The Mile High FRFZ Rally


I've been hanging out in merry old Japan recently but I'm back in the familiar fractures of North America. And let me tell you, what I see, breaks my heart. I don't see any -drivers- left out there. I see some riggers, I see some poseurs, but I don't see any anyone who can sit himself in to any car, put his hands on the wheel and jerk that ride like it was an extension of themselves.

Without rigging.

Yeah, you heard me. Riggers are poseurs, letting computers do the driving for them. Cheating themselves out of the challenge of pure tactile experiance. Plugging in is tuning out.

So I've got a challenge I'm putting together. A road race, riggers-need-not-apply. That's not to say if you rig, you can't race, but if you run in this race, you can't rig. This is a race for people who sit in the drivers seat, not patch in to the computer and let it drive for you. This ain't a race for people looking to get an unfair advantage with magic, either. Keep your spells at home. No magic is allowed. Mages can drive, but you keep the finger wiggling and spirits all to yourself.

This is a race between drivers, not a question of who's got the best ten second ride. With a hundred odd miles of road, your NOS ain't nothing, your turbo-charging will over heat and your tank will run low. Distance and endurance are the great equalizers in auto-sports. So, come one, come all.

Bikes, trucks and other vehicles are allowed, so long as they have wheels. A handicapping system will be in place to allow an equal playing field.

The stakes are high. Every driver kicks 10,000 Nuyen to the race purse. You don't get that back. The winner of the race gets a choice. The Race Purse, or a custom car me and my boys have been building. No, you don't get to see the car before you choose. You can stake it on my rep though, that it's good enough for my tastes.

There are only 5 Rules.

  • 1: First one across the line wins.
  • 2: Second place is just the first loser.
  • 3: Hit all the checkpoints on your route, or your out.
  • 4: No rigging, no magic, no drones, no outside help. Other than that, what you can carry in or on your ride is fair game. This is about drivers, not riggers, not finger-wiggling. Get out there and drive.
  • 5: There are no other rules.

Winner Take all, the cash, the pinks and the respect.


  • The Last Electric Knight

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