The Cornelia Marie



The settlement of Engelskbukta is the oldest European settlement in the Svalbard islands, a property of the nation of Norway, situated on the inland side of Prince Carl Forland Island, in the mouth of a mile wide bay. Originally used by English Whalers, it was established in 1603 and abandoned some 20 years later as the area was left for better hunting.

The life and times of Engelsbukta are marked only momentarily in the halls of human historical record, but its history goes back much farther than simple human record. The islands were once the domain of the Great Dragon IceBurn. This ancient beast ruled the entire sea area during the last age of magic, but has not been seen since. The glaciers of the last 5000 years scoured most of Iceburns legacy from the islands, with temples and settlements crushed under the unrelenting weight of the ice.

Most of the rubble was pushed out to sea by the might of the unstoppable ice. All save the settlement of Coldcrag, used by a tribe of trolls loyal to Iceburn but abandoned after the epoch of the age passed and magic faded. ColdCrag remained however, located on a rocky outcropping of earth that the glaciers steered around. Built partially underground to protect from the elements and to be more defensible, Coldcrag became a repository of artifacts and finally, a mausoleum of the world that came before, undisturbed for thousands of years and preserved in the ice.

Explorers from Engelskubkta stumbled upon the ruins in 1615, but did not appreciate what they had found. They assumed it to be an ancient Norse repository and set about looting, destroying and otherwise opening Coldcrag to the elements. The valuables from the hoard that was found were removed back to England and found their ways in to the collections of private collectors, those few that survived the perilous journey across the arctic sea. Many who know, say that the looting of Coldcrag unleashed a curse on all who touched its treasures.

And now, some 50 years after the advent of the awakening, the Draco Foundation has recovered much of that cursed booty, and in accordance with unknown portions of the Great Dragons Will, seeks to return them to Cold Crag, for Iceburn's use should he awaken, if he still exists.

Voyage of the Cornelia Maria


The Cornelia Marie was the last ship to leave Engelskbukta with treasures from Coldcrag aboard, mostly consisting of books and scrolls found in the small library. Stored in chests that seemed impervious to the ice, they were loaded in the hold of the ship as the final insult to Coldcrag. In 1619, the ship departed with the captain and crew that discovered the ancient township. The ship never made it to port, and all maps, all charts and the final portions of the library, were lost for all time.

That is, till now. During the orichalcum rush of 2062, a prospector (Duncan Nuvari) in the arctic circle came across anomalous readings near Osero Victorija, an island of the Franz Josef Land cluster of islands in the Arctic Ocean. While other readings drew him away, he made a note of it and returned to it some years later. That time is now, and he has uncovered the icebound form of the perfectly preserved Cornelia Marie, its crew still at its station, frozen in the ice as though they simply froze stiff at sea in a single massive gust.

Now, the location of the wreck is for auction in New York, UCAS.

Teams taking part in the auction will be from Aztechnology, the Anglonkan Manitou COuncil, the Scandinavian Union, the Atlantian Foundation, Soviet Russia and the Draco Foundation.

The Runs

Run 1: Travel to New York City and secure the location of the vessel. The journal with the encrypted data will be up for auction. The Sothobies Auction House will be play host to the auction, but it will be revealed that Nuvari has been killed prior to the auction and the book never delivered. The auction is a wash and the players must break in to his apartment to get clues or to locate the journal. Midway through this, the players will be set on by a team of Aztlan-paid runners who are seeking the same data.
  • The Cornelia Marie, Part One
    • Scenes
      • 1: The Meet. Johny calls Aladriel, Kassandra and a new operator, Wisp, to his apartment for a job opportunity.
      • 2: Travel and get-to-know. The Crew gathers supplies, then travels to McCaron Airfield where one of the Private Jets used by the team is waiting. Duffy loads their bags then they set about the flight for New York.
      • 3: Landing and travel to Southebies.
      • 4: Announcement that Mr. Nuvari has been killed and the Auction canceled.
      • 5: Escaping the tails. PLayers will have a powerful city spirit, a tracking device on their car and meat-side tail to slip.
      • 5: Nuvari's apartment. A smallish flat on the east side of town, overlooking the Hudson River with basic amenities. Rarely used. Contact information for his mother, the supposed next of kin.



Run 2: Instead, the players will uncover it after a search of the prospectors mothers house in Sacramento, California. They will be racing the other teams to this location. The complication here is that the mother's house is in hostile territory currently being contested by the California Guard and the forces of General Saito.


Run 3: The players now, in possession of the chest of books and documents, travel to the wreck site, trying to avoid contact with the Atlantian Foundation or Aztlan forces. They will be attacked in Greenland by Atlantian Foundation Forces, requiring the party to ditch the plane in cold waters.

Run 4: Upon being rescued, the players proceed to the location of the wreck. They discover that several Russian listening stations require being disabled before the Foundation can set up a base camp. The players must sabotage a set of Soviet Russian listening and monitoring stations in Franz Josef land to allow the landing of a research party.
Run 5: A base camp is established and the vessel is found. The players must secure the cargo of the Cornelia Marie and the vessel itself. At this point, the Aztlanners will attack and be driven off, but the aircraft will be damaged beyond repair and time is running short. The Aztlanners will drop out of the race if defeated.
Run 6: Due to the lack of transport, the players must transport the cargo in the Cornelia Marie itself, sailing it the several hundred miles to the Draco Foundation station in Svalbard.
Run 7: Upon landing at Svalbard, the base camp is attacked by the Atlantian Foundation, who will try to burn the ship in the small harbor. While the ship is now expendable, if regrettably so, the cargo must be defended. The Atlantian Foundation will drop out of the race.
Run 8: Now the players must transport the goods up the mountainside, where technology is unreliable. Ice Burn awakens and threatens to eat the players (And will, if the players are stupid), as he is unimpressed with the 'story' of how they are 'replacing' the dragons possessions.
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