Running in the Park

A Run in the Park and a Talk about Dons

Blackbird Park

Blackbird Park is a huge expanse of land skirting downtown Denver with stands of trees bordering grassy fields, and the Denver Zoological Gardens to the north side of the park. There are lots of new growth trees planted throughout the park, part of the CAS's efforts to beautify the area. There are several picnic tables with stationary grills scattered about the park, along with a playground complete with at tall slide and a jungle gym. A small fish pond can be found in the middle of the park, with dual sided benches placed convienently around it.
A majestic Gazebo, which is a centerpiece of the main area of the park stands near the small pond. Its one replicated like those in days of old, big enough to be a bandstand with white lattice around the circumference of the base and eight tall white pillars at each point of the octagonal shaped gazebo and a faux white shingled roof that tapers up to a point. At the point there rests a shiney silver orb, which also happens to function as part of the park's internal security system.
A large walking/running track encompasses the entire parameter of the main park and its very common to see Lone Star Security foot patrols walking its length on watch in the park. There are parking lots at both the east and west exits of the park, however only emergency and security vehicles are allowed upon the park grounds. To the northeast near the Zoological Gardens is a small building from which security and other essential personnel maintain the park.

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Lilith [Player]
(Current location: CAS FTZ - Security Rating: High):

Samuel Clemens is a very very fit man, and he doesn't stay that way as he approaches the latter years of 'middle age' by eating pizza and never exercising. He's currently, as he told Lil when she called, jogging around the park. He's dressed in a set of UCAS ARMY emblazoned grey sweats as he circles and circles. Pools of sweat at the neck and underarms attest he's been running for a while but he shows no sign of flagging. Hope Lil brought her running shoes.

Lilith strides into the park, her body still thrumming with tension and anger, but having settled into a kind of cold, hard rationality. She spots Sam, waits, and then runs easily into line with him, long legs making good stride. She's definitly dressed to suit. "Evening."

Samuel glances over at the woman as she comes astride him. "Good eveing, Ms DeWinter." He doesn't break stride, doesn't give her an inch. She can keep up or not; She's a big girl. "Whats on your mind?"

Lilith nods curtly, her nostrils flaring. She moves easily, obviously enjoying the exercise, the chance to work of some of that simmering tension. "Oh, business as always. It's a bloody mess."

He debates making commentary about bloody mess and her line of work, but clearly thinks better of it as he continues to run. After a long pause in which he may or may not have been waiting for more information, he prompts; "Oh?"

Lilith long legs keep an easy and certainly pleasant to watch stride. "Yes. Well. I have, of course, been taking all the proper steps since I've arrived in Denver." She pauses a moment to breathe. "I *had* had an arrangement with a certain Cassidy, but I haven't seen the bugger for well over a month. So, I assumed our little plans were all for naught. Then I decide to make some new plans, talk to some people, and decide that even a bare bones connection with the Italians isn't strictly necessary." She's mad…furious, in fact, to be even this much indiscreet. "Pauly Lucciano is very pleasant and accomadating. Not as…closely connected with the family as I would've assumed. His brother, however, is an utter cock. Apparently he has assumed that the plans Cassidy made are his own and he now has some sort of pact over me, despite the fact we have not, till this past day, ever had a face to face conversation."

Lilith makes a face. "And you needn't tell me that even getting close to them in the first place was a foolish idea."

He continues to run. "I needed, but it does make me question your judgment as to why you would seek out the mob to advertise yourself." he says simply, a glance given in her direction. "You have tried to take the viper by the tail, but got the head in your hand. As to Mr. Lucciano, no, he's just a relation to the other Mr. Lucciano, otherwise known as Mr. Demon Starks. I would suggest you ignore the man. If he tries to lean on you, once you have opened the home of retirement… then you look to what is best for your business. Fighting him, or paying him. When you make that determination, then you choose your course of action as suits."'.

Lilith grunts. "My arrangement with Cassidy was of a short term nature. I was alone in Denver at the time and he was very kind, and assured me a temporary solution could be made. But, you are right. I was a fool." Another breath as she runs. "But nothing was ever finalized, nothing was agreed upon. I made no promises, signed no papers, handed over no money. Alex spoke with Starks, and then relayed the conversation with me. I then spoke with Starks and told him that since Cassidy is no longer around, and we'd never resolved the issue, I wasn't interested in being beholden to the Italians. I was polite, I was flattering, and he simply…didn't listen." She grunts. "I *tried*, Mr.Clemens. I've dealt with these before. I thought I was fine because nothing had yet been done. But Starks took on the role of big dick and was insistent. Typical. Even when Minos stepped in, and told him what he was facing, even when I said I had no large ambitions, and no intent of stepping on anyone's territory, and would make certain concessions, he refused. He said a fee was needed to do business downtown. Even when Pauly tried to reason with him, he brushed him off."

Samuel shrugs as he runs. "That sounds like Starks." Says Samuel, one hand coming up to his wrist to count his pulse even though he has an internal bio-monitor that already does it. "What do you want, Ms. DeWinter. I have laid out the course of action you should follow. For one, -get- a house. Until then, this is all… moot. Start your house, and don't -tell- him about it. If he learns, he learns and you deal with it. If he leans, you either lean with him or push back. But all of it is moot and pointless, so much sound and fury, without a business by which to base the situation on."

Lilith sighs. "Things have progressed anyways, Mr.Clemens. Starks started this. He knows I don't have a building yet, and he started to threaten me if Minos and I left without paying him….I was so furious with his, his blind arrogance and stupidity I can hardly recall what we spoke of. I know he mentioned the Don, and more threats, and seemed to indicate that the buck stopped with Starks and no one else, and there was nothing we could do otherwise."

Samuel glances at Lilith turning around to run backwards with seemingly little difficulty and only a slight reduction in speed. This way he can look directly at her. He navigates without looking behind himself now, still managing to avoid people and objects in his path with unerring accuracy. "I'm going to restate the question I asked a moment ago. What do you want? And are you -sure- you want it? For every action in this world, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You went and grabbed a snake, and then, when your snake went limp, went and grabbed ANOTHER snake, Ms. DeWinter. You have a snake in your hands. What do you want -me- to do with it?"'.

Lilith stops as well, nodding. "I know, Mr.Clemens. I will go home, and wait, and forever be at your disposal for this. I hate…I hate to ask." She's still calm, cold, knowing exactly what she's gotten herself into. "If there is anything else I can do, I will do it."

He shakes his head. "Understand something, Lilith DeWinter. If I introduce your -man- to the Don… you are forever his. You, by meeting with him, acknowledge that you are seeking his protection and you will trade one master for another, albiet a more refined, hands off master. If you do this… you will -never- be free."

Lilith freezes. "Then I…cannot accept that. I will not accept that. I would rather take my steps with Starks…I *must* be free." She finally seems to shiver in the cold air. "It will be a blow to my pride, or to my life. He's threatened me, and Alex, and mocked us with his power and control. But I'll take the blow for the sake of peace, and what freedom I can still gather from my own foolish decisions."

"If I know Alex, he wasn't the most respectful in the world either. No slight to Alex, but he's not exactly… subtle. Nor is Lucciano. Now. You cannot rid yourself of predators by calling on larger and larger predators. It is not how it is done. Why, and I ask this as a businessman, would EITHER of them 'let you go' when you have so willingnly walked in to their arms, -offering- to pay them money? You are free money to them. I like Aspanu as a man, but he is a -canny- business man."

Lilith closes her fists. "I asked *Cassidy* for help. I *never* offered them money. I never promised to give them money. Whatever steps Starks spoke of, he did so on his own, without me." She looks up at him. "Would I be willing to pay for my freedom? Yes. But I do not want to be *beholden* to them for the rest of my life. I will pay for services rendered, and no more. I know I cannot hope to escape the family's notice with this, but all I want to do is create a neutral ground, a place where any man can hope to visit and be safe, enjoy clean, pleasant company, and not have to be worried about being robbed or killed. I would think a safe zone might be attractive to the interested parties of Denver, but I still needed protection, or at least agreements, that I would be able to do so. If I pay, if I am allowed to be free, that is what they receive. That is all I want."

Samuel nods. "These are the questions you need to be prepared to answer, to thwart and parry if you send someone to the Don to negotiate a settlement. You will need to have an offer that is worth both his time, and the possibility of pissing off Starks in a visceral fashion. you will need to be ready to deal with Starks, pissed off in a visceral fusion. You will need to be sure the war is WORTH it, Ms. DeWinter, because that is what this is. A war of resources and influence. Right now, Starks has you on both. You could walk away, see what he does… -call his bluff-. And that, as I have said, is my first suggestion. Make him act against you. And when he -does-, then you look in to retaliation, and if you cannot hold him off… we look in to higher levels of influence."

Lilith nods and lifts her head. "I am not afraid of war, Mr.Clemens. I do not wish it, but I am not so foolish as to assume it will never happen." She sighs. "I would be willing to go to the Don myself, if only to apologize for the trouble that will no doubt arise. Or, at the very least, send my apologies with my deepest regrets. But I will, as always, follow your wisdom and expirience. And wait and see what Starks does. If trouble can be avoided, that is all for the better."

He shakes his head as he turns to go. "No. Women do not discuss business with the Don. It's not done." He says, jogging away. "I will see you in a day or so, Ms. DeWinter."

Lilith nods. "Of course. Good day, Mr.Clemens."

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