The Prodigal Son

Kassandra rises quickly, kissing Ally as she moves to leave. "All right, love, I'll see you then?" She watches the woman head out, frowning and crossing her arms. "Well. Alex hasn't been around, that damned Brooks woman has him running her errands. So he may not have told Johnny anything. Do you want to call him or do you want me to?"

Lilith blinks. "Brooks? Who?" She frowns, then nods. "As you would."

"Carla Brooks, the head of operations for our section of the Foundation." She crosses the room, snatching up a phone and making a call, heading into the closet to pull on clothing. No sense meeting Johnny in her pjs.

Lilith nods, and then winces. "Ye gods, Kassandra, I am sorry. I've been an ass." She sighs and takes a seat while the woman changes, and waits for the inevitable knock on the door.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Strength + 2 vs TN 6 for "Boot to the door.":
1 2 2 2 7 7 10 = 3 Successes

Kassandra comes out of the closet, pulling on a black dress quickly. She pulls the zipper up, moving to snag a bottle and heat it for Maya. "When he comes, I suggest being succinct and not apologize. He hates apologizes. Explain what you know, don't piss around about it. And yes, he is likely to be angry." She crosses to Maya, picking her up carefully and finding a place to sit and feed her, waiting for the screaming.

The knock at the door is a little harder than one may expect. It's a boot, centered 6 inches to the left of the lock plate. The door literally shatters off its hinge as Johan enters, gun drawn and at the ready. He scans the room, a laser sight painting both women after he checks the corners… He is methodical, before he realizes the room is clear and the girls arn't in danger. The laser clicks off, the gun going to point to the roof. "I was having coffee. This better be good."

Lilith is pale, but calm. "The boy has claimed to be a son of Dunklezahn. I didn't say anything earlier because I believed you already knew. He told Alex as well, I thought the information had been passed on."

Kassandra looks up, seated and holding Maya. She coos at the baby, "Look, it is Uncle Johnny. Uncle Johnny will keep his temper and not scream, won't he Maya? That's right, he'll be a good boy."

Johan uses one hand to reach out and closes what's left of the door, the lock falling completely out of the door and leaving a little window in to the hallway. "I'm sorry Lilith." his voice betraying he knows absolutely ZERO about what Lilith is talking about and that he really isn't sorry. "So sit down." his voice -is- quiet. Like he's been around newborns… "And tell Uncle Johnny what the hell your going on about…" He holsters the gun, turning his blue eyes then, deadpan and lacking any emotion whatso ever… "Because Uncle Johnny is having a bad day. Uncle Johnny has been killing lots and lots of people in the last few weeks, and I was really hoping to get some rest. Maybe go to Paris, maybe Cairo, maybe Rome. Get some good coffee and a book. So please."

He gestures as he leans on the wall. "Do go on."

Lilith eyes flicker a little. She doesn't look scared, but she's flat out fucking terrified, and turns into a human icicle as a result. "He was concieved through magic somehow, with the (whatever that name was) Idol with the help of the Dragon. He claims that Dunklezahn is his father. The idol was stolen and he's been searching for it for many years. You will have to ask him for more."

Kassandra lets Maya eat, holding the baby carefully, like spun glass. She doesn't watch the other two, but it is clear she is playing attention. She speaks softly to the baby, "There there, nothing to be worried about. Just people talking is all, you go on and eat." Kass taps the bottle as she holds it, "This is bottle. This is the word 'bottle'." (Sperethiel)

Johan raises an eyebrow. It's a singular expression on his features, all at once very Samuel and yet, distinctly Johan. Or Maybe Mr. Spock. It flattens in a moment. "And… perhaps you can link…" The voice stays calm, cool, composed and yet just a tinge condesending, like he's leading a puppy through an obstacle course.. "This to why I received a call to be here immediately? Why is this fantasy of Jesters at issue? I'm certain if the boy was conceived by a dragon, somehow, the Draco Foundation would see fit to properly handle the situation. It wasn't like the late President was a philanderer. No, we
generally leave -that- to our Catholic Presidents."

Lilith coughs. "I was told this was an important fact I needed to pass on. Wether or not he is what he claims to be."

"It is an important fact, I will agree." A pause as he looks to Kassandra. "Translate please. There's a cultural difference at play here, between my mind set, and hers."

Kassandra doesn't lool up, remarking, "It seemed somewhat important, given that she had to know about this before the run. Maya and I think that if he is telling tales like this to Lil, who he has known 20 seconds, his mouth might run to others. Plus, Brooks has Alex running around, he may have forgotten to tell you."

Lilith nods. "I naturally assumed Alex had told you."

Johan's eyes narrow as Kassandra ties in the very important detail about 'knowledge aforethought'. Storm clouds gather behind his eyes as he turns his gaze away, to look out the window to the world beyond. He paces to the window slowly… "I see." His voice is calm. Cold. Inhuman inside itself.

Lilith does shiver now, in fear. Frozen in place. But she doesn't apologize. What would be the point?

Kassandra continues, her voice staying pleasant, holding up the baby to burp her. "This is what all the hubbub was about last night. Ally was curious about the guy, Lil was reticent to give out … confidential data from a client." She pats Maya gently, remarking, "Maya and I wonder what else Jester isn't telling us."

"Maya is an uncommonly prescient child." Says Johan, looking out the window to where the car he stole to get here quick, is parked. Someone's missing an Americar. Well, maybe not -missing- it. He looks back to Lilith. "When, and be very specific, Ms. DeWinter… did you learn this information? When, specifically?"

Lilith pale face is drawn to him. "Not a couple days before. Alex found out almost immediately as well."

Lilith says "The boy mentioned a contact of his had directed him to…me."

Johan's features change. Not anger. Not frustration. No, its something altogether alien expression. Something not unlike disappointment. Something that betrays a sad sort of understanding…" He reaches up, running one hand through his hair. "Ms. Depavia." he murmurs, looking back to the elven nursemaid. "Recommendations."

Lilith blanches again and closes her eyes. Whatever's happening, whatever he looked like, it cut her. Deeply.

"What was it I told you Maya? The only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead?" Kass carries the baby over to a flat surface, going about the business of changing her. She looks to Lilith and then Johan, "I'm tempted to have Mikail and Anastacia talk to Elvis. I *really* dislike this whole angle. It puts us at risk." She spares a look at Lilith, considering how to phrase something. "I understand that some things are private, Lilith. However, in the process of getting Elvis? The people after him will kill everyone in this house. If he really IS the son of the dragon, well, that is even worse. Not telling us about it isn't helping him, it is hindering us."

She sighs, checking her work on the baby, "And Alex needs to keep in touch more, no matter what that witch has him doing."

Johan nods to Kassandra, agreeing with her. "Ms. DeWinter. Someone with the money to move quickly, was able to pull a fast one on Carla Brooks, which is whom the job came from. To convince her they were going to do X when they were doing Y. That, Ms. DeWinter, is a feat on par with pulling one over on the Old Man. In not having all the information, I took us, unprepared, in to a situation that was clearly a trap set up by someone who had superior intelligence and position. Jester nearly died. Had they been more aware of the composition of our forces, they may have been ready with more support and killed me. Or Ms. Depavia. Or Ms. Cindel. Or the younger Ms. Cindel. Or the old Man's kids. Or you. Do you note, that when I send out a memorandum, an update, I do not send it to just one person and hope that perhaps, he will inform the others?" He asks, his tone as cool as ice and twice as brittle.

«OOC» Johan says, "Carla brooks: Head of the Draco Foundaitons Security; Former head of -dunks- security."

Lilith can't look away. "Nossir. I am a hundred different kind of fool." Her voice low…broken.

"No." He says. "Just one. Untrained." he states simply, his voice holding no malice." He looks back to Kassandra… "Ms. Depavia." His voice quiet… "I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience. I have, in my old age, taken some things for granted." He glances back to Lilith. "I have forgotten how little the importance of operational-security and communication between assets is taught in most public schools. I will be at the Mideveo through tonight. I need a lesson plan." He nods to lilith, then to Kassandra. "This matter is closed."

Lilith pales more and nods, lowering her eyes.

Kassandra carries the baby back to the crib, laying her gently down and covering her up. She nods quietly to Johan, "Of course." She keeps one hand on the crib, singing softly in Sperethiel instead of English or Arabic, just a silly lullaby about a bear. She watches the other two, however.

Johan nods to the women, turning for the door. "Thank you ladies. I apologize for the door. Next time, be more clear. When my girls tell me to be somewhere -NOW-… I don't usually knock and assume its for tea."

Lilith voice is feather soft. "Yessir."

"I'll have it fixed, it is of no matter. And that was my fault, I'll be clearer next time." Kass looks down at Maya, wiggling fingers at her.

Johan glances out of the corner of his eye, catching the interplay with Maya. He nods to Lilith, then to Kassandra…. and opens the broken door. More fragments of it fall away. Johan's got a good, strong kick. He steps out in to the hallway, Celia raising an eyebrow at him.

"What, I'm not good enough for you?" She asks playfully…

"Bitch, you're a whore. I pay you to be as good as I want in the moment." He answers, his tone making it clear it's a joke.

The door closes (Ish) behind him.

Lilith remains seated as he leaves, stone still but head bent, quiet.

Kassandra lets her hand dangle closer to Maya so she can grab at her fingers, smiling at the baby. She speaks without looking up, "Lilith."

Lilith makes an indistinct motion with her hand. "Yes?"

A faint sigh, her voice staying in a light tone for the sake of the baby, "You screwed up. It happens. Johnny screwed up, and he is more pissed at himself than at you. Alex screwed up. I screwed up." She finally looks over to the other woman, "None of that matters anymore. Put it behind you, consider it a lesson, and move forward. We are all learning the ropes at this thing, and we'll probably screw up again. The real trick is making sure more of them pay the price for our fuck-ups than us."

Lilith shrugs, her tone soft but matter of fact. "Had I not been so ignorant, no one else would've bollixed this up."

"Not true." With a last check of Maya, Kassandra moves away, seating herself across from Lilith. "If you had told us, we might have been prepared. If Johan had taken a moment to wonder why we were being tossed into the grider with no time to plan, we might have discovered the secret. If Alex were around more, we might have known about this. If I'd have done more research, we might have not had the same problems. We have gotten .. comfortable, and forgotten that there are people out there with grave intentions and less scruples. It's a hard lesson."

Lilith nods. "Perhaps." She rises to her feet, moving quietly towards the door. "Aladriel and yourself are invited for dinner later. For now, I'm going to go to the gym.

Kass watches the madam. She doesn't speak, perhaps recognizing something in the woman. She nods once, "Take care, then."

Lilith nods and drifts out.

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