The Long Good NIght

Annie is in a corner of the workshop building that has apparently been setup with enchanting facilities. She is working on something at one of the benches along with another woman that appears to be her twin. Or at least the twin of the 'Real Annie' that you saw the other evening in your penthouse. Annie is currently pulling something out of one of the microforges with a pair of metallic pliers and holding it up to examine it.

A black 2069 Chevy-Nissan Corvette pulls in to the parking lot, stopping beside the vehicles there. The security system is engaged after Johan grabs some stuff out of the trunk. He moves in to the workshop area, a cigar clenched in his teeth, leaving a trail of thin smoke as he moves. There's a pause as he eyes the twin, then the old, then the twin, then the old. He addresses only the older one, making an educated guess.. "Hey, granny."

Annie hands off the pliers to her companion and heads on over toward Johan, pulling off her heavy leather apron as she walks. "Hello Johan", she offers with a grin, "What brings you all the way out here?"

Johan grins as he guesses right.. He looks over the younger woman, a critical eye before turning back to Annie. "Grand kid? Companion? Random spirit buddy?" He asks as he takes the cigar out of his mouth. "As for what has me in this godforsaken shithole… Actually, it's you. You see, I can't live without you. I need you, want you, desire you. Your wrinkles, your sag, your octigenarian status. THey -do- it for me, Annie. You had me at 'ensure'."

Annie chuckles, "Oh, that is Ceres. She's sort of my little sister. Or at least that's what she calls herself", she grins slightly, "It works for me." The other woman looks over as her name is spoken and offers a shy wave before burying herself in whatever it is that she is working on. Annie quirks a brow as you lead into your 'burning desire' speech, and then shakes her head as she begins laughing. "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Johan shrugs. "Backed up testosterone, sweets. It's just who I am. Light on the feet, light on the mind. Constantly a story, an anecdote, a lie. Cause I was lying, to be sure. Octigenarians don't usually do it for me." He murmurs… "Usually, it's the 90+'s with the weak hearts and full bank accounts." he says with a grin. "To be fair, I was looking for you. Got a cuppa'joe anywhere around here? Don't much care to give you what I got.." He checks his fly, absently… "Out in public."

Annie considers for a moment and then shrugs, "I think they keep some coffee warm in the common area if you want to head in there. Other'n that I don't really eat or drink much.", she gestures toward the main building in the center of the compound, "I also have a room there that I stay in when I am working on alchemy and can't get far from the mixture."

Johan glances at Annie for a moment. "You don't eat. You don't fuck. You don't… I don't know. What DO you do for vice, for fun? I mean, shit… I love cooking. I love eating. I'm mighty partial to conjugal relations as they occur between two consenting adults of the same Genus." He then shrugs. "Eh, yer room will do me fine." He hefts the pack on his back, offering a sort of nod that says 'lead on'.

"I have my work.", Annie replies with a nonchalant shrug as she begins leading toward the shop exit, "It's hard to poison someone that doesn't eat or drink.", she laughs abruptly, "And sleep. I only sleep every seven days or so. Like God. And there my God complex rears it's ugly head", she opens the door to let you go through and then follows you as she gestures toward the main building.

Annie opens the door and enters the asylum.

Annie leads the way into the main building, indicating the still steaming pot of coffee residing on the countertop hotplate.

Johan shakes his head. "And the team thinks I'm the shut down psychologically closed off time bomb." He says, a slight grin as he walks with the woman. When they come in to the common areas, he sets his pack down. "Thanks. Mind fixen me up some while I unpack this thing?"

Annie grins slightly, "For you information, I'm a paranoid schizophrenic sociopath with borderline sado-masochistic and homicidal tendencies", she moves over a step or two toward you as her eyes sort of get that glazed over look that indicates she is probably examining your aura, "It's a lifestyle choice I reckon, but something you really need to commit to for the long term."

Selene emerges through the door from cell #4 and enters the common area.

Johan nods to Annie, thinking that over. "It's a lifestyle choice, but it's fucking boring." he says, crushing out his cigar. "Well, it being valentines day and all, I got you a present. I don't expect my dick sucked our anything like it, but I've never been one to turn down a decent gumjob."

Selene wanders out of her cell, just in time to catch Johan's last comment. She giggles.

"Good thing you ain't expecting that much then. And I still got all my teeth.", Annie responds with a chuckle as she continues perusing your aura. Selenes movement into the area catches her attention and she offers the other elf an absentminded wave of greeting before inquiring of Johan, "A present eh? Should I soak it in water first?"

Johan comments as he starts to remove a VERY large case from his pack… "I might, if you plan on eating it, but thats a good plan for anything you try to eat, I suppose." The case is wrapped in brown paper. "Go ahead. I figure, you may appreciate it, in some distant way. Either you're gonna take it for what it is, or well.." he glances at Selene, offering her a nod. "Hey kiddo." Then back to Annie… "Uh… you're gonna bolt my ass."

Annie chuckles wryly and accepts the proffered paper wrapped case, hesitating only a moment before carefully beginning to unwrap the thing. As each piece of paper comes free she neatly folds it into eights and lays it on the counter beside her, apparently one of those annoyingly fastidious people that actually saves used wrapping paper.

Selene shrugs, smiles to both Johan and Annie, "Well, whether she likes it or not, I'm sure you still deserve a good bolt in the butt." Then she grins, winks, and wanders an through towards the outside.

Selene opens the door to the market place and leaves the common area.

THe case is old, probably 70 years now. One of the 'packages' that were given to the Native American Prisoners of the camps after the E-O to round up and reeducated was given… It's fully stocked, sealed and bears all the proper markings.

"Took me a while to find one."

Annie blinks as she apparently recognizes the contents immediately, "Wow", she begins slowly, "You are full of surprises. Where did you even find one of these things?", she turns it over slowly in her hands as she looks it over carefully.

Johan shrugs. "I know a guy who knows a guy who knew a guy who died but knew a dude who ahd this girl who knows where a truck disappeared once in a canyon… Got looted by a trapper who put the cases in his basement, then died from VITAS." He looks it over. "I ah… wanted to give you something that wasn't, you know, mushy."

Annie grins suddenly and laughs, "Well, I think this certainly qualifies as not-mushy", she absently goes over the list of contents while she continues talking, "I think I had mine for all of two minutes after I got tossed into the main compound. Then I promptly had the living shit beat out of me by some neanderthal navajo named Leon and I never saw my own kit again."

Johan sits down in one of the chairs, watching Annie pour through it. "My first wifes father had one, but just the case and a few pairs of socks… The cases, you can get those anywhere. Tough damn things, they were milspec. But the contents? No one has them. Thats the problem with Consumables. They get consumed." He smiles slightly, watching the older-looking and older-being woman. "I'm glad you like it. I gave Kassandra some coins from the reign of Darius I, to remind her, you know, that the actions of one man can resound down the generations… I don't think she's gotten it yet, but in a few decades… she might."

"Well, the actions of one man…", Annie holds up the case as if to accentuate her point, "…has certainly molded the last few decades. Who knows where the world would be now if he had not taken the action of imprisoning us. It probably would have delayed the Ghost Dance a few years rather than lighting the fuse that set the whole thing off."

Johan nods. "Thats a very good point, but while it's easy enough to directly see the impact of ones actions in our world, in the world of the recent, and lets be real, 60 years is recent enough, its harder, much harder, to look down the centuries. I don't think most of the Nobilis really understand what it is to have a lifespan measured in half melliniums, barring things like Leonizations and Lazarus. I'm just starting too. She doesn't yet, Kassandra… so I'm trying to lay the ground seeds for that thought without hitting her over the head, ya know?"

Annie chuckles, "Few of us do. I tell someone I'm ninety and they expect to see what I present. It's easier this way. Fewer questions.", she shrugs, "I don't know when the reality of what it truly means to live all those years will hit us as a society." She takes a seat on one of the other chairs, "Hell, I'm already nutty as squirrel poop and it hasn't even been a full century."

Johan shakes his head. "You're not crazy, but I can't tell you what you are yet." He says with a grin, reaching for the pot to pour himself a cup now. "I can't spend eternity like you are now, Annie, and I don't think you can either. Frankly put, If I become inhuman, stop appreciating the few things I -do- have open to me, well… whats the point of fighting?"

Annie exhales slowly and nods, "I don't know how long I can keep it up. Right now the business of making sure that I stay alive to live out my full potential has become my driving focus. When I finally begin to think that maybe no-one is out to get me after all, I get shot at.", she chuckles again, "Maybe immortality hits in phases."

"I ran flat out, for 40 years, for the Government, then myself, because I was looking forward to that year or three between retirement and being to far out of the game to matter but too close to live. I got slapped upside the head by the reality of my longevity not long ago. It may mean little to you, but when it comes to chronological years 'lived' as experience, I'm not that far from you. I spent 20 relativistic years inside what amounts to the 4th worlds Matrix. It puts a spin on your thoughts." he sips his coffee then, closing his eyes.

"The only thing that lets me keep going right now, Annie… is this. A cup of coffee. Going in to my kitchen and making, wiht my own hands, a fine meal and enjoying it. As bad for op-sec in a classic operations paradigm as it is, watching Kassandra and Ally make moon-eyes over each other." A pause as he opens his eyes… "Sending them to Disney world while I went to the Middle east and killed a slavery ring. These are the little things I need to keep going. Cause theres one thing I have, in my time, learned about walls, girl."

He sets the coffee cup on the table, standing up… "It's that you don't see them coming, or you'd slow down before you hit them. NO one ever saw a wall coming, Annie.. and you won't either. I'm not trying to talk you in to bed. I hope ya know that. But… maybe next week, you come buy and I'll cook you something. And you eat it."

Annie sighs and cups her chin in her palms as she looks over at you. "You folks sure aren't making this easy on me."

Johan shrugs as he rolls his neck. "No. I'm not. And I never will. I can promise you that. But I'm not out to kill you, I'm not out to fuck you over." he looks back to her now. "But I am out to support you."

"I don't go to any of the social functions with the other Watchers. I don't hang out and yammer with 'the girls' about clothes and boys", Annie begins after a moment, "I've tried to maintain my distance on a personal level. I don't want to feel anything when Aladriel finally dies of old age. I don't want to feel anything when Kassandra or you finally catch that bullet with your name on it.", she shrugs, "It's safer not to feel. But it's also dehumanizing. Hell, Kassandra sent me a fucking Teddy Bear today. How do I deal with that sort of thing?", she dips her head and looks down at the counter sadly, "I thought I was past feeling. Then I nearly cry over a fucking teddy bear." The last is said in a barely audible murmur.

Johan smiles, just slightly. "I… I got James Bond."

Annie chuckles and looks up finally, pushing an errant lock of hair from in front of her eyes. "I doubt my body would even know what to do with real food. I've lived for so long on nothing but Nutrition spells."

Johan tilts his head, watching her. "So we take it slow. I do a great yogurt dish. It's like flan, only made from simple proteins and sugars. Tastes like crap, but you know?" He sits back down, turning the chair around to lean with his arms on the backrest. "It tastes."

Annie grins slightly, "Yogurt?! Just be certain there isn't any soy. I can't eat anything with plant protein.", she shrugs, "This elf is a strict carnivore."

Johan raises an eyebrow. "Fuck, then lets do steaks. I -love- meat. Oh jesus. Cooking for the others, I've shifted away from meat because Kassandra has this elven goddamn vegetarian kick… and then Ally goes with her… Alex eats anything you put in front of him. But the one thing you won't find in my kitchen?" He leans forward tapping the table. "Soy. And let me tell you why."

He leans an arm across table. "Feel me. My skin, it's hardened with nanomesh weave that renders my sense of touch somewhat suspect. These eyes, they're electronic and I don't trust them. These ears? The same. My brain, has been memory overlain so many times it's hard for me to remember just when I lost my virginity… But my tongue, my sense of smell, my lips? One hundred percent me. Real as it gets. So I cook. And I reinforce my own reality."

Annie feels, pokes and prods as requested then chuckles and nods once more. "Steaks will draw me out for sure. That's one of the main reasons I finally left the Tir. A sizzling prime rib was practically the kiss of death for any restaurant in Portland. The elves would shun them and slap so many taxes and tariffs on them that they were either out of business in six months, or revamped their menu with fucking rose hips and brussel sprouts arranged in a artsy fartsy rendition of High Prince Surehands shapeley ass."

His skin is about a supple as shoe-leather. One of the downsides of intensive dermal sheathing. It's betagrade, and thus more pliable than it -should- be, but it's still nanomesh weave that can help stop a knife. "Yeah, I hear ya. I hated working in-country in the Tirs. No burgers. But no, I love cooking. I have a -huge- grill out at…" a pause. "Yeah, okay, so I got a decent grill over at the Midevio."
Johan glances down at his watch. "I should let you get back to work… and sometime in the next few days?" An eyebrow raises. "Come let your hair down."

Annie nods and stands as she also checks her watch, "Yeah, I really should get back to the radicals. They are touchy at this stage of the process.", she pauses a moment and adds, "Thanks for the gift, I do appreciate it. And if you see Kass, let her know that I appreciated the bear."

Johan glances to the chest… "In a hundred years, that will be an artifact. And we'll need to remember what happened to keep it from happening again. Good night, Annie… Get some sleep tonight."

Annie chuckles and offers you a farewell salute, "That's not until Tuesday. I couldn't if I tried.", she turns and heads out the door toward the workshop.

Johan nods, turning to head back to his Vette in the parking lot. One of the upsides to looking young again is you can get away with driving flashy cars… and not being thought of as 'sweet, but creepy'.

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