The Vault

Coal Creek Ranch: The Vault

The Vault is a secure facility located in the UCAS sector of the Denver FRFZ, in a area known as Coal Creek Ranch. Built in 1962, Lowry Site 1 Complex 1B 724-B‎ was the last of the Titan Missile Bases built. After its missile was removed at the end of the cold war, the facility was later used for document storage until the turn of the century where upon it was re-militarized for the awakened age. Climate controlled and maintained, it was converted to an early magical research facility by the Army Corps of Engineers.


After the treaty of Denver, the facility was decommissioned as per provisions of the treaty that require the demilitarization of all military assets (Save for Buckley AFB) in the FRFZ. The facility was transferred to the IRS, in a return to document storage in 2022. The location of the missile base itself was lost in the crash of 2029.

In 2030, in the wake of the Matrix Crash, the facility and the surrounding land was purchased by a real estate company owned by the great Dragon Dunkelzhan. What he used it for has not been disclosed, but in 2064 the land the facility was on was transferred to a private Land Trust headquartered in Denver. In late 2068 a refurbishment was started, scheduled for completion in mid 2069. At this time, the facility is half refurbished, with 3 of the 5 subterranean layers fit for human habitation. Two other silo structures are present and connected via tunnel, but lack any refurbishment at all and are unfit for human habitation or use.

Above ground, the site looks like a simple heavy blast door set in to the side of a large hill with a gravel and dirt parking area in front of it.


The Silo complex is located at coordinates 39-36-20 104-34-50. If one were to travel from the UCAS sector out along Quincy Avenue, turn right at South Imboden Road. Travel 2.5 miles down that road, past where the pavement ends, and in to the hilly terrain of the area. With the return of magic and the reforestation of the area, the site now exists in a low valley with heavy woods.



The Vault features enough room for many people to live and work if required. When built, it was designed to host a nine person team of military personnel for extended stays. With the demilitarization of the site and removal of the missiles, more space was available for non military purposes. A central elevator shaft services the multiple layers, providing quick and easy access.

Two large bedrooms have been provided for live-in staff, along with offices and a well appointed galley, library and entertainment system. A gymnasium is present on the second level with full weights and exercise machines in addition to a hot tub and shower facility. Enough supplies are on hand for the facility to support 10 persons for up to a month without discomfort or offsite resupply.

Power is provided by underground cables routed off nearby mains and on site generators as needed. Water is provided via underground aquifer and filtration systems.

Matrix and other telecommunications are provided via satellite link. A full computerized LAN and communications system interlinks the facility, unlinked to the security or matrix systems. The facility has full air conditioning and heating, though both are rarely required with the insulation provided by underground conditions. An onsite matrix mainframe will be present and administrated by Hitomi and Johny.


Security is provided by a major interlinked security system that is physically separate from the Matrix system. This system encompasses ultrasound, thermographic and visual sensors, pressure switches, biometric maglocks and SOTA retinal scanners on sensitive areas. Many walls will be covered in ruthenium to create for harder areas to move through for intruder. Air vents are too small for a metahuman to enter. All hardwired security is on a separate computer system that is not connected to the Matrix or to the personal computer network.

Magical security will be provided by the occupants and consist of heavy warding and spirit patrols.

Escape hatches exist, allowing exit away from the facility. The hatches are mounted on one-way explosive bolts and hidden in terrain on the property.

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