Thistlewood Talks

Marcus is currently near the small lift to the loft, currently sifting a box of personal papers. A table is set up near by and he's sorting them in to several stacks. One of the cars has its door open and is providing musical accompanyment.

Kassandra slips in quietly. She is not trying specifically to be stealthy, but isn't trying overly hard to not be either. She watches the man for a moment before clearing her throat, moving more fully into sight.

Marcus does not look up from his work, simply continuing to sort papers. "Yes, Ms. Depavia? You've known I've been here most of the day. You are not bringing me coffee, you are not standing in a fashion that indicates this is going to be a pleasant conversation, so please. Get to the point so I can continue sorting the old mans fucking love letters, okay?"

Kassandra considers the man for a long moment, moving to settle on the hood of one of the cars, sitting crosslegged and watching him. She folds her hands, setting elbows on knees and chin on hands. "What have I done, Marcus? What horrible thing is it that I've done to you that you're this angry at me?"
Her voice stays neutral, quiet, almost hard to hear over the music.

"I am not allowed to tell you that." he says simply, continuing to look at the paperwork, moving a paper here, then reconsidering and moving it back. "But a woman of your perceptive abilities should not be stymied by a matter so base."

Kass nods ever so slightly, letting out a small sigh. She unfolds her legs from the sitting position, scooting off the car to move to the open door of the other vehicle, reaching in to kill the music.

That done, the elf leans on the door. She regards Marcus for several very long seconds before speaking. "Do you want some coffee? Something else to drink?" The elf steps away, closing the car door behind her, padding barefoot across the garage floor, watching the man.

Marcus glances over his shoulders, an eyebrow raising. "I was listening to that." He says, glancing to the door. "I… will take a break though. Some tea would be fine." He says, setting the paperwork down carefully, in a specific stack and sort.

Kassandra nods, motioning to the house. She is silent as they head inside.

Kass moves to start tea, setting up the kettle and the other impliments with small, carefull movements. She looks thoughtfully at Marcus, her voice still quiet, controlled. "I .." She stops, apparently rethinking her words, "I am sorry for whatever it is that I have done, Marcus. I have been somewhat .. I have been not myself recently; or perhaps, more importantly, I have been myself, if you follow?"

"I do. I don't care who you are, but ever since you and your -people- have come in to the Old mans life, he's suddenly some one else. Suddenly, I'm second rate. I've busted my -ASS- for him, Depavia! Busted my ass, continue to bust my ass, and what's he do? He flies off to fucking the god forsaken…" A pause… "He flies off with you people at a moments notice, on a -whim-… Because someone asked. He's so FUCKING EAGER TO PLEASE you people I can't even get a GOD DAMN WORD OF PRAISE myself!"

The small items are moved around on a tray as Kass listens to Marcus, staring at them as they held all the answers. She looks up at the end of the rant, nodding carefully. "And you are hurt by that. My .. perceptive talents .. can pick that much up." She keeps her voice soft, staying where she stands, thinking, "He flies where, Marcus? What makes you think this is some eagerness to please us rather than the vaunted Mission?"

Marcus snorts. He shrugs turning to look out the window. "I love this house." he says simply. "It represents everything I want to be when I'm his age. Secure. Wealthy. Powerful. Respected. And he gave it to -you-. He gave the Mission to -you- and a team of fuckwits who spend half their time getting out of each others way… I know he's not on a Mission related mission, because I filed his flight plan, made the hotel accomidations and made sure he had landing clearence."

Kass grips one of the cups hard enough to indent the flesh on her hand, still staring quietly at the tray, listening to the man speak as the water boils. She gently releases the cup, mentioning, "I can understand that, I think. I didn't ask for the Mission, Marcus. I'd gladly hand it to you right now if I could." Her voice is sincere; no special tricks of the trade, no overwrought acting. Just the truth, "Alexander was bad to you, the others dismissive. I've gone out of my way to at least speak kindly to you and you seem to fixate your anger on me. Why?"

She hesitates, blurting out, "Where did they go?"

Marcus glances back at her, an eyebrow raising. "Oh come on. Do you think I'm going to answer that?" Any of it, really.

Kassandra takes a cleansing breath, her voice still quiet. "How much do you know about me, Marcus?"
Marcus sits down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar, watching her, a slight grin coming to his lips, like the cat that has the Canary. "Why do you ask?"

Kassandra looks up from the cups and saucers, her voice simple, quiet, "Because I want to know if you understand exactly what I'll do to you if anything happens to Aladriel. Anything at all. If the slightest hair on her head is harmed, if she comes home with a boo boo, if she has a bad dream." She keeps her words in the same level tone, simply staring at Marcus. "All because of your STUPID FUCKING PETTINESS!" Her voice rises into a near scream, a snarl of anger on her face.

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Marcus blinks, taken aback, but thats the only real show of emotion to the abruptness of the womans emotional display. "AS far as I know, no harms coming to her. Shit, Depavia… I see why he's so hot to trot to not have team members fucking each other… You want to know where they are going? Call your girlfriend. She knows. She's the one who asked him to take her."

Leaning on the counter, the elven woman just stares at the assistant for several long seconds. When she speaks, her voice has resumed the quiet, preternaturally calm tones, "I did ask her. Neither she nor Sam volunteered any information, and it isn't my place to be .. in her business. You of all people can certainly understand *that*." She turns on barefeet as the kettle whistles, moving to turn off the stove. "My fiancee is .. very special to me. She is, without a doubt, one of the few things on this entire planet that I care about." She goes about the business of tea making quietly, letting her hands work so she can think, looking back at Marcus, "Keep that in mind. The mission, petty politicing and wanting Sam's attention .. none of that matters to me. It's all secondary, at best."

"I .. you have been treated badly, by Sam and the team. It isn't right. It also isn't my place to step on Samuel and tell him to let you in, although you should be. You share the risks and do all the shitwork."
She frowns again, taking another deep breath.

The man nods. "I know exactly what you mean." He says simply, reaching for his tea… presuming it was actually being made. "Look. I just don't understand what you've got going on, that I don't. You're a child of a poor upbringing. Boo fucking hoo. I survived Chicago. It doesn't get much worse than -that-." He says, but then pauses. "Okay… that… that was unfair of me."

The tea was made, and poured with slightly trembling hands. Kass looks hard at Marcus, "What do you know of my childhood."

"Probably more than you do." He says, sighing. "The old man did a full background on you… and pretty much everyone else. It's just who he is."

The cup is ever so gently set down. A distinct look of unhappiness mars the attractive elf's features as she speaks, "I see. My background is .. not easily discernable. I'd be interested to see how he did that." Her words are flat, all but devoid of anything resembling the woman at the Apple.

Marcus shrugs. "He's a first rate decker, with friends in just about every intelligence agency in the world. It's not hard to trace someone back if you have a startpoint and a burning desire to understand. And the old man… I tell you. Your trail, was pretty goddamn cold. He had to do a lot of groundwork on you."

Her voice seems to come from far away, "Ground work." Kass nods, familiar with what that means. She looks hard at the man, "Not so long ago, this ground work, neh?" A flash of memory touches the woman, brought back by the conversation, "I think I saw some souvineers."

Marcus sips his tea.

Kass is quiet for a moment, watching her tea instead of Marcus. She asks quietly, "Did they go back to the Middle East, Marcus? Did he bring her into this?"

Marcus shakes his head… "The trip they are on has nothing to do with anything beyond the trip they are on."

Kassandra nods, the walls around her core being loosening slightly, her voice softening a bit. "I *am* sorry, Marcus. I didn't ask for this … attention." She sighs, looking down again at the cooling tea, "I didn't ask him to do anything. I didn't ask that you were .. cast aside."

Marcus nods to Kassandra. "I know that. I don't know much beyond that… and I don't think I've been cast aside so much as… his attention is elsewhere. I still get everything I was promised when I went to work for him… I just…" he shrugs, looking away. "I don't get the extras to which I was accustomed."

She nods slowly, "I can understand that." Kassandra sighs, rubbing the back of her neck and looking tired, a weary smile on her face, "Hell, I am here questioning you because I am a neurotic bitch whose fiancee wandered off on a trip to do something nice for her. We spent so much time with just the two of us, it is very hard to give her up for even a little while."

"He knows that. It's one of the reasons he agreed to the trip."

Marcus then comments, almost in to his tea… "That man never does anything for one reason."

Kassandra nods, "Never do one thing when you can do to." The elf closes her eyes, leaning on the counter and considering. "I don't want to be your enemy, Marcus. I don't want us to be at odds, I don't want to walk into a room and know you are angry. Once upon a time, it wouldn't matter to me. It does now. It does for a lot of reasons. Barring death, we are going to be around each other a great deal, and so I'd like to find a way around this."

Marcus exhales, looking over to the woman. "I'll do what I can. I know a lot of it is pettyness on my part. Imagine for a moment, that for two years, I had that man -all- to myself as he trained me… learning from him, his undivided attention as he set me up to be his replacement. And then… suddenly, almost out of nowhere… WHAM… you people. IMagine if ally came back from the trip entirely enamoured of Sam and spending all her time around him… leaving you to watch Maya, do the dishes, the laundry and order dinner, while she went to the opera, enjoyed the shows and got to do the -fun- stuff."

"Thanks. That was one of my fucking fears," Kass remarks dryly before smiling very briefly. "I definately understand that. I've been flogging myself with that sort of thing all afternoon." She muses quietly, "Perhaps there are things he wants you to learn from the rest of us? It might not be a bad idea for you to start doing things with us besides the dishes and the like, you know? You have to be competant, he'd have shot you by now if you weren't. He clearly trusts you, with his life, his secrets." She shrugs, "I'd be more than willing to work with you; hell, you probably know more about opsec and other things than most of the team."

Marcus smirks, as though Kassandra's initial statements were -clearly- ironic to him. "You really don't know the old man very well, do you?" He asks, before shaking his head. "He sees Ally… as more of a kid. A daughter. He knows ally's never had what you could call stable parents, and he's willing to work that roll in his relationship with her. It provides stablity. He cares for her, very much, but on a philos or agape level."

Kass taps a finger on her head, "I *know* him, yes." Her hand moves to tap her chest just above the red letters over her left breast, "But here? Here I just know I am scared to death of losing someone."

She spreads her hands, "I know Ally, I know she isn't looking for anyone else, Sam or anyone. But I also know, from an intellectual view, that I am jealous with the time others spend with her, and I am completely unconvinced of my worthiness."

Marcus chuckles quietly. "I can tell you what your worth in a simple summation."

Kassandra arches one eyebrow.

Marcus shrugs. "Don't take it the wrong way, to quantify in money… I don't mean anything by it, but the groundwork alone cost nearly a quarter of a million in cash and time for him, for me, for his sources."

Kassandra nods slowly, letting out a little sigh. "I wish he wouldn't have .. gotten involved. I've tried very hard to, um, put things behind me."
Marcus smirks. "He believes in finality."

He looks to her then… "But I can tell you the moment he decided to get personally involved, if it matters…"

Kassandra listens, "Hm?

"He was meeting with a source. The Source indicated that Umar would absolutely adore having you, or someone like you, in his employ again." He shrugs, sipping his tea. "He gave me the omega-order then and there. It went from a reconnisance and background check mission… to scorched earth. We pulled it off in 12 hours."

Kassandra pales, setting down her tea cup. She listens to the man's words, quiet for a second, and then clamps a hand over her mouth, bolting for the toliet.

Marcus sips his tea, unsure just what to do. He sets it down after giving her a good 10 seconds to void her innards before he walks after her, hsi shoes almost soundless on the hardwood floors. He brings with him her tea so she can clear her palet. "Depavia… I.. didn't mean to upset you."

Kassandra shakes her head, leaning back against the wall. "It isn't you." She flushes the toliet, eyes still wild. She stays curled against the wall, taking the tea after a moment, "It .. there are certain things I don't like to think about, to relive. Some names .. things .. bring it back."

Marcus kneels down with her. "I know… Thats why we did what we did. They all bought what you did in the desert. You're dead to them… but Sam… He just… he couldn't let that hang over you. He's going to remove… the higher ups… uh… sometime in the next few months. He's still doing research on that. He didn't want to tell you because he.. uh… didn't want this reaction."

Kassandra nods, "I can .. see why he might think that bad. I'm not much use stuck in here, am I?" She smiles a little weakly at that, looking out at Marcus. "Thank you. Thank you both." She starts to say more, but the words don't seem to make it past her throat, eyes welling up.

Marcus reaches out, if allowed, to move an errant lock of somewhat vomit sodden hair out of her face. "Like it or not, Depavia, and I fall more on the not side than the like side… You have people who care about you far beyond any measure of a nuyen or your physical charms. I wish I had whatever you do that… makes you catch thier eyes."

Kass will pretty much break down at that point into tears, shaking her head and staying curled up in the bathroom, the smell of stale vomit hanging in the air.

Marcus will, if allowed, pick Kassandra up, and move her to the master bedroom. The paperwork can fuckoff. Humanity gets to him, and thats why Samuel trains him, in the end. Because Marcus is still human… and maybe Sam can improve on that.

Kassandra won't fight him, still wrapped up in the past, in what happened with Sam and Marcus, in worrying about Ally. It's been a very, very long day of worry and keeping things bottled up.

«OOC» Marcus thinks this scene has come to its natural end though. Marcus will tend her in bed, bring her a hot water bottle, turn up the heat, bring her some food and, if allowed, brush out her hair. He's not being stereotypically gay, so much as simply eing human.

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