Spies Like Us

Spies Like Us

The meet

Okay. So.

The job seems simple enough. The sort of job where it will be a cake walk. Not the hard sort of job one calls in the heavy hitters of Denver for, not the one where you call in an old Soldier, the young Punk, the master Magi or the Fixer Extraordinare.

But fuck it. It's Johny and he hires who the fuck he likes. Because he's Johny, Angry Johny.

He sets up the meet in The Burn Notice, a bar with 'intelligence' themes in the Downtown sector. Secret Entrances and sliding doors and all sorts of maps, documents and memorabillia jostle for attention. Set up in the Bond Booth, Johny's dressed in a Tuxedo, a cigar burning (Smokelessly) in the ashtray, a martini in hand.

Everyone: A message arrives, Johny's Authentications; Meet for a job. Dress in Costume. Theme: Spies like us.

Lilith strides into the restaurant, dressed in what she supposes in spy chic…well, business chic anyways. Neat black and white always fits, and the cane is a nice touch.

Pivoting the message so Ally can see, Kass looks up from her studies and says, .. "Spies?" She gets a bright idea and squeals, pulling up the 'trix and scanning for appropriate wear. She points, once she finds it, and says, "Can you change our clothes to look like *that*?"

Popper enters the bar in the closest thing to spy chic he owns. Subtle it's not, but a UCAS Class A uniform definitely has class. He makes his way into the bar and pauses for a moment to locate Johny, then moves to join him.

Ally lifts her head off of the pillow to look at what Kass has pulled up. She bursts into a fit of giggles and nods her head, "Sure can. Consider it done my love. We'll hurry it right along…so he won't get all upset. Bring me one of your ribbons, too? Got an idea."

Johny eyes Lilith in her slink, then Popper in his Stiff. "Well." Says he, sipping his martini. "If it isn't Ahlotta Slitch and Major Payne."

Nodding eagerly, Kass moves to get everything ready, laying out the clothing for the change. She brings ribbons as well and then fusses over Maya, getting her ready. Once the clothing has been set up to be changed she'll move quickly to get their runner gear ready and break out The Car, the one Skye gave Ally. Oh yes, it's spy time!

Popper grunts as he takes a seat, sitting at attention as any soldier would, then replies "Omae, you think I been lugging a tux all over south America fer the ast four years, you gotta cut out the sauce."

He sets the Martini down, checking his watch. He doesn't wear a watch. "Thats what rental agencies exist for, Major Payne." He says with a slight grin. Johny said that.

Lilith smiles and drawls in her very best Bond girl voice. Helps being a Brit already. "Why, good afternoon Mr.Bond. Such a pleasure to meet you again." She smiles politely at the new fella and slides neatly into the booth opposite them, rolling her cane between her fingers.

Ally spends a few quick minutes getting the clothing changed to the specifications that she wants. "Hair down," she advises Kassandra as she lets her hair down as well. One ribbon remains red, the other gets turned blue. With everything prepared, Aladriel quickly gets dressed. "Perfect!"

Popper snorts, "Rental agency… yeah, sure." then grins and adds "At least it's got a style all its own." as he taps the quilt of medals on his chest. As he withdraws his hand from the gesture, he deftly removes the name tag that reads 'barker' and drops it into a pocket.


Looking over the mage, Kass giggles and snags their bags. "Let's go be bad!" She tosses the bags into what passes for the storage space on the car, climbing in and looking at the controls and then at Ally, "Ohcrap! I am not chipped anymore! I'll keep it under a hundred, just in case." The elf drops the car into gear, waiting until she hits the main road to rev the engine and leave a scratch, heading to the Burn Notice.

The car is parked in short order. Aladriel and Kassandra enter at the same time, at the perfect point in the night, just as conversations wane. Perhaps a song has finished or a big party has left. Regardless, both women stroll in to find Johny, dressed almost identical save a red ribbon in Kass's hair, a blue in Ally's.

Johny narrows his eyes as Mrs. and Mrs. Peel approach. Two of them. He shakes his head slowly. "Well." He says, gesturing to the women. "Isn't that appealing."

Lilith arches a brow as she looks over her shoulder and grins. "Oh, very nice ladies."

Aladriel is looking good and she knows it. And she's also next to the most beautiful elf in Denver. And she knows it. So there's a certain air of security and even arrogance about her that is very much in fitting with the theming of the evening. "Thanks very much," she winks at Lilith.
Popper looks at the newcomers, Johny, and Lilith, then looks down at his own blatant uniform and sighs.

Johny gestures. "Mrs. And Mrs. Peel, I present Ahlotta Slitch and Major Payne. Ahlotta is MI-5, Major Payne is American Military Intelligence." He says with a grin. "Mrs and Mrs. Peel are on loan to us from the Latex Bondage Nuns of Calgon IV. We gave them daytime television in return. I feel it was a good trade."

Popper chuckles, "All in all, a definite profit Mr. Bond."

Being an accessory is nice sometimes. Kass grins to the table as she sashays over with Ally, slipping into a seat quietly, laughing at Johny, "You called, Mr. Bond?" Her accent is not her normal American Neutral, but something more exotic, something that smacks of deserts and caliphates and exotic treasures from far away.

Lilith snickers quietly under her breath, idly tapping her cane on the ground. "Oh, as incorrigble as always, dear sir." She scoots over to make room for the ladies. "And you, lady Peel, are just as bad." Her eyes sparkle with amusement.

Johny gestures to the Bondage Nuns then. "At least give me different faces. I don't know which of you to properly fantasize about." He says, before reaching out and tapping the WNG in the center of the table. It's a spy restraunt; what do you expect?

"Ahlotta Slitch," Ally repeats and has to fight very hard to not crack up entirely and just completely lose it as she looks at Lilith. It's close, it really, really is.

Popper casts a glance at Johny and smirks, scars and wrinkles fighting for space in the rare facial configuration as they try to remember where they belong. "Why choose?"

Lilith grins at Ally. "*I* was going for Pussy Galore, but I thought it might be a little too much."

Popper nods slightly and introduces himself, no trace of a crackup breaking the military bearing. "Major Payne."

Raising an eyebrow, Kass doesn't comment on Popper and Johny's debaucheristic thoughts, smirking at Lil's spy name. She nods to Popper before looking back to Johny as he turns on the white noise generator before her gaze comes back to rest on Ally with a smile.

Johny explains. "Because ones like a daughter to me, and ones like a goddess. If I fantasize about the wrong one, I have awkward questions to answer when I stand before the throne."

Lilith just sits back and smirks a little.

Johny is, by his bearing, trying to convey he is joking.

Popper nods and cracks the barest of smiles, "That's fair. All of the ladies are quite appealing, though I always thought fantasies should stay where they are, hmm?"

Ally hmms as she looks around the table, "One's like a daughter and one's like a goddess. Wonder if he," she motions to Pops, "Can guess which one is which?" she asks Kass with a wink.

Hmmming, Kass remarks in that same accent as an aside to an Ally, "It is obvious. You are the Goddess, my treasure."

Popper chuckles softly at the challenge, neatly defusing it with the simple comment: "You both remind me of my daughter."

Johny rolls his eyes, finishing off the martini. "Well. On to business. Lechery Protocols offline." He syas with a smile. "Alright. I have a job I need done. Should be easy enough for the skill at the table."

Lilith chuckles at the banter and easily crosses one leg, rests an elbow on the table, and props her chin in one hand to give Johny a faux-dreamy gaze. "Do tell."

The Job

Popper nods and relaxes a micrometer, confident in this man's assessment, and waits for the details.

Only mildly pouting, Kass nods to Johny and schools her expression. As a sign of goodwill and to make the man *believe* they can be good, she folds her hands and lays them on the table in plain sight, adopting a 'student waiting to hear from the teacher' expression.

"This one is straight forward. A family heirloom was pawned last decade. It sat in the pawn shop for 3 years until the owner died. It passed through seven hands until it was located again in the possession of a Talismongers shop in Colorado Springs called 'FairyDust'. That shop was robbed last night, before the principle could arrive to repurchase the item. Your jobs are to locate and retrieve."

Popper nods, "Sounds simple enough." Looking at 'Mr. Bond' he asks "Do you have other business or will you be joining us?"

"I will not be joining you in the field. Not what I do most days. I just provide the jobs and let you guys figure out how to accomplish them."

Lilith chuckles. "A pity." She leans back. "So, what kind of heirloom is it?"

Popper nods.

"Well, a few qustions .. what is the item? Have the security forces been muddying up any clues on the scene? Is it bigger than a breadbox? What is the payout? What is the time frame?" Kass shrugs and rattles off a few questions just to let Sam know she is paying attention.

"Going down the list." Says Johny then… "Item is a scrimshaw pipe with a nautical theme, carved from a single walrus tusk. The Payout is low, only 10k per head here. The timeframe is as soon as possible. With it going in ot the shadow economy again, theres no telling when it will resurface, if ever."

Lilith nods slowly. "It's not magical in nature, I presume?"

Popper contributes his own question to the list, "What's the ROE say about appropriate force?"

"Like all jobs for this patron, we like to keep death and destruction to a low level unless specifically required." He pauses. "And sometimes, it's specifically requested. But this is not one of those issues. Try to avoid leveling city blocks or killing indiscriminately."

Popper nods, "Puts me on the ground again, I think."

Lilith lightly twirls her cane again. "Of course. Do we have any idea who stole the item?"

Ally listens with rapt attention and she then defers to Kassandra asking the questions. For her, this does seem like something that is much more up Silk's alley: what with it being about merchandise and being sold in the shadow community. "Magical or non-magical?" she asks, making sure Lilith's question doesn't get forgotten.

Kass nods quietly at the answers and at the fact that they aren't asked to kill anyone today. She darts a look at Aladriel as she reinforces the question about the mystical nature of the item, then back to Sam, following up with, "Was this all that was taken from the shop?"

"Not specifically magical to which I am aware, but this benefactor tends to have an interest in the arcane, and it was stolen from a talismongers shop along with several units of orchicalcum and radicals." Says Johny.

Popper sits back and listens, leaving skill assessment questions for the planning stage of the operation.

Lilith nods. "Any idea who stole it, any suspicious types that may have had an interest?"

Looking at the table itself for a moment, Kass hmms quietly, running through some possibilities. "I can check and see if there are already some offers on the table for it, if someone is shopping around. We can always backtrack the perp from there." She looks up to Sam, "Anything else in the folder on this?"

Johny shakes his head. "Thats why I called you guys. You're the players. Run the game."

At that, Popper looks to Kassandra and says "Sounds like you've got some ideas already, there any way I can help? Or should I sit back and let you work your magic?"

Ally hrms a little bit as she listens to see what Kass is coming up with. "We could also put an offer on the table with one of us?" she suggests a bit timidly.

Beaming at Ally, Kass nods quickly, "We can do that too, yes ma'am." To Popper, she says, "I suggest the four of us head to the shop to look around. I can do most of my calls on the way and then we can see where the clues on the ground or in the air lead us. Until we have some idea of who is doing what, we're just twiddling our thumbs. You two have wheels?"

Lilith chuckles and nods. "I've got a rental out front, yes."

Popper nods towards Johny and replies, "His 'vette is all I have right now."

Johny is silent now, just watching the Spies-cum-runners as they interact.

"It's the Springs, not a war zone, so we should be fine in whatever." Kass rises, nodding to Mr. Bond. "We'll be in touch. Should have this wrapped up in no time, I think." She waits for Ally before turning to leave, taking the time to eject a callcard from her secretary and slide it to Major Payne. "That will contact my throw away for the evening. Also included are the three frequencies we'll use for the op. You two probably ought to pair up and intro to each other," she remarks to Lilith and Popper.

Johny sips his martini. Hands off. Thats his management style. Mmmhmmm. Oh, lets take a moment to sidelong examine Lilith's breasts. Mmm. Very nice. Hands off. Indeed.

Popper nods and gestures towards the white noise generator as he turns to Lillith saying "Better here than elsewhere I think. Most know me as Popper, though callsign is Ferryman."

Lilith smiles and extends a hand. "Lilith DeWinter, callsign Malus, or Slither as one prefers."

Popper accepts the handshake briefly, no trace of a power grip, simply a firm dry handclasp, though by the feel of it his index finger is sufficiently calloused as to have its own armor. "Mind if I ask what you do?"

Gesturing to Ally, "Phoenix," and then to herself, "Silk." Kass watches Johny's eyes with a faint smirk before blanking her expression.

Johny exhales, mentally marking the pair of them with his image overlay.

Lilith own hands are soft, genteel, belying a certain amount of hidden strength. Her eyes smirk although her smile is as polite as ever. "I run a gentleman's club out in Ute Sector."

Popper chuckles softly at the unexpected reply, "Gunsmith and armorer for those who want the best, though that's not quite what I meant."

Lilith laughs in return. "I suppose you could say I cut things, or otherwise operate in a more social role."

Ally watches with a mild interest the way that Lilith and Popper introduce themselves. She hmms a little bit, glancing to Kass for a moment, before she looks back to the two.

Johny stands up from the booth then, moving to slide out. "I'll let you good people plan. Time is of the essence."

Popper smiles, "Always nice to meet someone that knows the social side of life. I s'pose the easiest description on my side would be field testing."

Lilith looks up and nods, giving the gentleman a smile. "Aye. Good afternoon, sir, and it was nice seeing you again." She tilts her head to Johny.

Kass glances to Ally as the mage looks to her and then back to Pops and Lilith. She hms and nods to Johny, "We're on our way." She taps Ally on the arm and motions to leave. "We'll see you two on site."

Popper nods to Johny, "Good t'see ye again omae. We'll get the job done."

"See you on site shortly. Just need to sort out wheels I think." the scarred elf replies, shooting a quick nod to Kass and Ally.
Lilith nods. She looks over at Popper. "You can grab a ride with me, if you want. The Shelby seats two at least."

Popper chuckles, "A shelby eh? Definite step up from a troop transport. Got storage for a duffel?"

Lilith laughs lightly, sliding elegantly out of the booth and to her feet. "Sure. You can put it in the boot." She nods her head to the door. "Shall we?

Popper slips out of the booth with a nod and a smile, "Thank you, and yes, let's." he says, setting out towards the door where he pauses to hold it open for the lady.

"It'd have been funnier if you said he could put it in the rear," Ally murmurs softly, but loud enough to be heard, and quickly rises up at Kass's urging to get on the move. Probably for the best after that remark.


Kassandra calls SilverMoon

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) has the Contact Silver Moon with the following information:
-----------------------> Contact for Kassandra (#9777) <-----------------------
Contact Name: Silver Moon
Level: 2
Type: talislegger
GM Note: Silver Moon is a Talislegger contact and uses the statistics from MJLBB page 60-61(Intelligence 4 Negotiations 4 (Bargain 6) etc). Silver Moon sorts through the various stolen and aquired magical gear that comes from various smugglers runners fences and other sorts in the Front Range Free Zone offering her wares for suitable price. She is of Sioux descent and is often found in the various magical-oriented bars that frequent the Warrens and other sectors.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 2 for "Contact Silver Moon for info":
1 1 2 2 4 5 7 7 14

Silvermoon answers the phone on the first ring… "Hey shug! Whats the haps?"

Silk places the first call to her talislegger contact, "Hey! I hate bothering you on a Friday, I know you were going to have that sale but my fiancee just HAS to have this certain gift and I immediately thought of you. It is this pipe carved out of a walrus tusk? Some sort of carving, she said she heard about it through a friend…"

"Uhhuh! Yeah. I can ask around for you, but thats pretty damn specific, Silk! I mean, huh. I can look in to it. It may take me a while, so let me get on that and call you back later."

"Well that sounds good! Let me know, though, she is a demon with a credstick and is itching to spend spend spend!" Silk signs off merrily, moving on to the next call.

Kassandra Calls Ocean

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) has the Contact Ocean with the following information:
-----------------------> Contact for Kassandra (#9777) <-----------------------
Contact Name: Ocean
Level: 2
Type: fixer
GM Note: Sara Ocean is a fixer who doesn't specialize. Instead, she offers all sorts of wares, jobs, and information in exchange for the same, or cash, whichever the client has. While they have a new relationship, they are working hard together to accentuate their similar styles and make a great deal of money together.
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 2 for "Contact Ocean for info":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 14 16

Ocean likewise, opens the call on the first ring. "MAre Imbrum Trading and Fixtures, how can I help you?"

Kass pauses and then says, "That depends. I'm looking for something sort of special."

"I'm listening. Special is what I do. If it's from the Stuffer Shack… go to the stuffer shack, luv."

"Ha! I'm looking for someone looking to offload a pipe, actually. Scrimshaw, nautical theme, made of bone. Should be a recent seller, last 24 hours or less."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 6 for "Hrrrrrrrrrrrm":
1 1 4 8 8 9

Ocean raises an eyebrow. "Oddly specific, don't you think?" Asks the woman on the other end of the line. "I'll make some calls. Markets sort of glutted at the moment, a series of high output runs recently, so fences are somewhat slagged."

"Very specific, but my client has discerning tastes. You know the type, only want a specific shade of brown instead of just any brown. I'll see if I can pacify them til you can get back to me."

"Alright Dearie. You stay sweet now." *disconnect*

Kassandra Calls Dumpshock

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) has the Contact Dumpshock with the following information:
-----------------------> Contact for Kassandra (#9777) <-----------------------
Contact Name: Dumpshock
Level: 1
Type: deckmeister
GM Note: Dumpshock is a deckmeister (see Matrix for more details). He works with circuit breaker to insure that the little deckheads of Denver have all the toys they need. The dwarven male is a cynic and a practical joker with a taste for the macabre. He loves old flatfilm horror movies and vampires.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Etiquette + 1 for "Contact Dumpshock for info":
1 1 1 4 4 8 10 10

Dumpshock is available via IM client under the screen name of 2hawt4urmum.

Setting the car to autonav, Kass opens a window on her secretary and commences to typing. "SilkStockings: Hey, 2hawt4urmum, need one of your geniuses to do a datacrawl?

2hawt4urmum: No?
SilkStockings: No, *I* need one of them. :)
2hawt4urmum: Oh. Well then, lern 2 spak bettar.
SilkStockings: !!!!!
2hawt4urmum: What is it you need, Silkstockings?
SilkStockings: =Y= to be made, looking for seller of pipe in last 24hrs. bone, carved, nautical theme
2hawt4urmum: … Whut?
SilkStockings: Looking for someone selling a magic pipe!
2hawt4urmum: Yeah, got that. Look, you're smoking hawt, but I don't know jack or chip about pipes, magical or nawt. I sell decks, chips, programs and datasearchs, but a pipe? C'mawn.
SilkStockings: <nods> Datasearches! Figure you could connect me to a decker like last time? Need someone to troll ebay and the like looking for someone selling?
2hawt4urmum: Yeah.. I could do that. Sure. Slot me some cred to cover the costs. TrixBay is easy shit, so say, 200 in the usual accounts.
SilkStockings: =Y= on the way!

Popper calls Tina

«Auto-Judge[]» Popper (#4048) has the Contact Tina Taylor with the following information:
------------------------> Contact for Popper (#4048) <-------------------------
Contact Name: Tina Taylor
Level: 1
Type: shaman
GM Note: Tina is a very beginner Mouse Shaman which was saved by Skigs and Popper while she was being hunted down by a group of cultist type freaks in the hallway of The Crank. She lacks any impressive abilities - other than her gratitude to both Skig and Popper for helping her.
«Auto-Judge[]» Popper (#4048) rolls Etiquette:
1 1 2 3

Tina does not seem to be returning her calls.

Popper calls Captain Tenneal

------------------------> Contact for Popper (#4048) <-------------------------
Contact Name: Captain Tenneal
Level: 1
Type: info broker
GM Note: This individual is an info broker from New Orleans. +4 TNs for any non-New Orleans related bussiness but -1 for anything CAS.
«Auto-Judge[]» Popper (#4048) rolls Etiquette:
2 2 2 7

The Captain picks up the phone. "Arrrr. And drek. Who's dis?"

"A ghost from the past Cap. Pops callin."

"Well, blow me down and shiver me timbers. What be ye needen, land lubber?"

Popper chuckles at that, "Avast cap'n, I be needin' t'find a pipe. Scrimshawd bone, got stolen recently. Thought maybe somebody'd been bragging."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 10 for "Its nautical!":
1 1 1 2 3 4 4 5 10 10

"Arr… eh… uh… oh…." he runs through the Vowels in a moment. "Act'ually… Yeah. I gotta bit of flotsom on that hulk.. but it ain't no dingy, ya scan the wind in me sails, arrr?"

"Sorry chummer, landlubber 'member? I hear ye sayin' what ye got is big, but not sure what ye mean by that."

THe captain sighs and closes a door. "Look, I gotta keep up appearences. This is my GIG, popper… So. I got some information, but it's gonna cost you." The door opens again. "OR YE BE WALKEN THE PLANK!"

From beyond the door. "Arrr!"

Popper chuckles, "Gotcha cap. So, how much bootey be this costin' me?"

"Leave yer booty out of this, I ain't no mopsy."

Popper says "heh, points for tryin at least. Ok, so what's it gonna cost me?""

"Arrr… A tenspan of a hundred span of Nuyen!" A thousand, for those keeping track.

Lilith just sniggers to herself as she overhears parts of the conversation.

Popper grunts, "Fair price fer fair trade matey. Here's the new number, check the balance yerself 'n go ahead and draw a double as a gift from an old friend."

"Well anow! ARRR that be some fine respect fer a superior officer! Arrr! I be senden ye the documents now. Be checken yer mail, boyo! Arrr, avast, ahoy and some other nautical jargon thrown in!"

From beyond the door… "A….rrr?"

Popper laughs, "Smooth sailin' t'ye captain."

The Call disconnects.

Legwork Results

And lo! The FairyDust Talismongering and Occult Shoppe. There's almost a 'Ye' where 'The' is, but someone had SLIGHTLY more class than that. The shop looks like something out of a fairy tale, some kind of fevered dream of renaissance English architecture more befitting something in a children's book.

Kass tucks away her secretary, glancing to Aladriel. "Lots of 'I'll call you backs.'" She shrugs a little, letting the car do the driving. "Maybe if they put it up for sale we can buy it from them, or at least track them down. She oooos and grins at the outside of the shop as they pull up, "And I may buy something here too!"

Lilith softly hums an old Gilbert and Sullivan toon under her breath as she drives. The car…no ordinary Shelby, a 1968 Cobra, smooth lines and a growling engine. She looks over at Popper and smiles as she speeds through traffic, just enough under acceptable lines. "Almost there….good lord." She slows down to a stop as she pulls the vehicle up. "How *cute*."

Popper shudders slightly as the shop comes into view. "A magic shop isn't enough… it's gotta be… a gingerbread house?"

Popper looks at Lilith with what could almost be called fear in his eyes and replies, "I know there's those that like this kinda thing. Fer me? Ally's one of th' four people alive that's been permitted t' use magic on me, if that gives ye an idea."

Lilith gives Popper a look of sympathy. "Fair play to those who like it…oh, the girls are going to have a field day." She sighs and parks.

Thats when people start calling Kassandra back. 2hawt4urmum IMs: No pipes on any standard auction sites. Sry charlie.

Silvermoon has nada.

Ocean calls back. "Hey, honey, I got a line on someone trying to move some magical gear and trinkets, knicknacks. Small time fixer by name of Dirty Donnie. She works out of the Pueblo sector. She's called dirty because she deals in artifacts other NAN fixers won't touch."

Thats when Popper's mail comes in. Seems that a collector out of Miami has been looking ALL OVER for a pipe matching this description, and found one in Denver. Maybe they hired some local talent to snatch it, but the local talent flipped on them and looks like they are gonna go highest bidder.

Popper looks at Lilith with what could almost be called fear in his eyes and replies, "I know there's those that like this kinda thing. Fer me? Ally's one of th' four people alive that's been permitted t' use magic on me, if that gives ye an idea."

Lilith smiles and pats his hand. "Don't worry about it. This looks more like a shop for kids then anything else."

Checking her device as it chimes, Kass shakes her head, "Well, that was 200 nuyen down the drain." She takes the call from Ocean, "Dirty Donnie, eh? How do I get ahold of this .. person?"

Ocean will provide a contact number.

Popper nods, "Yeah, like a ROTC camp fer highschoolers… or, as they said when I was a kid, all hat no cattle."

Lilith chuckles as she leans back on the car and eyes the shop. "Or, all petticoats and no legs, as the lasses back home used to say." She smiles and pats her car. "If you're worried, just think about this little darling. Shelby's are good distraction."

Looking to the mage and the shop and nods to Ally, becoming serious, "I'll check into it. I think it could be interesting. I could always have Thistlewood modified?" She hmms, checking the number Ocean gave her and makes the call. Kass did the above, but sucks and forgot her name.

Popper chuckles and nods, "Ayep. Sweet lil ride, I have t' admit. Bet she handles like a dream, neh?"

Lilith sighs happily and begins to walk across the street, heading to Ally and Kass's car. "Oh, yes indeed, and cost a pretty penny." She glances over at the military man. "You know Ally and them from before?"

The number for Dirty Donnie rings. And rings. And rings. And rings. And then eventually picks up. "Dee-Dee. Talk, my time is valuable."

Popper follows along, optics scanning the area as soon as his feet hit the ground. "I've known Ally for a long time. Kass is new, 'n… well, Johny's hard t' answer." feeling a vibration from his pocket secretary, the elf takes it out and looks over the information. "Well, take a look at this… the cap is as good as ever." he says, offering the device to Lilith.

Lilith chuckles. "Johny is as he is. Many times over." She leans in and takes the pocsec, idly browsing. "Well well…."

Kass drops into her 'Silk' voice, winking at Ally as she speaks on the phone, "Looking to buy, if you have the product. Got an interest in things to do with tobacco, was told you were the best one to come to."

Lilith glances back to Popper, then to the ladies. She chuckles. "What do you want to bet they know 'bout this already?"

Popper laughs, "Prolly. I figure it couldn' have hurt t' drop a few yen on m' friends though. I know I'm a grunt."

Silk can almost HEAR the $$$$$ pop up in DeeDee's eyes when she recognizes the voice. "Well now. Deeppockets on the phone. I'm entertaining several bids on this item. For a 25,000 promissory which is non refundable, I'll allow bids."

Oh please god say yes please god say yes please god say yes.

Lilith smiles as she looks him over. "Oh, come now sir, a man of your talents is hardly a mere grunt." She winks at him. Oh, some habits are hard to break. "Anyways. Let's see what the ladies have got."

Silk leans back in the expensive seat, letting her eyes close a moment. She murmurs, "Lotta cash for sight unseen. Describe what I am bidding on so that we are on the same page and the cred is transferred."

Lilith smiles as she looks him over. "Oh, come now sir, a man of your talents is hardly a mere grunt." She winks at him. Oh, some habits are hard to break. "Anyways. Let's see what the ladies have got."

Silk leans back in the expensive seat, letting her eyes close a moment. She murmurs, "Lotta cash for sight unseen. Describe what I am bidding on so that we are on the same page and the cred is transferred."

Unable to hear the other end of Kass's call, Ally is left to just look with interest to see how the elf reacts to whatever she's hearing. Her eyebrows go up a little bit at the next thing the elf says. Hmmmm.

"Carved Pipe. Shows an old tymey sailing vessel, an island, some random gibberish hash marks. Never seems to have been smoked."

Popper chuckles softly, "Some time ye oughta ask me how I came t' denver. Pure grunt, no matter what th' skills."

Oh she is gonna get in trouble for this. Silk reaches over and flips open her secretary, pulling up a transfer system on it. "Got an account number or do you want to trust a runner with your money?" Runner as in messenger, not shadowrunner

Lilith chuckles and idly taps on Ally's window with the pocsec. "I'd be glad to. I'm not much better, really, though not in perhaps the military sense." She leans down and waggles her eyebrows at the girl.

Ally shoots a sharp glance over towards the window as it is rapped upon and furrows her brows at Lilith's eyebrow waggling. She cracks the door a little bit and speaks quietly. "On the phone with someone who says they have it."

"I need cash in hand before I allow a bid. Cash in hand, baby. You send a runner. I've got a dead drop in Monument I use. Get the cash, call me back when your in town."

Lilith nods sharply, and turns over the pocsec to reveal the corresponding info. "Aye." She murmurs quietly.

Silk mmms, "Of course. I'll be there in less than 35 minutes. Expect my call." Silk kills the connection, announcing "Road trip!"

Lilith chuckles. "I guess we've got a spot of luck?" She rests her arm on the car roof as she leans over to peer inside, and grins.

Popper asks, "Road trip?" and looks at the others, "Need everybody? Or should I go do somethin' useful?"

The elven girl remarks to Popper first, "Going to cover our backs isn't useful?" She hms at that, nodding to Lilith, "Local talent is looking to sell off the product, requires cash in hand to let us get a bid in. Might be a set up, but she recognized my voice and I still have enough rep in this town, I think, to prevent her from doing something completely stupid."

"That said, they are looking for a goodly amount of money just to get let in, which means that either (A) Johny didn't give us ALL the info on the pipe, (B) it is worth more than someone thought, or (C) Dee Dee is getting greedy."

D: All of the above.

Popper looks down at his uniform with a grimace and asks, "I have time t' change?"
"Where we going, Kassie?" Ally wonders as she thinks carefully about the situation laid out before them. "Are we going to play her game, or hop in and throw spells and stuff and take it away?"

"You have five minutes, Pops." To Ally, Kassie remarks, "Monument, which, given the weather, will be nice and wet. And as far as playing her game .. it's you folks call. She's done nothing thus far to provoke any sort of response, and we could always just buy the thing and not have to fight for it."

Lilith looks thoughtful. "We might not need to change….mmm."

Popper nods and performs a smart about face, lengthening his stride as he returns to the Shelby that holds his field gear. "Lilith, would you mind?"

Lilith chuckles as she follows. "Of course not. What do you need, sir?"

"Well…how much does she want for it?" Ally asks. "Oh wait, they aren't saying how much yet. We have to pay a heap just to be able to maybe buy it. Hrmmm. Well, I suppose we could go there, start to play the game and if things change…just change on the fly."

Popper's pace increases as he slips into a mental mission mode and replies, "Duffel has my gear. Call the ball ladies, you want a pro bodyguard or just cheap muscle?"

Johny mean while, sits hunched over a table in his apartment, painting a small representation of the FairyDust for his model. And he's making money. It's a good day.

Glancing out the window to Popper, Silk remarks, "Pro. Given my rep, no one would believe me having cheap muscle."

Popper nods, "Your rep is about to improve if anyone there has a decent memory." he says, standing at the Shelby and waiting for access to his gear.

Lilith unlocks the boot for him and crosses her arms. "You think I'm fine as is?"

Popper nods and reaches into the boot to remove his duffel. Setting the obviously well packed duffel on the ground, the elven vet begins removing his jacket with his other hand.

Lilith holds out her hands for the jacket or other spare clothing. "Need a hand?"

Aladriel nods as it seems decided that they'll be 'going in'. She chuckles a little bit and eyes Kass. "Then I'll go full armor and be one of your guards too. We'll make an impression," she smiles.

Popper smiles and puts his jacket into Lilith's hand, showing a level of trust neither she nor anyone else here may really realize, then in short order has stripped down and changed into a full set of fatigues marked with a logo identifying it as "Pops operational security"

Lilith neatly and with perfect care folds the clothes and lays them neatly back into the trunk. "There we go. Now. What role shall I play in this affair? Kass, you need a secretary? I probably fit the part at the moment." She looks over at the ladies and grins.

Opening the door to get access to their gear, Kass grins, "Yes ma'am." She hands Ally her bag and starts quickly going through hers, gearing up for the big job. Bone Induction Earpiece in place rather than a datajack connection, Kass checks things out, turning on the Battletac and checking connections, coloured dots illuminating each member of her team. The standard blue for Silk, red for Ally, green for Lilith, gunmetal for Ferryman.

The elven girl quickly remarks to Lilith, "No secretary. I want you to be a stone cold dead assassin/killer. We aren't here to make friends and good impressions. I want people to believe that I will burn the town down with them in it if they screw with me."

Popper spares a fragment of his attention for the beautiful woman and the way she handles his gear, smiling in approval and appreciation at the professional attitude. He finishes the costume change off with a pair of Ares Predator III pistols dropped into a dual shoulder rig complete with ammo and spare clips, then cinches the opening of the duffel down agian.

Popper chuckles softly at the statement regarding assasins, muttering "The hitman is the bodyguard and the lady is the hitter." just loud enough for Lilith's ears.

Lilith nods. "Give me a moment to get some pants on, then." She bobs her head to Popper in turn, then snags a fullsuit out of the boot…smiling just a little before she disappears to change.

Glancing up and catching the look, Kass murmurs something too soft to hear and then looks to the others.

Sorting out her gear so she can get equipped and dressed in a logical way, Ally stops for a moment at Silk's words and gives her a look. For some it might be hard to figure out just what that look is.

Glancing up and catching the look, Kass murmurs something too soft to hear and then looks to the others.

Popper looks to Lilith with an upraised brow, "Ok, so how do we get my favorites in? You feel like carrying a rifle?"

Lilith rememerges in a formfitting black armoured body suit and a long black coat, tagging a whip to one hip and a neat Savellette to the other. She tugs on a pair of fingerless gloves. "Mmm? Sure, I can do that, but I'll need my hands free eventually." She chuckles.

Kass blushes hotly for a moment, covering by pulling her cap down on her head and making sure her hair is out of the way. She remarks to the others. "No killing unless I give the word. Pops, you have any sort of comm system rated for secure transmissions? If not, I have extras."

Popper opens his duffel again and reaches in, extracting a pair of long flat black cases, likely nearly as long as the full size duffel really. "Barret 121?" he asks as he hefts one, "Or Ares Alpha?" as he hefts the other.

In answer to Kass's query, the elf replies "Cybered for years. Ignore the music in hte background, I'll play it for ye someday."

Lilith ooohs, and in a oddly ladylike fashion taps her chin with one hand. "Mmm. Barret…lovely stuff, I've heard."

Getting dressed in all but her helmet, Ally looks towards Popper and considers him. "Might be useful to have someone a bit apart from us. Get a bigger picture of what's going on then we'll have? The three of us should probably be able to handle most anything up front…whatcha think Kass?"

Popper chuckles softly and dips his hand into the duffel agian, coming up with a large box of ammunition. Setting the two cases on the ground, the ld soldier cracks one open and begins assembling an obvious long rifle.

Looking Ally over quickly, Kass nods to her assessment. "That sounds reasonable. Let's get moving, we're going to be late." The elf, now geared up, climbs back into the car and prepares for their little journey.

Lilith watches Popper work with keen interest, eyes scanning back and forth to perhaps learn what she can as well.

Popper's hands flash back and forth, fitting pieces together like a lethal jugsaw puzzle, and in moments he is racking and function checking a Barret 121 sniper rifle. Once he's satisfied, a matter of seconds, he hands the weapon over to Lilith and begins reassembling the Alpha.

Popper says "One moment please ladies, it ain' just a matter o' changin clothes here."

Lilith takes the rifle and holds it as is proper, again watching the man work on the next weapon.

Kass nods once, sitting in the car with the engine running. She'll make the necessary transfers of cash before going over her gear and/or looking at Aladriel, whichever seems more interesting. Any guesses?

In moments, the soldier has completed reassembly on the assault rifle and performed the proper function checks. Slinging the weapon over one shoulder, barrel down, he begins sliding the two empty cases back into the duffel bag. Once this is done, he slips the duffel into the trunk and stands ready.

Lilith locks the trunk and shoulders the other weapon, placing it carefully in the back seat as she slips into the driver's seat. The car comes to life with a low, growling roar. "C'mon, sir, time to work."

Popper sets the butt of his rifle on the floorboards and settles into the vehicle next to Lilith with a soft sigh of pleasure. "Good t' be back in the saddle again."

Once Lil and Popper get into their vehicle Kass backs out and heads off, the autonav system indicating the best route to get to Monument and the address given.

Lilith grins and presses down the gas, shooting after Kass with a nice little tug of G-forces. "Yer tellin' me."

Onward to Monument and Dirty Donnie

The town of monument, oft profiled in the adventures of the Watchers, is a sort of middle ground. Not far enough from Denver to be desirable enough to break treaty to build in, too far away to be interesting, making it a haven for smugglers, for people seeking to be unseen. It's a depressed town; no. Suicidal. Tumble down shacks, broken masonry and a national border running through he middle.

Kass holds a quiet conversation with Aladriel as the duo burns into Monument, the scenic drive up up up from the Springs giving them a little peace and quiet before the storm. They discuss their personal tactics and how they want to handle things, setting down today's codewords and phrases just in case.

Lilith grunts as she pulls into town, following the duo in her vehicle. "Lovely."

Popper cocks his head, "Hmm?"

Lilith shrugs. "Pity these places get so run down, is all."

Ally, for her part, is somewhat distracted with various things. Part of being a mage, especially of her caliber, is having to deal with the multitude of extra senses and sensations. She spends part of the trip listening to Kass and pointing out flaws or adding to the plan, the other part looking at an emerging astral rift.

Kass hits the city limit marker and places the call back to Dee Dee, waiting for the answer.

THe phone rings. And rings. And rings.

"That you in the BMW and the Relic?" Asks the gruff woman on the other end of the line.

Popper shrugs, "I live in th' warrens. Again. Movin' int' th' crank a week ago was like goin' home fer me. This place? Not so bad really." with a glance out the window, he adds "Least there's no shell holes."

"Good eyes," Silk remarks, giving Ally a warning look and pointing to her eyes, then all around them. "We're here."

Lilith nods, sighing a little. "Aye…" She keeps her eyes scanning the horizon as she drives.

"I run monument's Peublo side. It pays to have good eyes and you stand out. You have the cash on you?" Asks the woman on the other end of the line.

"I wouldn't be here otherwise. Where are we meeting?" Silk peers out the window, and Ally frowns, nodding to what she had motioned to her. She looks as well, staying in her body. Not fun to try and find your body when the car is moving.

Lilith rests her arms on the wheel as she peers forward, watching Kass in the car ahead, humming softly.

"Stop your car at the corner there, under the red brick building… there will be an old man at the corner. See him with the 'help me' sign? Yeah. Give him the cash."

"Uh huh. And then what?" Silk looks to the aforementioned corner, the red brick building.
Popper continues scanning out the window as he waits for something to happen, whether arrival, very foolish attempt at carjacking, or something else.

"Then I verify your funds, you get a latte and rest your ass some. Then I call you back."

The town is quiet, a few people on the road…

«OOC» Johny says, "Popper, roll me perception, visual"
«Auto-Judge[]» Popper (#4048) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 4 4 5 5 7

The fourth building on the right, comes in at nearly 4 stories. It's a biggun for the area. At the top, Popper will spot eyes. A humanoid form with binoculars, watching the two cars.

Silk wheels the car over the corner and stops. She directs Ally to get a good look at the old man when they stop to give him money.

Popper notes the eyes on the rooftop and comments, "Eyes on high. Binoculars, no scope I can see." as he zooms in with vision mag.

Lilith grunts. "Aye aye." She skims her eyes to the roof, briefly, but probably can't see anything. She slows to a crawl behind Kass's vehicle, hands curling tightly around the steering wheel. Feeling edgy.

Ally plops her sunglasss on, watching their surroundings. When Kass moves to roll down the window her eyes go vague, her attention on the astral plane and the aura of the man, should the need him later.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 10 (Ally.Intelligence) for "Astral Perception":
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 11 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 4 (Ally.aura.reading) for "Astral Perception":
1 3 5 7

Ally will see that the man on the corner is not a spirit, is not magically active, and actually does have only one leg and bad teeth. No cyberware either.

Kass will hand off the funds and then drive off, looking for someplace to park and have a good time.

Commlink-«Silk» "Ok, we get to wait until this person calls us back. She runs the Pueblo side of Monument and is watching us, so be advised."

Commlink-(Ferryman): Sec waits in the car?

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "All right. We got us a watch, binocs onna roof nearby."

Commlink-«Silk» "Given that we are all armed, probably best to stay in the car, yes. We'll drive around and get a drink and wait. Shouldn't be too long, I hope."

Hey look; one of those little drive up expresso and smack bars. You have expresso in my smack! YOu have smack in my expresso!

Commlink-(Ferryman): Roger that.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith snorts over the comm. "Aye."

Kass wheels the BMW over to get a drink, eyes peeled. Given that Dee Dee mentioned a latte, she is more alert than normal as she pulls in. Glancing to Ally, she grins at the big sunglasses and says, "I hope this goes quietly. I was hoping to watch my shows tonight."
Lilith pulls up next to the girls and leans her head out. "Coffee, luv?"

Popper slips his Alpha into the spare space beside his seat, effectively concealing it from casual observation.
«Watchfor» Janie (#4136) just disconnected from the game.

The little parking lot for the drive-up cafe is quiet, the asphault a broken and cracked thing with the occasional weed, hardy and stubborn, poking up through it. The coffee, if purchased, is bland and flavorless, a halmark of reused grounds from soycaff that didn't taste good in the first place.

And now they wait. Kass won't say in the parking lot long, getting the not so tastey beverages and heading back out onto the road. No sense sitting in one place and letting them get the drop on them; moving targets are less desirable.

Popper is, literally, just along for the ride right now. As such, he simply waits and continues scanning the area for threats. If offered, he turns down a drink on the basis that it's better to keep the hands clear.

Dirty Donnie calls back

Kassandra's phone rings.

Lilith settles back in the car and waits, turning off the engine. She takes a moment to idly buff her nails, eyeing them, buffing again.

"Silk." Kass still drives, turning the phone to hands free mode, driving around the city of Monument.
Lilith then pulls out and drives around after Kass. Mutters something about wanting some tea.

Popper mutters something as well… possibly something about a beer.

"I thought I said to chill out, have a latte, not drive around town drawing attention with that relic. It ain't subtle, I expected better."

Lilith looks over at him and opens the corner of her mouth to mutter to him. "I've got 25 year old scotch in a flask under the seat, if yer thirsty later." She drops the pretense of the London accent and slips easily into her more normal Cockney.

Popper smiles for the first time since this ride started and nods, "That sounds like a hell of an idea."

Lilith laughs a bit. "Ha. I bet."

"Sorry, dear," Silk remarks, "But I am not sitting still and waiting. I have issues with waiting in one spot while people watch me. It makes me nervous."

"Your cred checks out. You're in the bid. The auction takes place tonight, in 3 hours. Theres an address sitting in the last known public address you had on the trix. Be there with cash to buy and bid. There are 10 other bidders. I've refused several buy out bids in the area of 100,000 nuyen, so come with a suitcase."

Popper responds, "You're providing the painkiller, what do you like to eat? I'll cook."

Lilith looks over at him again and grins. "Aye, ye can cook then? A good solid steak is fine, maybe some garlic mashed potatoes and a spinach salad?"

"Right." Silk frowns at the phone, "I am going to assume you aren't stringing me along, Dee Dee. I'll be unhappy if I show up and this is a trick." Silk doesn't sound happy, and Ally can attest she doesn't look happy.

Popper chuckles, "Long as you don't have a problem with real meat instead of soy, you've got a deal, and yeah I can cook. Anything from Ribs to Rattlesnake, with a little gourmet in between."

"Yeah. I ain't stringing you along. You dealing on the square with me, I'm dealing on the square with you. I got something of worth here, and I'm getting what I can for it, you scan me?"

When Kassandra looks unhappy, Aladriel looks even more unhappy. Because she doesn't like to see her elf upset. Safely masked as she is, Ally takes a peek around in the astral to see if there are anything interesting sights. Anything she can throw a spell at.

Lilith nods with a grin as she turns her attention back to the road and their surroundings. "Real meat, of bloody course! I don't eat that soy drek."

"I comprehend. See you in three hours." Kass kills the phone and then looks like she wants to break the phone. "Three hours til the meet and I need to get a crapload of money. Remind me to shoot Sam."

Over the Comm, Silk says, "We have three hours of downtime till the auction. I need to get the address."

Commlink-«Phoenix»> Aladriel says, "If we could find quickly a place where she lives, might be a way for me to astrally track and find her before the show starts…."

Commlink-(Ferryman): Thinking intercept before delivery? *The faint strains of the song 'don't feat the reaper' bleed over into the commlink as Pops speaks.

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Or do we need at least a show of cash for this auction?"

Commlink-«Silk» "She's dealing fairly with us, so far. I'd like not to make ripples if we can afford it, and .. it's just money."

Kass spares a look at Aladriel who will no doubt give her a look about that, sighing. "I need to access the trix now and get the address."

Commlink-«Phoenix»> Aladriel says, "Leaves the question of what we're going for, doesn't it? Other people know what they are bidding on…we don't, really. Kinda makes me nervous."

Popper replies to the conversation in the car, ensuring that the soundtrack that runs in his head doesn't disturb anyone else this time by leaving out the commlink. "I won't even let that soy drek in my fridge. Good beer, good beef, the works. It's the only way to go." with a smirk he adds, "No matter how many times Johny calls me a leafeater."

Commlink-(Ferryman): You got any way to send a spook to recon the thing Pheonix?

Johny scratches himself, watching the Friday Game of Urban Brawl, Dragons vs. Bandersnatches.

Silk will work on getting connected to the trix and pulling down the address for the meeting.

The address is a warehouse in the UCAS sector, north of the Warrens, but not by much.

Pre Run Setup

«OOC» Kassandra would like to use this three hours to get rid of the god damned shelby and get a van, then recon the place.
«OOC» Aladriel giggles
«OOC» Popper seconds that suggestion.
«OOC» Kassandra says, "oh, and get a suitcase of money"
«OOC» Lilith says, "Oh, yeah, Shelby stupid, my bad >_<"
«OOC» Popper says, "We getting a van legitimately or the sneaky way?"
«OOC» Johny nods. Sam will put the Ares at disposal.
«OOC» Johny says, "The Suitcase of money however."
«OOC» Johny says, "Is another matter."
«OOC» Kassandra can get money.
«OOC» Johny says, "If you want to spend your money, thats on you."
«OOC» Aladriel locks the cellar.
«OOC» Popper says, "Uhh… Ares? I can already attest to two predators and an alpha… What else do we need?"
«OOC» Kassandra says, "No, but at the moment I'm sort of short on options until we recon, and I've walked myself into a corner."
«OOC» Johny says, "one second."
«OOC» Popper says, "Ahhhh. Sorry, too much time with guns I guess. :-)"
«OOC» Popper says, "I can throw a little more cash at this. I'm not exactly well off right now though."
«OOC» Johny says, "You're being paid to recover an item. How you go about doing that is up to you."
«OOC» Johny says, "I'm not going to up the pay to cover buying it, and it should be notied that already, 25k is gone."

Commlink-«Phoenix»> Aladriel says, "I can go check out the location once we figure out where it is. Silk can tell me something about Dee Dee, and I can see if I can find her."

Commlink-«Silk» "Ok. I have the address, let's go take a look and see what we can do. Lilith, take that car home and we'll pick you up and then go have a looksee."

Commlink-Malus> Lilith says, "Will do"

Commlink-«Phoenix»> Aladriel says, "I'll go look now, before the car gets anywhere close."

Kass pulls over to park so Ally can find her way back.

Lilith checks the time. Checks her gas. Looks at Popper. "You want to hang with them till I get back?"

Popper comments, "And awaaayyy we go."

Popper shrugs, "Lemme see what they want. I'm not particularly subtle in this rig."

Ally puts a hand on the hilt of her sword to make sure it comes with her for the journey, and suddenly she's limp in the seat as she goes out of body to the astral world.

Commlink-(Ferryman): Silk, where do you want me?

Lilith pulls over so he can get out if he wants, waits a moment for a response.

Commlink-«Silk» "Go put the car up with Lilith. We will come get you when Phoenix is done with her look."

Commlink-(Ferryman): Roger that.

Lilith shrugs and grins. And then guns it at an alarming rate back to Denver.

Popper chuckles, "Well, you heard the lady." he says with a grin.

Lilith speeds. "Yup. I'll park it at me place and we can wait on the porch."

Popper smiles, "Sounds like a plan to me. If we get there in time you'll have a chance at that tea, too."

«OOC» Johny says, "Ally, 3 int checks. 1 to find your way there, as street signs are hard to see in the astral, 1 to assesence the area, 1 to find your way back."
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 3 3 4 4 9 10 11 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 11 20
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 11
«OOC» Johny says, "Gimmie an astral stealth check"
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Stealth:
2 4 7 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls 4 (Ratface's int):
1 1 5 15

There and back are no issue whatsoever. While you're there however, the warehouse is a two story flat roofed affair. A collection of people are on the roof, maybe 5 of them. They don't seem exceedingly cybered. Inside the building, there is a secondary building set up, it looks to be partitioned off like office space. This is warded, strength four. They seem to have a shaman there, building the wards, and by his astral form, you would say he worships rat.

When Ally enters the building for her astral recon, it takes a moment, but she is clearly seen by Ratface. He sort of waves, grinning. "I SEEEEEESE YOU!" And then goes back to what he's doing.

"So you do," Ally notes cheerily to the man called Rat Face. She hmms a bit, long enough to give him a little assense and to shield herself to the fullest. She doesn't know how well her masking is holding up, but she 's going to imagine that she doesn't look as powerful as she is. Probably pretty…weak, all things considered. "So this seems like a good place for the meet. No traps here or anything I'd want to know about? Everything on the up and up?" she asks.

«OOC» Johny says, "Assense away"
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence for "Assensing Ratface":
1 1 1 4 5 5 5 7 8 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Aura Reading for "Aura Reading Comp":
1 3 4 4

He's a burn out, the ragged edges of his aura showing where he has ripped away his magical ability through abusing drugs. Magic 4.

"Oh. I don't know. I just do the wards and she gives me the goods. Trade trade!"

Interesting. Aladriel lingers a little bit, now not in any rush to go. "Oooh I see. And are you happy with the goods that she gives you? Cause I could probably get you more in exchange for some info. Trade trade, as you say."

On the astral plain, unobserved by others, Ratface sniffs at the air. "Trade trade. Whathcha got? Ratface likes the Rock, the rock and ratface… we's friends."

Ally smiles widely. She can't display anything at the moment, as her astral form doesn't carry many pockets. "Rock and Ratface, hand in hand, huh? Well how about this. You tell me how much you *wish* you had today. And I'll bring double that when I come for the meet."

Lilith sits on the front porch with Popper. She's ambled inside to check on things for a moment, and come back out with two mugs of tea and a couple cigars. "Tea and a cigar?"

Popper looks at the cigarette he had just pulled from the pack, then at the cigars, grins and puts the cigarette away. "Sounds lovely."

Lilith smiles politely. "How about we take this inside, we stick out a bit here." She nudges the door open with a wink.

Popper chuckles softly and rises, "An invitation from the madame herelf, hmm? How can I turn that down?" he replies as he follows her inside.

Lilith laughs and guides the soldier upstairs…it's a classy place. Old Victorian manor, it looks like, renovated and converted a bit. Her private apartment is much the same, but more personal, more feminine. She sets the goodies down on a coffee table and plops on a couch, cigar in hand. "Is tea all right? I figure it's better to save the booze for after work."

Popper nods and takes a cup of tea for himself, "Definitely. Coffee tends to make the hand shaky, and booze just slows you down when you need to be on your toes." He reaches for a cigar, looking to Lilith to verify that it's ok.

Lilith nods her head, pulling a lighter from a coat pocket and politely leaning forward to light the cig. "Ah, never thought coffee would be a problem, so that's good to know." She chuckles, flicking a tongue of flame into life. "Either way, it's nice to get a moment to breathe. One does not always have such luxury when you're working."

Popper sighs and puffs on the cigar, bringing it to life before responding. "I think the last time I got down time was two years ago?" puff "Had an emergency call for help I just couldn't turn down." puff "It's nice to relax for a few minutes. Thank you for inviting me." with one more puff, the cigar is thoroughly lit and the old elf's eyes sparkle at the pretty lady as he thanks her.

Lilith smiles in return, settling back with her usual poise, even in all that runner gear, neatly crossing her legs. She lights her own cigar next and drags it into life with a happy sigh. "Mmmm. You're welcome…I'm sorry to hear you haven't had much time to relax. I probably enjoy these little moments too much and take them for granted." She blows out curling tendrils of smoke through her nostrils, and chuckles a bit.

Popper takes a sip of tea and settles back, relaxing for the first time in far too long. With a chuckle he replies, "You really remember how to appreciate this sort of thing after being in the field for two years. Of course, you remember how to appreciate clean socks after two years in the field too, so that's maybe not saying so much."

Lilith snickers a bit, taking a moment to savour the tea from her own mug. "I can stitch you up a treat, sir, nice pair o'socks." Another puff on her cigar and she grins. "But yes, the point is well made. I certainly appreciated the joys of a good hot shower after boot camping in the snow for two days straight the other weekend, more so then I had before."

Popper puffs on his own cigar, and winks as he asks, "So, you're a seamstress too?"

Lilith looks at him closely for a moment. Her eyes then brighten and she chokes a bit on her drink as laughter bubbles up inside her. She covers her mouth and giggles, and giggles, looking away while she catches her breath.

Popper simply sits and enjoys his tea and cigar with an immense grin, wondering if he can whip up a quick watch helmet in his off time.

Lilith needs another gulp of tea to clear the tubes before she settles back, in tears and wiping her eyes with her free hand. "Oh *gods*, that was just awful. A pune or play on words, you could say?" Her eyes sparkle with a rare sort of gaiety as she looks at him.

Popper smirks and nods, "Indeed. Now let's see… do you think we can convince a troll to let us call him Detritus?"

Lilith eyes widen. "Now, Mr.Popper, that would be cruel by some standards. As excellent a persona as that paticular fictional personage is." She giggles again, before regaining enough control to take another long draw on her cigar.

Popper grins for a moment, then bursts out laughing. It takes a good minute or two before he settles down again, but finally he's calmed enough to take a puff at the cigar which is nearly out. A few puffs later it's restored to life, and the elf grins as he says "Why not? We could always drop him in a cold locker and wait for him to solve algebra."

Lilith grins as she watches, once more blowing smoke out her nose, her tail flicking lazily behind her, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "Indeed. I've got a walk in freezer downstairs that might work."

Popper chuckles and blows a stream of smoke towards the ceiling before responding with "If that doesn't work, I can always try and work up a clockwork helmet…" he sips his tea and adds, "Of course, I'm no Cuddy."

Ally smiles widely. She can't display anything at the moment, as her astral form doesn't carry many pockets. "Rock and Ratface, hand in hand, huh? Well how about this. You tell me how much you *wish* you had today. And I'll bring double that when I come for the meet."

Lilith laughs and polishes off her tea. "Gods, I didn't take you for a fellow who read "classical" literature." She says this with a faux, hoity toity accent, smiling the whole time.

Popper chuckles and takes a sip of his tea, drawing out the enjoyment a moment longer, as he watches her over the rim of his cup with twinkling blue eyes. "I'm old enough that's almost modern literature t'me Lilith. I can't even find the music I liked as a kid these days."

"Ratface like the rock. Very much. Now, what you want for rock, cause if you want to hurt Deedee, she's gonna hurt me in the bee bee." A pause. "Thats my balls."

"Don't want to hurt Deedee, not at all," Ally says quickly, displaying very open palms. "Do you know why the thing she's selling is so expensive? Does she really have it or is she planning to hurt some people tonight?"

Lilith smiles grows a little. "Ahh…yes, elves age well, don't they." She grabs a remote, clicks a button…and the Beatles come puring out the speakers. "I'm just into old things."

Ratface sniffs the astral air again. "Dunno. Don't care. She gives me rock to make spirit walls. I make spirit walls. Now I tells you what I knows, you give me the blows!"

Popper sighs happily as the familiar songs fill the air and leans back slightly in is seat. "Oh, that's even a little before my time, but not so far it doesn't bring back memories. Beatles, right? I love their stuff."

Furrowing her brows a tiny bit, Ally has gotten nowhere and quickly. She seems all set to go when a new idea strikes her. "You're right. Y'know what, just one more thing, to make sure you get the extra-nice rock. Can you tell me where or show me where she has you make the spiritwalls?"

Lilith leans back as well, humming softly. "Me too. Of course, I'm a Brit, so it's lasted longer over there, but…" She just mellows out with her cigar and Across the Universe rolling out.

Popper chuckles, "Cross trained with the SAS for a while, that was good." he says, voice trailing off as he relaxes into the music and excellent companionship.

Ratface points to the warded room he just finished. "Uh. Yes?"

Ally ooohs as the warded room is pointed out to her. "Well if you want to let me have a peek inside, Deedee won't even know. She can't see me after all, so don't worry about any of the, ah, bee-bee hurt. And I just found out that the rock is going to be on its way, so you'll have it before you know it. Right when the meeting starts."

He sniffs then. "I'm a crackhead. Not stupid, lady. Now, if you're coming tonight to bid, you can come in like everyone else who sent a mage ahead of them. Remember my rock."

Ally nods her head, not letting her disappointment fade away. "Ooh fine. See you then," she says and quickly departs through the wall she came through, but not before getting a look at the room in question. She exits only long enough to circle the building to come through a different way, proceeding slowly so when she encounters said ward, she'll be able to sneak through it upon encountering it.

The room is in the middle of the building, springing from wide open space, built out of quickly framed timber. It's only to serve for a night, but the details are hard to figure out on the astral.

And staying on the astral is most important. So Ally takes a quick look around…doesn't see anyone of interest, and will finally depart for good, this time rocketing back to her body in ultra-fast mage movement.

Kass has been watching Aladriel this whole time with concern, looking less so when she awakens. "Everything all right?" She checks the mage for any signs of injury, starting the car to head to change vehicles.

Ally smiles as she gets resituated and nods her head. "Found the building. Nothing really interesting. One magi…he was a super-druggy. Told him I'd bring him some rock. Do you have any or some that we can get? Didn't really get much beyond that. No super magic security or anything."

"I have .. something, dunno if I have quite that, but I can get it. What do you think? Should we pay for this thing, given what you've seen, or just take it?" Kass accelerates, heading to get the van, the money, the others.

Ally gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "I'm not really sure. It seems like…I don't know. Might not be the best thing in the world to pay all that money. The only thing I can even think of doing…if we're planning on doing that. I could sneak in…take out their magi and pose as him. He's Deedee's magi."

Kass nods, "Well, ok. We can see if the others have any opinion on the matter." She drives.


And then! The van arrives! People get in it! Someones driving! YOU ARE ALL TOGETHER! IT's AWESOME!

Kass rolls the van to a stop a block or so away from the addresses, looking around the neighborhood. She glances to the others questioningly, "Does anyone have anything any opinion on this?"

Lilith looks back at Kass and shrugs. "I'd hate to spend the money on this…if we could steal it, that'd be great, but I don't know if it's worth the risk or the trouble."

Popper shrugs, "Look, yer talkin magic. My answer t' magic is either put 'em down 'fore they know there's a problem or from so far off they don't realize it 'till it's too late." with a glance around at Johny's Angels, the elf shrugs and says "I know better'n t' try takin the lead here."

Popper says "I have a couple NSX grens though, if that helps any."

Ally runs a hand over her face and thinks hard on it. "How long do we have until we make the meet?"

2 hours.

"Two hours, give or take. That gives time to look around if we want to try and do this the hard way." Silk shrugs, not looking happy either way. "Now I wish that, oh, I hadn't used my name to make the meet." She shakes her head, "Ah well, we move on."

Ally gives a small shrug of her shoulders. "If we go now, we have a chance, I suppose, of making off with it before everyone else shows up. Or she doesn't show up until last minute, we've made a play, she finds out and…" Ally hmms a small bit.

"You're not the only bidder, though. If we make a play for it…it doesn't necessarily have to be you. We could always, y'know, disappear if we don't get it, and you show up at the meet just as planned?"

Popper grunts softly as he recalls the content of the files he showed around the team and comments, "Hey Silk, you know the person sellin this thing either flipped on 'er fixer of is sellin goods flipped from another fixer, right? Seems like trust ain't all that great an idea here."

Lilith looks thoughtful. "Yes…we don't have to make it the hard way, persay, just the different way. Popper, you said you had NSX grenades?" She taps her knee. "Silk, you don't have to be involved. If the rest of us, or Popper and I, can pull it off on our own, and sneakily one hopes, that'd be nice."

Popper pulls a couple of oddly colored grenades from his pockets and juggles them briefly, the markings identifying them as dual charge grenades to anyone familiar with such things.

"The thing is, guys, if this person is smart .. and as stupid as she is, she is still smart .. she isn't gonna be sitting in there twiddling her thumbs holding the thing. I mean, I sure wouldn't, it's stupid considering you are trying to sell stolen goods to criminals. Usually they sort of show up at the last minute." She shakes her head, "Let's go take a look and see what there is. We already know about the mage and wards."

Lilith nods. "Sounds like a plan."

Popper comments, "Don' think it'll help us any t' have our faces recognized if we decide to take the harder route here ladies."

Lilith chuckles. "That's why I always wear a mask."

Popper asks, "To an auction?"

"Masks for our pre-party" Ally points out with a little chuckle, then nods at what Kassandra just said. "Well. If we grab their mage we can find out if he knows where Deedee is. Or force him to call Deedee or something. Use him against her some way? If not…he got too happy with his drugs and is KOed for the meet?"

Lilith grins at Popper. "Always when I'm on the job."

Silk nods, "Let's look around. And be advised there are ten other groups probably thinking the same thing we are, so watch for all the other people sneaking around, setting up sniper nests, and so forth."

Popper runs a quick check of the rooftops, not that he hasn't been all along, and comments "If that's a concern, I'd put someone on th' roof of our own. Neh?"

Lilith makes a face, but nods to Kass. "Aye. Want me to mingle in the crowd casual like?"

"Crowd?" Silk looks confused.

"When people gather, think she means," Ally suggests.

Popper removes the velcro attached ID tags from his jacket and uniform, tucking them into a cargo pocket. Once he's done, they become simply crisply ironed new looking fatigues and jacket with no identifiers, much nicer if things go bad.

Popper looks to Kass, "Silk? What d'you think?"

Lilith looks to Kass. "What kind of auction is it?" She looks thoughtful again.

Silk looks out the window of the van, her goggles scoping in on far away targets. "General auction, as I recall. She mentioned to bring a lot of money and that there would be other bidders. Apparently some people have already tried to just buy it outright."

Popper asks, "Open environment or enclosed?"

"She didn't say. She gave this address and said to be there." Silk indicates the building. "Given Phoenix's recon, it sounds like they are taking precautions from snipers and other tricks by having a little room inside. Or maybe she just likes a nice set."


«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 4 4 4 5 9 17
«Auto-Judge[]» Aladriel (#604) rolls Intelligence for "Some Perception Checks":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Popper (#4048) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 3 3 3 4 5 5

The building is a two story warehouse that takes up the city block… it's got no windows, the roof is not visible unless you launch the rotordrone. The area is run down, lacking in amenities, probably a D or C level security area. ON the roof line, you can see several bodies moving, though what they are doing or holding cannot be made out.

The front of the building is a series of roll down doors for trucks to enter, while the back is a loading dock that once served railcars that pulled in to the narrows between the old warehouses.

Popper nods, "Right." and reaches into the duffel he moved from the Shelby to the van, coming up with a WW infiltrator. "Any of you ladies planning on carryin' a purse or somethin?" he asks, showing the ultra concealable weapon.

"I plan on openly carrying into there, and I have several weapons they aren't going to see. I should be fine." Silk smiles, "They expect a certain level of armedness; it's a criminal meeting, not a church social."
Lilith arches a brow and shakes her head. "No, don't think so. Just got some pockets." She watches the building. "Hmm…."

Lilith rotates her neck. "I wonder. They'll probably have the item in a seperate room, you think?

Popper shrugs, "Wouldn' be surprised t' see 'em try a weapons check. Specially if it's a setup or something."
Popper tucks the infiltrator back in the bag.

Or you know… if the Fixer was worried an angry johnson may try to kill her.

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