Long term planning

The Vault - Commander's Office

This office is large and set up for private meetings. A false window dominates one wall, giving the impression of light coming in from outside, with a variety of preset scenery seen through it. Below this, a comfortable couch area is set up with a few chairs around a coffee table. At the back of the room, a large desk is set up with a computer on it, to allow more formal meetings.

Janie opens the door and comes in, glancing around. To her credit, she only blinks once at the top hat before returning her attention to Johny. "Welcome back in town, sir."

Johny is working, it would seem, on a model ship. It looks to be some sort of wooden sailing vessel, based on the parts on the desk behind him. He's at his own desk, currently working on the wooden hull framing. "Thank you, Ms. blair. what can I do for you today?

Janie sighs. "t'be blunt? I'm afraid I may need some advice on how t'kill an eight year old Horror-tainted little sociopath-in-trainin' without leavin' evidence pointin' back at us," she replies.

"I'm thinkin' arrangin' a hit an' run with a stolen car an'torch th'car someplace afterwards…"

He doesn't look up as he slowly slides a keel in to place. "Long range rifle round or spellwork and binoculars. Failing that, control thoughts on a drunk driver. If you need something more direct… turn off the pilot light to his house at night."
Janie shakes her head at the last part. "Th'foster parents are innocent as far as I could tell," she replies. "I'd prefer t'limit collateral damage."

He takes a measurement on the wood, marking it with an awl as to leave no ink, but a small indentation on the wood. "So fall back on specific answers if you feel the parents are better off seeing their child, whom they no doubt love, murdered."

Janie sighs again. "Goin' down that line we might as well ask if their friends an'family are better off seein' all three o'them dead in a senseless accident… People're goin' t'get hurt, physically an'mentally, over this one way or th'other. "

She looks to Johny again as something occurs to her. "Another reason I'd prefer th'accident methods are because th'bastard that did this t'her an'Weeko an'all th'other kids is still out on th'loose as far as I know, an' if he's got some way o'keepin' tabs on them an' finds out someone's pickin' them off…"

"Welcome to my world. Now. Consider this." He says, picking up a X-acto blade (A scalple for model working) and carving quietly at the wood. "Consider that I have to make this determination all the time. It ruffens me, toughens me, to the concept of collateral damage. Two parents. They are not collatoral. The neighborhood around them? Then we will talk collateral."

He moves back to the model now, still not looking up. "As to your friend who's on the loose. Consider this. Any death of one of his children will be seen as a hostile act, there are no cooincidences, and you know that."

Janie nods, clearly not happy with the idea but conceding the logic. "… An' it's only goin' t'get worse, isn't it?" she comments eventually.

Johny nods slowly, now fitting the plate back to the stern of the ship. "Yes. It will get nothing but worse, because that is the nature of the beast. The more of these children you neutralize, the mroe desperate the man will be come. Focus on him. Take out the king, then sweep the board of pawns. Take out the pawns, and the king will simply regroup."

Janie nods, more at ease when thinking in terms of tactics and strategy rather than killing children. "An' we'll have t'force th'king out in th'open in order t'get a shot at him," she agrees.

"So then. You have a strategy." He says, fitting the plate with one hand while another moves to get the cement. "Now you need to work on implimentation. What data do you have on this man? What do you know about his motivations, his desires, his plans and goals? What intelligence do you possess?"

Janie shakes her head. "He ran an orphanage an' systematically an' sexually abused th'kids in his care in order t'make them susceptible t'Horror-taint somehow," she replies. "Th'bits o'journal I thumbed through weren't very coherent, an' at th'time I wasn't thinkin' straight beyond 'make sure this place is burned to th'ground'…"

Johny looks to Janie then, for the first time, matching eyes with her. "Then you have your strategy, and now you have your first actionable plan. You need to research this man and his background, his history. No man is an island, no man exists alone. Find his links, and squeeze them."

Janie nods, considering. "'Tomi's probably th'better decker at this point, but Katral already knows about th'orphanage an' given that th'bastard went after his an'Weeko's kids, he's got a vested interest in makin' sure we nail him…"

Johny shakes his head. "Use internal assets. Katral was given a chance to be involved, he walked. he's unreliable."

You say "Use Hitomi, or if necessary… Me.""

"Hitomi wasn't too happy about half o'th'relevant files bein' closed t'her. Said she didn't want shelterin'." Janie shrugs. "I'll ask her t'dig up th'official report an'investigation info; hopefully that'll give us some leads t'shake down."

Johny nods… "So don't shelter her. Treat her as an asset. Don't deny her data unless its mission critical. I don't."

Janie nods. "I won't," she replies.

Johny nods then. "Anything else?" He asks curiously. He's not being rough or distant so much as he's keenly aware people don't come see him for general socialization.

Janie shakes her head. "Not at th'moment," she replies, getting up to leave.

Johny nods then. "Godspeed. Ms. Blair. If you have anything else, you know where to find me." A pause. "Behind the stern of the USS Independence.."

Janie chuckles. "Godspeed," she replies, then turns and leaves.

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