Walk Softly

The Run

The Meet

The call comes in. It's a matrix address, in the UCAS sever, representing a coffee house out in the rural areas, right near the Sioux National Boarder. A truckstop called Three Whistles Truckstop. It serves the roudy crowd. But matrix side, it's as quiet as a ghost save for the constant zip of Standard Icons, probably truckers out on the road making berthing appointments for fuel, food and such as the like. Deckers? Never a one. Several chat rooms, long unused, exist here. The address is for one of them.

There is no sculpting here, so it's all a bunch of geometric shapes representing systems and icons here. The chatroom looks like a circle with trucker posters all along the wall.

Steven's icon is completely and entirely generic, a faceless and androgynous silver figure indicating someone using a public ASSIST connection. He navigates slowly through into the chat room. Not unfamiliar with the technology, but clearly not particularly skilled with it either.

El Cajone grunts to himself He apologizes to Sifu Xin Lu Fen for the interrupted martial arts lesson and promises a trip to China to visit him personally. Then he accesses the node.

El Cajone shows up in the node as a polygonated pirate character, he looks around confused as to why he's receiving an urgent call from a truckstop. He peers at the generic silver figure off to the left. "Hello?" he says.

VR glasses on the black ork types in a few addresses and does the whole Johnny Mnenomic thing. Typing on the keyboard in the coffin Ophiophagus doesn't even bother to hide his MXP address or anything, he's quite casual in letting others know he's porting in from the Warrens.

The center of the circular room is lit up by a spotlight from 'above', though where that 'above' is, is nebulous. A black form, a sort of silhouette of a man (Scaramoush!) that remains silhouetted from any angle forms. "Greetings, Programs." Says the form, its words clear and crisp, but with a hint of electronic distortion underneath.

"Greetings." Steven says quietly, looking around at the other personas in the matrix room, quietly examining them both before simply giving a name of, "Steven." That's all he says for now, not wanting to elaborate further, until he finds out why he's here.

El Cajone cocks his polygonated head at Steven briefly before looking at Scaramouch. "You have my attention." he says simply.

After getting the voice driver to work and then unmuting the mic Snake adds in, "Lets hear it."

Silhouette turns to address all three simultaneously. "I represent an employer who wishes to engage in short term, deniable contract work with you three as regards to the Aurora area of Denver, UCAS sector. A young man.." An image opens in the air, showing the year book picture of an adult orkish male, about 20 years old. He's Caucasian, ruddy skin and dark hair. "This man is, presumably, trapped in the area. You are to retrieve him. He was last reliably spotted in the area of Aurora near Quincy and Himalaya. They were last known to be frequenting a location called 'Rolling Bones'."

Steven considers this for a long moment, looking the adult male over. The persona opens it's mouth before closing it again, holding the questions for right now, just studying the picture with all the intensity fo someone trying to memorize it.

«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Denver Area Knowledge + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 5:
1 1 2 3 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Denver Sewer System + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 5:
1 5 5 7 7 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Denver Electric Grid + Task Pool: 1 vs TN 5:
1 2 5 5 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Steven (#10289) rolls Denver Area Knowledge vs TN 5:
2 3 4 11 = 1 Success
Denver Area Knowledge: The area is a crossroads of minor gangs that come and go. It's not under any major gangs turf per sey, but when a major runs through, the minors give up the respect. Currently, there's a move by Steel Tide to take control of the area, but it was severely disrupted by the outbreak.

Electrical Grid: The grid is steady in the area, but mostly because it sits over an old trunk line.

Denver Sewer: Nothing of major notice in the area. No walk-able mains, all under ground ceramics and plastics that are about 80 years old at this point.

Silhouette doesn't hesitate. "30,000 Nuyen, split as your group desires, upon successful, live, retrieval and extraction of this individual. I will advance one third of this amount. Should the subject be dead upon extraction, you will be allowed to keep the advance, but receive no additional payment."

El Cajone smirks into his hud, though the Pirate Icon is incapable of simulating the expression. "Who is this person and is he going to want to be extracted or hostile to the idea?"

Silhouette thinks that over a moment, before he speaks. "I expect the target to either be fully indoctrinated, or desperate to escape. Fifty fifty chance."

Steven thinks this over for a moment, running through his knowledge of the area mentally, considering the streets that he knows in the area. His persona reaches up to scratch it's entirely featureless chin, "Known associates?"

Silhouette turns to Steven. "He was last seen in the company of a gang known as 'Goblin Yell'."

«Auto-Judge[]» El Cajone (#5318) rolls Computers (to CholeraDude):
1 4 5 10 11
«Auto-Judge[]» El Cajone (#5318) rolls Computers (to CholeraDude):
1 2 2 3 3

Computer Results: Goblin Yell is a virulently pro metahuman/anti human gang that operates in the warrens of the Denver FRFZ. Their membership is open only to metahumans of Robustus and Ingentis genotypes. (as Per UCAS FBI database on gang related activity)

Computer Results: Rolling Bones is a crappy bowling ally, you should avoid it, like OMG!

«Auto-Judge[]» Steven (#10289) rolls Street Rumors vs TN 8:
2 3 3 3 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Steven (#10289) rolls Shadowscene Players vs TN 6:
2 2 3 9 = 1 Success

Street Rumors: Yeah.. Goblin Yell's got this new white fuck. Comes in from out of town like, 3 weeks ago, just after the riots down in the warrens. he tried to sign up with the SoS, but they bounced him like a quarter off a marines sheets.

Shadow Scene Players: Goblin Yell? Meh. They are some wanne bes who can't even get their shit together. They reject the mans ways, liven mostly in basements and shit. They are pussies.

El Cajone folds up the files he found on the Goblin Yell and the posting he found on Rolling Bones, and forwards them to the other two icons in the room as direct file transfers marked 'Search Results'.

"Yeah. I've heard of these guys." Steven's persona says, reaching out and taking the file folder, opening it up, waiting for the transfer. He reads the search results and then says simply, "I'll take the job." Glancing to the other two, to see if they're in on it.

The Silhouette nods to Steven, turning to Elc. "Rules of Engagement are simple. Recover the principle, alive, and not leaking any major bodily fluids. Anything else is optional."

El Cajone says "Does the principal have any medical conditions, allergies or other issues we need to know in order to extract him successfully?"

"Penicillin, Bee Venom, Fabric Softener, Surgical Steel."

"Yeah, I'm in. This should be easy. It's the warrens though, your target may be bloody…But it wont be his blood." Snake-Eater then gives the other two his contact information, a disposable phone, and then logs off.

Steven shrugs his shoulders slightly, noting to El Cajone in a neutral tone, "I admire your thoroughness. He pauses for a moment, and then says, "Can you get into the Warrens on your own? I'm in here now."

El Cajone nods. "Was just there yesterday. and I'm thorough because I've been burnt before." he says the pixelated pirate shrugs. "I'm in."

Silhouette nods. "Return here when you have done as requested, and we will arrange transfers of further goods."
He then de-rezzes.

Steven transfers an account to Silouette before he leaves, and then gives El Cajone a cellphone number, logging off.

The first thing he does, is call the disposable cell-phone that Oph left him, and so the process of arranging where and when to meet begins…

El Cajone waves a hand and pulls up another search window. "So, you're Steven…" he looks over at the other Icon. "You are?"

The Run

El Cajone looks at the two of you. "The map I have here looks… strange.. Either of you know a good place to meet near the Bones so we can do some recon and get the lay of the land?"

Steven is waiting at the arranged meeting place. Since he's been still in the Warrens, he has his L-R pickup truck waiting on the street corner. He's been waiting for the others to show up quietly, hat pulled up and his duster around him, gunbelt slung at an angle around his hips. He is sitting on the hood of the car now, listening to the chaos of the inner warrens in the distance.

When the other two arrive by their various means, he watches them quietly, nodding his head and saying again, "Steven."

El Cajone shows up for the meeting ready to go. Gone are his usual high tech toys, in favor of a simple secure jacket and pants. On his back is a rather large sword, it's handle sticking up over his head. He carries with him sturdy looking rifle case.

"Number Six." Cajone says, moving up to where Steven sits. "Get any recon done or ya just waiting for us?" he asks.

"I reckon we'll head over to the Rolling Bones, start there by asking questions. When you're trackin' someone in an urban area, rumor is just as good as trail sign. And there's ways to watch the crowds and figure out how someone might move from there." Steven gestures for Cajone to hop in the truck, "I been asking around. Everyone thinks the Goblin Yell are a bunch of pussies. Hopefully they won't give us too much trouble. They can't get their shit together around here, and the kid is definitely with them. He's been running with them for about three weeks now." Once ECL climbs in, Steven guns the truck up, slowly navigating towards the hangout he was last seen at.

El Cajone says "Ever dealt with this gang before?"
El Cajone says "Any idea of their numbers?"
El Cajone rides along with Steven. "Works for me." he says.

«Auto-Judge[]» Steven (#10289) rolls Tracking (Urban):
1 2 3 3 5 10
Tracking: You know, the place has been in a constant flux for days now. The Quickie mart across the street has been raided, looted, relooted and overlooted a few times now. The Rolling Bones is boarded up, seems shut down for the durration. The major living space in the area is a line of old suburban apartment buildings, 2-3 story apartments, maybe 600-700 square feet each apartment.

When the group finds the Rolling Bones shut down and boarded up, Steven bends over, pulling the truck onto the curb and stepping out for a moment, leaving it running and remaining close by. He leans a second, taking his hat off and knocking the dust off, looking around for a long moment, considering the positions of the buildings and everything, "There's apartment buildings that way, the only real major living space in the area, only thing big enough to house a group anyway."

El Cajone says "Well then, lets take a look"

Pulling up and putting into park Snake-Eater hangs his thick ass arm out the window, chewing gum between his huge teeth and tusks. His eyes dart from person to person as he watches the goings on. He especially looks for people who are watching El Cajone and Steven.

«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 4 4 5 8
Spot-check (Ophi): you see, given that the sun is still up, a lot of people coming and going. A few are picking over the stuffer shack for anything of edible nature. A few of them are sporting colors of green and orange, which seem to be the Goblin Colors, based on the tags your seeing. No real symbology to link to the gang, but tags with those two colors are the Goblin Yells.

El Cajone slides out of the truck, straightens his jacket and re-seats the sword on his back. He takes a quick peer around the area, looking for people taking an active interest in the group.
The apartment buildings flank the commercial district at the intersection of Quincy and Himilaya, so maybe 200 feet in either direction is apartment buildings.

Steven looks up and down the intersection for a moment. Judging it to be close enough, he reaches into his truck and turns it off, locking the security system and grabbing his keys. Glancing at the people milling in the area, he takes his printed out copy of the photo, scanning them slowly before offering, "Let's get to asking some questions."

El Cajone nods. "Lead the way." he says, watching the area.

«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Intelligence + 1:
1 2 3 3 3 5 5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Intelligence + 2:
1 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 16
Cybertechnology: No obvious ware that you can see. Likely, any ware they have is either hidden by clothing or non-existent.

Firearms: They seem to be packing lower end stuff. Light Pistols, a heavy pistol, maybe a room sweeper. This isn't SWAT on its day off.

"Actually." Cajone says, looking back at Steven, muttering. "They're likely to just -kill- you being a racist gang. I'll take the lead."

Steven smirks, "That's why I used the contraction that means 'us'. I've got your back."

"Looks like we've got some Yellers in the field, they don't have any obvious boosts, but they are packing homeboy shotguns. Some of the scraps they use for bullet material are old medical needles. One puncture and you'll have AIDS or something worse, like HMHVV, if you don't die from the bullet." Snake-Eater unparks the vehicle and takes it stroling towards the apartments, keeping a low profile in his vehicle.

The Greeted Mormon Arms, a run down place with sickly palm trees. It's a Box Shaped complex, with open entries at two corners. In the center is a swimming pool long ago filled in by shopping carts and dirt. TRy to grow something there, I dare you. The pair of THE TESTICLE and Steven move through it, with THE NUT spotting a corner apartment on the opposite side of the complex. He spies, in the window, an ork watching the court yard, and the strangers, suspiciously.

Steven moves quietly into the area behind El Cajone, letting him lead the way. He glances back and forth for a few moments, carefully watching the windows of the apartments, scanning each one and the crowd around them, glancing back towards the entrance they have entered, "Lot of GY in the area."

«Auto-Judge[]» Ophiophagus (#9922) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 3 5 11
Roof spot check: You do not see anyone on the roof. However, its a large roof and you can only see so much from the car.

El Cajone steps up to one of the entrances and takes a look at the door. Assuming it's not looking like it's goign to explode he'll open it and head inside.

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