Ties that Bind

The Ties that Bind


Legwork on Silks Background

146 From: Kassandra
Fldr : 0 Status: Unread
To : Johan
Subject: Legwork I

*Before arriving in Denver some 5+ months ago, the fixer name Silk appears in the PCC in the Santa Fe area. The names 'Kassie Andrews' and 'Annette Runningdeer' both seem to tie into that name, the pictures and prints associated with those names and SINs matching what you have on file for Kass.

*Data suggests that Silk was active in Santa Fe and the surrounding area for approximately 1-1.5 years. There is some record on the local datahavens that suggests she took the fall for a team of runners who botched a job.

*Prior to Sante Fe, images, records, and chatter indicates that she was active in Memphis and across the CAS for several years, running guns and doing light fixer work. The name Silk with a similiar profile also appears in some records in the Carribean League, with ties to some of the local rebellions and runners there.

*The name 'Kassandra DePaiva', from what you can find out, had a rather idealic life in St. Paul. Closer examination indicates that the background is *too* perfect. It has that high gloss shine of something put together by a very competant decker or government agency, but one that tried too hard to cover all the bases and doesn't have the little dings and tells of someone's real life. The activity on the SIN seems real enough, but very light prior to four years ago

*A person matching Silk's description was active in the Desert Wars with a mercenary unit called the Gravediggers, although much of what you find is off the books. The unit is now defunct, but she seemed to work as a supply officer, translator, and Intelligence Officer.

*Further digging reveals that Silk was active in Cairo, Baghdad, and many other small cities in the region, helping to run guns, bring in food and supplies, and transport people across the dangerous and wartorn areas.

*There are very spotty records and mentions on the various Shadowtalk archives from the area of someone calling themselves Kalila making a name for themsevles in the Shadows in the Middle East, doing small-time jobs. The MO and general description might fit Kassandra.

«Let me know where or if you want to pursue from here, and if there is any avenues or subjects I didnt touch on»

'Contact Sally Devries, CIA Comptroller in the CFS; request datafiles for

Mideast Theater>Assets>$(Region:Cairo|Bagdad|Ankara|Beruit|Mecca)$(Nominative:Kalila)$(Operations:Social)'


North African Theater>Assets>$(Region:Lybia-Algeria)$(Descriptor:MATCHING STATISTICS)$(Operations:Social|Logistics)$(Affiliation:Gravediggers)'

147 From: Kassandra
Fldr : 0 Status: Unread
To : Johan
Subject: Legwork II

*'Kalila' was a street name used by a virtually unknown runner at the time. Most of the work done was simple courier duty work, some light infiltration and distraction work. There is nothing that indicates Kalila worked for anyone but herself, although she did some work that ultimately could be linked to various organizations via blinds and covers. Kalila was never involved enough to be told who she worked for.

*The Gravediggers were a light infantry unit in the Desert Wars who primarily were a point unit. They were absorbed by McConnal's Marauders after taking heavy losses. The Marauders were obliterated approximately six years ago after attacks by local guerrillas who were attempting to free prisoners. The few surviving members were absorbed by other merc teams or otherwise drifting away.

Infosearch: Personnel>Desert Wars>Veterans>Survivors>McConnal's Marauders>North America'

Three hits:
Major Anthony McConnal (C3 - New York City);
Private Josh Davidson (MOS: EOD - New Orleans); Davidson was picked up from another unit called the Flaming Sabres
Private Christopher Flay (MOS: Infantry - Los Angeles)

Johan mmms. Info search on him, what's the Major doing in NYC these days?

Kassandra pages: He is currently drawing a salary as a 'Military Advisor' to Edge Industries, a fully owned subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology. They make small arms, military supplies and gear, HUMVEE armor, that sort of thing.

You paged Kassandra with 'deck to LA server, redirect datatrail, comcall; arrange appointment to talk to the Major, re book being written about desert wars and guerrilla warfare.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. He can find time to fit you in on Saturday (assuming you did this as soon as you sent them on their way or soon thereafter)

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. I would have.

To New York

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan flies out to New York. Identity will be Dr. Yitzak Cohen, Israeli teacher. Rating 7 SIN, will come back flawless to most checks.

From afar, Kassandra nods. He will meet you at a restaurant near their corporate offices.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) rolls Disguise (Set Persona) + Task Pool: 3 + 6 (Comps) (to Kassandra) for "+6 for masks and shops":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 9 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 5 vs TN 16 (to Johan) for "Major McConnal":
2 3 5 8 10 = 0 Successes

You paged Kassandra with 'Marcus will act as my driver. I will arrange to have a half written manuscript with several sample chapters available, if he wants to read about them. Mostly rewritings and paraphrasing of other, lesser known texts. The questions will focus on the Desert wars, and how smaller units were often gobbled in to larger units, and the cultural drift that develops in a unit, as microcosms of society'.

You paged Kassandra with 'And then ask him about X units he absorbed.. ect.'.

Kassandra pages: You can tell within minutes that this guy is an out and out ass, the sort of little person who gets into a position of power and uses it go push others around. He also has an ego roughly the size of Dallas. He will listen and preen, telling you how important his unit was in the grand scheme of things. The Marauders absorbed the Gravediggers, the Flaming Sabres, the Hellcats, and the 123rd Striker.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Dead end. Any data is diminished by his self ego. The private New Orleans. While I'm in this meeting, Marcus will be setting up a meeting with him. Same Cover.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan will be suitibly impressed, make -lots- of notes.
You paged Kassandra with 'And eventually excuse myself.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'The notes make him feel important, but are really probably cryptographical phrases in swahili about how big this guys mouth is.'.

Legwork on the Angelino

You paged Kassandra with 'Suborbital from New York to New Orleans, it's a few hours. Johan is unhappy to have wasted time on the Major. Should have done more research on him. Stupid mistake. While this is taking place, I want my agents digging up info on the Los Angelino.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. The Pvt in Los Angeles is currently working as a security guard at a minor C level company, night shift. He has some ties to a local humanis/anti-metahuman group. He posts as WhitePower259. Not married, divorced, 3 kids by 3 moms.
You paged Kassandra with 'Lovely. Is his anti-meta mostly ork/troll or does he seem to lump elves in as well? (Makes his info suspect as well)'.

Kassandra pages: Mostly orks/trolls. sometimes dwarves, but only because they dont run fast

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. So he's likely a case of shortman syndrome. Fears elves's innate superiority, takes out his frustrations on the smaller/stupider.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods


You paged Kassandra with 'Can I get a meeting with the Southern Boy?'.

Kassandra pages: Sure. He is currently spending most of his time in bars down in the Quarter.

You paged Kassandra with 'Any gainful employment? Family? Attachments?'.

Kassandra pages: He has permanent injury to one leg after the attack, grafts didnt take, no money for cyber or good cloned limb. your research says he is a musician/street performer. Has a wife, she works at a club down in the quarter as well.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan will go find him, no need for a clear identity. Use the Wulfson (Johan) identity. CAS SIN makes things easier. Locate, buy him a drink, steer conversation to shared combat duty. Johan worked for the Sandhogs, an engineering battalion specializing in field fortifications and the destruction thereof. JOhan was a Sapper. Show the cyberhand, form a basic relationship. Steer conversation to how it was a fucking grinder, constantly changing units, being absorbed, ect… steer conversation to the Grave Diggers, how I almost joined them… Keep the drinks steady but watered and measured. Don't let him get drunk, but keep him buzzed.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. He will gladly talk and drink with you. He doesn't seem at all bitter about the disability; instead, he will tell you over and over again how the time over there was some of the best in his life and how much he enjoyed it. Once steered along, he will tell you how they picked up the Gravediggers, a pretty decent little group, but they were pretty torn up, maybe a company left at most. The Major used them to plug holes in his own unit but made it clear that they'd never advance or measure up to his standards.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Steer conversation to this one hot little fucking elf arab chick, a logistics woman they had. ALmost made him sign on. See if that jogs any memory in his eyes.

Kassandra pages: oh yeah! God she was hot, just the cutest little thing. Had all the guys panting but no one ever seemed to score with her.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Another drink. Stear conversation to rumors he heard about her. She was the granddaughter of Saddam Hussein, she retired when she went back and uncovered one of his bullion stashes… see if he volunteers one of his own.

Kassandra pages: He will laugh at that, says that he heard she was some sort of padisha's assistant or something before she came to the unit. Shame about what happened tho, he hears that she got kidnapped in the big raid on their complex, probably long dead by now.

You paged Kassandra with 'Padasha's assistant? Ask what the fuck that was.'.

Kassandra pages: He shrugs. "Fucked it I know. I heard from one of the guys in the Diggers that she told him about working for some guy as his personal assistant. I said whore, but no, apparently she was someone who got this guy drugs and girls and shit.

You paged Kassandra with 'And then about the kidnapping. Jesus, he hadn't heard about that.'.

Kassandra pages: Oh yeah. The Old Man sent her and this fuckup Lt out to question some prisoners we captured, on accounta she could speak their lingo better than anyone the Marauders had. That was the last anyone saw of her, cause the whole world came crashing down right about then. When the dust cleared, the Lt. was dead, all the prisoners were gone, and so was she. We didnt find any body, figured they dragged her off to do whatever with her, or sell her on the block."

You paged Kassandra with 'What does this guys wife do? Lapdances, or serving?'.

Kassandra pages: Serving.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Go order a drink. Drop a 5000 nuyen tip. Leave without being seen. A note, as well, to make clear it is a tip for the specific woman.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) spends 5000 nuyen for "Legwork expenses.".

Kassandra pages: Aw…Johan has a heart :D

On to Fadil Azad

You paged Kassandra with 'Okay. Gonna initiate a general infosearch for her past locals, and anyone matching the description of the Padisha in her former areas of overlap. Additionally, notate that the Major needs a background check for later humiliation. Johan has a HUGE hate on for tinpots who abuse people.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'Infosearch.'.

Kassandra pages: The Padisha search will turn up one Fadil Azad, currently residing in Turkey. idle rich playboy type.

You paged Kassandra with 'Wealth stems from?'.

Kassandra pages: His family is listed as spice merchants. Once you scrape the surface you find all sorts of vices there: black market drug smuggling, slavery, BTLS, etc

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Now I'm getting somewhere. Geneology. Any currently unaccounted for members?
You paged Kassandra with 'Long hawl is going to be my friend if I want to wrap this up before you return from fucking FLorida.'.

Kassandra pages: No missing family members, but several dead and buried. Fadil had several brothers who died under mysterious circumstances, if you consider knifings, poisonings, and one beheading as mysterious.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Contact Syndey Greenstreets for a dossier on Fadil while I arrange semiballistic to Cairo and a suborbital to Ankara.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johan (#799) spends 10000 nuyen for "Expenses".

Kassandra pages: Sydney will dig up all sorts of nastiness on Fadil. He's survived a number of assassination attempts in the last 10 years, mostly due to his activities. Sydney can tell you that the Mossad has a standing order for his head on a platter for crimes against humanity and several important members of government. Fadil has some pull with the House of Saud, which gives him a level of protection from some of the maneuvering.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. So this guys top teir.

Kassandra pages: He is fairly high up there in Sleezy Underworld Bosses.

You paged Kassandra with 'I want to know about his past known associates, Cross-reference with previous search by Sally re: Kalila.'.

Kassandra pages: Sally will find out that Kalila did some minor work that can be associated with Fadil, mostly people moving. Her name comes up time and time again mentioned with moving merchandise across borders. His past associates are numerous in just about every walk of life. This is a man with his fingers in any number of pies. Back when Kalila was associated with him, he was just a minor underboss, doing most of his work in slavery and drug transportation throughout the region.

You paged Kassandra with 'Can I get a timeline on her known association with him, maybe some names of people who worked 'with' her in that time?'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. It shouldnt be hard to work that out. Many of the names associated with that time period are either no longer alive, around, or in the region. The ones that stand out would be a transporter who went by the name (translated) of Windsong, and a samurai named (translated) Lion of God. Both still work in the region, with Windsong in Iran and Lion of God currently doing runs in Baghdad.

To Tehran, Iran

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Lucky I'm already in route to Cairo. Divert from Ankara to Tehran, see if I can leverage a meeting with Windsong. Use Iranian SIN Naif al-Sheikh. A dealer in magical antiquities and books, usually works out of Athens. Small time, but has some backing.

You paged Kassandra with '3000 for a meeting, 5000 if its fruitful.'.

Kassandra pages: You can interest him into a meeting, yes.

You paged Kassandra with 'Thats good money in Iran.'.

Kassandra pages: It is DAMN good money in Iran

Kassandra pages: Windsong is an old Iranian, perhaps 48-55 now. No obvious cyber at all. He'll meet you at one of the local watering holes, a veritable dive.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. I will express that I am working on behalf of a patron who wishes to remain nameless. We are trying to locate the family of a woman who is thought to have saved a man's life who was of import to the patron. She was unfortunately killed in the exchange, but an honor debt remains that must be discharged.

Kassandra pages: He will of course be willing to help in such a matter, as much as he can.

You paged Kassandra with 'Explain that we have established she worked for fadil, under the name Kalila, and the trail runs dry here. Any assistance windsong can give would be appreciated.'.

Kassandra pages: He will get very nervous once Fadil's name is brought into it. He is willing to tell you that he knew Kalila some years ago when she was a bound servant of Fadil's. She would often be sent out to make sure that the cargo being moved from place to place stayed calm and did what they were told. She didn't speak often of family, but he is convinced that she did not have much, if any. She was a very quiet girl most of the time, speaking only when spoken to. Of course, she is a woman, who can know what they know or think.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Explain that this has nothing to do with Fadil, and no harm shall come from any quarter such as that. Give my word on An-Nahl 91, in which Allah forbids Muslims from breaking their word as though Allah were witness to the oath. If he has any information of any note, now would be the time to share it, for from here, I travel to another place, to discuss with another man, who may know more.

You paged Kassandra with 'And the intimation, is greater reward.'.

Kassandra pages: He will take a moment to let that sink in and to consider. "Kalila was given to Fadil as a favor, a boon from a man known as Fakhouri. This Fakhouri had apparently had her for some time and valued her, but needed something Fadil had at the time, but what that was Windsong does not know."

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. A name. I like names. Names make me happy. And this Fakhouri… where can he be found?" Credsticks here are near useless. I will have a predisposed amount of cash on me. Exactly enough to cover this meeting + 2000 nuyen, in individual bundles of 1000 Iranian currency.

You paged Kassandra with 'I will place a small sack on the table with my -right- hand. 4000 with the intimation I have more if he has an answer to this question'.

Kassandra pages: Fakhouri ..I have not heard his name spoken in many years. He may be with Allah, it is certain that he is no longer active in the region.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. with no further information in this regard to be had, make my departures, on the look out for any tail, friends, or other people who look ready to tussle, ect. Loose all tails, call Ms. Browning and Viktor Davion. Browning is also in the CIA (Don't like leaning on one contact) and Viktor is a gunrunner/arms dealer out of the Ukraine.
From afar, Kassandra nods. No tails seem to cling, if you had any. What are we asking these two?

You paged Kassandra with 'Looking for players named or known as Fakhouri in timeline between X and Y, middle east theater, with transactions or dealing with Fadil'.

Fakhouri is dead man…

Kassandra pages: Oh yes, well known to them. Fakhouri was killed some five years ago in a deal with a gunrunner named Jamison Spencer aka Frostburn. Apparently Fakhouri attempted to offer him a trade in merchandise and Frostburn took offence and capped him. Previous to that, Fakhouri had made a long career out of trading slaves for merchandise, and was regarded as one of the single greatest slavemasters in the region. He was who you went to if you had particular needs and wants, as he was well-known for his ability to get just about anything. He also dealt in guns, drugs, and anything else that was illegal and immoral. He owned several drug processing plants, a BTL parlor, and so forth.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Any heirs, seconds in command, known consigliari still alive?

Akhil Bahjat and Umar Hassani are not, though.

Kassandra pages: Upon his death, his 'empire' fractured. Much of the drug trade was gobbled up by Fadil, while a man named Hassan Allaf took over the BTL trade and some of the local gunrunning. The slave trade was mostly picked up by two men, Akhil Bahjat and Umar Hassani.

You paged Kassandra with 'Partners, or rivals? The final two. Focusing on slave trade now.'.

Kassandra pages: On and off partners. They bicker a great deal, but have known each other forever. They are currently in their 'on' phase

You paged Kassandra with 'Where are they based out of?'.

Kassandra pages: Outside of Baghdad currently, one of the smaller cities. They move around a lot, this HQ has only been operational for maybe 4 months

Off to Bagdad, Iraq

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Now to bagdad. Lucky from Tehran to Bagdad is only about 500 mils as the crow flies. And I fly very well. Take a charter plane and see if Viktor can arrange a meeting with one of them. Preferably the one who seems to be on the 'under' side of the partnership.

You paged Kassandra with 'Armando is the cover.'.

Kassandra pages: the current underside of the pair is Umar Hassani. He will be eager to meet, esp. if you are looking to buy

You paged Kassandra with 'Of course I am, but I have very very specific requirements. I am sure a man of his talent can meet my needs.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'Do you know how hard it is to find a Chinese girl with green eyes?'.

From afar, Kassandra laughs.

You paged Kassandra with 'Glad you catch the reference :)'.

Kassandra pages: He will of course put on the mock insulted face, declaring that you would think such a thing. he can get anyone or anything you want, for a price.

You paged Kassandra with 'I want a girl with a skintone just so. features rounded as such, With eyes that hold smoke within them.'.

Kassandra pages: A tall order, that. How old did you want this girl to be? He twitches somewhat at the description, watching you closely.

You paged Kassandra with 'Tell me about the security on this meeting. :)'.

Kassandra pages: He will have met in a relatively neutral place with perhaps two or three gentlemen with red shirts and low life expectancies.

Meeting with Umar Hassani


Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. "I am sorry my friend. I.. if my desires are too tall, I can look elsewhere. I do not want a… custom made… Technology will not do, a chip will not do… No. I need… I need flesh that is untouched by a knife. I do not wish to impose, it… it was just like a dream, a vision. A younger man, I was Ankara… It was a market day, and I only saw her for a moment. But her vision has haunted me. Like a siren, in my dreams. I must possess those eyes, as they have possessed me for nearly a decade. Can you help me rid myself of this damnable vision? All roads point to you and your partner, as the finest men for such -assistance- in the world. I am at your door."

You paged Kassandra with 'Appealing to ego and placing myself as a supplicant. Usually works very well.'.

Kassandra pages: Ah, my friend, I have seen this vision of yours, many years ago myself, those eyes that speak to you. She was a favorite of my departed friend, a sweet child who I assure you would be well worth any amount of money. I must confess that it has been many years since I have seen your dreamchild, and I would give a great deal to have my hands on her. I imagine she would fetch quite a price, even now.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan seems to think that over. "You… you have no others like her? Nothing? It…" He seems very frustrated, like the idle riche scion to nobility that the background check would return that he is… "This cannot be… Do you know where her family is from? Perhaps others… in that area? I -must- have my vision, friend… Price, she is no object. Money I have. Those eyes… I have not."

Kassandra pages: Alas, no my friend. She was a favorite of my dear departed mentors and he had her for many years. If she had a sister, believe me, Fakhouri would have had her in a heartbeat and kept her close. No my friend, she was but an orphan when I first saw her, one of the many Fakhouri kept around his house. those eyes, tho, as you say, they haunted many a man. I think they drove Fakhouri mad when he finally gave her away.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods, and is silent a long while, staring into his Qahwa (Strong, very strong, arabian coffee). "I see. I am sorry, friend, to have wasted your time." he says some time later, looking back to the slave dealer. "Perhaps this trip will not be a… complete failure. Perhaps you have.. something that could take my mind off this depressing news?"

Kassandra pages: Of course my friend, of course. I have a wide selection to take your mind off of such matters, to make those dreams go away. Perhaps one of them will even take the place of such?

You paged Kassandra with 'It would be my hope. I will be in Bagdad a day longer… perhaps tomorrow you can… introduce me to a girl.." The choice of word is deliberate. ".. who may do just that. Here is where I am staying. Please… rid me of this meddlesome phantasm."'.

Kassandra pages: But of course. It shall be done, and your dreams shall be filled with honey, your cares taken away. I shall prepare one of the girls myself for you, a special one to take away your cares.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan mmms… "I am… no.. how to say… I do not mean to imply that your taste would be illsuited to me, no… but perhaps I could visit a… selection… and perhaps observe them?"

Kassandra pages: Oh?! Yes, of course my friend, how stupid of me, no, no offense at all. I would be honoured for you to visit me at one of my houses. You may choose one or as many as it takes to quench your desires. You are familiar with the city? Come to me tomorrow at X place.

You paged Kassandra with 'Ahh, yes, I know that area. Thank you, indeed. I will be there. Say… 4pm?'.

Kassandra pages: That would be most excellent. We shall meet again then my friend.

Legwork on Hussani

You paged Kassandra with 'Okay. Now, I depart. Marcus will remain, invisible, to observe and give me an intital vector while I get myself up to speed to do surveillance and locate the other houses.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods.

You paged Kassandra with 'If at all possible, AOD trackers will have been placed on whatever vehicles they arrived in, provided it would not blow the meeting'.

Long distance to Kassandra: Okay. if at all possible, AoD on their vehicles, surveillance and counter surveillance

From afar, Kassandra nods. You and Marcus should be able to easily place bugs. these guys are good at what they do, but are not exactly up on high tech measures

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Okay. Overlay the paths of the vehicles, stop times, ect, on a map of Bagdad and start plotting, as I move, likely safe house locations. Going to call Jeremey Faloon for a friend of a friend; I need a Mossad agent who can round me up some shadowrunners who are interested in kicking in some doors and shooting some people.

You paged Kassandra with 'Given my usual fixer is in Florida.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'And I wouldn't contact her about this anyway.'.

Kassandra pages: Do you tell him who you are going after?

You paged Kassandra with 'Need-to-know, but in the interests of the Lions of Judah.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. He can put you with an agent who can, in short order, get you 5-7 runners who would love some cash and blood.

You paged Kassandra with 'Cost?'.

Kassandra pages: These are all C level scrubs, so pretty much whatever you are willing to offer them. Figure 5k per is a good amount here. they could eat for a year

«Stats System» You pay Kassandra (#9777) 35000 nuyen for "Runners. This is an expensive vacation.".

You paged Kassandra with 'Okay. Got some locations. Got some runners. Now 2 hours of sleep.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'Then, decking those guys's finances. Figuring out who pays them, compiling a client list, compiling an inflow and outflow, ect. I need to know who's on their take and who's taking from them.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 3 (to Johan) for "complexity of system":
2 5 5

Kassandra pages: utterly average defenses on there system. You have all sorts of clients listed, from people that dont matter to minor govt. officials. You can map out who they are paying, where their cash comes from, etc. It appears that Bahjat is actually funneling money to Fadil on the side, separate from his partner

You paged Kassandra with 'Thats the one I met with, or the other one?'.

Kassandra pages: The other one.

You paged Kassandra with 'Perfect.'.
You paged Kassandra with 'Low on time… What can I do in a few hours and still get enough sleep to be operational without stims. 'Okay. Compile, highlight and export the data on the cash flow to fadil. Try and figure out; does this represent a bribe for support in an upcoming move against his partner, and if NOT, how can I make it -look- like that? Look for any weapons purchases recently or sudden increases in manpower.'.

From afar, Kassandra nods. It looks like the Senior partner is building up for another attack. you can see the previous patterns in their purchases when they are ramping up for an attack on one another. the guy you met hasnt started yet, but the sr. partner is making big spends. It also looks like he is trying to buy in with Fadil.

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Gotcha. This can be spun. Okay. Call my guy. Move the meeting to noon. Have the Shadowrunners on a hold pattern with Marcus leading them. My plan is to purchase a girl, then give my new business partner, the information he needs to strike first. Strike hard. To play one side against the other, then wipe out the other side.'. 'It's a simple plan, and one that has the weight of history on its side. I just need a good way to have gotten the information. Well, there's always the 'Do you think me a FOOL? I always investigate my business partners' line…'.

Kassandra pages: Sounds like a pretty decent plan

Johan okays. So then. Proceed forward. Alert the Mossad contact that there will be a mess in Bagdad. They will have a download sent to them as soon as contact starts, but not before, for Op-sec.

'Okay. Shadowrunners are on standby with MArcus, move the meeting forward due to urgent matters, make a show of going to the bank at 10am to withdraw cash in a briefcase, for the transaction, Mossad on alert, Myself on hyper alert, I go to the noon meeting with the man. I ask him for a private moment alone. I don't wish to embarrass him in front of his men, I will explain.

The Bait

Of course my friend, of course. How can I help you? <he will draw you into a side room.>

Johan will turn to the man, and sell it. "Hassani, I am confused. You seem like a very smart man. Everyone says, of the two, you are the best. But I am unhappy! I am unhappy with what my chief of security tells me today. Do you know, hassani, what my Security man tells me today? He tells me that to deal with you is -foolish-. That you are weak and about to be swept from power. I tell him no no no no, Inego, you are mistaken. And then he shows me the data his team collected in the last few days in preparation for this, should you have had my smokey eyed siren… my man is very complete. Do you know what my man has found, Hassani? Do you have an inkling?"

He will look completely confused, "What? What do you mean, I am in power! I am not to be swept aside. What are these baseless accusations that some fool has made?

The Hook

Johan will open the briefcase, and remove the thick stack of papers that clearly, but obtusely outlines the weapons transfers, the manpower increases and the money flow. "Your partner, pays off Fadil, while he imports weapons, men, and materials. Your partner is about to move against you! Look here! It's all here! I come to you, because I -respect- what you do. Because I appreciate the understanding you have shown me and because we, you and I, we have a relationship that can be mutually beneficial. You, sit, read…"

What is this? <he will take the offered papers, face turning red at the accusations of his partner's infidelity>. "Let me see that, what is this? Is this how he repairs years of work, by partnering with that son of a dog Fadil?"

Johan nods to the man. "It would seem so. If my man were not so very dedicated to keeping me safe.. I may have walked in to a warzone. But. There is a solution."

The Line

He flips through the papers, looking more and more in despair. "What? What solution? I am ruined, ruined! How can this ever be fixed?"

Johan places one hand on the table, fingertips pressed to the wood. "I do not come empty handed, my friend. Were there no profit to be made, no situation to salvage… I would simply have left for Istanbul post haste and left this city in my wake. No… you have men. You have weapons… and so do I. I am a very wealthy man, my friend… and anticipating a possible attempt on my life or a ransom… one can never be to careful… I have a full tactical squad of hardened men I would be all to happy to assist you with…"

Johan explains… "I dislike men who have no honor… and you, clearly, have dealt with me in faith and honor, my friend."

He slaps his hand on the tabletop, "It could work! It is bold, decisive. That dog would never see it coming. He expects me to simply be sitting here, not ready for his deceit! but, are you willing to throw your forces in with mine?"

Johan seems ready to hedge his bets, but watches the other man for a moment. "For some considerations. I have many friends in the aristocracy… and I would be… -honored- to be granted the station as your… representative to the courts of western Europa."

You can see the dollar signs in his eyes as he imagines his small trade being shipped across Europe. "It is I who would be honored to have a true partner, someone willing and excited to open new ground."

The Sinker

Johan nods, and reaches for his cellphone, to make it happen. "We will need to strike quick, while surprise is with us. My men are in two teams, but would be better spread out among your own, making them more effective, working with your excellent soldiers who know the area and whom they are targeting. My man, Inego, he will make it happen."

He reaches for his own phone, nodding, "Your words are wise. By this time tonight, our fortunes shall be entertwined!"

Johan speaks in quick and hushed Spanish, informing Inigo(Marcus) that his 'idea' is a go, and he should contact a man he is about to be told to, to coordinate. Embed the 'security' detail in with the new partners teams and work from inside.


Marcus will affirm that he understands and will start moving things on his side into position. Hassini's men will be ready in short order

Johan will have discussed with Marcus that the two head men are the ones most important. If they escape, then this is mostly for nothing. Just so he's sure and understands; no surrender from the other guy From here, it's a matter of how well our runners do against the other guy, as these two factions grind in to war. Marcus will send a datadrop to Tel Aviv to alert them to whats going down, it scope and what exactly is happening.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 6 (to Johan):
2 3 4 4 5 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 4 vs TN 11 (to Johan):
2 4 5 11 = 1 Success

Akhil Bahjat and Umar Hassani are dead now, though.

It is a close fight, all things considered. While Hassini's partner, the senior in the group, has been spending money on increased security, he didn't have it in place. Your d00dz are able to sweep in and pick them off, taking some serious damage to your own forces but coming out successfully.

'How combat-ready are my shadowrunners at the end, and is the partner confirmed dead?'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 6 (to Johan):
1 2 3 4 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls 1 (to Johan) for "odd yes":

Your people are at 60 percent efficiency and yes, he is dead

'Initiate phase two, I will personally kill Hassani and his guards.'.

That shouldn't pose a problem. He trusts you and is totally unprepared. You and your forces have surprise

You paged Kassandra with 'Never trust a man willing to buy another person.'.

You paged Kassandra with 'Okay. I think we withdraw, the Mossad and locals can see to the girls… Me and Marcus withdraw.'.

From afar, Kassandra nodnod. Mossad and company are all too happy to run in and bat cleanup

You paged Kassandra with 'And we fade in to the night.'.

Kassandra pages: Woo!.

You paged Kassandra with 'Sometimes, it's not about recognition or anything like that.'.

Kassandra pages: sometimes people just need to die

Long distance to Kassandra: Johan nods. Exactly so

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