The Shedim (Hebrew: 'Undead') are are body-snatching free spirits from a far metaplane, capable of manifesting in the physical world only by anchoring themselves to dead bodies (or 'unoccupied' ones, in the case of those who are using astral projection.) They seem to have an inborn hatred for all living things, and this hatred drives them to attempt to destroy metahumans and spirits alike.

After their first reported appearances in 2061 (The Year of the Comet), the Shedim are known to have influenced events in the Middle East, specifically relating to the rise of the New Islamic Jihad. In 2064, this plot is foiled with the revelation that the leader of the Jihad, Ibn Eisa, had been possessed by a Shedim.

Observation of the shedim has revealed that the amount of intelligence, motivation, and malice among them varies greatly, leading some to theorize that like insect spirits, the shedim are separated into multiple categories or subspecies. The rank and file normal shedim take the role of servants and drones, while the master shedim are the puppet masters, guiding their lesser brethren in various plots. The master shedim are more intelligent, more powerful, and have the ability to open astral gateways, which they used to bring forth more shedim to suit their purposes.

On the astral plane, shedim appear as translucent apparitions that resemble large jellyfish. Due to their apparent interest in causing death, chaos, genocide and war wherever possible, some have theorized that the shedim may be somehow linked to the Wraiths and be an early type of Horror, heralding the coming of the Scourge.

Game effects:

Regular Shedim:
  • Need to inhabit physical bodies to remain on the Physical plane;
  • Spirit Energy no higher than Force rating;
  • Cannot conjure or be conjured; can be Banished;
  • Banishment when in a body just kicks them out of the body and into the Astral, ca not re-inhabit /that/ body for 24 hours;
  • +2 to all Assense tests to detect a Shedim's astral form
Observed powers unique to Shedim:
  • Deathly aura (Force + spirit energy radius): noticeable unnatural chill. rapid decay of organic matter spoils food, kills plants, insects and small animals like mice, characters first entering it must make a Will (shedim's Force) test or be paralyzed with fear; retake test every Combat turn until breaking free.
  • Karma Drain: Touch attack (requires successful unarmed combat test when in combat) followed by an Opposed Test (Shedim Force + Spirit energy against victim's Willpower). Net successes in the Shedim's favor drain good karma 1:1, then KP at 2:1. Loss is permanent; Each point drained is one point of UNSOAKABLE physical damage.
  • Inhabited corpses gain (Shedim's Force) to all of their physical stats;
  • Shedim can use the natural abilities of bodies they inhabit, as well as any cyber that doesn't require a working nervous system. (IE, a troll's dermal armor or infravision would work, but wired reflexes wouldn't.)
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