The Wedding of Kassie and Ally

That Morning

The next morning Ally wakes up early and excited. She'll get herself ready first before waking up Kassandra. "Time to wake up sweetie elf! We've gots to be out of here in forty-minutes!"


Kassie sits bolt upright after saying something that makes no sense. Her eyes are wide and her hair is fairly poofy after laying on it wet, "Go!" She rolls out of bed and then crawls back onto the bed for a morning kiss and then is back up again. "Clothes!"

Ally laughs as Kassie jolts into a morning of activity. Early, early, early activity. "Oh my goodness sweetie you are a sight. Come on, we'll do something with you to get you ready for the day," she grins, holding out a hand to lead Kassandra into a quick but precise morning ritual. She'll be pretty firm on keeping Kass on schedule, for after all, they cannot be late!

For someone who usually looks exceptionally good in whatever they put on, Kass really doesn't spend much time at it. She moves through the morning putting her hair up, snagging a little make up and making sure Maya looks adorable for the day, enduring the hair pulling and babbling.

Where it makes sense to, Ally will lend a little help with magic to do a bit of touch up. "Beeeeeeeeeeautiful!" she proclaims after looking at Kassandra. "Well come on then sweetie. Our little one's all set and the dogs will be fine. We may or may not have a special tour we're going to be late for, so lets move it!"

A little drill sergeant in the making, Ally swoops in to get Maya out of her crib, dress her quickly, and put her in a carrier. And with that, they're at long last ready to leave the room. "C'mon then. Car's waiting," she grins.

"Car is waiting?" Kassie moves along, helping to carry either Maya or the baby bag. "You don't trust me to drive this early in the morning?" She laughs and shakes her head, "So secretive, so mysterious, makes me wonder what all is going on?"

The Limo

Ally laughs at Kass and shakes her head as she slides on her sunglasses. "With the money this is costing, we darn right get a car and don't have to drive," she teases. As they exit the lobby of the hotel, there's a violet Disney limo waiting for them. "Voila!" Ally declares.

"Maya! Look at the big car!" Kassie points at the limo, whistling softly, "That is a beautiful limo, Ally, and how much *is* this costing?" She peers closely and asks, "Who are you and what did you do with my Aladriel? She doesn't part with money!"

Ally gasps. "Are you suggesting I'm a pinch-penny!?" Bristling at the suggestion, Ally hmmmmphs and reaches into Maya's carrier. "Just for that, you get to wear *This* until I say otherwise." The 'this' in question? A dark, heavy, encompassing eye-cover face mask. A blindfold. "On with it the moment you get in the car, missy!"

"I would never say you would pinch a penny, love, you'd just sort of put it in a headlock is all." Kassie grins and shakes her head, then raises an eyebrow at the eye-covering mask. She grins lasiviously at the mask and whispers, "In front of the baby?" With a snicker she'll climb into the limo and pull the mask over her eyes, "Now I can't see! If this is so expensive, how come I gotta not see it?" She paws around the inside of the limo, probably for Maya's benefit. "I hear an elf!"

Ally hmmmmmmphs at Kass some more and just shakes her head. "You're just silly. And you can't see cause its a surprise where we're going. You get ten minutes or so to wonder. Starting…" Ally hops into the limo and closes the door behind her. "Now!"

Almost immediately the limo gets on the move and Ally smiles. "Where oh where are we going?"

Making a strange 'magic' sound, Kassie presses fingertips to her temples, "I will use my awesome magical senses and divine where we are going." She keeps the sound up as Maya cackles, "I sense .. no, darn it, Maya is blocking me! Unfair I say!"

"She's good, what can I say?" Ally asks with a little laugh. The limo rolls smoothly through traffic on way to its destination. It takes a little less than ten minutes. For the last few the goings are very slow. Then at last. "We're here!" Ally announces. "But you can't take your eye cover off yet." The sound of a door opening, the sound of a baby being taken from the car, and then a hand finding Kass's to help her gently from the car.

Ten minutes is a long time to be blindfolded in a car. Other places, not so bad, really. Kassie continues to chatter about almost nothing, running fingertips over Maya's face, Ally's face, etc.

Once the car stops she'll accept the help out, sniffing the air and tilting her head to listen. She stays good though and doesn't try to peek, "Allllllyyyyy. I can't seeeeeee."

"You'll get to see soon! After all of this, it's going to have to be pretty good. But it's special, so don't complain," Ally urges with a little laugh. She'll lead the way for Kassandra, not moving too fast, nor too slow. And then, at long last. "Okay….we're here. You can take off your blindfold…."

"When have I ever complained!" Kassie sticks out her tongue in the wrong direction, moving along at a shuffle and holding onto Ally's hand. "Is this a new ride or something? Because, remember, I am not wearing a waterproof shirt and that big splashy ride would be really embarassing for Maya later in life if she gets pictures."

"Here? Now?" Kassie's hand moves to peel off the mask, squinting and looking around …

"No, no new ride or a water ride, silly," Ally promises.

The Carriage

It is a beautiful morning, with the sun just starting to rise, it's yellow rays cutting through a pristine, clear blue sky. They are standing on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle looming like a gorgeous mirage in the distance. It is completely empty of the crowds so often found here. Some Disney cast members are moving about of course, but really things are completely empty.

Except for the open, horse-drawn carriage with two beautiful white horses hitched to it, a coach driver in elegant attire already waiting. A small pull-down staircase leads up to the lush carriage.

"Surprise, Kassie. We're going on a morning carriage tour of the Magic Kingdom! Come on, hop in!" Ally encourages. Without even waiting, Ally hurries up to carriage and climbs inside with Maya, waving the elf to hurry.

Gasping, Kassandra looks around at all the buildings without thousands of tourists before them milling around. Her gaze stays on Cinderella's Castle for a long moment before her feet move her into the carriage, following Ally and Maya.

"Oh! It is soooo beautiful! A tour, just for us?? That's amazing, love!" She makes sure Maya can see everything, moving her seat if needs be.

"Just for us," Ally reiterates as she lifts Maya a bit higher, holding the baby comfortably so that she can have a pristine view of the journey. Once they are all inside the coach, the stairs will retract on their own (Okay, so not completely old fashioned).

With a gentle coaxing of the reins, the coach driver spurs the horses forward and the carriage slowly starts into motion. There is something very old fashioned about the mode of travel (naturally), but it is also very quaint. The sounds are of the birds chirping, the horses hooves clapping on the ground, and the wheels moving along the pavement, drawing the castle ever closer.

Kassie is practically vibrating with excitement, looking at everything with wide eyes. "We HAVE to get one of these when we get the horses! I am, when we go home, going to make sure that barn gets built right away and make sure it is big enough for our own carriage. We'll ride all the way to Denver and show it off!"

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"We definitely will get one. I think it will be lots of fun," Ally agrees with several nods of her head as she makes sure that Maya is getting the full view too. Though she's a smart one, so Maya's more interested in the horses than the pretty buildings. The trip up Main Street only takes a couple of minutes.

As the carriage draws closer to the castle, the road opens up into the central hub that gives way to all of the lands of the Magic Kingdom. It really is a gorgeous day. It will be a warm one, but right now the weather is just perfect. Not cold, not hot, not even really warm. The sun is only now starting to heat the ground and cook off the accumulated moisture into a very faint haze or fog that doesn't have a chance of detracting from an otherwise picture-esque scene.

"Oooo! You should have told me I'd need a camera!" Kassie shakes a little fist at Ally, "I am missing all the good picture taking opportunities! Oh! I know that building!" She spins in her seat, looking backwards a moment before turning to watch the picturesque castle start to come closer, ever closer.

Ally stays mostly silent for that, just smiling at Kassandra's excitement at the trip. It was all for her, after all.

"When did you manage to get all this done?" Kassie looks over to marvel at Ally, "I mean, I was with you most of the time I thou ..g…h..t." She trails off and peers closely at Ally, reaching over to poke her, "Sally? If that is you, you tell Ally that is cheating!"

Sally looks at Kassandra as she gets poked and smiles widely. "I will tell her," Sally agrees with a definite sense of amusement. They do look very similar, after all, and with the huge sunglasses, Sally's managed to make herself look even more like the silly mage. Which will leave a very important question.

The carriage begins around the circle towards the castle, and as it comes into better focus, it is clear that there's been some activity at the castle. A very small pavilion has been erected in the courtyard of the castle, and there are several people gathered about there.

Grousing to Maya, "You should have told me, Miss Maya! It's like dating twins, I swear." The elf crosses her arms but doesn't look truly angry, more miffed that she got fooled again. Her attention, however, is drawn to the pavilion in the courtyard. "It looks like something is going on, Maya, maybe they have donuts for us for the tour."


With the beautiful, pristine backdrop of Cinderella Castle, there might certainly be donuts waiting for Maya and Kassandra and Sally on the tour. But there are other things and people waiting for them as well. There's a man with a camera. Some very familiar too. A man and a woman to be certain. They all come into better view as the carriage slowly completes its journey, completing it's half circle and stopping directly in front of the castle.

Lilith stands stock still, back straight, her expression smooth with the faintest of smiles as she watches the approach of the coach. A gentle breeze causes a soft rustling from the expanse of pink silk and gauze and silk in her skirt, lifts a few strands of hair. She carries a single red rose in her hands, tied with a gold ribbon. As the coach stops, she bows her head, sinking gracefully down in a curtsy.
Armando stands, dressed in the rich red robes, velvet with sable fur trim, that mark the court regalia of a member of the Royal House of Burbon. He is at the apex of the scenery, a small book of weatherbeaten black held in his hands. When the women approach, he bows his head simply, welcomingly.

Marcus is there, to the side, dressed in a tuxedo that fits well to his form.

And last, but not least, Aladriel just appears. She had not intended to make an 'entrance', but last moment refinements of her attire forced her to hide with a spell so she could be completely satisfied with how she looked. Appearing out of thin air, very near to Armando and Marcus, in clear sight, is Aladriel, in a strapless white wedding gown, face partially obscured by a veil attached to a small, sparkling silver tiara.

Blink. Blink. Kassandra tilts her head, trying to process what is going on. She looks from Armando to Lilith to Marcus and then back to Sally questioningly. "Wh .. where is Ally?" Her voice is low, right hand unconsciously spinning the ring on her left finger around and around as she looks to the spirit.

And then she looks back and gasps, eyes going wide.

Covering her mouth with both hands, Kassie stifles a little scream and stares at Aladriel in all her glory, all too aware of the relative lack of finery she is garbed in.

Lilith raises her head, watching the scene…not sure wether to stiffen up or smile broadly or even, heaven forbid, cry. But then she does smile, a warm quirk of the lips at the reaction and a gleam in her eyes. And she waits, clutching the rose.

Armando stands, quietly, letting the situation unfold as it will, with all the grace one may expect of actual nobility.

Maya, in Sally's arms, sees Aladriel quite clearly. Babies just know! She kinda gestures, kinda points, and squeezes out a "mama!", as much to her surprise as anyone else. Sally stays quiet, just letting them have their moment.

As if Kassandra needed any more encouragement, the staircase descends from coach, inviting a departure. The coachman climbs down from up front and moves around to the back, offering a hand to help the stunned elf down the few steps to solid ground.

Kassie swallows and collects herself, taking the coachman's hand after Maya correctly identifies the woman in the wedding gown. Once on solid ground she'll release his hand and move forward, taking a moment to take it all in, smiling tenitively to Marcus, to Lilith, to Armando.

She makes the short trip to stand before Aladriel, looking her over from head to toe before speaking, "Ally?" There are a dozen levels of question in that single name, her voice quavering just a bit.

Aladriel didn't say anything as Kassandra and Maya arrived because there's a frog firmly lodged in her throat. She's just as excited and nervous as Ms. Kassandra as she arrives. Ally steps away from Armando to meet the elf half way. She smiles at her love through the veil and blushes even harder under the close inspection.

"I thought it was time, sweetie… and this is where we said it would be. And don't think I'm going to make you get married without your dress. We have it," she murmurs quietly to Kass.

Armando continues wait, letting the ladies settle themselves, not in the least trying to intrude himself in to what is a moment that is uniquely theirs.

Lilith waits as well, standing silent for now.

Finding her voice at last, Kassie nods quickly, eyes flicking from place to place, person to person. She whispers, "Do we have time to get me dressed?" Now that the immediate butterflies have passed (although more are to come!) she moves to practical means, looking for the dress and a place to change, whispering, "I don't want to hold us up .. and you are Soooooo beautiful!"

Ally gasps softly at Kassandra's question and shakes her head firmly. "Kassie, this is *our* wedding, not my wedding. We have all the time in the world. But what's more…. remember that dress you wore that night for me? To surprise me? You're going to wear that, with a little help from our friends," she murmurs, motioning towards Marcus.

Nodding at the firm headshake and words from Aladriel, Kassie's hands are already moving to her hair, unwiding the braids she put in this morning to keep the heavy mass out of her way. She turns almost shyly to Marcus while shaking out her hair, forming the image of what she wore before in her head and searching for the mental link she oft shares with Ally.

Marcus raises one hand to scratch casually at the side of his neck, the area where the stiff collar of the Tuxedo meets his flesh. The mana coalesces around him, the physical mask spell taking a bit from the Disney sourcebook. Particle effects settle around Kassandra, like motes of bright light, glowing intensely before fading in to ….

The Dresses

For this occasion, Aladriel's dress is borrowed from the Disney collection. With enough money, miracles can happen. Magic helps too. And she smiles as just like that, Kassandra will be in her own dress, and then all will be ready for their moment, their long-awaited moment.

Kassie is dressed in a long-sleeved white wedding gown. The intricately inlaid gown fits snugly in the bodice before flaring out at the hips. Inlaid into the bodice and the gown itself are thousands of small white pearls, each catching the light from the sun and giving off a faint mother of pearl gleam. The dress is cut in a scallop in the front, provocative but demure. The sleeves are made of a sheer lace, revealing the skin beneath and at the same time denying it all the same.

A ten foot train is carefully suspended behind her, the material showing the same careful work as the rest of the gown. A full veil covers Kassie's face and flutters slightly in the breeze, while a white gold crown is worked in her hair, which is piled artfully atop her head. The elf is holding a small bouquet of red roses, white carnations, and small blue hydrangea as she watches you, eyes wide as she tries to stay perfectly still.

Armando watches, a slight smile playing across his lips.
Marcus's spell is perfect, and Kassandra looks beautiful, but then Aladriel always thinks so. This is just a moment of 'especially so'. They are ready then, she thinks, to approach Armando for the ceremony, so she gives a quick nod to Lilith.

Meanwhile, Sally and Maya have come down from the coach and stand ready to watch the ceremony as well. The only thing missing…….ah. Nothing now.

From down the castle walkway come the other guests of honor: Mickey Mouse in his finest tuxedo, arm in arm with Minnie Mouse in a fine dress, huge smiles on their faces as they come to make up the rest of the witnesses for the ceremony.

Lilith eyes widen a bit at the play of magic, love, and art as it sparkles and dances over Kass, leaving a pure glory in it's wake. Her lips part in a warmer, more genuine and delighted smile. She nods in turn to Ally, and then…she begins to sing. Soft, sweet, and quiet, ringing softly over the plaza. Love. That's all you need.

"Love, love, love…love love love, it's easy. There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

Kass lets out a shakey breath as the dress manifests around her, smiling to Ally with a quick grin. She beams as Mickey and Minnie arrive and then looks over as Lilith starts singing, taking her cues from Ally on where to stand, what to do.

"Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game It's easy.
There's nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time - It's easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love, All you need is love, love, love is all you need."

Thanks to countless seconds of rehearsal and long months of planning, Aladriel is able to carefully take Kassandra's hand and lead her to the very center of the courtyard, where then, side by side and hand in hand they can approach Armando with Lilith's singing drawing them forward into the man's presence, where at last they can wait. She can't find words right then, so Ally instead just squeezes Kassandra's hand firmly.

Armando opens his little black book as the pair approach him. He bows his head then, waiting for the women to settle themselves and be prepared.

Lilith sings with a surprising amount of quiet passion and feeling, guiding her friends down the aisle. She sings with a skill that maybe they haven't heard yet, all for them, and as they arrive and stand, bows her head and finishes the song.

Holding on tightly, Kassie is drawn before Armando and certainly has no intention of letting go of Ally's hand. She is smiling, eyes moist as she waits before the man, taking shallow breaths to calm herself. This is what they have talked about and dreamed about and discussed for ages now it seems. It may be a dream, and if so she'll do nothing to disturb it, nothing to wake herself.

There in the courtyard of Cinderella Castle, surrounded by the small group of people that without a shadow of a doubt comprise the most important friends in their lives, Aladriel squeezes Kassandra's hand again and focuses on her breathing to keep herself calm. Just be excited, she wills herself. There's nothing to fear. This was it.

She gives a look to Kassandra, and then a little nod to Armando, for they are ready.

Dearly Beloved

Armando opens the book now, one finger raised to his lips to wet it, then turn the page. "Dearly Beloved. We are gathered hear today, here in the Court yard of a Majestic Castle, built of dreams and infused by the love of people young and old, for generations. And as I stood here, reflecting on the beauty of the women come to be joined, I realized that the castle behind me, for all its glory, cannot compare to the simple love shared by the couple before me."

"And then I realized, that these women before me, share something that no lovers in any film I have seen, possess. They possess a friendship, a connection that is more than Romantic love, nor its more adult cousin. A bond of genuine compatibility and comraderie that will unite them in the times when love cools, until it can find its spark and reignite. The cycle of love, like life, has its ups and downs, and your friendship will guide you through them." He exhales, looking back to the book then, drawing a breath.

Lilith stands quietly off to the side, holding her rose and really, desperately trying not to cry. Eyes sparkling in the early light all the same.

Aladriel was well in control of herself. Not going to lose it. Steady breathing. Calmness. Serenity with this place and with this company. And then Armando starts talking and the tears start traveling down her face. She tries desperately to stop them and has to reach up to wipe her eyes quickly, squeezing Kassandra's hand yet again for reinforcement.

A mirror of the mage, Kassie's eyes begin to leak as Armando begins, holding Ally's hand for all she is worth. It takes a great deal of self-control to stay where she is, to not move closer to Ally, to listen quietly.

Armando looks up now, to each of the women, swallowing once. "This couple, bound by their love, has come here today to be joined in marriage, which is the voluntary union of two souls to the exclusion of all others. If any person can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." A formality, but its part of the ritual here. He glances at Marcus, then to Lilith… then to a small family that has wandered in. VIP's who get access to the park early. The father looks uninterested, while the two little girls are simply enthralled.

"Look daddy! Princesses!"

Lilith has to bite her lip to repress a sudden outburst of giggling, brought on by the emotion of the moment and the sudden, cute interruption. She flicks her eyes to the little girls, to the two before her, and simply grins.

Sally rocks Maya gently, swaying the child to keep her calm and in an effort to reduce fussiness. And at this all important moment, blessedly the little one remains silent, for at the moment she is greatly intrigued by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, for they certainly do not look like her mothers, nor her Uncle Johny or Auntie Lilith.

Ally's ears burn as she hears girls saying that they are princesses. She shares a look with Kassandra, beaming at her. They could be, couldn't they?

Uncle Johny does not look like uncle Johny.

A little chuckle escapes the elven girl at Ally's look, the little girl's comment. It helps put her more at ease, to lessen the tears and focus on the happiness. They are being married, before God and two giant mice, and now two little girls.

The mice approve.

Armando exhales again, flipping the page. "Aladriel Cindel." He says, turning to address Ally. "Repeat after me, please."

I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Aladriel Cindel may not be joined in matrimony to Kassandra Depavia.

One deep breath, as Aladriel looks to Kassandra and keeps her eyes there as she repeats quickly, horrified at the thought of forgetting. "I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Aladriel Cindel, may not be joined in matrimony to Kassandra Depaiva." She exhales upon the completion of the words and smiles brilliantly.

Kassie holds her breath as this part comes. She smiles to Ally full of hope and excitement, watching the way she forms the words, the way her chin moves, the way the light touches her eyes. She almost misses the words, focusing on all the little things that moments like this have a funny way of spotlighting.

Armando turns to Kassandra then, swallowing one more. He smiles, before continuing.. "Repeat after me please."

"I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Kassandra Depavia may not be joined in matrimony to Aladriel Cindel."

Her smile growing as Ally completes her vows, Kassie listens to Armando, gathering the words to her and holding them close for a moment before repeating, her voice soft, sure, eyes training on Aladriel's as she repeats, "I do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Kassandra Depavia may not be joined in matrimony to Aladriel Cindel."


Armando reaches one hand up to lick the finger, then turn the page of the little black book. A book that is probably blank. "Marriage is not a single event but rather a developing process which is not to be undertaken recklessly or irresponsibly but rather maturely and honestly. Marriage is the faithful union between two persons the result of which is the formation of a family unit whose members shall help, support and enjoy each other in good times and in bad times. It is this relationship these two persons wish to have declared and celebrated. Do you have vows of your own to recite?"

Just as Kassandra watched her, so too does Ally watch the elf, the whole of her being focused on hearing those words, seeing them spoken, connecting them together in a memory that she will never forget. Aladriel has to remind herself to keep on breathing and now get caught up in holding her breath while basking in the glow of Kassandra's beauty and all important words. She almost misses Armando's query.

She shakes her head quickly. "We didn't…I didn't write any. But I think I can do it."

Armando nods then, pausing expectantly.

Eyes widening a bit, Kassie looks to Ally and then Armando and then back to Ally. She lets out a little breath and starts looking through her brain for the right words to say. She looks to Ally to see what she is going to say, watching her closely.

Lilith watches, and at this point, a tear does begin to trickle out of the corner of one eye. She doesn't move, doesn't blink or try to wipe it away, but stands as straight as ever and bites her lip again.

Oh gods, oh gods, here we go. Ally forces thoughts into words.

"Kassie…erm…I, Aladriel, take you, Kassandra to be my wife… because I love you and you are my best friend. I promise to help you and hold you through everything, to love you without condition in good times and bad. When our lives are easy and when they are hard. Through the times when we're young and…" she swallows, "And when we are older, just to love you all the same. I give you myself, today, and promise to make you laugh… and will try to never make you cry, and to love you, for as long as we live."

Breath catching in her chest, Kassie's heart thuds hard as she listens to the words. Tears trickle down her face and she nods along with the words, the sentiment, the feelings behind them. Taking a shuddering breath as Aladriel finishes she starts to speak, her voice quiet at first but growing a bit stronger as she continues.

"Aladriel, I Kassandra take you to be my wife, my heart, my life. You are my love and my world. I promise to help and hold you through good times, through bad, I promise to be with you in health and in sickness. I promise to honour you forever and obey you in all things, forever and always. I will be with you and love you no matter what for as long as we live." She stops, unable to continue with a little shake of her head, voice catching in her throat.

After all of those beautiful words, Ally just loses it and sobs quietly for a few moments. They are happy, really, even though it could easily be mistaken for something else. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she sniffles, trying to fight it all back.
Lilith attempts to bite back another nervous giggle and fails. It's brief, just a quiet hiccup which she quickly covers with one gloved hand, looking at Ally with an akward smile.

Armando shifts then, the book to his right hand. A lot runs through his head in this moment. But it's all ancillary, a back track of information flow that he shunts off to the side. "Aladriel Cindel.. Repeat after me…" A gesture with his eyes to Marcus, Lilith and the young women who's father is snapping the occasional quiet picture.

"I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, Aladriel Cindel do take you, Kassandra DePaiva, to be my lawful wedded wife."

Okay, okay, get it under control. This is the most important part, isn't it? Ally takes a deep, deep breath, lets it out slowly, takes another one, and with wet eyes firmly on Kassandra: "I call upon these persons present here to witness that I, Aladriel Cindel, do take you, Kassandra DePaiva, to be my lawful wedded wife."

Armando then nods to Kassandra… "And You, Kassandra, repeat after me…" He pauses a moment, to let her catch up and clear her throat…

"I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, Kassandra DePaiva do take you, Aladriel Cindel to be my lawful wedded Wife"

Kassie watches Ally, smiling at her sorries as tears stream down her own face. She listens to the vows, her stomach knotting up a bit. This is it, this is where it all changes. She watches Ally commit and takes that last step, repeating Armando's words,

"I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, Kassandra DePaiva do take you, Aladriel Cindel to be my lawful wedded Wife."


Armando leans in then… "Did someone bring rings?" He asks quietly…

Ally ohs at that, blinking quickly before she remembers! "Oh! We…." she blushes fiercely as she looks at Kass. "We really like our rings so we're not doing new ones," she murmurs.

Armando nods then.. "SO… " A pause. "Take them off."

Armando notes thats the last time he gets to say that to these women and not feel dirty.

Lilith shifts slightly, her dress catching the breeze again. Stay cool. No need to get silly and cry. Stiff upper lip, even though her throat catches.

With a little laugh, Kassandra pulls off her left hand ring and holds it in the palm of her hand, smiling brightly at Ally, almost vibrating.

Ally quickly moves to comply, sliding her engagement ring off of her left hand. She holds it in a perfect mirror of Kassandra and spares a quick glance towards Armando for the next set of directions, a little smile on her face, her emotions mastered again. At least for the moment.
Armando chuckles quietly as the preparations are made.

"Mamma, the two princesses are getting married! Don't they need a prince?"

"I don't know, dear. I've done just fine with just a knight." Says the mother.

Armando then coughs. "This ring is a symbol of your marriage and a symbol of your love and of your life together. Please place it on the third finger of Kassandras left hand saying after me…

"With this ring, I thee wed. I shall love, honour and cherish thee and this ring shall be the symbol of my love."

Ally moves carefully to make sure she doesn't drop her ring in the process of taking Kassandra's. Gently taking it, she begins sliding it onto Kassandra's third finger on her left hand and repeats: "With this ring, I thee wed. I shall love, honor, and cherish thee and this ring shall be the symbol of my love." As she concludes a fresh stream of tears flow down her face.

Armando then turns to Kassandra… "This ring is a symbol of your marriage and a symbol of your love and of your life together, as I have told your wife-to-be. Please place this ring it on the third finger of Aladriel's left hand saying after me… "With this ring, I thee wed. I shall love, honour and cherish thee and this ring shall be the symbol of my love."

Taking the ring carefully, Kassie looks to Aladriel and takes her hand, carefully sliding the ring on and repeating the words, "With this ring, I thee wed. I shall love, honour and cherish thee and this ring shall be the symbol of my love." Her voice breaks towards the end, face wet with tears.

Armando smiles then, looking to the women. "Then, it is my distinct honor, to declare, that I, Armando de Villinova de la Garza De Castro, Marquis de Bedmar, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the nobility of my blood and the Most Royal House of Bourbon, do hereby pronounce you, Aladriel Cindel and Kassandra Cindel, to be married in the eyes of God, in the eyes of your families and in the eyes of the two small children standing over there."

Kiss the Bride

A pause as the girls giggle…

"May you enjoy length of days, fulfillment of hopes and peace and contentment of mind, as you day by day live and fulfill the terms of this covenant you have made with one another."

"You may kiss the bride."

Letting her hand be taken, Ally's still crying openly, but she breaks into the hugest smile ever once the words are said and the ring once more resides on her finger, this time no longer a symbol of intent, but a symbol of a realized commitment.

In seconds it is done. The actions have been completed and with the last words from Armando, Aladriel flips her veil off of her face and probably looks to the children like she is attacking Kassandra. Because it is a fierce kiss, one that has been waiting to be shared for far too long.

The ring is slid on and Kassie's hands move to her own veil at Armando's words, melting into Ally's arms and attempting to give back as good as she is getting from Aladriel, forgetting for a moment the children watching, Mickey and Minnie, the rest of the world for that matter.

Kass holds on to Ally, sinking into the kiss as tears of joy fall.

Lilith uses one hand to cover her mouth as once again, almost against her will, another half cried giggle escapes as she watches the pair. She swallows, catches her breath and the rough spot in her throat, looking to Armando for a moment, then to the girls again, smiling weakly and trying, always trying, to remain calm and proper as always. But it's so *hard*, with all this…joy.

Oh my. That is a kiss like they haven't seen in quite awhile! Mickey and Minnie cover their mouths, and even in their frozen-state of smiles they manage to look shocked, but delightedly so! They hold each as the two women seal their marriage.

Ally comes up for air and cries softly before it transitions right into a little laugh and she hugs Kassandra tightly.

The rest of the world can go hang, because in that moment, its about two women. Not the photographer, not the children, not their parents, not Marcus (who's dabbing his eyes), not Armando, who closes his book and backs up two steps… but the women.

Wrapping her arms around Ally, Kassie murmurs fiercely, "Mine." She hangs on for a long moment as if she is afraid to let go, to stop this moment. Reluctantly she'll step back but keep a hold on Ally's hand, eyes shining as she watches her wife before looking to Lilith and Marcus and Armando, waving, "Hi." She giggles almost hysterically.

Lilith can't help it, really. All the emotion present, the joy, the love she sees… she's not going to cry, she can't, it's not her…but the music can. The song. In celebration, of the life and love now beginning, her voice swells out, high clear and bright, an opera singer's voice, pure and sweet as she slips into a familiar, beautiful tune. A song about love and friendship and flowers. She steps back as well, taking Armando's cue, and singing.

"Under the thick dome where the white jasmine grows
With the roses entwined together
On the river bank covered with flowers laughing in the morning
Let us descend together!
Gently floating on its charming risings,
On the rivers current
On the shining waves,
One hand reaches,
reaches for the bank,
Where the spring sleeps,
And the bird, the bird sings."

Lilith smiles as she sings, eyes sparkling back at Kassie.

"Forever," Ally agrees, squeezing Kassandra once more before she turns her attention to her guests. Her friends. Her baby. All of them there. She smiles at them and waves and calls Sally over to them so that they both can hug Maya and start the celebration of the rest of their lives together, in the company of friends, in one of their most cherished places, sung to by one of their dear friends.

Armando watches now, moving off to the side, nearer to Marcus and Lilith. "Well." A pause. "I didn't swallow my tongue."

Lilith song falters a little as it draws to a close but she finishes on a high note. Looks away for a moment, apparently to take a breath, nodding to Armando and Marcus and turning back with another soft smile.

With eyes for Ally, Kassie hugs Maya who is clearly confused about the hubbub and hey! Who are those big mice over there, she has seen them on a storybook before? Kassie grins at Ally and murmurs softly, "Thank you, my love, this is the best surprise I've ever had in my life."

Armando murmurs something to Lilith then.

Armando mutters to Lilith, "… … better than … … … up naked with … … … like … American …""

«Auto-Judge[]» Lilith (#8983) rolls Willpower vs TN 4:
2 3 3 4 4 = 2 Successes

Ally can't help it: "The best surprise you've had….yet! This is just our start and there will be many more, and I hope they are great ones, just like this sweetie," she tells the elf, hugging her once more before folding Maya and Sally into the hug.

Lilith is watching the happy girls, of course, and it takes an effort of will to not react to dear Uncle Johny's words. Armando her ass. She does cough and cover her mouth with her hand again, though, going passive faced to hide the laughter.

Giggling, Kassie nods quickly, wrapping her arms around Sally and Maya and Ally and squealing, "We got Married!!!"

Completing their hug, Ally will lead the family over to Armando and Lilith to continue the celebration. And it's only 8:45 in the morning. They have a whole day ahead of them of magic, fun and excitement. Ah, Disney!

Lilith finally giggles out loud, glancing sheepishly over at Armando and Marcus with a shy smile, then back to Ally and Kass. She waggles her pink gloved fingers in greeting. "Many blessings, loves. Gods help us all with three such beauties united against the world."

June 17th, 2009

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