State of the Watchers

State of the Watchers Update April 2009

In essence, the Great Ghost Dance that occurred in 2017, allowed several beings and creatures to come across from deeper metaplanes than should have been allowed by magic levels. Invae, Minor Horrors and other malevolent (and a few benign) beings. We have run across some of those beings recently, and the Watchers have done their best to hold the line.

The thing to remember about these beings is that the Spike has passed and the doorway has closed for the time being. That means every one of these creatures that is discorporated is trapped back in their own home metaplane, unable to return to this realm until either a ritual is enacted or mana levels raise naturally. Now, that is not to say that new Invae are not being created and brought in to the world, but that bringing a new queen across the divide is a rarer thing than it was.

The Watchers, as a group, are going to be moving towards an X-Files/Fringe/Supernatural feel and theme that involves investigation and intrigue more than a X-Com/Doom/Paramilitary theme where heavy combat and saving the world is a weekly event. The latter sort of plots and stories grow tiresome and take away the mystique and magic of a truly alien and powerful foe. We as a group, want to move towards investigating all manner of magical and spooky stuff, a sustainable level of role play and plot. We want to keep the feel that 'magic is different' and keep the feel that Horrors and other powerful beings are rare occurrences, not just found at the stuffer shack heating a burrito.

This does not mean that there won't be evil covens and cults dedicated to fell creatures, or possessed toxic shaman that we have to stop. This doesn't mean that some ancient Atlantian rite, some blood ritual or evil artifact cannot summon/release a spirit from beyond, what we might call a Horror or horror-like being. It just means we are going to try to space things out, to let things level off and not lurch from one Save the World plot to another, to maintain the mystery and magic.

It is the goal of the Watcher's GM-crew to run 'fun' things in the meantime, small events or plots or runs that won't factor necessarily into the major plot arc (or will they?) but instead offer RP opportunities, training exercises, money and the chance to get to know new players and characters.

That is where we stand as Spring begins and the Watchers accomplish their goal of getting a base.

April 1, 2009

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