Breaking Bad

Johny is seated on the patio, overlooking Denver's skyline, the woman's report in his hand. "Ms. DeWinter…" he says, hand gesturing to a chair. "Have a seat."

Lilith nods, smiling politely and briefly. "Mr.Wulfson. Thank you." She slips into the sheet, smoothing her skirt.

Johny looks at the report. "Now this is more what I was expecting. Tell me on what basis you make your judgments on the level of enchantment on this mask, and how it was enchanted by pre-English Irish in an era of no magic?"

Lilith looks faintly nervous, but doesn't look away. "I have been studying magical history, I did some research. I also…felt the enchantment on it. I'm not sure what it is, just that it does not appear strong. I do not know how it could have been enchanted."

"Felt." a pause. "Enchantment. How did you do this when you possess no magical talent of note? Does it not strike you that if you -felt- the enchantment of which you speak, then perhaps it was infact, a MONUMENTALLY powerful enchantment?"

Lilith takes a soft breath. "I didn't have time to determine that. I had it in my possession all of two days. Had Mrs.Cindel not arrived, I likely would have brought it in soon after."

Johny comments. "You will need to be more specific on Mrs. Cindel."

Lilith coughs. "Both of them. Aladriel and Kassandra."

Johny nods slowly. "I still wish to know what your thought process was, as to why you did not bring it directly to the Vault? I understand you are not the most seasoned of our field agents, but I had hoped by now that the level of danger posed to the magically uninitiated, and despite your studies, you are, but the level of danger presented by unknown artifacts is vast. Imagine if you will, being a cave man walking through our modern world. Even the most innocuous item, such as a blender, can remove your hand. God forbid a lawn mower."

Lilith winces and nods. "I'm not sure what I was thinking. Things were moving very fast. We had to flee the scene at speed and I just…reacted. I hid it from Pulse and Milly and brought it to the first place I thought as safe and without suspicion. And…I've come across the Horned Lord, before I came to Denver, once when Pulse still had his powers. I'm familiar with Him." She sighs. "But, it was still foolish. Had I *thought*, instead of just acted…knowing what I know personally of the Horned Lord I should've brought it in immediately."

"Let me be clear." Says Johny. He seems to choose his words carefully… "Whatever you want to call it, the Horned Lord is just an astral being of power who has taken the shape of myth that formed in the time between magics. You are not familiar with him, her it or anything of the sort. You see what he, her, it wants you to see. There is a reason that in popular myth, deamons, devils and other negative spiritual reflections traditionally have horns and its not all because of Roman goat cults and the early catholic church."

"You did not think. You have a pattern of not thinking and it has placed you in jepaordy more than once. I will not allow it to continue to place the TEAM in to Jeopardy. Are we very clear, Ms. DeWinter?" A pause. "Are we -very- clear?"

Lilith nods slowly. "Yes, Mr.Wulfson." She says quietly, holding her gaze up.

"What do you suggest would be an appropriate reprimand for your actions, Ms. DeWinter?"

Lilith continues to look straight ahead, at attention. "I'm not sure, sir. Something that would strike a nerve and be bloody difficult."

"You'd like that." Says Johny then, simply. "You desire to act out, and then be punished. It reinforces for you, in some fashion, that I care. It is the dysfunctional familial relationship that you know, and it is not an acceptable one for this team."

Lilith pales a bit at that, snapping her mouth shut. She takes a slow breath before responding. "That wasn't my thought, sir. I didn't know what would be appropriate, specifically."

Johny nods to Lilith. "Nor do I. And that puts me at an impasse." he looks to her levelly. "An impasse for which my previous profession has left me profoundly incapable of addressing with you in anything approaching a civil fashion. Do you know why, Ms. DeWinter?"

Lilith doesn't get any paler, but there is a slight twitch in her jaw. "The monumental degree of the mistake I have made, which considering I should've been shot by now."

"Less the monumental level of any single mistake. You have demonstrated a repeated and continued pattern of bad judgment and behavior, that could be qualified as attention-seeking and self-mortification. Do you recall the night in Thistlewood where I finally put my ethos aside and asked Alex for permission to avail myself of your professional services?"

Lilith gasps softly. She closes her eyes and nods.

"Look now over your history with this team. Over your behavior. Cast your eyes on everything you have done with -those- eyes. And come back to me tomorrow with your findings."


Lilith rises to her feet with a great deal of control. Doesn't speak. Nods. Snaps around on her heels and moves for the door.

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