Sweet Turnover

«Room 1004 Intercom» Someone says, " Anyone home?"

Johny says, "Who is it?" (To Out)

«Room 1004 Intercom» Someone says, "Lilith"

Johny says, "Come on in. I'm naked and wet, but don't let that dissuade you." (To Out)

«Room 1004 Intercom» Someone says, "Tease"

Lilith wanders in, looking bemused, carrying another covered tray with her.

And lo, there is Marcus, coming in out of the patio area, a towel held loosely to his form, one hand on the intercom. "I warned you." Says he, a grin on his lips. "What can I do for you, Ms. DeWinter?"

Lilith arches a brow, smiling faintly. "I was wondering if Samuel was in. " She taps delicate fingers on the tray. "Been taking cooking lessons and figured it was safer to inflict my experiments on friends rather then employees."

Kass's voice will drift in from the patio area, not loudly, the words indeterminate. She seems to be lightly discussing something or the other, a gentle laugh to her voice.

Lilith tilts her head. She looks at Marcus, looks to Kass's voice, brightens a bit. "Ah, Kassandra is here as well?"

Marcus drops his towel then, heading back outside. He's got a nice body for a guy who doesn't like girls. "We are enjoying ourselves in the hot tub. Do be a dear and join us.

Johny, outside, it should be noted, IS wearing swim trunks.

Lilith laughs softly and nods, drifting after him. "I most certainly will." Her smile is still warm as she follows him out to the patio. "Hullo everyone. I seem to have arrived at a fortuitous time."

Waving, Kass says brightly, "Hi Lil!" She has Maya with her, as almost usual when she isn't with Ally, the baby watching the proceedings carefully from a seat a little way away from the hot tub.

Johny is currently lain out in the hot tub, his feet floating in the water, his arms to either side across the back of the tub to support him. "Hey Lil. Whats on your mind?"

Lilith chuckles a bit, shrugging. "Nothing, as usual. Just a devilish desire for your opinion once again." She steps lightly towards the tub, bobbing her head to Kassandra in turn. "And Kassandra's, I suppose. I've been taking cooking lessons and I wondered if you all were interested in being guinea pigs?" She keeps her voice light, jocular, seeking comfort in an ordinary visit with some friends.

"Uh oh, Maya, we interrupted Auntie Lili's diabolical plan to poison Uncle Sam!" Kass teases the baby, flicking a little water at the girl, who squeals something in her language. As always, she speaks Elvish to the child as she lets the hot water soak into tired muscles. "I'd be delighted to try something, Lil, or at least watch you two eat. I'm easy that way."

Lilith smiles at Maya, perhaps with that touch of awkwardness she usually shows young children. "Well, no, I don't think apple turnovers are one of the very few things that could actually physically harm….Uncle Sam." Her lips twitch as she represses a broader grin.

Johny eyes the apple turnovers curiously, then Kassandra and the kid. He curls his legs back under neath him it the water to glide across the small hot tub nearer to Lilith. "I see. Well. I'm a man of unusual constitution."

Kass tilts her head at some of Maya's motions and babbling, then looks to Lilith and nods thoughtfully, "Well, that *is* true, they did use an apple in that story. I'll keep a look out for dwarves, love."

Lilith smiles again. "Good. It's just as well… I'm hardly equipped to linger in the hot tub at the moment, and I do need to run soon. I thought I'd just drop these off for your enjoyment, really." She opens the tray, presenting a neat row of crisp apple turnovers. The dough is fried just enough, to a delicious golden brown, and the heady sweet scent of real apples and cinnamon drifts outwards. Another smile twitches her lips at the baby talk.

Looking to Maya for a moment, Johny reaches out to take one of the turnovers. "Tell me, Snow white." Says he, moving through the water and addressing the small child. "Should I eat from the apple that the snake does slither forth and offer?"

Lilith rolls her eyes. "Nice analogy."

Maya burbles something, pontificating at great length and with some degree of spit.

Kass nods, "I think it is safe too, Maya. I doubt Lilith really wants to knock him out, that would be .. well, just mean!"

Lilith sets the tray down by the tub, preparing to leave. "Please, enjoy it. I just got dinged by the house before arriving, we've got a customer problem again." She sighs. Work, work. "And yes, knocking Sam *out* is the last thing I'd want to do."

Johny rolls his eyes, moving back to float on his back, the turnover making its way in to his mouth. "Crazy women."

Lilith hesitates for a moment, watching him and waiting for a reaction.

Awwing at Lilith, Kass pouts, "Everyone is so busy. Work work work!" She makes a face, nodding to the baby, "Just like Mommy, yes love."

Lilith spares a smile for Kass and the babe. "I'll be around later this evening, don't worry."

Johny eats the turnover, without any hesitation. He masticates it slowly, then takes another bite after swallowing it. "This is good! Now go! Do what you gotta do!"

Lilith gasps, blushes, and then turns on her heel and lightly runs back into the house, laughing. "Fine, fine! Make sure to share with Marcus and Kassandra!"

Considering as the madam exits, Kass remarks, "She is trying." She chuckles a bit, drifting over to snag one of the pastries as well, sniffing it curiously before taking a bite.

Johny looks over to Kassandra, as he chews his pastry… "She is. I give her credit for that. OF course, if she keeps trying like this, I'm going to get fat." He says. "Fat and old." Another bite. "Fat, old and happy."

Kass laughs, nibbling on the turnover and moving to give Maya a tiny wave, shaking her head at the child, "No, no Maya. None for you, love, you have to drive if things go bad for Sam, Marcus, and myself." She considers, "Well, the food is a better trial for mind and body than the other, I'd say."

Johny glances to Kassandra.. "I am but a man, and a naked, beautiful woman with her legs about my hips, well. It does try the willpower at times."

Kass offers, "I somehow know what you mean there." She winks, working on the turnover slowly, savoring the food.

Johny smirks, coming to rest on the edge of the water. "You are but a man? My god, is that what I've been doing wrong?" He asks, a laugh in his voice as he polishes off the pastry.

"Ha! Exactly, you have discovered the truth about me at long last! I am but a man, trapped in this body due to an evil curse. Woe is my misfortune!" Kass mock sobs, covering her face with her hands before opening them and grinning, the consoling Maya, "No no, baby, Kassie isn't sad. I was playing."

Sam settles back in the water now, watching the woman with the child. "You know she's far to young to understand what you're saying." He says with a grin. "But that never stops parents."

Kass shrugs good-naturedly, "The words, perhaps, but the tones she gets, and it is nice to be included even if you are little. And it makes her smile, which is reason enough to do it." She plays with one of the few lengths of hair that has escaped and gotten damp, "She and I spend a good deal of time talking anyway, just a habit I guess, when we are at the house. It keeps us both entertained."

March 17, 2007 (This takes place before Chicago)

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