A baseline human infected with HMHVV. Victims are typically thin and pale and suffer from chronic essence loss which can only be stemmed by draining the essence of others - most often through a blood-link. Those not outright killed in the transfer often find themselves sharing the vampire's affliction. Most vampires display a number of powers including enhanced senses, immunity to age, poison, and disease, the ability to turn into a mist, and rapid regeneration of damaged tissues. Vampires also express a severe allergy to sunlight and/or other substances, depending on the individual vampire's background. Like other sufferers of the virus, vampires are able to pass the infection on to others.

Though extremely rare, other metahuman subtypes have been reported as suffering from this expression of the disease. Though the claims have, thusfar, proven very difficult to substantiate.


A baseline human (or in extremely rare cases, an elf) infected with the Bruckner-Langer strain of HMHVV. Often considered to be "Super Vampires", they share almost all of the traits and powers of standard vampires with the addition of the Physical Adept-like ability to increase their body or strength twice a day, and a propensity for higher-than-average intelligence. They also suffer from an extremely reduced essence loss (which decreases their need to drain essence from others) and lack the former's vulnerability to wooden objects. Like all vampiric subspecies, nosferatu are capable of passing their infection on to others, but often choose not to do so. All nosferatu seem to be bald, extremely pale and to possess extreme long fingers and nails.

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