Vixen Recruitment


Minos nods. "Well, the DF's not exactly a corporation, but…well, whatever; I ain't exactly in PR. My official 'job title' is 'External Short-Term Consultant Quality Assurance Liaison'; this is fancy-speak for I work with shadowteams and 'runners that work with the Foundation and evaluate their performance. Part Johnson, part team backup, part PR."

Vixen hmms and picks up her beer looking interested, "I'm listening." She takes a sip and nods, "So Sam recommended me? See there's a man with good taste." She chuckles a bit at the joke then quickly returns to the serious. "So what exactly am I being considered for?" Then blinks, "There's a file on me?"

You say "Yes. Would you like to see it?" He passes you a minicomp with your file on it. "Minus a bunch of MPs reporting on the missions you've done for us, of course—but you know about those."

«OOC» Vixen says, "Anything on it that seems wrong or incomplete? Does it mention the MPD?"

«OOC» Minos says, "it's the file YOU wrote :)"

«OOC» Minos says, "You tell me what would be in it :)"

«OOC» Vixen says, "Ahh. Gotcha"

Vixen looks over the file and hands it back and nods, "I guess that sums up most of the good stuff about me, in a rather…black and white sort of way." She shrugs, "But ya gotta know me to love me." She snickers a bit and hands the pocket secretary back to you.

You say "I've also some idea of your reputation, and we've fought before. But that's irrelevant."
You say "What is relevant is that you've been selected to be made an offer."
You say "Insert here, a standard disclaimer re: discretion and if-you-talk-we-have-to-kill-you, blah blah blah."
You say "Have you heard of Assets, Incorporated?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Vixen (#1018) rolls Intelligence for "Have I?":
2 2 2 3 4 4 16
«OOC» Minos says, "that'd be a shadowscene players test if the player doesn't know who they are."
«OOC» Minos says, "or I'll take that 16"
«Auto-Judge[]» Vixen (#1018) rolls Corporate Rumors for "Maybe that can compliment":
2 3 4 5
«OOC» Vixen Chuckles, OK."
«OOC» Minos says, "Assets, Inc. is an elite shadowrunning team that was known in the past to do international shadowruns, primarily (if not exclusively) for Dunkelzahn when he was alive. It's suspected that they still work for the DF in some way; they're sorta "legendary badasses"."

Vixen nods, "I've heard of the team. International. Pretty tough group of runners rumored to work for DF." She nods softly, "Not sure how much I've heard is rumor and how much fact, but if half of what I've heard about them is true then I'm sure they have reached god like status in the running world by now."

Minos shrugs. "They're getting older, and they're used in many different ways, but they're a bit…well, let's just say that their identities, while not compromised, have been around too long to make them suitable for some missions associated with the DF and leave it at that. So, in Denver, Samuel and I have been charged with forming a team similar to, but not identical to, Assets, Inc. Do you think this would be something you might be interested in?"

Vixen settles back and closes her eyes as if contemplating the question. In actuality she's conversing with her sisters.

Hey wake up? You all want to be part of an elite team that works for DF? Speak up now or forever hold your peas.

Chammy and Silver glean what they can from the intel that Vixen provides. DF has a solid rep with them all and after a few moments of internal conflict…She opens her eyes and looks at Minos and nods, "We are willing to consider it."

You say "All right. I'm going to start with the drawback."

Vixen nods and three pair of eyes though Minos can only see one stare out at you.

You say "You can accept other shadowruns from other agencies, groups, what-have-you, as you wish; and the Foundation will not pry into your business, with one exception: should you be involved with, or hear anything, that may harm the Draco Foundation or its interests as you understand them, you are expected to report in detail any aspects of what you have done or are involved with that impacts the Foundation. Otherwise, your privacy and discretion will be your own."

You say "Should I keep talking?"

Vixen nods, "So far we haven't heard anything unreasonable. Please."

You say "Very well. This organization is a loose association of shadowrunners spanning various degrees of experience and differing specialties. From this small pool of select individuals who have been assessed by us to be trustworthy, differing missions in keeping with the team's mission statement will be assigned to groups depending on the needs of the organization and whose specialties fit. Your unique aspected professional personalities will be a great asset to our goals, as you already have multiple specialties."

Vixen nods, "Multiple is a good word. I use it often." She nods, "So I might not work with the same team members every time. How many runners altogether are we talkin bout? Or is that need to know?"

You say "A total, including myself, you, and Samuel, would be twelve. Of those, you are the first to be formally approached in this manner."
You say "Other folks've run for us, but in terms of the organization's formality, you'd be the first outside of myself and Samuel."

Vixen smiles, "I bet you tell them all that." A playful wink and then she nods then returns to a level of seriousness, "In the interest of fairness, I probably should tell you that I have a disorder called MPD. It hasn't affected my work per se…but it is an issue that you should be aware of. Samuel knows about it, so I'm assuming you do as well. But I wouldn't want you freaking out when I want to be called Silver rather than Vixen." She waits for your reaction before revealing any more of her deep dark secrets.

Minos nods. "He did mention that. I'm given to understand that despite your unique personality structure youve been quite effective in the past, and that's all I really need to know."

Vixen nods and say's, "We don't all have the same skillset. Silver's a pacifist but she loves to tinker and she's has as much talent as I do when it comes to B&E. Chammy prefers to deck." She shrugs, "Don't ever expect her to be anything more than a princess." She shifts in her chair a bit feeling the weight of her sisters presence. "Though I've gained a measure of control over who's in the drivers seat when."

Minos nods. "This is all excellent news. The organization, by the by, is called the Watchers. Our mission is fourfold:"

You say "First: First contact for Awakening magical beings. This includes Drakes, free spirits, sasquatches and essentially anything that's just woken up to the fact that it's magical and/or is being hunted by other people because it's magical. We find 'em, help 'em, secure 'em and make them safe, giving them a place in the world and a fresh start."
You say "Second: Investigation of magical anomalies and places of power. This includes, but is not limited to: examination of the area around the Cermak Blast; data on magical Locuses; the corruption of the ley-lines in Aztlan; the current situation with the city-spirit of Denver; and basically a bunch of other magical shit I don't really pretend to understand."
You say "Third: The removal of magical, and other, threats to the world's stability. This includes blood mages, toxic mages, insect spirits, insect spirit mages, blood insects, toxic bloods, and just about anything icky, nasty, and bigger than just Bob the Corporate Wage Mage and his guard hounds."

You say "Fourth: The recovery and/or destruction of artifacts. The Draco Foundation is operating under the aegis of former President Dunkelzahn's will; the bequests and instructions he left are available on Shadowland—at least, the public ones. Most of them involve, in one way or another, artifacts."

You say "That's it. There're a bunch of other runs that have something to DO with these things, ancillary; we'll be countering other corporate interests in these things; we'll be doing all sorts of things that don't even involve magic at all, but that's the sort of stuff we care about. Your knowledge of magic is not terribly relevant…we have other specialists for that. You're being assigned to Matrix Applications and Direct Applications, which is business-speak for "I hurt people." We've got mages for the other stuff. Any questions?"

Vixen nods and puts up with the others watching behind her eyes for a bit longer, though the sensation doesn't put her in the best of moods. Its kinda like being in the middle of a whirlwind while attempting to hold a normal conversation. She nods and takes a sip of beer as Silverfox practically seems to drool over the description of the first mission. It meets her criteria for being nice. Vixen nods as you talk letting you know that she's listening. "I don't know much about magic though. I've been on about three astral quests, mostly with little good coming from it and a whole lot of negative consequences. As long as I got spirit busters I suppose I'll feel somewhat confident about my ability to help with the magical threats."

Vixen nods, "I've heard of the will." She waits for any questions that urp up out her collective and then say's, "It sounds like interesting work anyway." She nods, "I've been getting a little frustrated with the run of mill work I've been getting."

Vixen shrugs, "How about compensation?" She doesn't care about the money really, cause well…she's rich. But she does like to be appreciated.

You say "I have to say that I find the mere machinations of one corp fucking another corp to be about as interesting as acting as a mercenary in a foreign country dealing with two nations you neither know nor care about. It drains on the soul. I believe that one of the last places to find a smidgen of people who really give a drek about people and the world beyond themselves is in the shadows. So this is sort of like 'knights in kevlar armor' sort of stuff. If that doesn't appeal to you, well…it's a Foundation funded by a dragon that owned parts of every megacorporation in the world and whose public bequests gave more away than anyone might imagine. Were it a corporation, the Draco Foundation would be a AA or even an AAA. So money isn't something you really have to worry about."

Vixen nods, "Part of me *code for Silverfox* likes to save kittens from go go gangers. And part of me *Chammy* is hedonistic enough to try anything as long as somewhere in that anything there's a smidgeon of fun, and part of me *Vixen* is most interested in being challenged." She nods, "So far what you've told me gives me a bit of hope that maybe I won't suffocate in mediocrity." She grins.

Minos grins. "Well, it's funny you say that because our foes are the sorts of folks a dragon was interested in stopping, which means it'll be challenging one way or another."

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