Run Log Template

The Intro.

(Also note how the toc command automatically generates the table of contents; f> is shorthand for a right-hand float.)

Writing poses is such great fun. All sorts of writing can go in here, until it's time for

ZOMG! Plot stuff! Dice rolls! OOC comments relevant to the run!
«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Some skill + a dice pool: 13 + 4(Some extra dice) vs TN 4 for "I'm doing something!":
1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 8 9 9 9 10 = 14 Successes

That was kind of a silly number of dice, but hey, whatever works.

The Meet.

Isn't it amazing how many shadowruns start by meeting somewhere private?

The Johnson.

See how this is a smaller font than the one above, and automatically nested inside the previous entry in the TOC? Hierarchy is nice.

The Job.

It's always a job of some kind.

«Plot» Janie says, "Look, more plot comments!"


Because it's always nice to get paid, etc.


Remember, kids! Doing your homework is crucial, especially if you want to be sure you get home again…

Floating divs like the one to your right are a very pretty way of adding extra information that the characters may or may not have had yet at the point, but is relevant to the plot…

First runner's legwork

More plot discussion, description of legwork and rolls, rolls, rolls!

Second runner's legwork


The Plan.

Not that plans generally survive contact with the enemy, but it's still nice to have one.

The actual job.

And bloody time we got here, too.

Scene one.

Scene two.

Scene three.

Cue the sudden but inevitable betrayal! And combat. And denouncements. And so on and so on…

Mission Complete.

Yay! Payment and karma and stuff for everyone who survived!

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