Kakashi, Numb, Rage, Death, Athena, Starks are present

«ADMIN» Athena says, "hello uh men…."

«ADMIN» Athena says, "how are y'all?"

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >just peachy.. I feel like i'm in the presence of greatness here<

Johan was having a great day until about 2 hours ago.

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >the Roman Baths are wonderful<

Athena nods nods. Well we have all been talking. Scary I know.. but still.

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >30 seconds to take out trash and turn tea kettle off<

Athena says "This is a yes or no questions Johan. Are you 100% satisfied with how this ordeal has been handled?"

You say "I can't answer that question with the yes/no request given.""

«Staff» Death says, "It's simple, Johan. Are you 100 satisfied with this, or not? It's got no grey zone."
«Staff» Death says, "100%, that is."

You say "I cannot answer your question in that fashion. I'm sorry death. You want a yes or no question to a broad sweeping situation.""

You say "But I'll give you one."

You say "Yes; I am satisfied with the rulings as handed down by Enki in regards to this affair.""

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >back<

«ADMIN» Athena says, "y'all I hate to keep you all waiting but we are going to have too sorry"
«ADMIN» Athena will put you back if need be so you can RP or whatever

You say "Can you perhaps tell us what in specific is the situation at hand?"

You say "I feel like I've been called in to the principles office and asked 'Yes or no, have you stopped hitting your wife?""

«Staff» Death thinks that's why she's putting us on hold. I think it just changed…
«Staff» Death rofls!

«Plot» Daemon Starks says, "giggles"

Athena raise a brow at Johan. You aren't in trouble. Think of it more like the nurses office.

«Staff» Death says, "More like, "have you been completely satisfied with being the only person targeted in dodge ball for your entire high-school career?""
«Staff» Death says, "oh, and the school only uses baseballs."

Athena has left.

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >I spread my dodge ball firings amongst an even group<

You say "One does not get called to the nurses office 2 weeks after going to the Surgeon Generals Office and being told 'your good. Go back to playing ball'."
You say "Unless you've got the clap./"
You say "And uh…"

Johan eyes Demon.

You say "YOu didn't gimmie the clap, didja?"
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >Samuel.. where you on Seattle ever?<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >lol<

You say "No. Seattle was a broken game before I started playing."

«OOC» Daemon Starks nods.

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >no.. i used a condom Johan. :P<

Johan nods. Cool

«Staff» Death eyes his lists. "No Johan, Starks didn't give /you/ the clap. More like, the /clap/ gave /Starks/ away."
Johan laughs.
You say "Nice one."
You say "You're so skuzzy, you cure yourself of SDTs by viral evacuation.""
You say "Thats bad."

«OOC» Daemon Starks looks shocked!
«OOC» Daemon Starks grins.

You say "In the mean time."
You say "I built an SR stockmarket."

«Staff» Death says, "Psha, Daemon. You know damned well you have too much novakoke in your system for any STDs to survive."

You say "I have the same records for 40 AA and A level companies. its kinda neat"

«OOC» Daemon Starks giggles.. then wipes off his nose. "I don't know what you mean.. isn't that stuff.. illegal?"

«Game» The mists swirl around a single point, then coalesce into the form of Athena.
Athena has arrived.

«ADMIN» Athena had to pee?

You say "Welcome back.""

«Staff» Death wonders why Athena is /asking/ us where she went?

«ADMIN» Athena shrugs.

«OOC» Daemon Starks chuckles.
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >what's going on here?<
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >mav<

You say "I don't know.""

«ADMIN» Athena is waiting on something and is sorry

«ADMIN» Athena says, "when someone taes that long to reply it is usually important"

You say "Or they are fapping."

«ADMIN» Athena turns on the ZZ top and sets up the pole.
«Staff» Death says, "fapping=important, no?"

Johan nods. Very.

«Staff» Death says, "miss, and…ouch"

She's got legs, she knows how to move them…

«STAFF» Numb says, "Fapping=important, yes!"

«ADMIN» Athena can't flap! Such penis envy

Johan notes we will fap FOR you.
You say "In your HONOR even."

Athena rolls her eyes. Damn I look good in text!

Johan nods, elbowing Demon. "Look at the pixels on her!"

Daemon Starks chuckles.

«Staff» Death's scythe gets bigger

Daemon Starks grins, "That's sexual harrassment."


Johan awwwww yeahs

Daemon Starks laughs!

«Staff» Death says, "hawt"

Athena blushes! Where did you get that! He swore he would never show anyone!

«Staff» Death blinks. I didn't post that.

«STAFF» Numb laughs.

«ADMIN» Athena is waiting on Stiletto

«ADMIN» Athena says, "kind of"


Johan awwww yeahs

«Staff» Death says, "he's chatting with me. Sorry, didn't know you were waiting on him."

«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…

Johan steps on up.

«Staff» Death says, "sweet."

«ADMIN» Athena says, "ha !"

«Staff» Death rids up on Binky. "You do side-saddle, baby?"

Athena is ready sorry for the wait.

Johan grins… Lets kick it up a notch! BABY! TAKE IT OFF!


Athena is always naked.

Numb looks to make sure.
Numb says "Hell ya! Woo!"
Numb says "She's got somebody's balls."


Johan mmmms.

You say "COurse…"
You say "when I get out of line?""


«OOC» Daemon Starks laughs!

You say "She's all WHICHAAA!" and I'm all OMG!"

Athena sighs. "Guys this is very hard for me to present. I will not be the one handling it.. persay. I will however be enforcing it. As a staff we have decided to do something pretty drastic. We are rerunning the Watchers/Starks deal. Open rolls, all can see. The dice decide everything. If there is a question of can I jump off of this building it will be allowed to the dice. Even you can odd you can't. (I hope you understand what I mean). WE hope to prove to the GRID that yes we made mistakes. But we are willing to try and make the right, do this in the open and move on. Everyone gets a fair chance. When this is DONE.. .it is DONE! ANYONE even slightly bitches or moans fights over it… ugh… you just don't even want to know.

Samuel may not like it because of his reasons and Starks may not like it for his own. But it is what is going to happen. If someone declines then they aren't in the plot.. their choice and they are also not allowed to bitch. The buck stops here.

You say "I will not take part in this.""

You say "A ruling was handed down by the headwizard."

«Staff» Death thinks he froze

You say "I will take my issues up with him."

You say "Its easy for everyone to arm chair general, but Kakashi, and you, and everyone else, were there."
You say "I will not put the last 2 months of roleplay and effort and then the DRAMA that came after, out the window."

Athena says "See you can, but it I doubt it changes anything"

You say "You want to get Enki in here to say that, you do that."
You say "But I have been more than reasonable."

Athena will then.

You say "I have watched this issue, brought upon himself, spin out of control until it consumed this entire mush."
You say "There comes a time when you man up and move on."

Athena notes this isn't just about you.. and your RP… this is about EVERYONE here. About constant fighting and bickering and staff being called cheats from BOTH sides of this.

You say "I don't much care. I'm the one in this room, being told that 2 months of my time is useless."
You say "And it will be 'done over'"
You say "Like hell."
You say "Why's it being done over? Because someone spread enough shit, bitched enough, cried enough, brought a public hoo-haw enough that you guys are overturning the head wizes decision"

«Staff» Death notes, you're asking others to do what you are unwilling to do yourself. To just suck it up and accept something they aren't happy with.

Athena notes you are making accusations you know nothing about.

You say "I am not making accusations. A ruling was made by Enki."
You say "A clear, present ruling."
You say "You, without him seeming to be here, or part of this, have decided to overturn his decision."
You say "This is not an accusation"
You say "This is a fact."

Athena laughs.

You say "Hey, if he's here, he needs to speak up. If I'm wrong, correct me."

«Staff» Death says, "There was room for discussion and options, at least between private conversations about this topic between me and Enki, yes."

You say "I want Enki. Simple as that. Your private conversations don't much matter to me. I've taken and taken and taken the bullshit I've had heaped at me, my team, my every action on this game for over a month now."
You say "And I'm not taking it any more. It's my time to be unreasonable and unwilling to comprimise."

Athena says "And when Enki comes and tells you that this is what is happening what then?"

«Staff» Death says, "You asked, I answered. Don't jump down my throat now."

You say "I didn't jump down your throat. And Athena, that will be between me and Enki."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >or.. we could retcon the entire thing, up to the bombing.. since, your reasons for killing starks were a simple anonymous post and a word from a PC that he's asking about you.. which Cash as running admin, should have asked to bow out any IC info.<

You say "Dude? No. You have made my life MISERABLE for a month now, with your bullshit."

Athena laughs. "See no it isn't… you can get pissed and stomp your feet all you want.

You say "I've taken everythign you've given., I've held my tongue."

Rage says "Or, Daemon."
«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >you took away 8 yrs of mine for YOUR bs<

You say "But I'm not going to take this."

«Staff» Death says, "No, Johan, that will be between Enki, you, Daemon, and the rest of staff. There will be no more keeping people out of the loop."

Athena says "HAHAHA oh shit. EVERYONE has made this past month miserable."

You say "Well, this conversation is done, until Enki personally and specifically overturns the decision made."

«Staff» Death says, "Johan, I understand that you are upset, but I remind you, we are trying to find a solution for the good of the grid."

You say "No, you're not."

«Staff» Death says, "Not for the good of one, but for the good of /all/."

You say "Yo're trying to placate this guy, his two loud as fuck friends."
You say "The good of the grid would have been to close the book when the HEadwiz said it was -closed-.""
You say "I didn't even -start- this stupid PVP bullshit."

«OOC» Daemon Starks begs to differ..

«Staff» Death does as well.

You say "Someone put not one, but two prices on my head."

«Staff» Death says, "but that is a separate issue."

You say "I didn't act against you until then."
You say "You can dance around it all you want, but thats the reality."
You say "Oh, it wasnt ME! It was my FANS!""
You say "What ever.""

«Staff» Death sighs

You say "So. When Enki comes in. Call me."

Rage says "Just so we're clear, gentlemen, you have a very simple choice here."

You say "Let me be very clear. I understand Joseph's desire to not have his 8 year old character removed because he made mistakes ICly that led to leathal response from other players. I understand his frustration with what he sees as bad staffing. I understand his desire to use any means nessessary to force his paradigm on those around him. I understand the need for others to defend their friends. I understand these things. I am not unmoved by them. But.

I am more moved by the fact that if anything, the scales on the 'assfucked' level were about even. Theres some misconception that somehow, I sent KE after Starks. I did not. KE went after starks on their own. Theres this misconception that the Don would defend Starks. When the Don's the one who gave sanction to remove him. I have logs of that, actually. Theres a misconception that what happened was anything but clear and present results of his own course of action in the last few months.

He was attacked by a player he pissed off. Then, rather than try and track down the person who ACTUALLY attacked him, he picked a fight with Silk. Silk is a friend of mine. I came in to it and negotiated a peace. That peace was broken. HE then put drones (magically) on a building I was standing in, trying to kill me. I then proceeded to remove the person who was trying to kill me.

I am not unmoved by Starks' dismay with losing. I am simply unwilling to give him a second chance to kill me, much less one brought about by rumor mongering, accusations of cheating, slander and insult."

Rage says "The choice is either abide by Enki's ruling and we shut this whole little shitheaded mess up."
Rage says "OR"

Johan listens to Rage.

«Staff» Death says, "How would you have logs of the Don putting a hit on Starks?"

You say "Because I roleplayed it with the don."

Rage says "We take this back one scene - just one because I, for one, am not dealing with anymore than one scene of this - and we do it by the god damned book."

Rage says "Whatever the results are, the results are."

«Staff» Death says, "So you /did/ have involvement before the scene. You got yourself involved."

Kakashi coughs, "The don did not put a hit on starks

You say "The don sanctioned a hit. He dd not put one out."
You say "Which is what I said."

Kakashi says "He /did/ say that if Starks put a hit on johan, Johan could retaliate without fear of reprecussion from the mob"

«Staff» Death isn't mincing fucking words, the point is you just admitted you were part of the plot, when you claimed you had nothing to do with it, Johan.
«Staff» Death says, "And sanctioning is the same as putting a hit out, FYI"

You say "No, it's not."

«Staff» Death says, "not that I would know. I've never lost family to mob shit."

You say "Do me a favor. Back up. Sit back."
You say """
You say "Heres the log in question"

Rage says "And by 'Whatever the results are, the results are', I mean that the case is god damned closed. I don't want to hear so much as a punctuation mark about this until everyone involved, including staff, can laugh about it."

«Staff» Death doesn't have to. I'm not upset.
«Staff» Death says, "But I /do/ know how the mob works."

Kakashi says "No it isn't. Putting a hit on him means, "I want him dead", as opposed to "I will pay you to kill him.""

Rage says "That, gentlemen, is the deal we have put before you. No 'retcon it back to the bombing'. No 'But, but, but…'."

«Staff» Death says, "No, saying "He's not under my protection" when he's got enemies out there is as good as saying "You want him dead, go for it.""

You say "I'm standing by Enki's ruling that this matter is closed. If that ruling is overturned, I will be damniably dissapointed, and evaluate my course of action from there."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >I made no such mistakes, you brought those mistakes out of almost 'thin air'<

You say "Right! Because Demon Starks is perfect."
You say "So perfect, people blew up your goddamn bar."
You say "And then you started a fight with others."
You say "Man. I wish I was that perfect."

«Staff» Death offers to agree to disagree on the sanction part. And I think we should let Johan have his win for now, and discuss this with Enki. As I don't want to get a headache pissing off my fellow staffers, and two solid players here (that would be both Johan and Starks), I say we call this postponed pending Enki's word?

You say "Sounds good to me."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >smoke and mirrors my friend, you spin a wheel of deciet around my character, and I don't buy it.<
You say "Nothing's ever your fault. And no guilty men are in prison.""

«Staff» Death says, "Johan, Starks, stop bickering please? Can we just call it peacefully now? It's a hot topic, I know, but I want us all friends. And Johan, for the record, I'm being a devil's advocate many times with you, don't take it as my /personal/ opinion, I'm just striving for objectivity. OK?"

«OOC» Daemon Starks nods.

You say "Peace was had on the 20th, Death, when a ruling, clear and unarguable, was issued by the head wiz. You have allowed the scab to be picked off and now it's bleeding. You do not appear to be striving for objectivity in my opinion. You appear to be advocating for the popular vote."
You say "And I do not appreciate it."
You say "The headwiz issued a ruling. No one in this room has the standing to over turn that."

«Staff» Death says, "First of all, I am not leading this. I happened to log on and walk into it tonight."
You say "Indeed.""

Athena says "yeah you ahve said that several times now…"

«Staff» Death says, "Athena, Numb, Rage, did I call this meeting?"

Rage says "Negative."

«ADMIN» Athena says, "I don't think that is even importnatn but nope you didn't."

You say "You're the one talking."

«ADMIN» Athena says, "so Johan you are going to wait on Enki right? Other wise you are done here?"

«Staff» Death says, "I also asked for a halt, and asked for peace. You responded with a rather unfriendly remark."

You say "Pardon my candor. I'm frustrated. I've been under a constant barrage of harrassment, slander, lies and accusations since this matter went down against Starks's favor. PVP is never a happy event."

«Staff» Death nods, and understands.
«Staff» Death says, "s'why I didn't go off on you :)"

You say "I steped out of that PVP frustrated, but willing to work with Joey there to move forward."
You say "But the first tthing that happened… is his friends all simultaniously accused me of cheating."
You say "They all -knew-, despite none of them being there."
You say "So you know? I'm pretty fucking less than willing to be nice nice at the moment."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >there were flaws.. in the entire episode. that's why there's a mess.. if it was clean, it would not be messy<

You say "Shut it."
You say "You've been slandering and accusing me since this went down."
You say "I'm done."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >don't talk to me like that Johan.<

Rage says "Both of you, shut your god damned holes."
Rage says "I know shit has been flung at you, Johan."
Rage says "And I know you are pissed as fuck, Daemon."

You say "How would you like me to talk to you, Joey? How would you like me to address you? As a friend? I can't. You have spent the last 30 days absolutely destroying my ability to embrace you. I've tried. Every fucking day i log in and one of your friends is accusing me, pointing fingers, calling me shit."
You say "I'm doing my level best here, but I'm fuckin hurt."

Rage says "But if you two keep sniping one another, I swear to god, I am going to separate both of you like god damned kindergarteners."

«Staff» Death says, "Now you both know how I feel every time I log in. But I still treat people well. And if I must, I ignore people. It sux, Johan, I know. Daemon, it's a bitch to feel like people want you out of the way because they don't like your personality. But it can't be helped. People don't get along."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >I'm pretty calm here. not snipping<

«Staff» Death says, "So just do what I do, and ignore each other. And stop your friends from sniping at the others too."

You say "I'm sorry Rage. I'm just at my utter limit for this."
You say "After the 20th, I thought this bullshit was -over-."
You say "Ruled on, dead and gone. Moving along."

«OOC» Daemon Starks says, >you think it's that simple? you think that the amount of bullshit I put up with was just going to be swept neatly under the table just because YOU want it? I'm putting up a fight for my character that I'm not willing to depart with for anything less than perfectly legit reasons.. and the reasons.. weren't legit. and /I/ won't accept it. I wouldn't be fighting if there wasn't some reason to think it went down. this is NOT a cry because I died.. this is a stand because it was done improperly.<

«Staff» Death says, "No more on this, from either of you"
«Staff» Death says, "The next person that speaks gets you both jailed."
«Staff» Death will jail himself too
«Staff» Death says, "for fair treatment"

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