Unintended Consiquences

The Fast and the Sexually Repressed

Lilith is on the couch, sleeping softly…perhaps dozed off. She doesn't wake, doesn't hear Johny's entrance or the picks at the lock, doesn't stir. Open like this, without the restraints of the waking world, her face has lost it's hardened edge, the fall of hair around her face softening her features…the ur-Lilith. She looks young and weak, porcelain features lit by the flickering of flames from the fireplace. A soft sigh as she shifts in her sleep, a worried look, then the vague half smile of deep, deep sleep.

Johny steps in to the room, the lock not even really slowing him down. "Sorry to interrupt." He says, not really very sorry at all… "But you are -required- elsewhere, Ms. DeWinter. Specifically, you are to dress, so I can drive you to Thistlewood, whereupon you will be forced to eat delightful foods by delightful women prepared by me. In the nude. Now, chop chop!" He claps twice. "Time to make the donuts!"

Lilith simply stirs in her sleep, her hands randomly clenching, her breath quickening for a moment, perhaps too fast.

Johny sighs. Women. Always sleeping on the job. Johny moves forward then, one hand touching the womans forehead, feeling her temperature…

Lilith eyes are fluttering. REM, nothing too special. Temperature, average, heart rate…a little high, breathing a little quick, hands oddly clenched. Just a dream it seems. After a moment or two Johnny's touch seems to register, or something else, and Lil launches herself into a sitting posistion with a shout, which rapidly dies on her lips. "N-! Whuh?"

She doesn't get to a full seated position before his hand slides to her sternum and shoves her back down. One finger from the other hand comes to his lips… "Shhh shhh shhh… its okay… It's Sam…" he says, that hand coming to her eyes, peeling one eyelid open… "You were having a nightmare. I heard you from the hallway." He lies easilly.

Lilith eyes flutter again, her face still soft, confused as she looks to him…her heart skips a beat, perhaps, to find him touching her, the comforting words, but her eyes begin to clear, her focus returning. "Sam…Samuel…whuh." She shakes her head, clearing the cobwebs, her voice soft with sleep. "I…I suppose I was. What a peculiar dream…I hope I didn't…startle you."

Johny quirks an eyebrow. "tell me about it on the ride over to THistlewood. Get dressed. We've been invited for food."

He's caught her at an akward moment. Lilith looks up at the man hovering over her, her expression rapidly settling into it's more normal form, opens her mouth, closes it, shrugs. "Sure…maybe…Give me a moment." She yawns and then…attempts to slide away from him. She looks down at your hand, then up at you.

His hand doesn't move, but his smile quirks in to something unknown. Unseen before. His eyes flash with amusement, before he slides his hand up along her breastbone, along the side of her neck, eyes locked on hers. His hand twines in to her hair before pulling it suddenly, taut. He arches her back, pulling her hair down, his lips moving in close, gliding over the skin of her neck.. along the nape, then up along the side to her ear.. "You smell…" A hovering, whispered pause… "Divine."

And just like that, the moment is over… and he's standing. The blink of an eye, and he's straightening his jacket.

Lilith pulse picks up, there's no question of that. Breathing quickens again. Just a touch from him and she's helpless, just that one moment. She sighs softly, letting him do it, knowing…well, it can't be real. He wouldn't, not really. And then he stands, and she's free. Lilith looks up, blinking, her face locking down. She touches one cheek. Savouring the moment.

Johny checks his watch, waiting for her to dress. He's caged at the moment, his stance, his demenour, his air screaming that he's pacing his cage. Unable to act, unwilling to be restrained. It's a hard place to be. "Corvettes outside. Lets go lets go lets go!"

Lilith rises on silent feet. Moves, gets dressed, grabs a coat. "As you would, sir." Her expression still soft but completely frozen. Voice quiet as she walks out ahead of him.

Johny leads her out to the black, shining corvette parked in the 'VIP' spot out front of the Apple. He opens the door for her, one hand sliding out to run along her body as she gets in the car…

Lilith doesn't respond at all to this, it seems, and just neatly arranges her skirts. Grabs the buckle and clicks it in, then rests her hands on her laps and looks ahead.

Johny slides in to the car, turning the engine over. "Did I overstep?" He asks, looking over to Lilith. His demenour doen't change. He's roiling somewhere behind his facades, a mixture of anger, fury, passion, desire, a stew of long repressed things. "I never… want to abuse you, Lilith."

Lilith looks to him, her demeanour calm, frozen, to his turmoil. And then it begins to crumble, just that much. "Gods…no. Never." She blinks. "You could never abuse me. I will treasure that touch."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Car + 1:
2 2 3 4 5 5

Johny nods then, a simple thing, his face silhouetted by the exterior lights. "Good. I will press further as it suits me." With that, lights off, he slides the car violently in to reverse. The car backs up, rapidly gaining speed before he hits the brakes, turning the wheel to sling the car around almost a hundred and eighty degrees. The engine growls, matching his mood as he puts it in forward gear, using the cars reverse (now forward) momentum to go directly to Third Gear.

The pair rocket down the street, lights rolling out of the hood to illuminate the road while music suddenly comes over the speakers.

Lilith folds her hands in her lap again, something undefinable now shaking her reserve, and she closes her eyes. Bobbing her head faintly in time to the music, falling more into it as she listens.

«Stats System» Invalid roll: Invalid tn "7+kp:3".
«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) rolls Car + 1 + Karma Pool: 3 vs TN 7:
2 3 4 5 5 5 5 8 9 = 2 Successes

One rolex clad wrist works the manual transmission, pulling the car up to nearly top speed on the city streets. He slides between cars, under a big rig and drifts around curves like they didn't exist. He has a mechanical precision to his driving, the sort of thing that comes with long training and more practice. He has a grin on his lips as he drives along the FTZ border wall. He hits the Emergency Brake just long enough to put the car in to a sideways skid, then hits the gas, rocketing the car forward down a narrow alley, up a truck-loading ramp and then in to a warehouse. The warehouse screams by, iron pillons looking like a picket fence as he slings the car around yet again, tires squeeling.

Almost silent, save for the engine, as they come to a stop. "I love driving. It's almost like sex." He says. He reaches forward and puts the car in to gear, and it becomes apparent, rather quickly, you're on the second floor of a warehouse. He moves at high speed, to the wall, actually jumping the car between buildings, covering the span between the buildings with a jarring thump of the corvettes suspension… The car screams in protest, but holds firm to the concrete floor of the other building.

But in doing so, the border crossing was bypassed.

Lilith gasps sharply with each bump and skid, eyes wide, breathing fast. "Eris!" She stares, wild eyed, but the adrenalin kicks in and she tilts her head back, laughing, hair whipping about her like a demoness. "Yes!"

Johny slings the car back out on to city streets, then rockets out for the Thistlewood cAnyon.

Arrival in the Canyon

Kass is currently trying to drag a brush through the remaining tangles in her hair, flying towards the stove or at least pretending to. She comments over her shoulder to Ally, "So we turn on the stove and set stuff to boiling for him, and set out the alcohol. I imagine they'll need a drink or six, I've seen Johny drive."

«Auto-Judge[]» Johny (#799) spends 2000 nuyen for "Repairs for my car.".

And Aladriel is right behind Kass as they make their way into the kitchen. "Sounds good to me. I suppose we should listen for the sirens from him driving so fast," she chuckles.

The black corvette, its paint scratched by 30 miles of hard, hard driving, screams up the single lane road. He could drive this one in his sleep. The house reports the corvette is traveling at a vastly unsafe speed and a monitor will come online to display the vehicle racing through the canyon. Sam slides the car, putting it in to a steep drift to take the Iron Gated Driveway perfectly. Up the main driveway then, to come to a skidding stop in front of the house, nearly the entire car smoking in protest. "Ah!" Says Sam, stepping out of the car, a grin across his face like nothing else… "Thats almost as good as a fuck."

Lilith gasps for breath, clutching her heart as she laughs, panting. "Gods! Almost! 'eaven forbid what you'd…oh wow!" She grins, wild, eyes bright as she looks at him.

Johny straightens his jacket, then heads around the back of the house. "You should see me naked." Is all he says, not waiting for her, just sort of grinning.

Lilith smiles as she walks after him, a sway to her hips. "I have, or nearly so."

Whistling, Kass sets up pots on the stove to start coming to a boil, clicking the oven on. She looks around, the brush tangled in her hair. "What else did we decide .. oh yeah, scotch. Scotch scotch scotch." The elf hums quietly, moving to set out glasses and liquor and the rest of the stuff.

Johny steps up on to the back patio, then raps his knuckles on the sliding glass door.

"Mister Wulfson has arrived with guest, Ms. Cindel." intonate's the smart-home memory-core.

Lilith still laughs softly, brushing away her long, long hair…for once, it's floating completely free past her face, down her shoulders and back.

Aladriel yipes when the house unexpectedly announces that Johny has arrived. "Why's it doing that!? Who said that!?" she says in surprise, looking around for the source of the voice.

Kass grins at Ally, "It's the house baby, it talks." She giggles, "Open side door, please!" The elf goes back to setting up a triple Scotch for Johny and Lilith as she gives the command, telling Aladriel. "You can control most of the house via voice controls. Locks, phone, trid, lights, all that jazz. It's like it is a big spirit."

Minos arrives from the dining room, via the swinging door.
Minos has arrived.

Family time at the Thistlewood house.

Minos meanders into the kitchen, dressed in a three-piece suit.

The side door opens, on command, letting JOhny and Lilith enter. Minos may notice that the black Corvette that Johny drives is in the driveway, its tires nearly bald and its paint scuffed here and there… and looking decidedly unhappy.

Lilith is breathless, bright eyed, somewhat wild looking…her hair floating loose around her, giving a surprisingly softer, younger, prettier cast to her features.

Kass looks up as Alexander strolls in along with the two she was expecting. The elf deftly reaches for a third glass, pouring a triple scotch for the minotaur as well. "Good evening. What kept you, roadblocks? They had some elk sighted a few miles from here."

Minos says "I had to get changed. Do you want my keys to this place, Kass, Ally? Or are you changing the locks? I've had a pair since, well, forever."

"So!" Calls out Johny then, removing his jacket… "Who's cooking? Me? You? Uncle chan?"

Lilith stops briefly, when she spots Alexander. For a brief moment her gaze switches wildly between Sam and Alex…caught up in the man's mood, it seems, and then she smiles and steps lightly towards the bull. "Alex! Missed you!"

Kass sweeps by, handing off a drink to Alex, Johny, and Lilith. "I thought you were going to treat us to your mail-order cooking skills, Johny? If not, I am sure I can burn something for us all .. " She spins in place, her hands landing on her hips. "After all, I've already lived up to the shirt today. I am sure I have a few more Super things I can do."

Ally scratches her chin curiously as Kassandra explains to her how the house works. "Never had one of those b'fore," she mumbles, managing to seem intrigued and grumpy at the same time. Its washed away as at long last the guests arrived. "Welcome everyone, everyone, good to see you ….all!" Ally says in surprise as Minos arrives and the pair becomes a trio. As Kass sees to the drinks…Ally…. stands around. "Thanks everyone for coming. NIce to see everyone."

Minos looks over at Lilith and leans down to give her a slight kiss on the lips before saying, "Missed you too. You seem a bit frazzled, though." He grabs the drink from Kass and smiles at her. "Thank you. I'd like to try your cooking, Kass."

Lilith laughs, kissing Minos in turn. "I'm fine!" She peers over the kitchen, at Kass, energetic. "Burn? Cooking? What's all this then?"

Johny takes the drink, giving it a deep drink. "Cooking! I love it! It's almost as good as sex, but twice as messy!" He says, setting the drink aside now. His sleeves are being rolled up as he steps in to the kitchen. "Tonight, a little bit of the veg. I have a nice Creole Jambalaya, collard greens and fried okra…" He pauses, opening the fridge. "Yep. We're good. Tonight, we eat like Louisiana…"

Kass smirks, swooping across the room to hug Aladriel. She says, quietly, "I will teach you all about the house. It is kind of like Rocky, you know, you just tell it simple things and it does it? Smile!" She puts a bit of weight on the mage for balance, working to pull off her boots, tossing them in the general direction of the dining room. The elf says, "Johny!"

Minos looks at Johny and says, "All right. The slumbitch *can* cook, it's one of the few things he can do without being a complete cockmonger."

Kass interjects to Alex, "I'd cook for you Alex, but keep in mind that I cook for Maya, and she doesn't complain much, and Ally, and she is too nice to tell me how bad it is."

Minos says "I can cook too."

Lilith takes her own glass and just…downs…it, in one go, setting it aside with another laugh as she leans against Minos. "Oooh, it's been a while since I've had Cajun cooking." She tilts her head back and grins at Minos. "And lovely too, my dear."

Minos glances at Lilith, "I'm not terribly good at cooking, and not particularly lovely, either, but I'll take compliments where I can get them." He takes a sip of his drink and asks, "What's news?"

Johny calls out as he starts pulling ingrediants out of his…. er… Kassandra and ally's.. fridge. "Yes, Kassandra?"

Five bucks and your girlfriends a whore.

Commlink-(Geist): Hey Alex.

Lilith just shrugs, giggling a bit as she watches Sam get the things out.

Commlink-Minos> Minos says, "Yeah?"

Johny is using his private channel for Minos, not an open channel.

Commlink-(Geist): You totally owe me five bucks.

Commlink-Minos> Minos says, "What for?"

Commlink-(Geist): The vett -totally- made the 12 foot jump without cracking the frame. Pay up.

Kass remarks, "There is fresh scallops and shrimp in the bottom compartment. And keep in mind you guys *can* eat meat, I won't faint or anything, and I happen to like seafood. But I won't like, have a heart attack if you make something that grazed in a field previously." She chuckles at that, looking back to Aladriel.

Minos reaches into his breast pocket and, probably inexplicably to others, takes out a crisp Abraham Lincoln from his wallet and passes it over to Johan, shaking his head. "You, sir, are insane to do that to such a fine vehicle for the sake of a bet."

Lilith eyes flickers and she nods, almost frantically. "I was there! An absolute madman, he was."

Johny reaches out taking the UCAS bill. "Don't worry. You'll get this back next week." he says, sliding the bill in to his own wallet. The bill is crisp, it doesn't look like its every really been unfolded from its folded state. It's been passed around a lot. "Oh. Hey, question." He says, turning back to the fridge to pull out the -oh so nessessary- meats, once given permission.

Minos says "Yes?"

Commlink-(Geist): Mind if I fuck Lilith? I don't figure you would, but I figure, you know. It's polite to ask.

Johny chops okra. Oh yes.

"Mmmmm, scallops," Ally murmurs at Kassandra's mention of it. She watches with interest as Johny starts the preparation, her stomach grumbling anxiously.

Commlink-Minos> Minos says, "No, not really. I minded earlier when I was being stupid. But these days? Pork away, pal, fuck her blue. Just don't mess up our relationship is all."

Commlink-(Geist): Roger that.

Johny chop chop chop chops!

Running a hand through her hair, Kass pauses as she encounters the brush still there. She squeaks, pulling it out with effort and finding a place to put it out of the way. She looks back to Johny, "What?" She moves to retrieve the bottle of scotch and heads towards Johny's glass to refill it, asking over her shoulder. "Ally? Whatcha want to drink, love?" The elf does a lot of work with her left hand, something glittering on it as she moves.

Lilith nose sniffs appreciatively. "Ooooh, lovely." She looks over at Ally and Kass, grinning. "How are you doing, ladies?"

Johny glances at Kassandra. "What… what?" eh asks, not stopping the rather high-speed chopping. Like, professional style, full-power choppage, as he looks to Kassandra. He uses the knife to both cut and scoop, before bringing out the other vegitables. "Lilith! Saucepan, 2 cups of water, left rear burner, medium heat. Kassandra, I need a yellow onion minced. Ally! Rinse the greens."

Lilith jumps a bit. Just when she was starting to come down and feel more mellow…she rushes about, grabbing pan, cup, pouring water.

"Woo! I get to use a knife!" Kass cackles, hopping over to snag a knife in one hand, a bottle of juice in the other, which is in a custom container and marked with a hand-written note. The elf looks around for the onion, grabbing it as well. "And you said can I ask a question, and I said what. You are slipping." She waves a hand at Lilith, her left which currently holds the juice. There is an unmistakable glitter on her ring finger.

"Oooh juice later, love," Ally tells Kassandra as she heads over to the greens, grabs them and heads for the sink. "Washing greens. Careful with that knife," she warns Kass as she starts rinsing the greens.

Minos says "He's a surgeon in the kitchen, and he can't even stop giving orders when he cooks. Bloody hell."

Johny tosses, without much warning, a bag of prawns at Alex. "Shut up and shell those."

Lilith chuckles at Kass and spins about in the kitchen, dodging the prawns in a graceful move. "Glad to see it, Kass! About time, Ally!" Another grin, and she nudges Johnny aside with one hip, putting the sauce pan in the assigned spot.

Johny should learn to shut up.

Johny slides the okra to the side, reaching for the cellary and bell peppers. "So Lil, how's the healing coming?"

"Yes dear." Kass grins at Aladriel's warning, setting the juice out of the way for the moment. "When was the last time I cut myself besides the day before yesterday. Ok, and the day before that. I swear, the cooking channel makes it look easy." Kass drops the onion on the cuting board, cutting both ends off with two quick motions and peeling it, sliding the remains out of the way. She slows down as she starts on the onion, looking up sharply as Johny asks his question.

Lilith hands jump a little on the pot handles. "All better. Kass's medic did a perfect job." She scowls at him for a moment and moves away again, getting a tie out to restrain her long hair. Lilith shrugs easily. "Rough client, troll. Don't worry, it was completely consensual, and please, I know it was stupid and I've multiple lectures from multiple friends."

Rinsing the greens as she is, Aladriel is paying absolutely no attention to whats going on really, or the social implications of it all. "I hope you're resting. I'd say maybe a week…two or so just to be very sure it keeps, Lil," she adds conversationally as she watches Kassandra cut and peel the onion, as though looking will stop her from ouching herself.
Lilith grunts. "It wasn't that bad."

Kass moves with care, her reflexes ramped down as she pays attention to what she is doing. She makes a cut and "ow!" as Aladriel mentions resting to Lilith, her finger flying to her mouth. "Damnit!"

Johny quirks a brow as he moves with alacrity, a precision of movement. Several pans are put on to simmer, some with water, some with oil, some with this or that. Very quickly it starts to smell in the kitchen, not an entirely unpleasent smell, either. "Ally, healing on station two!"

Minos looks at Lilith, then at Johny, then at Lilith, and says, very calmly, "What sort of healing did it require?"

Lilith looks up at him, speaking just as calmly. "Magical healing, and despite everyone's reports, it wasn't severe. Minor bruising and tearing at best."
Lilith is definitly…buckling down for something.

There are currently a number of prawns in the heaven that prawns go to looking down upon the detailed mutilation that Minos is performing on their bodies with expressions of shock and horror on their faces, or feelers, or whatever that might be.

Ally winces and leaves the greens behind as she goes to Kassandra and touches the first bit of available skin that she can. The healing spell follows almost immediately. "Well Kass said it wasn't that minor. Not life threatening or anything, but not good either, right Kass?" Ally asks.

Watching her finger heal as if by, well, magic, Kass remarks, "It was pretty bad, all things considered. Not life threatening, but not the sort of thing that you'd want to have happen to you on a lark." She leans over to kiss Ally the cheek. She sighs and moves to get out a kevlar-reinforced glove before going back to her chore.

Johny sort of expected that. Prawn-mutilation, that is. He glances in the freezer, checking to see if there are more…

Minos says "Ah, I see." He actually hasn't mutilated the prawns beyond cooking, it's more the metiuculous and rapid means by which they have been decapitated, de-shelled, and de-veined, their offending organs placed in neat little rows, sort of like a serial killer might do with organs. "Who was this particular client, then?""

Johny, you see, gave minos something viceral to do with his hands. SMart boy, that Johny.

Lilith sighs. No. No, she's not going to lose her temper. "I don't question you about your work, Alex. Please don't question me about mine." She braids her hair, face calm. "Yes, it hurt me. But it was *consensual*. I wanted to do it. I didn't mind doing it. And while I did slip up a bit and get carried away, and while I can understand that my friends might find that cause for concern, nothing happened to me that was forced. The male was willing enough to make sure I was comfortable with it before hand, and good gods, do you really think I'd let him try anything I didn't agree with? I've got hand razors for a reason, and I'll repeat myself again; CONSENSUAL. He was no monster."

Johny chop chops chops chops! Mmmm. Hey look, more Prawns!

Minos looks at Lilith, then at Johny, then at Lilith, then at the prawns, and then says, "If you'll excuse me, I think I had better go home. I do not believe I'll be fit company for dinner tonight." He sets the prawns down and prepares to leave the room.

Kass regards the onion as her mortal foe now, moving back to her task now armed with a protective glove. She will work even slower, her motions careful and slow. She looks from Alex to Lilith quickly but mostly keeps her eyes on the task at hand before *she* is the one getting in trouble.


Lilith steps after him…. Lilith wasn't the one who spoke, tho

Kass speaks quickly, gesturing with her knife.

Minos glances at Kass and says, "Yes, Miss DePaiva?"

Lilith pauses.

DePaiva. Hm. Kass quickly says to Ally, "I want Cindel." She goes back to talking to Alex, "Come back and finish your job." She points at the prawns with the knife, "I want you here where we can keep an eye on you. Plus, I never get to see you."
She keeps her voice calm, polite, even uptempo.

Lilith seems ready to say something, mouth opening, then closing. Watching ALex.

Minos glances at Kass and says, "There's really no need to worry about me. I'm not about to go and do anything drastic. As for getting to see me, I'm afraid I'm not in the sort of fettle I'd prefer to be, and am not exactly pleased by the impression that I'll be leaving were I to stay."

Lilith murmurs softly. "Please. Alexander." She seems to tremble for a moment, then clenches her fists tightly, stilling herself.

Johny glances over his shoulder. "Alex. You're as close to a brother as I have ever had. And this.." he gestures. "Is as close to family, as I have had in nearly two decades." He says… "Family doesn't always have to be perfectly civil and polite. Lord knows I'm not. I just.." He trails off, not finishing -that- thought as his brain filter kicks on and registers that line of thought as DANGER DANGER DANGER.

Another few chops to the onion before Kass speaks. "Alexander. What he said. Sit the fuck down before I karate chop you!" Kass raises the kevlar-gloved hand dangerously.

Kass looks to be trying to override the angst and drama with cute.

"Well this is awkward," Aladriel murmurs softly as she watches everything going on around her, shaking her head some. "But really, Alex, stay. No need to go storming off. Stay and chew angrily or stay and not say anything. But don't go," Ally suggests.

Activate the Over-Reaction Star Drive!

Minos looks between those present and says, "You know," reaching into a breast pocket and taking out a cigarette, which he lights, taking a drag off of it immediately, "I took an ATGM to the face a while back. That, I thought, would stop people from calling me SuperMoo, which is sort of like calling you two," he gestures at Ally and Kassandra, "UberKeeblers and thinking you'll find it fucking amusing." He takes a drag off of his cigarette, then inhales. "And I'm well aware that, having a girlfriend who's a whore, and one whose profession I don't particularly mind, opens me up to quite a few other barbs and glances. Especially a girlfriend who recently asked me if we could 'come out' in public as lovers; I expect folks to look at me oddly, as if I can't control her or don't provide enough or that she's a slut or whatever. And that's a load of drek, but one I can put up with." He takes another drag of his cigarette, then continues, "But I will be god-damned if someone gets so 'consensually involved' with her…" he looks at Lilith, addressing her, and continues, "with you, that she requires magical healing and a week's worth of bedrest."

Minos continues, "I do not want to be in love with someone who will allow that to happen to her for money, which she already has enough of. I do not want to be in love with someone who WANTS to have that done to her. That it was consensual makes it worse, in my mind, than if he'd done it nonconsensually." He looks to Johny and says, "So, yes, you can fuck Lilith if you want, because I've no desire to in the future." Finishing his cigarette, he turns to Kass and says, "Would you mind refilling my drink, then?"

Lilith gasps and goes dead, pale white. Heart breaking.

ChopChopChopChopchopchop…chop….. chop…. chop…. JOhnny sets the knife aside, slowly, carefully.

One. Two. Three. Tears. Crystalline, shining, perfect, first time ever on Lil's cheeks.

Kass listens, paling a bit as well. She reverses the knife she is using and buries it through the remainder of the onion and into the board itself. She says quietly, "You know, Alex, that's a pretty cowardly thing to say. But then, you didn't want to be the one to come talk to us about babies either." She rounds the counter, snagging the scotch.

"So. Another coward move. Congrats, yes, it makes you a bigger man. You dump her because she is 'soiled'?" The scotch pours into the glass, eyeing the troll with a look that has made lesser men tremble.

Johny spins then, snapping at Kass in brilliant display of just how fast the man can move. "Alex is many things, but a coward is not one of them. Because I have had personal experiance with the loss of a child, I -am- the better suited person to actually talk to you about that. I didn't want to, but I knew he was right. This man is -not- a coward. He's caught off guard, He's hurt, he's unsure what the hell to do. He's reeling from a blow he was not expecting." a finger comes up. "And you are compounding it wiht attacks. Let him talk it through, damn it!"

Lilith just remains frozen, completely shell shocked. Not crying, no red eyes, no puffy nose, just…tears.

Ally's eyes go huge at Minos' reaction. His rant, as it were. She can't hardly believe it. She shakes her head and looks to Lilith, sees the tears running down her face. And then to Minos, asking for his scotch to be refilled. With a low growl she stomps over to where Kassandra buried her onion-peeling knife in the the onion and grabs it. And then she leaps at Minos and starts jabbing him with the knife. She is a 5'5", 120 pound woman with a kitchen knife banging it into the non-vital areas of the minotaur's chest (which three people in the room would surely notice.)
"You big jerk! How can you say that to her! She's like the……you're the only person that makes her open up and how could you say that to her!" she yells at him. She pulls back the knife, eyes the dented blade and scowls, stomping away from him. Heap big mage attacked the minotaur with a kitchen knife.

Minos lets Ally attack him, somewhat startled, before he recovers his composure. He comments, "You've ruined my suit."

He returns Kass' glance calmly and says, "The reason I didn't want to talk to you about babies was not because I was afraid to do so, Kassandra; it was because Johny has more experience in dealing with having children whilst under the conditions we are under than I do."

He looks at Lilith, and says, "I've no desire to dump you because you're 'soiled', Lilith. I simply can't deal with someone who has sex in such a way that requires hospitalization…who *wants* to have that sort of sex. It's not something I choose to have in my life or in my lovers. Because, you see, if I love someone, and that person gets hurt, I need to kill the person that hurts them. And you *want* to be hurt. I cannot deal with that, it's not true to who I am; moreover, I've no desire to. And asking you to change what you want is just as unfair."

"Yeah, he was caught off guard Sam, and why was that again? Oh yeah! You just sprang it on him!" Kass rolls her eyes, watching Aladriel stab Minos ineffectually. She sighs and follows Ally, "There were better ways to broach it, Sam, and you can rationalize his 'hurt' all you want, just keep in mind there is another side to this."

Johny's finger raises higher like he's about to retort, then it curls slowly in to his fist, which is then lowered. "I… I was just making conversation. I wasn't…" he looks to Alex, then Lilith.. "I wasn't planning what I was saying, I was just.. being." He raises a hand to his lips, "Oh god… I'm sorry.."

Lilith voice is barely above a whisper. "I…don't…want to be hurt like that. Not like that. It was more then I…expected…after…didn't realize…" Her hands fall from her braid and she begins to walk for the door, still silently crying. Gaze vacant, like Ophelia, drifting silently out into the cold air. Pausing. Pale eyes to Alex. "For you, I'd give it all up. Everything." And then she just moves, barefoot, outside…

"House, emergency lockdown!

Kass calls out a command as Lilith heads for the door.

Lilith is already outside and moving.

The House's doors slide shut and the storm shutters start to slam in to place. It's pretty quick.

Lilith simply stops. Hands palm flat against the glass, forehead resting against it.

"Extreme Weather Protocols; Engaged."

And a moment after Kassandra calls out that command, a shimmering greenish-energy barrier bursts into existence infront of the door, stretching from floor to ceiling. Perfectly solid. Lili's able to rest against it just fine and it doesn't bring the ouch. Ally glances to Kassandra and 'ohs' softly, dropping her spell.

Minos cocks his head to one side and asks Lilith, "So if you didn't want to be hurt like that then why protest so strongly that it was consensual?"

Johny offers that… "Probably because everyone in this room not you, wanted to kill the man…"
Kass mouths 'sorry' at Aladriel, moving closer to her.

Lilith murmurs vacantly. "It was. After…after…wouldn't do it again…made a mistake…"

"And Lilith is really new to the friend thing and she's extremely stubborn and independent and doesn't quite get why her friends would be upset that their friend got hurt so badly," Ally speaks rapid-fire, crossing her arms as Kass approaches her. "She's not used to all of this!"

Kass remarks quietly, "My main problem with this guy, other than the fact that he seemed to think it was ok, was that he seemed an unrepentant ass when we met him last night as well. He doesn't seem like the kind of person that .. I dunno. Listens when you say no." Kass shrugs a bit, wrapping a length of hair around a finger, "Course, my view is kinda skewed."

Johnny doesn't get punched. This is new.

Minos says "Ah-h-h…" He pauses, then moves forward and places a reassuring hand on Lilith's shoulder. "I'm sorry. It wasn't quite explained that way to me. Forget what I said, hm, love? Here, let me get you a tissue and a glass of wine. We'll talk it over. Everything's fine. I overreacted, okay?" He takes his hand off her shoulder briefly as he walks back across the kitchen to get her a drink.

On his way there, he pauses as he's about to pull a fist back to punch Johan in the face when he stops and looks at Aladriel and Kassandra. "I was just about to punch him, and then I realized: he's not the asshole here, you two are. He might've broached the subject, but you two bitches decided that it'd be a good idea to elaborate in great detail on JUST HOW BADLY she was hurt, without even once thinking that I might have a somewhat more negative reaction to that than simply realizing she was hurt. Good fucking job.""

Johny looks, for the moment, shocked. He's… not being punched. His systems all blink : Green. His jaw is not shattered. He glances to Kassandra and Ally, then back to Alex. "Alex." Says Johny… "Perhaps maybe you should appologize for calling them bitches. Neither are professional sex workers, both are fairly -sensitive- to their friends being hurt and the man -was- an arrogant cockknocker at the party last night… and both -care very much- for lilith, and might therefor be prone to overstating. Like you. Overstating your anger in calling them -bitches-."

Kass considers that for about two seconds. "You know what, fuck you Alexander. If you were around more, you'd know. If you gave even a quarter of a damn, you'd know. If you used some of that vaunted intelligence and wit that you like to show off all the time, you'd have been able to discern a few things. So don't blame us for your shortcomings."

Kass glares up at the big knight. "Or maybe you can show what a big badass you are an hit me, if you are so inclined. Then you can be like Jase and get your rocks off hurting people."

Johny purses his lips and… just lets the situation roll. He reaches one hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "See? This is why I am usually tacturn."

Lilith just stares at Minos, all the noise around her barely heard, her face registering another blow, another shock at him just…apologizing…other words filter in, other sounds, and she closes her eyes. A low, primitive moan escapes from her lips as she seems to curl up on herself.

Ally didn't get punched, but she looks pretty surprised at getting called that. "I wasn't even paying attention to all this. I don't know who knows what and…" she blinks at Kassandra's pretty much daring the minotaur to hit her. Ally goes very, very still and watches.

You sense Aladriel's got the look about her that Johny would probably be a bit nervous for Alex's wellbeing if he seems inclined to take Kassandra up on her offer.

Minos shakes his head. "Ah, but you see, lass, it's not that simple, is it now? I don't have the bloody luxury of being here all the bloody time. I had a hard enough time getting time off to go deal with my mother dying, and I've been working to make up for that. I come home to Lilith every night that I can, Kass. I've no desire to hit you, though perhaps you might like to punch me in the balls again? That was fun the first goddamned time you did it. You'll have to excuse me if I'm not at the top of my form."

Looking to Johny he says, "I've got no problem with them being bollixed up about it, Johny, but if they're going to get all up in your face about dropping the news on me like a bomb perhaps they should take some responsibility for it too, hm?" With that, he goes over to care for Lilith, kneeling down beside her with a glass of wine.

Lilith just remains standing, arms wrapped around herself, letting out that low, soft, terrible keening sound.

Cold, cold eyes watch Minos. Kass says, "You know, this was going to be a very happy day for me. And now, .. not so much." She eyes Alexander for another long moment. "Luxury to be here all the time. Right. Got it." Kass waits for the minotaur to move to Lilith and starts across the kitchen, looking to leave the room.

Johny shakes his head. Very sadly, very slowly. "Fuck me. Kass…" Those two statements are not linked, but they may sound like it… Johny says in Arabic, "I'm sorry. Truly I am."

"I can erase memories, just saying," Ally mumbles under her breath as she watches Kassandra start to go. She looks between everyone and sighs. "So this is what happens when we all mess up," she murmurs before she trots off after the elf.

Kassandra turns, rattling off a quickfire burst of her native tongue, "I don't have the time in my life for some son of a dog to get in my face because he isn't man enough to deal with his supposed girlfriend's problems. If he wants to be an arrogant ass over it, that is his choice. But I am not dealing with his shit any longer." (Arabic)

She finishes in English, "I should have just gutted the fucker when I found out and saved a lot of grief."

Minos picks up Lilith, sits down on the floor, places her in his lap and just holds her for a while.

Lilith simply freezes when Alex picks her up. Just freezes when he holds her. Doesn't move, doesn't speak, the keening dying on her lips.

Johny turns to the ruins of a dinner, intent on finishing it. He gathers the ingredients that had been in various stages of preparation or mutilation. He exhales and does the only thing he can. He presses on, his jaw setting. Celibacy. It's the way to go.

Lilith begins singing, softly. "If I fell in love with you would you promise to be true, and help me understand. 'Cause I've been in love before, and I found that love was more than just holding hands. If I give my heart to you I must be sure, from the very start, that you would love me more than her…If I trust in you, oh please, don't run and hide. If I love you too, oh please, don't hurt my pride like her, 'cause I couldn't stand the pain. And I would be sad if our new love was in vain…"

Kass frowns at the room in general, looking to Lilith who is … gone bbye .. and then to Johny who has retreated into cooking. She shakes her head, working to get her temper under control, breathing quickly. She says quietly, "I apologize for my outburst. Lilith is one of the very, *very* few friends I have …" She breaks off when the woman starts singing.

Kassandra's rapid-fire Arabic is barely able to be picked up by Ally. Though the end, in English, was sure easy enough to pick out. What a mess. Looking over to Lilith with her singing, Ally runs a hand through her hair.

Aladriel says in Arabic, "Yep. Broken."

Johny starts to Sautee the prawns now. "Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes. I will be setting the table in 15." He says, looking to the group. "I would… like to eat with you."

Minos continues the song as he holds Lilith, "So I hope you see, that I would love to love you, and that she will cry when she learns we are two. 'Cos I couldn't stand the pain, and I would be sad if our new love was in vain. So I hope you see, that I would love to love you, and that she will cry when she learns we are two.

Sighing, Kass moves closer to Ally, murmuring quietly to her. She stares down at her left hand, looking at her ring when she talks.

Lilith begins crying again, pressing herself against Minos. She's cold, shaking, whatever walls, whatever shields, whatever fail threads that were keeping her together now rapidly beginning to crumble.

Minos says "Lilith, it's okay, really."

Lilith whispers in a cracked voice. "You broke my heart."

Minos says "Well, I put it back together."

Lilith wails, beating at his chest with her fists. "It's…not…that…easy!!"

Kass sighs, nodding at whatever Aladriel murmured to her. She looks to Johny cooking, and then to the pair on the floor. "I'm hungry .. and I am exhausted. I wanna sleep till April."

Ally slides her arm around Kass' waist as they talk quietly with each other for a moment. Looking over at the crying Lilith beating on the minotaur man, she just shakes her head. "Dinner smells good. I'll be back down to eat…might duck into the other room and…" Ally doesn't really have any vices. Damn. "Glance out the window."

The window which is currently security shuttered.

Johny continues to cook, now adding a bit of lemon juice to the prawns, adding spices to the roux, and in all other ways, preparing 6 dishes. 3 that are pure vegetarian, and 3 which are 'with meat'.

Minos says "Well, lass, I've nothing to say for that. My own emotional stability's not what it should be at this time, either. Do you really think I'm entirely fit to be having any more shocks such as this one dropped in my lap and be expected to act rationally? You know what I've been going through. It was in how things were broached. I'n sorry, I still love you, and there's nothing else I can say about it.""

Kass notices that the windows are shuttered, "End shutdown, authorization Kassandra, password daffodil." She looks speculatively at the ceiling.

Lilith weeps, softly, failing in her pounding, crumpling against him. "Oh, gods, Alex…forgive me!"

"Extreme Weather Protocols: Disengaged."

Kass murmurs to Ally, "Go on up and I'll bring you some?" She looks to the room, "I'll .. figure this all out."

Minos says "Right, right, you're forgiven, enough of this rot, hm? I'll have a nice wee chat with Mr. Jase, Miss Kass and Miss Aladriel and I will kiss and make up, and everyone will be fine.""

Ally shudders a little bit at the way the house unlocks itself. "Y'know…thats kinda creepy. Useful but…yeah. Definitely creepy," she decides. Looking once more at the kitchen, she watches the makeup begin, Sam cook, and then Kass. "I'll try to come back down, maybe. Going to check on Maya. See you when you come up," she tells Kass gently and gives her a tight hug. Least they're not fighting. And then she heads out of the kitchen.

Lilith lies limp in his arms, crying, now starting to tremble with exhaustion, fear, love, confusion…she nods, weakly. "A-aye…l-l-love…"

Kass watches Ally head up, fidgeting with her ring for a moment. She moves towards where Johny is prepping food, "Alright. Can I help you in any way? I sort of made a mess of .. stuff. The onion. Whatever. And Ally broke my knife. Still, …"

Johny continues to cook, the food smell now filling the room. The Jambalaya is a rice based dish of spices and seasonings with various diced vegitables. In the meated one, theres sausage and shrimp and chicken. Pretty much anything lying around. The greens are fresh, with some bacon being fried up for the meated dish version. A few other side dishes are also being prepared, including the gumbo, which sort of needs meat, but he's makign a side pot of vegitarian.

Minos stands up and brings Lilith up with him and says, "Let's have some dinner, hm?"

Lilith gives Alex a tragic sort of look, looks to the food, looks to Johan, back to Minos with a faint, frightening smile, and then her mind, her body, just…give up. She pales again and collapses, skin cold and clammy, completely done with the world as it stands.

Minos picks up Lilith and takes her home. "We'll talk later, guys."

You say "Good night, Alex.""

Kass nods quietly to Alexander, not trusting her words just yet.

Johny continues to cook. It's all he has at the moment that he can actually -do-. Can't leave, else it is added dramatics. Can't stop cooking or the food is ruined…

Kass sighs, watching the pair leave.

Alone with Kassandra

After a moment, Kass says, "Well, that went extraordinarily badly."

He reaches over, picking up the searing pan and flipping the prawns with a flick of his wrist. "Yes." He says then, watching what he's doing. "Extraordinarily." He looks over to Kassandra then. "I… I am sorry, Kassandra."

Kass sighs, "Nothing to be sorry about, Sam. I don't know that we could have quite predicted that sort of reaction from him. I certainly didn't, anyway. It seemed a bit .. I don't know."

"Overblown." He says, shaking his head. "He's feeling left out. Like he's unable to keep up with the situation and trying to compinsate. He's a good man. He really is. I'm… mortified by what he said. Absolutely… mortified."

Nodding, Kass looks glumly at the door, "Maybe he was right. We should have just not said anything about how bad it was; they are both adults and could have worked this out or kept their secrets from each other." She rubs at her eyes, careful not to smear her mascara. "I'm sorry that he feels left out. I don't really know how to .. whatever."

Johny sighs quietly, as he tastes the gumbo stock. He offers the spoon over to her, a bit of the vegitarian soup on it. "Taste that." He says, before going in to more detail. "I wasn't thinking. I was… just being. I was specifically trying to not over think the things I say. I was stupid. He had some valid points, but he, as usual recently, lost them in his anger and hyperbolic statements."

"Hmm. Tastes fine to me .. just the right amount of heat." Kass hands back the spoon, "He hurt Lilith more than Jase did, you know. She's more sensitive than she likes to let on, and he pretty much cut her heart out with a few words and then wanted to bang, fix it with a few more. It isn't that simple." She sighs again, "I didn't help by getting angry with him and yelling. I should go back to keeping my mouth shut."

Johny shakes his head. "I know." He puts the spoon back in the gumbo, stirring it a bit. "It… we're not a sitcom. I don't have a laugh track. I don't walk off the set at the end of the half hour and go… home." The intonation on home is more than 'going to where you live'. "I had… I took…" He tries to explain, turning back to the Jambalaya. After a moment of fumbling with words, he just sort of gives it up. "I tried. I really did."

"You didn't do anything wrong, Sam." Kass shakes her head, "It is what has been going on in our lives. It is what we are dealing with, and that .. is something that Alex has to understand. Yeah, we should have trixmailed him at 'whereveryouare.trix' and let him know that something was wrong."

"But .. don't know. A lot goes on every day, and I can barely keep up with what I am doing, let alone if Hitomi knows that Lil was hurt or if Janie knows that 'tomi flashed her tits at the party."

Johny shakes his head. "It's not that." He admits. "I know I screwed up some on that, but not, in the grand scheme of things, very much. I asked alex tonight if he would mind if I… relaxed… with Lilith. I have tried, so -very much- to open up, to relax my rules, relax my sense of self… and -this-.." A gesture with a spoon, some how oddly aprapos… "happens. Both times in the last few months that I have tried to relax myself, it has gone horribly, horribly wrong."

Kass hms, "Yeah." She sighs, running a hand through her hair. "I don't know, I mean, I don't think that the events are linked, necessarily, just incredibly bad timing and luck." She sighs, yawning into her hand. "This day started out early, not too badly, got really good later in the morning and afternoon, and then this. I .. somehow, I think Alex was right. I should have just kept my mouth shut and let him work this out. Instead, Ally and I made it worse."

Johny exhales. "It's more complex than blame, fault or causation, Kassandra." Sam says then, stirring a bit more of something in to the food. "It really is. This mess… it's not one person in any measure… it's a conglomeration of things that come to a head at the same time, in the same fashion. It looks connected, but your frustration wiht Alex has little to nothing to do with the issues displayed tonight, while Ally's knife-stabbination, while cute, was sparked strictly by tonight. She is a creature of the moment. Lilith's actions wiht Jase were sparked by her deep sense of inner confusion and the momentary spark of clarity brought by endorphins and the feeling of being possessed and desired. Yes. I'm psychoanalyzing the situation, much to alexes dismay."

"But its all I fucking have."

"Maybe so. He and I will have to work out our differences one day, I suppose." Kass looks at the counter, tapping a nail, "And yes, I am very frustrated with him and I have for a while, for a whole host of reasons. I imagine he has some issue with myself or Ally given his words this evening. I don't really know, and I don't know what to do about it." She rubs her eyes, "I'm tired, and that probably didn't help."

Johny nods to Kassandra. He puts the stove on 'self monitor' for a moment and turns to her, leaning on the Calender. "Want my advice?" he asks, his voice cast low.

"Sure. I might even listen." Kass smirks a bit at that, stifling another yawn.

Johny turns to Kassandra then, looking her over, trying to crawl outside of himself again. "Ask him. Put side the ego. Put aside the frustration… and talk to him. He's got a lot on his mind. I know you don't know much, or maybe care much, about who he is, but he's working through some very difficult things. His father is… a racist. He raised his son, Alexander, to be a racist. And in a twist of fate 12 years ago, his son was turned in to a troll. Now his father can't bear to look at him. And it was brought home when his mother died. He's… hurting. It's no excuse, but I hope you can appreciate where he's coming from right now."

He sighs. "Alex feels things strongly, but the anger tends to fade just as quickly as it comes. Talk to him. Speak to him and try and communicate to him. When he says something that pisses you off? Swallow it and keep talking. Figure out why. And try and come to an accord."

"I'll think on it." Kass watches the counter for a long moment, "Right now, I'm .. well, as petty as it sounds I am not really ready to talk to him. I'm sorry that he is having a hard time right now; it seems to be going around. But in his .. absence .. I've grown a bit fond of Lilith and I just watched him hurt her just for the sake of hurting her."

She sighs, shaking her head. "Maybe after I sleep things will be a little clearer and I'll be more willing to put aside all my problems and be .. understanding." She frowns a bit, "I don't know."

Johny nods quietly. "I'll bag the food, package it and put it in the freezer… and then let myself out. I may crash out in the garage tonight. Car needs work and I need… I don't know. I need to figure things out myself."

Kass nods sadly, "I'm sorry things .. went to hell." She turns and starts to head quietly upstairs, stopping at the doorway. "It'll probably be better tomorrow. Good night, Sam."

Johny glances after Kassandra, a smile ghosting his lips. "Good night, Kassandra. Go sleep in Aly's arms."

February 26, 2009

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