Incident Report 2037

At 11:01 PM, Officer Alonzo Gonzales noted that three cleaning crew were outside the area normally scheduled for cleaning at that time. The three people were found in the east basement stairwell, cleaning was scheduled on the third floor at this time. When questioned, it was determined that they did not possess valid identification and Officer Gonzales requested that they accompany him to the security office.

Officer Gonzales was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:05 PM from a laceration to the throat. Officer Gonzales sounded a general alarm before dying.

The three cleaning crew went up the east stairwell and engaged Officers Martin and Falstaff in gunfire. Officers Martin and Falstaff were subdued by the intruders by the use of tasers and a neural whip. One of the intruders was killed, a second was believed to have beenwounded based on traces of blood in the east stairwell.

The remaining two intruders exited through the east stair well fire door and ran toward the street where a waiting van picked them up and drove off. Security personnel were unable to identify or follow the van.
The bodies of three regular cleaning crew members were found unconscious with tranq patches in the back of the cleaning van at the loading dock.

The body of the intruder is that of a male elf, 2.0 meters in height, 62 kilograms in height, shaved head, green eyes, pale skin, dressed in black leathers adorned with safety pins and chains. From blood stains on the fingers of his right hand it was deduced that this was the intruder responsible for the death of Officer Gonzales.

Officers were unable to locate any signs of tampering or any surveillance devices.

Security recordings indicate that the dead elf was called Creep and that the two that escaped as a male ork, 2.2 meters tall, about 100 kilograms in weight with short black hair, yellow eyes, and mottled gray complexion.

Gutter was carrying a taser and an H&K 227S. Whip was described as a female human, 1.5 meters tall, about 50 kilograms in weight with braided red hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion. All three were dressed in the blue coveralls of the Cleaning Lady Co.

Incident Report 2037, Addendum 1

The body of “Creep” will be moved to the Denver area headquarters of Saeder­-Krupp at 2:00 this afternoon pending request of the corporate officers. The reason cited for the transfer was that it was more economical to move the body to the mages for investigation than to have them drive out to Bosch­-Klein. The movement will include the body and all personal belongings. The movement has been assigned to a van from the vehicle pool and the body will be escorted by two security personnel and a vehicle pool driver.

Incident Report 2037, Addendum 2

Lone Star has reported apprehension of a male ork matching the description of “Gutter”. The ork was picked up by Lone Star officers after laying his motorcycle down on a public street. The officers originally believed the ork to be drunk but found that he had been wounded by a gunshot to the left thigh. The ork was treated at Denver General Hospital and was then detained based on matching the description of “Gutter”. Extradition will be sought based on verification of identity.

Incident Report 2037, Addendum 2

The ork in Lone Star custody has been matched to the description of “Gutter” and the bullet removed from his thigh matches the ballistics of Officer Martin’s weapon. Extradition is in process.

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