats left my my chicken vindeloo," she offers thoughtfully, and eyes the door again, but remains stationary. In truth, she felt unable to just leave if she so desired. The presence of Johny and especially Silks behavior has her sticking around a while longer.

Julian turns a bit to spot Jester and Ally, about to move in that direction, but Silk's imminent (sp?) interception stops him, and he instead leans against the bar, fishing out a few crisp nuyen bills to trade for the lowball glass of bourbon. The sight of Zoey brings a grin, and more nuyen is passed over. A hushed conversation ensues, including a gesture towards Zoey and the word "scotch".

Kassandra eyes Jester for several seconds, closing the distance with little to no problem. She stops in front of him, looking up at the man. "I am not even in a good mood, Elvis. Right now, I am very angry. Leave her alone." She growls the words, her tone suggesting that she isn't kidding. (Arabic)

Jester raises his hands defensively "I just figured it was someone you trusted!"

Jester covers his face and slouches slightly

Silk just stares at Elvis, catching herself and repeating in English. "Leave it alone. Leave *her* alone."

Jester nods and makes body language like he wants to leave "I'm ghost like Swayze." he promises.

Ally still looks pretty shocked at Jester but she doesn't seem angry so much as caught offguard. With Kassandra rising to her defense, she really doesn't even need to be angry. So she just lays a hand on the elf's arm to calm her. "It's okay. Its um…well. Think he got the idea," she says softly.

Julian sidles up to Silk and gives the woman a smile. "Retirement party?" He grins to her. "Well, since my current favorite rumor is that you are becoming a chiropodist, I want to get my name in early for an appointment."

Kassandra stills when Ally lays a hand on her arm, looking up as Julian speaks to her, "Fuck off." She puts every ounce of augmented charisma into those two words, her voice full of anger.

Jester excuses himself politely "If its all the same, I'll just head home. Problem solved?" edging for the door.

Johny looks to ZOey, then the others as Kassandra physically eats Julian's head. "Uh… Lets go someplace more private. Kass, Ally, Zoey, would you mind joining me in my private room?" HE asks, gesturing tot he hallway, where the guest room will infact, this time, represent -his- bedroom here… the one that doesn't exist.

Kassandra glances to Jester, nodding once. She is molified by Aladriel's hand on her arm, but is still not amused. She doesn't speak, just nods once to him.

Jester puts his head down to avoid misleading glances and beats a politely hasty retreat. He reviews in his head wether or not anyones every stood up to Kass, he was just curious after all. He pauses. He looks toward Kassandra, matching eyes a moment.

Oh dear. Ally dedicates herself to keeping Kass calm and to put into her eyes for Jester the fact that she does not hate him. But she can't give him too much time, things are moving right along. "Sure," Ally tells Johny, before she turns her eyes to Zoey, to see if the woman will come too.

Jester points a finger at Kass, to make sure she knows who he's addressing. "I'm not afraida you." he adds. "I'm just bein respectful.". A younger mans attempt to save a little face now complete, he opens the door and walks out.

Jester turns the brass door knob and walks outside

Zoey remains mostly quiet, contemplative, calm.. Not especially happy by any margin however. She'll allow herself to be led around for the time being.. "If you insist," she says. A big part of her just wanted to LEAVE. Go. Be done with it.. another part of her felt she had something to prove. Not so much to Ally, Kass, Lilith.. perhaps more to Johny. ".. I won't turn down hospitality.."

Johny nods, simply nodding to the hallway.

Kass stares after Jester, raising an eyebrow. A blink later and she dismisses him as the door closes, her expression growing darker by the moment. She shrugs as Ally accepts and then Zoey. "Why not."

Johny unlocks the Guest Room door with a keycard. A woman inside, Celia, blinks and he gestures for her to vacate. The woman (Fully dressed and reading a book) just sort of shrugs and heads out without sound.

Doing her part to put Zoey at ease, Ally doesn't take up a position at the woman's back or anything. She instead goes right into the room with Johny, looks about, finds a chair and plops herself down, pretty much sprawling.

Zoey funnels in with the others, eyes mindful of her surroundings as they move about. In a way, she felt she was being foolish for even being here. These people could possibly just kill her if they felt the need to. Had ever right to, perhaps.. she knew that.
Just the kind of woman Zoey was.
With her hands behind her, clasped, she merely stands in the room, eyes wandering uneventfully…

Silk follows the others up the stairs, nodding politely to Celia as they take over the room. She moves to find a seat, heading it seems for the one Ally took before slowing and finding another, carefully sitting down, pulling the cowboy hat off her head. She sighs, ruffling her hair a bit and glancing to Johny.

Johny closes the door. "Zoey." He says simply, moving in to the room now. A drawer is opened and a bottle of scotch taken out. Loch Lomand 2030. "How are you doing today?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Zoey (#6237) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "Don't, Zoey.":
3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Zoey (#6237) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "Dontx2 3/7":
2 3 3 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Zoey (#6237) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "5/7":
2 3 5 8 = 1 Success

Doing her part to put Zoey at ease, Ally doesn't take up a position at the woman's back or anything. She instead goes right into the room with Johny, looks about, finds a chair and plops herself down, pretty much sprawling. (repose of Aladriel's)

Johny called this little shindig, so Kassandra keeps quiet and just watches, toying with the band on her hat for the moment. She glances between the man and the woman she doesn't know, eyes slightly unfocused. She curses, pulling a napkin out of her pocket and reapplys it to her lip.

Perhaps Johny intended it, perhaps not, but she gives him no chance either way: "I could use a glass of water," she offers as he goes to the task of bringing out drinks, before being offered. An interception, if you will. It likely would do little harm but the woman truly didn't need it right now, and indeed resisted it.
"Not so good," she replies honestly. "As I am sure you are well aware. How about you, Mr. Wulfson?" Her eyes fall on the others present, her gaze questioning, as if to say, 'and you'? It was tough to keep good manners in a situation like this.. fortunately Zoey had insufferable perseverance. "..I.. Really did wish to apologize to Mrs. DeWinter," she adds on a somber note, feeling genuine guilt for the proceedings that have led up to this. "Call it luck, call it providence… Whatever the case is, my behaviour was…. Well…" She trails off, unable to fully articulate her feelings in such a complex, delicate situation.. "Not becomming of me, perhaps.."

"Yelling at a robot, getting slapped and not remembering why you got slapped," Ally lists off on her fingers, not meanly, but by the very content of the words she can't fully escape it. "Probably not," she murmurs. "It wasn't a reaction I've seen a lot. But then I don't run into that many robots either."

"A text book example of Post TRaumatic Stress Disorder as evidenced by your behavior and symptoms over the last few days. It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma. In this case, I'm going to take a wild hairy ass guess; Something to do with your military service in England." He shrugs, getting the woman a glass of water, then pouring drinks for the other two ladies.

"This is Kassandra Depavia. This is Aladriel Cindel. I trust these women with my life, with my love, with every secret I have. So you can trust them or you can not, thats your call." He turns back to the group.

"So. You went crazy because of a robot? Seems like an odd trigger."

Kass murmurs, checking the flow of blood from her lip, "It's overrated," she quips to Aladriel, "But Bambi is a good girl, and a good protector .." She breaks off as Johny speaks, issuing forth their names to the nice crazy lady. She sighs, putting the napkin over her mouth again.

Zoey sighs, taking the glass of water. Unfortunate to be surrounded by a group of 'psychologists'. "I'm as eager as the next 'psychologist' to take up the soap box, Mr. Wulfson, however true a merit your direction of inquirey may be, you are basing a wild assumption without much to go on," she tells him. "I did service in England.. yes. I did things and had things happen to me in Lambeth I will carry with me forever." She puts extra emphasis on the word forever. She blinks. "I apologize for my behaviour to Mrs. DeWinter, however I will not apologize for being who I am, Mr. Wulfson."
Her gaze flutters to the other two, her eyes narrowing on Kass a moment as she watches this 'ritual'. She would say something but.. that would be for later perhaps.. "I'm willing to do many things, Mr. wulfson, but tolerate a character assassination is not one of them. Not without a good reason for enduring one."

"It's not a character assassination to point out what's right there to see," Ally intones quietly, some of the pleasantness fading from around the edges of her eyes. "You're simply you. And if you have a problem, emotional, physical, whatever…its not an slight against you to point it out. Would you rather people just see an outburst like that and write you off as insane? Or that they try to understand the cause and dig deeper to find out why?"

Kass seems indifferent to the gaze or narrowed eyes, checking the napkin again. She glances to Aladriel and Johny, letting them play question and answer with the doctor, apparently satisfied to listen.

Johny nods to Ally. "Succinct as always, Ms. Cindel." Says Johny then, swirling his glass. He takes a sip then, gesturing to the cinnmon haired human chick. "She sort of said everything I was going to. I'm not engaging in Vituperation or slander. You, have a problem. We, can see that problem. We, at the very least I, would like to help you with understanding the size and scope of that problem."

Zoey acknowledges Ally a moment, "Ms. Aladriel," she says, as a greeting since she was introduced. "I believe you would be right in saying so, insofar that the recipient of such treatment knew the reason behind the inquirey. As it stands, I've no idea why you have brought me here, except to discuss my Military record and psychological profile. Something I would generally leave in the hands of trained psycho-therapists or those one is close to."
Basically, Zoey is saying 'I hardly know any of you, so why would I tolerate being put on the spot for reasons you have yet to disclose'. This was truly at the heart of Zoeys apprehension. She wasn't a secretive person. She had no problem talking about herself. If she had a reason to do so. Especially in a room full of people one barely knows. Zoey felt perfectly vindicated in this situation. Her eyes return to Johny. ".. If you wished to know more about me, Mr. Wulfson, I might have appreciated you coming and asking me directly."

"I just did." Says he.

Zoey looks around the room again, to Ally, Kass, returns her gaze. "Directly," she repeats. "Openly."
"Right." Kass rises, still dabbing at her lip, the napkin starting to have more red than white to it. "I think that is about all of the conversation you need me here for, Mr. Wulfson." She snags her hat with her offhand, seating it on her head. "I'll read the after action report on this and have my summation to you directly." She nods politely to the doctor, her movements indicating she is heading for the door.

Zoey nods to Kass, "Ms. Depavia," she says before the woman leaves.

Ally runs a hand over her face and then gets to her feet. In a bit of an uncanny moment, she gets up almost the moment Kassandra starts to talk and moves to the woman, apparently set to follow her through the door. "Kinda what she said. I'm a little tired and she wants open and direct questions. Seems like you might have to start at Chapter 1 of working in Denver," she mentions to Johny. To Zoey, "Was nice meeting you, Dr. E. If you get tired of working at the gym before it gets knocked down again…lemme know. Can put you in contact with some other places."
Johny nods to Kassandra. "Indeed." He says, standing up from the leaned position he had assumed, setting the scotch down. "I think I'm done here." He says. "Come in to my home, asking me oblique questions, then get bent because I have the audacity to ask you -directly- when you have not one, but two PTSD related episodes in the space of a week, with the two women who witnessed the one tonight?" He raises an eyebrow, looking to Zoey. "I'm sorry for the uncomfortablness. I felt perhaps just sweeping the bullshit off the table might do some good."

Kassandra nudges the door open, holding for the cinnamon-haired woman, stepping to the side to let her go first after making sure the hall is clear. She nods once to Johny, her gaze flicking to Zoey and then back again, raising an eyebrow.

"What do you want to know, Mr. Wulfson? Why do you wish to know it? Why do you wish me to discuss it in front of your associates? What intrigues you so about my post traumatic stress? Intrigues you enough to ask me to discuss horrors and pain with people I've never even -met- until tonight.. As much as I may be willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Wulfson, trust is earned, not taken or given. A fact of which I suspect you are keenly aware. Had you come to me personally with questions, I would likely have been willing to disclose with you that information. Instead you have me watched," she says simply. Her gaze falls mostly on Johny. "Shame on me twice, perhaps."

Johny glances at Zoey, shaking his head. "You didn't hear a word I said last night, Dr. Einhart. Good night. Sleep well. Keep your boots on the ground." He turns for the door, entirely disheartened, but his jaw set in a grim stance.

Kass holds the door a moment for Johny before moving to follow Ally out. She looks as if she is about to speak but instead shakes her head again, moving off quickly.

Zoey sighs.. The whole situation didn't do much to improve her case. Zoey felt targeted, vulnerable. Surrounded, perhaps.. not a situation she asked for under the circumstances. "Johny, I…" she calls to him as he moves away, for perhaps the first time dropping her honourific an last-name basis.. Her voice is soft, maybe a little confused.. She leaves the words at that, however.. she had no other words to offer. She alread offered herself up on the altar, what more could she sacrifice? Her ideals..? Way of thinking..
Zoey can only really watch him go. Couldn't stop him by any means.

Johny stops, when addressed by first name. He glances to Kassandra, offering her a nod as he pushes the door closed with one hand. "Yes, Zoey?" He asks, looking back to her.

Kassandra turns the door knob and exits the room

Seeing the others go, leaving Johny behind, does much to alleviate Zoey's stress levels. A noticeable weight lifts from her.. "I did hear what you said last night," she tells him, voice losing one parts firmness and gaining two parts sincerity. "I heard, understood on a deep level.. I was left in the open, all my life. Targeted, hunted, like prey.. I led a 'normal' life, but I knew.. knew it wasn't real. It was no more real than the concept of a world full of truth and honesty.. I know.. I built my life on that, Johny.. and I later had every ideal and concept my life was built on swept out from under me. Dashed.. ruined.. I built my life on a lie, and later.. once I learned what I had done, knew the only way to.. make things right in my own mind would be to.. base my life on lies, on shadows. I think coming here to the UCAS was my way of struggling to hold onto the lie.. and subsequently, finding the lie was of my own naivete, ignorance.. And you can never run from who you are.. I dont want to live in such a fake, made-up world. As much as it might pain me.."
Zoey didn't expect this semi-coherant tale to change anything between them. She felt maybe she had burned that bridge already.. Perhaps in telling Johny this, he could at least understand her somewhat. Zoey felt she could at least be satisfied with that if nothing else.

Johny turns back to her, offering a slight smile as he closes, then bolts (Its not a key bolt, but a simple turn-lock) the door from the inside. She's not locked in, just people are locked out. "You sound like me." he says simply as he moves back to her, grabbing a chair and sitting close. "I do understand, on a level I don't think you can appreciate without knowing me. I spent 40 years serving the UCAS, running around the world and engaging in blackops, infiltration, being a monster so that the rest of the world could sleep soundly, believing in the ideals of what I was doing."

"And then Bug-City. Chicago, my home town, where my wife, where my daughter, where my dog, as mentioned, lived. All gone. The blink of an eye, my world was broken and shattered. It took me 9 years to rebuild who I am. I can't live in a made up, false world either. I must know my world, I must master it, or it masters me."

Zoey slowly takes a seat close to where Johny is. Her bright green eyes watch him intently, listening. She nods, listening, reflecting on the similarity in tense and feeling between what they had both spoken. Both had passion, drive.. the difference was of course Johny was already mastering his destiny, Zoey only knew she wished to but hadn't began.
"I'm sorry," she tells him again in regards to his family. "I had heard about that situation.. So many lives lost. It was, in ways similar to Lambeth," she says, sighing, feeling the need to explain her situation more clearly to Johny, since he had done the same for her.
"When I was little, my father meant worlds to me.. he was a doctor too, you see. He.. was also taken from me, killed. Those who killed him were painted as rebels, outlaws.. For a long time I sought to avenge my fathers death by taking his place. So.. I became a doctor.. When my tuition money was suddenly stolen, those responsible for the death of my father were again blamed.. Without options or hope, I was desperate for money.. Military stepped in, offer jobs.. Years of my life given up to the military.. It felt like truly avenging my father, until.." Zoey's voice fades slightly.. "Until.. I found out.. Those who I had been fighting.. those who 'killed' my father, he.. had been performing illegal de-goblinization experiments on the populace of Lambeth.. those whom he wronged gathered together, pocketed, protested.. and were later branded as terrorist when my father was accidently killed.. Truth was, they were innocent people.. I had fought in my fathers name.. only to find that.. I was fighting for the wrong side all along.. Killing those who my father had hurt.. I was.. no better than him.."
Zoey lowers her head suddenly, lower lip trembling for only the briefest of moments…

Johny reaches a hand out, to touch her chin with his left hand. His hands are rough things, tools and implements, but with an undertone of humanity in them, real and solid. "Zoey." He says quietly, looking at her. "Thats how I got in to the CIA as well. My soccer scholarship was ruined when I lost a knee. Had to get through school somehow. I'm sorry your father was not… what you thought he was, that you undertook such herculean tasks to honor his memory." He says quietly, withdrawing his hands.

"But you are who you are, and it, is real. You want to live in the real world, and you do. A world where ideal is just as important as results."

Zoey seems vaguely surprised at the touch, but doesn't back away from it though. Zoey's face was no less real, and indeed her blood pumped with the heart of conviction. Her skin is rather warm to the touch, delicate. "The world.. doesn't want to be saved. It may need it but, it resists, fights against it." She looks up at Johny, "I wanted to.. pretend that my ideals could change something.. not the world, but perhaps people.. But you can't.. A single person can't stand against the tides. A person is fallible, weak.. But an idea.. an ideal.. It immortal."
Zoey smiles softly, remembering a quote as she often did, somewhere in her mind a descision.. a thought process was being formulated. Solidified. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.. Fail to do everything they must do.. No mater what."

Johny nods to Zoey. "We must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men." He quotes from some obscure source. "And your ideals can change something, Zoey. I firmly believe this."

Zoey considers a moment, eyes mostly on Johny, contemplative, but open. "Perhaps they can.. but.. not with Mr. Lucciano and his men," she says, agreeing with Johny indirectly on another note.. ".. However, I suspect I've given your associates a bad taste.. I can't fault them that." Zoey looks out the nearest window, gazing intensely.. "It may not seem it.. I do understand the necessity of what you've done.. I guess I felt.. open, vulnerable, hunted.. like I was so long ago by my own countrymen.. What I lacked was the providence to see good from bad, perhaps.. Lacked the conviction to accept what is necesarry." Zoey sighs.. "I need to.. look elsewhere, perhaps.. Find answers.. Find a path."

Johny exhales. "I won't deny that you have… made a poor impression on those who work -with- me." He uses that term, with, specifically, as opposed to 'for'. It's an all together different thing. Zoey works 'for' pulse. Johny works -with- Kassandra. One is a company. The other is a family. "But they are reasonable. Perhaps if you try and talk to them, Ally and Kassandra… they will listen."

"Perhaps, perhaps not," she concedes.. "Your friends do not trust me, indeed do not like me. I imagine they feel I represent an unaccountable factor, a loose end.. The level of trust I've lost.. I'm not sure is something I could ever get back. They may even be right.. The uncertainty of my past.. the questions that were never answered.." Her words drift a thoughtful moment.. Lingering.. She quotes Johny loosely, "To master the world, before it masters you." A pause, a thought.. "Your saying is missing something, Johny," she says to him, giving him a thoughtful look behind those green eyes. "To master the world, you must master yourself."

Johny thinks that over. "I am a self made man and I worship my creator, Zoey." He says with an ironic grin. "But frankly? Kassandra is… sensitive to instability. She knows how hard I work to present a competent, unified front that is stable, because what we are doing, requires the stability."

Zoey shakes her head.. "I make no concessions about what your friends saw.. I had a tempermental outburst, due to my stress.. and your friend slapped me to clear my head, but in effect it had more opposite the effect." she says. It wasn't really Bambi that made her 'delierious', it was the shock of the slap. She was simply shouting and angry. The slap, made it something else. "At this point… it's semantics," she says. "I only ask to be judged by the quality of my character, for good or ill," she adds. "My post traumatic stress may never mend.. it may mend tomorrow.. I can't say."

"Only you can say." Says Samuel, standing up and straightening his jacket. "Only you have the power to affect your mind, or to authorize outside assistance." He smiles then, looking down at her. "Trust me. I know all about being broken, shattered and fractured up stairs. I'll tell you about it some time in the future, when we have a more… solid relationship founded in trust, and not happenstance."

Zoey nods slightly, thinking mostly to herself, hands cupped to her mouth. A torrent of things swirling up there, but it does eventually subside, bringing her back after a breif pause. "I may not have the trust of your friends.. Perhaps not even yours," she says.. ".. but perhaps you could do something for me," she says, eyes srifting back up to Johny once more. "When the time feels right," she says, "Call me."
Zoey slowly raises to a stand, righting herself, gaining her balance and equallibrium both physically and mentally. She turns toward the door, then Johny. "Be sure to tell Mrs. DeWinter I am sorry for all that has transpired.. And also Ms. Kassandra and Ms. Aladriel." She prepares to leave, giving Johny the chance to speak before she does of course.

Johny puts one hand on her shoulder as she moves past him… "Tell them yourself, Zoey, that will mean so much more than coming from me. Please understand that we are human people, and people respond better to personal apologies. "As to calling you…" He smiles a big.

"What should I call you?"

Zoey regards Johny oddly a moment, her face implying 'Don't you already know?'. "Anything but late to dinner of course, Mr. Wulfson." She matches the smile. Slowly, her gaze falls upon her watch.. she had to prepare for another surgery tomorrow.. early. Shetakes a step to the door, turns once more.
Just as an afterthought, Zoey adds, " Jusqu' ce que nous nous runissons nouveau, M. Wulfson." With that, she turns back to the door. (Until we meet again, Mr. Wulfson)

Johny tilts his head in acknowledgment to that. "Je desespere de vous voir partir, mais j'aime a vous regarder aller …" He opens the door for her. "Safe Travels Zoey, and remember… talk to them yourself. Its the best route." (I dispair to see you leave, but I love to watch you go…)

Zoey says nothing else to Johny, but she does look at him, acknowldge him. She nods, indicating her willingness to do so, as difficult as it might end up being. She would do that for Johny, as well as for herself. With that, Zoey leaves, back the way she came, and camly makes her exodus from the Apple and Snake.. not quite the way she may have liked, but then.. Such was life.

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