Jam's Introduction

Johny sent an invitation to lunch for Jamileh. The place was set at Patties Diner in the small town of Bennet, some 30 miles outside of Denver proper. The little place is known for its decent soy-caff, fresh pies and the inability to cook meat more specifically than 'well done'.

Johny's there, seated in a booth with a cup of the aforementioned soycaff, a slice of the aforementioned strawberry-rhubarb pie and a scream-sheet on his datapad that he's currently reading.

For her part, Jamileh arrives fairly promptly in the recently upgraded silver Beermer that is apparently on long-term loan. She leaves it parked next to what she assumes is Johny's car and wanders inside, tucking her silver shades on top of her head to have a gander. Once the man is spotted, she wanders over, a smile working its way onto her expression. "Well, I see something good enough to eat."

Johny slides the pie over to her side of the table, without a smirk or an amusement on his features. "This is a business meeting." He says simply.

"I was talking about the pie, love," answers Jamileh easily enough as she settles and takes the fork in hand. After asking the waitress for a cup of tea, she queries of Johny, "What's up then?"

Johny looks to the woman, a smirk coming over his features then. "Of course. I want a full rundown on the events of your recent job. Brief me." He says, reaching for his coffee and sipping it, a bright smile to the waitress who just refilled the cups.

Jamileh dives happily into the pie before answering. "From the start, yeah, following our arrival in New York? This pie's bonzer."

Johny does not appear to have his smiley, happy face on. He simply settles back, watching her, letting her determine what he meant by 'brief me'.

Johny might not have his happy, smiley face on, but Jamileh is going to maintain her more laid-back manner of speech whilst continuing to eat the slice of pie. "After you sent Phoenix and Silk and me on our way to get our gear, we collected what we needed and boarded the flight to New York, the flight you provided for us. We determined on the flight that Silk was more suited to be 'Comtess Charlotta Duvall de Baskerville,' cover for the customer at the auctioneer, while Phoenix and I would act as bodyguards."

Johny sips his coffee then, making a few notations, unseen, on the datapad. His hand moves with a speed and digital alacrity that seems inhuman; and it is.

"Limo provided for us took us to the Waldorf where we could prep for the auction, plan and perform electronic recon as possible," the Aussie continues, taking a drink of the very nondescript tea provided for her. "No outstanding data came up, so the next day we began prepping for the auction as planned, starting at 0900 Eastern."

Johny nods then, checking his watch. A few more notations are made on the datapad. "Continue." He says. Behind the notepad, unseen by all, he's playing Tetris.

The pie slice is gone now, a few crumbs remaining; Jamileh leans back, mug of tea in hand, before going on. "Checked in with you, had brekkie, took the same limo to the auction at appointed hour, 1400 Eastern. After our arrival, Phoenix stuck close to Silk while I did some reccie on my own and spotted a man I was later told was named Salvatore who made the other two pretty bloody uneasy, apparently for good reason. While I was marking him, a bloke announced the auction was canceled because Nuvari was killed the night before in an auto accident."

Hitomi doesn't like driving when it's stormy! Her cheap Autonav is all confused, and she's no better. She's made it about… a mile, before she stops the car. She gets out and heads into the nearby diner, and doesn't notice the two at first. Anyone that knows her will know she's spent the last couple of days holed up you-know-where, but she's run out of pot noodles so she needs fudz! She ehads to the counter.

Johny hrms quietly at that, tapping the datapad again. 3 line score!

Here's where Wisp becomes decidedly more serious. "On the way back to the hotel, Phoenix spotted a tail on the astral. I couldn't do much there more than keep an eye on the physical; Silk was doing some distraction for the driver, finding us another place to hang, while Phoenix fought off our spirit mate on the astral. We dumped the limo at Bloomingdale's, caught an airtaxi back to Drop Point Alpha."

Johny purses his lips then, pausing the game and looking back to Jamileh, giving her his attention now. He notes, idly, the arrival of Hitomi but does not turn to acknowledge her.

Hitomi takes a seat at the first available place when she gets her coffee and then leans her head on one palm, elbow on the table as she swirls her spoon around her coffee absently.

"Silk got us intel on where we could find the data we needed, not sure from where - contact of some variety - and we got our gear before heading to the target so we could collect what we'd bloody come to get." The dusky-skinned Aussie woman puts down her mug again, rubbing the back of her neck, "And here's where things got a bit dicey. Place was a loft on the north side of town. Silk and Phoenix hung back to keep an eye out for me and our tail, who was apparently sending blokes to beat on our back-up from after the auction, while I scaled to the fifth floor balcony to get into the loft."

Jamileh, at this point, pauses, adding, "I need more training for electronics. Bloody near cocked up the B&E."

Johny makes a note on that point, checking off something on a list that he had preformatted. "I see." he pauses to ensure no one is close enough to hear… "Tell me more about the entry. Where did you experience difficulty, what tools did you use, what did you do right and what do you feel you could have done -better-?" He does not use the term 'wrong'.

As Jamileh recounts this tale of intrigue, danger and shadowrunny things, there is a strange sight outside of the diner. Two forms in bright yellow raincoats and floppy rainhats are strolling along the street. Even though clearly protected from the elements by their raingear (that includes big rubber rainboots), they both also carry big blue umbrellas. And one takes it upon themselve to suddenly dart into the street and begin a dance as the rain pummels the umbrella, all in full sight of those on the street and those enjoying a quiet meal in the diner.

Hitomi is still swirling her coffee when her food arrives, and she gives a small start as it does. And that's when she notices people dancing… in the rain. She's far, far too young to even begin to form that reference in her mind, and she just shakes her head. "Crazy." She comments to herself.

Traffic is light enough here in Bennet that the dancing forms are not too much of an impediment to the locals heading to and from the store. There is a great deal of giggling as the pair dance, although any other words may be lost due to windows.

Johny pauses a moment, slowly turning his head to look out the window. "For.. the love… of fuck…" He mutters.

Jamileh is so not watching the street. Oh, she knows they're there, judging by a glance at the street, but she doesn't react and neither does she look back at the loons. "Two spots. Three if you count a slip during the second wall-walk - bloody pigeon was in the way, but it wasn't a big deal - but the bigger one was getting the maglock at the patio door open. I got it open finally, but it took too much time, Sam, way too bloody much time considering we were on a tight schedule." She gives more salient details about what she did to break that lock, adding, "Worst bit was that I didn't feel that secure I'd gotten it all when I went in, and then a big bloody bitzer was inside waiting for me. Didn't even sense him until I was there."

Johny quirks a brow at the use of 'Sam' in a semi-public setting, but then, they are fairly secure, so does not split the hair of 'sam' vs 'Class A felonious intrusion'

Outside in the rain, the two dancing raincoaters are getting sillier by the moment! As they go dancing around, one abruptly stops, spots something and motions rapidly. She runs over to where she's pointing, to a fire hydrant sitting innocently on the curb. The one figure tap-taps the fire hydrant with her umbrella and at once the fire hydrant….starts….dancing! It starts wriggling from side to side and seems to actually start dancing!

Johny looks out to the dancing Fire hydrant… "Lets… go some place not so public." Murmurs Johny then. "I have a place nearby. Dancing firehydrents tend to scare the straights and annoy the fire department."

Hitomi watches out the window and blinks, before shaking her head. "Definitely haven't been eating enough." She says then, and tucks into her recently arrived food.

Jamileh nods to that, getting up at once. "Right then," is all she says, straightening her blouse.

Johny puts a hand on Hitomi's shoulder as he passes by. "Nope. You saw that right. See you at home in a few mintues."

The fire hydrant dances aloing to the same beat that the raincoaters are dancing to and 'blows its top'. The force is enough that one of the raincoaters next to it is blown aloft, spinning atop the fountain of water.

Hitomi jolts at Johny, and then she blushes at her easily caught off-guard she was, "Oh, Hey Johny. Didn't see you come in." She glances at Jamileh, and then back to Johny, "We're havign guests over?" She asks Coyly.

"I'll follow then," says Jamileh to Johny as they exit. "Try not to lose me, yeah?"

Johny shakes his head. "Just take my car." he says then as the doors open. Stepping out in to the rain, hopping up on the railing that runs along side the wheelchair ramp that leads to the diner. His expression shifts immediately, to one of 1930s good cheer, a bowler hat mimed as he soft-shoes down the length of the railing… His voice raises and he sings, a clear tenor of voice, and nicely done at that…

I'm dancin' and singin' in the rain…
Why am I smiling
And why do I sing?
Why does September
Seem sunny as spring?
Why do I get up
Each morning and start?

Hitomi shakes her head as Johny joins in, "The whole world's gone fucking insane."

Jamileh says with a gentle smile, "Yeah, but it's a good sort of insane, mate," and heads over to his car as directed.

As Johny comes out of the diner singing and whoo, sliding down a railing, Aladriel looks up from where she was spinning in front of Kassandra, who looks like the most beautiful fountain-statue ever. "Hey, he knows this song too!" she cries out delightedly.

On a fountain of water, Kassandra looks down and twirls her umbrella, "Oh? Neat!" She slowly lower down as the govenor in the hydrant cuts off the water flow, hopping down to the street with a splish splash.

Johny hops down off the railing now, taking the ground by storm! (!!) He leads Jamileh to the Ford Mustang Mach-1 that he calls Sally, the doors unlocking automatically. "See you girls later. Headen on over."

Sliding into the Mustang - a familiar vehicle - Jamileh just shakes her head at the others and mutters, "Bloody whackas," with a little laugh.

Hitomi shakes her head a bit, "Maybe I'll join them when I'm in a better mood." Oooh. Angsty. Hitomi returns to eating her food.

Aladriel laughs as she watches Johny go and throws him a hearty wave. She turns back to Kassandra and holds out her arms to grab hold of the elf's waist and help her down from the spraying hydrant. "Better hop on before we steal all the water!"

Giggling, Kass grabs ahold of the mage. "Oh the cops are SO gonna nab us. Where did Johny go??" She looks around and spots the Mustang and Jam and ahas, "Ahhh .. he didn't want to play in the water with us?"

Johny sang! He danced! And now, he's gonna go get dry! He slides in to the car, glancing over at Jamileh. "You've not seen -anything- yet. You have no idea how crazy those two are. One's an elf with more brains and charisma in her right tit than I've got in my entire body, the others a magi who can kill you with a thought. Together, they are a madly in love lesbian couple who routinely fly around the world doing amazing things on behalf of my employer." A pause as he pulls the car out in to traffic. "Speaking of which, you're hired."

Jamileh chuckles, watching them as the car goes into traffic, then peers back at Johny. "For what?" she inquires, shivering a bit from the soaking she got just from walking to Johny's car. She didn't wear her protective rubbers, apparently.

Johny aways wears rubbers. It's just good policy. He heads for the old highway, driving off in to the middle of nowhere. "Little of this. Little of that. It's complex to explain. Shit like what you did in New York. A little artifact retrieval, a little active-security, a little of this, a little of that."

Aladriel grins as she helps Kass down and looks warmly at her. "Well, he did dance some, so I guess that counts for something. They're prolly off to warm each other up or somethin, eh?" she wonders, giggling at the thought. "It's been forever since he's been twitterpated."

"No, I meant…did you have anything else in mind right off? And by the way, that was a bloody strange place for a debrief," says Jamileh, looking behind them at the two women. "Crikey."

Kass keeps a weather eye out for the local constabulary, walking with Ally with a little grin. "Probably. Well, he works hard and he deserves to be twitterpated. I mean, if he couldn't be that would be sad and not make this worth doing?" She looks around again and taps on Ally's arm, "Change our colours? That might throw off the hounds."

Johny comments simply. "It was an object lesson. I wanted to see how you handled an unexpected situation or event."

Jamileh pauses and notes, "Well, to be fair, love, you should have sent someone else, because I was a lot bloody calmer with you there."

Johny chuckles quietly. "A fair point. But then again, no one expects the All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Allykass review in the middle of small town America." He says, pulling off the main road and heading deeper in to the wilds.

Johny slots his card and enters the Coal Creek Nature Preserve.

"True, but…" Then Jamileh grows quiet, looking about the area they've just entered. Open spaces. She's such a sucker for open spaces.

Johny puts the car in to a lower gear to take the dirt road. He pulls to a stop at a large fence, with a massive gate set in to it. A box opens, a card flashed. The gate ratchets itself open and then they enter the nature preserve, a mixture of planes and forest, depending on which rise or valley your in. All forms of natural beast roam, though maybe not seen right now.

After a moment, clearly sightseeing, Jamileh murmurs, "Just to show how much I trust you, you could be dragging me up here to bloody off me and I wouldn't know, love, but crikey, it's an abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous place."

Johny comments simply. "Yeah. Well." A pause as he pulls to a stop about a kilometer down the road. This gate is much more organically worked in to the landscape, the fence surroudning it covered in vines and other such things to make it blend in. This box is not just a card swipe. A laser sweeps out over Johny's face. The retinal scanner blinks once, then flashes: Wulfson, Johan Tiberius, Access Granted.

"Sam," says Jamileh very softly, "where the bloody hell are we?"

Johny stops at the gate, and is allowed access further.

Johny pulls through the gate. "This is part of that thing I do I can't tell you about." he says with a non-plussed attitude. The clearing they pull in to has really, nothing in it. Nothing of interest, anyway. An old cabin off to the side that's ramshackle in every possible meaning of both ram and shackle.

And that's something that is beyond negotiation. "I understand," she murmurs. "Besides, I think the less I know the safer you are."

Johny reaches out to tab a button on the car's dash. "Marcus, open the doors please."

The hill side starts to shift, to lift up as massive hydrolics engage. No sound, not really, as the hillside raises, revealing itself to be a cleverly disguised blast door. "Welcome to the Vault. Like I said." A pause as he puts the car in gear to drive on in to the now open hillside and the cavern that lies beyond.
"Your hired."

Johny steps inside the Vault as the massive blast doors cycle open.

Jamileh has absolutely nothing to say. She looks…twitterpated, she's say. Flummoxed.

Johny pulls the car in to the garage, a four hundred square meter complex of parking, shop space and storage. The Mustang parks between a Hughes Stallion Transport Helicopter and a small fleet of motorcycles. He glances over at her, then opens the drivers door as the main blast door seals back in to position with an audible WHUMP.

Jamileh stays where she is, just…looking, mouth slightly agape.

Johny steps out of the car, closing the door. He stops at the back bumper, looking through the rear window, gesturing for her to join him.

It takes a moment, then she exits the car, tugs her clothing back into place, shoulders her bag, and keeps staring. "Bugger…"

Johny comments… "What. You were expecting perhaps something less -awesome- for the secret headquarters of the Draco Foundation's black bag group?" He asks, now gesturing over to the main lift, the square elevator capable of moving an entire goddamn missile by itself.

Apparently she was, or she was expecting something else, based on the way she just stands and gapes. She is, really, the very picture of an impressed female.

Johny moves to the elevator now, letting her be agog if she requires it. He places his palm on the biometric plate on the control unit, a laser scanning down his features and again acknowledging him. "Wulfson, Johan Tiberius, Designation Nacht and Jamileh Agassi, Designation Wisp." A pause as he gestures her over. "Begin Biometric scan of Jamileh Agassi for security clearances."

"You're…." begins Jamileh, then she gives her head a fierce shake and moves over toward the elevator, standing wherever Johny indicates. She still looks absolutely flabbergasted, but she's at least keeping it to her gaze only, slightly widened; the rest of her is back to the here and now.

Johny gestures to the palm reader. "Right palm. Fingers extended in to the outline." He says, gesturing to the plastic plate that houses the palm reader. "Then, eyes here for a retinal scan."

Jamileh extends the hand, placing it against the plastic plate while training her gaze on the retinal scanner. "Yes, sir," is all she says quietly.

The lights play over her features, before an LED beeps green. JOhny then taps the key to open the lift. The doors part, and he heads on to the lift.

Johny gets on the elevator.

Johny looks over the floor listing. "First floor is administrative. My office, a secondary office, the conference and briefing room, the communications center." A pause as he looks over to Jam. "Second floor is the rec-center. Private bedroom for long term stays, a dormitory for short term rest and recovery. Theater, library, gaming area. Third floor is the Gym, which is fully outfitted for any thing you could want. We don't have a pool. Yet." A pause. "Fourth floor is the medical wing, with a fully stocked and ready to roll Beta-capable facility." A pause. "Level five is offlimits without my or Kassandra's permission and direct accompaniment."

Jamileh licks her lips and nods as she listens, waiting until the warning about level five, then she murmurs, "People don't actually stay here though, just train, yeah?"

"I will be spending more and more time here, actually." He says then, gesturing to the buttons again. "Pick a floor."

"Before I pick," comes her quiet answer, "why would I need to go to level five? Why or when, so I know?"

"Armory and artifact vault." He expplains simply. "Guns and magic. Under lock and key."

To which Jamileh just nods. "No reason to go there, really, just ask if I need anything. Right, ah…as a teammate I'll be sending most time on the first floor; can I see the comm center?"

Johny nods, then engages the elevator for the 1st level.

Johny gets off at the First Level.

"Before we go any further," Jamileh breathes, "tell me again, Sam…this isn't because we're sleeping together, right? I know it's not; I just need to hear it one more time."

Johny glances to Jamileh. "Jamileh." he says simply. "You were vetted by my second in command, Kassandra. She made the decision to give you the green light."

Jamileh nods once to that, looking relieved. "I know you wouldn't compromise all of this for any reason, but…strewth, I feel bloody out of my depth." Then she looks back at Johny and adds, "But I learn damned fast, boss."

Johny chuckles quietly… "You do at that." He says, pausing midway down the corrdidor. "That, is my office. I need to decorate it still, but it's useful." A pause as he gestures to the door across the hall from it. "Secondary office, probably used by Kasandra, but theres no great monkey knife fight for it yet."

"I figured," she says toward the first one, shrugging at the second. "So…what's my place here, then? My rank, serial number?"

Johny glances at Jam then, chuckling quietly. "Honey, we don't do things THAT formally. We're a group of people who get paid a fuckton of money and get to play with awesome toys, with two clear leaders; Myself and Kassandra. Minos when he's around, but he's been so far out of the loop for a while now. Everyone but those three are equal."

Jamileh smirks. "I was teasing, Sam. I guess I just wanted to know my job, and you just pretty much answered it. But…you're sure I want to be hired?"

Johny glances to Jamileh… "Do you not wish to be?" He asks curiously, an eyebrow raising. "I admit, it hadn't crossed my mind based onw hat I know of you."

"I'm pretty sure the answer's yes, but I'm pretty sure you know I don't want to do bad things to good people, either," comes her honest response.

Johny nods. "The most I'll ever ask you to do, is bad things to people that arn't good. I have other agents for when there needs to be more… marginal work." A pause as he looks at her. "But even that, is… not what it seems. Theres never a cause to kill quantitively good people."

Taking a deep breath, Jamileh turns toward her paramour and, now, her boss and iterates in a low voice, "I'm trusting you completely in that respect, Sam. There's nothing more important to me than staying on the right side of criminal activity. You misuse that trust, ever, and we're done." It's the most serious thing she's ever said to him.

Johny raises an eyebrow, leading her in to the Conference Room…. "You'll have to be clearer, Jamileh.. because in most cases, what I do is strictly illegal by -someones- measurement…

Johny enters the Conference Room.

"You know what I mean. I don't hurt people, innocents. And I will not kill unless I have to to protect someone I love, you or Kass or Ally, one of those lot." Jamileh runs a finger across the table, whistling low. "I don't mind doing criminal things but I bloody mind hurting people to do it. I don't have that blood-thirsty bone, and I don't want it."

Johny nods slowly as he puts his hands on the headrest of a highbacked leather chair, one of the many that circle the table. "Let me… be very blunt with you. Well, actually." he says, gesturing to the chair. "Have a seat."

Jamileh takes the seat as directed and folds her hands over the table, resting them there. "Go on."

Johny exhales as he settles down in to the head chair, next to the one he had been holding. "So. Tell me what you know about the nature of magic."

Licking her lips, expression sober considering her usually sardonic manner, Jamileh answers, "I know that magic wasn't….I won't say it didn't exist but I can say it basically reappeared earlier this century. Lots of arguments exist about its origin."

"Supposition, really, not even the Ancients knew whence it came, but supposition as to its nature." He admits then. "Magic… is sort of like.. a wave. A curve in space. Like an electrical pulse. Do you know much about physics, Jamileh?"

Jamileh smiles thinly. "I was sick that day in school, Sam. Why?"

Johny taps the tables's surface, activating the holographic technology. He draws a straight perfect line in the air with his finger tip. "This… is light." he says… "AS we perceive it. A straight line. Unbroken, uninterupted." A pause as he then draws another, this time curvy. "As we look closer, slow light down, we see its actually this. An energy pattern with a cycle. Up and down, up and down. All waves possess this."

"Sounds familiar," Jamileh murmurs, leaning forward to study the drawing attentively. "Go on…."

"All energy is like this. To our eyes, it simply seems unbroken and straight. Now.." He brings up a pre set graphic…


"Now Magic, is just the same. Only its wavelength is so impossibly long…" he looks to Jam… "That we will live our lives, entirely, within one aspect of the pulse."

Jamileh squints at the drawing, then she queries with a sigh, "I'm sorry, love, but what're you getting at? That magic is a big bloody wavelength so long that we're just like living on one dot of it?"

"Exactly so. The fifth world, the one where the was no magic; ergo, all of recorded -human- history, was simply the downstroke of the cycle. We are in the first pangs of the upstroke, in which there is enough energy ambient in the wave to power what we call magic."
Jamileh, pausing, remarks, "All right, I'll go with that philosophy and all, Sam, but what're you getting at about magic? I was raised thinking Allah Himself gave me my gifts."

"Magic predates Mohammad and Jesus, so I doubt any particular interpretation of them is going to give you any measure of answer - Even as I believe in a creator." A pause as he shows the graph… "Here. The Flood myth comes here, 8000 years ago, when Magic as at its peak. Magic faded from our world just as the Egyptian Dynasties were founded… in a period we call the foundation, where most of the worlds major civilizations link to."

"How," queries the woman, peering at the display as if trying to glean it completely, "did you figure all this?"

Johny looks to Jamileh then. "Science, research, they are amazing things. Once you are opened to the possibilities… you can reexamine old data previously thought impossible." A pause. "When a dragon wakes up and people start pulling fireballs out of their asses, Jamileh… You need to reasess the data. For example, from an evolutionary standpoint… an intelligent, magical, immortal dracoform…"

"A lot of information for me to grasp when all I did was mention that I didn't want to hurt people…." Still, she is trying to grasp it, biting on her lip, looking at the line. "And philosophy isn't my strong suit. Dragons…crikey. Bloody big…scary as fuck creatures."

"This isn't philosophy. This is archeology, anthropology and thaumaturical history." he says then. "Now. You don't want to hurt people. I am providing for you the very basic basis by which I operate. A world in which immortal dragons -and other beings- seek to take control of our, humanities, destiny and rule us again as in the past. Something the Draco Foundation does not wish to see happen."

Jamileh's eyes shift their focus, rather quickly in fact, back to Johny as she breathes, "That's the source of the bloody name?"
Johny mmms? "The Draco Foundation?"


Johny just looks to Jamileh then. "My god… sometimes its easy to forget that your not american." He says then. "The Great Dragon Dunklezhan. A dragon, and unknowable in his motives, so I judge by his actions. A humanitarian, he helped keep people calm during the awakening and he gave us answers we dearly needed in a time of chaos. He championed metahuman rights and eventually…" A pause. "He became President of the United Canadian and American States.. be fore he was assassinated 8 hours in to his term."

"Yeah, I know about him; everyone does. But…" Jamileh shakes her head, holding a hand up forestall that line of thinking. "Look, we're getting ahead of ourselves, sidetracking, whatever. What you were saying is that you do what you can to prevent people from fucking over humanity, yeah?"

Johny nods. "In the broadest possible sense."

Jamileh mmmms, querying, "And so you feel justified in breaking some eggs while you cook your cake, yeah?"

Johny chuckles quietly, seeing the trap she lays. "I…" He says simply, gesturing to the graph of the flow of magic. "Take a longer -view- of what is good and what is bad. I've spent my life in the shadows, Jam, doing bad things for what I hoped, prayed were good reasons. I've been the boogy man. And now I am working for a bonafide good cause; and yet, it still, on occasion, requires me to do things I find morally reprehensible. Because the short game is the personal one. The one we feel, touch, taste and dream about when we close our eyes." He shakes his head then. "You wont be asked to do anything I feel you are incapable of."

Licking her lips nervously, Jamileh says softly, "But if you feel like my death would help in the long run…?"

"It's not like that."

"No? You just said sometimes you do things you consider morally reprehensible…" Jamileh stands, moves away a few feet. "The needs of the many, the needs of the few. Dickens, I think?"

Johny nods then, unflinching. "If I have to kill one hundred that 110 may live, then the math is clear. It is an unflattering answer, but it is the truth. I again, am not asking you to kill 100 people, nor will I ever."

Jamileh nods at that, or at least seems to; her back is to Johny. "All right, Sam. For now, I'll join, because I want to and I trust you. And I want to believe in what you believe in and find that same bloody spark and purpose. And…" And that's it. Nothing more.

Johny nods slowly. "In time." he says simply. "You will see the things we do. You will make your own choices. I do not demand you fight my war, Jamileh. Just that you be open to the truth, when it presents itself."

Her head turns a bit so she can look behind her at the man, over one shoulder. "As long as it's the truth, I'm open to it. But…don't lose perspective, Sam; I like Kass and Ally as bonzer mates but…I'm … I want to learn about…" Sigh. "I don't work for money so much. I want a reason to be here other than making some scratch and the fact I'm in love with you."

Johny nods. "Most of the jobs I do for the Foundation are pro-bono. I don't make much money from it. I do get good side benefits however." He admits, gesturing to the facility. "And we are very good at our jobs. If you want a job wehre you can feel -good- about what you do at the end of the day… you won't find a better one."

"That's what I want to hear," Jamileh remarks with some relief. "I want to have a reason to be here other than making money. To be bloody HERE, Sam, you understand?"

HE nods, cutting the holotank off. "I know. Money is easy enough to get." he says then. "But that good nights sleep." A pause. "Thats by far hardeer."

Jamileh nods, murmuring, "Like the difference between sex and lovemaking. One's bloody easier to find than the other…and one's a bloody lot better."

Johny stands then, moving to the back of the room, taping a panel. It slides aside, revealing a full service bar. "When I hold you, I'm not… simply using you as a masturbatory tool, Jamileh. And when I work here, I'm not just practicing a trade."

"That's how I want to be…." she breathes, walking to the bar, looking for something to drink, not looking at him. "Seems like the longer I'm here the less I want to do the things I left home to do."

He pours himself some orange juice, taking the caraffe from the chiller in the bar. "What did you leave home to do, Jamileh?" He asks then, although he knows they already discussed it.

"Seems so long ago, you know, Sam? I didn't want to work all that time and all those hours for a company that wasn't mine to make money for someone other than me. I wanted to have fun, work less, do something different and dangerous." Her hazel eyes, tonight golden brown, turn toward him when she adds, "Different and dangerous is fine - I enjoy running - but making money doesn't seem to give me a thrill, you know? Helping people does."

Johny nods to Jamileh. "I know. Very much, Jamileh, I know. You may want to talk to Ally about this as well.. she and Kassandra have good views on this."

Jamileh finds a smile. "I will. I really respect them, you know."

Johny nods then, sipping his drink then. "So. Here you are. What we do is we track down artifacts from a previous age. Dangerous things like bug spirits, shedim, other creatures that go bump in the night. We keep the playing field as level as possible, while keeping humanity safe." He sets the glass down then. "Nothing important."

"Fair enough…." Jamileh reaches over, takes the drink from his hand, takes a sip, then finds another smile. "Want to show me your office?"

"It's not really all that impressive." He admits, glancing back to the hallway out. "But I thought you wanted to see the comm system?"

Jamileh admits, "I want to see everything because I'm bloody curious, but yeah, comm system next."

Johny chuckles quietly, one hand coming out to touch her on the shoulder, turning her to the comm door. He brushes his key and then the doors slide open.

You open the door and head in to the Comms Center.

Jamileh's expression changes as she looks around, smile growing. "Right, this is what I am talking about," she says like a kid in a candy shop, but she doesn't touch anything. "Who runs this bloody thing?"

"This, is Hitomi and my own domaines. She runs the matrix side, I tend to handle the security. We have drones on patrol, naval grade sensors and the ability to shut down most transmission bands."

Jamileh whistles softly. "Crikey. This is a big bloody operation you have, Sam. No wonder you didn't… No wonder you wanted to trust me before bringing me here."

Johny nods slowly. "I take my duty very seriously, Jam." He admits, sipping his orange juice. "Very seriously."

Jamileh turns toward him to iterate, "I warned you against misusing my trust, love, but let me promise you here…same goes for me. I won't misuse your trust, either. I swear here and now, my hand to Allah almighty."

He looks back to her, a smile coming to his lips. "Allah is a better god for your devotion." He says quietly. "And I know. I had to know, before I brought you in to the mid level of the mysteries. In time, I feel you will understand the greater scope."

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