Touching Bases And Touching Souls

Marcus opens the door to allow Kassandra entrance. She is bundled against the weather, carrying an equally bundled baby with her. She gives Marcus a nod and a smile, looking around the lavish Penthouse.

Marcus remarks, "He is back here, Ms. DePaiva."

Kass follows the assistant/butler/apprentice back to where Johan is supposted to be, speaking softly to Maya and pulling the extra blanket off the baby. "Good evening."

Johan is in his fairly spacious work room, his back to the main door. The room is itself, easily the size of the McAffry tower's 'main room'. He is at a desk, a bright spotlight illuminating the building (The Wells-Fargo tower, as it were) that he is currently sculpting with a steel chisel, from wood. "Good evening, Ms. Depavia, Ms. Nobumura, the young Ms. Cindel.. What can I Do for you tonight?"

Hitomi arrives, getting funny looks from the various staff of the area, dressed like a 'thirteen year old slut' as she is. But, she ehads up to the elevator to visit Johan anyway. When the door opens, and she sees he has a /butler/ she boggles, and then she barely suppresses her awe as she is lead through to the utility, her eyes wandering all over the magnificent area.

Lilith enters from the hallway.
Lilith has arrived.

Johan is in his fairly spacious work room, his back to the main door. The room is itself, easily the size of the McAffry tower's 'main room'. He is at a desk, a bright spotlight illuminating the building (The Wells-Fargo tower, as it were) that he is currently sculpting with a steel chisel, from wood. "Good evening, Ms. Depavia, Ms. Nobumura, the young Ms. Cindel.. What can I Do for you tonight?"

Kass waves Maya's little hand at Johan, "Good evening. You said to come by, so here we are. Maya suggested that she might be able to help with some of the tricky bits, and insisted I come with."

Lilith enters quietly, behind Kassandra, not saying anything or otherwise announcing her presence.

Johan tries very hard not to be enchanted by the power of a baby. He manages not to turn in to a pile of goo, like well, dads do… And it's helpful that it's not his child. But he puts the miniature work down now, setting the Wells-Fargo Building, all 5 inches of it, to the side. He turns in the stool he was using, the lights dimming as he rises to his feet.

He puts his arms out, to take the child if allowed.

Kassandra scoots closer, carefully handing Maya to Johan. She doesn't chide him on how to hold, but rather lets the little one over, stepping back and dropping her purse and diaper bag in the corner. "She certainly had a good time in the car."

Hitomi looks around then, "Woah… this is amazing…" she says, wandering around the huge model, looking at it, as Kassandra and sam deal with the kiddy. She doesn't much like babies. One of the little tidbits to the side catches her attention, and she glances at some of them, not going to touch, just look.

Lilith simply moves quietly to a dark corner.

Johan takes the child, cradling the infant (She's what, 3-4 months old now?) in his arm, her head resting in in the crook of his elbow. "This is ah…" He glances around… "My playroom." He suggests then. "And yes, of course, you're always welcome here. It being my home and all." He says simply. "Can… Marcus get you anything?"

Marcus, in the hallway is silent, but he rolls his eyes.

Johan watches Hitomi wander and Lilith skulk, trying to not be amused by both behaviors.

Kassandra pulls off her hat and coat, adding that to the mess in the corner, and not the one Lilith is in. She gives Marcus a multi-megawatt smile, shaking her head. "No, I am quite all right. It is good to see you again, Marcus." She says the words simply, her voice sincere. She adds to Maya in Elvish, "Say hello to Marcus, Maya!" The baby, for the most part, ignores the suggestion.

Lilith doesn't seem to hold the scene in distaste, she's simply withdrawn.

Marcus is as cool as a cucumber. NOthing wrong with him whatsoever. He smiles politely, taking the coat and whatnot and then hanging them up. Because thats what you do with coats. You hang them up.

"In any case, you suggested setting up lesson plans for opsec and the like. I left a message on Mrs. DeWinter's service and thought we should pop over to see what was on your mind." Kass watches Marcus head off with the coats, shaking her head sadly.
Lilith idly looks around for a place to sit.

Moving with the child now, Johan looks over the massive model of the city of Denver. "Look here Maya, this is the city you live in. No… I'm not Kassandra, I don't smell like she does and my voice, thankfully, is lower. I'm probably the first man to hold you, because your mother is a man-hating cockjuggler, yes she is! YEs she is!"

He thinks over the situation. "YOu are correct. We've got a team of civilians who are facing a challenge they don't really appreciate." A glance given to Lilith… "And it's not their faults… We need to all get on the same page."

Lilith murmurs so softly anyone else would have trouble hearing her. "Untrained and uncaring. I have no issue with what I am being asked to do or what we expect to face. Point me in the right direction and I'm a tool for cutting."

Hitomi snickers a little bit at what Johan says to the kid, "I guess it's a good job he doesn't understand you." She says back to him, and heads over to the group proper. She says, "My trix-fu is top notch, Cap'n. And I'm even getting some hardware together so I can do an even better job."

"If she hates men, why would she be juggling cocks?" Kass says the line with a straight face, shaking her head and scolding, this time in Elvish again, "Don't listen to him, Maya. He is just grumpy. And don't say that word, either."

Switching back to English, Kass remarks, glancing at Lilith as she speaks, not picking out the words. She frowns, "Well, we all come from different walks of life and bring different and divergent things to the table. It is a matte of learning, all of us, some basic skills in interacting and protecting ourselves."

Aladriel enters from the hallway.
Aladriel has arrived.

Johan nods to the others as he turns with the child, leaning on the corner of the table that holds model. "I, am a career spook. I've fallen in to the trap of thinking that things people would normaly learn in the intelligence world in their first year. It's a little like me trying to be a woman. Something each of you can understand, is men and women -walk- differently. As such, what I think is a perfectly acceptable stride as a man being a woman, would not be acceptable to you because it looks too manly. Only I wouldn't know it."

He murmurs then to the child… "Don't worry Maya, Uncle Johnny looks good in a skirt."

Currently Lil is in the corner, Hitomi is looking around, Maya is being held by Johan, and Kass is next to purse and bag

Hitomi pauses for a minute, and she says, "Sop what you're trying to say is… you've decided to become a transvestite." Hitomi says "And you need our help looking more like a woman."

Johan clarifies. "Transsexual. A transvestite is just a man in womans clothing. A transvestite lives as a woman. But more to the point Kiddo, no, I'm trying to illustrate paradigm differences between us."

Lilith sighs. "I've worked in a life of secrets and lies for too long to be such an entire fool when I get involved in all of this, and…" and then she chokes, coughing and putting a hand to her chest when she hears his words and then Hitomi's. Quietly, but thrown off all the same.

Kassandra laughs at the otaku, eyeing Johan thoughtfully. "I .. oh, that would be a sight." She drifts to the diaper bag, sinking gracefully down next to it to pull out a small cloth. She heads over to Maya, wiping her chin.

Aladriel walks in, led by Marcus, to a sight she really didn't think she'd see: Johan holding her child. Blinking a little bit, she doesn't say anything by way of greeting to anyone present: instead just taking in the moment with a somewhat surprised look.

Hitomi nods her head, "I know, I know, I was just teasing. Well, you know my background. Once a spoiled corporate princess turned street-dwelling Otaku. Until the last six mnths or so, I've been pretty much really sheltered… but I've learned a lot, and fast, in those six months."

Johan offers the child back so the woman can do her motherly duties. "Go on back to your mommyauntthing now Maya. Uncle Johnny doesn't need to be spit up on.." A pause as Ally comes in to the room, like he got caught doing somehting he ought not have been doing. He lets it go quickly, then addresses the woman.

"The point being, Lilith, Hitomi" He nods to Lilith, accepting what she said. "It's easy to be dispassionate about tradecraft, to know it, from up here." He gestures to the model. He then puts his hand on one small section. "It's harder to see it from down ehre, when you're involved. Yes, you make a mistake, assuming Minos told me, but I made a mistake, assuming you knew better. It's not a question of -value-, its a question of education. It's a question of understanding. Again, Lilith, the failure us not yours. It's mine."

Kassandra smiles before turning, Maya giving her one of the many clues that Aladriel has arrived. First clue? She can hear Marcus's disapproval in the room. She turns partially, "Hello, love." Taking Maya, she dabs at the child's face again, murmuring, "Where does she get all this spit from?" Questioning the child in Elvish, "Are you chewing on something?"

"Children tap in to a metaplane of spit, snot and shit." Murmurs Johan. "It's their superpower."

Lilith snorts. "A mistake on bot parts, sir. You do not make mistakes. There's nothing wrong in assuming I know better, because I should've."

Ally flashes Johan a big smile at his reaction to being caught with the babe but she lets him off the hook. Walking to meet Kassandra and Maya, woman and baby are met with very affectionate eyes. "My sweeties," she says softly, not wanting to interupt Johan's meeting. She tilts her head a bit to murmur to Kassandra: "I think he's right about where she gets it," she giggles, and then casts her eyes about the rest of the room to look at Lilith and Hitomi.

Hitomi nods her head a little bit, then, and she says, "Alright, I get that." She says then, when he explains about objectivity and subjectivity. Hell, she ehard something similar about map making by traveling versus map making using satellites when she was learning to program. "But uh? Mistake?" she asks then, looking between Sam and Lillith.

Janie enters from the hallway.
Janie has arrived.

Kassandra strays a step closer to Aladriel, shifting Maya until she is between them. Kass nods thoughtfully, "It very well may be. She certainly generates enough." She glances between Lilith and Johan a moment before answering Hitomi, "Not really a mistake, Hitomi, just .. we aren't used, really used, to working with each other."

Johan gestures out of the room, to the hallway. "Okay, okay okay… Out of this room. It's too small for so many people. Lets go out on the deck. Pools heated, we can take a swim or something." He says, leading out of the room.

The Pool

Medievo Penthouse 1004 - Patio

Just off the main room of the Penthouse, dominating the outside of the home, the outdoor party terrace is expansive. The main deck, up a half flight of stairs and flush with the roof, is large enough to host a party of thirty people without feeling cramped, with a full service wet bar and grill at one end. Many large potted bamboo plants provide shade in the sun and give the patio some privacy from any neighbors. Many of the plants are on swivel casters that allow several to slide away, to give an encompassing view of the city below.

The lower deck, underneath the main deck and sunken a few feet, down a half flight of stairs, houses the pool, hot tub and a small home gym that are elegantly laid out to provide maximum space. The pool is shaped like a small grotto, with a shaped rock formation at one end lit by torchlight. It has a space where swimmers can go inside and enter the Sauna.

Kassandra carries Maya carefully, carrying her purse and diaperbag with the other hand. She speaks softly to the baby in Elvish, chatting and pointing out various and sundry objects in the room, giving their proper name and pronunciation.

Johan leads the group outside. The heaters are going full boar and the pool, under the main deck, is steaming nicely. "It's not Thistlewood, but it's nice enough." Says he, looking back to the women. "So anyway. Yes. We need to discuss operational security, what it means, and how to ensure we don't piss each other off too much or put each other in too much danger. Not everyone is ex military or even a spy. As it happens, the professional runners are vastly outnumbered by the talented amateurs here, which is -very different- for me."

Ally trails along, just smitten with the way Kassandra is handling little Maya and letting herself just be a presence in the room for a little while. And, thankfully, with Maya being amused by Kassandra, it frees her to focus a little more on Johan. "Should I take notes, or can you send along a study guide?" she asks, in complete seriousness.

Hitomi laughs a little, and says, "Sounds fun but I didn't bring a swimsuit, so I'll pass." as she heads out after them, and she nods at what Johan says then, looking around in awe at the patio, she holds her tongue though. Serious discussions are afoot. "Well, I ordered myself that helmet thingy, which has encrypted comms gear?" She says then, apparently not quite getting what he was getting at. She also adds, "All otaku are basically talented amateurs. We only have a few years to gain experience before… well… before the fading."

Johan pauses a moment, glancing back inside. "Ms. Blair's here." He says before gesturing to a locker. "I plan for that. There's a locker of swimsuits over there. You'll find that the 9th one from the right side, the purple one with the Herro Werewolf logo will fit you." Johan plans ahead. Johan then answers ally… "No. The first rule of Op-sec, is never ever write anything down!" He says with a grin.

Kassandra moves around the patio, taking softly to Maya. She doesn't make a production out of it nor try to overly cute everyone out. Rather, she speaks to the child like she is a little adult, pointing out things of interest and explaining, albeit in Elvish, what she is talking about. She mentions while passing by, "That is the thing .. we've never really laid out any sort of rules or how to do things, and we expect everyone to be able to jump into the deep end equally well."

Johan nods to Kassandra then. "Exactly correct. Minos had mentioned he was going to do some training with Lilith, but clearly, what was done is not up to my standards. Also, I need to…" he exhales, grudgingly… "Lower my standards some. My standards are unreasonable for talented amateurs."

Hitomi blinks, "…Herro Werewolf…" she says then, and shakes her head, "Johan, no offense? You have absolutely no idea how creepy that is do you?" She says to him, "That you have, of all things, a swimsuit for me. At your house." She says then, and shivers a little. "That's, like, stalker creepy."

Janie arrives shortly after Johan's announcement. Marcus, ever the efficient butler that he is, has taken her coat and she's wearing a simple jeans and shirt combo underneath. "Evenin', all," she greets the various people present, then looks askance at Hitomi's expression. "Somethin' wrong?" she asks.

"It's not necessarily a bad thing, though, is it?" Ally asks Johan as she heads towards the lockers to see if she can find her own swimsuit. Hmmm, she starts opening lockers. "So some of us need training. The good thing is if you work with old 'pros' they might be as good as they get. Whereas we've got in this group a lot of power…and once we get the finesse, we'll be like, really really good."

Kass laughs a bit at Hitomi, murmuring "He has one for everyone on the team, plus a few for people he met once. There are at least three weapons out here within ten feet of any given position. There are a number of electronic countermeasures in that plant." She tells Maya, "Preparation."

Johan glances at Hitomi, smiling for a moment. He nods to Janie, a greeting, before answering to the negitive. "No, nothing wrong, just realizing the group paradigm lacks, in terms of how we define security and so forth." A pause before he goes back to Hitomi… "The junction of your Diencephalon and your Cephalic Flexure is dimpled. It's sort of cute, the way it pulses slightly when you stimulate the Gyrus of the deep Sulcus. I've been in your brain, kiddo. I don't think me knowing your measurements and being ready to entertain properly, is out of sorts."

Hitomi furrows her brows at his medical lingo, and shakes her head. "Yeah, but knowing my measurements is one thing- and I want to see CCTV footage of when I was under, now- but having a swimsuit for me?" She shakes her head a bit, "I think that Kass is right. You're over-prepared. Sometimes you have to let things happen naturally." She says to him, and adds, "If I put as much thought into decking as you do into… everything? I'd be unable to hear the deep resonance."

Johan shrugs, looking back to everyone as he reaches in to a small cooler for a beer. He kicks the cooler in to the center of the main deck, letting people get their own. "Let me start by saying, that I never touched you outside the bonds of my medical duties. I saw you nude, but then, you know, I've seen -lots- of girls nude in my life. Ally was there the whole time and can vouch, I never did anything wrong."

Heading over towards the locker, Kass peers around Ally to see the suits. She comments, "No, I didn't say he was *over*prepared. Just that he prepares for eventualities. He knew we were coming, or would come. He knew that people wouldn't have swimwear on the spur of the moment and that many consider casual nudity embarassing. So he made the logical steps to make sure people were comfortable."

Johan then asks… "Do you not like Herro Werewolf? I admit, my japanophilia is low."

Aladriel glances around to see if anyone else followed the medical jargon that Johan just dished out. Judging from her smile, she certainly did, which is quite sensible, considering. Ally goes locker to locker and comes up with two likely candidates for suits. She takes both out, considers then. She holds one top up infront of Kassandra, tsks and goes, "Yup, thats definitely mine. Here you go," she says, giving Kass the other one.

Hitomi shakes her head a bit, "Alright, alright, so you're not some creepy stalker." She says to Johan then, and adds, "It's still a bit strange. Being so… so… meticulous. It's unnatural." She comments then. Eventually, though, it seems as if she does give in, as she vaguely wanders over towards the lockers, poking at the one her swimsuit was reportedly in., "So, anyway- sorry, I interrupted." She comments then.

Janie snorts "I think th'nudity taboo was about th'first thing t'crack when I started livin' with May," she quips as she walks over to the table of swimsuits.

"Maya! We are going to go swimming!" The elven-speaking Kass talks to the baby, holding up the swimsuit that Ally hands her. She switches back to English, "It *is* unnatural. But then, so is most everything we do." She starts to say more but laughs instead at Janie's comment, instead moving to go get changed.


Johan grins, cracking open his beer. "Oh, I'm a creepy stalker." He admits. "I'm just a professional one. We -all- are creepy stalkers to someone. I just don't like underage japanese poonanny or I'd already try and show you the power of my Mecha." A pause as he thinks.. "Yeah, thats the right slang." He says, before reaching in and pulling out a pair of shorts from the locker. A pair of bright white shorts with a 'SAVE THE WHALES' logo on the front. On the back, it says 'THEY GRILL BEST LAST'.

"So Janie?" Asks Johan, glancing over his shoulder as he just drops trow right there… "How's life?"

Kassandra demurely covers Maya's eyes, heading off to find a place to change.

Johan does so at such an angle, that Hitomi will see next to nothing, save should she -attempt- to. Humor is one thing. *COCK TIME NOW* is another.

"Strenuous right now," Janie admits as she takes the suit, glancing at it critically but taking it to the changing area anyway. "Twelve-hour daily meditations c'n be hard on th'joints. I think I'm almost done, though…"

Aladriel goes off with Kassandra to change into swimwear. She changes first, quickly, so that she can hold Maya while Kass does likewise. "We never used to do stuff like this," she murmurs to the elf, "Its really nice. I hope it keeps up," she finishes.

Marcus will offer to watch Maya while the others swim and so forth.

Kassandra nods, changing into the bikini quickly. She says, "I hope so too. I like nice." She grins at Maya, "Are you going to swim with me?" She looks quizzically at Marcus at his offer, looking to Ally thereafter.

Hitomi quickly averts her eyes as he starts dropping his pants, and she blushes beet red even though she can't see a thing. She shuffles off to where the other girls are going so that she can go get changed.

Janie returns shortly after in the black one-piece Johan had picked for her, rolling her shoulders and neck to get the kinks out.

Ally hmms at the offer to have Marcus watch Maya and thinks it over quickly. "That would be very nice of you, Marcus. Thank you, I appreciate it. I think Maya will stick to the tub for a lil while yet," she decides with Kass, smiling to the elf. "Come on, she'll be okay."

Kassandra nods, moving to follow Aladriel with a patter of bare feet, waving to Maya and Marcus. "Thank you, Marcus. I really appreciate it." With a giggle of delight she rushes toward the pool.

Johan slides his shorts up his body, then moves over to the pool. Heated to a nice 68 degrees, it's not -hot- but it is comfortable on the skin. He then, ceremoniously and with great gravitas, cannonballs in to the pool.

Hitomi emerges from the area she has taken to get changed in, in the swimming costume. She adjusts it a little, feeling a little awkward. She does head towards the pool, though, and slip into it… at the shallow end.

The pools about the size of something you'd find in an american house. About 40 feet, end to end, about 12 feet wide and moving from 3 feet at the shallows, to 9 feet in the deep end. Johan's splash is interestingly large for his human frame, and he comes up with a toss of his hair. "Life is too short, to stand on the sidelines."

Janie chuckles and dives in smoothly, then surfaces and swims over to where Hitomi is inching her way into the water.

Freed from watching Maya by Marcus, Kass rushes towards the pool, bare feet slapping as she rushes to dive into the pool. Ally peels off as Maya cries for her, going back to console the child.

Johan moves away from the incoming Kassandra, as he moves in to the grotto. Where there's a trideo set up. He ques up a few quick songs. A few Jpop, some classic rock… uh… He glances out the grotto, to Janie. What the fuck does -she- listen too? He puts some top fourty in the rotation, then hits 'play'.

Hitomi smiles a Little at Janie as she sinks down to her neck level in the water. "I don't go swimming often." Or at all. "Not since I was really little, anyway." She adds then, as she sort of just bobs there. "So, Johan… what was it ou wanted to talk about? I know we started chatting about team Dynamics, but we kinda got side-tracked, didn't we?"

Kassandra does a quick dive into the pool, knifing with a slopping splash, getting low scores from all the judges. The elf surfaces several meters later, pushing water and hair out of her face. She looks around, bobbing in the water and awwing at Ally making sure Maya is ok.

Johan comes out of the grotto, shaking his head. "We didn't get sidetracked. This is exactly what I had in mind. I've been too wrapped up.." A pause as he watches, tracking with his eyes, Kassandra moving through the air, then under the water then back to the surface. He looks back to Hitomi. "Sorry. What was I saying?"

"Ye were too wrapped up…" Janie offers.

Hitomi watches Johan, and then follows his Gaze towards Kassandra, and her mouth forms an o of realization, and she shakes her ehad a little. "Poor Johan." She comments to herself then, but lets Janie offer where the conversation left off.

Johan grins, letting the self-depreciating humor speak for itself. "I been too wrapped up in… THE ENORMITY OF THE MISSION and drek like that. Not enough living. Security is important, hitomi.. but so is securing your self."

Laying back in the water, Kass starts a steady backstroke from the deep end of the pool towards the shallow. She isn't any sort of super swimmer, but seems to get the job done.

Janie nods. "An' ye who would fight monsters, beware ye not become a monster y'rself," she quotes. "We may have joined up t'protect humanity… But we can't do that if we let ourselves forget how t'be human ourselves…"
She glances at Kass and chuckles suddenly. "Human, elven, ork, dwarf, troll, whatever. We'll need some new vocabulary, I think. Or maybe redefine th'stuff we have."

Johan gestures vaugely… "Metahuman is the typical verbage used in philosophical circles now." A glance is given to Hitomi, who doesn't really know -what- the watchers do…

Just what do the watchers watch?

Hitomi looks towards Johan, and says, "Just what is 'the mission' anyway?" She asks him, "Last time I asked you, you didn't want to tell me. because you didn't trust me I guess, and because of the situation with my dad."

For those playing the home game, Kassandra does not have any visible tattoos or piercings anyplace other than her ears. She touches the wall and rolls under the water, coming up quickly and looking around. Spotting the rest of the crew, she starts swimming that way.

Johan plays the home game. Every night.

Janie nods. "Problem is on th'streets 'metahuman''s already been unofficialy defined as all th'metatypes except 'pure' human," she counters.

Johan leans on the back wall of the pool, hoisting himself out of the water with one hand, to dangle his feet in. "Well, the street can bite my shiney metal ass." He says, reaching for his beer. "Humanity is humanity. Homo Sapiens is homo sapiens, just as a Rotwiller is a Canis Domesticus, and fully capable of interbreeding with Canis Domesticus of say, the poodle variety. When you draw a line between the sub groups of humanity, you open a very dark door, and one I don't think we're ready for."

He looks to Hitomi then, considering her. "The usual stuff. Saving the world from the things that go bump in the night and have the over arching desire to -eat- our heads. And the rest of our bodies. We're kind of like the Ghost busters. Only for -really- big ghosts."

Hitomi does have visible Tattoos. Anyone that can read Japanese will read two large Kanji on her back, 'Wit' and 'Wisdom' in the traditional downwards alignment, on her left hand shoulder. Tastefully minimalistic.

Johan has no tattoos, but he does have a -wide- variety of scars and marks. Gunshots, stab wounds, a set of claws down his back. A slice across his abdomen. A burn that crawls from his right knee up his thigh.

Hitomi looks up towards Johan then, and tilts her own head, "Ghost busters? What's that? A book or something?" she asks then, but shakes her head, "Anyway, I get the general picture, so we fight spirits. Is that it?"

Janie's only visible scar is a vertical welt of scar tissue that reaches straight down from her throat to her solar plexus. To the knowledgeable, it's clearly far too straight and regular to have occurred in the chaos of battle — but it's also far too irregular (not to mention, too /wide/) to be a surgical scar.

Kassandra surfaces near the others, listening to the others. The elf's attention is, as always, drawn due Aladriel, her attention scattered for a moment. She turns back to the others, still listening, looking curiously to see how Johan will answer this.

Janie was once emplanted with an alien, but it got in to an argument with a bratwrust and had to be forcibly ejected. Johan thinks that over. "Not always spirits, but more like… threats of a magical nature that threaten to destablize the flow of mana in general. Imagine if you will, there was a force deep in the matrix, that was trying to.. for say, collect enough processing power to reach a gestalt level, where it could seize control of the rest of the tRix…"

Hitomi grins a little, and says, "There is. Well, at least, there are big bad nasties lurking in the 'trix that'd put most great form spirits to shame. Most famous being Deus, although he's locked up somewhere out of sight and out of mind… if not destroyed completely." she comments.

Johan waves a hand. "Deus never wanted to destroy the trix. It's where it lived. Anyway. Our job, is to keep the packets flowing smoothly so that, while we can't stop the gradual progression of processor speed from eventually being enough to support his plan, we can slow down the process enough by modulating the informaiton and by preparing for the time when the Matrix Goes Off Line."

Johan explains. "Now imagine it's not the trix, but magic itself, and the evil being eating allt he porn is infact, a race of astral beings that want to eat pretty much everything here on earth, and have, every time magic has risen." A pause. "Thats a few hundred times, by conservitive estimation."

Hitomi snorts, then laughs, "Matrix goes off line? That's never gonna happen. Since theyr ebuilt after the crash of '26, the Matrix has been so thoroughly packed with redundancies you'd wipe out mankind before you took out the 'trix." She says then. However, she becomes a little more serious as Sam talks about magic eating monsters from beyond the grave. "Wow… so, the 4th world was eaten?" She comments then, and says, "I thought that magic just… bounces up and down anyway?"

"There's a sayin', Hitomi," Janie speaks up as she backstrokes leisurely toward the edge. "Don't count someone dead unless ye've seen his corpse."

At this moment, an attractive woman with silvery-grey eyes and mediterranean features materializes hovering just above the pool's surface in front of Janie. "Janie. It's time."

Janie nods. "Thanks, Athena. I'm on my way." Athena nods and smiles apologetically at the others present before vanishing.

Janie covers the remaining distance to the edge and pulls herself out. "Sorry t'cut this short, but I need t'get back to meditation. I'm bein' lousy company, I know, but th'good news is I should be done fairly soon. Another week at th'utmost."

Kassandra listens to Johan and Hitomi toss things back and forth, amusing herself by floating around. When Athena appears she freezes, looking confused until it speaks. She ahs, nodding her head, "Take care, Janie." The elf drifts in the water, not adding much to the conversation. But then, she's been to the Machine. This is stuff Hitomi needs to hear.

Johan glances to Kassandra, then Janie, then back to Hitomi. "Yeah, pretty much. Dragons and humanity survived by hiding in holes in the ground. And it was 2029. I was there for it." He doesn't say how old he was, but he leans down. "MAgic comes like a wave, up and down, up and down. When its down, we don't have magic… Like most of recent history. When it's up, we do. We are right now, on the upslope. Magic grows nothing but more powerful, and will, theoretically, continue to strengthen for a… ah… well, a -very- long time. Longer than you will live, to be sure. And when it reaches the top, the metaplanes will be close enough, and then the Scourge. Thats where the astral forms come across and eat the trees, people, cars, rubber, ideas, love, hatred, pain.. that sort of thing. Magic will then start coming back down and eventually, no longer be high enough to support the creatures. They will return to their home plane and we will try to rebuild the world."

Johan glances to Kassandra, then Janie, then back to Hitomi. "Yeah, pretty much. Dragons and humanity survived by hiding in holes in the ground. And it was 2029. I was there for it." He doesn't say how old he was, but he leans down. "MAgic comes like a wave, up and down, up and down. When its down, we don't have magic… Like most of recent history. When it's up, we do. We are right now, on the upslope. Magic grows nothing but more powerful, and will, theoretically, continue to strengthen for a… ah… well, a -very- long time. Longer than you will live, to be sure. And when it reaches the top, the metaplanes will be close enough, and then the Scourge. Thats where the astral forms come across and eat the trees, people, cars, rubber, ideas, love, hatred, pain.. that sort of thing. Magic will then start coming back down and eventually, no longer be high enough to support the creatures. They will return to their home plane and we will try to rebuild the world."

Hitomi frowns at that explanation, and shes ays, "That's… horrible." quietly, and shakes her head, "But, wait. How are we supposed to beat something like that?" She asks then, "Immortal, invisible monsters from a different dimension."

Johan smiles quietly. "Bathing suits."

Kassandra smirks a bit, nodding, "And that is why you can never be too prepared. A bathing suit stored away for a rainy day, a gun where you can get to it. It's all a matter of perspective."

Hitomi rolls her eyes then, and says, "Seriously, though. What are we supposed to do? If none of the previous worlds could beat them…" she murmers then, absently.

Kassandra brightly says, "We find a way to win. We learn from the mistakes others have made and build on them. What do you do if someone can't crack a system?"

Johan turns somewhat serious. "YOu know what we have that previous worlds did not, Hitomi? Do you know what we have that is our ace card?"
Hitomi nods her head at Kassandra, and is about to play the pessimist again, when she turns towards Johan, "What is it?" she asks.

Ally and Maya are playing peek-a-boo while Marcus goes to get the child's bottle, which may let Ally come swim.

Meanwhile, Kassandra drops under the water for a moment, resurfacing with her hair newly wet, pushing her hair back. She toys with the opal drop around her neck, looking to see what Johan is going to say.

Johan reaches behind him, in to the cooler for a beer. Only he pulls out a Ruger thunderbolt, heavy machine pistol. It's massive. He pulls the slide back then ejects a round from the chamber. "5000 years of continuous, unbroken technological advancement independent from Magic. We can take down great dragons, and have. We can merge magic and technology at will. We are not goat herders with sticks, slaves to the Elves or chattel to the dragons. We stand on our own this time."

"We have the legacy of Dunkelzhan, we have his will. We have his guidence. But most importantly?" He says, leaning in. "We have bathing suits. If we can't beat them, we can prepare for their coming. We can build shelters, research wards. We can be -ready- for war when they come. And so far, we've found that no spirit is immune to consintrated attack."

Johan then, almost automatically, chambers another round, ejects the clip, replaces the round he removed from the chamber, then re-arms the gun by putting the magazine back in the handle, before replacing the gun.

Hitomi nods her head then, and laughs a little, "And here I thought it was gonna be something metaphorical or profound. But in the end it boils down to: This time,w e have bigger guns. And more of them." she says to Johan. "Still… well, nevermind. I guess I'd renew my gun club membership."

Johan nods to Kassandra. "We do. There is that." He says, thinking it over. "And we have have a repository of lore unlike any other, though its veracity is somewhat suspect." He glances to Kassandra. "I don't trust it, but the Machine is good for leads."

Hitomi perks up, "The Machine?" She asks then, and smirks a little, it sounds like it's right up her ally. "If you're having trouble with some kind of AI or… well, anything computer-related, then I can probably help.".

"True. I'd like to go back. I need to apologize to Mountainshadow. And while some of the data is suspect, likly to drift in how things work from his sight, He still sees some things fairly well. Maybe we can map out how it has shifted…." She looks speculative, adding, "Sorry, Ally is teaching me magic."

Johan glances to Hitomi, then turns to Kassandra… "The mountain shadow in the Machine.. you need to realize.. he's 6,000 years, at the -least-, removed from the one we would have known in our world. He's not a shadow of a Great Dragon who knew this world… he's a whole other being. He's been awake and active in that time. He's got his own agenda… so don't place your faith in him. Alex did that, and it hurt him. A lot." HE then turns back to Hitomi…

"We have what, ah… and this is a big, big, big secret kiddo. Like, I get a whif of this on the trix, and I'm going to put a bullet in your head, big secret… you scan me?"

Hitomi swallows, but then nods her head. "Your faces aren't on The Nexus yet, are they?" she says, as her way of asserting her trustworthyness.

Kassandra looks speculative, "True. The drift could be explained by the fact that he isn't seeing our NOW, but a now extrapolated from the world therein." She frowns, "Too little information to be sure."

Johan sips his beer, looking off in to the night. "All told, That mountainshadow is a simulation of a being based on a sample of data 7000 years old." He knows Kassandra will appreciate that, turning back to Hitomi. "I just gotta -say- these things." He swigs the beer now. "We have what we call the Great Machine. A database back up, if you will, of the Draconic Matrix of the 4th world. A living simulation, UV host style, of the 4th world… and everything in it."

Hitomi looks awestruck, for a moment. And then she blinks, and shakes her head, then she says, "They- the dragons had the matrix…?" and she shakes her head agin… then quite suddenly says, "You have to let me see it." She says then. She can feel her heart pounding in her chest at the very thought.

"It is .. a very different experience. I spent most of my time hearing the world for what it is. It really makes you appreciate things when you come back here, real or not." Kass splashes a bit of water at Johan.

Johan turns one 'The Peoples Eyebrow' to Kassandra. "Yeah. It makes you appreciate a fucking cheeseburger." He reaches down, using his broad hand to send a wave of water headed for the other woman. "You spent a few days… I spent what… 20 years…. give or take… in the Machine."

Kassandra drops swiftly under the water, only getting hit with the partial splash. She resurfaces, "Well, true, yes. Although, I can say I've never really apprecited a cheeseburger; I get the general drift, however." She shrugs, drifting a glance to Ally, "There are things here that are special. It was just .. being in a place where there is no smog, no screaming trains and the like. It makes for a quieter, cleaner world."

Johan nods to Kassandra. "Everything has its bonuses. It was also a world of slavery, domination and magical heirarchy where Dragons ruled the world and enforced their will by destroying cities and eating people. Elves enslaved everyone possible, and the human was a marginalized thing."

Hitomi sighs, and then says, "You could have just said 'no'" and then folds her arms over her chest then, frowning.

Johan looks back to Hitomi, chuckling. "ACtually, I've -no- idea how it would interact with your… ah… abilities." He admits, sitting on the side of the pool, with the two women. Janie has left, ally is inside caring for Maya, the rest are in the deliciously heated pool.

Hitomi shrugs, "We'll never know until I try. Besides, Dunkelzahns will said he wanted to research Otaku. So research them." She says then, adding, "Very, very few Otaku are willing to share as much as I already have, and I have more to share, too. But there are some things that we won't be able to explain till we just go ahead and /try/ them."

Lilith finally returns, after quite some time away…she looks more composed, cooler, certainly dressed differently. She strides onto the patio, looking around. "I'm sorry for leaving earlier…"

"It would certainly be an interesting experiment…unless it drives you insane." Kass shrugs at that, backstroking away bit. She waves to Lilith, "Welcome back!" She gestures off in the general direction of the lockers. "There are swimsuits over there, you should come in. It is lovely."

Johan is dressed only in a set of swim trunks that on the front, say 'SAVE THE WHALES' and on the back say 'THEY GRILL BEST, LAST'.

Lilith is wearing her long leather trenchcoat, so her current dress isn't immediately apparent

Johan waves it off as he pushes himself back down in to the water. He knifes through it, like he was born to it as he glides across the pool. "It's a closed matter. Get naked, get dressed, get wet. It's something like a normal day. Just slightly out of order."

Lilith laughs slightly. "As you say." She tosses aside the coat, revealing the taught red leather. "Unfortunately, it'll take a few minutes. This outfit's ruddy trouble getting in and out of." She looks over her shoulder and smiles. She can't help it. "Unless you wish to assist me, Mr.Wulfson?"

Johan flicks his gaze to the red leather. Then to the others present. "I will let you take your time, Ms. DeWinter. I did not offer to assist them in undressing, and I feel I should be even and fair to my guests. If I were to undress you, Well… I woudl be forced, as a gracious host.. to undress -everyone-."

A peel of laughter comes from Kassandra as she sloshes water at Johnny Reb. "I'd be honoured to help you, Lilith."

Johan gets spashed from behind, looking over his shoulder. "I feel, as the host, that -management- should be present, however, to ensure things are -up to my standard-."

Lilith snorts and begins to undo the straps. "Sorry, force of habit." Wow, the way the leather stretches over her backside should probably be illegal. Same with the sight of her stripping out of it. She laughs as the others speak. "First come, first served, guv."

Hitomi shrugs then, "I have a strong mind." she offers to kassandra, and then rolls her eyes a little as the grown ups flirt.

Johan gestures to Kassandra such as to say; quick, get moving!

Johan nods to Hitomi. "I'll see what I can arrange. it's a… hotly contested resource. The DIMR is constantly trying to monopolize it."

Kassandra rolls her eyes at Johan, ducking under the water to gracefully porpoise kick over to the side.

Lilith bends over to start undoing her boots and slide them off. She begins to hum quietly, scratching at her hair…"Oh, damn, I'll have to shower." Just a few faint flecks of red on her fingertips. "Thought I got it all out…"

Kassandra resurfaces at the side of the pool, looking up as Lilith does a good job of undressing herself. She laughs quietly, sensing the Game in play. The elf lounges at the side of the pool, letting the warm water lap at her form.

Hitomi nods her head at Johan then, and says, "Alright, that's fine. I don't expect you to have something like that jjust laying around. It'd be like having an UV host or a Delta Clinic in your guest bedroom." She says then with a smirk. "But, surely you can see why something like that- the opportunity is something I can't pass up on."

Johan reaches for his beer… "It's in the basement of the Draco Building."

Lilith tail twitches in irritation as she struggles, oh she struggles, out of her pants, right down to the thong. And it's not deliberate, apparently looking good has it's price. Red leather's a bitch, but hey, it hides the stains good.

Johan nods as he hoists himself out of the water with one arm. He makes his way over to the hot tub, it coming on at some unseen command. "Time for a soak." He says, easing himself down in to the water. The woman in the red gets a look over, appreciable and respectful, as one may be to a woman undressing from tight leathers in a mans pool-area.

Lilith finally manages to get the halter off, and stands easily in her *very* brief undies. No, she's not that modest, and off they come too. "Ahhhh…I can breathe. Mr.Wulfson, where's your shower?"

Kassandra laughs quietly, sinking beneath the water.

Johan gestures inside… "Inside, but lord knows, there's a pool of perfectly fine water here I pay an exhorberant amount to have cleaned regularly."

Lilith chuckles and begins to undo her hair, letting it fall in a long, long tumble. She then saunters over to the pool. "Ahh, well. I should've known."

Kassandra appears in the middle of the pool, swimming in a lazy circle. She casts a glance to where Ally is sitting rocking Maya who won't let her out of sight. Marcus may have scared her.

Hitomi nods her head as Johan goes for a soak, and turns around, just in time to spot a very naked Lilith. She blushes brightly, then, and she shuffles over to make room, deciding to occupy herself with swimming laps. A little later, Hitomi will extract herself from the pool, and eventually dry off and head out.

Lilith rotates her neck, stretches, and then easily slips into the pool. She performs a shallow dive and glides through the water, hair rippling out behind her as she swims. She pops her head out and grins at Kassandra. "Oh Eris, I needed that. I'm already feeling worlds better."

Johan watches the two women from the small hot tub, relaxing down to his shoulders… "What was it? Someone needed a beating?"
"I'm glad. You, much like the rest of us, need time to relax and set your cares aside." She looks quizzically to Johan, then to Lilith with a light laugh.

Lilith smiles easily, rising up a little to let the water stream over her shoulders and back. "Beating? No." She sighs a bit but appears quite pleased. "Really, it was bound to happen at some point. You open this kind of club, you get a lot of rich, powerful men show up. Men who believe they are entitled. Men who, on occaison, are spoiled young brats who think they're slumming it and that the girls can be dealt with or treated without regard for basic human rights."

Lilith sighs again. "Anyways, that's what the lime pit's for."

Johan raises an eyebrow. "You have a lime pit? How spectacular. Where? Can I use ot occasionally?" Johan just sort of ignores the philosophy and gets to the fun bit: Body disposal.

Kassandra's eyes cloud a moment and she makes an 'mmm' noise, nodding to Lilith. The expression passes swiftly, replaced by a faint smirk, "I thought Johan was offering a spot of play."

Lilith grins. "Why yes, feel free. Oh, did Kassandra mention she's getting me a snake? Pure vanity, but oh so handy. And you cut down on the cost of buying food." She smiles at Kassandra. "Play? Was he?"

Johan turns his attention to Kassandra, swimming in the pool, as he rises from the hot tub. "Play? What sort of play. I've not played a good game in some time."

Lilith floats on her back now, long legs drifting in the water as her tail idly stirs, helping her keep balance.

Kassandra laughs and shakes her head, "Ah, no, nevermind." She toys with the necklace around her neck, "Yes, a lovely black anaconda. I got it as a favor to a friend in Amazonia."

Lilith calls out rather dreamily as she starts to relax. "I'm going to call her Nerissa."

Johan seems a bit dissapointed. "How droll." He launches himself, flat footed, in to the air. In the air, his body flexes to bring his knees to his chest and his arms around his knees. Then, you know, gravity does its thing as he comes CRASHING in to the water directly between the two idle floaters. The splash is tremendous.

Lilith screeches and her whole body flails frantically in naked beauty before she gets tossed and sprawled aside under the water by the splash.
"Brwrb!!!" Kassandra goes down faster than most of Lil's girls, sinking to the bottom as the man explodes into the water between them.

Underwater, its one of those times you thank cybereyes for being cybereyes. They are impervious to the distortion of water and they don't sting. Much. Johan gets an eye full as he flexes his body, a full body porpoise style thrust that sends him jetting through the water, away from the soon to be testy hens.

Lilith body twists like a fish and she soon shoots after him. Yes, she's flexible for a reason. She breaks water gasping for breath and narrows her eyes as she beelines towards the man.

Kass resurfaces to the sounds of splashing as well as Ally and Maya laughing at her. The drenched woman shoves hair out of her face, looking around quickly.

With one hand hoisting him out of the water, Johan puts a foot to the side of the pool, leaning back over the pool. Using his leverage then, he kicks off in to the air, turning and spinning along his lengthwise axis, to soar over Lilith as her momentum takes her in the direction he no longer travels. He hits the water with an almost soundless 'shlurf' as he slides below the surface, gliding nearer to Kassandra, before angling away.

Lilith screeches again as she stands in the water, hip deep, this time in anger. With water streaming over her and her long hair for once hanging free, the angle of her face is softer, more femimine, prettier, but her eyes are narrowed. She curses, and although there's a touch of humor to it, she begins to stalk towards the man through the water, getting deeper again as she goes.

Hm. Kass looks all around quickly before launching herself into the water, heading for the deep end with a rapid burst of speed. The elf looks to be heading to the farthest end of the pool.

He comes out of the water, shaking his head to throw off the water. His hair is a little longer than usual, giving him a good spray. HE's growing out his natural hair. He looks over his shoulder to the woman. "THe game is a afoot!"

Lilith snarls and then launches herself through the air towards him, seeking a deadly pounce and a squeeze with a pair of coconut-crunching thighs. Just a game, mind. "For bloody England!"

Kassandra yipes, deciding discretion is the better part of valour. She grabs a deep breath and dives, heading for the bottom of the pool.
Naturally, just a game. But the proper response when the woman goes low, is to go high. When she goes high, one goes low. He folds his knees down, letting his legs coil underneath him in the water, and finds himself on a collision course with KAssandra as he pushes off, under the water.

Lilith splashes down over top the man, grabbing at him as she plunges into the water.

Lilith then just, JUST manages to snag an foot, and latches on.

Hot Naked Woman Wrestles Me. How is this not awesome?

Kassandra is currently underwater, about to get collided into by Johan.

Aladriel comes back to the patio terrace, blinking at hearing the noise of commotion. Splashing! Naked Lili! Kassandra not in immediate sight!

Johan is about to get dun grabbed, saving Kassandra from the collision. He jerks to a stop in the water, turning over, his leg actually rotating one hundred and eighty degrees in the socket as he tries to get away.

Lilith makes a face as the leg…rotates…but she's not wilting flower. She holds on tight and rolls with it, and then pushes herself up to try and and get her legs around him and show him the what-for. "This…is…for splashing…us!"

Kassandra hits the bottom of the pool, pulling herself along with her hands, kicking her legs for propulsion. She looks through the water, eyes natural and not artificial so she doesn't have Sam's advantage. Once she feels safe she'll push off the bottom, surfacing with a gasp.

Lilith is going to wrestle Sam's ass. Of course, she knows him as Johan. She doesn't know who he really is, nope, not at all.

Johan turns in the water, bringing his back arching up and head above the water, to get a breath of air. His body uses massive amounts of oxygen, before turning his spine back around the same 180 degrees, to grasp the womans hips. He scissorkicks, catching Lilith behind the knee, trying to take her off her footing.

Lilith takes a massive breath of air while she can, and even as she's obviously going down, winds her legs around him, holds tight, and lets herself fall into the water again.

"Wow," is Ally that Ally can say as she approaches the pool, eyes wide at a sight that she's never seen. And, well, she's seen a lot of things! "I think she's going to get you," she asides to Johan as she watches to see, and wait for the inevitable splash.

Splash, no. Now the good man and the naked whore, are under water. Together. And they are going to be there for a while. JOhan has greater lung capacity. Far greater. Wrestling is for people who like loosing!

Hm! Kass takes a breath with a smirk, dropping under the water again. This time, her direction is different, her body knifing through the water like a torpedo towards the side of the pool. She'll stop as she bumps into the wall near where she heard Ally speaking, one hand creeping out….

Lilith conserves her oxygen while she can, and retains her tight hold with her legs. Through the water, looking at him, slightly blurred as she doesn't have those special eyes…hair floating in a cloud around her as she tries to wrassle him down, still.

Johan sits on the bottom of the pool, his legs entrapping -hers-, An eyebrow quirked up in amusement. Underwater, he seems to check his watch.
Aladriel is peering down into the pool with interest to see how everyone's doing down there, not really noticing the hand that's creeping out towards her.

The stereo system is over ridden for a moemnt by Johan's voice. "How long do you think she can hold her breath? I've got 5 yen on less than a minute."

Lilith gives him a cool look in response, and tries to wriggle out. But not struggling, not wasting the energy. She gives him a good hard poke in the sides. *Sharp* pokes, with those fingernails.

Kassandra surfaces gracefully, checking where she is with relation to Ally and correcting while mostly under water. She moves with exaggerated slowness, in fact, her hand creeping towards the woman's ankle….

It's much like poking a board. A big, flat, hard, concrete board. JOhan quirks the other brow… But he does let out a few bubbles, as he glances around in the water…

Lilith growls a bit and uses her claws, just enough. If he wants to cheat, that's JUST FINE.

Ally peeks down as no one seems to be coming up… and thats when she sees a hand snaking towards her foot. EEP! Not about to get grabbed, she takes a breath, leaps, and dives into the water!

Johan stands in the water, the woman still wrapped around his waist. He lifts her out of the water with him, glancing down at his chest. "Uncle Sam paid for that." He says with mock annoyance as he sets her very hot ass down on the very COLD stone tiling aornd the pool..

Missed! Kass bursts out of the water fully, looking around for where Ally leaped to, her body twisting and launching that direction. No limbs were twisted out of joint, however.

Lilith gasps for breath, and looks right up at him, laughing. She ignores the cold stone, and then…suddenly, he can tell, her heart rate skyrockets, fluttering like a bird's, breath catching as she takes in another breath, flushing. Her eyes widen as she realizes that she's naked, wrapped close around him, and…she releases and scoots away as fast as is possible, getting up and making like she just needs to breathe.

Which is perfectly true.

Johan smirks, letting himself turn to watch the 'action' now with the wonder snatch twins. He leans on the side of the pool, seeming none the worse for the underwater acrobatics with the naked chick. His heartrate is up a respectable, but not abnormal amount. He knows because he's got a biomonintor built in to his pecker.

Ally's in the water, swimming downwards a little bit before she spins around to see Kassandra swimming down after her. Squealing underwater, which sends bubbles racing to the surface, the truth must be told: Ally doesn't try that hard to avoid her.

Lilith sits down for a few minutes to just catch her breath, muttering darkly in thick Cockney slang.

An ankle is grabbed from behind as Kass jets up behind Ally, holding her leg still. Bubbles reach the surface as the elf snickers, trying to turn to drag her back to shore.

Johan leans against the side of the pool now, resting gently. He watches Lilith for a moment, then reaches over for his beer. A sip, and then back to the underwater she-na-ne-gins the two women are undertaking…

Lilith brushes hair out of her face, letting the thick strands dangle, composes herself, and then turns to watch the pool in pure, idle interest. Oy, people in love.

Ally kicks a little bit in Kass's grasp but the elf is able to pull the mage towards the edge of the pool without too much effort. She crunches inwards to get her head up above water to take in a breath, laughing audibly now.

Kassandra surfaces, releasing the mage as Ally heads up as well. She is laughing as she breaks free of the water. "Got you!" She tosses herself at Ally, not trying to wrestle her as Lil did Johan (nor is she naked), but rather just a simple embrace.

Johan is currently saving the whales. Clearly. He watches the interplay between the lovers, sipping his beer again, not at all shy about his amusment and interest. I mean, come on. HOT LESBIANS. In -my pool-.

Just to recap. HOT LESBIANS + MY POOL = THE WIN.

Ally laughs more and nods her head, "You sure did, come over here.." she grins, hugging Kassandra when she's close enough, kicking her legs lazily to stay afloat as she hugs the elf. "You all seem like you were having a great time… you two," she turns to peek towards Johan and Lilith, "Were down there a good long while. Tho I coulda beat ya."

Lilith is straighter then a steel pole, which apparently is in Johnny Reb's pants right now. She shrugs and heads to the hot tub, tail weaving lazily behind her. Naked, skilled, she still feels a pang of competitive jealousy at the two. Can't compete with that and a crude male mind.
Lilith says "Not so long, but now I'm going to have a good, warm soak in that tub."

There's nothing crude about Johan's mind. It's 3 pounds of genetically modified meat, an extra pound of cloned biomass and another 2 pounds of electronic componants.

Johan quirks a brow, looking to Ally. "cAn you? Without magic? Without an elemental giving you air?" He asks, looking the slight girl up and down.

Kass looks interestedly at Ally, asking archly, "Oh? How long can you hold your breath?" She blushes and buries her head against Aladriel, laughter shaking her.

Aladriel looks ready to answer Johan but…….Kass gets her giggling fiercely and she can't answer him just yet. "-You- know its awhile," she tells the elf, her giggle turning into outright laughter not just from their moment, but that Kass's laughing into her shoulder is tickling her.

Lilith steps up to the tub, rolling her eyes at the couple as she steps over the edge and sinks gratefully into the hot water. *That* she enjoys far more then watching two cuddling girls.

Johan quirks a brow. "Hoeny, if you're making some kind of crude joke about 'going down' or muff diving, I tell you true, I was the Annapolis Naval Academy's champion diver. I am a skillful orrator, a thoughtful speaker, a cunning linguist of the highest order."

Lilith just laughs out lazily.

Kassandra snickers, staying wrapped around Ally. She starts to answer but at Johan's commentary about being a cunning linguist she breaks down again, snickering into Ally's shoulder again.

Ally would roll if she was laying on a bed. As she's not, she just has to laugh along with Kassandra and even Lilith at Johan's remarks too. "You guys are too much. Too much!"

Lilith waves a hand. "I'm laughing at, not with. I've heard such boasts before." She closes her eyes and leans her head back, grinning nastily. "Men talk. A lot."

Johan sips his beer. "None of the one -I-'ve been with." He says, setting the beer bottle to the side.
Lilith snorts. "You've been with, sir?"

Kassandra gets control of herself, still laughing a bit. She sobers, glancing to Johan and Lilith before asking Ally, "Did Maya settle down finally?"
Johan rises up from the water. "Enjoy yorself, I'll check on her." He says, shaking himself fairly dry before padding for the door to the inside. "I'll order some food, as well."

Ally's response comes by way of a nod of her head as she starts kicking lazily to the edge of the pool. "Oh yes, she and I had a nice long chat and I started telling her an old story and she nodded right off." Samuel's volunteering to check on the child is met with a big smile. "Thank you, Johan."

Lilith can't help it, and her eyes wander, looking after him.

"Thank you, Johnny." Kass lets Ally go a bit so she can move towards the side as well. She says quietly, "Food would be nice, it has been a long time since breakfast."

Johan steps inside… And if I suddenly disconnect? The power went out. We have a SERIOUS windstorm and rain storm here in the bay right now.

Getting to the edge of the pool, Ally gets part way out, well, at least enough to put both arms over the edge to hold herself. She crooks a finger to have Kass come after her while she leans her head bck to look towards the hot tub with Lili all lonely over there. "Are you having fun over there Lili?"

Marcus does a stupid thing.

Lilith blinks and turns her head. She smiles faintly at Ally. "Ah, yes. It's nice to finally be able to relax." She frowns…"I'm glad I caught you here. I'll need your services tonight, one of the girls is in a bit of bad way. Nothing serious, but I'd appreciate you're hand in the matter."

Kass swims several strokes over the wall, sliding up alongside Aladriel. One hand reaches out for the wall, the other running allong Ally's back. She looks questioningly at the cinnamon-haired woman. She looks to where Lilith is, frowning slightly, "She is 'in a bit of a bad way'?"

Johan moves over to the trid, calling up a few food choices from Simmons down in the conseiege office. He glances out the window occasionally.

"Why do you do that, Sam?" Asks Marcus.

"Shut up." Says the Samurai.

There's no question that Ally had some intentions with Kassandra swimming over to her, but those get put aside when Lilith makes mention of needing Ally's services. The mage nods along with the elf, adding to the question: "Yes of course, tell me more though…"

Lilith sighs. "More shaken up then seriously injured, and it's something most of my girls have had to deal with in the past. Remeber that call that called me off earlier? A customer got…rough." She says flatly. "She's fine for now, the others are taking care of her."

A frown slips onto Kassandra's face as she listens, her voice coming out flat, stripped down. "I take it he was taken to task?"

Lilith smiles tightly. "I did come in here wearing red leather, Kassandra."

Lilith says "Oh, and Aladriel, the basement will need a "scrub" a little early."

"No man, look, I put up with -all- of your shit, all of your fucking games. I put up with THOSE guys out there being closer to you in trust than me, and I want to know why you keep doing this." Says marcus.

Johan looks over to the side where Maya is resting in her bassinet. Then back to Marcus. He reaches out with his left hand. Grabbing Marcus by the throat, he lifts him a foot in to the air… "Yes, this is 1004… I need a dinner platter sent up. 6 people, one vegitarian. Send up a selection. Thank you very much."

Marcus's legs kick in the air, his face turning red.

Ally mmphs a little bit at hearing that and her expression almost mirrors Kassandra's perfectly. "Should kill him next time, if he does a repeat," she muses darkly.

Lilith blinks and she looks perfectly innocently at Aladriel. "I did say red leather?" Delicately stepping around the matter. "And I did say *scrub*. The place's aura has gone down the shitter, and I'm very sorry. I'm a terrible housekeeper."

Kassandra leans her head against Ally's side, keeping her own council. She sighs, letting go again, letting it all go for the moment, hands sliding under the water as she keeps herself floating.

Aladriel senses "Kassandra pinches you on the bottom."

Johan lets the man down as he hangs up the trid phone. Looking over to Marcus, Samuel's face is a mask of impassiveness. He leans in, pulling the younger man by the front of his shirt. The whispers are fast and furious, with Marcus blinking and breathing hard.

"Now… " Says Johan a moment later. "I'm sorry about that… but I am not interested in discussing my socio-emotional foibles any further. When I'm ready, when -your- ready, I'll tell you what the Mission is… until then… the best lesson you can ever have, is to shut the fuck up and follow orders. It's also the hardest lesson."

With that, Samuel turns for the patio. "Bring the food out when it arrives."

Ally nods her towards Lilith, a bit curious looking. But she doesn't ask about it, "Uh huh. Well I will swing by there," she decides, promising the courtesan before she gives a little yipe and looks at Kass, a private smile creeping onto her face towards the elf.

Kassandra looks perfectly innocent, just floating in the water. She says, straight-faced, "Something wrong, love?"

Lilith chuckles faintly, and moves so she's leaning forward, resting her arms on the edge of the tub while she looks out over the patio. Her eyes half close and she sighs.

Johan steps back out on to the patio, a grin on his face. "Okay! We got a full bufett headed up from down below. Mostly vegitarian dishes, I hope no one minds.."

Lilith looks over, extremely comfortable from where she's lazing about in the tub. What a hedonist. "I'll not leave myself open to barbs by expressing a preference for meat. Veg is fine."

Chuckling softly at Kassandra, Ally shakes her head, "Ooooh no, nothing wrong at all." Johan's reappearance gets a look from Ally and a quick shake of her head. "Oh no, veggie is fine for us most definitely," she agrees, before she glances at Lilith and she smiles wide enough to flash teeth.

Kass brightens at the word 'us', nodding. "Veggie is good." She grins and floats next to the wall, latching on.

Jonny leans down near the other women… "She's sleeping soundly. Marcus put on one of those baby smartgeek trid shows and it's enough to drive me crazy, but… eh. You know." He rises back up and moves over to the hot tub to slide in to it.
Lilith snickers just a little, and shifts posistion to allow Johan to enter. She looks over the plate. "Wot's all this then?"

Marcus enters with a small serving cart. "Dinner, Lords and Ladies of the Castle in the Sky…" He tries to sound pretty cheerful, but a skillful person may notice he's got an edge to him.

Johan glances over. "Looks like dinner."

Lilith looks, and smiles at Marcus, perhaps trying to soothe the edge she senses. "Oh…that's wonderful. Thank you, Marcus."

"Thanks for checking in on her," Ally tells Johan, oooohing as the food arrives, her stomach reminding her that food, is indeed, good. Thinking better of asking Marcus to join then, Ally instead offers, "Thanks Marcus. If anything looks good grab it. We don't eat that much."

Kassandra smiles brightly at Marcus, "Thank you so much!" The elf puts both hands onto the edge of the pool, pushing her body up and out, sliding onto the side, her feet still dangling into the water.

The various dishes (Theres likely something here anyone will want) are on trays with little stands, that make them perfect for patio use. Johan selects a cheese ravioli dish, settling back in to the water. "Thank you Marcus."

"Oh, you're welcome sir." Says Marcus, a hint of a tone that says Sam's going to fin cat crap in his sneakers.

Lilith chuckles and grabs a dish of chicken Caesar salad, giving Marcus a warm smile and a wink before settling back as well.

Kass looks to Ally, "You want me to bring you something, baby?" She looks back to Marcus, forehead creasing as she watches the man. She hms, chewing on her lip as she tries to determine what it is that seems off about him.

Eyeing the eating selections, Ally climbs to the edge of the pool as well and selects something that she can share with Kassandra: a salad with oranges, cherries and pecans with a nice light dressing. "That salad looks really good…"

Marcus makes his way out now, back in to the room. Through the glass, he can be seen checking on Maya, before moving out of sight.

Johan digs in to his pasta, glancing around at the others. "It's nice having guests. THanks for coming over… I mean, like, really. That guy," He jerks a thumb over his shoulder. "Needs to get laid."
Ally very purposely does not look at Lilith.

Lilith nibbles on her lettuce, eating with her fingers but neatly and delicately. "Is that a suggestion?" She's serious. "I wouldn't mind."

Kassandra smiles, watching Aladriel go pick out food. She looks to where Johan gestures, blinking a few times. "ah, well, maybe give him a day or two off and he'll take care of that?" She looks at the salad, her stomach grumbling.

Johan looks to Lilith… "Naw. Teams off limits to him." He says simply, then nods to Kassandra. "Maybe I'll give him a vacation. Gotta clear it with the old man though."

Lilith snorts to herself.

Almost like she heard Kass' stomach grumbling, Ally picks up the salad, grabs two forks and retreats back towards the pool, where she can sit on a rock with room to have Kasandra sit beside her. She offers the elf first crack at the salad. "He might enjoy that," she lends her support to the idea.

Taking a few more bites, Johan gulps them down. "HEy! MARCUS!"

Marcus comes back a moment later, looking out the door… "Yes?"

"Get lost. Take 5,000 in petty cash, leave town for 72 hours. Come back broke."

"…. Okay…"

"You are too good to me," Kass murmurs to Ally, accepting a fork and spearing an orange. She grins at Johan tells Marcus to get lost, remarking,

"Marcus? Good luck!" The elf sniggers, popping the orange into her mouth.

Kassandra gets a snarky, almost withering snort from Marcus as he turns back in to the house. Oooh, if looks could kill, Kassandra would be a -dead- woman.

Lilith laughs, and begins to seriously work through her salad. She represses a yawn. "Goodness. I'll finish dinner and then I'm afraid I'll have to head home…can't imagine what's gotten me worn out." She smiles and waves Marcus goodbye, nods to Johan. "That was nice." She snickers along with Kassandra.

Johan comments as he eats… "The kids got skills, I can't deny him that… but he's far to wound up. Too tightly bound. I think he's queer for me. It's awkward."

COUGH! Kass almost chokes on her next bite of salad.

Lilith shrugs and pops a slice of chicken in her mouth. "Honestly, you should just let me shag him. It'll probably help."

Ally frowns after Marcus, cause he did, after all, give really dirty look to her hunny. Sighing after he's gone, Ally's brows arch at Johan's suggestion and she just shakes her head. Once Kass has been given a fair start with the salad, Ally digs in herself.

Kass recovers soon enough, not answering to the possiblity of Marcus being a little queer for Johan. She slows down, guiltily looking to Aladriel. "You aren't getting enough to eat." The elf waggles the fork at her, rocking back to let the mage eat more.

Johan sets his food to the side. "No. He wants to learn the rules of the game, he follows all of them, until he's smart enough to know which ones not to follow on his own. If you want to fuck him, you're entirely within your rights to go find, stalk and suck… its up to him what he does from there."

Lilith nods, listening carefully, then rising from the tub in all her Venusian glory, setting the plate away. "No. If you say so, I'll leave him be. Besides, if I chose to do so, he wouldn't be able to resist." Simply spoken, arrogantly assured. "Anyways, I'm off. Thank you for the lovely dinner Mr.Wulfson, please free to come by the house and I'll return the favour."

Johan watches the woman rise from the tub, the water sheeting from her body. Lilith has charm, she has grace… but rules are rules are rules. He turns his gaze back to his food. Mmmm. Ravioli. A glance is given the women in the pool still. "Any time, Ms. DeWinter. Any time."

Lilith chuckles. "Indeed. Mrs, if you don't mind. It's part of the cover." She smiles at him and then walks, naked, to her clothes to dress and leave. "Ally, Kass, I'll see you around."

Kassandra smiles to Lilith, "Of course you will. The party tommorrow if not banging on the door later tonight telling us, "Bloody well keep it down you dozy gits!"

Kassandra does an uncanny Lilith impression.

Johan nods. "Miss. Misses. Whatever. ASs like that, you ain't had no kids, I tell you right now."

Lilith snorts. "My dear woman, the walls are soundproofed for a reason." She grins lazily, tossing her jacket over shoulder. "My ass is just fine, sir. I pride myself on my motherly curves and loving nature." With a laugh, she saunters out the door.

A private moment.

Too busy filling herself up on salad, Ally can't add to some of the witty banter thats taking place. She finger-waves goodbye to Lilith, and then, a bit self-consciously looks down at herself. She can't easily see her bottom from how she's sitting, but…well, she's had kids. She sighs and ratchets up 'the gym's' standing on her priority list.

Johan offers helpfully as he shovels food in to his mouth. "Trust me, kiddo. You're fuckable."

"It looks gorgeous." Kass catches the downward look from Ally, murmuring at her, "So stop that look right now." The elf smiles at Aladriel, helpfully spearing a bite herself.

Aladriel blinks as her selfconscious looks weren't so veiled as she'd thought. Blinking at Johan and Kassandra, she laughs a little bit, and its a good, healthy one, though: "I've…got to say, thats not as comforting as I was hoping it'd be," Ally tells Johan, a smirk appearing.

Johan nods, setting his plate back to the side as he leans back on his arms… "You know something." He says, his bravado and act of badder-than-thou falling away… "You guys…. are a beautiful thing. All the ennuendo and lesbian jokes aside… I'm constantly… no… thats the wrong word." He pauses, actually having to grasp for a way to say what he wants… "I'm… happy.. to watch you."

Kassandra blushes, ducking her head. She looks to Ally first before glancing to Johan. "Thank you, Sam. That .. thank you." She looks like there is more she wants to say, but ends up shaking her head, toying with her necklace.

Such honesty catches Aladriel offguard and she is definitely at a loss of words that she's rapidly trying to overcome. "Thats, well what she said," Ally murmurs, giving Kassandra a little hug quickly. "Its really nice of you to say," she tries, thinking of what else could possibly go along with it. "I…well we're just happy. ANd its nice to see people happy, truly happy."

Johan nods to the women, curling his legs up underneath him, to be indian style on the tile. "I… I just wanted to say that. I get in to my roles sometimes… and you deserve better than what I say most of the time. In the quiet moments, the ungarded moments… I find a certain… strength, in what you have." He rises up on his legs, almost unnatrually so. "I'll get some towels."

Kass smiles to Sam, nodding thoughtfully. She doesn't embarass the man by making a big deal out of things, instead looking to Aladriel with a mysterious smile before catching herself and blanking her expression into artfully contrived innocense.

Slowly nodding her head as she takes and accepts Samuel's words, Aladriel does something similar to Kassandra. A lot of things are quickly internalized and, at realizing that Kass is smiling at her, she quickly returns it. But the wheels are turning in her head and she's thinking quite a bit. "I should get ready to go," she finally says, quietly, mainly for Kass. "Maya always sleeps better at home. You could stay if you wanted to, its not a big deal."

Kassandra pouts at Ally, "Maya isn't the only one who sleeps better at home." The elf shakes her head, "I want to come home with you." Her voice hushes a bit, quickly, before Samuel comes back, "I enjoy falling asleep with you. I don't want to sneak in after you are already down."

Johan steps off in to the lccker area, pulling a few fluffy white towels and a trio of bathrobes for warmth. He returns with them draped over his arm, offering his other hand down to assist the women out of the pool.

Ally flashes a big smile to Kassandra as she lets Sam assist her up and relieves him of one of the towels and robes. "I like when you're there to, believe me, I just didn't want to steal you if you wanted to stay. But if you're ready, of course I want you to come now," she tells Kass as she starts drying herself. To Johan, he gets a short, thoughtful look before she nods. "Thanks for having us over. It was really nice."

Johan nods to Ally, draping a towel over her shoulders.

Kassandra rises with a smoothness that would make a dancer blush, accepting one of the towels as well. She laughs, drying her self off, nodding, "It was a great deal of fun. Lilith even laughed. I told her she would."

"Thats right, you did! And you said she'd be cute, and splashing in the pool and trying to tackle Sam in the water -definitely counts as cute," Ally proclaims, grinning big at Kass. "I think you might be psychic too!"

Johan holds now, a pair of bathrobes for the women to use while they dress. He doesn't say anything, simply silent for the time being. He nods to Kassandra, a slight smile on his features. At last, he speaks… "Any time. Thistelwoods cleaned out of my personal effects."

Kassandra slides into the robe, grinning at Aladriel, "Oh, I wish that were so. But with my luck it'd all be little predictions and nothing useful, like numbers on the stock market." She sighs theatrically before glancing to Johan. Her smile falters a bit, and she nods quietly. "I .. that is good." She opens her mouth, closing it again with a shake of her head. There isn't really anything that she can say that can make it better.

He's giving them a house. Just saying thank you and thank you over and over feels strange. Ally thinks some as she starts towards the way back into the apartment. "You're of course always welcome there, you know, right? I mean…you're giving us a huge place so… always welcome."

Johan chuckles quietly, offering a nod. He leans over, placing a quick kiss to Ally's forehead before he turns away from the pair of them. "I know. The Garage still has my cars in it… I'll be using the garage for a while… but I likely will be infrequent at best."

Moving to follow Ally, she nods in agreement with the mage. "Well, infrequent is better than never, you know? And we like having you around. It is nice." Kass grins at that, "At the size of the house and the property, you could be there with a bonfire and we'd never know."

Wow. A kiss on the forehead. Adopting Kassandra's sentiment from earlier, Ally doesn't call attention to it. It just goes in her memory chest. "Unless of course it gets out of hand. Then we might start wondering why all the trees are on fire," she jokes, heading to retrieve Maya and get herself and the baby ready for the journey home.

Kassandra moves to collect their various bags while Ally gets the baby, fussing about getting things together.
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