The FTZ, being what it is, is a fantastic place to make money. Smuggling is the first thing that comes to mind. So many borders, so much to traffic across them. Oh so many juridstictions to skip through. But, its not the only thing the bad guys are interested in when it comes to Treaty City…

The Major League

Oddly enough its the two usual big guys, the Italians and the Yakuza, who are in town. Oh, sorry, thats not the odd bit. The odd bit is that they dont actually touch the smuggling market at all, really. They leave it to the little guys. Infact, the amazing thing is these two sworn enemies dont even cross swords that often…they've come to some unspoken agreement where each organisation stays out of the other's biz…well…most of the time, anyway.

La Costa Nosta




False Face


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