The Watchers

In 2017, the founders of the Native American Nations performed a great ritual, called the Great Ghost Dance. This ritual was the first example of mass Blood Magic in the awakened 6th world. A majority of the Dancers died, sacrificing themselves willingly to the cause of the Native American Peoples. However, the Dance allowed the Dancers to channel power that should have been unavailable for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Every action has consequences. The consequences of using magics so far beyond the scope of current mana levels, was the creation of a spike in astral reality. While not a physical, actual spike, it is a suitable metaphor. Deep in the recesses of the other worlds, there exist spirits and beings beyond the power of dragons, beyond the scope of human thought. The Bug-spirits of Chicago infamy are simply a taste of what alien and malignant creatures remains beyond the tellurian plane.

The Awakening is the slow progression of rising world-wide mana levels. When certain levels are reached, elves are born to human parents, Dragons wake up, Sorcery is discovered, Humans goblinize in to orks and trolls, Orichalcum is discovered in nature. It is a cycle that ramps up in a cyclic fashion, until it peaks at high tide and then ebbs. When magic reaches it's peak, the levels of magic are such that direct contact with the deepest metaplanes is possible. This is when creatures known as the Horrors can flood in to our physical reality and consume everything. Some horrors consume trees, while others consume flesh, while others still consume thought and ideas.

They are innumerable and they are powerful. All previous attempts in the memory of dragon-kind to stand against them have failed. The only answer has been to hide, to wait out the high tide and wait for magic to drop to such a level as the horrors must retreat.

In every age that has come before, civilization has been destroyed. Rendered into tribes of disparate survivors locked behind magical walls for hundreds of years, desperately trying to keep the horrors out. Dragons hunker down, closing themselves off from the world and wait patiently for the mana levels to lower, to let the tide go down far enough that the Horrors escape back to their own areas of the other worlds.

Humanity should have had up to two thousand, five hundred more years to advance, evolve and prepare for the coming of the Horrors, shepherded by such Great Dragons as Dunkelzahn and Hestaby, defended by immortal elves such as Ehran the Scribe and Harlequin and armed to the teeth with a level of technology the Horrors have never encountered. The Great Ghost Dance upset those plans, creating the Spike. The Spike functioned as a conduit, a hole in the veils between worlds and artificially inflating the levels of mana, disrupting the normal flow of magic into the Tellurian sphere.

In the year 2057, Dunkelzahn was killed in what can only be described as a ritual suicide, after securing the Presidency of the United Canadian and American States. The dragon enacted a convoluted plan that involved (Some say) sabotaging the previous election, securing UCAS citizenship and funding his own election. After turning the eyes of the world to himself, after achieving power beyond that of any Great Dragon and being beloved of a nation, Dunkelzahn killed himself in a balancing act of ritualistic Blood Magic. This selfless act, the sacrifice of a Great Dragon and with the added power of the attention of the world, all the hope and love it entailed, powered the activation of the Dragons Heart, an artifact of ancient power. This artifact was able to smooth the spike out, restoring the natural order of magical progression.

But there were 40 years of unimpeded magical flow, in which those things which should not awoken awoke. These things, ranging from free spirits to magically active virii to Nosferatu of ancient power, have been insulating themselves in to society, hiding from those who would find them. The Draco Foundation has been charged in Dunkelzahn's will, to shepherd humanity as he would have shepherded it, not by fighting its battles for it, but by educating it, by teaching it to do for itself.

This is the role of the Watch.

What We Are


The Watchers Division is a special team of Shadowrunners funded by the Draco Foundation, in clandestine cooperation with the UCAS Government. The Watchers are dedicated to recovering magical Artifacts, removing magical threats and expanding humanity's knowledge of the coming dangers to its own existence. The group is not officially sanctioned by any party.

Major enemies will include Universal-Omnitech, Shaiwase, Saeder-Krupp, Aztechnology/Aztlan and any number of conspiracies and plots.

From an OOC perspective, the Watch is a group of role players who are interested in the exploration of Shadowrun's deeper thematic elements, long term story-lines and a round-robin style of Storyteller/GMing. The goal is to form a group large enough that a Storyteller/GM has a stable crop of players for any given time frame, within a cohesive thematic setting. All members are urged to put forth run ideas, to run missions for other members and to work together.

Who We Are


This is perhaps the most important aspect of the Watchers. We are a group of role players looking to do great things and roleplay amazing situations. To run in the deepest end of the shadows, sliding between the claws of Great Dragons and the maws of horrible creatures from beyond the known metaplanes. To dance between MegaCorps and to present the first, best line of defense for humanity against the troubles that come in the future.

We are not a group of money hungry power-gamers looking to enrich ourselves with dice rolling. We are interested in story more than sheet, in thematic development more than throwing lots of dice. If you are interested in joining us, please read Membership Requirements

The State of the Watchers Updates

Where We Are

The watchers meet regularly on the Shadowrun: Denver MUSH. This MUSH is hosted by, and is staffed by volunteers taken from the playerbase. It is located at:, Port 1999


This wiki is open only to the members of the team. A password is provided to all team members. Please contact Samuel in Denver for further Information.

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