Entering, Kass is pushing a double baby stroller with Miss Maya perched in the high seat, propped up and looking at the world from her perch. The diaper bag is shoved into the front seat along with a purse and other accessories. The elven girl looks around, carefully checking the corners before heading out onto the patio, navigating the stroller with care. "Good afternoon, gentlemen." She shushes as she spots the trideo on, raising an eyebrow.

Johny is out on the main (upper) patio. A pair of blades are in his hands, wooden long swords that slide and move like extensions of his own hands. Surrounding him are four young men with wooden blades that attack him in waves, singly, doubly, triply and then all at once. He blocks, parries, ripostes, moving like a dervish in the center of the mass, deflecting blades until the exact moment comes when all four are in position. Then, in a blur, blinding movement, all four men are struck in the space of a half breath, the sort of slide-between-thoughts moment that comes only in action movies. They all recoil, blades returning to the ready.

Sam has finally broken a sweat. "Blades away. Thats it for today. Tomorrow, same time." He turns, passing the wooden bokken off to one of the 'instructors'… He smiles to Kassandra, then a slightly larger one to Maya. "Well hello miss Princess Prissy Pants!" Who he's addressing… is unclear.

Marcus will show Lilith in as well, after two poses from Kassandra. Because she got here first and Sam was a slow poser. His wife made him Salmon, Artichokes and wild rice. It needed some om nom nom noming.

Kass parks the double stroller, locking the wheels and eyeing the opponents Sam was engaging. She keeps her body near the stroller, assessing them for a moment before offering a smile to Samuel, "Good afternoon, kind sir. Say hello, Maya." The baby gurgles something and waves hands at Sam.

"We were at the zoo and thought we'd come say hello while we were in town. How have you been?" She considers that, and the display she just saw, "I assume well?"

Johny cracks his neck, reaching for a towel and a bottle of PLAYERAIDE, a popular sports drink. "I am expanding my arsenal of weaponry. Pistols are pitifully underpowered against some foes, and loud. I mislike loud. Swords… I have a talent for. Something about living for twenty years in a pre-technological society with blades trains you for it."

The elven girl nods, "Aladriel and I have been working on that as well. She wants to be an excellent swordswomen, and, well, she needs a sparing partner, and so that is me. I can't help but get good with it as I train with her .. it keeps down the bruises." Kass snickers at that, "Plus, I have to keep sharp now, as I can't rely on someone else's skills to get me through the day."

Johny nods as he wipes off his neck. A pause is given as he's sent a private message that DeWinter is on her way up the elevator. Perk of a luxury lifestyle. "Uh." He says then. "Generally speaking, and this is a shot in the dark, when both you and Dewinter arrive separately but in the same time frame, something is afoot."

"Oh? Is Lilith coming up?" Kass laughs a little, "Maybe she is just coming to check on you and see how you are doing like I am. I mean, she does need to get out of her room more and stop daydreaming about .. well. In any case, it'll be nice to see her again, we had such a good talk earlier." The elf is clearly hiding something, the corners of her mouth drifting into a smile, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Aladriel has been a *bad* influence.

Johny reaches for his shirt, sliding it on. No need to torment Lilith with ROCK HARD Abs, perfectly formed chest and a gleaming exterior. Cause, well, Sam's just awesome like that. He looks better than he has in the past. Maybe its just some new cologne, or a new way of doing his hair, but he -looks- better."

Lilith pops her head in at that moment, arching an eyebrow. Seems Sam's not the only one dressed for low tech today, as she's got the wooden practice bow and quiver on her back, and a covered cast iron pot in hand. "Hullo Sam, I was just coming back from practice, and…." She spots Kass. Catches a word or two. Ignores Sam because he's a bastard. "Hullo Kassandra. Maya. Pleasure seeing you again."

Leaning against the wall next to the stroller, Kass dangles a familiar frog to Maya who squeals and engulfs it in a tight hug. The elven girl watches the baby a long moment before answering Lilith, "Ah, good evening Miss Lilith, how are you this afternoon. Samuel and I were *just* talking about you. I was saying that you needed to get out more.”

Johny leans on the railing now, sipping his drink. There is a shoe hovering somewhere off to the side. He's waiting for it to drop.

Lilith refuses to rise to the bait. She smiles, chuckling at Maya and waggles a few fingers in a small wave at the child, much to the babe's delight. "Really? I'm getting out plenty, I'm usually just out being busy."

Kass nods, "Of course, I was just being silly. I know you run around and get out of the house. So, Samuel, how have *you* been. We saw you briefly at the coffeehouse talking to Thistledown, but you seemed to be occupied so we left you be."

Johny eyes Lilith's outfit for a moment, then looks back to Kassandra. "I've been trying to get 'out' more. Meet new people, talk to them. It reminds me how much humanity has the capacity to piss me off. So." Says the man, looking back to the two women. "Whats going on. You only both show up within minutes of the other when theres some greater issue than my coffee drinking habits or your most recent cooking exploit. Lets cut the shit and get to that, okay?"

Lilith blinks, looking to Kass. "Umm?" She looks back to Johny, now looking vaguely confused. And she's not faking it either. "I wasn't aware Kassandra was arriving…I've just been out the past few hours in the wood, made a woodsman's stew and was practicing archery. I remembered what you said to me the other night and I thought you'd like to try it?"

Maya gnaws on Mr. Froggy as Kassandra raises an eyebrow at Samuel. "Well, actually, I *did* come by to inquire about your coffee habits and see how you were. I haven't seen you much since .. we got back." She shrugs, "I am glad that you have been getting out of the house and talking to more people .. provided it isn't more post traumatic women."

Johny eyes Kassandra now. His gaze hardens slightly, then relents and softens. "Sorry. Just so -fucking- used to handling this emergency or that emergency and being the rock it's… hard to relax sometimes." He admits, before sitting down on the patio, watching Maya masticate the venerable Mr. Froggy, veteran of many a battle and Honorary Watcher.

Lilith watches him for a moment, her confusion fading, and then she smiles softly. "S'all right, Samuel." She slings the bow and quiver off. "Care to be once more inflicted with my cooking, or is this a bad time?"

Kass frowns every so slightly, one hand moving to touch Maya's head. She sighs, nodding and mentions softly, "Sorry, no emergency. I .. just wanted to make sure you were doing alright. I should have called first."

Sam smiles then, to Kassandra. "Sorry. I just, ya know what its like, always on duty. I'm still learning this whole relaxation and behind human thing." He says, moving over to where Maya is. He kneels down next to her, reaching out to touch her cheek. "I like children. They are so very up front about their needs and wants. No guile of any serious nature."

Lilith watches the trio for a moment, before quietly turning away and quietly placing the cast iron pot up on a wooden table. She keeps her back turned, lifting the lid in a puff of steam to check the contents still piping hot within.

Nodding quietly, "I understand." Kass hmms softly, looking to Lilith. Some of her earlier cheer has evaporated but she still manages a smile, "What did you make, Lilith?"

Johny shrugs. Maybe Kassandra's pheromones keep him from smelling the dish, but he stands up from Maya curiously, turning to Lilith. "More cooking? You're going to make me fat, woman."

Kass stays next to the double stroller, the device obviously new. She grins at Maya and Mr Froggy as they battle and play, sniffing the air at Lilith's cooking. "She has been feeding you a lot, has she? Heck, you should hire her to be your domestic. I know Marcus would appreciate it."

Lilith snorts quietly, her back still to them. "It's only because of your robust health that I even bother, you know. I doubt there's anything I could feed you that could cause you serious gastrointestinal harm, and I honestly doubt I'd be able to make you fat." She lowers the lid with a soft clank, her tail swishing in idle agitation. "And gods forbid I should ever be a maid."

Aladriel doesn't do the stairs. Or the elevator. Or the security and all that nonsensical madness. She takes the route of flight, floating up to the Medievo Penthouse level shrouded in spells of flight and invisibility. She's actually paid enough attention to be able to remember where Sam's patio is!

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "I want to believe. And not be snuck up on.":
2 2 2 4 4 4 4 10 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "I can see things, things you can't imagine.":
1 1 2 4 4 5 5 8 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence - 2 vs TN 5 for "I want to believe. And not be snuck up on. KP 1":
1 3 4 5 5 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Yeah, right":
1 2 3 7 8 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence - 6 vs TN 5 for "I want to believe. And not be snuck up on. KP 3":
4 5 5 = 2 Successes

"I didn't say maid, Lilith. Though you could probably do that if you were inclined, wear the classic French maid outfit. Though I think you'd have a problem with the whole .. well." Kass edits herself, idly toying with Maya's pointed ear. "Not so rough. Mr. Froggy is your friend."

Lilith tail twitches again as Kass speaks, turning on her heel. "Oh, most *amusing*, Kass."

Call it a sixth sense. Call it combat training. Call it what you will, but Sam's eyes narrow a half moment before ally comes in to view. Hypertension bleeds in to his muscles as Sam whirls around, his form moving to interpose himself between Kass/Maya and the form coming up over the balcony. One hand dips in to the barbecue pit, a hand jerking out a pistol with alarming speed. "Down!"

And then he sees Ally, the targeting reticule settling between her eyes.

"Jesus Christ!"

Ally is dressed for the snow, with her scrubs underneath. So what Sam sees is a shock of Ally hair, big black sunglasses, the biggest, poofiest white coat (with faux furr collar) that one's likely to ever see. We're talking Cruella De Ville here. And then Sam's pointing a gun at her. She yipes and drops from sight for several seconds.

Kass blinks as Samuel moves, her own reflexes kicking into hyperdrive. She comes up with the first thing at hand as she steps in front of Maya at Sam's call, hunkering down and holding the slim knife she has produced carefully. She tilts her head at the familiar yelp (yes, she's heard it. A lot.) and says, "Ally?"

Lilith doesn't so much go down as up, hands rising in a flash of chilling, gleaming steel. Razors all but sing as the dikoted edges slices the air, and then she sighs. "Oh, deary deary me."

Johny snaps the smartlink off, the gun being shoved back in to the pit, safteys re-engaging. "For the love of god! Downstairs, use the front door like everyone else who doesn't want to get shot!"

Sliding the knife away Kass remarks, slightly louder, "Ally! Come out come out wherever you are!" She laughs a little, shrugging to Maya, "Nothing is wrong, baby, Mommy was just being sillyheaded."

Lilith lets her razors slide out of sight, leaning against the table and quietly watching the scene. "Sillyhead. Yes. The exact word."

Dropping her invisibility spell, Aladriel timidly floats up to peek back over the rail of the balcony. Now everyone can plainly see her absurdly large and fluffy white-furred jacket and her huge black sunglasses as she peeks about. Nope, no more guns being pointed at her. She effortlessly floats up and over the balcony and lands gracefully. "Not the greeting I was expecting, but I'll take it!"

Kass grins at Lilith, "A little adrenalin rush is good for you. It brings colour to the skin and gets the world into perspective." She moves away from Maya long enough to engulf Ally in a hug. "Break from the hospital, love, or did they decide they didn't need you anymore?"

Johny chuckles, or tries to chuckle, turning back to his sports-drink. He takes a deep drink. He's got a raw edge to him, a nerve exposed just under the skin. "Sorry about that, Ally… Sorry. I suggest if you're flying in to my -penthouse balcony-… that you call first, or something."

Lilith idly checks the pot again, then leaves it. She glances at Johny for a moment, then to the girls, then back to the man again. Frowns, but waits patiently for things to resolve themselves.

Ally hugs Kassandra back as she gets the type of greeting she's more accustomed to. She peers past the elf towards Johny, hmming at him before Kass gets answered first. "I kinda worked super-fast and they thought that I'd need a break so they gave me one. Didn't *need* one, but who am I to argue? They're used to their awakened personnel getting wiped out by a good heal spell or two. Not me, though," she says with a wink. To Johny, then, Ally shrugs a bit, "Sorry about that Mister J. I'll try to keep it in mind, mm hm."

"Well that is because you are the best mage in the world, dear." That resolved, Kass indicates Lilith with a wave of a hand, "Go back to making him fat, Lilith!" She sideways to Ally, "Lili is fattening up Sam with something. I am not sure what she made, but she has a bow and arrow, so …"

"She's either going to play William Tell, or she was out hunting." Says Sam, moving to the outdoor crockery, pulling out bowls and silverware. "And you are all eating with me, damnit. A nice, easy meal, with no one pulling guns or casting spells."

Kass interjects, "What's in it?"

In a flash, Ally reaches into the sleeve of her jacket and pulls out a shiny, silvery, star-tipped…magic wand. It twinkles in the light and Ally waves it about dramatically. "B-b-b-but…." she says to Sam….

Lilith speaks in low, dry voice. "Oh, very funny. William Tell." She rolls her eyes, and then glances to
Kass. "I wasn't out hunting, I just got a damn lucky shot in. I didn't even mean to make anything, but when I shot the rabbit I figured, what the hell, might as well practice some survival skills." She shrugs. "Scrabbled under the snow for a few spring greens that made it before the blizzard, tossed in some potatoes I'd picked up on my way there. I got the water from snow and gave it a good boil, roasted the rabbit while that was going on, then threw everything in the pot and let it simmer in the coals while I finished my practice."

Lilith thinks. "Ok, maybe I was planning ahead, but only to make tea, that's why I had the pot with me."

Johny eyes, Ally. "Fine. One spell." HE says with a rueful smirk. And the pot smells lovely." He passes Lilith some of the crockery. "One spell, and it better make Maya smile."

Blink. Blink. "You shot a *bunny*?" Kass almost wails and then quiets, looking to Maya quickly and then back to Lilith, aghast. She shakes her head, crossing her arms and hmping. "I'm sure I can come up with something from the kitchen so I can break bread with you, but .. no bunny for me." She confesses in a murmur to Ally, "Maya and I had two funnel cakes at the zoo. And *she* didn't eat her fair share."

It's funny. Ally and Kassandra have about the exact same reaction to Lilith's shameful admission of shooting a bunny. Except that as Ally lowers her glasses, she looks damn near tears. "Bunny," she says sadly to Kass, shaking her head mournfully.
Then, ever quick to snap out of the blues, Ally winks at Sam and nods. With a skillful flurish of her wand, Ally casts a spell…and Mr. Froggy comes to life! The frog in Maya's hands opens its mouth and ribbits (though the sound comes from Ally), and proceeds to start wriggling slowly in the child's grip.

Lilith has to try very hard to repress a smile at the crestfallen look on Kass's face. "Yes. yes I did. It was probably more surprised then I was…well, not for very long." She nods to Sam, bowing her head as the smile creeps out anyways, and lifts the pot lid. Grabbing a big ladle and a bowl, she begins spooning out the stew. It's hearty and think, low sodium, but smells gamey, fresh, and green. "Nice trick, Ally." She uses the excuse to start giggling.

Johny thinks for a moment, glancing to Kassandra. The Ally. "Vegetarians are excused from eating duties. I'll have some salads sent up from the kitchens down stairs.."

Lilith glances up again from her serving. "I've still got some herbs in my bag. Not a lot, but they're young and tender. Chives, some colt's foot…"

"Thank you muchly, Sam." Kass grins at Mr. Froggy and Maya's reaction to the frog. She fusses around, hmming quietly, "We are sorry to be a bother, Lil. It certainly looks good, but .."

Lilith chuckles as she gets to work on another bowl. "Bother? No, no, as I said, I wasn't intending to serve anyone, really, but this does mean there's more for Samuel and I."

Ally gives a little laugh as Mr. Froggy manages to wriggle free from Maya's grip and starts to move about on its own, giving a weak little hop. Yes, it's animated and brought to life, but there simply aren't any muscles or springiness to help it hop very well. Still, Maya is utterly delighted at the movement.

"Thanks, Sam. Mmmm, delicious lettuce and veggies and good company rather than horrible injuries. This is definitely better."

Marcus will come out then, with a large bowl of Asian themed salad, with mandarin orange slices, almonds, a bit of crunchy noodles, fresh spinach and some tangy soy/vinaigrette sauce. Over all, its a nice little salad.

"No problem ladies. I should have remembered sooner. It didn't occur to me… because I didn't cook it." He says, taking his fork.

Kass watches the little show that Mr. Froggy puts on, clapping happily. She nods to what Aladriel says about the salad, mentioning to Lilith, "More to fatten him up, no?" The elven girl giggles, keeping her gaze on Maya and her little hoppy friend. She smiles warmly to Marcus, "Thank you so much, Marcus."

Lilith laughs softly to herself again, and then passes over a bowl of woodsman's stew to Johny. "Oh gods. As I said, I doubt I could. Marcus, would you like a bowl?" She politely raises one, steaming in the cool air.

Ally throws a half-look towards Marcus as he brings the salad, keeping Maya framed in her peripheral vision so Mr. Froggy can stay 'alive' a little while longer. "Thanks, Marcus," she tells the man before she focuses back to Maya. She maneuvers Mr. Froggy back into Maya's hesitant grip and then slowly Mr. Froggy just goes back to being stuffed. With a flourish Ally slides her wand back into the sleeve of her coat. "The kids like it at work," she explains to anyone who may look strangely at it.

"It's all about the wand, sweetie. I told you, the magic wand thing just lets everyone *know* it's magic. Otherwise they are looking for wires or other tricks. But a wand? That is a signature right there." Kass nods soberly, as if this is a widely held belief in the world. She grins at Maya, "Wasn't Mr. Froggy funny?"

Moving to the table, Kass will snag a pair of bowls and set about dishing out salad for both herself and Aladriel, letting her finish her spell and talk to the baby.

Johny sets himself off to the side, watching the way the women and the child interact. Feeling a bit alien, a bit out of sorts. He sets in to the stew, enjoying its hearty flavor and the thickness of it. "It's nice to see you all." he says after a long while.

"Good point, sweetie," Ally compliments Kass as the elf speaks wisely. She'll use the wand more often for theatrics. Ally kneels beside Maya, not bothering the child, who for the moment is interested in puzzling out why Mr. Froggy was moving but is not any longer. Kass is getting her food. She's free to let her mind wander, and wander it does to analyze Sam's words and tone.

"Sam?" she asks him curiously, turning to face him.

Lilith grabs a bowl for herself and sits opposite Sam. He's not the only one to feel out of place. She looks between him and Ally for a moment, then busies herself with sampling her stew again.

"It is nice to see you too, Sam. Used to be I saw you every day, and now .. well. You are busy, I imagine." Kass liberates the two bowls, selecting flatware and heading towards Aladriel. She glances at Lilith, at Sam, raising an eyebrow. "I miss something? Why all the quiet and odd faces?"

Johny shrugs, diving in to his food. "Just been a bad few weeks. After Chicago, I figured I'd stay away a while. Let y'all.. you know. Get back to getting back." A pause. A heart beat long pause, then he takes another bite of food. "Some of my stocks took a dive." he says then. "Lost some cash. Bit of a liquid crunch. I need to actually do some freelancing to get my reserves up again."

Ally seems to consider that for awhile, reaching out to accept her food from Kass when the elf draws near enough. She rises, giving up on Maya for now, who's amused all on her own. "Well, it's been awhile, so no need to be shy," she tells him, considering her words for awhile before just rapid-firing them. "It's funny you talked about freelancing, Kass and I were talking about that just the other day."

Lilith glances to him, wincing slightly in sympathy, but remaining silent. She goes about swallowing a lump of potato, then speaks softly. "Nasty bit of luck, that."

Mentioned, Kass will nod to Ally's words while she considers Sam and then Lilith for a moment. "Indeed. We were going to do some little things, just to get our feet wet and .. well. Stuff that the Foundation wouldn't bother with. Plus, we want to get used to working in tandem more, how we compliment each other. I can .. look into work for the four of us if you all want, just little things that need to be done. Not as much money in that sort of work, at least not the sort we normally make, but … there are things that people need help with." Kass trails off, shrugging some, eyes drifting back to Sam, to Lilith.

Johny shrugs. "I'm looking in to some avenues myself. I'm going to set up a runner identity, low level, to do some scrub work. Just to get some coin back in my accounts. I have been very… ah… free… with my resources recently. I don't intend to stop, but I need to work more."

Ally nods understandingly to Sam, "I know the feeling," she says with a little shake of her head as she carefully stabs some lettuce and chews it thoughtfully. There's a moment when her mind disconnects and she just enjoys the taste. "We both thought it'd be good for us. Like Kass said, working together. Me using magic a little less, or even a little differently. Stay sharp and all."

Lilith sets her bowl aside, keeping her voice low. "There's always a need to improve."

Kass eats quietly, listening for the moment. She keeps an eye on the conversation as well as on Maya, scooting over to get something for the baby. Her expression darkens for just a moment as she sinks down next to the child, hands moving quickly to get a bottle ready for her.

"Well. Sorry to have brought the mood down, ladies." Says Sam then, a grin coming to his features. "How's Maya? She taken her first steps yet? First words?"

"No, not yet," Ally says with a smile as Johny talks about Maya. "She's developing so much, though. She smiles when she recognizes us, she gets really excited when she's around Lili and Kass and me…those are all good signs for certain."

Lilith looks and smiles as she hears Sam asking about the baby. "She won't crawl yet for another couple months, and yes, she'll be starting to recognize people by now."

Johny slowly pans over to Lilith, the parental expert figure of the group, an eyebrow raising.

Kass holds Maya and lets her drink; her salad won't go bad for sitting for a bit. She sits cross legged on the floor, watching the others. She raises an eyebrow as Lilith spouts all sorts of information.

Ally looks right after Sam to Lilith, looking a bit surprised as well. "Uh….huh."

Lilith looks around at all three of her friends. She notes their expressions. "Oh good GODS." She rolls her eyes. "For the love of Eris. My best friend had a baby girl that's going to end up calling me auntie, so I decided to do the informed thing and read up on the creatures. Gods. You look like I just sprouted an extra head."

Lilith folds her arms across her chest and looks disgruntled at being found out.

Sam chuckles then, offering a smile. "Well, its generally polite to let the -parents- answer the questions about their children, kiddo. Us unkid-having people who spout off kid-facts about other peoples kids are sort of odd." He says, reaching over and patting her hand.

Lilith mutters softly, blinking as he pats her hand. "Well, forgive me for having a poor understanding of the protocol required for this sort of thing. I've never had to deal with…children…before."

Murmuring, Kass says, "Well. All the books and trid shows disagree, especially as metahumans have the bad tendency to throw the normal age brackets off. Some are ahead of the curve, some painfully far behind. But Maya is vocalizing a lot, and that is a good sign, and we talk to her all the time. It's a matter of time before she looks at Ally and says Mama."

Ally doesn't react verbally, but just the look on her face reveals everything. The thought of hearing her little one call her 'mama'. The lights in the room may as well have turned up in intensity as she glows.

Lilith watches Ally then and chuckles. No one could not smile with that happy little creature beaming in front of them. Her own look, though, grows distant for a moment before refocusing. "Oh, go on, encourage her. Look how happy your mum is there, Maya. Not to put any pressure on you, but you better get working on that vocabulary of yours."

Johny chuckles quietly. "And that Lilith, is why we looked at you like you suddenly had a vagina for a nose. Because we didn't expect it from you, given your lack of association, private or professional, with children." He pauses, serving himself more stew. "It would be like if I suddenly started spouting… oh…" A pause. "I dunno. Mid 19th century fashion and sexual mores."

Lilith shoots Sam a sharp glance. When his back is turned she sticks her tongue at him, then crosses her arms to content herself with watching Ally in her happy place.

Kass smiles dreamily as she feeds Maya, watching Aladriel glow. She murmurs, "Soon," and occupies herself with making sure the baby gets enough to eat, putting as much .. if not more .. care into this than she does her 'work'.

Kass waves to Ally as her beeper goes off, watching the girl hurl herself off the balcony and fly to the street level, the mage fading out of sight as she turns invisible.

"Well. They always call when she is eating."

Lilith sighs as she watches Ally fly off. "Isn't that always the way?"

Kass looks up as Maya finishes her bottle, setting the item aside and turning the baby over onto the cloth she lays over her shoulder, patting her carefully till she hears the burp. Satisfied, she rises and sets the child back into the stroller, covering her carefully. "Still, Samuel. I know you have been trying to .. get settled back in after .. after. But you can still visit us or call or something. We thought you were mad at us."

Johny raises an eyebrow, looking over to Kassandra. "Mad? No. No… Not mad. Not mad at all. Just, you know. Out of sorts. I was thinking about flying out to Palermo and seeing Viviana for a while. See something real. Something mine."

Lilith silently gets up and begins to clean up the bowls. She doesn't react much to the conversation around, seeming to ponder over something before speaking. "Its good to take a vacation now and then." There's a soft clatter of cutlery. She just can't…think of anything else to say.

Kass nods slowly, bending gracefully with bent knees to retrieve her salad bowl, taking another bite before answering. She hms, "I can see that. I imagine she would be very happy to see you." She keeps her voice light, the conversation light. Everything .. light. There is a certain tenseness around the eyes, tho. She sighs a little, picking at the salad and casting a look to Maya, making sure the baby is staying put.

"Vacations are nice. A chance to get away from everything. Once we've taken our classes, Ally and I plan to head out and get married, make things final .. probably the end of the month, barring accidents and hell mouths opening."

"Classes?" Asks Sam, rising up and picking up the dishes not in use. "I imagine the mechanics and biology are somewhat… ah, rubbed out as it were." He grins, moving to set the dishes aside on the patio's counter. "So what are you taking classes for?"

"Catholic classes .. we are taking some classes on how to be married." Kass shrugs a little, "Ally suggested that it might not be a bad idea, and that way she won't be in trouble with the church .. or more trouble anyway. Plus, they might have something interesting to say, so there is that. It can't hurt to listen. She said we needed to take two classes and then they give us some papers that say we are A-OK to be married."

Lilith places the lid on the pot, glancing over to Sam. "Shall I take this inside?" She chuckles a bit. "I might depart, actually, but if you want me to leave the leftovers here you're welcome to them….oh gods. Not the catechisms?" She blinks and looks over at Kass.

Johny pauses at that. Just, like comes to an utter and complete halt. "You… uh.." He exhales. "Same sex marriages have never been endorsed by the Holy Mother Church, Kassandra. And I wasn't aware Ally was Catholic."

Kass hands over her bowl, shrugging, "She didn't specifically say Catholic I don't think. I didn't really ask a lot of questions, I figured I'd find out when we got there. And if they don't want to endorse us, well then, we'll find someone who will."

Lilith pinches the bridge of her nose and mutters something in Cockney before speaking again. "Gods. They can be right *bastards* about that, but yes, don't let it bother you. Bugger them and be married." She smiles at Kass.

Johny nods to Kassandra. "I'll endorse you. Not that I have, shall we say, an ecumenical ability, no clerical powers, but I will slap my picture on your car and call it a day."

Shrugging, Kass remarks, "I think there isn't any doubt that we are going to get married. And we're not overly concerned about the classes and what not. I .. didn't think about it, actually, never been a big religious person. I'll talk to Ally and see, she may not have been aware or I may have misunderstood."

Lilith nods slowly. "I wish I could help as well, but I doubt the Church looks kindly upon me any more." She quirks an ironic smile, but moves to give Kass a squeeze on the shoulder. "I trust that it'll work out fine."

"I have faith. I'll get married by a pagan Zulu priest if I have to, or a Justice of the Peace, or whatever I can scrape up." Kass is firm on that, shaking her head, "I am not going to be put off by any church."

Lilith grins at that. "Amen. I might have a friend who follows the Principia Discordia…I think she's ordained."

"If I have to paint myself black and put white spots on my nude body to see you married, Kassandra?" He looks over to her, a grin then. "Well. I hope its a warm day. I'd hate to embarrass myself."

Lilith can't help but giggle at that. She looks at Sam. Then giggles some more.

The elven girl shrugs, moving to unlock the stroller and prepare to leave herself, "I'll talk to Aladriel," she remarks, a sign of her tenseness in using the woman's full name. "She knows about this and will tell me what she wants to do." Kass shrugs again, then laughs at Sam while getting things situated with Maya. "I'll hold you to that. I believe you have a special function in the ceremony, so .."

Johny quirks an eyebrow. "I do?"

Lilith senses Kass's tension and smiles again to try and calm her. "It'll be grand." She gets up, grabbing her bow. "And…ahh…perhaps I should let two talk things over."

"You do. At least, I believe you do. We haven't worked out the details yet, but .." Kass hesitates, "I think you should give Ally away."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Willpower vs TN 6:
1 1 3 4 7 8 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Acting + Task Pool: 3 vs TN 6:
3 3 4 5 5 5 7 15 = 2 Successes

Johny had just turned to sort the dishes from the meal, when Kassandra says what she says. The second bit. The giving away part. He doesn't tense, he doesn't give much outward sign of his internal thoughts or reactions. Perhaps a slight tensing of the neck line, the curve of his spine. "Well." Says he a few seconds later. For Sam, thats entirely too long though. "I don't think that would be an issue… I'm not her father… and I was wondering who the groom would be."

Lilith watches Sam closely as Kass speaks. Yes, there it is. She looks to the woman again, grabbing some plates. "Let me." She says softly to Sam. "I'll clean up." A brief touch on his hand before she busies herself again.

Kass doesn't let her face fall, but does pause a moment, grip tightening on the stroller. "I don't think there is a 'groom' part in the wedding for us. As for the other .. well. As you wish." The last is spoken softly, with a shrug, "Come on, Maya, we should get home before Mommy gets off work." Her tone is almost listless, a frown marring her features, perhaps at trying to move the stroller around. "Lilith, I have some things for you, remind me to get them to you, if you would?"

Johny turns to Kassandra. "Well, so far, Kass… there seems to be an effort to be 'traditional' in this marriage, and one gives away a bride… talk of church. It was a reasonable thought. I'm sorry if I offended." He shrugs then. "I'd be delighted and honored, but I think Ally should talk to me about it first. If nothing else, I'll need to buy a new Tuxedo."

Lilith looks to Kass and bobs her head. "Of course. I'd be glad to." She shoots Sam another glance, then sighs and smiles a little, gathering up plates and bowls in one hand, the iron pot in another. "I can always take you out shopping, Samuel. I know of some lovely tailors back home as well." Trying to add some lightness into the air.

"No offense. I'll just .. I'm just tired. I'll talk to Ally and see what she wants to do. This is starting to be a lot of trouble, maybe we'll just go elope or something. Might be for the best. In any case, you folks have a good night. I need to get me and Maya home and cleaned up before it gets later." Kass remarks.

Johny steps closer to Kassandra, murmuring quietly to her.

Johny whispers "You only do this once, god willing, Kass… don't skimp. Do it how you -want- to do it, how you dream of doing it. Hire someone to handle the details if they overwhelm. People make entire professions out of this for a reason.""

Nodding slowly, Kass murmurs, "We'll see. I'll talk to Ally and see what she wants to do. I .. don't know anymore." The elf shrugs then offers a quick smile to Sam and Lilith, "In any case, bath calls. Thank you for the dinner and we'll see you again soon."

Lilith smiles and waves her friend off. "Aye, you as well." Face carefully covered, there's no use in making Kass get more tense. "Go, have a good soak."

April 2, 2009

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