Truth Between Two

Johny is on a treadmill, currently running at what seems to be a high speed long distance run. He's got a beer in the cup holder, and music is playing. He's sweating, heavily and the digital display reads 23.1 miles. "Whats up Lilith?" He asks, looking over to her. He's currently nude from the waste up, running in sweat pants and track shoes. Marcus lounges on the couch, watching 'Elf Eyes For The Ork Guy'.

Lilith pauses on the threshold, hands in the pockets of her coat. "Good evening, Mr.Wulfson. Marcus." She smiles softly at the manservant, then turns her attention back to Johnny. She pauses for a moment, almost discomfited, but her soft voice still carries well over the space. "Mr. Wulfson…I was wondering, could I have a word?"

Marcus glances over, rolling his eyes. "I'm going out for… cock." He says straightening his tie as he stands up. "Don't wait up for me, I'm staying at Steve's tonight."

Lilith bows her head to Marcus, unaffected by his words. "Good for you. I hope you have a good time, Marcus." She does seem to be sincere.

Johny nods then, not quite yet stopping his run. "When I hit 24…" He says, breaking in to a sprint now, speeding up his run to paces no normal man could hope to keep up with. His hands become blades to cut wind resistance and he's hardly ever in contact with the ground as he moves. 23.2… 23.3….
Lilith drifts off to the side a little. She takes off her coat, hanging it up neatly, and waits, hands crossed in front of her, eyes modestly half lowered. Half.

At 23.8, he starts to slow down, beginning the cool down phase of the run. He breathes hard now, having covered a half mile in about the time you take to walk to the bathroom. After a few minutes, he actually comes to a stop… He reaches for a towel, turning to lilith now, his flesh flushed with blood, hair almost matted down with sweat. "Whats on your mind?"

Lilith nostrils flare slightly. Scent. She raises her eyes to his and smiles a bit. "An issue I was told we need to address."

Johny tilts his head, wiping down his neck then chest… "Don't pause on my account."

Lilith eyes seem to shift a bit as she watches, then glances away for a moment. Back again, and she starts to move towards you. "Of course. I…" And she pauses, then chuckles a bit and tries to continue. "I wanted to see you. To speak with you again. Clear my head and perhaps help clear yours."

Johny nods, continuing to towel himself down. He doesn't rush her, but his eyebrow goes up as she starts to fracture her point and conversational thread.

Lilith takes a soft breath. "Kassandra told me to come." She says simply. A shift in weight, a slight change in poise is all it takes to make the draw, to catch the eye if it isn't already. She brushes a strand of hair behind her ear. "I need to be honest with you. I know that my feelings regarding you are already known, but…since the other night…" She reaches out a hand, and then the words come out. "I treasure your touch. I think about it, I want it to happen again. I want to be held. I love Alex, but I still…desire you…" She glances away again, that faint, faint rose bloom brushing her cheeks again and fading.

Johny purses his lips, thinking over the 10,000 seperate responses he has for this situation. The packaged one, the simple ones, the normal ones, the fake ones. "Have you spoken to Alex since last night, Lilith?" He asks, reaching for his beer, looking over to her as he takes a swig. "As much as I would, honestly, love to have this conversation, I cannot in good conscious let it continue until you and he have clarified your situation."

Lilith nods, slowly wrapping her arms around herself before looking at him. "I have not. I haven't seen him yet today, but…well, I needed to say something. To discuss it with you…quite frankly, even though Kass…" She stops, then continues. "As I said, I was told I should come here directly when I awoke. Threatened, perhaps, but now that I am here I find I am at a simple loss for words."

Johny exhales, finishing off his beer. "Do you want a drink, Lilith?" He asks, not trying to ignore her, but trying deperately some way to avoid hurting her while still holding to the idea that she needs to discuss things with Alex before they discuss things between them. "I.. I can't… discuss this, Lilith. Not until I am certain of your relations with Alex. I mean you -no- disrespect, I bear you -no- ill will… but my brother comes before all… and I must know he is… secure."

Lilith nods, voice quiet. "I know. I didn't say anything to Kassandra…she was so insistent that I come here. Whiskey, please." She drifts, pacing a little. "Alex…I just don't know what to do with him. He has h-hurt me…" She clenches her fists. "I speak so freely because my heart has been so completely shattered, my walls so completely torn down, that there is very little point in hiding anything anymore. I am so angry with him…so frustrated…and yet, still loving him and still aching for his loss. I could forgive him, I just don't know if I can speak coherently with him right now."

Johny pours her a drink, the sloshing sound of the whiskey filling the room as the music dies. "Well then. Since we cannot discuss what we -are- at the moment, Lilith." He exhales. "Let us discus what we are not." He turns to her. "I am not Alex. I am… not a romantic… avenue. I am not a replacement for him. I cannot be."
Johny offers her the whiskey, his voice calm, quiet, not trying to be harsh, but also trying to be very clear with her.

Lilith nods. "I would never expect you to be." Sighing, reaching out for the glass. "Forgive me for speaking so boldly…"

Johny takes her hand as she takes the drink, cupping his around hers, around the glass. "Nothing to forgive. We do need to speak… and… I do not wish you to leave. I just… need to be very clear with you on certain aspects of who I am."
Lilith eyes widen slightly as she looks at you, the faintest of shivers in her hand as you touch her. "What are they? I am able…willing…and happy to hear you speak, to offer a comforting ear if I can."

Johny slides his hand off her own, looking to the window. "Alex is a Knight. He tries to do the 'right' thing. I am not." He looks back to her. "I am a murderer. I am an assassin. I will lie to your face if I feel it is the best course of action to keep you safe and I will not, for a single moment, feel ill about it. I am arrogant like that. I am not apologetic. Apologies from me are a very rare thing for I will need to feel I was -wrong-. This refers back to my arrogance. I am not your father. I am not your husband, I am not your date to a ball." He explains, looking to her. "I cannot be these things. Do you understand?"

Lilith looks almost…relieved as she hears you speak. "Very much so." She idly swirls the liquid in her glass, looking down at it for a moment before looking up again. "I will not presume to put myself anywhere near your level of expirience, your expiriences. As broken as I am, as soft as I appear, as emotional as I have been, I am an arrogant bitch in my own right.I understand and accept what I have always, in a way, sensed about you…but I am still a woman, I still feel for you, and while I do not and would not expect a father, a husband, a date…a woman, a man, still need to feel warm arms around them, once in a while."

Johny nods slowly… "Oh. I know. Your arrogance is -very- clear in some situations where it should not be. You mask fear with arrogance. With a facade of invulnerability." He smiles then. "Some very evil part of me wants to tear you down to your core, until you are nothing but your primordial parts… then build you back up. Like a sword being forged. Heated, folded, heated, folded…."

Lilith breath catches and she pauses, her glass half raised. She slowly finishes the sip, watching him, and murmurs quietly. "And what happens when you delve so deeply, Samuel? No one knows what truely lies within themselves."

Johny eyes Lilith. "Who knows. Thats what makes it fun. But as I said. That is only an evil portion of me, some distant corner." He shrugs, moving to get a glass of whiskey for himself. "That is what I am am not, Lilith. What are you not?"

Lilith sips once more. "I am nothing." She smiles. "I am not nice, nor kind, nor caring…or I wasn't, before. I am not a weak willed woman, I am certainly not a calm one."

Johny quirks a brow, as he sips his drink. "No fair, you cannot exclude -everything-. That's just annoying." He chuckles then, moving over to his shirt, starting to put it on. "I can tell you anything, it it could be the truth. What I am telling you… -is- the truth."

Lilith smiles, slowly starting to relax, moving towards comfortable ground. Ah…the dance. The old words, the talks, the discussion. "And I could make you want to believe anything. And that is the truth as well." She swirls the amber liquid. "Truth is subjective, relative. Facts are facts. We revolve around the sun. But you take a man who has lived underground his whole life and ask him if the sun is real…he will say no, and it will be the absolute truth to him. Every scan, every test will show it to be so, and he can be the greatest innocent the world has seen."

Johny glances to Lilith, sliding in to his shirt now. "We do not live underground. We live in a world of perspective. I too, more so than you can ever dream, could tell you how I lost my virginity. 9 different stories. -all true-. Truth is what you make it, but in the moment to which I speak, is the truth we speak to -each other-. Let the world go hang itself."

Lilith can't help but watch, for a moment. "Oh yes. Truth in a moment, between two souls."

Johny gestures, reaching for his drink again, as though she should continue.

Lilith arches a brow, taking a moment to drink before moving on, idly walking through the room. "And the world goes to hang…there's an odd sort of freedom in that. To be open, to speak freely, to bare one's self while the world spins around you."

Sam watches her now, his features arched as he watches the -much- younger women. Sam's not cradle robbing here. He's going to the Neo-Natal ward. But, at least its not hitomi, or he'd have to give the mother a cervical massage to have a date. "Lets stop playing. Word games to the side, Lilith. I want to know, -right now-." A pause. "What -do- you want from me. No uncertain terms."

Lilith bows her head for a moment before turning to him. "I just…want you. Your friendship. Gods help me, to know at least one night with you. Esteem and respect without too much judgement." She smiles a little, sadly.

"Judgement." He says, a smile coming to his lips. "I do not think that word means what you think it means." he says, turning to the window. "In 2039, I was.. somewhere in the area of 30. It's hazy how old I am. Euro-Trans flight 201, from Frankfurt to Ahbu Dhabi. It suffered catastrophic thrust failure." He smiles slightly. "That means it fell out of the sky like a goddamn rock. Lost with 203 persons aboard." he says then. "No survivors. I did that to kill one man. And I'll do it again. Judgement." He chuckles again. "It does not mean the same thing to you as it means to me."

Lilith simply listens, nodding. "Perhaps not. But yours is still valuable to me."

"Lilith." He says, looking to her. "I will judge you every day of your life. As I judge myself. Judgement is simply a decision. If I choose to step closer, take you by the wrist lead you to my bed… or the kitchen, or the pool, or wherver I would take you… that is a -judgement-. But I will never hold your profession against you, provided it remains a profession and does not become a weakness."

Lilith nods. "Thank you." She says softly. "It is not, it shall not ever be a weakness."

Johny exhales then. "I think you should go now, Lilith. Not because I want you to. But because I do not. We know where we stand. At least for the moment, and we know that stance is dependant upon the ground we stand upon. Go find the ground."

Lilith nods, finishing her drink and stepping towards him. "I will, Samuel." She pauses for a moment, then tiptoes a little to press a quick kiss to his cheek, turn, and on light feet quickly make her way to her coat.

Johny accepts the kiss, but lets the woman go. He sips the drink now, watching her with a curious appreciation in his expression.

Lilith grabs her coat in a swish of skirt and shrugs it on. She steals a brief glance over her shoulder at him, smiles again, and heads out.

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