Tailored Visit

Kassandra approaches the door to room 1004 and presses the doorbell button.

From Penthouse 1004, Someone says, "Identify".

Aladriel speaks into the intercom for Room 1004: Aladriel says, "The world's most beautiful elf and her mate"

Kassandra speaks into the intercom for Room 1004: Kassandra says, "Girl Scouts! Would you like to buy some cookies?"

Kassandra giggles.

Aladriel speaks into the intercom for Room 1004: Aladriel says, "Hmm, I suppose we should've got our stories straight ahead of time…"

From Penthouse 1004, Someone says, "But I'm in here, thats unpossible! ANd yes. 200 boxes of THin Mints.".

Johny is, it would seem, currently being fitted for a suit. He's standing pants less, arms to the side, with a younger man crouched between his legs, hands on the inside of the mans thighs, a tape currently in us.

"But honey, I can explain!"

Aladriel leaps into the room first, a big smile on her face as she seems full of energy and excitement this fine afternoon. She stops dead when she sees what Johny's in the midst of, and then looks to Kassandra. "Well, this would explain a lot."

Kass slows, following Ally in, "Oh dear. We were too late. I *told* you I should have ran that red light." She sighs, mournfully.

The tailor, to his credit, takes it in stride as he moves around to the rear of Sam, revealing that the older man is wearing a pair of boxer shorts, simple grey military style boxers. "Yeah, if you had made it sooner, YOU could have your hands on my package, Kassandra. I'm -wounded-."

Aladriel giggles at Kassandra and rolls her eyes good naturedly at Johny. Walking right into the room, she goes around in front of the man so that he doesn't need to be craning his neck to talk to him. "So. Come to talk to you about your lack of intimacy with you-know-who."

"Oh for the love of -fuck-." growls Johny then, snapping his fingers. The tailor slides back, and without word, gathers his gear and makes for the door.

Snickering, Kassandra shakes her head, "I don't think that is a good place for my hands. My wife would not approve." She follows Ally, "Actually, the love of fuck is exactly what we are here to talk about."
Johny reaches for his pants as the Tailor closes the door behind himself. Pouring himself in to the trousers, Sam looks to the women. "What, am I going to get a -lecture- for not ravishing her last night?"

A slender brow arches at the sudden growl from Johny and she raises her hand to finger-wave after the tailor as he hightails it out of the apartment. Looking to Kass for a moment, Ally gives a quick incline of her head. "Yeah, pretty much. I'm so confused as to whats going on," she says with a sigh and starts pacing around. Despite the pacing, she very purposely keeps her tone light and very conversational. "No, no lecture. I just think you're being too you about this. The you that you're trying not to be."

Letting Ally do the talking, Kass will find a bit of furniture to perch on, sipping a frozen juice drink that was purchased along the way. The elf dangles her feet, listening for the moment and then nodding, "Yeah!" She giggles a bit and then is more serious.

Johny glances back to Ally as he zips up the pants. "Look. Honey. Baby. Sweetheart. Sugartits. Dumplingbutt. Tastybits." he says, rattling off a quick staccato of euphemisms. "Not to be offensive, but shut it. Last night." A hard, almost angry but not quite, glance to Kassandra… "Someone sent an emotionally conflicted child to my house, who is in the middle of a conflict with my brother. Okay? I can't do shit with that. One, she's not sure in that moment who she was, and she's coming to me talking about souls and bullshit like that. I JUST WANTED TO FUCK." He says, cinching his belt down.

"And my desire to fuck? Does not outweigh my desire to not be tossed off a building by 500 pounds of Trog."

"800 pounds. All that ware weighs him down." Kass remarks quietly, still sipping her drink.

Johny gestures to Kassandra, in an over extravagant fashion, as if to say 'SEEEEEE?' to Ally.

"Lili was still shook up last night," Ally says patiently, actually managing to look amused at the colorful things she gets called by the man. "But she wants you. This isn't new! Its been so since like….forever! And she wants you when she's not upset and she wants you when she is. You asked your big friend if it was okay, prior to him being upset…and he said okay. You've got… you've got like ALL the signs to do it!"

Ally crosses her arms and gives Sam a long look. "If he said yes prior to being all upset and prior to all that nonsense about the other troll… he gave his okay when he was in his right state. He's not monogamous, I've heard him say it! Lili isn't either! Maybe that'll change or something, but its not the way it is now. So….stop over thinking everything, dammit! This would be such a different conversation if you didn't want her, but you do! And she wants you. And your good 800," she glances at Kass, "Pound friend said it was fine. Whats left?"

Kass waves a hand, "I didn't *send* her over there! I said, "Go screw him if that is what it takes to make you happy and to stop this foolishness!" I didn't think she'd talk about souls or marriage or something, just get Marcus to let her in and be waiting in bed naked for you. People are so complicated."

Johny runs one hand back through his hair. He steps closer to Ally for a moment, glancing to Kassandra for a half second before looking back to Ally. "Ally. Of course you can borrow my skillet."

Kass senses Johny's expression holds one of those 'work with me here' kind of moments, like he's about to do something odd.

Aladriel stares at Johny as she steps closer to her and she looks at an utter loss. "What?" she asks simply, a quick flick of her eyes to Kassandra before back to Johny.

"Oh no." Kass covers her eyes, looking at Johny. She can already tell this won't go well.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Acting + Task Pool: 3 + 3 (Psychology):
1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 8

Johny just snarls then, pointing at his kitchen. "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU TAKE MY SKILLET? ITS ALL I HAVE LEFT! MY HOUSE BURNED DOWN, MY DOG DIED, MY CAR BLEW UP AND MY DAD KICKED THE BUCKET! YOU KNEW THIS SHIT HAPPENED! YEAH! I SAID YOU COULD FUCKING BORROW MY SKILLET! BUT THAT WAS BEFORE! JESUS!" He says, throwing his arms up and then stomping off. "Inconsiderate skillet-theiven bitch!"

Kass only flinches a bit at Johny before remarking, quietly, "Which is fine except this skillet grew legs and wandered onto another person's stove."

Johny points at Kassandra. "You're muddying a simple enough concept of changing scenarios."

"Ha!" Kass shakes her head, "This isn't muddy at all!"

Aladriel looks at Kassandra and Johny and shakes her head a little bit. She's…..quite out of it and the two of them seem to get it, so she doesn't say anything.

Kass glances to Ally and remarks, "He is saying Alex is going to get his panties in a bunch over all this and be upset because he didn't *really* mean that someone could borrow Lil, he was just running his mouth." She seems relaxed, sipping her juice drink.

Sam exhales, looking at the window. "This is not about *Lilith* in any way shape or form. You are quite right that SHE walked in to MY house, but it is still MY penis in his Skillet after his house burnt down and it was the only skillet he had left, and omg, cock-juice."

"And thats not entirely accurate, Kassandra. At that time, I have full appreciation that he was truthful. However, what happened IMMEDIATELY AFTER, burnt down the house and ran over his dog. There was a significant change to the tactical situation."

"That is so disgusting, Sam." Kass wrinkles her nose.

"Only because you're currently a lesbian."

Johny tosses that out.

Kass blinks slowly, "Currently?"

Johny shrugs. "A guy can hope."

Johny grins thin. leaning back in to the couch then. "So anyway. Sorry for the shouty, Ally, I was trying to illustrate a point."

Aladriel lets out a cry of frustration! "This isn't a tactical situation, you…." she fumbles for a word that won't be too hurtful and yet…"You dope! This is about people and emotions and feelings. Its not tactical! Thats your problem!"

Johny grits his teeth then, one hand coming up to his eyes to rub them… "Kassandra, can you explain to Ally how Tactics and Emotions -merge- in this particular situation? Please?"

"It isn't a phase I am going to grow out of, you know." Kassie leans back on the table she is currently co-opting into a seat, looking to Ally. "Um, Ally, tactics and emotions merge because it is easier to think of things in metaphors instead of abstract concepts that are hard to get a handle on?" She smirks a little, going back to sucking on her straw.

Johny rolls his eyes, sitting forward then. "I know, Kass, I'm just cracking wise." He looks to ally then. "Understand this Ally. Alex and myself are team mates. Brothers in arms. There is an all too apt phrase, something along the lines of bros before hoes. She, is the whore in question. A wonderful woman, but -his turf- in some respects. Now, yes, he 'gave permission', but that permission was under vastly different circumstances than currently exist and it might be a tactical ERROR for the -team- if I were to shelff with Lilith right now. There is also the ISSUE for the TEAM that Lilith wants to Shelff me a lot more than just once. That is also a concern. Understand Ally… I just wanted to fuck someone who was safe. To -touch- someone who wouldn't EXPLODE IN TO DRAMA…"

"I have chosen poorly."

Ally listens. That she is silent and still are surefire signs that she is giving it all some very serious thought. And she only speaks once she's gotten her mind wrapped around those thoughts. "Well. I think you should find out how things with Alex stand, then. Everyone has the potential to explode into dramatics… even you, yourself. But don't be thrown by the fact that she might want something more than casual with you. Why is that bad? You had it with Benedicte. But she couldn't accept all of you. I don't think Lilith is the same way. She could accept it all. Everything."

Saying to no one in particular, "I hate that phrase," Kass slides off the table to pace, walking along looking at her ring and drinking her drink. She looks at Aladriel before walking slowly to her and rising on tiptoe to kiss her on the cheek, glancing to Samuel. "You should listen to her. She is smarter than me. And wiser."

Johny gets slapped, verbally, by the mention of Benedicte and his shortcomings. He watches Ally for a moment, not really hearing what Kassandra says more than to mumble an apology to her.

Ally gives a quick look to Kassandra but she can't focus on the elf. She has to go to Sam, step closer to him. Almost into his personal space as she looks up at him. "Look at me. I'm not trying to hurt you, Sam. I want you to be *happy*. I don't want you to be wanting at all. I want you to have this. What Benedicte did, how she treated you was awful.

And Lilith…I don't think she's awful. I truly don't think that she has the potential to do what that woman did to you. She could be what…more, I guess. Acceptance without limitation. Thats what I have… I think she could be that for you. And I don't want you to not…..argh," she sounds frustrated. "I don't want you to not do it because you're afraid of what could happen. You have to be able to put yourself out there, to risk it all in order to get what you want. I understand why… the things that could be messed up if you and Alex and things got messed up. But try to find out?"

"Get out." Says Samuel then, his voice a cold, hard knife of words.

Kass gives the pair the space they need, lurking in the background, just listening.

"No." Ally says softly and she shifts her position to make it quite clear she's gearing up to stand her ground. "Yell. Scream. Throw things. Talk to me, though. You can't lie to me and tell me 'I just want fuck'. You can do that! You probably have! Thats not it, though. I don't believe thats all of what you want."

Have you ever seen that montage of 'lock down' mode when the super secret military base closes off from the outside world, the main tunnel-exit? How massive blast doors swing in to place with rumbling clangs and thuds? Door after door, providing layers of backup protection?

Yeah. Thats Sam's psyche now as Ally presses on the wrong points, his inability to keep a family together, his inhumanity, his difference. Benedicte left because he was no longer a man; no longer human. The inclusion of her treatment of him does nothing to further the situation as he watches her.

Cooly, calmly, he moves to the wet bar and pours himself a scotch. Ice clinks in to the glass, rattling for a moment before the scotch provides a damper. "I appreciate your concern, Ally."

Kass's casual wandering becomes much less casual as Aladriel decides to hold her ground. She doesn't interfere, she doesn't close the distance, but suddenly she is paying a great deal more consideration to the conversation. Her whole manner changes, even the way that she moves.

She glances to Sam as he moves for the scotch, the usual shield in this situation. Starting to speak, she bites back her words, letting her love run the show. A mental toggle brings up her systems, all lights green.

Ally's hands clench into fists as she watches Sam batten down the hatches. She can't quite hear the storm shutters closing, but she may as well. Running a hand through her hair, she looks to Kassandra for moral support. It's just a glance to see that the woman is still there. And there is love in her eyes, too, for that quick a moment.
Then she storms to the bar and she puts herself before the man. She does everything that she can to make it so he will actively have to move to not look at her. Because oh how she wants him to.

"I loved Maya. I did everything I knew how to do to get her to love me the way I wanted her to. And she didn't. And she picked someone else. Then I shut down. I hid away from the world, and I…closed up and got hurt and did everything I could to not feel upset, and that ended with me just walling myself off. Almost literally. It was my fault, I screwed up, there was something wrong with me."

"But there wasn't, Sam. I didn't do anything wrong. Maya wasn't for me. She just wasn't. And if I had stayed like that, blaming myself, being hurt… not ever letting myself try again… I wouldn't have the happiness that I have now. I am *not* you, I have not lived your life, seen the things you have, done the things you have, felt the things you have. But I've felt like I screwed everything up and ruined it. And it took me years to realize that I didn't. And you didn't, either. You can only be you. And it is heartbreaking to watch you think that who you are can't be loved or accepted. Because you can. But you won't be if you don't give yourself the opportunity to be."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Essence:
2 4

"Ally." Says Samuel then, completely locked down and behind his safe-zones. He turns to her, smiling. It's a cold smile, with no real humanity behind it. "I hear you. I understand. I even appreciate the effort you are making. But." He says simply.

"To much, too soon. One does not walk up to a beautiful woman, and simply put your HANDS down her PANTS. It is simply not a good way to start a relationship of any merit. Either she is a poor choice of companion to -accept- such treatment, or she shoots you in the groin and walks away."

Kassandra listens to Aladriel talk, storm clouds behind her eyes. She *listens*, tho, instead of overreacting, nodding quietly to herself. She can understand the words and the feelings behind them. She fidgets with her drink glass, looking to Sam, expecting ..

… right. The standard deflections, the icy smile. The elf sighs quietly, asking of the room, "When is the right time? Is there a schedule somewhere? When is the right time for a wedding, for a relationship? When do you schedule love in? Before or after drinks?" Her tone is speculative.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Willpower:
1 3 3 3 7 9

Ally is given a brief reprieve when Kassandra talks. The elf's voice is a shelter from the sudden cold that had swept over her. It's what happens when the heat and fire of a highly emotional person hits a barrier of the absence of what one is so full of. Looking down, to not have to see the fake smile, the shields, the isolation that the man wraps himself in,
"Your relationship is already started. You just won't take it to the next level, the one where both of you want it to go, because you can't predict what'll happen."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 2 2 4 11 11

Johny shakes his head as Kassandra barbs deep. "Kassandra." Says he then. Looking from Ally, then to the named. "I thought I had those answers. Twice. I was wrong, horrifically, wrong. Not once, but twice. I am not some doe-eyed boy who has nary a hair on his chin nor ever tasted a womans lips, Damnit! This girl, one who I care for, Ally, is acting as though some how ME NOT SWEEPING LILITH IN TO MY FUCKING ARMS RIGHT NOW is a crime! THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE NOVELLA!" He starts to say something else, but bites it back. (Arabic)
Johny's Arabic is a fast, -fast- Dubai/Marrakesh fusion of market-speak.

Spreading her hands, Kass replies in English, "We want you to be happy. If not with Lilith, then someone." She keeps her words quiet, shrugging a bit. The elf looks down at her drink before walking slowly to toss it away.

Ally tries really hard to keep up with it. Her brows furrow in concentration trying to pick up as much as she can. But from the frustrated look on her face and the absence of an immediate reply, it's rather clear that she didn't get it all. The end result is a slump of her shoulders as she turns towards Kassandra and starts the way of the elf. "We think you like her. I think she's got potential. That the two of you could be something. Thats it. But its what Kass said. Just want you to be happy."

Kass moves back, leaning in to quickly murmur to Aladriel what Sam probably said. She reaches out slowly to take Ally's hand, just for a moment, smiling to her and trying to send confidence through whatever bond they share.

Kass whispers "He said that we are treating this like a romance novel." to Aladriel.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Willpower:
1 3 5 5 7 9

Johny snarls now, turning on both women. "HAPPY? HAPPY?" he shouts, one hand, his cybernetic left crushing the glass in his hands. "Right now, Ally, I'd settle for not being soul numbingly COLD. I'd settle for feeling human." he raises one finger now, not really noticing that it has a shard of glass sticking out of it. It's okay though; it's not bleeding. "Every time I start, something goes wrong. Something fouls it up. Yesterday, I changed the sheets. Today? You're bringing them back to me. Making me over think what is a SIMPLE FUCKING SITUATION. Yes! I fuck her, and I fuck her good. YE HAW. I could do that to any two bit troppip, any lift skirt, any whore. But I don't WANT THAT. I don't want cold, emotionless sex that is nothing more than flesh on flesh. I can crank one out if I need that."

"I want someone I can care for, someone I can respect, someone I can love and not have it choke me to death like a noose! Someone I can work with as part of a greater whole. There have been three such women in my life thus far. They come roughly ONCE every goddamn generation. So I've got some waiting to do Ally…" A pause as he tries to cover his own lapse…" because Lilith is not that woman. Not now. Not for a good few years, if ever." He gestures to the door now, the glass falling off and skittering across the table.

"Now -get out-."

Aladriel flinches as the glass breaks and some emotion comes boiling out of Samuel. She doesn't seem nervous, though, which is notable. About any other man of his size and Ally would. But with Samuel she is absolutely certain that he won't harm her, and that by being so close to him amidst the outburst remains just uncomfortable. Not dangerous. When his outburst is done, Ally stays looking at him. A long time. She assensed him at some point but she's not now. She's just looking at him plainly, hard enough to start in one side and come out the other. Then she turns to Kass. "Okay. Let's go."

Kass does flinch, partially because of worry and partially because of .. whatever else. She nods quietly to Aladriel, moving to fall into line with her. She heard what he said, but perhaps didn't process it, a little sigh escaping as she moves with the mage towards the door.

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