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The Heavenherds

The Heaven Heards are the elite magicians of Thera, the most powerful and knowledgeable spellcasters of an Empire founded on magical might. They count their origins in the congress of magicians that created the Rites of Protection and Passage that shielded the world from the Horrors during the Scourge. The Heavenherds are responsible for the creation of nearly all the magical wonders of Thera including Behemoths, Kilas and Fabrikas, the factories that churn out all kinds of magical wonders for the Empire. They are also responsible for the creation of new life forms, including the Magra and the Titans. They have explored and studies many of the Netherworlds surrounding the material plane, and have even learned the secrets of crafting new ones, allowing them unmatched mobility around the world. They are also responsible for crafting the Orichalcum pillars on the Isle of Thera that held the lock on the world’s magic, ensuring that magic would never fade from the earth, and thus the Empire’s power over Name-givers would never waver.

Initially founded as servants of the Empire, the balance shifted gradually over the centuries as the Empire came to rely more and more on magic to control it’s territories. In the end, it could easily be said that the Empire existed to support them, as they decided that they were above the law and could act as they pleased throughout the world. Indeed, few Name-givers had the power to challenge them, although the Trismagestis allowed them free reign. They knew the Heavenherds were pushing the boundaries of magical knowledge, but they had not yet achieved the wonders that the Great Elves had in the war against the Dragons thousands of years prior, so they considered them less of a threat than their ancient enemies.

With the destruction of the Great Isle, the Heavenherds seem to have vanished, although beings of their great power cannot be so easily discounted.

The White Kingdom

The White Kingdom is the vision of the Horror Yrsgrathe, of Name-givers subjugated and controlled by Horrors, ending the resistance they give to the Horror’s attempts to feed on them. Yrsgrathe originally chose his son Flametongue to lead the White Kingdom, but after his death at the hands of Trostlos Blut-Tanzer, he has given the leadership over to his worshipper Malothales the Damned.

Yrsgrathe’s vision of a Name-giver’s perfect state is undeath. When animated by a Horror, Name-givers live a great deal longer, are more resilient, and are much less able to resist a Horror’s influence over them. They are also shunned by most living Name-givers, denying them access to a support network that would also let them resist their masters. Yrsgrathe has found that he can grant a certain measure of power to a willful undead and still maintain control over it, making him even more certain that his designs are correct.


The Denairastas were a clan of Dragon-kin Humans, the children of the Great Dragon whose name they share. They were the rulers of the city of Iopos, and for a time were worshiped there as living Passions.

When Denairastas set about building his ideal Name-giver society, he knew that strength could be generated quickly through constant competition. He began to teach his children that they needed to compete with each other to earn his favor. The Denairastas excelled in the magical Disciplines, and he began to reward them for achieving greater and greater magical power, pushing them to expand their knowledge and abilities. He also encouraged guile, misdirection and even treachery, as long as it achieved the goals he set for them. His children quickly mastered all these arts and more. Any children who did not master them were either slain by their brothers and sisters or destroyed by Denairastas himself for being “weak”. There was no place for weakness in his vision of the future.

Before the Scourge, Denairastas moved his children into the city of Iopos and began to sow the seeds of their ascension to the throne of Iopos. During the Scourge, the Denairastas battled the Horrors who managed to breach the citadel, defeating them with tremendous displays of magical might. Their power so impressed the residents that before the end of the Scourge, the Denairastas had taken rulership of the city from the hereditary rulers, supposedly by popular demand of the people. The new ruler, Uhl Denairastas, was a master propagandist and manipulator as well as being an accomplished Wizard, Elementalist, and Illusionist Adept. Like his sire, Uhl played his children against each other, forcing them to compete for his favor within the city.

During the Second Theran War, Uhl and his sire began to set the stage for their conquest of Barsaive by occupying the city of Jerris and it’s airship construction facilities.

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